Tuesday 29 January 2013

Santos Bonacci Show: Jan 27th

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Santos Bonacci & guests
01/27/2013 radio show transcript

Santos: Welcome one & all. A beautiful day today, 28th of January. Full moon last night...beautiful in Australia...clear, clear skies. Today’s a rather coolish day here. Welcome everybody. Welcome listeners. Thanks for joining. As I promised, today will be a follow-up of last week’s show we did regarding the perfected, superior claim of The People’s Trust. Without further ado, it’s with great pleasure I welcome the rest of the guys. Lisa, hello, how are you?

Lisa Harrison: Hi, Santos. Morning, it’s raining here too. And I’m hoping the rain doesn’t get too loud for you. I was hoping it would sound like a nice water fountain in the background, but if it gets too much let me know.

Santos: It sounds great. What do you got, have you got a flat roof or something to get that sound?

Lisa: Oh yeah, above me it’s flat & I’m outdoors. Because it’s still warm, it’s pouring, but it’s warm.

Santos: Now who we got? Chris, you there? Bob?

Chris: Yeah, hi everybody, it’s beautiful down here in Melbourne. Santos will know this...we got a beautiful, calm, clear, sunny day.

Santos: Yep...nice summer’s day. Nice Aquarian summer’s day. Of course the northern hemisphere people will not understand what that means. But we in Australia are used to Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius being very, very hot. But normally those signs are associated with winter & the cold.

If you do go out today folks, might pay to just mention for a couple of minutes right above your heads at midnight, right now for the next couple of months, will be the Winter Triangle & the Winter Hexagon. The Winter Triangle is inside the Winter Hexagon. Once you identify the Winter Triangle, you will have no problems finding the Winter Hex. Check it out guys, it’s glorious. When you spot the Winter Hex, you will always see it there in the winter skies & you will always point it out. You can’t miss it. Orion is right inside it. And so are Gemini, the twins.

Bob, are you there? (silence) I think we might have trouble with Bob. Anyway, look we’ve got D joining us in a little about 15 minutes. So, Bob’s still trying to get on the air. How are you guys anyway, first of all?

Lisa: I’m constantly picking up my brain off the floor. (laughter) Information overload.

Chris: We’re just being gobsmacked by stuff that’s starting to pour out. Just before the show, Lisa said she’s gonna have to stop to sleep thing. (laughter) 

Santos: Yeah, I was wondering what I could do to do that too, because it seems like we’re so busy these days, from spending all waking hours basically in front of the computer doing all this.

Lisa: Every Now moment is very, very full.

Santos: Everything...everything.

Chris: Extremely. Look there’s just so much to talk about. We talked about a lot on the show last week. Obviously we can’t cover all the same ground again. We can touch on stuff we went through last week, but there’e so many issues that are prescient & directly related. I believe the astrology is actually...for the next couple of looking quite stunning, Santos. We started to talk about that yesterday.

Santos: Oh yeah, okay, let’s do a little bit of that too today. We’ll do that. I did check out the skies for March & there’s some pretty powerful alignments. There’s three...from the 24th of March, we have three major conjugations. Mercury with Uranus, that’s a biggie. We have Venus & the Sun. We will also have Mars & Neptune, if I’m not wrong....those three. That’s going to spill a lot of powerful energy in the skies for my birthday. All the way to...someone’s got some background noise by the way...what’s that?

Lisa: Yeah, I can hear it’s not me though.

 Chris: No, I was just wondering what that is.

Santos: Bob, are you there?

Bob: I’m here, but it wasn’t me, I was on mute. And hello, Santos.

Santos: Hey, how are you Bob?

Bob: Fine...I made it here.

Santos: Yes, you did. Well, we’ll sort out this noise in the background in a minute. Never mind. Now umm, yes, we’ll talk about that in a minute. You know, guys, we did cover a lot of stuff yesterday. What I want to do today is open the caller lines in about the the second hour. That way people can hit you up with some pertinent questions. Now, we’re not giving any advice & we’re not really experts here. We are just sorting through this ourselves. We know all the ins & outs...well, not all the ins & outs. But we’re working those out of The People’s Trust & we’re just trying to share as much as we have. So, bear with us folks.

The reason I took this show today was just to do a follow-up & to be able to field as many questions as possible & perhaps cover stuff that we didn’t get to in the first one. So, guys, if we were to speak today about the positive subject of how we can now act knowing that we are under a perfected, superior Trust. Now, the powers-that-be or were may not acknowledge it, but since the rules of law are those & they perfected the Trust perfectly, we can confidently go forward in the light & in the knowing that this Trust has been perfected in the eyes of Heaven.

Now we know that the corporations that currently operate on this planet do not acknowledge that. So, there’s probably going to be a little bit of confrontation there. But how can we, knowing that we are under this Trust, how can we live now & how can we...if we’ve got cases in court & we’ve got letters to write & we’ve got rates to pay & struggles with the banks & all sorts of situations...what can we do? You know, what practical things can we do?  

Lisa: Santos, can I just start by saying that they’re not acknowledging it...from what I understand, they can’t acknowledge it without admitting to speak...without acknowledging & admitting & taking on the liability. So, they have to ignore it. And they’re caught between a rock & a hard place. They can’t admit it & they can’t rebut it. They stand unrebutted, because they are unrebuttable. Any attempt on their part to rebut is actually a form of admission. 

Bob: And what it is they’re admitting to is high treason...which is punishable by death in most countries. So, they’re not going to self-incriminate themselves. They’re not going to openly confess to anything.

Lisa: You just went a little bit garbled there, Bob.

Santos: Yeah, he said they’re not going to openly confess to anything.  

Bob: Yeah, they’re not going to self-incriminate themselves.

Santos: (several talking at once) Go, Chris.

Chris: I was just going to say, one of the aspects of this is when you use these UCC filings...I think at this point in time...if you use these things, I think one of the things that is going to happen, is that you won’t get any response from them...because they can’t respond. And a relative of Bob’s has actually just submitted some material to the bank, based on these UCC filings. Do you want to speak to that briefly, Bob? Because I believe they’ve had no response.


Santos: Go, Bob, please.

Bob: Oh, I’m sorry, I was muted. I was sitting here talking. Yeah, my uncle had a court case & he was fighting against a line of credit that they were saying that he supposedly owed. 
He submitted the UCC filings. He actually did the personal filing, had it recorded & submitted the entire template that was provided from The One People’s Trust, as far as the Declaration & Order is concerned. He sent that in, along with the commercial bill & gave them 72 hours with which to respond. Of course they did not respond & I don’t expect them to. But, as I learned in kindergarten, silence is golden.

What will eventually happen is either they’re going to try to ignore it...which is something that...understand that they have always been pretending to be a court...they’ve been pretending to be a government for 150 years...& it’s all a pretense, it’s all a charade & they’re going to try & continue that charade until people start to embody...& this is one of the things really have to...this whole idea of embodying the idea of being free. And when you do that & you stand your ground & you remove all of those illusions & you let them know that you know that they’re pretending, then the charade is over...the game is over.

Because they can no longer pretend to be acting in the place of any sort of authority figure because there’s none there. It’s like a paper dragon & it may look fierce & show it’s teeth & growl & even smoke. But, the substance behind it is air & that’s all it is. People need to understand that. That’s there’s no substance behind their authority unless you consent to it.

Chris: Yep, it’s all done by consent, guys. And it all begins with our signature. These people, although we know that the Bar is a group of dishonorable traitors practicing their practice of legalese on you spelling that out with their black magic spells in court on you with their bits of paper...that is dishonorable. And yet, they need your signature so that they can “be honorable” in their practices. 

You see, so they do all things in honor. First of all, they invite you to sin. Now, I’ve done this in my presentations...sinning is signing. That’s why there’s a silent “g” in there. Never, ever sign for anything, people. Never, ever sign for anything. If you’re going to sign anything, box it or put “the.the”(?) in front of it, because you are signing under duress or avoid signing anything.

Because that’s how they do it. They want you to sin with them. If you can sin or sign with their papers, then they lick their lips because they know that their magic is perfected on you & they can act honorably, according to them. But, they’re being exposed...beautiful things are happening around the world.

I did mention last week about the Italians I am now hooking up with on a weekly basis. For them to have discovered that the Republic of Italy is a corporation & registered in New York & to find that their government is from New York, is very, very upsetting. It’s very upsetting. Same thing is going on in Australia. The state of Victoria where I was born is registered in New York. The Commonwealth of Australia is registered in New York.

They’ve done a switcherooni(?) on us. Basically, they’ve taken everybody off their respective lands & brought them onto some kind of a maritime ship over there in New York,
run by the Vatican & the Jesuits & the Zionist banksters. They have to cease & desist, I guess, what do you reckon, guys? Lisa, we also have Brian from American Kabuki...can we get...

Lisa: I think you’ve also got D there too in the queue...she’s already with us. Before you bring her out, though, I just want to address the (inaudible) people have is cops. Because they’re the first line of offense & you know, ultimately they’re armed & dangerous & for the most part, they’re very ignorant of who they really are & the costume they’re really wearing.

Even as we’re in this process of trying to embody this sense of freedom & you can be feeling amazing & driving down the road & doing nothing absolutely wrong & see a cop & have that sense of fear just completely overwhelm you. It still happens to me, even though I know I’m not doing anything wrong, even in their eyes.

How we then address these individuals, who for the most part I think really truly do believe they’re doing the right thing & they believe they are who they think they are. They think they are in a position of authority. They think they are protecting the general public. Some of them I know are just looking for a fight & believe everybody’s guilty. They’re just trying to figure out what you’ve done wrong.

So we need to change our relationship to them. And there are a number of ways we can do that. For me personally, it’s about seeing them as people in costumes. But it’s also...I think we need to go down to our local police station & start having conversations with these people. You know, by preempting any encounter with them. Just having a discussion with them & saying...guys, present them with information, present them with YouTube videos, present them with documents, present them with stuff. And just go, let me help you understand.      
Bob: One of the things that is important to understand about these filings & what makes these filings so very, very important in their use, is because these filings...they’re coming from within. They’re coming from within the system. They’re coming from within UCC. Because it’s coming from within UCC & because they’re unrebutted & it’s part of the public record, what these filings are saying is, these people who are issuing collections...who are running private money systems...slavery systems...are guilty of treason. So, when you present these documents the assumption is...because they are operating in that capacity...that they are also guilty of treason & you are offering them to prove otherwise.

