Sunday 6 January 2013

The Power of Words & Activating the Future

Hello my friends, this is just a quick post to let you know that I'll be joining Deb, Hope, Carrol and Sherie on the Shift is Happening radio show on Blogtalk radio tomorrow.  Deb is doing 7 broadcasts in a row starting January 7th.

As I've said before both here and on previous broadcasts, I am am not fond of anything that hints of organized religion.  I steer clear of terms like "Christ consciousness", and I dislike the expression "Ascended Masters".  I believe that St. Germaine exists in our reality, but I have not met him and therefore I cannot say what he stands for,  or what his symbols stand for.  I have spoken to Deb about this topic several times and explained my position on the use of words and the connotations that can be created by with the use of words.

Deb and I had a long conversation on this topic yesterday and I feel the need to write here my thoughts on this.

In my opinion (and the opinions of a vast assortment of people from many walks of life and experience) Organized Religion is a construct of the Cabal (and their forefathers) to control humanity and control their consciousness.  When you give people rules to live by, tell them what is Right & Wrong and tell them that only a few men in a position of power have the ability to rule over them as their spiritual guides/mentors/fathers/priests/rabbis/etc, then you take consciousness from the people and their right to   decide for themselves what their journey is- what their reason for BEing is.

In my opinion there is a tendency for people to draw back to their safe haven even while searching for freedom.

What I mean is that as many many people are escaping from the hold of organized religion, searching for the freedom of consciousness that they crave, they sometimes create a new paradigm of belief that falls back into the programming of their back-ground, bringing words and ideas and beliefs from the programming they have run away from, into the new paradigm of beliefs that they are discovering. For example : Christ Consciousness or Archangels.

I am not saying these are not valid words or thoughts or even beings.  But I am cautious of what they represent in the face of pulling the old into the new.  Words have power. Words represent energy- energy of creation and understanding. We have the ability to create the new.  Therein is my caution to the use of words that come from a paradigm of control and bringing them into the new paradigm of freedom.

In my search for higher truth, for higher consciousness, for remembering who I am and why I'm here, when I read or hear certain words they create a wall in front of me, and whatever the message those words might be conveying - good or bad- is lost behind that wall.  I am speaking of my own personal experience and perception of course, but I have a feeling that I am not the only one that feels and sees this wall.  This is the reason that I am very careful of the words I choose to write or speak out loud.

Having said that, the basis of what Deb is working towards- the creation and activation of a new paradigm of freedom and the creation and manifestation of the new financial system- I fully believe in.

We are the creators.  We are the light that shines into the future.  We are the ones that will save us.

We don't NEED a Saviour.  WE ARE THE SAVIOURS.

So if you feel like it, if the thought resonates with you, if you feel that this is a path forward that you wish to walk on, then please join us tomorrow and we'll collectively put our creative energies together and manifest the reality that we want.

... You must be the Change you wish to see in the world.  YOU

Light to you all

Monday, January 7th 2013 at 7pm PST /10pm EST

Day 1 of 7 Day Broadcast to Activate the New Paradigm with the Timeline of Light!
Anchor YOU on the New Timeline of Light
Command the Global ReSet & Gratitude that it is DONE
Take a Stand that Mother Earth is now in the hands of the Guardians and Ambassadors of Beings of Light

It’s TIME to take a stand for this planet to be a planet of freedom, liberation, truth and love…just for starters.  Now that you have awakened to deception of the Enslavement Matrix, It’s Time to awaken to your Soul Remembrance and to Unite with the other Beings of Light who are awakening as well.

The (ousted) PTB have done a bang up job of destroying life, manipulating the Timelines, raping souls of their Free Will, stealing money, creating emotional trauma through fear & survival tactics and much more…Now…It’s Time to “Pick Up the Pieces and Go Home” 

Join Power of Light Gal Pals HopeGirl, Carrol, D, Deb & Sherrie (helming the switchboard) for 7 broadcasts in a row, to consciously co-create, activate and anchor you as a liberated Beings of Light on the new Timeline of Light.   You are Source – now that the jail cells – the suspension chambers have been opened, each of us must consciously choose to release, nullify, neutralize and replace all programs, implants, wounds etc. that our soul energy has been affected by or utilized to fuel the enslavement matrix.

Over the past year +, Deb has been given detailed information and insights regarding the manipulation of the timelines, (now backed by hard-core science – see “Daniel Papers-Timelines”) which led to her creating a Venus Rising Unified Field team and working to consciously anchor & activate this Timeline of Light since June 5th 2012 Venus Transit.  Since October 10th it’s been ready for seeding, programming and consciously CHOOSING to be co-creating from that Timeline.  This is also why so many awakened beings have been experiencing such chaos & technological issues in the last few months – the Timelines are separating.  Additionally, she’s been given details about the “hidden alchemy” that we each can utilize as CONDUITS for manifesting a new reality.  This is the alchemical sequencing of the 777 – 7 chakras, 7 elements & 7 frequencies. There’s many reasons that the GOLD is to be released – so the frequency of the Golden Age can be manifest, our Hearts of Gold can Ignite AND we, each as “Dorothy” can take the “yellow /gold brick road HOME”.  Let’s go HOME – by creating that reality together…we’re in this together…it’s the ONLY WAY HOME – TOGETHER!

Now it’s Time for all Beings of Light to create a Unified Field, to take a STAND for the Global ReSet to be done NOW!!

