Friday 25 January 2013

Everyone, comment over HERE!

Good evening everyone of you wonderful people :>D

I'm just popping in to say "HI" and to give another platform for comments as we are currently at around 190 on the article I published this morning.  Once we hit 200 comments I can no longer reply on the rest of them, and it becomes a serious pain in the ass for any one to read them as they have to keep "loading more" comments.

I have read every single comment made today and I've tried to respond to at least some of them, lol, but it really is impossible to keep up with you guys :>)   As I have said a few times now, I know that some (all) of you have questions, and there will be much more information and it will become much clearer very .... (yes, the dreaded word).... soon.  I can't and won't give a timeline of when, because I truthfully do not know exactly when except it should be "soon". (and believe me, I'm axing that word from my vocabulary as "soon" as possible!).

I do not have all the information right now or all the answers and I am not going to play guessing games with something as important as these topics.  If I don't have a solid answer (or I can't answer at this moment) then I won't give one. Sorry, that's just the way it is for the moment.

I also wanted to say that since the initial backlash when I first went to full moderation, the Trolls and Shills seem to of given up.  I've deleted exactly 3 comments all day today- one was deliberate spam, one used language that even I won't use and I've got a mouth like a trucker with tourettes, and the other one was just the usual side show shill who obviously didn't  get the notice from the boss not to bother with RTS any more 'cause it's now on lockdown alert.

Have a great evening my friends and hopefully I can respond to a few more comments tonight before I fall into a coma.


  1. I'm really looking forward to the forum site you mentioned. That sort of setup facilitates discussion a lot easier than a blog does.
    I'm also glad you put the place on "lockdown." Wanting to take a tire iron the more aggravating "individuals" that were posting here was doing bad things for my vibrations!

    Now go collapse into your coma. After all, tomorrow is another day.

    Wandering Fire

  2. You can always replace the word "soon" with "later" :)

    1. I like that! but SOONer or LATER i'd end up hating that word too, lol

    2. You could always reverse the word soon and use the word 'noos'

      Because we are now closer to S than N :]

      Mick 9

  3. D; thanks again for the previous article. I' ve been looking forward to 'immenent arrests" since their possibility emerged about a year ago (Wilcock).
    So sue me, I bought it.
    It's been an adrelane-filled roller coaster ever since, as I have believed in most of it.
    You witness enough distressed souls trudging around,
    and you just want to root out the causes of their pain.
    So your article helped.
    I still believe in OPPT, but believe it to be in its infancy.
    Somebody's gonna develop protocols, and, like
    H&R Block, we'll stream through there en masse as we
    exercise our liberation from financial slavery.
    In the meantime, I'm going to address my addiction to this website, AK, and KP.
    I came from a background of mindfulness, and became seduced by desire for not-what-is.
    For now, I can just BE.

    1. freewolf7 I could'nt agree more with your statement. I'm waiting for confirmation on Sweden being one of the 194 corporate countries.

      After reading D's last article it struck me also that there is so much fuzz about RV/NESARA without anything out in the open yet. I mentioned this on a fb-group yesterday and got a lot of heat about it.

      Now, for intance how could the Iraqi people benefit from people over seas buying up their "new" not yet released currency? When currency flows out of a country this is generally not a god thing as far as I know.

      I blieve that NESARA S:t Germain is real but that they will play out in ways we did not anticipate..

      I had some clearing on different levels the other day and I feel refreshed!

      Love and abundance

  4. d why cant we come together and inform the public. Yes a blog is great and blog talk radio, but we need to do more. I support you all the way and am very happy the direction this blog is going. Many blessings. thank you

    1. We are doing that. Email links to everyone you know, post links on every social media you belong to, contact your local radio stations and newspapers to ask them why they are not reporting on the OPPT. I posted it to the local TV stations FB page and that has generated an inquiry. We all know about critical mass, we are the one's rolling the ball, for now.

  5. D – thanks for being you.

    Some thoughts – China is stockpiling baby formula (when the law is one child only) and buying up oil credits? Appears to be doomsday prepping at first glance. Still, the oil credits could be a compromise of sorts, appeasing the oil boys for now, until free energy rolls out and then that money won’t be worth anything anyway. That would be clever, as clever as when they were conned out of their gold.

    I’m not convinced that the big boys, the ones who actually control us, are disappearing or even in panic mode. I think they still have access to as much money as they want, in one way or another. Over the years I’ve pondered the concept of Nesara but was never a believer nor could see how it would ever be possible. But at this point in time, I allow the possibility because I simply can see no other way to free this planet. And I WANT to see it because fuck if I know why I’m still here.

    For all their talk of might, the military can’t summon the strength to do what needs to be done. For all their talk about love and supposedly being spiritually evolved, the ET’s can’t muster the love or the intelligence to lend their assistance. The court/laws don’t acknowledge any spiritual values and the mass media is one big lie.

    Hope has given way to reality, and I don’t see changing all of that in the near future, and if it’s going to take years, most of us will be gone by cabal design anyway.

    Nesara or something similar would be the great equalizer. One can talk all they want about the change “within,” and while I deeply believe in that concept, the outside of it is that the Money is the great game changer. I understand the idea of getting rid of the cabal, and then disbursing the funds, but really, I don’t see that happening in any kind of timely way. They want to see us revolt – and why not, it’s not going to change their world. Let them change the guard, give us the abundance under the illusion that all has changed, and THEN see what we do with the money. Whoever has got the money, let it flow – now.

    Just sayin' ...

    1. It's not about 'might', it's about Light... This is the energy of our New Age.

      Exactly because of the positive ETs' being further evolved in the higher frequencies/dimensions is why they cannot fully 'take over' or help as we'd like. In the spirit of Oneness that exists in the higher dimensions (5D and above), there is virtually no negative energy and therefore virtually impossible for them to usurp our Free Will. This is a 'Prime Directive' and it indeed shows how enlightened they are that they don't break it.

      It is quite hard to internalize this, as we are so used to and conditioned by our limited perspective, within the 'duality' as they call it, of 3D. However rest assured that the ETs have indeed been helping as much as they can. Their ability to help (intervene) is directly proportional to the amount of Light, Awareness and Intent on the planet...the Intent whereby we want them, or ask them to intervene.