Chris: One of the things about what Bob’s uncle did is very important, in that his document creates a link. His UCC filing, his personal UCC filing, is permanently linked back to The People’s Trust filings. When & if the system tries to contact him again to take up the court case against him that they think they have, all he has to do is to point back to his filing which points back to The People’s Trust filing & say, excuse me, you haven’t yet rebutted my last claim.
You know, please rebut. And at some point, he may wish to add certain conditions to any further communications, which he’s also entitled to do.
That’s the powerful part about the UCC stuff, is the inter-linking between previous significant filings related to this case & your own. You create that’s permanently in place. They are forced to rebut. And you gotta keep drawing their attention to it, because they’ll try to ignore it. 

Santos: Beautiful. Let’s elaborate more on this. We’ll bring in Brian. Brian, are you there?

Brian: Yeah, I’m here. Can you hear me?

Santos: Yes we can...loud & clear. Thank you very much for joining us. 

Brian: Hey, thanks so much for having me. I appreciate you guys putting on the call. 

Santos: Yeah, thank you. And also D...are you there, D?

Lisa: I think she needs a couple of minutes.

D: Hi, I’m right here. I was just fiddling with technology. (laughter)

Santos: Hey guys, before we welcome you properly & get to hear from you, let’s just go straight to a caller. Because it looks like we might be busy today. We’ve got 253...can we take that caller then. So, 253, are you there?

Caller: I am. How are you guys?

Santos: Very well, thank you.

Caller: This is Loey(?). Hi, D. Hi, Brian.

D: Hi, Loey(?).

Brian: Hi, Lois.

Lisa(?): Hi, Lois.

Lois (caller): Hi, babe. Listen, on that UCC, in the Declaration & so forth, they have to do that three times. 72 hours, they don’t rebut. Another 72 hours, if they don’t rebut. Another 72 hours, if they don’t rebut, then you can foreclose on them. So it takes three times, not just one time & wait to hear from them. If they don’t respond in 72 hours, you have to do it again. I just wanted to clarify that with people, that they think they do it once, that’s all they have to do. But they don’t, they have to do it three times.

Chris: So it’s like in court, once you’ve said it three times, then you walk out.

Lois (caller): Yeah, you never have to go back in court anyway with UCC & the Declaration. All you have to do is file it three times with them & within 72 hours each time. And if they don’t come back at you, you can foreclose on them. 

Chris: Now, Lois, if you mis-time that, if you come back, say 90 hours or 120 hours later & refile, is that significant? Or is it just more than 72 hours?

Lois (caller): I think it has to be 72 hours, but that would be a question that you probably want to pose to Heather...that’s my daughter...Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

Chris: Yes, yes indeed. Thank you for putting it out.

Brian: Hey, I have a quick response to you, Lois, ‘cause I was speaking to a woman named Angelina on skype last night. And she’s been trying to fight this traffic ticket, using all the...obviously not the UCC docs that have only come out in the course of the last month or so...but through her own channels, she helps people fight against foreclosures & what have you.

The thing is, she believes she is going through all the proper procedures, but the whole thing is getting sand-bagged. Because she’s just one person & there’s nobody there to enforce the law on the people that are breaking it. The big issue here & I know it’s going to be the main issue coming up for a lot of the people that are going to be calling in, is how & where does the enforcement come?

And Lisa, I know you brought this up in the chat room recently...I just got done watching the movie, V for Vendetta. I’m assuming most of the people on the call have watched that movie.         
The significance & the parallels to real life that are going on between that movie & our real life are so significant, I had an “Aha” moment. At the end of the movie finale, all the guys come out in masks. It’s all the citizens that are standing up to fight for their rights & fight for their freedom. They made the comment at the beginning of the movie...People shouldn’t fear their governments, the governments should fear the people.

When one person tries to do this on their own, there’s a really good likelihood that they’re not going to be taken seriously...there’s not going to be anybody there to enforce it. But when groups, or masses of people, start to do the same thing...I imagine a hundred people on the steps of a courthouse fighting against the court systems & that kind of a thing will get media attention & all of a sudden the people that are breaking the rules are put in a position where they have to succumb to the reality that what they’re doing is wrong & now all of a sudden because they’re in the spotlight they have to address it.

Without that, you could probably do this 72 hour rebuttal three times in a row & do it completely by the book, but there’s a very good chance & likelihood that it’s not going to get a lot of attention. 

Lois (caller): Well, according to Heather, then it goes to another entity & the other entity forecloses on everybody else. So, that you’d have to clear up with Heather. I mean, evidently, I’m not sure what or who the other entity is. 

Lisa: When it came to enforcement, actually here’s a quote from Heather...I couldn’t put it any better: “We are DO'ing the mechanics of enforcement now...the one people's part in the enforcement?  Please, DO keep consciously choosing to BE and DO...that has more effect then you know...that is one of the vital keys to the mechanics of enforcement that is being DONE now.  Full context and knowing of the mechanics of the enforcement shall be visible after it is DONE. Similar to the same template the Public Trust did in the foreclosure...we told you after the mechanics were done...”

So, I think people are...this goes back to actually what our other radio show is all about, the collective consciousness, collective imagination...when you’re being called to action to DO & BE, we need to fully understand the power that we have as individuals within our own imagination. That is the DO’ing we can do & that is the BE’ing we can envisioning this & seeing it & imagining it & through that creating it...the outcome that we want.

Don’t underestimate the power of that, because enough of us have done that individually & collectively, consciously & subconsciously, leading up to this point that has allowed this to manifest the way it has right here right now at the end of 2012. We all wanted so desperately to be free & for change & we projected that into the collective(?). And we called it in & this is what we’ve got. So, don’t underestimate it. That is a DO’ing & a BE’ing that is so powerful.

Chris: I would have to say that the act of sending the paperwork to them, is an energetic transfer as well as a paper transfer. It’s a big sign to them that we know what the game is & that time’s up. The more paper they get, the bigger the message they’ll get. DO’ing that & BE’ing that is probably going to amplify that energy & that’s what we’re gonna need to get it over the line, because I think enforcement will roll out when this goes public. I’m not sure we’ll get a lot of satisfaction, because the system will try to ignore it until it just can’t.  

Brian: And that I think...was that Bob?

Bob: that was Chris.

Brian: Oh, Chris, this is Brian. I think that’s really it. I think when Heather wrote that comment... what I got the sense of reading between the lines is that...does everybody remember...I don’t remember if...especially D when you were writing on your blog & a lot of the intel people...
they were all in know, there wasn’t a whole lot of information going out because everybody was supposed to be real tight-lipped. It was like there was no updates & no updates. Well, The One People’s Public Trust, they were the driving force that was behind what was going on during that silence. Right now, they’re doing the same thing.

Even myself & D & Lisa & some of the others that are in constant communication with Heather...gosh, it seems like 24 hours a day over the course of the last couple of weeks...we don’t even know exactly whats going on. If we did, things would probably make a whole lot more sense for us individually & we’d be able to share what we could.

Heather’s very transparent. Everything for the most part that she shares with us, we share on these shows. You know, the lid has been blown off this whole thing. What happened then is the same thing that’s happening now. There’s something big...I mean astronomically big...that’s going on behind the scenes right now that’s getting ready to explode that is going to create an environment to where...this is my belief...where I think the shadows & the remnants of these systems that are still there to enforce these the courts, the law enforcement & so on & so forth...the plug is going to be pulled, from the socket.

And this light is going to get shined into the darkest shadows, to where it just all comes out. That’s the tipping point that we’ve all been waiting for. By all means, I don’t think that anybody...that we should stop DO’ing & BE’ing & creating this amazing energy. And everyone...gosh...the websites coming up & various countries all over the world for One People’s Public Trust & what they’re doing. I mean, it’s beautiful the energy that’s being created. It’s awesome.

But, I also truly believe that there’s going to be a time here in the very near future where we’re not even going to need these documents. You know, people aren’t going to have to go in & fight anymore, because the systems that they’re fighting against...the remnants of the systems aren’t going to be able to hold themselves up on the house of cards that they’ve stacked on right now. 

Lisa: Yeah, this was said in the very beginning...there are no forms to fill in. I don’t believe we have to do any paperwork ourselves. She also said recently that the beast is starving. What we’re seeing, you know, with the fear-mongering thats going on right now too, is the death throes of this beast. Someone else gave a beautiful analogy on one of the shows I was on last week...I can’t even remember...about the vine. You know, a building being covered in a vine. The roots have been pulled out, it takes a while for the leaves & the rest of the vine to die off.

Our role, I think everybody’s role...when I say a role, all of to help spread the word, educate people, get it to the point where even those within the system cannot avoid it...because they’ve all got...everybody knows somebody who knows a cop...or has one in the family or a judge or a lawyer, you know...make sure they get this information. Make sure it gets to them as well & keep spreading the word.

Lois (caller): Also I’d like to point out one other thing too is that there is a site up there that’s called Individual Solution Society & The People’s Trust & they’re trying to get donations. What I’d like everybody to know is that The One People’s Public Trust doesn’t ask for donations. They don’t want any money. Everything is free to the people. So, if you ever go to that site or you see somebody asking for money, don’t do it. It’s not The One People’s Public Trust. 

(several talking at once)

Santos: Guys, just a minute, if I could just grab a caller who’s been waiting a long time now, please. Sorry, hold your thoughts. Caller with number 707 please, are you there? (silence) Hello, caller 707?

Caller: Hello?

Santos: Yes.

Caller: Oh God, hi. I just want to ask you to define what the OPPT & The One People’s Public Trust is for the layperson please.