We start on Monday, January 7th 2013 at 7pm PST /10pm EST with the grand finale 1st chakra anchoring and birthing on Sunday, January 13th – the realm of transformation.


  1. Nothing will happen.

    1. Oh my what a serious thought there.
      For you it is given exactly.
      Things can only BE as you say, true?
      What happens though, those require actions.


      Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness to you.

    2. Good morning my love! I've been missing you lately


    3. BTS, not sure about the pontificating you're doing with this post, but there are lots of very good questions on your "Right to Know" post that you have yet to answer. Or have avoided answering.

    4. And no one can load the remainder of the comments on the post with nearly 400 comments. What's up with that?

    5. It would appear that they were preparing a disclosure of some kind as stated so eloquently by Alcuin and Flutterby in their article dated January 1, 2013... 2013 AGENDA FOR DISCLOSURE, The opening of Pandora's Suitcase.....


      They obviously seem to know exactly what is coming down the pipe. In my opinion, I don't think it's not that they are not trying to get the truth out, but rather "How in the Hell do you tell the people and go about this without there being Chaos". Something to consider.

    6. Anon7:33.It's amazing how quickly you can post those three words.Which I refuse to repeat. Have you ever lived a day in your life that nothing at all happened.No.None of us have,because a universal law is that change is the one thing that is and will always be constant. Nothing stands still.Change is the only thing WE can be sure of will happen.We are all hoping that THIS time,the changes coming around will be in the favor of HUMANITY and GAIA. The earth and all it's inhabitants are what this shift is all about. We are all working towards getting everyone on the same page so to speak ,so the ball will start rolling.I believe it is HAPPENING,in it's own time,which is how it needs to be done. Sure ,we have all been let down and dissappointed on many levels about the delays in the financial systems,and our own personal survival.I for one know all to well what it is like living in lack the past few years,BUT that won't stop me from hoping and dreaming,and doing what I can to help others along the road to FREEDOM. WE ARE ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM.WE MUST BAND TOGETHER.Most of those here, are here for that reason.They want their freedom back.We all hope that what's happening will come FULL CIRCLE:back to the earth we are meant to live on ,in a manner where there are no "HUNGER GAMES" to play for survival,and where people ,earth and it's creatures are our highest priority...WHICH MEANS LOVE,LOVE LOVE...It's all we need .I love you all here.D ,thank you for all the time you take out of your family life to help us all through the rabbitt hole.I love you and am always at your service,NO MATTER WHAT,JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO.

    7. The link above leads to a sort of disclosure, but then a link within that takes you to the Master, which is none other than Benjamin Crème which I have read is another attempt by the cabal to control us.

    8. I would just love to meet the person that constantly states, "Nothing will happen."
      It makes me laugh every time.

    9. anon 8:39 & 8:42-( I think you are the same person?)

      it's not that i'm not answering, it's that blogger is now overloaded, I can't view any comments past the first 200 that were posted.

      we have a few people working on makeing a new RTS site off of Blogger because of all the problems i'm having with it.

      The other problem is that I am running constantly and just cannot physically answer each question- I'm trying, I really am, but i'm only one person.

    10. Hugs, D. "Some people" seem to think that they are somehow entitled to your complete and undivided attention whenever they have a question. Since they are NOT -- presumably -- a toddler under your care and supervision, they will just have to wait their turn. That may not sit well with someone used to having their demands instantly catered to but that's the way it is and they have to grow up some time.

      Wandering Fire

    11. Dear Barbara, What you can do? How about stop hoping. You say in one short paragraph you're hoping three diffrent times. Do you still believe in santa claus also?

      As you so wisely say "change is the one thing that is and always will be constant" then nullify that by playing the victim, "we are all hoping that this time the changes coming around will be in the favor of humanity".

      With all due respect how about intending to be the change you want the world to be instead of waiting around hoping for a better situation. There may be 99 monkeys waiting just for you to stop hoping!...... Or 99 Donald Rumsfelds hoping you keep on hoping!

      Really, it may be as simple as that!

    12. BTS,

      Use Google Chrome to feed all the comments when they exceed 200, you will be able to view all comments that way. I think FireFox works, too, but I have never used it to read comments. Maybe some others might have.

    13. Hi, try using a different browser than Internet Explorer to view 200+ comments, I use Google Chrome. As for answering questions, it would save you a ton of time to simply create a new thread rather than go thru every comment. Many of the questions are similar to each other anyway.


    15. Anon10:25...HOPE ,HOPE,HOPE...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,...Does one nullify the other...GROW UP..AND GROW SOME.

    16. Barbara 10:55 & 10:59

      I do not understand the meaning of your comments to me. I was just sharing what I do when comments go over 200 with BTS or anyone who was having difficulty feeding all the comments with their browser. But that's okay; you are not the only person in the 3D I have difficulty understanding.

      Anoymous 10:25

    17. I love it when I come across websites like this. It reminds me that deception is alive and well, and that evil is as rampant as ever on the interwebs.

      Seriously! Who can believe any of these crazy writings for a second? Not to mention faun and gush over how insightful or right on the writer is.

      It further makes me cringe that so many 'enlightened' souls 'completely agree' with the ramblings of their new 'guru' or 'master'. More of the same that you are arguing against. Join us so we can create a new whatever, with us in control of it of course.