      Because of Free Will, we have to ASK. The positive vibration of Divine Intention is the best way to ask, it is not 'demanding' and it is not 'pleading', both of which are negative energy. The Law of Attraction is extremely relevant here.

      SaLuSa's message from today (25 Jan 2013) is also relevant, as he outlines, albeit generally, how much they HAVE helped in the past few years (especially since 9/11) to prevent WWIII and the false alien invasion that the cabal had planned. I read SaLuSa's messages via Mike Quinsey at

      As the frequency and the Light have risen on the planet, especially since the Starseed Indigos started coming in en masse in the 1970's (souls incarnating from higher dimensional planets, this was planned to help speed things (the Light) up), the positive ET races in partnership with our Ascension have been able to help more and more. Awareness and awakening has also increased at a pretty good clip, at all levels. (the Spirit Science videos on YouTube explain all of this quite well, he has a new one out, #22, I think, entitled "EnLIGHTenment").

      Without enlightenment, we function as if with blinders on, as we have such a limited perspective. With awareness and enlightenment, then we are able to 'see' the full spectrum of our multi-dimensional reality, which is where/how many people resonate with the galactic perspective on all of this.

      Our becoming Aware of our true reality, that it's so much bigger than our 5 senses perceive, is just as 'game-changing' as when Galileo, et al, insisted that the world was a sphere and not flat, and that we were NOT the center of the universe.

  6. Dunno if it was my comment the cat deleted but it is not posted nonetheless.

    Paraphrasing - any plan that calls for a return to the "organic" or original constitution should NEVER be supported. I began the dialogue on it and Heather was the only one to catch it and finish it. The constitution, the original was NEVER approved by the colonists. They were mostly illiterate. That masonic doctrine was for the framers and their families/descendants. If we ever return to such a document the process simply begins anew.

    Everything governing must be scrapped and written in a manner that ensures no ability for usurping into an oligarchy.

    I wonder now how many people still doubt that "VP RON PAUL" is in fact controlled opposition. Here's a novel concept: if they have ANY history in the current political/government/judiciary/banking/lobbyist/et cetera scope, that should automatically expel them from a future role in whatever government structure is to come. They are all a parry to a corrupted, failed model. You wouldn't hire a confessed rapist to babysit your children would you?

    1. Stating that Ron Paul is "in fact" anything appears to me as an indication that you believe you're the ultimate authority on Ron Paul. To me, that doesn't sound right.

      As for prohibiting someone like Ron Paul from future appointments just because he made an effort to use the system in good faith, that would be no different than the edicts they issue today.

      I attempt to avoid supporting any future societal plans that aren't based on one simple premise...personal agreement.

      If 2 people want to form a tiny society where they must slash each other with razors each day, then so be it. If that community grew to 100,000 participants, then people would likely begin to persuade them it was an unhealthy system.

      If anyone didn't agree to participate, they wouldn't be required to. The Constitution is only a framework that recognizes other governments and attempts to avoid conflict with them and within the US. I can't see where the body of the Constitution conflicts with the underlying natural law that prohibits oligarchies. It doesn't need to prevent them, and it doesn't appear to encourage them.

    2. The way i chose to use "in fact" in no way states any such connotation. Your perception may view it that way and that is wonderful. I appreciate your perspective and opinions/views. That being said, saying that " just because he made an effort to use the system in good faith, that would be no different than the edicts they issue today." To some would also be an indication that the author of those words views themselves as "the ultimate authority on Ron Paul."

      Funny, when i stated sbout not allowing any member of the failed government from being allowed in the new, the person that came to mind that i would think "that sucks for him" was Mr. Sanders.

      Bravo for your moral high road on your future societal road. That is the best part of free will. I prefer to see that anyone with direct complicity within the walls of legislative decision-making from the current US model not be an option. I also prefer an end to career politicians. Let alone all the absurd benefits that come from serving one term.

      From where I sit, the "framework" of this nation absolutely needs/should prevent what the first did not. I do not want the childten of my children on down having to go through this. Undoubtedly they will have a struggle all their own. I just hope it won't be untangling mess brought forth due to illiteracy and contrived rhetoric.

  7. Just wanted to say that we have more than DOUBLED the numbers of followers in the last few weeks. It seems that the blog is GROWING. I very good thing IMO. I am just grooving with all the OUTRAGEOUSLY POSITIVE ENERGY in the Cosmos right now. The last CME's have really made a tangible difference, at least from my perspective. Playing with the LIVING HEART of the Worlds wealth has also been a seriously groovy experience. I refuse to let the sucka's get me down, instead I am surfing a tidal wave of JOY. Love and Light to you all!

  8. THANKYOU and LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I want to say how much I appreciate your passion in searching for truth and delivering what you find. Keep up the good work and keep your head up, I know it can get heavy.

    So, a monk walks up to a hot dog vendor and says "make me one with everything"


    1. The vendor gives the monk his hot dog and the monk asks "what about my change? "

      The vendor replies - " change comes from within"

  10. Just want to say thanks D. Coming at you from California ! Keep up the good work . ONE LOVE

  11. Have a good night D.
    Thank you for offering the truth. It's nice to hear the truth verses hoping.

  12. D - I think you are awesome and I love you girl friend. You should be so proud of what you have done for so many...... you and all the others which I am beaming with love for......Namaste my friends.


  13. The skies over Melbourne Australia have been chemtrail-free for two weeks now. If that continues, perhaps I will begin to suspect that the cabal has in fact been shackled.

    1. The same over the skies of North Carolina. The only thing I've seen the last few days are actual Contrails. Could this is the reason? I sure hope so!

    2. Sue, I envy you......Here in North Carolina, USA, no such luck. It will start out a beautiful day of blue skies, but it doesn't last very long. They dump the crap constantly around here.

    3. Same here in Illinois. Can start out nice but then the chemtrails come along all day, following the sun. Once in awhile we have a day or two of clear skies.

    4. Thanks for sharing, people. I was harbouring this vain hope that maybe it's stopping all over the world because their funds are being cut off. I have no idea why it's stopped here in Melbourne. I guess I need to be prepared for it start up again soon. It depresses me so much :(

  14. Thanks so much for your time and energy to make your posts. I hear your heart and resonate with your longing to fire up the Golden Age. I am with you 100%. I admit I am crest fallen to hear the RV is not going to take place. Geez, I was counting on that to fund my life - not that its lavish. Guess I will have to find an alternative now. I feel for the people in Iraqi that are truly being abused there without an RV. All we can do is just keep holding the faith - one day at a time. Thanks again! SM

    1. Unless I read what D wrote incorrectly the RV is only being held up by the countries that use fiat currencies, as the RV would render fiat currencies obsolete. So it will still happen - soon! Please clarify if I have misinterpreted this.