Chris: Who’d like to take that? (laughter) I’ll take a go at that. The People’s Trust are a group of very skilled lawyers who, inside the system some years back, decided to take a stand & used the system against itself to correct the injustices they saw as being against humanity. They set fact, I’ll take this opportunity to read one paragraph out of the Paradigm Report that resulted from their initial investigations & it reads like this, “The private money for public use banking system is the constant foreign(?) denominator & prime of all crimes against humanity, sovereigns, contract & commerce, including but not limited to, breach of peace, trespass, involuntary servitude, illegal fraud, coercion, force, theft & deceptive practices & acts.”

They decided to turn the system on itself. They did a series of very complex filings, where they resumed the public trust that was created in the original Constitution of the United States. They rolled into it everybody on the planet. They created an action where they defined the defendant as the debtor & they rolled into that entity the entire system, the banking system. They accused the banking system of...they accused the entire system of crimes against humanity. Then they asked them to rebut, which they did not & then they foreclosed & shut down the whole lot.

At the same time, they created the basic structure for another completely different type of governance, called a CVAC, which is a very well constructed entity, certainly from my point of view & my opinion. So from our point of view, what is The People’s Public Trust? The Public Trust itself consists of us, every person on the planet & the planet, the Creator, okay? And included in the planet, in the assets of the planet, are those things which we consider of value, which at this stage is gold & silver, which has been’s value has been bound to the Trust. So, The People’s Public Trust is everybody on this planet...every single person, no one left borders, no governments, no corporations, ll of what we consider to be the valuable assets on the planet, all gold & silver bound up & divided amongst us equally in equity for our use & the planet itself, which is a caretaker of us & we of it & Source. That’s The Public Trust.

Caller: I love that. Thank you. I needed to know. I’ve been watching & listening, you know, so thank you for that. Perfect.

Chris: Don’t be distracted by all of the action that they took to shut the system down. That was simply the clearing of the playing field to allow us to move to the next level. It’s an amazing opportunity for everybody...equally.

Caller: I believe in this. I do. I love you all & thank you.

Santos: Welcome, thanks caller. Thank you very much. We do have another caller, please, if you don’t mind friends. 239 is the area code. Caller, are you there?

Caller: Yes I am, thank you. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I’m so proud of you. Just a comment about the UCC documents. Something that I’ve been thinking about & something I think would be a benefit if we could figure out how to get it to create a webinar that could teach folks that are in the know, that are involved in what’s going on now, that are following the sites & following the actions & that kind of thing...teaching them how to utilize the UCC documents & then letting them go out in turn showing other people how to do it & let’s just get this rolling. Is that a possibility?

D: Can I jump in here for a second? This is D. I was just gonna say we have had some of the most incredible people come forward in the last few weeks. People who are BE’ing & DO’ing & have taken it upon themselves...who are in Canada & the United States...putting together templates to be able to file the documents for people to...complete instructions on how to fill things out. Someone has built a forum, so that anyone who is filing UCC documents can get together with everyone else & they can discuss & they can help each other out.There is just tons & tons of people coming forward & saying, okay well what can we do? Let’s go. I’m gonna BE & I’m gonna DO & this is what I’m going to do. So, very soon you’ll see it.

Brian:  Hey, D, talk about what Hope is putting together also.

Hope: Oh, that’s phenomenal. If you have not had a chance to read it yet, Hopegirl 2012 has put out the business plan. It is phenomenal. I posted it on RTS yesterday, last night. I don’t have the link handy, so me trying to read it out to you isn’t going to help. If you go to Hopegirl, her site, read the business plan. It is a piece of artwork, written in the new paradigm of how business should be in the new paradigm. It really is quite brilliant. 

Brian: Let me give her URL, so people can go on there. It’s & the business plan is the FTW, which is the Fix the World organization business plan. I’m only five pages into this thing, but it’s beautiful. I mean, everybody asks, what’s business going to be like in the new age or when we get into this new paradigm? Hope does a beautiful job of painting a real beautiful picture, with a lot of research & a lot of hours & a lot of people that have been involved in this from countries all around the world. It’s something to get very excited about, so if you haven’t seen it, definitely go on her blog & check it out. 

Chris: Yeah, well one thing, I’ve actually read that through, Brian & yes, it’s a great piece & it’ll get people really thinking about new options. One of the things that occurred to me while I was reading it, is it’s somewhat written with the concept that the old system will be running alongside the new system & would kinds of leaves out The People’s Trust effect, if you like, of sweeping the playing field clear. If we do get that effect, if it goes public & that does happen, what she has written about, Hopegirl, will be far easier than she thinks.

Brian: (laughter) I think so too.

Chris: Yeah. Because she’s sort of written it...just want to put this thought in people’s head...she’s somewhat written it from the thought of just the sheer weight of people in some areas of the corporate world wanting to go in a different direction, but ultimately, eventually, would take us there. Thats the way I thought it would happen, I thought it might take 10 or 20 years.

But, what I think will happen is that when we get the release of absolute data, that you will find not just companies but entire sectors of won’t just be one car company, all of the car companies, some of them might just disappear, because there’s no reason for them to exist anymore. But what you’ll get are the passionate people in that industry immediately being drawn to one another when they realize the opportunity they’ve got. And they’ll reform entire industries                  in a very short period of time.

I think that’s a possibility & that is just an exciting thought. I just wanted to put it out there, because one of the things she talks a lot about in her document is offering training & guidance & so forth. What we have to bear in mind, is that inside these industries they have all the stuff they need to have. All they’ve got to do is change their minds & make a decision & the passionate ones will do that & the ones that were just working at it as a job, will go off & do something else.  

I think the effect will be like a nuclear reaction, where energy spreads to molecules around it & the whole thing just goes nuclear. I think it could be extraordinary what we’ll see happen.

D: Chris? Hope is in the queue right now.

Santos: Yep, yep, I’m aware of that. Let’s pull up Hope & then please that’s 810, are you there, Hope? (silence) Nope, not getting her. Okay, we’re having a bit of a problem getting Hope. We’ll look out for her. Continue please.
Chris: I’d love to have a chat.

Bob: There is one thing I wanted to speak to & that’s about the BE’ingness. BE’ingness & I’m going to give a important this is...because a lot of time people hear these comments & they think, well this is in 5D & I don’t understand it. I’m gonna give you a little 5D lesson ... short, but sweet. Everything that you do, everything, you are in constant contact with that one Source. Let’s call it space. Space is everywhere. It’s inside you, outside you & it is one thing. It is energy & perfect balance.

Anything that you do...& that includes thinking, going out into the space. And is instantly known by the entire space, just as if someone were to touch your toe, your whole body knows that your toe has been touched...instantly. Everything that you are thinking, everything that you are feeling, is information. It is forming the space. Everything that you are BE’ing is in an act of creation.

So, when we ask you, what is it that you choose to BE, we make a choice on what we choose to create. We do that by our predominance...whatever is the predominant energy that is coming from us. If you are still in fear, if you are still in that slavery mentality, if you are still bowing to an authority...well, you are creating more of that reality.  

Every person that has come in contact with The One People’s Trust have been in an act of creating it . Otherwise, you would just have not get this information. You wouldn’t be listening. You wouldn’t be tuning in. It would never occur to you. There are many people who are in that category right now. So, this in my opinion, is probably the most important thing that’s happening on the planet right now.

So why isn’t it world-wide news?  Because not everyone is BE’ing free. If you are listening to this & have come in contact, you are one of the creators also of this One People’s Trust. So, it’s important for all of us to make those choices in what it is that we’re creating. Because what it is that we’re creating is what we’re choosing to BE.

Santos: Yep, beautiful...well said, Bob. Thanks for that. It’s the I AM & we are part of the I AM, so how can we diminish it ourselves & separate ourselves from All That Is. So, I AM is the name          & I do recall that’s one of the things that Heather be the I AM. We don’t have names.  These are corporate persons. They’ve reduced us to corporations, so that they...because, by law, individuals cannot be taxed, but corporations can. So if you have a name & you go around declaring that name, well it’s gonna be taxed. Because it’s a person, it’s personal property, which belongs to the military-industrial complex. So, I AM is the way to be.

So, do we have Hope there I wonder? Okay, we’re still waiting for Hope. So, anybody that would like to pitch in please.

Lisa: I can address another question that comes up frequently about the CVACs. People wanting to get the CVAC branches activated. You know, I’m getting emails from all around the world, saying I’m from Italy or I’m from South Africa or I’m from Croatia or I’m from Belgium, how do we get this CVAC activated?

I got a response from Heather this morning on this, which is “CVAC and all BRANCHES definitely can be used by the one people...however, Absolute Data (not one piece missing) is coming out the people want to make an "interim decision" or an informed conscious choice based on the Absolute Data?  
Do they want to make the conscious choice to not be responsible and be governed or do they want to make the conscious choice to be responsible and practice self-governance? FOR NOW, THE CVAC and all BRANCHES reserved are holding the PTW in their place so that the one people of this planet of the opportunity to receive all the data and make an informed choice by their free will, each one.”

So, what I took from that is, it’s a matter she said, at the moment they’re being, the current structure is being held in place, so that we can all catch up & catch our breath & allow ourselves to receive as much data as we need, in order to make an informed choice about where to go next. Let’s not rush into anything. Let’s allow ourselves to sort of sit & be within ourselves     & see what’s next. Not everybody is ready for self-governance. I think we need to get to the point where everybody is, to some degree at least. Does that make sense?

Chris: Makes sense to me. I’d like to throw something else in here too, is some information that came to me couple days ago, because I asked for it to come to me & it came to me in the form of one of the students of Peter Shelton & Michael Monk. He essentially was passing on a message to me & it was this, that there’s going to be massive changes. That one of the issues is going to be a great fear reaction from the general population, because just the magnitude of the information is going to be overwhelming for them.

I think this is playing into what Heather is trying to say to us, is that it may be premature to jump in & activate the CVACs right now, because of this information event, which appears to be imminent. we need...we can’t act unilaterally at this point. There really has to be as many people as possible all involved in the decision to activate a CVAC do it properly, because it’s so...yes, you could start one, but then you really gotta do something with it instantly. There’s a lot of responsibility there & it’s not to be taken lightly.