      Nor have I seen the words freedom, liberty, hope and love used in such an ugly attacking way on religious institutions that if you actually look at what they teach and have done across history, is bring freedom, liberty, hope and love to the people of the world.

      What we are seeing in the world right now my dear people of this blog, is the higher ups have abandoned their religions and are out for nothing but personal gain at the expense of freedom, liberty, hope and love.

      Just ask yourselves, are the people in charge acting in a loving manner? The resounding answer of course is NO, so they are therefore not acting out what an organized religion would teach.

      Following your thoughts on 'we are the Saviour' and the 'new... consiousness, religion, whatever, etc', this line of thought has been around for an eternity as well an is nothing new. What good has come of it? In fact what good could come of all this talk?

      Personally, I am going to stick with 'Love thy neighbor as thyself'. And 'Love God with your whole heart and soul'. It brings me peace and unshackles me from worrying, head spinning fear of anything.

    18. Nothing will happen?
      Hmm. This just happened. I read your post and responded.
      Thanks for your three words.

      I leave you with three words, too.
      Word Power.

      I Love You.

    19. To Anon 12:03....Anon 12:03 In my opinion only.. IN YOUR OWN WORDS. .Following your thoughts on 'we are the Saviour' and the 'new... consiousness, religion, whatever, etc', this line of thought has been around for an eternity as well an is nothing new. What good has come of it? In fact what good could come of all this talk?

      Well all I have to say is what percentage of people today as well as millennia have "followed themselves" in the past or present...10%. No most of humanity has been following religions and beliefs created by man not an inner knowing of what is right and wrong. Not knocking it cuz some people really need that to find their true selves within in the end, but don't try to analyze something that doesn't work for you. If have to follow someone that needs to tell you what to do, how to think, what amount of money you should contribute to that particular belief, and simply because it's a "status quo" (Oh what will the people think) than you are definitely following you "inner knowing" which was the intention of our Source to begin with. This is why people if now "awakened" and "open" to the truth will definitely maintain themselves within the Matrix, no matter how Free they are. It's more comfortable there.

  2. I completely agree with you on many things you have wrote about. This topic has been going in my mind since childhood. Despite so much online about being awake. A little voice in my head says stay away from this or that. So, I continue to learn. Thanks for what you do.

  3. Anon 7:33... Why do I get the feeling that when you post those 'famous' three words you have your fingers 'crossed' behind your back. D, was disappointed you haven't followed up on the posting of last night... many people are in 'agony' for the wait. Ha Ha. My heart tells me things my 'mind' can't appreciate, you know? Drake's show, {1:00 eastern}, should be interesting today. Tee Hee. Love to you and yours. Thank you for all your effort & talent.

    1. my friend- my brain is spinning, and what I posted today was in my heart more important to say at the moment. I am working on more details and have a few calls today. BUT....

      ... I'm taking the afternoon off to be with my family (who have been missing their mommy)- snow balls, snow forts, and snowmen are waiting to be created in our back yard.

      I'll be back after some hot cocoa

    2. Hello my friend,

      I haven't posted on your blog for a few days, been reading the 200+ comments and great minds think alike! They posted exactly what I was going to post! I was also thinking about the "rip off the band-aid fast" and you mentioned this in your last post! Many comments and even you have now acknowledged that everything now must be done to force the media to disclose what's happening. I have three good suggestions that you can discuss with your insiders.

      1. Spend some of those prosperity funds to buy out one or more of the major media corporations.
      2. Spend the money to hire cops to mass arrest the disinfo agents pretending to be reporters.
      3. Spend the money to create their own media to broadcast the truth, making the others irrelevant.

      If there's "a huge sum of money" in all those prosperity funds, this should be an easy thing to get done. I understand the frustration of you and all the other commenters. Thanks my friends for your hard work!

    3. anon10:25,why don't you put a name with your commments.What are you afraid of?I am doing my part and all you do is put others down.We don't need the likes of you around here.As Tom Petty put it "DON'T COME AROUND HERE NO MORE". Whatever you are looking for ,best look somewhere else cause,not I or any one here needs your negativity. We are all doing our best to do the right thing,and you come in and try to plow it all down.Advice to you,"BE THE SOLUTION,NOT THE PROBLEM"...LATER ANON-UM -ASS...OOPS.

    4. Barbara 10:49

      You do not respect my free will, so I do not respect yours either. Why don't you write your social security number to identify who you are here before you criticize me or anyone else? There are Barbara in every corner of the Globe. Where does your rage come from?

      The point is that you are doing the criticizing, not I.

      I was sharing my experience with others. We don't need a bully.

      Anonymous 10:25.

    5. The “Barbara” 10:55, 10:59 & 10:49 are what we describe as a “Troll”, and it is very possible she is married to George HW Bush.

      The Troll wanted to keep many in the dark but got pissed because I presented a solution to feeding comments.

      Well “Barbara”, ignoramus do not read this blog; we all can think for ourselves.

      Anonymous 10:25

    6. Well Anon,10:25,I guess asking me if I believe in Santa Clauas still is just YOUR OPINION.That is JUST sharing your opinion.When you share an opinion you don't have to put others down in the process.And you are WE all of a sudden now,MR.Anon.If I am a TROLL, I am afraid to even know what you may be. People like you make IGNORAMUS'S LIKE ME LOOK PRETTY DAMN GOOD.I would quit using the word WE,when referrinng to others on here. WE DO ALL THINK FOR OURSELVES,AND WE DO NOT NEED YOU TO PRESENT SOLUTIONS TO ANY OF OUR COMMENTS.BBRRRRR,COLD HEART..BEST OF THINGS TO YOU MY FRIEND.YOU SHOW YOUR OWN TRUE COLORS..