  15. a good read from james gilliland:
    moi forum.cgi?read=267465

    1. The above is a bad link.


    2. Agree. Exceptionally well said. E

  16. You crack me up........: )

  17. So D, if both sides were playing up (Boehner and Obama) then do we have Disclosure at hand ? If Yes, then from whom ? Who will come on stage and start spilling the beans to the masses ?


  18. Love it! Thanks for moderating D...its just so much more peaceful here now! ;)


  19. So many questions. So many twists and turns. The truth remains elusive. Evidence even more so.
    Between the disinfo and the deceptions we find ourselves waiting for a 'soon' that is never now..
    The most glaring disconnect to me is the repeated claims that the cabal is done, broke, impotent, but it certainly appears to be quite the opposite. An illusion? The military industrial complex is roaring n strong like the coffers are bottomless.
    There is always hope, but I have yet to see a shred of evidence.

  20. 8. Payment 1: Neo Mercusuar Dunia
    Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD
    Date: December 24, 2012

    Scroll all the way down to the bottom
    then read

    Sealed, Amended and Prepared by the Right Wing Parties of the Committee of 300...

    The World Bank Group "His Excellency" ( a king title ) President Robert Zoellick

    "Her Majesty" ( a queen title ) Queen Elizabeth Windsor II - The British Royal Family

    H.E. Pres. Barack Obama

    ( Treason )

    H.E. Chairman Ben Bernanke
    H.E. Sec. Timothy Geithner

    ( Collusion )

    you are awake?

    His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

    ( Emperor Title )

    Worship means TO PAY in WORTH

    Just an aside for atheists too:
    If you really believe in the void then why are you paying His Holiness the Vatican all you are worth?

    Filed by US CONGRESS:

    "All DEBTOR; Breach of Agreement, NOTICE OF DEFAULT, VIOLATION of Social Welfare, VIOLATION
    of Ethiopia TREATY from 1936-2012 , VIOLATION of Human Rights, CONSPIRACY, Violation of
    Trademark & Service MARK infringement, Money Laundering, Violation of The United Nations,
    Bankruptcy in 1933, Immigration Violation, Tax Invasion, Selling of Human Body Parts, Selling Weapons
    to Saudia Arabia, Vindictive Police Work, Vindictive Justice Work, Violation of international treaties June,
    1936. Geneva, Switzerland."

    so... what happens before a civl war anyways... does that get announced? are people waiting for that announcement on the msm news too?
    Do they take a 60 second commercial break from the fun?

    "We will get back to that right after this brief announcement and then a commercial...."

    silly people

    she is so polite when she says "targeted person"

    I have seen with my own two eyes sufficient evidence of treason within the former corporation known by many in common as the Federal US Government and the only way to remain integrable to myself without hypocrisy in my being is to sever all ties with them including any use of the money system they have created to extract from me and others work for their own purposes that include the selling of body parts.

    I am part of we the one people of Creator here on earth and Creator is to whom i trust and also to the people Created here on earth if they believe they were Created.

    Therefore, it is beyond my honorable capability to use or exchange in commerce any further the money of the former powers that were. I stand and represent myself.

    1. What happens before a civil war is the government sends in undercover "agitators", to get it started. The agitators start general mayhem. That will probably be under the cover of a bank holiday. The agitators get the ball started, damaging property, generally antagonizing property owners, setting up the stage of the war between "haves" and "have-nots". Army will be on standby, ready to go into action after it will have been over the news, sparked outrage, people will have called for action from Obama, and Obama will have responded with a call for martial law.

    2. I think we've already experienced some "dry runs". I've heard some time ago that some people could not use their benefits cards in some states for a few hours. Due to some bank "failure". I think it was a "test drive", a rehearsal of a bank "failure".

    3. Sine metu, how would you do that? Do you grow your own food? Cows? These are the questions people have been asking.. no one seems to have the answers?

      Did the trustees ever respond back about the position you offered to take for the peoples trust?

    4. Movie Nanny McFee.

      If you need me but don't want me I must stay

      If you want me but don't need me I must go.

      --as long as we keep needing from the system then it will remain--when we no longer need it. It must GO.

      There must be more lessons for us to learn for that big OlD UGlY WART to disappear lol

  21. Just much love for all you do, D. I know it ain't easy and you have a plate that's more full of daily drudgery that I can't imagine, but we all, whether we say it or not, appreciate so much what you do--to have someone who knows who we are, has some connections and some insight, and the gumption and hutzpa to let us poor souls in the darkness have a little peek-a-boo look at the machinations going on that WILL lead to freedom for us all, means everything.
    Much love and respect. Would love to buy you a beer someday when I can know your real name.

  22. Thank You D. You are amazing!

  23. May I be the first to comment
    there must be hundreds of people like you of similar minds

    would not it be great if all of you would get together and (get it together) come up with a general consensuses and post with questions from the peeps. Of course that would mean putting your egos (and yes EveryOne has one) behind you and really create a website for the minions of millions.

  24. D. Time to take a long break tomorrow another day!!!

  25. has anyone heard from AK / Brian, and if or when he's suppose to have another conversation with Heather, like they said at the end of the conversation they did have, around the beginning of the month? I'm surprised there is nothing posted on the AK--TOPPT webpage. It's said the same thing for days and days. Anyone have any knowledge about that? j

    1. I created the alaska toppt page, and lost a bit of steam because of lack of participation. No one wants to come out and play!

      I am not personally too concerned that we are missing these anticipated 'due dates,' however in the interim I had to get a job and that is taking a bit of my time as well. Ironic as it may be I am driving a fuel truck around feeling like a drug dealer pedaling my petroleum. I look forward to a short tenure as these technologies get released, but for now, heating fuel it is!

      In any case, pop in to the ak site and post some info, anything is welcome.