His message to me was that the fear reactions are best dealt with by going to that empathic place to understand that we’re all going through different versions of the same processes. Some of us are more ahead than others. As Lisa just said, many people out there aren’t ready for this information. They have no idea any of this is going on. They haven‘t got a clue. That cuts across society. That cuts right across everybody around us. Like as we may, to really jump in...should we be waiting until at last everybody has the chance to really become aware of what’s going on.

The other message he had for me, which I’ll just say briefly, is that the lightworkers...the people workers who are actively pursuing this & also all the endeavors where they are trying to help the planet energetically, spiritually...are the most powerful group on the planet. They are pulling in all sorts of different directions. The big message to them is, we all have to pull together & the sooner you do it, the sooner we’ll all get over the line. That we really have to start looking in the same direction & moving forward is one.

(several talking at once)

Bob: There’s one thing I wanted to put out there to everyone who’s not on board with The One People’s Public Trust, because I see a lot of myopic vision happening. Please, please, look over here, pay attention to what’s going on around you. Everyone has their own projects & things & their own aims. One of the things I love about The One People’s Public Trust is it puts everything back to equity, so that there’s no leaders. There’s no one that is placed ahead of another. So anyone who resists an idea like that has an agenda. Im sorry to say that, but it will show what your true intentions are, when you’re faced with pure intent. That’s one of the things that I think we really need to have, is pure intent. Go on, Lisa.

Brian: Hey, Bob, this is Brian. I agree with you. I also think that...the problem is, there’s a lot of the seven billion people in the world, I couldn’t tell you the amount that have heard of The One People’s Public Trust & then the ratio of the people that have heard of it that have bought into the truth...but I’m of the belief that over the course of the last ten years, especially since 2011 & even most recently the last year...that things have been happening in the world to slowly wake people up. I mean, I think we could all agree on that on this call.

But, there’s so many people that exist that...anytime’s one of the cabal’s biggest defense’s what they use against us, which is the’s an urban legend or you’re a conspiracy theorist. They use the terms like that against us to keep the masses in the dark. Without something coming out into the open & shaking people up, because yeah there’s going to be a lot of people that instantly go into fear mode, but there’s also a lot of people out there who...they’ve seen & heard things that may or may not be true in their mind, that they know something funny is going on.

I think that that’s...when we get to the point where Absolute Data comes out...I mean, we’ve talked about it with Heather, with conversations before...there’s going to have to be a whole re-education process that comes out to educate people to the truth of their existence. I think that one of the big phases that has been taking place in the background that have caused the view of all this, oh there’s delays & this is why this is being delayed & that’s why that’s being delayed.

I think that what’s happening behind the scenes is trying to get to the point where they can minimize the amount of fear to the highest degree possible. it’s never gonna be perfect, because there’s a lot of people that have been living in the dark. This is going to shake & rattle them.
But it’s going to be the kind of people that are on this call & the kind of people that are listening to this call & the people that are open-minded that aren’t going to have to be there to hold space for these folks. Because I think five years ago, if we were talking about this now, yes there would not be enough people ready for this to happen. It’s gotta come. It’s going to shake some people. For us to think that over the course of the next coming weeks or months people are just gonna be more ready based on whatever it is that comes out in mainstream media, we might be waiting forever. I’m kind of the opinion, let’s rip the bandaid off & deal with it.

Bob: I agree with you, Brian.

Lisa: I agree with you too.

Bob: The nature of the information is such that you can’t talk about one without it leading into everything else. So, you’re talking about technology, you’re talking about the existence of the galactic community, you’re talking about the very nature of who we are...

Lisa: Our true history.

Bob: Our true history, yes.

D: Absolutely.

Brian: Correct. There’s so many layers to it. You know, you throw religion in there & all of a sudden you have a real huge issue, because there’s many people in this world who follow organized religion. That’s probably the one that’s going to be the most difficult for people to cope with. But, it’s ultimately truth that’s going to set people free. When people realize that the nature of our existence is so beyond any spiritual concepts that they could ever imagine or fathom, that the beauty that is ultimately going to come from going to be something that is matter who awake you think you really are right’s impossible to imagine, because it’s the nature of who we are.

Chris: One of the messages, one of the things that led from my discussion with Julian Wells, the student, was that the reason for his message about the lightworkers was they need to unite to remove the fear, okay? Because energetically behind the background, int eh background, they’re capable of doing that. Just the way mass meditation have a dramatic effect on many things. They will have a dramatic effect on the level of fear, if they act as one. During the period of time our Absolute Data is being released, if any lightworkers are out there listening to this, this is really, really important. Because we can move forward much more quickly & smoothly if we remove the fear.

Lisa: Santos, I think we have Heather on the line with D. 

D: Heather’s on the line. Heather, can we hear you? (silence) Unmute your mike.

Brian: Wow, D, I can’t believe you talk to you guys have your own private skype going on?

D: I’ve conferenced her in, but we all know...everyone I’m really sorry...

Heather: Can you hear me now?

D: There she is.

Brian: There’s Heather.

Heather: Hi.

Lisa: Hi, Heather...we can hear you.

(several voices in foreground & background talking at once)...

(unidentified voice: get your little butt to sleep)...

Heather: I feel like the Verizon commercial.

Brian: Hey, we’re going to have to probably do what we usually do when we talk to Heather, is just all put our phones on mute & let her talk.

Santos: Yep, yep, can everybody mute because there’s a lot of background noise, guys & just leave it over to Heather. Thanks, Heather. You’ve got the mike. 

Heather: (lots of background noise & distortion throughout Heather’s conversation) Okay, a lot of people ask a lot of questions, like what has been done & all of this. We can seek out & go down memory lane.  But right now, there’s a lot of DO’ing(?) that still has to go on.

So, as far as the fear, I mean, look at the templates that have been used. If you can get rid of the ego & greed, then you can get rid of the fear. Get rid of ego & greed, it’ll come together. And I don’t care if that’s lightworkers, community, nations, dropping of borders, whatever it may be. Divide & conquer is their template. So, unify & DO together should be the opposite one, right?

And to clarify (inaudible), I’m the only one that has the legal background out of the three of us. Caleb basically describes himself as a nerd. Randall is older than us, so he has a lot of experience from 25(?) years ago...episodes where it was attempted before. So, in this particular regard, we’re very diverse, but at the same time, we work very well together because we’re all there for the same goal. There’s no ego, there’s no greed. (inaudible). There’s nothing to fear. If I went through the data that we work on, it would take so much time it would actually hinder & delay. Usually when I get asked about enforcement, we’re just going in there to do the enforcement. Can you guys hear me?
Santos: Yeah we can. Look, just hang on for a minute heather please, because we still have some background noise to sort out in a minute. Are you speaking through D’s line?

D: Yes.

Santos: Okay, we just need to fix this at the board, so the board can mute all the other lines out. Please bear with me, this is a bit of a complex process. We’ll fix this now & we should have a better transmission from Heather. Sorry about that, Heather, just technical problems.
Please continue on & we are hearing you loud & clear, just a lot of background noise. I think it should be better from now on. Thank you.  

Heather: Sorry, I’m not a techie...I wish I was. I guess what I would like to know is how can I help you on this call? What is the main issue that you have or that you are seeing right now from your listeners?

Santos: Okay, guys, would anybody like to address that? What questions come up?

Lisa: Well, I just know that the questions that are on that (inaudible) are all good. the ones that keep coming to me are the people that are already (inaudible) in the middle of a situation, whether it’s with a police situation or foreclosure or maybe they’re in the process of purchasing a property...they’re dealing with the system already & they want to know (inaudible)...they’re facing prison, they’re facing fines, they’re facing foreclosures...what can they do? How can we utilize this right here, right now?

Heather: I know those aren’t my kids, mine are in bed.

D: They’re not mine either...I’m putting that out there. (laughter)

Lisa: It has to be somebody who is still on...

Bob: I don’t have any kids.

Brian: No kids on my end either. (laughter)

Lisa: You got anything you can say towards that, Heather?

Santos: I think we’ve lost her. We may even have lost D.

D: Yes, you muted me, so therefore you muted Heather. Go ahead, Heather.

Heather: Okay, can you hear me now?

D: Yes.
Heather: Okay, what I would say is this. You have a (inaudible) foreclosed on, okay? All those agents, that are in that slavery system, still don’t even know what’s going on. They take orders, they’re following instructions. It’s important to remember that they are people too. Most of them are there for a paycheck. Most of them are there to put food on the table & a roof over their head.

So, be as kind & gentle as you can, but be as firm as you can too, as far as saying this is who I BE...this is my common law principle. Now, show me your sworn & verified identification, your authority to act & what law you’re operating under.
I mean, that’s what it comes down to. That is BE’ing & it’s asking that (skipped words) to do something to share her baby. I know that is not the answer that people want to hear. They want to have the silver bullet, so to speak. At the same time, what I’m doing is something that has been around for eons, not just a hundred years.

Santos: Wonderful, very true. Of course it takes a lot of consciousness & patience & perseverance. These guys have been working on perfecting their trust & their papal bulls. I mean, we can go back to 1302 with Pope Bonifus really, couldn’t we? And say that that one is the big one that no-one has ever been able to trump until People’s Trust. Would you agree?

Heather: Yeah, that was kind of the key, with going back to prime...going right back to Source. The only way to go back in & clear stuff out that is hidden or not like...a lot of people have been sending me David Wynn Miller’s stuff regarding quantum language & all that. Yeah, that’s a huge part of it & he brings out a lot of information that is true. You know, data that hasn’t been known for a long time. Only by those select few. Not even by our U.S. Supreme Court, the purported U.S. Supreme Court...most of them didn’t even know all that stuff. And there’s a whole bunch more they don’t know. 

So, the only way to go in & make sure everything was back to prime...starting point...was through the same (inaudible) system that basically enslaved everyone through. So, there’s no more hidden anything. Everything needs to be transparent. If something isn’t transparent, there’s a reason why.

