Wednesday 16 January 2013

Heather of OPPT answers some of your questions from yesterday

Good morning everyone!  Last night/early this morning Heather of OPPT went through many of the comments that were written on the article I posted yesterday.  Below are some of the questions and her replies.

I've put philavox's question first, because IMO it is the most important of them all- read the comment and Heather's reply and you'll understand the HOW things are to roll out.

 philavox15 January 2013 16:12
...So let's say that on or around 1/21/13, the fabled Announcements, Arrests and RV occur simultaneously.

In a best case scenario, I imagine this Event as a veritable wall of water flooding all communications channels with insistent, unending momentum, to an exhausting extreme, and then some.

At that moment, it may be that we will receive the kind of clear line of communications that many of us are now asking from Heather, D, and others.

This clear line would include all manner of media at once: television, radio, internet, in a shocking blitz of global revelation about the true nature of human history to date, and, moving forward, the shape of things to come.

Further imagining this best-case scenario...the UCC filings filed by OPPT would suddenly be backed by an unstoppable protective force. What that might be exactly I cannot say. Maybe it would be comprised of a positive U.S. military, backed by the 180 nation BRICS alliance -- and the two together backed by some positive galactic E.T. presence that would, ultimately, ensure the efficacy of our human collective efforts at this time to no uncertain degree.

This Event would suddenly and permanently establish a level playing field for the common human being to do what we want to do with our time and energy when we are no longer bound by the control system created by the powers that literally were (at such future moment).

At this potentially imminent future moment, the OPPT's legalese is finally made understandable by public interpreters to a crystal clear extreme. And those of us following this difficult, emergent narrative at this more obscure moment in time heave a collective a-ha, as we finally comprehend the actual significance of what I might term Heather & Co.'s "ontological legalese."

Perhaps -- so my personal vision here goes -- what we will come to appreciate is that for the first time in human history as we have known and lived it, our subjective divine-given Being has been made nothing other than the public and legal basis for our Action on earth.

Once the construct of the matrix control system is deconstructed and no longer operative, we will understand this legalese to be nothing other than the structure and universal constitution of legal human action on Earth moving forward.

Maybe it all sounds so unreal to some ears right now because we have only the control system to reference it against, which has battered the human imagination to a mere tip of its infinite potential...until now.

Once the Event and Re-Set take place, our perspective will be open to a greater possibility, backed by an alliance of protection the likes of which we may simply not believe is real until it has arrived.

Just a thought. No idea if it will hold any water whatsoever. I do enjoy imagining best case scenarios with this kind of thing, if only for the sake of furthering its (however seemingly remote) emerging possibility.

[6:34:00 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: HHHhhhhmmmmm...quite intuitive...either that, or I left my copy of the playbook at the cafe again (rofl)

Anonymous15 January 2013 12:03

I am documenting information to share with those who will be STUNNED awake by the announcements and am looking for a couple more dates.
Did anyone make a note of what day the 'Corporation' was dissolved?

[4:57:41 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: UNITED STATES was REGISTERED (UCC Doc. No. 2012049126) as Debtor and absolute ownernship duly secured to the one people (nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, now as then and hereafter) on May 4, 2012, on the 12-year anniversary date of the perpetuity filing that everything is filed on...After notice was duly given on July 4, 2012, the Commercial Bills/Claim of Damages, cease and desists, for CORPORATION, all STATE OF...branches, and all international equivalents were REGISTERED on August 15, 2012, (UCC Doc. No.s 2012086794 and 2012086802.  Then JUDGMENT AND DECREE against CORPORATIONS, all STATE OF. . .branches and international equivalents for damages caused against the one people were REGISTERED August 21, 2012 (UCC Doc. File No. 2012088787, 2012088851, 2012088865).  Reconfirmation and ratification of the cancelation was REGISTERED September 4, 2012 (UCC Doc. No. 2012094308)

[4:58:23 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Hope that helps your commentor on what they are DO'ing for the one people by the people. ;)  I am sooooo excited to see it!

 Anonymous15 January 2013 12:12
For better comprehension. Is the term BE in all caps considered a corporate entity?
Please clarify.


 Anonymous 15 January 2013 12:25
"It is by your free will choice of each BE'ing to consciously choose TO BE or NOT TO BE and TO DO or NOT TO DO with your full responsibility and liability".. notice? It's time to move forward? Time to announce the intention to remove the current government... time to stand up for what you believe? You have a choice to CREATE a new government, or not? WE are creators... is that what I am understanding?

 HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Do they consciously choose to give up responsiblity for self and be governed, or do they consciously choose to be responsible for self by exercising self-governance and having systems of assistance?  Their free will choice...

 Anonymous15 January 2013 12:55

The problem seems to lie in that The People are not accustomed to the Powers That Were acknowledging their criminal behavior to us. We hold them accountable and they slip away time after time. I think this document STOPS all of that cold, once and for all :)


 Anonymous15 January 2013 13:24
'the answers you seek can be found in you, go inside' is that what the judge is going to hear from the trust? Im sure that is going to hold up in a court of law!

What does your ass tell your brain regarding this document? I and the majority on here havent a clue about what the document says. Please convey in simple English what your ass is saying.

[5:17:14 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: If this person is actually walking into a court of law, without declaring who he BE, his authority and principle of law and demanding they do the same, then he really didn't get what has happened...perhaps others of the one people can help this person out if that person even chooses to be helped.  Perhaps back away from the spot and you will see the whole body in absolute context...that the spot they got you to focus on was ACTUALLY a body...BE'ing.

 Anonymous15 January 2013 13:4013:16 try telling the court that they are fictional when you are in there before a judge for not paying a parking ticket. Its very healthy for humans to live in reality and not in illusion

 HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Don't tell them they are fictional!!! Let them tell you who they BE, what authority they operate under, and what law they are using....that's what the UCC 3-501 Demands for documentation are even states that you are asking without dishonor...meaning they can't throw any one in jail, or do any damage to you without first producing that documentation...the judges know that, but most of the people haven't...NO ONE GOES TO JAIL WITHOUT GIVING THEIR OWN CONSET TO IT...THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN GOING TO JAIL JUST DON'T KNOW THEY GAVE CONSENT, HENCE, THE PURPORTED JUDGES ARE IN A SERIOUS FIX BECAUSE ANY CONSENT NOT GIVEN KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, AND INTENTIONALLY IS CONSENT BY DECEPTION..SEE HOW THE PURPORTED JUDGES (and all PTW) PUT THE PAPERTRAIL OF THEIR OWN CRIMES RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT????  Your free will choice to BE or NOT TO BE consciously...

 Anonymous15 January 2013 17:09
If you want to see how well this will go over in court show it to an attorney. I was hoping someone else would do it after I did. I showed it to my brother who has practiced law in two states for 40 some years and he thought I was nuts for even wasting his time with what he called "absolute bullshit". He said if he wasted a judges time with this, he would be disbarred.
Why has nobody else showed this to an attorney? Show it to an aged attorney who is getting out anyway. That is what I did and he had no reason to lie to me because he is retiring this year.

 HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Most BAR attorneys don't even know who they are really working for, or that they are aiding and abetting  So they are incompetent by design and cannot help.  Those BAR attorneys that do know who they really are working for and that they are not only aiding and abetting crimes, but committing them, are probably not going to help the people figure it out!

 BZ Riger15 January 2013 13:12
The inauguration of the president of the United States takes place during the commencement of a new term of a president of the United States, which is every four years on January 20. Prior to the Twentieth Amendment, the date was March 4, the day of the year on which the Constitution of the United States first took effect in 1789...

When Inauguration Day has fallen on a Sunday, the chief justice has administered the oath to the president either on inauguration day itself or on the Sunday privately and the following Monday publicly. The next scheduled public presidential inauguration ceremony, swearing-in Barack Obama to begin his second four-year term in office, will take place on Monday, January 21, 2013. The President will make a private oath of office on Sunday, January 20.


A15 January 2013 19:37
I have to agree with you. Truly, I believe something is happening (many things, really) and I believe all of this to be true... but if this is "for the people" why is it written in such a TERRIBLY unclear way? Regardless of where the writer is "coming from" spiritually, or otherwise, it really would be more effective if it were simplified and to the point. It's really rather frustrating to me and I wish it weren't. I also wish I knew more about what this means for us all... what this will do. It's almost written as if we are just supposed to "know", or make these things happen... but I do not.

[5:40:28 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: If it is unclear to anyone, then is that not an indicator of the position of your BE' a barrometer?  That is why it is so important for the one people to individually consciously focus their energy on their BE'ing...raise your state of BE'ing, your consciousness, and then go back and may just find that with each time it becomes clearer, because you do ;)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 13:46
According to Jeremiah 39:2, Babylon penetrated the walls of Jerusalem in the 11th year, 4th month, and 9th day of King Zedekiah's reign.

1. September 11, 2001 + 11 years = September 11, 2012

2. September 11, 2012 + 4 months = January 11, 2013

3. January 11, 2013 + 9 days = January 20, 2013

We arrive at the date of January 20, 2013!

Ladies and Gentlemen , January 20, 2013 happens to be the same day as the coming Presidential Inauguration! (except for when it falls on a Sunday, as this year, an oath will be taken on both Sunday privately, and Monday, publicly).

[5:41:07 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: NO that is not it. ;)

 brando900015 January 2013 13:48
They can make this document with all these claims they want. Whos to say any of the "PTW" will give two shits or listen? I dont even really understand it tbh with all the DOing this and BEing that... What are they trying to say about the hole oath taking thing? All I know is if O gets sworn in again its going to make thing look really bad... Considering if all of this is true and Bohner is interim Pres. then theres no way O should be getting sworn in again right?

[5:43:07 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (chuckle)  Well, the best way to know whether they "give two S#*%@", would be to communicate with them...that's what I do ;).  I love you!!!

 Anonymous15 January 2013 14:03
Where else did this press release gwt submitted? What paper for Public Notification was it posted in? What registrar? Blogs are not considerwd "public registration" same rules apply to any legal notice to be rebutted within 30 days. Please advise.

[5:46:48 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Everything is REGISTERED on the UCC.  When you file on the UCC, it constitutes lawful and legal "notice by public registration" and no other registration or notice is required by law...however, you could be kind and provide a courtesy copy to whomever you are dealing with if you choose by your free will ;)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 17:51
so where is it filed? D said DC but I still cannot find any record of these UCC documents. can anyone provide a link or is it just filed on this blog for a small handful of people?

[5:49:44 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: you can google "WA DC UCC search" and it takes you to ROD the WA DC UCC search vehicle.  Registration was free, but you have to pay for the copies of the searched documents...hence we posted the full documents on the Public Trust website, but you can still see the File Numbers of the documents on ROD.


[5:51:29 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: here is the link, but I just tried it and it appears that it is "down"...lmao!

Anonymous15 January 2013 14:03
This just in.....

"D" pees on legs of true believers, tells them it's raining.

True believers run out and buy umbrellas.


[5:53:17 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Do you choose to believe another...or be responsible enough to know...just look up at the sky and you senses within should be able to discern the truth of the matter, yes?  You are funny!!!  Thank you for the smile. H (chuckle)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:19
Matt - caught my attention.
the paragraph below seams to be indicating that OPPT documents put a stop to Nesara and releasing of prosperity funds etc?