  26. Ok! I think we're using wrong weapons against the dark! Instead, I mean, I thoutta I couldda saidda I wouldda gotta lettya know; that we need more light towards them,so to speak, I read somewhere that it takes a "big cojones soul" to play the perpetrator character in reincarnation!!! I think what this means is that, we are fighting against advanced souls and we should be playing smarter than harder!!! also the law of attraction is awake!!! as much as we bitch, as much of reason to bitch the universe is gonna give us,because it'll think we like to bitch, because of our free will (meaning we're supposed to do whatever we wish we are free!)... so if we choose to bitch instead of manifesting something good?(positive mode)... we cast stones and throw more negativity on the exacerbation...

    1. Excellent observation. I have recently wondered, to myself, that all the focused thoughts and written comments on being let down by another 'failed' delivery of arrests, PPs, etc, does nothing more than create that same situation again and again. The universe will give you exactly what you want. Bitching about what you don't want, just focuses your attention and energy on it.

      So you want a different outcome, think different thoughts and make different comments.

      Also, about the universe, when you've decided to make a change, the universe will test you. It will send you the exact situation that you want to change, giving you the opportunity to respond differently to that situation. If you choose to have the same reaction, then the universe knows that you have not changed and therefore will not change the outer situation. However, if you choose or whenever you choose to change your response then the universe will notice that and no longer send you the situation about which you've made the choice to respond differently to.

      I too used to be caught up in deadlines about arrests and the releasing of information, etc. But about a year ago, I completely let that go and decided to have no attachment to any date. I have not felt let down once since making that decision. I follow my inner guidance about what I am to do or not to do and have stopped waiting for someone to be my savior. I am my own savior! I still enjoy observing what is happening and reading online info when I feel drawn to do so. I just don't get attached to any of the info.

  27. Just stop commenting on comments, D. There is no requirement that you answer them in order to have an informative blog. Exercise your choice and find balance with your family and personal needs.

  28. I have to say that this really does need to start, and the word soon is defiantly getting annoying.. but I know things are happening and now it's just a matter of time before everyone starts to realize the truth.

    there needs to be a better way for us to speed the process right? if everyone stopped going to their jobs I think it would jump forward. we are their support so we can collapse it.

  29. Good night my lovely friends!! Sleep well, and dream about playing with gold and having fun!!


  30. I am the door. If anyone enters by Me,he will be saved and will go in and out and pasture.The thief dose not come except to steal, and kill, and destroy. I have come that they may have life,and that they may have it more abundantly."I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. My sheep here My voice, and I know them,and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life,and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father,who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My father's hand. I and My Father are one." So a new commandment I give to you,that you love one another; as I have loved you,that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." Simon Peter said to Him," Lord, where are You going?" Jesus answered him, "Where I am going you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow Me afterward." Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you. " And in that day you will ask Me nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you. " Father I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one. I am in them and they are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me. So now we all go through our lives the best we can in faith and love and patiently wait for that great Day of Victory. Amen


    This is a comment and my reply on my fb page, relative to D's "24 Jan 2013 Tantrums..." post:

    "Have the OPPT released money from the trust? I know when I read that funds were being released to the UN and other parties, I thought that they were part of the cabal. Were funds really released or was this just saying that they were, when they really weren't?"

    "The OPPT is not a financial trust, they do not manage any funds. To me their 'trust' represents the rightful government...and much more: our rightful reality.

    D/RTS has said that some funds were being released as a test. As I understand it, the first funds to be released will be to groups that will be managing relief for the populations on the planet that are refugees of war (e.g. middle east) and for the critically starving (e.g. Africa).

    I don't quite understand the part about funds being released to the UN, etc, but I don't really concern myself with that, as I know everything will turn out as it should, aligned with Light. I'm not guided to keep up with all those details and try to figure out what is disinfo or not, our reality is backwards enough as it is. I mostly align with the galactic messages so I pretty much go by that. I discerned a long time ago that the Dinar RV was tied to Disclosure of the new financial system, for instance, and so I don't really concern myself with the RV business, it's all together and all One.

    I know we'd all like to know the mechanics of how the whole world will receive this prosperity that the galactics and Ascended Masters talk about, and I know that it would seem rather 'miraculous', hard to fathom, hard to imagine or whatever, but I'm also aware of what the higher realms are capable of, and that St. Germain, Jesus and others have been working on this for 300+ years, and that's just the recent 'short term' part of this project!

    I resonate with what D/RTS is saying about some funds being released (as a test) and about Boehner making an announcement. If Boehner was about to make an announcement 'the other night' and either chickened out or was talked out of it, or prevented from it, to me that's a good sign because it means we are even closer. Of course, I don't think Obama was too happy about it, and about having to carry on the charade through the inauguration. I think the two sides are 'playing' Boehner, and he won't be able to take that for very long. I'm getting that for every step along the way, the dark has to play out it's energy, this is another one of those steps...everything else is ready...and every step has less and less energy...lies take up A LOT of energy."

  32. hi D

    I am sure all parents are concerned how do their children become free could you clarify on this I think I maybe still viewing this from a fear based 3d perspective, Contractual law can only be entered into at 18+ years of age

    Could you please also comment on the Russian ultimatum to the Obama administration to disclose alien life or the Kremlin will announce it, it was reported that if they was unable to convince the administration to disclose during the WEP starting the 23rd January and running for 5 days after that the Kremlin would take the task

    The reason i ask this report comes from Sorcha Faal so validation would be appreciated

    and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart D and all at OPPT for all your service to freedom

    Love and Light

    OPPTimise your life : choose freedom

    1. From my perspective, the children want freedom just as much as we adults do, if not more. I can write a whole essay on this, and probably will, but for now, as an empath, and as independent as I am, and knowing my kids are of the same energy, I'm totally OK with setting them free as soon as we have the resources.

      The children are so much smarter than we know, from how we are 'conditioned' to believe. When treated with respect and respect for their own sovereignty, they treat others with respect and are mindful, conscientious and responsible.

      Of course, my children are young teenagers and able to take care of themselves. I've raised them with a sense of empathy as to me that's one of the most important lessons or traits, and from that, they have wonderful and mature interpersonal skills and know how to get along with people.

      My kids also have an energy for DO'ing, planning, organizing and creating that far surpasses mine, as I've been quite worn down by the 3D system during my longer years on the planet, and I know that I simply just hold them back sometimes...not intentionally, of course, just as a function of 'the system'.