I don’t choose to partake in that. Everything I do is transparent. Everything Caleb, Randall ... everything that I choose to do with others should be transparent. If it can’t be, there’s a reason behind it & you have to start questioning what’s the self-interest or the special interest here that may be damaging others.

Santos: Yes, when everything is transparent & everyone is responsible, then there’s no room for special interests.

Heather: Well, the special interest is okay. Self interest is okay. Bur not when it damages any other.

Santos: Exactly. And enslaves mankind in the process. I’ve always said the system works, it’s just that they don’t tell you how it works, number one, the first evil. And the second one is that they’ve run the system in debt, rather than in credit, which is impossible to experience any kind of freedom. There’s two negatives that have already been repaired, really, with this.

Heather: Yeah, I mean, everything’s been repaired. Now it’s just a matter of BE’ing & you know, I was told all the way through that there were certain folks that were not gonna give us the powers.
I think right now what will be a hard concept for everyone to grasp is that the powers-that-were on this planet, they’re really not the powers-that-were. They’re brokers. They really are just brokers, similar or actually(?) to the brokers in a financial trade aspect.

There are other wizards & big dogs(?) behind that curtain. Otherwise, the powers-that-were would have shut down already. So that’s the part...& that’s why I say enforcement...I’d rather just say here’s how the enforcement went when it’s all done. Because there’s so many aspects that people don’t have the data for & the data is mind-blowing, to the point where you’re expending all your energy to explain things to everyone & hold their hand. It’s better just to go in & do it.

Santos: Exactly. Anyone, questions please...jump in, jump in.

Lisa: Well, we all just like to sit back & listen to Heather talk.

D: And we have such a clear line at the moment, I’m just amazed. 

Santos: Yeah, the line’s clear, it’s beautiful. 

Bob: Heather, one of the things I just wanted to express to you is the gratitude. I hope that you’re receiving all of that energy, because I know that you’ve been...I don’t know when you sleep (laughter), or if you sleep. (laughter) I just wanted to express the gratitude that you & the other trustees, Caleb & Randall, have done. We are very, very appreciative of it.

Lisa: Actually, Heather, I ‘d like it if you could address the gold exercise that was put out as well, because a lot of people on this show may have not come across it & may not understand the importance & impact of it. Is there anything that you can address there in regards to that gold exercise?

Heather: Sure. Well first I’d like to say thank you for the gratitude...most lovingly & I return it in kind for all the BE’ing & DO’ing that everyone is out there doing. It has an effect & an impact that you’re not able to put into absolute context just yet, but you will.

The gold exercise basically, if you look around this planet, you may notice that things are alive. We don’t really see them. It’s just sort of like driving to work every day. You’re not paying just sort of get from your house to your job & you don’t really remember the way.
Well, we sort of have come into life that way & it’s not much of a life. So, if you just stop for a minute & look what’s around you & recognize that there’s energy. Everything is energy. If you aren’t able to recognize energy in something else, is it not foreclosing(?) or affecting energy that you are? These are questions that we discuss all the time, in the Public Trust, is a acknowledgement...because by acknowledging others, you are acknowledging yourself. And you’re showing people how you want to be treated.

So, when we go through this gold exercise...(inaudible)...less than any other energy. A lot of people don’t know about St. Germaine’s Trust & the particular gold that purportedly is inside. It’s a living gold...a biological gold. It operates at a certain frequency. This is data that isn’t out there, except for Pentagon & things like that. So, instead of just bringing the data out & talking about it, I wanted to go through an exercise where people could just start on their own.

You know, energy of water...a great commenter on D’s blog...when we did the gold exercise, commented, hey I too (inaudible) got the water every morning. I look down at the water & I say, hey gorgeous. They give the energy to the water. They recognize & acknowledge the water. There’s an energy there. So, it’s just a matter of becoming aware...being conscious. Start looking around you & seeing the animals, the plants, the energy field around everything. That’s all that exists, is energy. And there’s different frequencies & vibrations of it.

So, we keep hearing St. Germaine’s Trust won’t be doing this or that until the collective consciousness or zero point. Well, it’s a matter of frequency & vibration. Basically, what’s happening right now behind the scenes is...if I have information that tells you, okay this is how you do it, here’s the manual. Raise your vibration & your frequency to that of the living gold that’s in trust, in “St. Germaine trust”. If you raise your vibration, then the gold is actually released automatically.

But that’s not data that they’re giving out. In fact, purportedly St. Germaine works very closely with the Pentagon & the Pentagon (very garbled). So it kind of makes one wonder, based on data, if that data is correct or is it data at all? (very garbled)...the dumbing down came from deceptives(?) in helping people reach enlightenment or higher (inaudible). These are things that people need to consider. That’s why I’m saying Absolute Data allows you to discern from within what resonates. Your guidance tools of resonance are operating at a much more sensitive frequency right now. So, contrasts are really obvious.

I don’t spend the energy to answer emails or public statements by Drake or Casper or any of these other guys. Because right now, my energy needs to be pegged to DO’ing. So does Caleb’s & Randall’s...everyone else’s. I don’t want to talk...I’d rather just do. I do enjoy conversations of having to DO, how do we create, how do we co-create? That’s exciting. Talking about the old stuff, that’s not exciting. 

So, I hope that sort of explains the gold exercise. It was just to bring in awareness, but then from within. It’s not telling you, here’s this, here’s that. I really enjoyed watching people do the gold exercise. And in the comments, it’s just like, yeah, I’ve got it. And you know what, it’s living, it’s dancing, it’s breathing. And if you look at gold in such a way that it’s energy & no less than you, all of a sudden you kind of start to question perhaps...well when I say my gold, our I not inflating an energy just like I’ve been inflated & I’m energy.

So, these are things to consciously think about. It’s all about energy, that’s the prime & that’s where we’re working towards right now. Did I satisfactorily answer your question?

 Lisa: You did for me.

Bob (or Brian?): Yes...definitely.

Santos: Absolutely, wonderful.

Chris: Definitely. I do have one question, Santos, for Heather. It’s Chris here, Heather, how are you?

Heather: Hi, Chris.

Chris: Hi...I just self-muted, sorry about that. Would it be true to say that we’ll all know enforcement has taken place when we observe Absolute Data around us?

Heather: Actually, you’re already seeing enforcement, you’re just not able to put it into absolute context. So, you’re seeing signs of enforcement now, but you’re just not recognizing them as enforcement.

Chris: Yes, there’s all sorts of little bits & pieces going on around us that I can see might be part of it. But like everybody who is observing things going on around here at the moment, very difficult to tell what’s real & what’s not. But I don’t think we’ll miss it when it really kicks in.

Heather: Yeah, just be open to the data. Call the data into you & data will come out. Once you have all the data on the table, that’s why we say, take your time, there’s no rush here...except we’re moving as fast as we can here. Just be aware, look at the data...consider it...discuss it. The more aware you guys are, the more BE’ing that you BE & the more DO’ing that you DO, the more visible all this data comes.

The people (garbled) from inside feel more comfortable bringing it out because you guys are paying attention. And actually you’re DO’ing, which means there’s more of a safe harbor for them to bring out that information. There will be dis-information, yes, that’s the beauty about contrast. That you guys are so...when I say you guys, I mean all of us...we’re much more aware now than we were six months ago, five years ago, my gosh a hundred years ago.
So, trust in you. Trust in the tools that are within you. They were deposited in there by Source. As far as I can see, Source doesn’t make mistakes. They’re inherent.

Santos: Beautiful. Exactly. Never a mistake. We do have another couple of callers. I’ll go to a caller just quickly. 561, caller, are you there?

Caller: Yes, yes, this is Holly, from Florida. I have a question from a legal perspective, wanting to know Heather’s thoughts. My understanding is filing a UCC 1, with any Secretary of State within the United States of America, is somehow ineffective.
I can’t speak intelligently as to why, but there’s a smart group of people called Freedom Club USA. who’ve determined that filing the UCC 1 through the Secretary of State creates an illegitimate, ineffective UCC 1. Somewhere amongst your materials or in direct materials I read filing within the state of Washington, with the Secretary of State, till (inaudible) integrity is recognized all about. Does any of that make sense?

Heather: Yeah, let’s see here. David Wynn Miller...(inaudible). First off, you got to know what the UCC is, okay? The UCC is a registry, & it’s not just planetary, with different branches all the way down to your state level. It’s universal. It’s a transferring system. The UCC is an international portal. Washington D.C. for instance is an international portal for United States Corp. When you file in a state registry, it actually goes right up the line, because it’s just a branch of the international portal. And the international port is just branches of the universal. 

So, when someone tells you that the UCC’s don’t mean anything, I believe they’re relying on data which is changed. That data was the Queen, the purported Queen of England, supposedly has a copyright on the UCC’s. The only problem was, it was the people that paid for it. So, the UCC is actually registered as (inaudible) high(?) property... (silence)

Holly (caller): We are challenged by communication tonight. Yeah, Heather, we’re challenged with the technology tonight, because I’m not hearing you as clearly as I’d like. But I understand you, that is inaccurate information hence forward. That filing the SOS is...

Heather: Yeah, it’s an inaccurate (inaudible) data. It used to be correct in the one had to be a Bar member to be able to use it, utilize it...except for it got taken back to prime. And it is now in private ownership of all the One People equally, which are all the ones that paid for the while system to begin with. So, UCC’s are absolutely applicable. It’s how their whole system, the slavery systems & the shadow governments...all work. So, anyone telling you that it’s not like that...I would just go out & search for the data. Question it. Why doesn’t it apply? They may tell you that it doesn’t apply, but they won’t tell you why. So ask them a further question. Take the questions back to prime. Why doesn’t this apply?

Holly (caller): Understood...understood. Thank you so much.

Heather: Not a problem.

Santos: Lovely. Thank you caller. We do have another one, 316, caller with the number 316, are you there? 