    7. Barbara 12:04

      I suggest you read what you wrote, so you might be able to see how nothing you write makes sense.
      This is a place to share ideas that leads to solutions.
      That is all.
      I do take actions in real life, but it is none of your concern.

      So where is your social secuirty number?

  4. Thanks for the invite D. And a huge thank you for all that you are doing to bring our new reality forward. You are an amazing soul and I want you to know how much you are appreciated and loved. Thank you for your courage, honesty and integrity. I truly love you and appreciate being blessed with the opportunity to share this journey with you D.

  5. Your statements resonate with me... thank you for all your work and expression of self

  6. I find it highly humorous here.
    FUCK is okay to say all day long.
    But please, oh my please, OH MY!, dont scare the people.
    With words that cause pain to your OWN ears.
    Like Saints, Angels, Demons, Christs, Awareness, and GOD.
    Freedom of speech is freedom for you.


    With all due respect to your people.

    Sine Metu

    1. my wonderful friend- I can only speak of the words that effect ME negatively. i can only speak of the words that effect me positively. I speak in the words that I speak, holding to what MY heart holds.

      Yes I curse and swear like a drill sergeant. Some times for shock and awe effect- because it grabs attention like bucket of cold water. That works for me.

      I use the words that I resonate with and choose to not use words that I do not resonate with. THAT is freedom of speech. Everyone must decide for themselves the words that they resonate and agree with.

    2. D this is exactly why so many of us appreciate you and this site. Sometimes I think you take the words right out of my head!

      Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward to a great week with you and the girls.


  7. I don't get the comments. These people yesterday are ready to jump in and help create the reality they want and now I see such ambiguity. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but D what you said is absolutely perfect. I feel the same way about words and religion and could never say it so eloquently. It has definitely served a purpose for many of us, but we are creating a totally new reality and by doing what you are D we are allowing all to be who and what they want to be for whatever their purpose. Thanks for all of the hard work and love

  8. I find the word god to be the most generic word in the universe despite the connotations some might choose to overlay. for instance, the mindset of duality demands that we place the sinner, seeker or the saint over here, and the heavily burdened god somewhere over there, out of range.

    Whereas, from a non-dual point of view, all that exists is god. couldn't be any closer. D is ok with a search for "higher consciousness" and knowing who she is, and that's a good start. I could give her a couple of hints. for one thing, consciousness does not change, and there is only 1 consciousness. and she is indeed that 1 consciousness, always has been and always will be. then where does that leave the D character? only inquiry can answer that one. that is the thorn in the shoe, the only thing at all that keeps her (and everyone else) from realizing and living from the truth of who she really is. it's stunning when you finally understand that there is nothing to become, no special experience to be had: you are the heart of peace always and forever.

  9. The Power of Words.
    This post could not be more accurate. With the advent of the new psychology (my perspective, anyway) engendered in the science of neuro linguistic programming we were given the most valuable insight we could have ever wanted into the power of words and how they have been used to enslave us for millennia. Even today, watching how politicians and other so-called leaders of a pretended free world use the power of words to maintain their control structures over the unenlightened and uninformed, those of us who are awakened immediately comprehend the need to establish a paradigm that defines the meanings of the words we choose to use in identifying our higher purpose. This post, and hopefully these radio programs, seem to be the most immediately appropriate means to begin doing just that. You are to be applauded D.

  10. Lots of good, unanswered questions from commenters on the You have a Right to Know piece. Are these questions purposefully being avoided?

    1. There are some questions on the last post that may have an answer, but there was also a lot of " I read this message and then I stopped, so here are my questions". The clear purpose of the post was to tell us what D, has been told has happened and her questioning "Why" are things not moving along. So when she has answers, she will answer, but on some levels she has just as many questions as the rest of us. That was made clear in the post.

    2. my friend, I am not purposefully ignoring the questions, I am overwhelmed by the almost 400 comments and the mess that blogger makes of the comments once we get over 200 on an article. I'm sorry my friend, I am only one person, and I'm run off my feet right now- 18 hours a day at least- trygin to keep up with all that is going on. I'm not ignoring, I just haven't had a moment to catch up yet.

    3. BTS, 90% of the comments are from people that agree with you no matter what you have told them and no matter how it contradicts their own world. I would love to see you address the 10% of the real questions. I will repeat one. If all these reps were arrested and signed a statement saying that from here on out, they would support the constitution, why do we still see fresh legislation attacking the constitution and bill of rights such as the recent grab for guns? Surely Diane Frankenstein should have been on the arrest list.

    4. Quit looking at the MSM indoctrination stations and you won't see any more NWO mind control. You don't have to watch or believe any of that crap--it's all lies. Do you really think any of it is true just because they tell you it is? Create the world you want to live in and don't participate in theirs.

    5. I hope you can get the blog problems taken care of soon. If this keeps up, you might eventually have to switch to a "forum" type set up but those really need a tech-knowledgeable person to set up and maintain. There is good, free software out there and some of them come with free hosting. A forum has definite advantages over a blog or facebook group when you have a lot of comments and/or discussion.