      As our youth start their physically maturing years, and going into their early 20's, this is a period of intense creativity and energy, but it is stifled by a culture that wants to tire them out, and waste their best years, with passive education. The reason that teenagers don't get along with parents is because at this point they SHOULD be on their own. Indeed, if they 'know everything' and want to do everything their way, then I say go for it. Everyone would be happier. We have to let go of this mindset that we as parents own our kids. Now we know nobody owns us, even the children...who are mostly old souls, anyway.

      In regards to age, kids will know when they feel comfortable being on their own, and that's as it should happen, more 'organically', rather than by a set schedule imposed by society. This organic way of growing up and leaving the nest would happen if not for the blocks in place between us and Earth's abundance. I can imagine how much more productive and happier all will be...teenage 'angst' is not necessary and only a part of something being forced...and as we know, 'force' is not part of our new paradigm of BEing.

      I knew I was done teaching my kids at around age 12 or so, and that now I'm just taking care of them. They want to learn on their own, through experience, not through lecture; and they would rather take care of themselves...than be smothered by some set of mores that only serves to sap their energy.

      The only reason kids are 'bad', or not-good, as I prefer to say, is because others have treated them badly or disrespectfully. In many ways this comes from parents, albeit quite unwittingly. I see many examples in the grocery store alone.

      As an 'autistic' child in my own world at around age 11, I wanted desperately to fight for Kids' Rights. I knew so much more than I was able to convey and I desperately wanted to be heard, regarded and not controlled so much. Even if I were more communicative, I felt there would be no one to listen about how I wanted more rights, what with all the structure and negative energy swirling all around me. I had a dream, but at the time, it was a Lost Cause. I've never forgotten that dream. Now, I can support that dream and make it more of a reality, by helping to support Kids' Rights and their own, individual BEing.

  33. Trance-Formation

    “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders and millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves and the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem. – Howard Zinn

    videos on Trans Formation...OMG!

  35. Precious D. Thank you again for all of your recent articles/posts/intel. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. D may I also offer your family members a huge thank you for allowing you to spend so much of your private time involved in these matters of late which must be impacting them greatly. Bless each and every one of you for being so generous of heart. My gratitude is endless and eternal. Much love to all.

  36. The OPPT (One People’s Public Trust) campaign is about empowerment, your natural birth rite and a re-connection with the most amazing biosphere and organic life form we take for granted every day. The planet earth. Stand up and take your rightful place on planet earth and connect with the Universal consciousness.

    The One People’s Public Trust, Documents, discussion groups and other resources.

    (I am in awe! So grateful for your work!)

  37. It is such a pleasure to read all the comments now that we do not have to wade through all that negative energy.

    Have fun playing in your dreams tonite.

    Love to you and your family.

  38. We have to turn this into a movement! A new paradigm since the higher frequencies are actually changing everything, let's ride the wave. Turning our freedom into a methodical, well oiled machine with clear direction in filing and impacting this current system making it obsolete. This can (is) happening...Just as we have been hoodwinked into this determined slave system; now that we are awake we should be determined to undo the system at the seams; inundate this system with so many rightful filings they won't know what to do. They are already no able to handle our awakened state. More people will get on the band wagon and notice this energy and want it.

    Turn our thoughts into action, make it count. Each person should send OPPT forms and terms to everyone in their address book. Get people asking questions and directing them to where these questions can be answered. Bring it on like a flood..collective action.

    I will be sending forms to our state legislators in addition to sending to everyone I know.

    Thank you so much...

  39. Don't believe for one second the shills have gone anywhere
    this site is way to important for that!

    They are still leaving their negative comments and trying to spread doubt and fear
    (I read quite a few here yesterday)
    Only difference is they are having to 'moderate'themselves!

    Be on guard people, this is ambush rather than frontal attack!
    Can be more dangerous if your not staying alert.

    Self Hating Individuals Lacking Love

    Mick 9

    1. Many of those shills as you call them genuinely care about yall. We are our brothers keeper and rightly or wrongly feel a duty to protect.

  40. In relation to your important insights a few days ago this is very important. It's not fear mongering. It's about awareness. Listen to this interview by Alex Jones with 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow about China, Obama and what's happening.

    D I would love your take on this. I mean is Obama the one that will set us free? Or does he have other plans? What's China's motives? Is there a power struggle in China as well? Who is in control?

    I see a few scenarios:

    1) Obama is a lightworker. What's happening with Patriot Act, NDAA, gun control, litmus test, is actually to be used against the Cabal. What China does is irrelevant.

    2) Obama is in the hands of the Cabal and will turn against the American people. China can only watch it happen.

    3) Obama is in the hands of the Chinese who are trying to go against the Cabal but without any plans for freedom - we know China.

    4) Obama is working with positive forces in China and elsewhere to implement true Freedom.

    5) Obama is just another president. The control of the Freedom process are beyond China and Obama.


    1. Please do not take offense at this - but can anyone honestly at this point- after having done any research- even for one minute believe that obama is being controlled by any other people than those of the dark nature? people keep saying 'he is the trojan horse' the only trojan thing about him is what he uses from a box. i mean no disrespect to anyone who holds this (dis)belief- but please - do your research on this man and the people who surround him - dig into their past as well. the sooner everyone stops believing this guy is some saint who is going to 'at any time now' turn around and give the finger to the dark guys - they are wasting their time.

  41. "No hair on fire" as Poof would say, but I feel there's more to Ron Paul and all this than meets the eye. Potus's are groomed for the post - they aren't elected, we are just fooled to think they are. They all have backers holding the purse-strings in return for favors in the future. So has anyone delved into Mr Paul's financiers? Until someone can show me evidence to the contrary, there is still a huge question mark hanging over him. Just another 2 cents. ;-)

    Sine Nomine

    1. Agreed, I have always been suspect of Ron Paul, Sine Nomine.

      I think he's just controlled opposition. Otherwise, he'd have been done away with a long time ago.

    2. Yes Louise, I think 'controlled opposition' fits the bill here. I understand that all potuses are/were high degree Freemasons, so that too is of concern.

      The blatant usurping of him by Romney also felt staged to me. :-(

      I'd like to know who chose him for VP and why he was chosen. The answers to those questions are significant I think. A lot could rest on them imo. We haven't gotten to the bottom of the rabbit hole on this one yet!