The Public Trust does give Absolute Gratitude and Grace in Absolute Love and Peace to the BE'ings known as “Poof”, “American Kabuki”, “Kauilapele” and Brian for serving the highest good of The One in unconsciously revealing the point of origin of “the boots on the ground” attempting to implement these purported “INTERIM GOVERNMENTS”, slavery systems reorganized under
CODE of canceled ENTITY and its CONSTITUTION, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA unlawfully and illegally purporting to be NESARA, NESARA LAW, with authority to release prosperity funds, inclusive of those in St. Germaine's Trust. Hence, the failure of official announcement

[5:58:44 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: We only put a stop to the PTW trying to pretend to be an "Interim Government" and pretending to operate under "NESARA LAW", and pretending to have authority to release any prosperity funds...all the while pretending and making false claims without any accountability to the their free will choice they decided that they didn't want to be held accountable for any MORE damages against the people, which they knew we would secure and REGISTER for the people equally.  (chuckle)

[6:00:34 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: We did not put a stop to any thing other than people hiding behind the scenes trying to steal what is not theirs ...again...NOT PERMITTED AND THE GUARD IS AWARE AND ACTING IN THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL THE ONE, UNDER FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY...NOT FOR ANY SPECIAL OR SELF INTEREST...

 Matt McCauley15 January 2013 16:30
essentially... the whole issues I have with these OPPT offerings (aside from atrocious grammatical errors seemingly induced by excessive hfcs intake) as of late is the use of the terminology "the powers that were." Being as my desire to be a lawyer subsided almost twenty years ago during my second year of college it may be beyond my knowledge but this is not only suspect but too vague. It defines nothing but libel, opinion and leaves things WIDE open to interpretation. There is simply no way to convict the guilty collective based on a pop culture nickname.

Again, the idea behind the ucc strategy is excellent but the nowhere thing didn't "hit" nor "miss" with me. The Ron Paul issue made this dead in the water. How so many lack critical thought about him perplexes me. Longtime politician in a perpetually corrupt organization thrust into the hearts of weeks the slaves to rally behind gets button raped by the GOOd and quickly concedes. nice controlled opposition to ensure the blood diamond entrepreneur from "down the road" (from me) received the nomination. Anyone ever hear of an olden party called "democratic republicans?"

Lastly, I really hope folks women up to the idea of "constitutionists." The very constitution so many want to cling to is an old Masonic scribe that never was approved by the ILLITERATE colonists. It's sole purpose easy to protect the framers as they didn't trust one another. So many revere the treasonous, masonic founding fathers. might as well believe their vote "counts."

[6:06:37 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Matt--grammatical errors are solely mine......"Powers That Were" is current lawful and legal status of the people's own term "Powers That Be" the UCC's the "Powers That Were" were lawfully and legally identified..however, you would have to read all of the UCC's to know that ;)...The Constitution is not what every one thinks it is...the one people, the people were never a party to it...except the contracting signatories and their blood lines by inheritance to UNITED STATES (formerly Virginia Co., etc.)

[6:12:14 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: REGARDING RON PAUL...well, let all the data come out...if, let's hypothetically assume for the moment that all politicians and chief justices, minimum, know that they were working for a corporation owned by the banks....what do your tools of resonance tell you when one of them comes out, peddles, and encourages "secession" from a corporation operating under the guise of "people's government"...would that equate the secession of the people from the McDonalds Corporation operating under the guise of the "people's government"?

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:06
This sounds like it is more for insiders than it does for the general public. These methods are being used purposely to communicate messages to people in the know and the public will only be guessing. For some reason I get the impression it must be done this way. I got these impressions after reading this for the second time. After the first time, I was befuddled and angry, but upon further review real things/codes/events seem to be sent out with this method of communication.

[6:14:54 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: yes very true about the communication of messages, however, there is also a resetting of the CODE (COnsciously DEceiving) that they have done to everyone happening too...everything is absolutely about energy, words are one tool/vehicle to deliver energy...I consciously give you mine without judgment and in absolute love and peace.

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:37
I see it as "permission" and "direction" for Congress to act.

[6:17:19 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Congress was canceled and does not exist accept in the vapors that are still visible...You already had hints that Congress had no power a long time ago by Panetta and the UN...their brazen conscious actions, and the papertrail of the truth, data, is all in plain your free will choose TO BE CONSCIOUS or NOT TO BE CONSCIOUS...but please make the choice now.

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:08
Hi, Nothing will happen.

I appreciate the effort of those 'doing' while trying to 'be' in UCC.
There is a legal maxim. Unewqual things cannot be joined together.
So 'nothing will happen' seems to be calling it as they see it.

How can you talk the Creator within us and register it in UCC?
The Creator stepping down to man's jurisdiction to state the claim of Right to Be?

Doesn't make sense. And UCC cannot be brought up into the state of Be'ing because it's commercial, not natural.

When people initially used it, they were trying to claim their strawman, and the original filing was good for 5 years and required renewal. Driver's Licenses are good for 5 years and require renewal. So even their 2000 claim is not into perpetuity until they renew it over and over into perpetuity. As a transmitting utility it would be valid for 99 years but it's not created as a transmitting utility.

Again I appreciate the effort, but it would seem the one PPT would need to consider their self free first. THEN, they can work on the freedoms of the rest.

What has changed since Oct, 22, 2012?
People in Texas celebrate June 19th because it was on that day, after slaves had been free for a year, that they found out they were free. They celebrate because they were free, and because they found out they were free and don't harbor on the delay. The truth was revealed even if people in the state tried to keep it from being known for at least a year.

TOPPT has been known for months. The only thing we have is rumor in some places and changes in another that doesn't make sense. Like states can't secede, fiscal cliff averted, debt ceiling in reach, talk of a platinum trillion dollar coin (seemed bankers came up with that one...they are already hold $billion dollars in dollar coins in place of the worthless paper they gave us...I can see them backing their money with a $ trillion dollar commodity. They gave the world worthless bonds that can't be cashed in. They lost the full faith and trust of the people so they and what they produce is worthless, in my opinion. . Also, my opinion is, the debt is what is owed to us - the people -, each signature generates a value, and I don't know if the IRS was keeping tabs on how much was borrowed for their government to keep operating. IF they raise the debt ceiling that's more money owed to 'us'. That's why they bicker about raising it in my opinion.

WalMart will move their part time workers to full time (it's about time), buy more American made products (towels will be branded as Made Here...seriously), and hire any veteran who was honorably discharged within 12 months of their exit from service. I'm watching to see what changed to where WalMart is doing what they normally do not do. Something has changed.

[6:24:15 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: STRAWMAN does not exist anymore..only the BE'ing was all done for each and every one of the one people on the planet.  Had to be done in order for the people to just BE and to stand and declare who they BE...that is the current status and the only thing the people have to do now is BE what ever they choose to be.  If you choose to re-engage the strawman system, then you do so only for your self...and no other...every BE'ing is making their own free will choices.  Have fun and injoy!

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:27
It sounds like the "screaming" of the cabal has begun. Per Drudge Report: Rand Paul bucking Obama's KING- like behavior, Bernanke screaming "Get rid of the Debt Ceiling, it has no practical value", Swiss Authorities hold Mubarak millions as Egypt remains volatile....Donald Trump demanding Republicans stand firm on the debt ceiling....Obama threatening Executive orders.....Geithner saying US government will default by February with severe consequences...NY Cuomo passes sweeping gun laws in a quick rush.... Tomorrow Obama and Biden unveil their recommendations on new gun restrictions, Morgan Stanley employees getting 1 million dollar bonus' this week, House Republican Stockman (Texas) calling for Impeachment of Obama if he uses Executive Orders to pass gun control, Texas is threatening to arrest any FEDs who try to enforce new gun laws. Even Sarah Palin is posting: "Be confident of this: No matter what you face, you have what it takes! You can do all things through Christ. Phil 4:13".......... I call all this....."screaming".... its like a mad dash for power..... Sarah Palin's comment has no link.... tells me, she is in the know and inciting strength in all those involved in this reset.

[6:26:14 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (rofl)(chuckle);)  yes, listen to all the screaming...nice that it is them for a change and the one people, yes?

[6:29:09 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: all the data will come out...the people deserve that ...and, yes, most of them can handle it, but you are going to have to keep your minds and hearts wide open because it least from the position of "the sleepy slumber by design"... that any of it happened the way it has ;)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:45
It is unfortunate that this well-meant effort to restore the right of self-government and to implement our God-given abundance should be hampered by such an impenetrable mish-mash of a press release. One senses that buried deep beneath the excessive verbiage is the germ of a viable legal strategy relying on common law, but if even the true-believers here at RTS are thoroughly confused, how do you expect the public to react? Put these lines into the hands of a Saturday Night Live sketch exactly as they are written, and they are a perfect wacked-out send-up of a New Age Liberation press release...

How can we expect anyone to take this seriously? Heather badly needs a PR person who knows how to write a credible press release.

If the predicted event happens (and just what that event is supposed to be is now darn-near indecipherable as well) then no one will care that the press release is written in the style of Nostradamus on acid. Here's hoping that's the case. It is clear than an awful lot of work went into this. Couldn't it have been written in plain English?

[6:30:33 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: what makes you assume that I don't know how to write a press release? Or that I don't have very good friends within main stream media that could assist me?  If you want a different result, then you are gonna have to change the formula, my friend ;)

[6:34:27 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Thank you for BE'ing (heart)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 16:55
This shows me just how delusional Heather et al really are. To think anyone outside of their mutual 5D club will take any of this with a any seriousness is a direct indication of this delusion. It's a curious thing how they keep this nonsense going with one another. I guess you're either in the club or out of the club as indicated by the hostilities of true believers on this blog. And they become hostile because they know deep inside there is no rational defense or support for any of this.\

[6:35:38 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: thank you for BE'ing too and for holding the contrast!!! I absolutely love you without judgment :*

 Anonymous15 January 2013 17:17
If the predicted event happens (and just what that event is supposed to be is now darn-near indecipherable as well) then no one will care that the press release is written in the style of Nostradamus on acid.


Would love that...a vacation!!!  WHhhooooohoooo!  "Nostradamus on acid"...I love your sense of do make me laugh IN JOY. (chuckle)(highfive)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 15:48
And still the question that has never been answered is: How is this ever going to be enforced?

[6:40:19 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (you actually answer your own question...thank you for DO'ing!!)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 18:18
It sounds to me that toppt has identified RTS as the "boots on the ground" working for an implementation of an interim government. Meaning trying to keep the "powers that were" in power under the guise of NESARA.....idk but that's the way I read it....

[6:44:59 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: NOoooo...but RTS and many others are the "boots on the ground" of the Absolute Plan (some choose to refer to it as Divine Plan, however, I am not resonating with anything that limits...for something to be divine the contrast of something non-divine must for me, ABSOLUTE PLAN!! ;))

Anonymous15 January 2013 18:44
Miller is totally available for contact - he only charges $100/hr.
JUDGE :David-Wynn :Miller. ~5166-~NORTH-~63rd.-~Street,-~MILWAUKEE, ~WISCONSIN-~53218

Keenan is an underworld guy - totally different.

[7:02:31 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: let all the data come out....and you may find that "EARTH IS A VESSEL IN A SEA OF SPACE"...amongst other vessels out there?

 Anonymous15 January 2013 19:11
If Keenan is in contact with Dingbat Jean, then I would think he could give an interview to his alleged good buddy Drake.

[7:03:18 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL WHO CHOOSE TO HOLD THE CONTRAST...whether it is consciously done or not ;)

 Anonymous15 January 2013 18:33
David Wynn Miller live on Universal Voice tomorrow (Wed) live @7pm. Also, a show today with one of his associates (simulcast of Morning Brew) today, you can listen to it on the UV website.

IMPORTANT NOTE - he talked (today) about those who had lost homes charging a "caretaker fee" of minimum wage 24x7 for the time you lived in the home. Depending on your minimum wage, this could come to about $64,000 in compensation for those who have lost their homes.

[7:05:43 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: PERHAPS...with the absolute data revealed (not one piece of data missing) that you may know and appreciate the fact that you didn't have to navigate the secrets, CODES, and try to find the nexus points of entry...perhaps you may even decide that IT IS ALREADY DONE..AND PERHAPS you will determine after the fact that all you had to DO was consciously choose by your free will to just BE and DO what you BE...perhaps...
[7:06:01 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: and that it was all done for FREE!