Caller: I am here, thank you. Heather, infinite gratitude, thank you so much. My question is, is one of ethics at this point. With this new information that I have, we are in the process of acquiring new property, ironically. I see indications in the system of some underlying tremblings going on, just because we’re involved in the process. I do see strong indications, so I know that there’s something going on. And thank you, thank you for that.

However, at this point, with this new information, I’m having a crisis of integrity.  I don’t see how we can go forward in the past system & yet I’m not really clear on how to move forward with the new system. I’m certainly willing to take a pause if that’s what we need to do right now. I’m looking for your input.

Heather: I had someone with a similar question. They wanted to buy a piece of land, not a home... You know, my cousin was married to Peter Scheff(?). I don’t know if you know who that is...EuroPac, Euro-Pacific Capital. He’s always on CNN, whatever...he always claims to be the 1%. For years, he wouldn’t allow her to buy a house. They could only rent.

I never understood it, until I was going through the investigations & everything else & all the mortgages are fraud. There are no loans, not unless you can rub coins together & say how you sweated for them & then hand them over to someone else for a promise to pay back. And so, I’m sitting here now...we used the house as a test case & right now, we’re just renting, because I know that when this is all said & done, we can always all go out there...the relationship with Earth is going to be much different. You realize you’re going to be a co-custodian or co-trustee. You will be co-responsible for how this Earth is treated.     

So, at that point, it’s a matter of, okay, I’m going to build a house, I’m going to buy a house. So, for me personally & this is just my personal choice, we’re just renting while we finish up what’s been going on & then at that point, we’ll make our decision on how to proceed forward. I know we’ll be setting how that kind of adventure is done. It’s going to be more responsible & it’s going to be more accurate.

We have to take all the land titles back to prime, because they were all sitting there with the Vatican & that was all over the world. 

Caller: Do you have any vision or insight in how this...

Heather: So, does that answer your question?

Caller: It does. It does & even aside from the fact that we wanted to purchase a ranch & farm & bring it back to a self-sustaining system, that’s beside the point. It’s just a matter of how to proceed & I think I’m going to take the advice that you gave a little bit earlier & pause & listen & rest assured that we will be guided as long as purity is our intent. It’s going to be all good. I’m grateful to be on this journey with all of you. I’m so grateful this day has come.

Heather: Thank you so much for your energy. I can feel it. Look within, you have all the answers within you.

Caller: Thank you so very much. Thanks, guys. Good night.

Santos: Thank you. Alright, guys, any questions from amongst the panel please?

 Lisa: I do have one that’s sort of a follow-up from that question, really. Which is, there are currently properties, whether they’re homes or commercial properties or whatever they are, sitting vacant & have been foreclosed on by the now-foreclosed banks. Is there anything we can do to restore those, right here, right now & prevent more damage?

Heather: You know, we filed all the UCC’s securing all the property, all the land...(garbled)...I think that was the first part of August, end of July. A week after we did that, all of a sudden we were getting reports that the banks were stopping foreclosures & the brokers, the high-network brokers, were really upset because they couldn’t figure out what was going on.

What I can say is this, this is Earth, we are all co-responsible for this Earth. If you see something that needs to be taken care of, you have that responsibility. I’ll send out the UCC that specifically goes to the land & air & seas.

If you put yourself, register yourself as a co-custodian, under your full personal responsibility & liability (garbled), then you I wouldn’t suggest going in & being rude, going in means I’m order for them to understand the contrast. If they’re putting out hate, aggression, fear, then the opposite will be shown, so they can make a choice. They can see the difference.

As far as the land & properties go, we’re in the process of taking those physically back, repossessing all those & making sure that they’re out there. Basically, everyone on the planet will have an ownership in all the properties on the planet & will have an equal ownership. (garbled)...then people can actually do, you know. That was the solution that we came up with, in order to make sure that everyone had a free will choice & had the opportunity to exercise it.

Bob: Heather, can you repeat that last part? You kind of broke up & I was really interested in hearing what you said.

Heather: That all the properties are going into a digital exchange?

Lisa: Yes, that bit, we didn’t hear that.

Heather: Yeah, all the properties are going to go into a digital exchange. Every person on the planet will own an equal share of each property, that they can digitally exchange, you know swap out shares for other property. So, it will be a free market, where everyone has opportunity to exercise their free will choice & choose what property they actually want to live in.

Or maybe not, maybe they just want to travel here & there...a lot of people haven’t been able to travel, most of their lives. So, maybe people really don’t want to have a one residence type of situation, who knows? The point is making sure all that property is responsibly taken care of....nobody’s damaging the Earth. A lot of the tools...that will come out.

Lisa: Just to briefly go back over what was said earlier...about when you said, go in there, be polite & be kind. Are you talking about going into the banking question? Or are you talking about a court situation? Or are you talking about UCC, when you say going in & being polite & kind...with paperwork?

Heather: Well, not even just going in. Just anything that presents itself to you in that present moment. Just be kind. Be graceful. Be in love.

(several talking at once)

Lisa: In all your dealings.

Santos: Yeah, in all your dealings. Absolutely. And just to leave that, to be that & to be responsible. And that will filter through in all of our dealings, no matter where they are. And look, we do have one more caller. I want to take one more caller & then that’ll be it, because we’re down to 20 minutes & I just want everybody to just round out their thoughts please. So, can we go to caller 901 please, area code 901 caller, are you there?

Caller: Hi there. My name’s Bill, from Tennessee. How are you?

Santos: Very well, thanks.

Bill (caller): I am interested in a follow-up with that ethics question. In other words, I think one of the things that the young lady was getting at, was how do you go into a situation in the old system, knowing that you may be out of that contract almost as soon as you get into it. It almost seems like we’re doing something wrong if we’re going into it knowing that we’re not going to end up having to pay, even though no loan may have never been created, you know? It’s just this mind thing this transition. Does that make sense?

Heather: Yeah, it does. Everyone has to make their own choice. You have data, look at the data & see what resonates with you.

Bill (caller): Yeah, thank you. I agree with that. And secondly, what would you do for the moment in a non-judicial state, where foreclosures...they don’t seem to be occurring as rapidly, but I think they’re still occurring.

Heather: As far as non-judicial...the UCC process...(garbled)...what the law is...what your standing is...then going in & doing the three 501. The judges, they’ll all tell you, oh it’s not a UCC, doesn’t apply & all this...they’re told to do that. They’re told to say that. You know the whole process that they do with the Notice of Sale, Notice of Default, Notice of Sale...all of that’s right on the just don’t see it. 

Bill (caller): I see. Well, I’m in a diminished position to be a counselor, but I’m kind of certified by the old powers-that-be to try to tell homeowners to hang in there, buy themselves time, without disclosing much more information than that. Honestly, in my professional capacity, if it were a personal capacity, I’d say perhaps try this. But I can’t make that decision for them & I can’t breach that subject really, because it’s almost too much for some people at this point.         
Heather: Yeah, it’s Bill, right? Okay, Bill, everyone...I’ve been in a situation like you where you have a job & you basically are told to achieve certain goals. Some people are going to find, in this whole new Absolute Data process, that their particular positions or careers or jobs aren’t resonating within them. Maybe they’ll find that, hey I really like it.

All I can tell you is just look at the’re looking for data & analyzing the data & there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to go & make life-altering decisions, until you feel & then you make your choices. But nobody has to feel guilt during this period of time. We’re all learning. We’re all remembering. We’re all gathering together.

Bill (caller): Absolutely. Thank you. I appreciate your answers & I appreciate everything you’ve done. Thank you. 

Heather: Thank you for your energy, Bill.

Santos: Yeah, thank you, Bill. We would all like to add to that. We do all agree & appreciate very much, Heather, because most of the listeners, most of the panel know what it’s like dealing with paperwork. It seems like an endless amount of paperwork has to be done to be a citizen of this corporation. It’s just not even worth it for them. We are enslaved by papers...dead bits of paper that we give life to. So, we do all very much appreciate this work. It must have taken hours & hours & hours of devotion & perseverance & concentration & the amount of time dedicated. We will be the beneficiaries of that & all of our brothers on the planet.

So panel, fire away, we have about 20 solid minutes, so any final thoughts & also what other resources do we have. We did have Hope who is hopefully gonna come back on. Someone mentioned that resource. What else do we have, etc? So, if you’d like to, just shoot away.

D: You know what I think our greatest resource is? It’s us. It’s everyone. It’s every person on this planet. Yes, there is a vast majority right now on this planet blithely sleeping on, not knowing what’s going on at this moment. I’ve talked about this on RTS several times, that those of us who are aware have, in my opinion, a responsibility & that is to be the wayshowers & look out for these people & help these people.

As things start coming out & as understanding starts happening, that they aren’t quite so shocked. You can help them with all these little things. Whether it’s in your family or friends. Whether it’s in your community. Whether it’s just online. There’s gonna be a big job for all of us...just being who we are & who we’re supposed to be. Remember it, as Heather likes to say.

Santos: Beautiful...true too. 

Brian: I’ll dovetail on that real quick, guys, this is Brian. Real quick, though, the question was where else can people go to get some more information & more resources. KP, Kauilapele, put out a post today that might be helpful. It was either today, or it was yesterday. His blog is: the post is called, A Few OPPT Notes, Contact Groups, Discussion Groups--it’s an updated document. There’s a lot of resources there for people to connect with each other & to gather information & stories & share with others who are in need of assistance.

I actually skyped with Hope a couple of minutes ago. She was on her way out the door & apologized for not being able to be here to go to a dinner reservation. She said she’d make herself available for the next call & will most likely be available for Lisa’s call on Tuesday.

My kind of closing thought is great call. I agree with everything that D just said. The energy that we’re creating...this is...every day, it’s an adventure with all this. (laughter) It really is. I wake up & I check my skype every morning. I wake up at 5 am & there’s like a 150 & some odd posts in our little skype room that I have to catch up on through the middle of the night. So, I will confirm & verify Heather does not sleep. She might get rest...there’s a difference between getting rest & sleeping.