      Sine Nomine

  42. I have listened to the Radio Show (day ago, now 25/1/13) that was really helpful, I understand so much better now of the wheels with in the wheel of the wheel.

    Still groggy about the legal jargon used in the fillings though. All I want to say to the naysayers, the Cabal and theirs are sunk. We, the "I AM" are free with out a doubt, unless someone throw a spanner in the water works, which is very doubtful as they should have done so already, because their time is running out at lightning speed..

    To all you people getting this info out to us the "I Am" masses, it is tremendously appreciated. Carry on with your excellent work.

  43. Hi D and all free people :)

    I was wondering about this UCC fillings and OPPT stuff, common law and the rest. If possible I would like to get some answers as some things are still unclear to me.

    1. Can we use this cases (file numbers, etc.) in Europe, as we have a so called continental law in effect, continental Europe does not use common law? Our "common law" is a combination of roman law and canon law (church laws). Country is Slovenia.
    2. I searched for my country's corporation on SEC website and was unable to find it. However, I did find my country's state, parliament, legal courts, all ministries and so called public institution's legal persons in our country's bussines register. Therefore I am convinced that my country is under corporate hostile takeover. How can I be sure?
    3. I have an uneasy feeling that my country's territory is under Vatican commercial claim, even more with the way Catholic church is "in bed" with politicians in my country. We have lots of protests going on at the time, due to massive and pervasive corruption, fraud and downright robbery in country's political and judicial system. Our constitutional court also made some decisions in clear contradiction to our constitution.

    To sum it up - can we use common law and UCC in Europe? Can we establish "de jure" courts? Can I lawfully non-comply with my country's legal and tax system? Can we prosecute our politicians, judges and the rest of the cabal in international courts, if need be? Since our legal system does not officially distinguish between natural person and strawman (but strawman indications exist, including all caps names), can I declare full sovereignty and claim taxes already paid?

    Thank you for your answers, looking forward to reply.

    1. Hello Slovenian,
      I am Slovenian also,living in Canada for a few decades now.
      I studied law for many years now,not to become a lawyer but to learn how to free myself and others from the legal fraud perpetrated upon us.
      To your first question:I am sure you can refer to the UCC filings in any case you wish.It might be unclear that Slovenia is under a corporate takeover itself but as a part of EU it most definitely is!
      The law they refer to in Slovenia now is unfortunately not in effect (Canada is a common law jurisdiction and yet it is the positive law (law of commerce) that rules the court system.
      The banks have taken over our valid Constitutions and imposed their corporate jurisdiction over us,using us as the monetary value and investment. You can be sure of the takeover.We are all in the same pot now.All the Continents included! :(
      And yes,Slovenia is under Vatican claim (check Papal Trusts/Express trusts starting with Romanus Pontifex 1302 AD (land),followed by Aeterni Regis (people) and Convocation (souls of people)). They legally held it all until the OPPT filings!
      Cannon Laws are a good start to find remedy for the present situation (if you want to refer to them at all),since they are superior to the Commercial laws now in power, but after the OPPT filings you can simply refer to the Universal Law (LIVE AND LET LIVE,to put it simple!)
      Avoid the things you don't understand in your arguments with any "authority" and put it as simple as you can when questioning their jurisdiction. There is also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Slovenia is a signatory to. If in breach of any of your rights, the Universal Declaration prevails because it is the LAW and Slovenia's "laws" are only corporate Statutes,Acts,Bylaws etc ( a sure sign of a corpo government).
      I know how hard it is now in Slovenia,I get news daily and I know the people will be victorious soon!The last thing I did before moving to Canada is to protest in front of Army headquarters for the release of Jansa,now I regret it soooooo much!
      The best thing to do right now is to get as many people informed with OPPT filings.The public knowledge is the key!
      Check also IACA (International Association of Commercial Administration):
      This seems to be the equivalent of UCC in the States.There you can register your claims.
      The things you want to do (claim the tax money back etc) can be done but be ready that in these corrupt conditions that rule EU they won't just roll over. Be ready for a fight. Go as public as possible,this helps.The ones who think they "rule" us are afraid of legal exposure,any exposure for that matter. :)
      I would like to hear more from you so I will be checking your post for answers from time to time....

      Love to you, hope to hear more from you soon!


      PS; Please check Frank O'Collins and UCADIA for all your legal knowledge. He is the best scholar on law out there.

      Veliko ljubezni in pozdravljen(a)!

  44. Anonymous said...

    Hi D and all free people :)

    I was wondering about this UCC fillings and OPPT stuff, common law and the rest. If possible I would like to get some answers as some things are still unclear to me.

    1. Can we use this cases (file numbers, etc.) in Europe, as we have a so called continental law in effect, continental Europe does not use common law? Our "common law" is a combination of roman law and canon law (church laws). Country is Slovenia.
    2. I searched for my country's corporation on SEC website and was unable to find it. However, I did find my country's state, parliament, legal courts, all ministries and so called public institution's legal persons in our country's bussines register. Therefore I am convinced that my country is under corporate hostile takeover. How can I be sure?
    3. I have an uneasy feeling that my country's territory is under Vatican commercial claim, even more with the way Catholic church is "in bed" with politicians in my country. We have lots of protests going on at the time, due to massive and pervasive corruption, fraud and downright robbery in country's political and judicial system. Our constitutional court also made some decisions in clear contradiction to our constitution.

    To sum it up - can we use common law and UCC in Europe? Can we establish "de jure" courts? Can I lawfully non-comply with my country's legal and tax system? Can we prosecute our politicians, judges and the rest of the cabal in international courts, if need be? Since our legal system does not officially distinguish between natural person and strawman (but strawman indications exist, including all caps names), can I declare full sovereignty and claim taxes already paid?

    Thank you for your answers, looking forward to reply.

  45. Anonymous said...

    Hi D and all free people :)

    I was wondering about this UCC fillings and OPPT stuff, common law and the rest. If possible I would like to get some answers as some things are still unclear to me.