 Anonymous15 January 2013 19:08
wait- DWM on Drake show? i thot i read somewhere that Drake pretty much said DWM was a nobody? i would like to think that DWM is not a flash in the pan/fly by night 15 minute wonder. i have listened to a few hours of one of his presentations. he is either: an incredible, brilliant, convincing pathological liar with a photographic memory; disinfo - but throws in some good stuff- like the other disinfo sites; or maybe he is what he appears with some flawed info. and can someone please answer a question about him - is this guy a genuine federal judge - and if he is not and has been going around saying he is one - is he technically impersonating - so wouldnt that constitute impersonating a officer of the court - or impersonating some kind of official?

i think they guy has some interesting info. i keep an open mind when i watch him - but i noticed the the wording in the declaration of Heathers' - it sounds like it could have come from something DWM wrote. before anyone nails me on this - i am NOT saying he wrote it- just making a comparison bc i cannot understand anything he says when he starts talking his parse syntax grammer, either.

[7:10:17 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Didn't David say in one of his videos that there are certain kinds of folks?  Including "those who don't know what they don't know", and "those who know that they don't know"?  Perhaps David is considering that there was something else he didn't know....from what he has set forth, he appears quite adept at DO'ing, specifically going in and finding out what he doesn't know...and no problem with serving self-interest as long as it doesn't damage another...

 Greg Diablo15 January 2013 20:13
This has got to be one of the most high-context, dithyrambic threads I've ever read. And it all reminds me of all the other times last year when Lucy pulled away the football:
1)Wilcock and his romance with 12/21/12 and financial tyranny,
2) Fulford and the ninjas that never arrived in April (April Fools!)
3) Drake and the 4th of July 'green light' that never happened
4) Keenan pulling the lawsuit, discrediting Wilcock who disappears to Canada
5) Cobra and the "fairy dust" debacle
6) all the hubbub over the disappearing Poof video
7) The OPPT Christmas announcement
8) D.'s "Fuck that shit" post
... and here we are again, with the additional walk-on guy DW Miller.

I'm starting to feel like I have Stockholm Syndrome here, and perhaps I'll have to walk over to Lucy's Psychiatric help booth with a bagful of nickels so she can abuse me further.

[7:14:42 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: hhhmmmm....put all the data on the table (not one piece missing) and then the dots will connect... however, during the process of disclosure of ALL THE DATA...perceptions may be taken as absolute truths (sun rises and sets v. sun always is) ;)


D breakingthesilence: can you explain the CVAC funding to me- they asked me about it on the show tonight and I had to tell them that I really didnt' know or fully understand what it is

[15/01/2013 10:43:56 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: everything done by PT runs two templates
 1. enter and REGISTER what already IS...back to prime
 2. offence blocking measures to ensure all data remains visible and does not disappear and that everything is spread equally amongst each of the one people.

[15/01/2013 10:48:15 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: CVAC did both...registered at least what the one people thought was truth..that the governments were theirs and serving/supposed to be serving their interests equally...and by registration, any other who has a lawful and legal liability is now required to register as well to gain superior position to the boner/paul issue...but those types can't because then they the admission of their liability and the damage is registered just by them registering!

[15/01/2013 10:59:16 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: however, each person is a bank in essence whose value was taken only akin to  someone writing fraudulent checks against you account but never processed because your tellers have been sleeping behind ptw keeps writing bad checks hoping tellers don't wakeup...but they (heart)


  1. How can you have a Question and Answer session and never get a straight answer? You need to change the name of this blog to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

    1. We need to ask the 1 Key question for 3- D existence...does Heather ... and the other 2 Trustees who probably speak our customary American verbiage,
      ~Have Access To The Global Collateral Accounts??

    2. Kat, are you a friend of Drake's? That is his mantra...Lol.

    3. If this,Drake and David Wynn Miller aren't psy-ops...I'll kiss your ass, total crap. Thanks for turning the alternative media into a mental illness ward, Lol.

  2. No one goes to jail with their consent can be true in the sense that I reminded someone that 'you have to sign yourself in'.
    But first hand knowledge, they have kidnapped (I used the right word) and held without signature One they knew was BE'ing and there are those of us who tapped our HIGHER SELF long before notice was given so the energy of BE'ing and DO'ing is out there, and they have at their own risk held court to transfer the charge to another in their system and released the I AM.
    Once captured, and you see it is a WAR, and they can't trick the I AM into the system, they do find another. As for the court case...never filed, never recorded, the clerk, the judge and the six jurors, and the ones carrying the charge know. But the jail knows. So there is a record.
    That's why every bit of information has distortion. Knowing you sign yourself into jail, and knowing what they do when they find they are 'in trouble' are two different things.

  3. My heart swells with love and appreciation for all involved in creating this reality. I get it... what you guys (all of us) have done is beat them at their own game and established a framework for "new" legal language moving forward. It's all a sham because they can't prove their own authority... because "they" (the powers that were) didn't have any authority over anyone to begin with.

    If we ever have the chance to meet up, I would appreciate the honor of making you instigators a tall, thick, and possibly slightly "etheric" beverage of your choosing! ;-)

    This is awesome. Thank you, and thank you for BEing.

    Namaste (-_-)

    1. More lunacy. The way you guys talk, I should be able to travel to Germany and demand that the entire country change their language because i never gave them permission to speak German.

    2. LOL! Anon 07:11 that is a very insightful comment. The fear you express here is that this is being done to us and we don't have any choice but to accept it. Nothing is further from the truth, my friend - what this is saying is that you now have the choice to do whatever you want. Without any legal limitations. Seriously.

      The implication here is that so does everyone else.


      Well not really, because we are all enlightened souls and know how to handle ("govern") ourselves without a lot of rules and laws and fines and fees holding us back. How is this different from how we live our daily lives already? Honestly, it isn't any different. Except, of course, DO NO HARM. We're going to all have to figure out how to live with each other without killing each other (for starters!). Because, in our hearts, that's how we all want to live.

    3. Well I have one enlightened soul still living on my property even tho the court has ruled that he move on. I now have to involve the sheriff. Reality trumps theory and how we would like things to be.

  4. This is simply the most beautiful thing that has ever happened...yet. Love to all.

  5. Heather , You say you know how to write a press release and even know insiders in media to help. What prey tell is taking so long to write one then?

    With all due respect we were given 'within a 24 hour window' over a week ago.

    I do not question your ability to write one. I do question why no information as to a reason for delay. Common sense would seem to need an explaination, wouldnt you agree?

  6. Beautiful to those with the eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you Heather, Trustees, D and everyone else who has helped bring this into existence. I, for one, am Grateful for all your work and KNOW it's appreciated by MANY.

    Blessings to Us ALL.

  7. Thank you for avoiding all direct doubts with the LOVE from your BE-ing, Heather. I love you too, however, it changes nothing as far as the legal usefulness of any of this OPPT fantasy.

  8. so i am still shaking my head - agreeing with the first post - still a lot of confusion- but also get the second post. it is like waking up and literally having to remember a new language - the original language? BEing still in your heart space - remembering Creator - knowing your BEing - taking yourself outside of time/space - outside the bubble created eons ago that captured and enslaved us. i understand it that way- but the language is still baffling. loved the quote Heather used from David -when you don't know what you don't know and when you know what you dont know - we have been forced to rely on the old system - slavery - dumbedandnumbed to forgetting our true BEing and just DOing. it sounds strange - but if you can just get still and feel yourself BE - connecting with Source - Creator - feel yourself as part of BEing One - the freedom to BE will follow that works for me. now - in this world still locked up - people will think you are crazy - but let them. we can only do what we do - by BEing who we are - and that may or may not have an effect on those around you. start living who you BE and knowing and remembering who you BE will start to dawn on you.

    thanks for all you have done - everyone! you folks on the front line - have my respect, admiration and love. i am filled with such gratitude words really cannot convey.

  9. The big elephant in the room for me now is : so we are not to expect NESARA or any type of funding release (including RV's) at this time since that was just another Cabal maneuver? ^&%&**!! Back to square one I guess 'cause if we have to wait until everyone raises their vibrations to understand that they are free, I see a very long wait.

    1. What I meant was - I cannot stop paying my mortgage because I am now BE'ing and thus not indebted to any bank. I think the bank might think otherwise...

    2. I am hearing now that everything and I mean everything has been wiped away.
      And you are right that no one is ever all on the same page at the same time.

    3. Everything as in???

    4. Every structure that man has been operating under for hundreds and hundreds of years. Every countries founding documents, all corporations. Just about everything you can think of. My impression from what I've been hearing the last 2 days.

    5. Anon 7:48 - I'm hoping that is true. I have a loan coming in in the next couple of days and I will have to use almost all of it to bring my mortgage current to keep from going into foreclosure. When I do this, I will have nothing left and it scares the &*^% out of me. Unfortunately, this is the last loan I qualify for (student loan) so here's hoping something positive occurs to bring the changes about.

    6. Naysayers and Doubters look at this article The Financial RESET is in the MSM. Here is another for the Shills who LOVE to bash my Family and I here at RTS. READ THIS Get it now??? I am send LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL regardless of your point of view. I honor Creator within all people. No more negativity for me, IT IS TIME FOR CELEBRATION!

    7. Kathy,
      I don't understand the UCC documents...with Haile Salasse, Charles Miller, etc. What is that about?

  10. Hi all,
    I'm observing from afar on the other side of the globe. To all you wannabe believers, disbelievers, doubters, sleepers, dream-walkers, hopefuls, pessimists, optimists, drunks, drugged, sobers, grave diggers, hallucinates, disillusioned, and whatever else...oh yes, are like circus elephants with stereotypic behaviors swaying their bodies repetitively back and forth even after the chains are removed refused to BE and DO run free. You're fully responsible with your free choices. Lets wait for that gregorian dateline Jan 21 2013. So be it.

    Love to all in USA from the Eastern shores.

  11. Wow, here's one for the "critical thinkers" and well "educated" ones who refuse to believe anything they can't understand. Maybe this will help understand why you can't understand.

    Open your Mind and Heart

  12. Heather, for all your team has done for the people of this earth, words of gratitude seem so inept. What you have done is immeasurable! Thank you from the bottom of this BEing's heart!
    Now, please, some straight talk........we plainly want to know what we can expect on Jan. 21st. Will all HAVE to be revealed by then or are we going to go through a stage show of an inauguration? If the inauguration proceeds as the majority of citizens expect to see it, and with the person with whom the expect to be inaugurated, then this will deliver a heavy blow to awakened community and possibly have a negative effect on the positive energies going up right now.
    Basically WHEN can we all expect the announcements to begin? Just a simple, "by the end of the month" will do. We just need flat-out straight answers, please. Thank you!

    1. This.

      If nothing happens by 01/21/2013 then back to reality for me..... heck i'll even give them till the end of the month. From reading as many sides of the "coin" as i can i see 4 possible outcomes

      1) bad outcome - the whole "new world order" thing is real and they get their way
      2) good outcome - the stuff mentioned on this blog and others is real and they get their way
      3) nothing happens - both 1 and 2 are real but the fight for control continues till some other future date
      4) nothing happens - neither 1 nor 2 are real and we just continue living life how we have been

      i'm hoping for outcome 2 but like i said, if i don't see anything by the end of the month i'm going back to outcome 4.

  13. Heather,

    Thank you for taking the time to letting some steam out of the bottle by answering questions that are dancing in our hearts and minds.

    Thank you and everyone involved (those we know and those we don't know), even the typists for all of your hard work helping to get us out of this sinking ship we have allowed our 'leaders' to continue to perpetrate far too long.