      Wandering Fire

    6. You could create a new post with a FAQ which is much faster and easier than answering every comment. Every few days, create another FAQ post with more answers.

  11. consciousness
    new paradigm

    All are words in this current post. All you did was take the religious words you despise, and used them via synonyms. I could think of a hundred other science-new-age words that are like nails on chalkboard. "Lightworker" makes me want to barf. "Ascension" makes me want to piss in my earhole. I'm offended by this post. Maybe it's my "programming".

    1. I hear you my friend- and we all have to work through and around the words to find the ones that work for us. The words I used and discussed are those that trigger me. not you. and that's fine.

  12. D. - You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for addressing this subject about which I had posted a question to you at 22.00 a few days ago here...........................

    Love to you and yours.

  13. I use the Labels of Angels, Ascended Masters, etc, simply because that is what I use. My name is Chris and that is what I go by for now. I do not know what my eternal Soul's name is or even if it has one. It may be known in another realm by a Light signature for all I know. This does not mean I do not get D.'s thoughts on this and organized religion. My hope is people look at the message and not focus on the words used to bring it to you.

  14. May you continue with the light dear D, you shocked our world positively on yesterday's You Have The Right To Know article.

    1. 400+ commenters were as shocked as we were. Her post has gone viral and im sure the disinfo agents are working overtime to spread their lies in comments over there. I really hope the good guys know what they are doing, because even BTS is getting frustrated at all the delays.

  15. As above, so it is below, as within so it is without. This is my reminder. All is well within my soul. Energy follows thought and the most important to remember is declarations made. I don't know if actual angels, accended Masters etc. exist. I'm ok with metaphor and in growth my view has shifted to all the representations of energy. The temple is within, none without which are made by hands have much importance. The statement was made that the temple could be torn down and each stone replaced in 3 days. Those weren't literal stones, but the representation of energy. As above, so it is below and the energies within what is below are of more importance than I first had any ability to comprehend. What are the energies we create with our thoughts not to mention convictions, our distrust of the blessings of life because we deem something undesirable?
    While I understand duality and non duality, I know within my soul that this doesn't mean that once I knew peace the passes all understanding, does not mean that I do nothing. It just means I do it differently.
    Many beings gathering to gain more understanding for growth can be benefitial and profitable. However I take on no convictions nor any righteous obedience. I utterly avoid gatherings where speech and focus is centered on and coming from fear. And as energy follows thought it is thrust into creation with our words. Unity for the sake of creating unity has to be done with integrity, not personal gain or avoidance of some sort of percieved 'misfortune'. Faith isn't just some blind hope, it's actually knowing how things really work.

  16. Parts of D's message does hold truth for me- but not absolute truth. Absolute truth comes from the one real Creator of all.. the source of all.
    Lets see if we can put a little puzzle together...
    1. The manifesto that has been in place for a long period of time was to get any religion out...
    2. The Luciferian sect truly believe this is their god, and they want all to worship it.
    3. Throughout history their have been wars fought for "truth"
    4. They use religion against us in order to divide and conquer
    5. Look what they did to the early church... killed and murdered because they couldn't control the people-- it was freeing to believe in something greater than their so-called gods that had rules

    So here is what I come up with, which much prayer and thanksgiving for what I have.

    There was a time when humans lived 10x longer than they do today, until they fell from the source. Now, how could that happen? Eating an apple? I don't think so.

    The angels, including lucifer, was given the task to watch over the sources newest creation. What they didn't know at the time was we would evolve greater than them...this is something they couldn't stand. Not to mention, these angels were there to serve us.
    The rebellion occurred when lucifer told the Source there was no way that he was going to do this. A third of the angels went with, causing much destruction to the earth and to the people of earth. They taught sorcery and interbred with humanity. The earth was cleansed by a flood. But many of the beings left the earth for a time so not to perish within the flood.
    Later, they came back. There was no place else for them to go, because the Source wouldn't let them go anywhere else in the Universe to cause further destruction. These now fallen angels began teaching the art of war, the art of sacrifice, the art of depending on self to save, instead of looking towards the connection of Source. Many souls no longer wanted to incarnate to earth...
    But now, things are changing. Many beings have incarnated here for a purpose- a purpose to end this evil age. The "cabal" or evil ones are afraid of the new incarnates here, because they know we are here from Source, to get rid of them.

    The hell in the bible represents where these fallen angels must go following this period of time. This "hell" was not made for mankind. Only for the angels that caused the fall of man.

    Getting back to Jesus or Yeshua, your pick for the name. Jesus served many purposes. The first truth was that the kingdom was already within us. (The Source of all is within each and every human on the planet) The second was to serve others, just as we do now. The third was to get rid of the sacrifice that was taught by the fallen angels. Sacrifice hurts the Source, because every life is to be cherished. The fallen angels know that very well.

    Now, do I believe in the trust or anything else? If you remember, Jesus was not about money, as you can tell how he was a renegade and chased the money-changers right out of the temple. He hated their lies and what they did to the people. No wonder they wanted him dead so bad.

    Jesus also taught us how to live, what sacrifice really means, and not to judge. Lastly, he did teach us of the ascension process, one we are all quite familiar with. Now, people will say, "there were many people who did the exact same thing before Jesus ever was."
    My question to the naysayers is, "What other figure in history has ever made such a huge impact on the whole world?" Anyway, who is to say that Jesus hadn't done it more than once, until it became a reality that sacrificing didn't assist in anything?