This is a journey. I’d never thought the rabbit hole went so deep. Every day, I fall a thousand feet deeper, into awareness & into the truth of what’s really going on. For me, there really isn’t a whole heck of a lot of fear in it anymore. It’s exciting. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride, you know when you’re going up the roller coaster & it’s kind of getting up to the point where you’re at the peak & you’re at the summit & you’re about to take that turn & then gravity just kind of yanks that thing down & you’re going through all sorts of loop-de-loops...I think that’s where we are right now.

I think that once the roller coaster gets over that tipping point, it’s just going to be a free fall. That brings fear for some, excitement & anxiety for others. It really depends on the type of person you are. No matter which way you slice it, it’s an adventure that we all signed up for. I’m so glad & grateful to be here & to have such amazing people to share it with.
It’s only going to get more fun from here...that’s all I have to say.

Santos: Brian, can you share with folks what you do & your website please?

Brian: (laughter) Oh, what do I do? Oh gosh, I’m a computer & internet junkie these days. I’m glued to D’s blog & AK’s blog. I’m attached to American Kabuki’s blog, americankabuki, Really I’m just a reader of all this stuff. I was kind of introduced to the scene with a consultation I did with Poof a couple months back, that got put onto American Kabuki’s blog & went viral. I think I got like 8 or 9000 hits in like 4-5 hours. I was able to get close with American Kabuki.
Where it really all started for me, was when Heather sent Kauilapele & American Kabuki am email talking about the significance of that consultation I did that went out & was on exposing the guy, General Wong, out of Hong Kong & his agenda that he had as far as the power & the money goes. I don’t really know the whole’s what Heather shared with us. I’ve been kind of in it ever since then.

As far as my background, I’m just a guy with...I’m an adrenaline junkie, as it pertains to watching the adventure unfold every day. That’s kind of a little bit about me. I’d be more than happy to share more about me in another call, but I know we’re limited for time here on this one, so I greatly appreciate the opportunity for bringing me o here & what everybody is doing. Santos & everybody else on the call, it’s been an honor to speak with you. I’d be more than happy to come on again anytime in the future.

Santos: Beautiful. Thanks, Brian. Anyone else from the panel? Otherwise, we’ll just leave it over to Heather for the last five or six minutes.  

Lisa: I was going to say something, but I’d rather hear from Heather. I’ll leave it with that.

Santos: Alright.

Heather: I’m actually liking all the accents, so I’d rather listen (garbled).

Santos: Yeah, I’m in the rather listen to other people mood today too.

Lisa: If I’m going to say anything, it would just be honestly to reiterate a little what Brian just said. My mornings now consist of getting a real strong coffee, because I know I’m gonna need it.            Sitting down & catching up on the skype group chat that Heather’s in & Lois & AK & Brian & myself & Hopegirl & trying to pick my brains up off the floor. It’s an exciting way to start the day, I have to say. I’ve considered myself a sort of veteran around certain parts of this rabbit hole ...20-25 years for a lot of it. I feel so reinvigorated & enthusiastic & open.

Because I’ve always had that mindset, that I don’t know what I don’t know. But what I don’t know has just exploded. It’s exciting again. Every day, it’s just exciting, not about the rabbit hole & the way the world really works, but about me & about who I am & what I am & the power that I have within me. That’s what’s been the reinvigorating aspect of it. Without the boundaries, without the external governance.

You know, how rethinking, revisiting, I self-govern. What that means to me & where my integrity is. Just having to re-ask myself, re-evaluate all of those things. That’s the process I’m kind of going through now, more than anything. It’s a very personal one & yet I know that it’s expressing itself...the way I’m expressing myself is changing & the impact that I’m having in my environment is changing. So, it’s a whole new journey yet again. It’s brilliant. I’m having fun. 

Heather: That’s the point. I think you’re right. It is about you & it’s about everyone. I love the idea when D & you guys made it up, The Public Trust skype room, or whatever it is. I just have so much fun. Believe me, there were a lot of periods I didn’t have fun. So, to sit & talk with you guys, I’m learning as much from all of you as maybe from me.

The point is, is interacting. If you can interact with each other, that’s DO’ing. And that’s something we haven’t done in a long, long time. So, I thank you guys & all the energy that you give me, I give back in kind.

Bob: Did we lose everyone?

D: Heather is kind of there...sort of there.

Lisa: And I’m here...kinda.

Bob: I am just...I’m so grateful to even be in contact with other like minds. For so long, it’s been a lonely journey. To be able to, every morning, just like Lisa said, I wake up in the morning & I’m just like, what’s changed? How has the world changed since I’ve been asleep? There’s always something new. There’s always more information.

Many of us are experiencing profound changes, in our the way we look at ourselves. It’s a choice. It’s a simple choice. If you understood how simple it was, you could choose to be anything you wish...right now. It almost instantly, you see the effect of it. And this is...I’m just amazed at being a participant in it. We’re all participants, whether we’re aware of it or not. But, I’m so grateful I’m an aware some degree, as to what it is that we’re actually creating here.

The potential of what can BE, is ahhh...& I’m just excited & I’m glad to be a part of it. This is my life. This what I know, sharing information. I was a teacher for 20 some odd years. So, I enjoy learning & teaching & this is all possible now.
It’s happening & I’m experiencing my joy every morning when I wake up & it’s sometimes disheartening when you have to come back down to 3D. But, sometimes you do. That’s the thing, walking in two different worlds, because there’s two completely different realities. Lisa will tell you...anyone on the panel will tell you...when you have to go & do the mundane 3D things, you’re like in a’re like, oh my goodness...

Lisa: It serves a purpose by providing the contrast, though. (laughter) 

D: Yes, going into a mall is just lovely right now. (laughter)

Chris: it. (laughter) Look I just wanted to say, I can’t believe the conversation we’re having.
If you cast your minds back to the day before you saw the first public, published publications from The People’s Trust & how you felt about the future, were you not steeling yourself for something which is not here.

In the conversation with Heather, there’s something completely different. We’ve gone to a completely different place in less than a month. And like everybody else, I’m so excited & grateful & pleased & my breath is taken, as to just the magnitude of what we’re looking at, instead of all the other things that have been thrown at us for the last few years. I just wonder where we’ll be in a month’s time & I’m looking forward to that incredibly. So, thank you Heather & all the others. 

Lisa: At that time, where we were at was this global collective sigh of disappointment that the world didn’t change on the 21st of December. That’s kind of what I felt like. And yet, four-five days later, well actually it has changed. 

Chris: Yeah, I mean all the filings were complete. the information was simply made public on the 25th. But it was a done deal even by then. We just didn’t know it. It’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Santos: Yeah, well to think for many hundreds & hundreds of years these robber barons have gotten away with their rules & maritime so-called laws & be able to harvest the energy of mankind & we didn’t know a way out. They had the most superior claim on the planet, I mean, they’ve got papal bulls...for goodness sakes, you know. (laughter)

Those are heavy documents. They’re written in blood, you know, kid’s blood, on parchment, which you don’t know what sort of an animal will...whatever creature they killed to get that document. In that, they put all their spells on know, put all those so-called holy spells on those bulls & then they put them away on their...they archived them in the Vatican. No one has been able to trump that & now we have. So, we’ve put to death a big beast, Goliath, so to speak.

We won’t know ourselves in the next few weeks. You know, the changes that are coming upon this Earth exponentially. Brace yourself folks. Brace yourselves, because what is coming is the remembering of who we are & that we are remembering that we belong to the unity, not the uniformity of the world. You know, they always co-opt true & beautiful things. And rather than give you unity, they give you know, don this uniform on & follow some orders & we will have the new world order. Good little foot soldiers.

Well, that’s all over. We are all now in our sovereignty, for want of a better word, in our dominion. And hallelujah, the time has come. Let’s all act on that & be responsible & go forward from this point forward. Heather, what do you say to that with the closing three minutes?

Heather: I think that I’m speechless. Your guy’s DO’ingness is amazing. I mean, I’m just so grateful to be a part of all your guy’s energy & we’re BE’ing together. It’s an amazing experience. It makes everything, from this moment of non-fun, to be just totally worth it. So, thank you for having fun with me & letting me have fun with you.

Santos: Wonderful. Anyone else please...closing thoughts...two minutes.

(several talking at one time)

Santos: I’ll close it out then friends. Thank you very, very much everyone for participating. Please continue with perseverance. We will see the beautiful things that are in our hearts unfold on the Earth. There will be that beautiful paradise that we have always longed for & known could exist. The potential is there. We know it. The time has arrived. Now we have got most of the tools, if not most of the tools. We have all of the tools to go forward, in honor, to live in honor.

If it means only that we have awakened on a personal level, well how beautiful is that. When you awaken to your divinity, it doesn’t matter that the powers-that-were or that think that I can do to you, because then one knows that you arrive at the knowing that you are all that ever was, all that is & all that ever will be, they can destroy your body, but they can never, ever destroy the soul.

So folks, thank you for listening to Freedom Reigns & Syncretism. This is my last show on blogtalk too, by the way. I’m very, very busy with other commitments now, as I shared with you last week. So, thanks once again friends for the panel & take care one & all. Now, we’ve run out of time. Everyone please take care. Lots of love & bye-bye...for now.

Lisa, D, Bob, Heather, Brian, Chris: Byes all around.              


  1. Not sure where to post, but the IRS is up to shenanigans. Everyone knows that they delayed the start of tax filing to the end of January - who does that impact? Of course, all those of us who are getting refunds.

    Now, they just released a statement that they are delaying the processing of all returns with the American Opportunity tax credit! Guess how many millions of returns would have this credit??

    I also came across another posting that listed about 20 different tax forms (credits) that people might have filed that were also included in the delayed processing category. It seems as though the IRS doesn't have money to refund to taxpayers???