    It is heartwarming to know that you are listening :)

  14. If Obama gets sworn in then I am out of here. To me, that means no one, (the military)is participating with this..

  15. If the cabal were to really fuck with our minds I think it would look a lot like this.

    1. I agree with 8:08. They are just fucking with us and D has to be a big part of it. Look at her first comment. She says" she is going to start with philovox's question first because his was the most important." Then she posts his long opinion in which a QUESTION MARK never appears!
      Did any questions get answered? Mine didn't although it is posted. NUTS! Just plain old BONKERS!

  16. Stop the public charade already! Publicly announce everything VIA the MSM at once, without any further delay!

  17. This is the biggest load of shit I've seen yet -- even bigger than Cobra's load. But we need the shit-sellers to "hold the contrast" and assure us they "love" us while they chuckle and ROFL. Seriously people, go do something true and forget about this fantasy island.

  18. Well Bush is out of the hospital, Hilary is recovering well and all living ex-presidents and their wives and children to the age of 16 have Secret Service protection for life.

    Hopefully that is the last portion of the deal struck before announcements.

    I vote that we go ahead with the announcements!!

  19. Are you BE'ing are you DO'ing
    In the Courts while you are SU'ing
    All the Docs that THEY are tasking
    Raises questions you are asking
    Transparency is what THEY claim
    If they don't answer you'll see the game
    They promised freedom to one and All
    If you want an answer give THEM a call
    Make sure you pose exact and proper
    YES or NO is what they should offer
    D,AK supplied the clues
    They're beneath your nose for you to use

    -The Bad Bard of BabbleOn

    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as Trustee, , phone +12535094597, ; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as Trustee, , phone +15037810925, ; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as Trustee, , phone +18088211567, ; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as bondservant; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as bondservant; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as bondservant; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body.

    1. It's cute when others try to sway opinion, it actually has the pendulum effect. The stink of infestation becomes so bad that we have no alternative but to leave the room. And by "the room", I mean the box that the small minded live in. Those that choose to stay in fear and isolation. Those that try to offer no good, but only to divide. This room is a microcosm of the problem. Those that WANT to be free and those that DON'T want anyone else to believe in Freedom because they, themselves, can't even imagine what that would mean. They prefer "structure, yes/no answers, black & white, laws, money, etc. They have pride and ego. They can't seem weak by believing in a better world and that other ways of Life exist. They feel comfortable attacking and ridiculing instead of helping and looking out for their Brothers & Sisters. They see separation and fear as "part of Life" and "the way it's always been". I don't care if you believe any of this stuff or not, if you're paid to "shill", or if you have entirely different reasons, why wouldn't you at least try to bring about Freedom for us all if you saw there was a movement to do so? Is the "system" THAT good to you? Does it provide you all that you desire? Are you living the life you LOVE? Or, does misery, fear, greed and dread resonate more with you? If this is the case, I can understand why you're here. Creating problems/division/intentionally "stirring the pot"/misery amongst otherwise Peaceful people....Hmmmm, where have we heard this before? Seems to be the "group" we've Liberated ourselves from. Why would we want to "join" your way of thinking? You think your subliminal messages still work on the awakened masses? You live in a small box, Brother/Sister, and I'm sick and tired of small boxes and the World is moving on from that small box as well....with or without you. I hope you can join us. I'm a Veteran and I've done a lot and seen a lot. I've seen poverty and suffering and I still see it. Why wouldn't you want a better life and a better the extent that you have to try to "make a point" or to be "right" by bad mouthing others? Everyone who is here with a good Intention has good intentions for all of US, including doubters or "shills". Stop being a slave and have some REAL damn pride for your SELF, lose your ego and make it happen! Bless us All.


      Paranoia is in bloom,
      The PR, transmissions will resume
      They'll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
      And hope that, we will never see the truth around
      (So come on)

      Another promise, another seed
      Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
      And all the, green belts wrapped around our minds
      And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
      (So come on)

      They will not force us
      They will stop degrading us
      They will not control us
      We will be victorious
      So come on

      Interchanging mind control
      Come let the, revolution takes its toll
      If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
      You'd see that, we should never be afraid to die
      (So come on)

      Rise up and take the power back
      It's time the, fat cats had a heart attack
      You know that, their time's coming to an end
      We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
      (So come on)

      They will not force us
      They will stop degrading us
      They will not control us
      We will be victorious
      So come on

      Hey, hey, hey, hey
      Hey, hey, hey, hey
      Hey, hey, hey, hey

      They will not force us
      They will stop degrading us
      They will not control us
      We will be victorious
      So come on

    2. Michael, I adore this song! It's my "wake up and dance" song most days!
      Namaste Brother

    3. Ah, Namaste Sister! I don't see how anyone could hear this song and NOT be ready to walk from the system? So much Truth in Muse's lyrics. I love them as well as Tool for deep meaning. BTW, for the True seekers in here, just take a look at Maynard's lyrics from the band Tool. His lyrics are full of "wisdom". Music is very powerful, Steve Wonder, Jimmy Hendrix, Marvin Gaye and many others have told us of these same injustices we face today, but many years ago. If only people found True meaning in today's "music", they would be passionate about making the world a better place.

      Anyway, go jam out to Muse, Sister!! Love to Us All.

    4. Watch this and see if it doesn't get your blood rushing and if you don't get chills! Feel the energy...

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I'm starting to get the bigger picture. Thank you Heather...once I started feeling what you were saying I started to understand what you were saying.

    1. Char,

      I concur. Several have posted their similar experiences. Collectively we are being asked to learn a new paradigm way of communication, learning to focus on "feeling" the words" as opposed to analyzing them too much. I understand how difficult that is for some (myself included) but I also see the benefit of that approach. It is all starting to make sense.

      It has also been suggested by several to read the words slowly, aloud, and strive to get a feeling for the energy behind them. It takes some patience (a rare commodity in some people), but it bears fruit, as many will attest to. It is working for me.

      I understand that some people will continue to fight what they don't understand, and fall back on old paradigm beliefs. That is OK. Everyone is where they are supposed to be, and will "wake up" when they are supposed to wake up.

      “For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
 For those who do not want to understand, no explanation is possible.” Understanding OPPT is a lesson for those in neither of those 2 groups.

      My take,

      Tom M.

    2. Ignore this post it may offend.
      When I read the above post, I was instantly reminded of something I heard or 'know' but I don't know which because to 'know' means it came from within me and to have heard it means I am repeating hearsay.

      I never read anything on the mind control. I have always read posts that it existed, but it's not a road I traveled for my 'knowing' for whatever it is I am here for.

      But it was an audio, or a post, or something within me that let me know that towards the end, the television would be important in the programming of the masses to do according to what they 'think' is their will, but it has been planted there.

      I read these posts and the 'light' seemed to be 'off' as if the posts were from people in a 'trance' of some sort.
      I read the above, and it's nothing to do with Tom, but it has to do with me. I read the post and I thought 'Look into my are getting sleepier...and sleepier....when I snap my fingers...'
      You know how those hypnotists can do suggestive things?

      The power of suggestion is a known fact because marketers would record data on sales of a specific product and then know when a commercial for the product would air in a particular area and notice an increase in purchases of their product after the airing of that commercial.

      The UCC I have viewed and used and stopped using. When I read the TOPPT UCC it didn't resonate from a point of 'making a point', but it did resonate from a point of them knowing of the Creator and the One, but knowing the Law of One, you'd think they'd appoint everyone their own Trustee of the People's Trust with them as Grantor's and co-Grantors.
      Our freedom comes when we woke up. We have been asleep and saying we were awake and waiting on someone else. There are people saying they are awake, ready to use these documents for their purpose. When you are awake, truly ready to leave home..leave the Cabal, you start doing things on your own. You will learn from those before you, but you do your own homework. You take your own test.

      Read it slowly. Let it seep into your mind is what some are posting a version of. The more you read it the more it makes sense.

      That's all I have to say. I am not divided nor do I have a side to take on the issue. I'm an observer. I turned off the t.v. a long time ago, so if it's been used to prepare some for something; of my free will I stopped watching it in preparation for my future; others made a decision too, conscious or not.

  22. Just a few thoughts...

    I know the galactics are done with dates now. All that means to me is that is is back to "soon" and "tomorrow"
    like the Iraqi Dinar, OPPT, NESARA and the rest. That helps as much as Drake's "two weeks". This is cruel and unusual punishment
    for those that have been aware of the NWO for 20+ years. I become enraged when I think I am being strung along.

    Now we face possibly YEARS more of this? Outrageous!

    Answer me this: Will any of this happen before the US is plunged into revolution and/or civil war like some Third World nation?
    Guns and ammo are being bought like never before. I have no interest in any of this but the uninformed,
    aka "my Facebook News Feed", seem to be gearing up for this. Many will die. Yes, we are assured things will change, but every day
    the evil system rolls on and the masses continue to suffer and die.

    And now my "gradual" ascension relies on these people? The discussion on RTS recently only muddies the water. So when the President
    is sworn in again, then what? I need relief from the torment that God would allow the good to suffer and evil to prosper day after day.

  23. Heather, I appreciate your stance on BEing. Perhaps it is not necessary for the all world to accept this at face value in order for it to unfold smoothly as obviously there are many that would have a problem with the language - fundamentalist Christians for one. The P-that-W operate within their own black metaphysics of course and it would seem that the documents are bringing the "light" into their darkness and they would certainly get that. Holding a "cross" up before the vampires comes to mind.

    A simple little illustration here might help clear some confusing about BEing. (Forgive me if this is talking to the choir.) We in this world are always either MEing or BEing. While MEing, thoughts and attention are fully in the world and everything relates back to the self center of "me."

    You can become more aware of BEing with a very sweet little "practice." Short moments of Awareness, repeated many times until it becomes automatic. Stop everything for a moment **FULL STOP**. Look out, and stop thinking for a moment. You can only do this for a moment because the mind (thought stream) comes back in. In that short, sweet moment there is only BEing - thoughtless awareness. Then you keep coming back to that whenever it occurs to you to do so. Not as a practice, just as a "noticing." A noticing that you are pure awareness beyond body and thought stream.

    Do this often enough and it becomes your default state, and you find joy, peace arising, and then compassionate "doing" happens effortlessly - all the good stuff. No ME to make a decision, decisions will happen. I'm guessing that this is the BEing that Heather is saying is the only thing that is necessary. Maybe the only thing that was ever really necessary.

    I'm sure there are others who have their own way of remaining present and aware. Maybe that is our "job" to help others understand BEing in whatever way they can understand .

  24. I couldn't finish reading the damn thing. Too many words and not many answers. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush...Everything should be done and in place before making any statements to the public, including any blogs, etc. Just more stringing along of the people. What a farce! We're all going to wake up on the 22nd and it will be just another day like any other. And the excuses and procrastination will continue.

    1. I have to admit, some of Heather's responses seem contemptible. As if someone behind the scenes is laughing at how gullible people are.

      I expected more out of this posting, but am very underwhelmed.

    2. If you couldn't even finish reading it then you have NO PLACE to make a comment here. 'nuff said. You will never understand what they have done. What is funny is when the shit hits the fan then all you people will be right back here with even more questions and still not understand.

    3. And just an FYI to those who can't locate the UCC documents on the WA DC link that was provided...I had NO PROBLEM typing them in and then they magiclly popped up. So HA!