    1. Can we use this cases (file numbers, etc.) in Europe, as we have a so called continental law in effect, continental Europe does not use common law? Our "common law" is a combination of roman law and canon law (church laws). Country is Slovenia.
    2. I searched for my country's corporation on SEC website and was unable to find it. However, I did find my country's state, parliament, legal courts, all ministries and so called public institution's legal persons in our country's bussines register. Therefore I am convinced that my country is under corporate hostile takeover. How can I be sure?
    3. I have an uneasy feeling that my country's territory is under Vatican commercial claim, even more with the way Catholic church is "in bed" with politicians in my country. We have lots of protests going on at the time, due to massive and pervasive corruption, fraud and downright robbery in country's political and judicial system. Our constitutional court also made some decisions in clear contradiction to our constitution.

    To sum it up - can we use common law and UCC in Europe? Can we establish "de jure" courts? Can I lawfully non-comply with my country's legal and tax system? Can we prosecute our politicians, judges and the rest of the cabal in international courts, if need be? Since our legal system does not officially distinguish between natural person and strawman (but strawman indications exist, including all caps names), can I declare full sovereignty and claim taxes already paid?

    Thank you for your answers, looking forward to reply.

  46. ..would be appreciated..if You skip all that hokupokus Space babble, ET,Aliens NewAge,Cosmic tit&tat Love ther`& wher`..etc.. balderdash..Who takes seriously any of "basic" ideas of "OPPT"..if mixed with
    all kind conditioned brainwash Hollywood & TV crap
    ..Hii U blog editors..JUST FACTS.. = simple!!!

    1. Ah, another negative energy emerges....we are enjoying the contrast, thank you, we love you.


    2. Einstein believed that one could not fix something with the same energy (thinking) that created it. This beautifully applies to the OPPT legal docs. This is why the 'new age' verbiage is mixed in with the legalese. This language applies the energy needed to rise above the problem--the only way to fix it.

      The facts are that this energy forecloses on the fraudulent government(s) and their agents (central banking), effectively performing a Nullification of everything in one fell swoop.

      Our multi-dimensional reality--what we see AND what we do not see in the higher realms--is going to be more and more a part of the conversation. It's similar to how we learned from Galileo that we were not the center of the universe and that our world was not flat. We're going through the same kind of awakening about our reality. It will take some time to get used to all this 'babble', but it's an inevitable part of our evolution.

      When I discovered that my blog was totally messed up, I thought it may have been hacked; that may be the case from a 3D perspective, but I was told that the root cause was because of the overlapping parallel universes that we are experiencing now, as we make our shift(ing). There is always a metaphysical root cause for everything.

      As I sat there and endeavored to comprehend this, my Guides said, via my channel, "Get used to it."

  47. D. ...... I love you, love your commitment your honesty and EVERY SINGLE thing that you are DOing and BEing .... I'm not very good with expressing how I feel but what you are DOing for The People on our beautiful planet.... It can't be put into words.

    I just love ya D your the light shinning bright that keeps the rest of us going :).

    Sorry, just had to get that out and let you know how much you are truly truly appreciated for all the hard work and long hours you are DOing.

    Love and light to ALL

  48. This link says NESARA is for all countries. . I like the new forum website idea. We'll have real profiles, without worry that our confidential info will be found through a simple web search. Know each other better.


    I thought this might be pertinent to this blog. Something I saw this morning. It says the Pope calls for central world band.
    I do not know if we are allowed to posts links, and if not, please delete and I am sorry if I shouldn't have.

    1. correction: Central World Bank........not band.

  50. Well D,

    I patiently wait til the Moment is here to Reveal what you and your team behind the screen have Uncoverd ;-):-D

    The answers is already Here but you are not Aware of it...yet!

    To my Brothers and Sisters,

    This is the Perfect Moment to Transform any negative feelings, emotions (as impatience), and thougts...that this "waiting for" is TRIGGERING IN YOU.
    This is also the Perfect Moment to Be creative and DOing what you Love and Loving what you DO...
    Lets Ground and Ancore that Golden Light :-) Yeeehaaa

    Well I gonna clean my house...getting ready to Enjoy my weekend with my son and grandchild...mayby do some painting also...and checking in when I Feel like it.

    Blessings Dear O-nes



  51. So does anyone have the scoop on David Wynn Miller? Ran across him on You Tube and he is an interesting character indeed. Just Curious. and BTW, thanks D. Update much appreciated!

    1. I listened to him, and decided he's phony as a 3 dollar bill. He speaketh with forked tongue.

  52. That was a brilliant article! You have put into words and cleared my inner brain. Now I will just BE. Thank you girl.

  53. Does this have anything to do with OPPT? In the article there is a line that stood out and I quote "living beneficiary to the Divine Estate being superior of commerce and usury." OPPT in the article is never mentioned though. Did I mention that the mansion in the above article is currently owned by bank of america.

  54. I would really like to know wtf was wrong with my question about the yahoo news article? Please respond.

  55. I figured that if it is a part of the UCC filings people who have wanting to see it in action would like to see this article. Getting the word out is what we are supposed to do RIGHT?

  56. Thank you for your updates, and how you figured out and listened to your inner voice, just as I began to questioning the same things.
    I found today that in Norway we are also beginning to wake up. Do not know if it is allowed to place links, but I will try. Maybe people in Scandinavia or those understanding Norwegian language, will listen and learn more about what is happening.

    Love and light to everyone from Scandinavia

  57. I'm really trying to have some patients with this moderator. You could at least give an explanation as to why my comments have been denied. It's just common courtesy.

  58. Some time ago, I had bought some pure copper coins, with the vision of jump-starting local jobs. Check out these coins at Depending on how soon the official announcement is made, I may not have to use them. In any case, not only they'll never lose value, but they'll gain in value.

  59. D, thanks so much for all that you do !!

  60. Does anyone know of any media station that could get this out to the masses ????

  61. Dearest D,
    so much love to you.

    As in the recent UCC document bt OPPT, hope is one of the tools used to keep us enslaved. Another exiting week has transformed in ... waiting ... (shall I be contradicted tomorrow? :)

    The only vetted intel we can have comes from the state of consciousness that puts us in contact with the inner Absolute Truth. State in which I, (and many others...) am not currently...

    Maybe we can create this Truth with, as said by the caller in recent radio transmission, a main media channel to discuss the reality that we think is truth. Maybe some billionaire will use his money in a more interesting way than making his grass greener.