    Well, anyways, that is my truth. It doesn't have to be anyone elses. But that is what the Source has followed my heart to believe. We are in a period of grace, grace for falling for those evil entities that were looking for our demise.

    1. Sacrifice is man/mind made.

    2. If that is the case, would you sacrifice? If this is man-made, we would all being doing it. But we don't worship false gods, so we don't.

  17. Thank you for you words. This and your last post make me think that perhaps things really are turning around rather than just spinning. I hope we are up to the task that stands before us.

    1. I hope so too. All those comments share our frustration at all the delays at things that were supposed to happen in 2012. I am tired of "soon" I want to see now.

  18. D:
    Good, I believe to 'air out' your beliefs,discuss these things, and do some journaling. In my view, there's no need to 'admit' these things in public. Obviously D you have your own reasons for doing so. Your views do not appear to be especially 'contrarian, or far afield from the golden age conventional terms, labels, concepts, constructs (as you mention) that people have been exposed to now for many years. To question and challenge any hint of propaganda, proselytizing, or pontification is always good to do in my opinion. I wish you greater clarity and deeper experience in discovering Truth.


    Dark Forces
    Date: 01-08-13
    Host: John B. Wells
    Guests: Cobra -, Robert Potter

    Filling in for George, John B. Wells welcomes the man code-named Cobra, who for 35 years has been in contact with an underground movement, resisting the dark forces attempting to control humanity. UFO contactee Rob Potter also joins the discussion about the nature of the dark forces, the havoc they have wreaked on Earth, and how the resistance movement is on the brink of a major breakthrough.

    1. Will he be using the name Cobra or Ishtar Antares?

    2. I treat his site as a conspiracy theory. He believes the Archons are delaying things while we believe it's the elites fighting to the last man.

    3. He believes the Archons are delaying things while we believe it's the elites fighting to the last man.

      Actually anon 10:58 > it's not "either/or", it's both that are happening ;D

    4. Regarding archon information, if Cobra isn't your cup of tea, try John Lash at or Cameron Day There's no doubt that there is a battle on the etheric level that is going on, and the more people who are acquainted with it, and can help to quell it, the sooner we get to the goal post.

  20. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us D. I hope that the hosts of the radio show find a way to communicate in a manner that is welcoming and comfortable for you.

  21. I like using the term Christ Consciousness.
    I remember all the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) people and if One wanted to walk in the Light and organized religion has some truth within it, then if One wanted to know what to do to walk in the light, they would probably have a WWJD moment.

    Considering the word Christ had some ancient meaning, the Consciousness of the Creator in a Christ could 'center' someone to where they can place their intentions.

    In that 'centered' state of consciousness and conscience I have been able to access my power.

    Even the Devil would tell some truth to keep a lie alive. Even a broken analog clock that lies about the time for hours will eventually have some truth within the lies.

    One thing for sure is there is a 'cult' following nature of some awakened people. I watch them move from intel guru to intel guru to intel guru like a natural process of a school of fish, a herd of cattle, a flock of birds, they swarm together like bees to honey.

    Whoever has the best intel, inside info, secret details not released to the masses, gets the 'golden calf' worship of those feigning for the 'I am first to know. I am first to believe. I am first to share. I prepped better so I'll survive longer. I have a gun so I will live longer than those without a gun, if you don't believe it why are you here - kind of people. '

    They are still living in a separate world - sleepwalking talking about they are awake.

    Their dreams will continue to be manipulated until they give up and die off by suiciding their selves and then the rest of us will be remaining because we didn't fall for the paradigm that was created that said 'this is the new paradigm of freedom from control against your will, this is the paradigm of control by your will'.

    Now this new paradigm has these same people asking, 'who's the new guy who will take control over my life and tell me what I have to do, and let's hope he's fair to all of us'

  22. NOTE: If comments reach 200 and you post and don't see it. Go down to the bottom of the comments and inside two horizontal lines will be Load More.

    You must click, until you don't see it anymore. The last blog post that surpassed 300 comments I clicked that about three times.

    Then go back and look at all the entries.
    There will be posts in places you had just read, but by their timestamp they are considered a post greater than 200 even though they are a reply to some of the first posts listed.

    Every post was captured. Today I went to yesterday's post. I went straight to the bottom, did all of the load mores, and started reading the ones that were posted from late last night to this morning.

    Some great things stated and I'm glad I went back and looked.

    Love to all, and I'm going to say, there's more evidence of a truth than just a post and a bunch of people propagating it to the internet.

    If there is no evidence of truth, no matter how many times it's put out there or how excited people is a rumor.

    When a leader, of the people, by the people and for the people is in place for the people who need a God to lead them, then we'll know but for right now, there is no evidence of that except unemployment benefits got extended and medicare and social security didn't get cut.

    Food prices are rising, gas prices are falling, that's not evidence of proof.

    Only the President flies via Air Force One.

    So go figure out who last flew on it and what day...that will get us closer to the truth, and Project Looking Glass would have told those trying to control the rest of us, that the People's Trust was being set up long before 12/21/2012 when supposedly the people who sat in the chair saw only a white light as if they hit a wall.