  25. Who's gonna DO it for the innocent children who are under ongoing violence RIGHT NOW ?

  26. Nothing will happen©.

  27. OK-- this is starting to get really disheartening. That was a really unproductive post D :( Sorry but I expect much more intelligible answers from OPPT, the organization that is supposed to be "freeing" humanity from the bonds of enslavement's front woman Heather. I have been coming to the site everyday, often several times per day to monitor the activities being reported in the hopes that the messages resonating with me would come to pass in reality- "disclosure" if you will - but every day I check to find only more of the same. A bunch of vague, non-verifiable information that is really starting to wear very thin. I don't know about anyone else reading and commenting, but I have been reading here for about a month and I have seen a LOT of your supporters disappearing every day. I don't see any of the names I used to see supporting your claims. Where did they go and why? Sorry D-- I had originally bristled at some of the "trolls" and negativity being slung around in your comments sections because I felt that their insistence that we are all being duped was not a fair assessment and that we should give it time. I am willing to give all this MORE time because I know nothing will happen overnight but COME ON!! You gotta supply us with something with a little more meat, more substance. We can't live off bones and table scraps-- please DON'T answer us with any more "BE'ing" and "I AMs" -- I'm an intelligent individual, but even I don't understand these statements. Please assume everyone else here is at the same level of discernment and enlightenment as I am (at the least) and lay it out in laymen's terms so we can all find our way to the state of "BE'ing" and "I AM" that I think we all want and deserve.

    I am a libra-- it's ingrained in my being to be impartial, fair, unbiased, a peacemaker, and loyal. I can, to my own detriment, allow myself to be unbiased and loyal to the point of a fault; please, don't let my senses telling me, "The jig is up, just more of the same unverifiable claims! Move along!" prove to be correct. I would actually really, really like to be proven very wrong in this case...

    1. And by the way, I mean "unintelligible" in the most non-offensive sense possible-- I KNOW Heather is a very smart lady, which is why I'm certain she can provide more clear answers to all the questions provided.

    2. I would get tired of walking around on eggshells for fear I am coming across negative simply because I have a different opinion. Dont succumb to the pressure of being criticised.

  28. They will never lay it out in a way that makes sense, because it is a big lie. They'll just keep telling you to "look to the sky." LOL The "jig" is up. Now it is only a matter of how long the believers can continue to keep their heads in the clouds unable to see the truth "on the ground." LOL

    1. Glad to see more people waking up to this scam.

    2. yes me too. Its really offensive but it wont be here much longer.

      I like how people think we come here because were "on the fence" when really, its like a freak show to see how much bullshite these people will swallow with out proof or ANYTHING EVER coming true.

      Thank goodness this site only has 10 regular commenters and 20 Anon readers. lol

      Only 6 billion 900 million more people to go D.
      But the changes are ahem... "imminent' right, like last years, moths, week's Imminent Events.

      You do know what Imminent means?

      zzzzzzzzzzzz, wake me when the bs ends.

  29. Blessings from Germany - love you all - like nike once said "Just BE" ;)

    Love and Light and awehreness ;)

    P.S.: Started my own Personal "Freestate of (my Name)" ;)

  30. I'm afraid those of you who don't get IT are simply NOT BE-ing alined with the LOVE of the CREATOR, but I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM.

    Love and Light, dear ones.


  31. Hey President Obama was on tv again today...maybe it was a hologram?

    1. or a clone. that's the new catch-all. apparently, anyone can be disappeared and in a matter of minutes have an exact clone that talks, walks and has the same mind.

      In fact, I can see all the true believers come up with that as an excuse when Obama is still president in a year. It would be something like, Obama hasn't been the president all along, but the cabal didn't want to upset the appearance of government, so every day the Obama clone shows up in Boehner's office for his marching orders.

  32. Interesting. I really appreciate Heather's recent responses, including her direct confirmation of my own thought experiment about what may possibly happen.

    I personally remain open to all positive possibilities at this time, including the possibility of a global liberating Event occurring on 1/21/13.

    And: if 1/21/13 comes and goes without such an Event, I will continue to remain open to all positive possibilities, including that of a global liberating Event occurring whenever it is ready to -- whenever that may eventually be.

    Also, I accept the fact that this situation is an emergent one, and that it simply may not be possible for many people to fully discern the import of the UCC filings put forth by Heather and the OPPT.

    My own hunch is that it will take a global liberating Event to make the meaning of these filings both understandable and relevant to our experience.

    I am still uncertain about many things, and I still have many questions. But I will also say that I do intuitively feel (in an indefensibly subjective way, of course) that Heather's efforts may be directly informed by a higher authority that is entirely real. I do not know, of course. But it is a real feeling I have. I could be wrong, and only time will tell.

    I do suspect that such a higher authority will be responsible for implementation of said Event in such a way that once it has occurred, public understanding of our new-found level playing field will be universally appreciated. (I honestly don't think or feel that Heather is "duping" us on behalf of the cabal.)

    In addition, the significance of such a global Event would seem to me to involve -- in addition to Mass Public Arrests, Announcements, and Currency Re-set -- nothing short of a direct infusion of reality itself in the felt consciousness of humanity.

    Whatever form that might take, it would have to be of actual divine origin -- as a living magnification of our inherent and original felt sense of reality and subjective being, individually and collectively.

    This infusion and magnification could be what might allow us to "get" the significance of the words "Be" and "Do" in the kind of legal context that OPPT is offering.

    I don't know if or how such an infusion will occur. I do know that I've sought out such a magnification of reality in my own heart and life, and that it has taken decades to discover and integrate. Whether such an infusion could happen on a collective scale is not for me to say or know.

    This would be the business of higher forces and higher beings.

    I patiently wait for such a possibility to emerge in the meantime, with thanks and respect for all who are working on behalf of our planetary liberation.

  33. Correction: larger traffic signs.

  34. for those interested have a look at this book; it's about someone who actually challenged the commercial code system with some success:

    Also check out Robert Menard's work. He's one of the leaders of the freeman movement in Canada. It's about challenging the current commercial code in favor of common law.

  35. D you said you put Philo's question first cuz it was most important then you say look at Heathers answer to see how this will all play out

    [6:34:00 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: HHHhhhhmmmmm...quite intuitive...either that, or I left my copy of the playbook at the cafe again (rofl)

    Is this seriously her answer? And is this seriously what you would define as an acceptable answer as to how things will play out. Did I miss something here?

    1. It is plain enough for me to see, Heather is saying that Philo's scenario seems to be right from her playbook.

    2. Brando, I perceived Heather's response as 'affirmative, that's how it will happen' as in Philo was so close did he get a peek at Heather's playbook? Probably not, more likely he's intuitive. In the meantime, I AM daily grounding, centering and connecting to pure energy and BEing a conduit to anchor and spread the Love and Light in/on GaiaSophia. That's what I can do.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. That's what I got. As if Philo picked up Heather's playbook that she accidentally left at the cafe :)

    5. Thnx for clarifying for me. It takes a certain skill (that I apparently do not have) to sense or not sense sarcasim in text. I thought there was some kind of sarcasim in her response. Thanks guys!

  36. Heather as a former lawyer has now turned into a politician. A person that says many words but in reality says nothing.

    Heck even judges and lawyers do not know what she is saying with her dimensional language. Im getting this feeling that these people are the same as the gfl tricksters. And those originate from that odd shaped building with 5 sides.

    These illusions are taking place to direct our attention away from things that actually are real.

  37. I have heard different things about her in the last week or so. That she is a Mom with kids having a hard time; that she was an accountant and/or owned a trucking company, that she jets to Switzerland and took over the presidency of a bank someplace in Europe. Who knows. And she teleports gold.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. awesome! so glad Heather took my dialogue on the constitution's reality! I truly appreciate your efforts of DO'ing! Almost as equally, thank you for your direct response. I'll look forward to the further Ron Paul information as the only rebuttal I have is a flimsy "what took so long?"

    I appreciate mostly your light, playful heart. More often than not when I push at someone in dialogue seeking clarity in explanation they end up butt hurt. I often forget that not everyone is direct, logical and enjoys healthy dialogue or challenges. I just hoped that if anyone had the same inclinations or concerns that I had that maybe I could coax the rabbit out of the hole. once again, thank you for adding the VA co. to my statement, "the king" (my 2 1/2 year old) was becoming restless during playdoh intermission and I had hoped someone would pick up the trail I was leading.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I live in Gig Harbor. I am familiar with Tucci and Sons Trucking. I am familiar with the Morraccan Treasures that Heather and her husband once ran. I am somewhat challenged to put all of that together with this international person who has dined and helped to direct such global influencial folks.
    All of that said and aside, I am more than challenged (at this point in NOW) to accept that all it simply takes us is to file and record the aforesaid document to be 'free'. I am no coward, BUT to file this before any ANNOUNCEMENTS are made is simply putting a target on one's back. If TPTW can sucide anyone they want without permission..who's to say that those without permission can't just show up on my door, haul me away as a trouble court, no police, no jail......just disappeared.
    Once upon a time that would have been Science Fiction...we all know better NOW, don't we?
    I am focusing on understanding the documents and how to use them...I am sharing all of the info with friends. Until there are solid announcements to give any of this credence along with protection and back up by the NEW NOW interim government.......none of this makes sense. Yet, I am listening. I am paying attention.
    Thank you D and Heather for all of your time and dedication

    1. Anon 11:32,
      Why don't you ask the Heather that you know if she is involved in this? I am starting to get the feeling that someone is just using her name because she used to be a lawyer.

    2. I do not KNOW Heather, and hopefully didn't infer that I did...if you read more carefully.

      However, I do have a few more questions to add to my previous 11:32 comment.

      1.I have read, and AM reading the Law of One series. The 5 and 6 D speak is a challenge to truly ingest and is a slow go. BUT is much easier to read and understand than what is being put forward in Heathers 5D speak documents. I am stretched but not overcome.

      2. How is it that Heather et al choose D, kauipele, and kabuki to be the "boots on the ground' out of all the various well vetted alternative news venues?

      Both are very legitimate questions that I sincerely hope can be answered.

      I honor the God within you all. :'D
      and once again,
      Thank you.

    3. "...How is it that Heather et al choose D, kauipele, and kabuki to be the "boots on the ground' out of all the various well vetted alternative news venues?..."

      Good question.

      Could it be that these bloggers were the only ones willing to post this information?

      Could it be that all of this was pre-arranged for just these particular bloggers to release?

      I know nothing.

      What do any of us know about anything, really, without first-hand knowledge?

      Ninja Bambi

    4. I Took that paragraph about "Boots on the ground", to be refering to the October Poof interview Brian recorded and weeks later released by Americankabuki. you know the one they pulled from the internet a day later. I took it that they (Brian, AK, Poof) unknown by them, inadvertanly exposed information the One Peoples Trust needed.

      Does anyone else feel this is what OPPT is refereing to?

    5. That was my impression.

    6. hmmmmm, sorry...I think that the broad spectrum of this 'release' would be dependent on more than a Poof recording............don't you?
      RTS was only ONE of the ALt News media forums to post it.
      Amer Kabuki of course being the first.
      But Heck...........THIS however is the one and only site to publish every comment........interestingk? eh? URL's anyone?

    7. That was also my impression. Poof mentioned in his interview that there was a huge sum of money transferred to the U.S. from China. To quote what Heather posted on American Kabuki: “The release of the emails by American Kabuki, and Co. were the telling confirmation point of General Wong and Co.'s sub-Agenda to misuse the foreclosure that was done for their own advantage.”

  42. Update Article on the Presidential Inauguration
    {for believers,BEers, DOers......not the naysayers LOL }

    In support of D and Heather !!!!! YAhhhhhhhhhh.