    Like Share Print
    IRS To Accept Returns Claiming Education Credits by Mid-February
    IR-2013-10, Jan. 28, 2013
    WASHINGTON — As preparations continue for the Jan. 30 opening of the 2013 filing season for most taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service announced today that processing of tax returns claiming education credits will begin by the middle of February.
    Taxpayers using Form 8863, Education Credits, can begin filing their tax returns after the IRS updates its processing systems. Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits -- the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.
    The IRS emphasized that the delayed start will have no impact on taxpayers claiming other education-related tax benefits, such as the tuition and fees deduction and the student loan interest deduction. People otherwise able to file and claiming these benefits can start filing Jan. 30.
    As it does every year, the IRS reviews and tests its systems in advance of the opening of the tax season to protect taxpayers from processing errors and refund delays. The IRS discovered during testing that programming modifications are needed to accurately process Forms 8863. Filers who are otherwise able to file but use the Form 8863 will be able to file by mid-February. No action needs to be taken by the taxpayer or their tax professional. Typically through the mid-February period, about 3 million tax returns include Form 8863, less than a quarter of those filed during the year.
    The IRS remains on track to open the tax season on Jan. 30 for most taxpayers. The Jan. 30 opening includes people claiming the student loan interest deduction on the Form 1040 series or the higher education tuition or fees on Form 8917, Tuition and Fees Deduction. Forms that will be able to be filed later are listed on
    Updated information will be posted on

    1. I think you're absolutely right, Anon 07:03, this delay has everything to do with the U.S. Corporation not having the funds. As Heather and D have said, it's all been blocked. The U.S. Corporation has been foreclosed.

      I will probably be eligible for a big refund, but personally, I'm hoping that within the next few months, we won't even have to file our tax returns, period.

      I'm hoping that the gig will finally be up for these "robber barons" as Santos referred to them, and that the IRS and the U.S. Corporation will just be history.

  2. Thank you...this is fantastic! I think we need to stop harrassing Heather with questions on when, and how, an djust let her do her work. The more energy spent trying to explain all the little detaisl the less energy we are allowing her to spend DOing.

    1. Yes, and focus on recieving absolute data

  3. Is it possible to get this in a pdf to d/l and read offline?

    1. I honestly have no idea- if someone can do this for us, I can email the original documents to them and let them put them into scribed or something like that for people to download.

  4. When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter.
    As you see him you will see yourself.
    As you treat him you will treat yourself.
    As you think of him you will think of yourself.
    Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself.
    A Course in Miracles

    Whenever two people meet, they are given another chance to release their brothers AND themselves (from whatever "sin" you placed on him)
    Do not leave anyone without giving "salvation" to him and thereby receiving it yourself.

  5. Peter Schiff, her cousin is married to Peter Schiff (not Scheff) of Euro Pacific Capital which is more then a little ironic. He has long been an outspoken critic of Fed. policies and Kensian economics, he's the author of Crash Proof and one of the biggest gold bugs in the US. I don't particularly like the man but I find it hard to believe that he refers to himself as the 1%. For years he has been do-ing his own gold exercise, which is to encourage people to own precious metal in the event that the US, through the criminal actions of the "Bank", is headed for hyper-inflation.

    I don't know if he is a form of controlled opposition in the grand Kabuki Show, his name is Schiff after all, but either way I would have thought that Heather would deem him worth talking to since they're connected through family. And Heather doesn't want to talk to Drake's crowd either, why? I can appreciate that a conversation with Drake would require the sacrifice of a few hours you won't ever get back, but doesn't she want to spread awareness about the foreclosure of the machine ? Very contrary IMO, but then I don't know any Swiss banking insiders do I? No I don't. Now look whatchya did, you got me talking to myself, soon I will go insane and none of this will matter anymore.

    I hate that word.


    No "soon", who are you again?

    Oh sorry,- I think I'm your parallel self.

    Ah I see, together we will rule di world (awkward evil croakle)

    A gust of wind sends a solitary tumble weed rolling down the centre of the room as Peacefrog and his parallel-self glance at each other suspiciously whilst randomly twitching ;o)


    1. why would Heather want to go on Drake's show....he has already called it "horse hockey"....I could see the interview going the way of the interview Ventura did with Icke...what possible good would come of that...Drake's ego gets in the way far too much...Drake feels everything should be proved to him....but expects us to follow him blindly and hang on his every word...

      since the release of OPPT I have noticed a shit storm over at the Drake farm....their ego's got the better of them....they feel they now have to compete for followers....their out right attack of the OPPT without any justification bewildered me....if you can't prove it right fine....if you can't prove it wrong the shut up til ya can....whatever happened to having an open mind...they sure have gotten motivated over there since the OPPT announcement...

      Drake's shear arrogance of being the only one with "good" intel....and he has been the "chosen one" to alert the masses....knows everything about ascension.... Tolec is right and everyone else is wrong.....without proving a fucking thing.....

      now don't get me wrong....I believe Drake to be good person and working for us .....however his need to be in the center of the "limelight" and his determination to speak instead of listening once in awhile... is a bit too much for me at times....


    2. Reminds me of Bush 43 - They are either for us or against us, they're either evil or good.

      Sine Nomine

  6. D
    Your Quote: "People who are BE’ing & DO’ing & have taken it upon themselves...who are in Canada & the United States...putting together templates to be able to file the documents for people to...complete instructions on how to fill things out."

    Do you know what the status of the templates and instructions are, how close are they to releasing them?

    I am in a foreclosure situation, where time is of the essence, I have been trying to understand how to fill out these UCC forms, I have so many questions in relation to my situation, I get all confused. I really have been trying to DO this, but I do not have the background in Law and UCC to comprehend how.

    I was hoping we would have the tsunami of data, out by now, and we would not have to notify these criminal actors,with information they already know. With every criminal action I have pointed out in my case, they just keep on with their criminal activity. The only way they would continue with their high crimes after being called on it, is if they knew they would never be held accountable for their actions. THEY NEED TO BE IN FEAR OF ACCOUNTABILITY, THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THEY WILL STOP!!!!


    1. maybe you could try this, i found it on

      the case is in missoury, sue rhoades did put it al togheter, thanx sue!

  7. Instant commenting, great, in that case hello D, hello everyone.

  8. D, Santos, Heather,Lisa, Bob, Chris, Brian, Lois and all

    What an incredible broadcast!!! We need more of these just for the energy that is felt, Alone.
    I don't know about the rest of you but the feeling I get listening to these two broadcasts hosted by Santos, is just incredible, and has to be extremely powerful BEing and DOing.

    Thank you all
    Much love

  9. You know, I was pleasantly and expeditiously reading the transcript and then I read this by Heather:

    Heather: Sorry, I’m not a techie...I wish I was. I guess what I would like to know is how can I help you on this call? What is the main issue that you have or that you are seeing right now from your listeners?

    And then...I burst out in tears! This woman is the real deal, folks. She is not only transparent, but she is so full of LIGHT! The energy behind those words went straight to my heart.

    It's a good example D, when you say words have power. Words ARE power. They are energy, and Heather's gracious, giving, heartwarming energy reached me even through the written word

  10. "I think right now what will be a hard concept for everyone to grasp is that the powers-that-were on this planet, they’re really not the powers-that-were. They’re brokers. They really are just brokers, similar or actually(?) to the brokers in a financial trade aspect.

    There are other wizards & big dogs(?) behind that curtain. Otherwise, the powers-that-were would have shut down already. So that’s the part...& that’s why I say enforcement...I’d rather just say here’s how the enforcement went when it’s all done."

    The bottom line to all of this is that we are STILL WAITING. Hey, I'll have no problem adjusting to all this IF and WHEN it is ever implemented as the law of the land and the cabal is driven out. Excuse me, but I can't see the difference between Heather's promise of a golden age and Poof's or Drake's or any of the other speculators. We are still left waiting and waiting and waiting...for godot?

  11. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! HERE IT IS! (at minute 36 of the interview)
    Caller: Oh God, hi. I just want to ask you to define what the OPPT & The One People’s Public Trust is for the layperson please.

    Chris: Who’d like to take that? (laughter) I’ll take a go at that.
    The People’s Trust are a group of very skilled lawyers who, inside the system some years back, decided to take a stand & used the system against itself to correct the injustices they saw as being against humanity.
    They set fact, I’ll take this opportunity to read one paragraph out of the Paradigm Report that resulted from their initial investigations & it reads like this, “The private money for public use banking system is the constant foreign(?) denominator & prime of all crimes against humanity, sovereigns, contract & commerce, including but not limited to, breach of peace, trespass, involuntary servitude, illegal fraud, coercion, force, theft & deceptive practices & acts.”

    They decided to turn the system on itself.
    They did a series of very complex filings, where they resumed the public trust that was created in the original Constitution of the United States.
    They rolled into it everybody on the planet.
    They created an action where they defined the defendant as the debtor & they rolled into that entity the entire system, the banking system.
    They accused the banking system of...they accused the entire system of crimes against humanity.
    Then they asked them to rebut, which they did not & then they foreclosed & shut down the whole lot.

    At the same time, they created the basic structure for another completely different type of governance, called a CVAC, which is a very well constructed entity, certainly from my point of view & my opinion.
    So from our point of view, what is The People’s Public Trust?
    The Public Trust itself consists of us, every person on the planet & the planet, the Creator, okay?
    And included in the planet, in the assets of the planet, are those things which we consider of value, which at this stage is gold & silver, which has been’s value has been bound to the Trust.
    So, The People’s Public Trust is everybody on this planet...every single person, no one left borders, no governments, no corporations, all of what we consider to be the valuable assets on the planet, all gold & silver bound up & divided amongst us equally in equity for our use & the planet itself, which is a caretaker of us & we of it & Source.
    That’s The Public Trust.

    Caller: I love that. Thank you. I needed to know. I’ve been watching & listening, you know, so thank you for that. Perfect.

    1. Who are the lawyers? We know Heather isn't anymore so she cannot represent anyone. Who are the lawyers now?

    2. She is not a member of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) any longer. She would still be an Attorney. She has a law degree, she just chooses to not work for or with the BAR.

  12. Hi all. I just want to say thank you to all the background people working to bring us this information. I have done some transcribing myself and I understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be...especially the garbled bits! So again...thank you EVERYBODY for your work.

  13. Wikipedia has dumped the People's Trust page for lack of notability.

    1. the link was still working today.....

      Sine Nomine


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