    Not a peep about the People's trust from any site until recently. That's where my discernment skills put up a wall and say, no way. Washington DC and everyone downloading the UCCs filed daily (and they do daily downloads of all UCCs)....would have known about the People's Trust because the name of it is The People's Trust.

    It's layered so deep to keep us from knowing about Charles claiming ownership of the trust that supposedly belongs to the People.

    I'm done...going back to life. I don't want financial freedom as money is fake and I have to spend play money to live. I am free. I have done my Christ Conscious 'things' and the courts know I am untouchable.

    I walk a Christ Conscious walk so I do no harm and will remain untouchable. I own no gun, and will give my information to no one in exchange for favors.

    I know who I AM.

    1. This whole money thing is simply a stopgap towards a resource based economy, ala Venus Project.

  23. Anon 10:34 making a clarification, "Christ Conscience" is preferred to "Christ Consciousness".

    The legal definition of "Conscience" is part of my journey as the words in that definition from Black's Law 5th Edition helped me derive and develop my powers and center my intentions.

  24. Dear Barbara Peace! As long as you see my words as an attack and negative I will remain as that still small voice speaking to you anonymously.

  25. Check out Jean haines blog She is calling you a liar and disinfo She is also an obama supporter and lately all she posts are dark stories. I think she may be the one who is being fed crap

    1. I don't trust her and gave up her blog after briefly reading it a couple months ago. I am not surprised she believes in Obummer, there's a massive disinfo campaign claiming he is of the light and unfortunately more than a few lightworkers bought into that lie. I keep asking for proof, but there's only proof of the evils he's done.

    2. The blog you mention gives me the creeps! They seem to be obsessing on conflict and rape stories. Thanks but no thanks. Each to their own.

      Sine Nomine

    3. Good ol' Dingbat Jean. She's totally misguided when it comes to politics and money/finance, among other things.

      Not worth my time.

  26. D, I agree with you about organised religion:

    Perhaps the function of religion
    Has got something to do
    With the function of love.

    But what is love?

    Perhaps love
    Is not an act
    Or a mindset.

    Perhaps love
    Is a positive, inclusive energy
    Which we choose to channel.

    The function of religion, therefore,
    Must be to close that channel
    By insisting
    That negative, exclusive energy is better.

    The function of religion
    Is to suppress love.

    Religion is where love is not.

    So what is our choice
    In this New Age?

    Our choice might be
    To affirm spirituality.

    Our choice might be
    To affirm spirituality
    With the religion taken out.

    Religionless spirituality
    Is free spirituality.
    And to be free is to be God.

    God is not religious.
    God is bigger than that.

    God is love.

  27. Now now Babs, what have I told you about calling others names? I know santa was just here but hes checking his list twice this year so be careful!!

  28. It is a shame that so many bloggers here with an opinion ,don't believe in themselves enough to put a name to their comments.It's easy to write whatever they want when there is not even a moniker to identify them .But I am a TROLL THAT IS MARRIED TO GWBUSH,according to SOMEONE claiming anonymity.And he wants my ss # too,no less.Scary stuff .Peace and Love to you also Anon.Let's keep things civl at the very least.I'll tell George you said "HELLO".BUHAhAhAhAHa.Rolling on the floor laughing...Sorry I forgot to tell everyone I was married to him...oops.D,I apologize for giving this blog space.You know where to find me.My name is Barbara...

    1. Barbara 12:39

      Just know that you contributed nothing constructive while having your temper tantrum by trying to change the blog participants' behaviors. Your mental games did not work.

    2. Thank goodness for skype, where Anon has not been seen...

    3. It is what we DO in our own lives that count, not we say with or without a name, for talk is cheap. And why should any of us be dictated by what we do and how we do them? Even "D" was saying how names must be kept anonymous becuase lives are at stake. Have you all forgotten? So let's not play guilt trips here because I am not buying it.
      If any of you want to post your name, address, phone number and any other identifications here, be my guest.

    4. I suppose we could all call ourselves Barbara? What does that prove? You are just as anonymous to me as anyone.

  29. Hi BTS,
    "and whatever the message those words might be conveying - good or bad- is lost behind that wall."

    I'm not in your head.
    I'm not you, so I make these comments as ME and thinking what I think when I read what was written.
    These are my words, not yours, my thoughts, not yours but are derived from what I 'feel' about the transfer of knowing.

    I realize I have to do to accept all of Source.
    Source is in me, I am a reflection of certain pieces of Source, now. Everything being from source, if anything makes me build a wall against it then maybe I feel a need to be protected from it? I'm thinking wall/block/protection from what's on the other side.
    Why would I block something instead of set it aside; reserve judgement; and come back to it when I learn something more?

    As for nothing having happened after the People's Trust has said they filed the papers that freed the people.

    It would be proof that if a paper cannot free a living One, a paper cannot enslave a living One.

    First in Line, First in Time.

    The life the paper want's to enslave came first, so it's proof positive that what followed cannot go back in time and control what is already here.

    Thus People's Trust cannot go back in time and control anything that doesn't belong to it.

    We do not belong to Charles so he can't claim anything on our behalf.

    Love to all, enjoy the journey you create

    1. You must not have listened to the interview.
      If you missed it, here is the written transcript.

      People's Trust filed

      Reaction to filing:DECEMBER 5th 2012

      Blog Article about what else has happened.

      Are you human? You say NOTHING HAS HAPPENED?