    "I have a matter of importance that I wish to discuss with you. It is that of the coming involvement with all of you in the interim of the coming Inauguration. There is to be an appearance of a certain party who will have some words for all of mankind. It is going to be a short interlude and there will be a presentation made by this person that will shock some and satisfy others that they are not crazy in their knowledge of what is at the root of all of this reality.
    I speak of the one that has been said to appear at this event and who will bring a certain amount of surprise to the festivities. When this takes place it will be as if there was an interlude of silence, and then all will break loose in disbelief for some and extreme welcome for others. There will be an energy of excitement that will bring many people to an instant realization of what has been being said by us as truth.
    When that takes place it will bring a whole new crescendo of song to the play of the ages. It will bring some people to a deeper understanding of who they are, and why they have been having certain thoughts lately. With this new opening there will be an onslaught to new beginnings for humanity. It will open up a whole new stream of events that will bring great changes to the way life is lived on earth.
    As this comes into being, there will be great governmental change, as well as all other aspects of societal interaction. The process will take some time, but it will be a gradual and sure sign of the changing times. There are people who will benefit from the gradual changing over, for it will be for them an unfolding of what has been taking place behind the scenes and of what it will take to bring the freedom back to the people."

    Rest of article here:

    in love and light,

    1. Excepts:
      "No one is going to cajole you into your role. No one is going to babysit you as you moan and groan about how you wish to participate, but you cannot because of this or that. No one has time to hold your hand as you whimper about how unqualified you are."

      "Stop throwing up your hands in disgust because all of this is a hoax – and move to your place on stage. Your co-Lightworkers are moving toward their joy and have no need to care take you. Any more than you have a need to care take others."

      There are some commenting here who need to read this article:


    2. earthspirit,
      By chance do you also go by the name Salusa?

    3. Earth Spirit this is MY TRUTH as well. I can feel the intention and power of your words. I feel the building momentum in the depth of my soul. I am SO GRATEFUL to be alive in this eternal moment of NOW!

    4. Question
      Anonymous16 January 2013 12:43
      By chance do you also go by the name Salusa?

      No, but wondering why you would even ask.
      Authors of all the words I posted are at the article links
      posted within the my comments....clear enough, I thought.


    5. How "gradual" are we talking here? I'm old.

  43. until announcements are made and the masses are made aware, they will never "BE" and "DO". It's just that simple. We must have announcements in mass media.

    1. It is WE who need to DO all that we can to bring the announcements into fruition.

      Envisioning ALL of the things that need to happen as a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is something we can do sitting in a chair, standing, or lying down, sick or well.

      Let's put our vibrational energy together to DO what we can, when we can.

      We are ALL in this together and thist is a VERY POWERFUL/EFFECTIVE way to put our energy to use.


    2. Indeed! An easy way to do this: minute meditation. When you see 11:11, 12:12, 1:11 etc. take a minute to envision world peace and abundance. Or perhaps every time you stop at a red light do it. The point is do it throughout your day. Use whatever it is that reminds you to envision world peace and abundance. I do a longer meditation before bed and intend my dreamtime to continue manifesting.

  44. what do we want MSM announcements! When do we want them, NOW!

    1. This will have to suffice until the 21st =)

    2. Sorry Kathy. This article is not it.

  45. Yeah, me too -- outta here. Who needs that much verbiage for permission to go be and do. I AM, have been, and will ... without all this nonsense. Phfffft. Truth is not in this gobbldygook.

  46. What lawyer doesn't know how to spell "except," but uses "accept" inappropriately? How much can you trust someone who doesn't have a basic mastery of english, to have mastered that which is more specialized? FAIL! FRAUD!

    You "believers" should be embarrassed for falling for it. No wonder she laughs and chuckles and r's OTFL so much. Some things remain ever true: "there's a sucker born every minute."


    1. I know, right?

      It's easy to see why people get scammed so often. I mean, really, how dumb are people?

      Can't wait to hear all of the lame excuses on 1/22.

    2. It'll be our fault for not BEing and

    3. What will you do if it all comes to pass?

    4. do and be and do and be and do be do be do!

  47. I understand if people are in doubt,the cabal created the TV,faux news ect, to control our thinking.Why? because we could actually create from thought and to believe our thoughts without a doubt.The biggest secret held from humanity is the power of thought and to be.

  48. Here is the best way to do that. Download and print this file It is the final default judgement against the Treasonous Govt. and Shows that it is now held in TRUST by OPPT until everyone has a chance to decide what action we want to take regarding choices of governance. To do that, EVERYONE has to be awake. We are not there yet.

  49. This is HILARIOUS, all of these nay-sayers and non believers. All that tells me is that this blog is POINT ON!!! There is never this many negative assaults unless it is the TRUTH! I honor the Divine within ALL PEOPLES and enjoy the contrast. Love and Light to all

    1. kk we are here asking legitimate questions. we are not naysayers. we are truthseekers.
      so please enjoy the contrast.
      And now on to our mission.

    2. Hey Kathy, put down the Kool-Aid for a bit. How long have you been told that NESARA is "coming soon"? How many predicted big event dates have come and gone? What will you do *IF* 1/21 passes without the predicted events taking place? What if Obama is still President? Come on, lady. Get real.
      If any of this goofy shit happens, I'll be right here to admit I was wrong. Will you do the same is nothing happens?
      Quit lying to yourself. Have some dignity.

    3. Anon 13:08 - how will u admit u were wrong if no one knows who u are. At least have the courage to speak up w/o anonymity

    4. My name is Jim Beam. Feel better?

    5. Jim Beam?? LOLOLOLOL Is that the alcohol of preference for you?

    6. Hey, I"M Jim Beam!!! Maybe we should all sign 'Jim Beam' instead of anonymous? Will they stop the insanity then about not using 'anonymous'? Lol...

    7. Kathy Kelley! Thanks for punching in! Guess you were off for a day. How many days off do agents get these days?

  50. HATJ: "UNITED STATES was REGISTERED (UCC Doc. No. 2012049126) as Debtor and absolute ownernship duly secured to the one people (nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, now as then and hereafter) on May 4, 2012"

    Thanks to Charley Miller.

    1. Charles Miller LOL

    2. Anonymous 16 January 2013 13:21, or anyone: Would you kindly consider sharing the cause of the laughter with those who as yet fail to see the humor here?

    3. We are laughing at your stupidity\gullibility\ignorance\naivete.

      Joke's on YOU.

      Believe it.

    4. Why laugh at stupidity, gullibility, ignorance, and naivete?

    5. The word People is singular and plural.
      Seems the comment is for 'one people' claiming ownership.

      That's funny. Ownership could be claimed by all People, but it's only One People.

      Funny in deed.
      Carry on.

    6. Anon 13:43. The Three Billy Goats Gruff called. They want to know when you're coming back to the bridge.

  51. Anon 13:10 how will u admit u were wrong if no one knows who u are. At least have the courage to speak up w/o anonymity

    1. Anon 13:20, what is Anon 13:10 wrong about? Charles C. Miller was indeed the Grantor of 2012049126. Some readers may not grasp why Mr. Miller is persona non grata here.

    2. Charles Miller and Heather Tucci seemed to have been working together as of this 2011 teleconference, which, if you can overcome your irritation at the host's antics, is very interesting and informative.

      Clay Douglas / Charles Miller & Heather Tucci-jarraf 1

      Clay Douglas / Charles Miller & Heather Tucci-jarraf 2

      What happened between Charles and Heather since this teleconference?

  52. Heather,
    Here are some very specific questions for you that I give background detail so there is no misunderstanding. Even though these questions are referenced around the detail in my situation, I would hope you could answer these because I think it would help a lot of people who are in a legal situation right now.

    Your quote:

    HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: “Let them tell you who they BE, what authority they operate under, and what law they are using....that's what the UCC 3-501 Demands for documentation are even states that you are asking without dishonor...meaning they can't throw any one in jail, or do any damage to you without first producing that documentation...the judges know that, but most of the people haven't.”..

    I have been trying to learn how to use the UCC Demand documents, Reading UCC, trying to fill in the docs for my situation. I have so many questions about it that I am not comfortable using them without the knowledge that I did them correctly.
    I have asked the plaintiffs attorney and Bank most of the questions(re: 3-501 demand doc) via certified letters,and again in interrogatories, they ignore the questions, silence is acquiescence.

    I canceled the mortgage as the creator, fired the players, removed power of attorney of all players, before the bank declared default.
    The Note they brought into court was not my authorized signature, was a forgery and a counterfeit.
    The judge is more than aware of all of the above facts.
    Do your UCC Demand Documents have more enforcement power, than the remedies above?
    If so, explain how and why?

    I informed the judge who I am: I noticed the judge and clerk in their private capacity, informing them that I am a divine spirit, a living breathing being, not a corporate fiction or dead entity.
    I have informed them they are the Trustee of the “ALL CAPS TRUST” and to setoff the account.
    I have told them there is no controversy with the beneficiary(me); I come in peace and for them to act in honor.

    After all that, Summary Judgment was ordered in my foreclosure case.

    How and why is the UCC 3-501 demand different than all the other remedies I have done? And why would it work when these other lawful remedies I have done, have not ?

    Quote OPPT: “IN plain english as legalese (CODE), is no longer lawful and legal”

    If Code (legalese) is no longer lawful and legal does that mean that all of the mumbo, jumbo legal BS, the clerk and judge used in their order for summary judgment is no longer enforceable?

    Will this Judge, Clerk, Bank, Attorneys all be held accountable if they proceed with this case from this day forward?
    If so how?

    I have been DOing everything I could to show how they are not who they say they are. I informed them who I am, I have been IGNORED every step of the way.
    Did you use the Demand UCC 3-501 on judges and clerks?

    The person who asked you about enforcement, asked THE NUMBER ONE QUESTION, that needs a detailed answer for those of us in a situation that needs immediate attention.

    thank you

  53. 8 intel and nothing news real to 1 years

  54. Announcement
    “The One´s Peoples Trust” and to the so called “CVAC”
    to all, whom it might concern, and “the world” to know:

    I hereby declare, in free will, by fee choice and in a healthy state of mind
    That …:
    - … I am, that I am.
    - … I am/part of, an expression of the “Divine Power/Plan” that is also known as:
    o GOD
    o The God
    o The ONE
    o Allah
    o JHWH
    o …
    - … I am a so called “soul”
    - …, that “soul” uses the “body” that I call my own, that I use as a tool and that is “born” on the 18th of January in the year of the “Gregorian Calendar” 1977 in the “Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg” to:
    o Express the will of the “Divine Power/Plan”,
    o BE a tool for creating and co-creating on this, but not only on this, “space-vessel” called EARTH, GHAJA, … in and by the will/name of the “Divine Power/Plan”,
    o BE free from any other kind of rules, regulations and so called “contracts”, “man-made” - except the ones I will agree to by free will of choice,
    - … I and my body will only be used for the highest good for all “mankind”/”the one´s people” and for my personal joy ;)
    - … I am one of “THE ONE´S PEOPLE” by creation/birth as an expression of “The Divine Power/Will”
    - … I am the sovereign “King” of the just founded/brought into existence/created
    “The Freestate of Wilmann”(eng. transl.)
    thru the self-awarene creating act of self-empowerment, on the 16th of January in the year of the “Gregorian Calendar” 2013.
    - … I am, as a “natural-person” and by creation and the “Divine Power/Plan” part of the “One´s People” hereby I order you to:
    o Hand out the part of the gold and silver and other “values” that you, as trustees, oversee for me, from the amount that had been given to you during the execution act of “the old system”.
    o Hand out the part of gold and silver and other “values” that you, as trustees, oversee for the purpose of building/constructing/creating a “new system” for its purpose to do that for “THE FREESTATE OF WILMANN”, helping me as “King” to create/co-create in the “Divines Plan” a “Healthcare-, Education-, Social-, Communication-, Transportation-, Energy-supply-, Currency- & Trade-, …-system”.

    I will be honored to participate in any creation/co-creation for the benefit of all “mankind”/”the ones people” “The Divine Plan” that is, and will take place in the “future” and will, for that purpose, BE a person to contact for help and advice, due to the possibilities/gifts that where given to me during the progress of creation/birth/living.