    My current big question about OPPT is:

    -Which entities (terrestrial or not) are in support of OPPT? The three Trustees certainly could not contact the Power that were personally as normal people... and also enforce the 'prime law'...

    Sparkling Light shall surround you!

  62. I guess I started waking up to the methods of control and corruption in the late 90's and by 2003 I was probably reading at least 3 or 4 blogs almost daily that had promises or about to get better or the now dreaded "soon". I don't want to be a troll and if someone removes this and is the only one to read it, that is ok. So far every thing I have come across out there on the net has been a disappointment or an outright lie. At some point a blury line appears and that seems to be a clue, for example the "glactic federation" vs. "gfol", does anyone know the truth there? Drake has just promised dates that has come and gone a little more often than most but not by much. NESARA has now been overtaken by the cabal? Now we have OPPT with language only a few can understand? I will continue to read the sites as before because frankly I am addicted now to hope, but how can anyone not think this will be another NESARA in two years, people saying, "OPPT" was cabal, but this new thing, now it is real? Will we ever have something real to point to?

  63. "It can now be reported that the International Monetary Fund and Austrian banks have given the Obama Administration a one week deadline to complete the bilateral tax agreements with the U.S. Treasury that will finally implement the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols."

    One week. That gives us an approximate timeline.

    1. Hmmmm. I thought the IMF were a pack of crooks.

  64. Check this link out. Relates to "when the shoe dropped" article. Opinions Anyone?

    1. Looks like there is some explaining to do.

  65. D,
    I decided to learn more about the UCC and started googling for resources when I came upon an interesting website. It seems there is a similiar thinking/acting process in the spirit of what Heather & Co. have done across the pond in Britain...

    Thought you might like to be aware of it!

    Much love and appreciation,

  66. For those of other countries, there's the IACA, the International Association of Commercial Administrators. Their UCC forms are at:

  67. Words of encouragement.

    January 25, 2013
    Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey
    Good morning,
    This will be the last walk down memory lane. The last prophetic word that I will be sharing from the last two years that have to do with love, forgiveness, and us staying away from offenses. Remember 1 Corinthians 13:1-3; "If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing." Do you get it? We are nothing, we gain nothing, and we are just noise makers without love. We are not making any headway without walking in the love of god. This year we must do God-love in our churches, in our families, then to the world at large. Here is the word from January 2011.
    The Spirit of the Lord says;
    My dearly beloved, I hear and see the tears that you have cried over being broken. I desire you to know that in these moments, I draw closer to you as a Father does to his child that has been hurt, rejected, or forsaken. I declare to you that you are My precious one, the apple of My eye. I will never treat you as those who have hard hearts, have done. Yet know that their insensitivity is because of their own pain. Give to them the compassion that they neglected to show you. Your harvest of love will come back manifold. Always, always, show My kindness in the face of hurt and pain. I Am God, and I Am righteous to judge fairly. I will repay to everyone the seeds that they have sown. I know the hearts of men, and without Me there is nothing good in them. That is why I Am constantly wooing the rejected, the downcast, the forsaken, and the one who is least. I seek to save them from their own self-destruction. My judgment is righteous and fair. So, turn your tears of hurt to tears of prayers, uttered for those who have inflicted wounds. Be like Me in your forgiveness. Now stand back and see how I will turn what the enemy meant to harm you into your finest hour. They meant it for harm, but I meant it for good, to save you and to bring you out into a large place.
    There is a fresh season ahead for you. Most of all I will bring you into the place that I have prepared for you to show forth My glory. Be sure and know that your gifts will make room for you. You will not be disappointed with My purpose, trust Me, I will not fail to delight your heart. I still have great surprises planned for all that put their hope in Me. You will experience for yourself days of new liberation from pain, hurts, and any form of rejection. It will be as if you are dancing in the sun, without the threat of rain. You will know what it is to be covered by My shade of favor. You will see and know that a divine healing has taken place in your heart. All that the enemy lied to you about and said that I would not heal you of, I will do it for My pleasure in providing for you. Stay ready for the changing of the present circumstances, they will be swift and many will stand with wonder at the speed of change. So do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed or depressed by what you see. For soon you will not see these enemies in your land again. Your destiny is one of great hope. Believe only and you will see!


    Pastor D.

    1. Beautiful! Why would this person never share the word again? Is their purpose complete?

    2. I imagine that there is a "renewing," and the old is gone and the new is being revealed.

      We have all of the answers within our hearts...use discernment, ask yourself from your heart and you will know. Knowing is our power, we basically do not know because we don't trust that still small "unction" which is directing us to trust ourselves. This is our power from Divine Source. We can declare a thing and it will be established, only by Divine's not mind power, thinking, it's only in our hearts.

      This is my analogy, how can you love another if you don't love yourself first? Well, you say you love yourself, but you trust another before you trust yourself (think about it?)...because if you truly love yourself you would trust yourself before all others. Loving yourself is from Divine Source, because what you truly trust about yourself is knowing we are endowed with that which is all knowing, all present, and agape. (Time doesn't exist, only Now!)

      This is all we truly have!

  68. Hi D! I really can't think of anyone who would not get way jazzed about the notion of having a $5 billion bank account.

    Something seriously absent in this whole thing is information coming from the purported OPPT spearheads Heather, Randall or Caleb (aka the people inside the inside track) regarding their own $5 billion; such as, how they have taken possession of it, or lacking that, what specific steps they are now undertaking to lay claim to it. If these folks don't have, or are not engaged in the step-by-step process of obtaining, the $5 billion for themselves that their OPPT declarations are stating everyone now has, well then... (and I'm not talking about postings of arcane pdfs with equally arcane red ink scratch-throughs and markups)

    Following is my January 06 email to Heather, Randall & Caleb, which has been deemed by all recipients as unworthy of a response:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: (me)
    To: ; ;
    Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 12:30 PM
    Subject: Truth Integrity Responsibility Accountability Transparency

    Hello Heather, Randall, and Caleb,
    Thank you for your 12-25-12 Official Announcement.

    I have a brief request.

    What methods have each of you employed to assume ownership of your individual duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION in lawful money of the united states of America in GOLD and Silver?

    I ask this because I am interested in doing so myself, since I can see no purpose in allowing my recently released FIVE BILLION to remain in stasis.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

    Sincerely and Appreciatively,


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