    2. Anon 15:49,
      All you have is a statement and someones word. Until we see some actual proof, nothing has happened.

  30. Boehner acknowledges the Constitution in his address. Is this a sign?

    Interesting address :)


  32. I posted this on my FB back in Aug. of 2012. It seemed to have relevance to this blog's title:

    Language is a funny thing.

    First off, it is a completely artificial invention of humankind. Words only represent concepts that exist completely independently from the labels they have been assigned in a given language.

    Let's take the concept known as horse. That animal exists completely separately from the diverse labels that numerous languages have assigned to it throughout history. In fact, as a basic conscious entity, the horse isn't at all aware that it's been defined as "horse", or whatever artificial label has been associated with it, in the language of an observer. But it continues to exist as, whatever it is.

    Like all words, your name is merely an artificial label, assigned to the human being that YOU are. By presumably, your parents. It's not like at birth, your name was on your hand, and a nurse simply copied it onto your birth certificate. YOU exist separately from that label. Your name is simply a tool for common reference by others. It doesn't define the human that you are. Essentially, YOU define your name, not the other way around. Even though your given label may sometimes effect how others interact with you, in certain situations. An interesting exercise is to ponder yourself as not having a name. Which actually IS your TRUE reality, once you understand what words are.

    Another interesting point, is that I can't convey to you the fundamentally artificial nature of words, without using words to do it. That's a fun paradox if you ask me. Which you didn't, but I want to continue on with this, so I shall. You are free to ignore this assemblage of concepts that I am constructing, if you so choose. But there is a point.

    On an isolated desert road, two lost men walk up to each other. They both speak English (luckily for my fable! :)). One speaks a very short sentence to the other, and they begin fighting to the death. Now rewind. Same two men, one speaks an ALMOST IDENTICAL short sentence, yet this time, they shake hands and continue their journey to safety, together. Assisting one another.

    What could the difference be? In the first scenario, the man said: "It looks like it's you, or me", and they fought. The second time, the man said "It looks like it's you, and me". The conceptual substance was radically changed by that one little conjunction. The proposal of competition versus cooperation, by that one word, produced a very different response/outcome.

    Even though words are simply made-up labels for actual concepts, use them wisely and deliberately to convey what you intend to convey. Because the concepts that you communicate, ARE VERY REAL, even though the words that represent them are not. One slip up can make a big difference in the way your thought is interpreted, or MISinterpreted.

    To anyone that read all the way to here: Looks like it's you AND me! :)

    1. D!

      This me NOW, not me back in August. :)

      To me, this is a very important topic you've brought up. As you can tell from my earlier composition. You did a wonderful job addressing it, here.

      I go as far as to call myself an atheist (adeist would be more to the point, if it were a word :)). Yes, I believe that "God" is a manmade religious figure. As such, I believe that the "God of religion" and all the associated baggage, does not exist. Which is NOT to say that I haven't concluded that there is a profound and infinite non-physical realm, which we are a small part of.

      "Christ Consciousness" has bugged me too. It ties in "The Religion of Rome" in a way that I would rather not. I came up with Cryst Consciousness to tie it in with crystals instead. People might say that that is just goofy and nitpicky, they're so similar. They are very different to me, and obviously to you. The phonetics of the words don't matter, it's the associated concepts, that are drastically different.

      For all I know there may have actually been a guy named Jesus, that had the best of intentions toward all humanity. But the religion that was later constructed around that personage, has not been good for humanity's realization that WE are responsible for the destiny of our species. And that no one important is going to rely on our worship of them, for whatever motivation they may have, to BE worshiped by others.

      In fact, if I COULD worship anything or anyone, it wouldn't be something or someone that solicited my worship, in the first place. We are ALL equal in our worthiness. Nobody needs to worship, and nobody needs to BE worshiped.


  34. The way I view it is that organized religion has co-opted some of the terms, practices and certainly the sacred sites of Goddess worship and ancient esoteric practice. We are merely recovering what was originally ours.

  35. I'm very much looking forward to tonight's broadcast. The energies have been quite intense and lovely the last 2 times I listened to the "Gal Pals" and participated in energy work with them. Energy work and healing are very natural to me!

  36. Paul Biener
    Oh what to do, what to do, what to do.. The recent upheaval surrounding the discussions of the 'Peoples Trust' has spawned yet another caveat. A group has been created that is mentioning a wholesale exodus from the Universal Voice in a coordinated and cooperative move to a new home. Firstly, this is not the case, some people are joining the other group however none of the intelligent, discerning, and freedom minded people from here have seemed to appear. This is comforting to me that most of our members are, and always were, concerned with freedom and not a pie in the sky handout or promise of free stuff. So those who have lost the vision and have joined the other group please leave this one voluntarily and go forth into the goodnight with our blessing. We will certainly be using the membership of that group as additional criteria for deciding whether to remove someone from our family when the benefit of their presence here comes into question. Once and for all, let me state this, the validity of the Peoples Trust has been extensively vetted and is deemed little more than a distraction. It will not be discussed here and those who insist upon doing it will be asked to leave. Until this moment in time, it was deemed occasional mention would be allowed, however, after vetting the information further it has been deemed completely contrary to the potential for freedom. It would seem that they don't even have an on-going cooperative relationship between the original filer of the trust and the so-called appointed trustees. WTH? Please do not discuss this trust further and thank you for being intelligent, discerning, and focused on freedom instead of lies.


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