    Additional Notes:
    I am thankful for the great work that you have done to bring it into existence. I have the greatest respect for your personal work to bring it into existence. I love you and honor you.
    So it is DONE.
    It IS.

    I am, that I am
    Jens Wilmann, geb. Meyer
    King of “Der Freistaat Wilmann”

    ____________________________________ 16th Januar 2013

    This is an electronic copy, and valid without Seal/Signature ;)
    ( The original will be sealed and signed properly )

    this a work in progess ... and english is not my mother language - please be patient ;)

    maybe this gives you hint what is ment by creating your OWN realety ;)

    Love you all :)

    1. Congrats for stepping up and claiming your piece of the pie.

  55. Enough with anonymity crap. It is our free will right to post as "anonymous" so please choose your battles that best serve us all. Geeeeeez!

    1. Hear, hear!!

    2. For those so offended by the anonymity choice of others who don't wish to share personal information, perhaps if they feel that strongly about it, to prove their point, they might like to share their home address, or their c/card and PIN numbers for all the world?


      Oh, well...

      Ninja Bambi

    3. I like the way Bambi thinks!

  56. Here's a challenge. Research and post all who have gone to the pokey for filing and recording UCC Redemption docs.

  57. Holy crap...tell me there isn't a major battle going on right now. I have never seen it this bad. P.S. Don't d/l the latest version of JAVA that the DHS is telling you to do. These are all hints people.

  58. Thank you Heather for answering these questions
    (and RTS for posting them),

    After reading this post, what I am most struck by is just how challenging it is for so many bright people who essentially know what has been going on behind the fake facade of global corruption for eons, to grasp what BEing really means . . . to grasp who they REALLY are. And it's looking big, as their inability to grasp what you are saying is making some of them very angry.

    My first teacher, who never "taught" disguised as top notch shrink, I was gifted with in 1982 initially made it very clear . . . there was no point in my venturing into the spiritual realm of who I REALLY was until I had cleaned up my own back yard first (which I did with great focus for 25 years). So within my perception of things, this is part of what's causing a huge communication gap here, as I have personally experienced it. (with tons of angry & outrage I had to work thru' too, combined with forgiving myself first, then others) And in retrospect, I would not wish this journey-within on my worst enemies!

    Do not know what else to say, except maybe as a big picture gross analogy . . .
    On one hand, there are those that have no fear of the ocean because they know how to swim better than they can walk and understand how to read the water.
    On the other hand, there are those that cannot swim or read the water, therefore are absolutely terrified of dying in it.
    When the later suddenly wakes up to the fact that they ARE the ocean, they become the former, realizing that they knew how to swim all along, but just forgot :)))

    Looking forward to the Global Reset and Veils lifting!
    With warmest Alohas,

    PS - Something that might give you a grin Heather . . .
    I had a very close friend who was very bright on a ten-yeared academic research fast track, whose cancer finally metastasized into her tail bone . . . and so she finally was open to see my "teacher" (who had healed lung cancer with his mind). When she walked into his office, and as she was checking out all his academic accolades and finally sat down, he simply said to her point blank,
    "you are a very bright girl, but you are dumber than a fence post" . . .

    We each all have to start somewhere
    on the road back "Home" within,
    even those who wish to obstruct & abduct our BEingness Truth,
    as there is ultimately Choice & No Choice

  59. Question for OPPT Trustees:

    The OPPT Website has a "PLEDGE SPIRAL" but not a link to the pledge or any suggestion that people should make the pledge. In contract, the other Website, Public Trust ( very clearly urges people to sign the pledge.

    Why does OPPT show the "PLEDGE SPIRAL" but not make the pledge template available?

    1. Correction to above: "In contrast, ...", not "In contract,..."

      In the Clay Douglas teleconference (, Heather herself says, "Use the pledge". Does she still say this now? If not, why not?

      Also, the "PLEDGE SPIRAL" on the OPPT page includes a pledge signed by Charles C. Miller. Why? Isn't he a bad guy?

    2. You mean they are harvesting names as well? I haven't seen that.

  60. I do appoligize to all on this blog, for lack of a better word, for being a total dick at times. I am still and have been going through a losing battle against some health problems related to what traditional Chinese medicine refers to as damp-heat. I tried chalking it all up to part of ascension symptoms but as I feel I am far beyond any symptoms related to ascension I thinks its more to do with my own personal choices in things such as diet and substance abuse. Anyhow, I know at times I am not the nicest person and am still working on it. But like addictions recognizing and admitting the problem are the first stpes to overcoming it!

    1. brando, hang in there. Been reading your stuff for a while and recognize your growth. Things will get better.

    2. Exactly right... a problem stated is half solved. Also, your body (temple) is only as healthy as what you put in it.

      Good job. We're all here to evolved and overcome challenge.

    3. Help is just around the corner Brando, for all of us. We all have an Achilles Heel.

      Kudos for standing up and taking responsibility for your responses, a true sign of a 'Master In Training' :)

      I look forward to your input to help tow the line:)

    4. Bless you, Brando. I'll pray for you.

    5. Hello, my name is Ivan, and I am an RTSaholic. Ive been reading and posting here for several months now.

      " Hi Ivan"

      rtsaholics meets 24 hours a day 7 days a week right here on this blog.

      you have been assimilated.


    6. I love you Brando! Sending good, healing energy your way. Namaste!

  61. this is from fourwinds. from 'Casper' who i have read is disinfo by some. last post from him about Heather wasnt very polite -but looks like Casper is singing quite a different tune. interesting read. hey Heather - D - any comments? :):) the dark is falling apart. too much light is in their eyes. for all you sensitives out there - check in with the energies - what are you sensing? all the kings horses and all the kings men.....can't put the cabal back together again...

    Neither WE or ‘we the people’ have received answers to the questions publically posed to Heather at OPPT. WE understand others with questions publically posted have not received answers either.

    WE heard earlier that their ‘filings’ were delaying deliveries, that’s why we posted the questions publically on Fourwinds and Rumor Mill News a week or so ago with a copy to their web-site. WE continue to hear the same thing even today and we are frankly concerned about it on our collective behalf. Our concerns are multiplied by the lack of answers to simple and legitimate questions such as whether they are co-operating with OITC and their claim of ownership of all funds and whether or not their filings are delaying deliveries as sources in Europe state.

    WE do not agree with Drake and others who have been bad-mouthing the OPPT publicly and calling their efforts ‘crap’, in fact just the opposite. One need not be an attorney or a rocket scientist to see that the quantity, quality and nature of their filings are very special and a ‘first’ as far as WE know, not to mention the personal risk they have willingly taken. We hear OBAMA ordered a reporter who discovered the documents on the net to keep his mouth shut and not to report them. We hear of similar ‘establishment’ upsets in Europe. New documents are appearing almost daily and WE strongly recommend you read them and keep your curiosity current. Some of our contacts in Europe have possession of still more OTTP documents not yet made public. Be sure to look carefully at yesterday’s release of documents filed in and/or from Switzerland. As the documents ‘keep on coming’ and show their efforts (OPPT) were well underway as far back as 2008, WE wonder whether the current postings represent battles fought and already won as opposed to future battles just getting under way as a result of the filings.

    WE are not impatient with OPPT lack of response to our questions, not yet, and we recommend you not be impatient either. Seeing the quantity, quality and nature of their efforts it would be easy to understand that we may be on page three or four of their ‘to do’ list. That said we must each be alert to the possibility that their filings ARE delaying our deliveries. If true is it intentional or an accident? Are they attempting like Whistleblower and OITC to claim control and/or ownership of our funds? This is a rather straight forward question don’t you think? Prosperity Program Participants are due a truthful answer ASAP don’t you think?

    1. "We hear OBAMA ordered a reporter who discovered the documents on the net to keep his mouth shut and not to report them."

      This is patently horse shit. I mean, think about it: does it not seem greatly out of place that the President would dictate reporting policy--TO A REPORTER!

      Jeez, people. Quit repeating every piece nonsense you hear and use your common sense once in a while.

    2. You have no idea, do you?

    3. all the kings horses and all the kings men can't put the cabal together again.

    4. I AM a member of British Royalty and WE are not amused


  62. "BE"-lieve! "DO" - Act as though it has already happened - ("DO-NE")!!

    And so it will manifest into fulfillment!!

  63. Many years ago....I was 17 years old and am now 55...I had an English teacher tell me about a fellow classmate that struggled in school. My teacher explained to me that trying as hard as she could, that particular student was not mentally CAPABLE of grasping our studies. I remember looking at that sweet fellow student in class and I watched her, and I wondered "how can that be? I KNEW unequivocally that all a person had to do was pay attention and listen and you could truly learn ANYTHING that anyone could ever possibly teach you??!" I knew that as a fact. I remember feeling so sorry for her. I have thought about that classmate many times in my life always wondering how she was and how that could have possibly been true that she just couldn't "get it" no matter how hard she tried and no matter how much she wanted to. And I sit. I just can't seem to "get it." And I want to know this!!! Why do I keep trying? Why do I keep coming back? Why don't those moments and glimmers of "knowing" last? If I ask source enough times every night before I fall asleep to please let me know what I don't know, will it? Why don't I just succumb to that nagging thought that this is just desperate daydreams of people who are disillusioned with real life? Probably because I desperately want this to be REAL life. I will be back, daily, hourly sometimes...still listening, still paying attention, grasping and waiting for that knowing time to return again.

    1. I will be here by your side feeling your exact same emotions and thoughts through this whole thing.

      Why don't I just succumb to that nagging thought that this is just desperate daydreams of people who are disillusioned with real life?

      This sits in the back of my head where it never truly goes away and sometimes fights its way to the surface for a few days. I somehow always manage to punch and kick it back away from the front of my mind and move on.

    2. It's not easy to explain and most of us that may get it realize that IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGY! "OUR THOUGHTS BECOME REALITY"!! If enough of us focus on positive thoughts, the energy will shift to that outcome!

  64. Hey Believers, try this:

    Call the institution that holds your mortgage. Tell them that you intend to stop paying because "Heather and D said I don't have to." Wait 90 days. Report results back to us.


    1. Yes but don't forget to first say I BE I AM QUIGGLEY WIGGELEY SHAZAM!

    2. You might want to get into a more honorable line of work when the funds coming from your cabal masters dry up. Your nastiness only serves to legitimize this site. So, thanks for that...carry on, shills.

  65. This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of
    its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address

    domain has no mail exchangers

  66. I would like to point out a few of the highlights from the document that is found here:


    All DEBTOR; Breach of Agreement, NOTICE OF DEFAULT, VIOLATION of Social Welfare, VIOLATION of Ethiopia TREATY from 1936-2012 , VIOLATION of Human Rights, CONSPIRACY, Violation of GRANDFATHER clause, SUSPENDED, Fraud, Copyright INFRINGEMENT, RACKETEERING, Trademark & Service MARK infringement, Money Laundering, Violation of The United Nations, Bankruptcy in 1933, Immigration Violation, Tax Invasion, Selling of Human Body Parts, Selling Weapons to Saudia Arabia, Vindictive Police Work, Vindictive Justice Work, Violation of international treaties June, 1936. Geneva, Switzerland.


    UNITED STATES OR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, confessed federal corporation, 28 USC § 3002 Chapter 176, FEDERAL DEBT COLLECTION PROCEDURE, corporation never authorized under contract Constitution 1791, no such powers assigned to Congress Article 1 Section 8; admitted and confessed by and through United States Code Title 1 §§ 112, 112b, 113, 204, under Article 6 Original Contract 1791, thereby said corporation, ultra vires entity, providing goods and services in nature of original obligations foreclosed, returned to original principals, The One People 1776, on cause of bankruptcy, trespass upon The People in their original jurisdictions, theft of properties, benefits taken from commercial slavery operations under sham legal process in kangaroo courts, all assets of any nature or kind, anywhere situated marshaled therefrom seized through this replevin issued by and through The United States of America 1781, The One People’s Public Trust 1776


    The One People’s property rights, title, and interests or credits are fully and completely owned by The One People in their personal capacities and all other claims to any property of any sort by any person or entity derivatives thereto are CANCELLED, VOID pending production of consent to transfer said titles duly obtained under full disclosure of any and all relevant material facts or law or contracts. Done this 26th day of December, 2011. Reference file #2011-360-8868-3 Washington State Department of Licensing"

    Thanks, Kathy.

  67. Even IF all debt was cancelled, this helps me not. I am broke for having paid them all off.

    1. All debt isn't cancelled...
      My gf still has outstanding loans...

    2. If all debt were cancelled in the US today, all money would go out of existence immediately because every single dollar did not exist until it was borrowed. That is the sad reality of the criminal enterprise corporation called The Federal Reserve.

  68. What really annoys me the most about all this is that in the 'Q&A', we never get any real answers...
    Always the same response;
    If you lay out all the data, you will see the picture...
    Wait for all the data...
    Then the kicker; I will paraphrase;
    DO what you want to BE and those that choose to continue on with the charade then it is their own conscious choice.
    Well that is damn fkn fantastic isn't it??? How is ANYONE suppose to make a conscious decision about being apart of the "system" if they aren't aware that they have an alternative???
    I get the whole; "Don't be apart of the system any longer because you they don't have power over you".
    But when you see the real CONTRAST of the REAL world... They have Police FORCE that ENFORCES their policies...
    Without someone like RTS to OUTLINE EXACTLY how we are defend ourselves against such a force... Then we have no hope and RTS are simply perpetuating the cycle of control.
    If you say the information is there to BE and DO... Then SHOW US!
    Don't just claim and be silent pretending to be wise.
    The whole purpose of this change over is learning the deception... In order to learn, you need to TEACH!
    So TEACH.

    1. All I have to say is A=friggin=men!!!!!!

    2. AGREE!!
      We need guidance out of our situations because we are not LAWYERS. We can BE and DO all day but if we BE and DO the UCC 3-501 for our situation the wrong way we will be thrown out of our Homes, in Jail, etc.
      I am not an idiot, but the UCC is jiberish to me, if you interpert one word by Websters English, when it has a different Blacks Law meaning you misunderstand everything from that point forward. Legalese is a language of DECEIPT.

  69. I hear you but I wouldn't expect any other answer other than "you have to feel it; you have to intuit it; it has to resonate; we can't walk your path for you"....bla blah bla.


    Can Heather care to explain in plain english what is the difference between BE/I AM, she so often mentions and the usual state of being as I am expressing right now when typing this and sinc I have being for at least 33 years in my case.


  71. First of all, don't give me this "Heather speaks in 5D language". No she is very much 3D and speaking 3D language. She speaks gibberish, with no clear answers in order to confuse people. Classic lawyer tactic. She comes off as though she's superior. Why would she give this oh-so important info to some random blog? A blog that get a few thousands hits a day. Yeah, way to spread the message. I will remain skeptical until something factual comes forth without this BE'ing/do'ing, we're already free BS.

    1. Heather speaks above a 3rd grade reading and writing level and uses no pictures. Maybe that's why you dont understand what she is saying.

    2. Be do the be do because I am the be'ing of the do'ing. Skibbidy do'ing the I Am of the I chingy. We're free! We do the BE'ing. Yay. - Heather.

    3. anon 17:21 Thanks! But I hope i can stop laughing before i have to go to bed!

  72. Ok this has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I know D wont mind and it raises some questions for myself.

    This was posted by Cameron Day dated for Jan 7....

    This was posted by Cobra as his own personal update on the situation 2 weeks later. Note that he did not give any credit to Cameron or anything just that it is Cobra's update.

    If you look at a post from Cobra here...

    It goes right along with the original post from Cameron Day but was actually dated for back in May...It just makes me wonder if one is copying the other? Is there a cahoots going on between them? Or are they maybe just bearers of the same info due to some random coincidence? Just got me thingking when I finally put two and two together.

    1. Cobra is a known scammer. He's from eastern Europe and travels around the world using different aliases such as Ishtar Antares and Cobra. Cobra actively denies he was Ishtar but the two interviews he did say other wise. One Interview was him as Ishtar the other as Cobra on Coast to Coast, both were the same guy with the same accented English. Many people have come forward and said he used them for their money and sex(if your a woman). So I wouldn't doubt if the above was the same guy.

    2. I've noticed some of these people use the same material as others at times. It makes me think cointelpro or lazy con people. Either way as George Carlin used to say, "It's bullshit and it's bad for you."

  73. Thank you to all of the above who have responded with appropriate dialogue to this unbelievable double speak legalese that has been dumbed down for the American public with ;) and :).

    I sit in awe of this and begin to see why we as Americans are in trouble. It is not because of our inability to stand up and fight, it is because of our willingness to be led down this "rabbit hole".

    It is not whether we will survive having Obama in the White House , it is whether we will survive the people who voted him into office.

  74. Hey, for all those interested, come on over to:

    David Wynn Miller speaking live on the "Drake" show.

    1. 200 IQ all right. He is on there using the old Bankster excuse as to why we couldn't use the gold standard. He claims there are far too many people and not enough gold. Think about it though. You can set the value of an ounce of gold for anything you want as long as you set a standard so how can there be too many people? I don't trust this guy at all. That and the no ice at the North Pole and no right handed Presidents? You can expose those lies in seconds so if he has a 200 IQ, he must have about 120 of it resting and not in use.

    2. I agree, anon 18:49. I've invested in gold and silver for a decade now and I found his explanation as to why we can't have a gold standard to be ridiculous. I was hoping this guy was another breakthrough on the good guy side, but there were too many moments during the conversation tonight where my antennae went up and made me wonder about this guy. DWM needs to sticj with his quantum grammar work and leave the financial stuff to others more tuned in.

  75. I appreciate all the comments for and against, anon or otherwise. God's built-in vetting system. Impressive. :-)

  76. Nah, nothin's happenin...

    1. Read your will take seven years to repatriate that gold. Why seven years? Its because the central banks havent got it. They will have to buy it on the open market. This isnt new!! We all known that the central banks leased there gold out to the bullion banks who have sold it. Weve known this for years. Where have you been?

      You should be going within to let universe tell you these things.

      Though I have to tell you that something did happen this morning.....I took it to be a sign from universe and from the galactics. Yes it was a very large sign that things were definately happening.......A bird shat on my car this morning.....I looked at the sign very closely and could make out a few words in said 'Ive been duped'. And when I read I heard another sign from was a kookaburra laughing in the gum tree. Now to me universe is definately telling me something.

    2. That is nothing new!

  77. LOL. Everyone doesn't have to be awake. That's a transgression if you do so.
    The Creator put us here at different stages for our own purposes and not for someone to file a document, claim everything and then say, ya'll get off ya path and come o-va here and tell me how you want us to tell you what you can and cannot do.

    Law of One is clear about not awakening before it's just because someone files UCCs by throwing in everything including the kitchen sink doesn't mean they know what they are doing.

    If soap will do, use soap.

    The One Infinite Creator owns everything.

    Many will find out what I meant about not waking the asleep. With bucked eyes you will probably stand there with a 'but I thought. I thought. I was told.' kind of look.

    Heather is no trustee of the people, she's trustee of a trust. She's saying people can enjoin with her and others and share the trust. For the trust to be valid, it has to have property. They are claiming ownership of everything so the trust can have property.

    As trustee, she should be able to access it and provide it for the beneficiaries of the trust. By now she should have at least one beneficiary for it to be valid. The claim is that the entire world is members.

    Imagine if a satanic church had declared everyone in the world members of the church.

    Pick any religion and tell me what would happen if they openly filed papers to declare everyone a member, and they your guardian/trustee/representative.

    That'll is all.

  78. I'll bet this blog has never seen so much traffic and you know they will not want it to end. So expect more tidbits to tickle and draw this out. It will be interesting to watch.

  79. For those that didn't bother to check...the link works and the files are all registered with the UCC

  80. And, for laughs:

  81. To D and Heather et al:I Understand what the UCC is and how this will work. THANKYOU!!

    Now to all those anklebiters hiding behind their "anonymous":

    If you can explain to me HOW you even have a BUTT in the first place, I will lay down my LIFE and...

    Follow You

    1. Anonymous is simply the fastest way to go here. Sometimes I think that even D responds here anonymously, at times. No-thing 'wrong' about being anonymous if remaining respectful.
      i don't mind saying who I AM...but it doesn't really matter, does it? and BE sides, my BUTT shouldn't really matter to anyONE.

    2. Too many idols. Too many spectators. Too many pedestals. People expecting to be spoon-fed. Spectators in their own lives. God doesn't want lazy people in heaven. Take responsibility. I would hazard a guess that the ones who are expecting to be spoon-fed are the same who spend their days watching TV.

    3. @ 1831 NOT !!!!!!

    4. The name phoenixbirdburnt is anonymous to me. And I believe you were just doing some ankle biting on your own as well as some mighty fine butt kissing.

  82. The secret is out - Watch who really run the planet:

  83. Heather- after extensive research I have discovered that you were a bar licensed attorney therefor one could logically assume that you drafted these ucc docs reliant upon your legal expertise. With that being said I can safely assume that you are an expert in these matters and that I can rely on your legal expertise to DO as you have and can consider your filings and examples to be legal advice to DO the same. Since you have not provided any disclaimer can I also logically assume that what you have presented under full liability are sound legal templates for all of us to DO and BE?
    D-since you have presented this information, can I also assume that this blog is in support of and assumes full responsibility, as well as, joint and several liability?

    1. Or someone using Heathers name.

  84. if a single spark has the capability to ignite a fire, why then is it so inconceivable that the very "legalese" framework used to enslave us carries the capability to free us as well?

    we live in this "REAL world" that just happens to be very much based on dualities. I would be utterly amazed if every single person here has never experienced the law of attraction. I sit here amazed at the predetermined defeatists who choose to pass judgement upon this freely-provided
    groundwork as easily and quickly as it takes most people to blink.

    We remain so programmed as a whole that a good number of people would rather waste energy foolishly on what only seems to be a fruitless necessity of being right. Nobody is forcing this upon anyone else... like say, fluoridated tap/bath water. No, it makes more sense to argue through a monitor and keyboard about what another believes to be true! I know I am not able to lift a 1986 Honda Prelude off the groundby myself. Now if I inlist the help of say five others the desired result is then accomplished. So, from inability I then devised a plan of action using critical thought process, examined the cranked and formed a cohesive, group effort.

    The octopus of the adversary is a well thought out and meticulously planned entity. It has taken close to 200 years for just the final phase of the plan. At one point in time they had to come together and set forth a plan and devise strategies on how to maneuver, staff and execute it. Certainly it faced internal as well as external doubts. OPPT seemingly has been the work of three individuals. I don't for one second doubt that with added ideas, insights and efforts (which would be Do-ing) the ability to achieve the desired result would be easier

    I would rather find a way to achieve a commonplace with any and all human beings that desire to achieve our rightful freedom rather than try tear down people with a different set of beliefs. Let alone those who are willing to publicly put their necks out there for the benefit of all. This display is exactly why we are in the mess we are in here in the "REAL WORLD."

    So, for those still scratching their heads -- to me this is what do be do be do resonates as: to either choose to be free and live as such while doing what a free person does. if you aren't free do something about it... if an idea is backed with enough positive intent it cannot be stopped.

    or you can choose to do nothing and continue to be slave mules. either way it remains exercise in free will. like it or not, you still remain in service to others; )

  85. DO BE DO!? Where are you!? DO BE DO BE DOOOOOOO!


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