Tuesday 29 January 2013

DO'ing away with money, one step at a time

We've walked around the edges of the topic in articles and comments for the past week or so HERE and HERE, so how about we discuss this openly.

The system put in place by the PTW  and all their ilk is a trap- a prison for the purpose of self enslavement of people of our planet.  They invent the "money".  This money is used to purchase everything both real- cars, houses, clothes, food, holidays, jewelry.....) and not real- love, happiness, pride....

WE KNOW that their paper money is worthless and meaningless and a trap.  WE WANT to break free of this prison that they created.  So DO.

Let's talk about DO'ing right now.  Pretend the OPPT doesn't exist, pretend that there is no NESARA/RV/PPs etc.  RIGHT NOW is our current place in time- our current situation at this very minute. NOW.  What can you do to break out of this PTW Prison?

First thing, in my opinion, is hit them where it hurts the most:  their wallets.  

Their "money" is their power- their ONLY power.  Without money, they have nothing and they are nothing.  You want to break free? Then start by getting rid of their money.

 Believe it  or not, there are several communities/counties in the US that have created their own currency.  There are many many communities all over the world that have returned to the barter system.

This doesn't have to be a jump in feet first all or nothing act.  You CAN start small and work towards your goal.

Everyone has talents, everyone has abilities, everyone can DO something.

Can You....

shovel a driveway?
mow a lawn?
walk a dog?
baby sit?

Can You.....

cut someones hair?
knit some mittens?
sew on a button?

create a website?
fix a computer?
build a deck?

bake bread?
fix a car?

There are lots of people out there that need help with any one of these things, and perhaps they have something they can do for you in return, or have something that they make that they can give you in return.

3 years ago when we returned from the Congo, I was very pregnant (hence the fact that I came back to Canada.... you do NOT want to give birth in the Congo- TRUST ME!), and alone with 3 small children.  The lady in the flat upstairs watched over my youngest son while I walked the girls to school.  I paid her with a fresh baked loaf of bread every two days.  The neighbour's sons shovelled my side walk for me and I paid them in hot cocoa (homemade of course, with marshmallows).  When my husband returned from Africa he fixed a friends broken toilet, and our friend notarized a document for us. Our neighbour fixed a broken tire on our van, my husband helped him install a new window in his kitchen.

I have the ability to heal headaches/migranes- I have friends who come to me when they are in bad shape and need my help- they bring lunch, school supplies for the kids, etc
A friend of ours babysits her neighbours cats every other weekend, and is paid in fresh eggs.
Another friend of ours exercises horses and gets free rent in a little cottage on the back of the ranchers property.
Another friend of mine is a builder- he needed a car, he met a guy who was selling a car but needed his bathroom renovated.... wella!  One renovated bathroom, one car.  Done deal.

This is NOT a new thing!  This is the way things were done for centuries. This is what the Corporations killed- COMMUNITY.


Keep people separate so that they have no one to rely upon, no community to back them up.

United we stand, Divided we fall.  That was their plan all along.

If you want to DO, then how about starting in your own community?  Even people who are asleep KNOW that something is wrong with our society, our governments.  Even people who are dozing know that they need a better way to make a living, know that taxes are killing them  So..... organize it.  Make flyers, arrange meetings, hand out posters for businesses to put up.

Organize a neighbourhood clothing exchange
Organize a book exchange
Hell, organize a neighbourhood "job exchange"!

Trade and barter are not taxable.  Hit them in the wallet.  Hit them hard.

This is something EVERYONE can DO. Band together in groups, find others in your community and just run with it.  Seriously.

You want to DO?  Then DO.

DO'ing away with money, one step at a time.


  1. Good post. It is time for me to let go of waiting in anticipation for an event to improve my life.

    With or without OPPT, I can continue to heal and transform my life, today.

  2. D - thank you so much for all you do and the positive feeling in this post! I hate to be the bearer of not-so-good-news but I believe that in the US barter is taxable. Please re-check this. Hugs!

    1. hmmm.... I'd like to see them figure out what a pair a knitted baby booties and a jar of jam is worth on the taxation line, lol!!!!

    2. Barter may be taxable, but only if they Powers that Were can track & enforce it. Next to impossible.

    3. I have a friend who reads tarot (in the US) for trade. Sometimes it's food, clothing, haircuts, yard work etc. On occasion it's actual money, long distance clients or those who prefer to give her money. She has to pay taxes on ALL of it. She has a special form to keep track of any bartering, services received etc. She is very careful and accurate in her recording as she has been audited before and owed back taxes on her bartering. I don't know how the IRS knew or how they value bartering but they do. (just had a thought, maybe they saw her advertising somewhere, I don't know)

    4. Yes unfortunately the U.S. has figured out a way to tax even barter. such greedy bastards.

    5. Yes bartering is taxable in the US. Here in NC, back in December, a lady was on the news telling about all the hair she does for people and everything she gets in return and has been doing this for years. She gave her name and where she lived and went on to tell about how this one did that for her and this one did that for her and on and on and how it never cost her a penny, just haircuts and perms and dyes.
      Well after the segment, the news co-anchor said that he checked with a tax attorney and yes bartering is taxable. Wow, nothing like busting out this lady who just identified herself and all her bartering friends. Just like the low-life MSM!

    6. Topic 420 - Bartering Income

      Bartering occurs when you exchange goods or services without exchanging money. An example of bartering is a plumber doing repair work for a dentist in exchange for dental services. You must include in gross income in the year of receipt the fair market value of goods and services received in exchange for goods or services you provide or may provide under the bartering arrangement.

      Generally, you report this income on Form 1040, Schedule C (PDF), Profit or Loss from Business or Form 1040, Schedule C-EZ (PDF), Net Profit from Business. If you failed to report this income, correct your return by filing a Form 1040X (PDF). Refer to Topic 308 for amended return information.

      A barter exchange or barter club is any organization with members or clients or persons who contract with each other (or with the barter exchange) to jointly trade or barter property or services. The term does not include arrangements that provide solely for the informal exchange of similar services on a noncommercial basis.

      The Internet has provided a medium for new growth in the bartering exchange industry. This growth prompts the following reminder: Barter exchanges are required to file Form 1099-B (PDF), Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions for all transactions unless they meet certain exceptions. Refer to Bartering in Publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income, and the Form 1099-B Instructions for additional information on this subject. Persons who do not contract a barter exchange but who trade services are not required to file Form 1099-B. However, they may be required to file Form 1099-MISC (PDF). If you are in a business or trade, you may be able to deduct certain costs you incurred to perform the work that was bartered. If you exchanged property or services through a barter exchange, you should receive a Form 1099­B. The IRS also will receive the same information.

      Please refer to our Bartering Tax Center page for more information on bartering income and bartering exchanges.

      If you receive income from bartering, you may be required to make estimated tax payments. Refer to Publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income, for additional information.

    7. "...If you receive income from bartering..."

      I wouldn't call a haircut income.

      I wouldn't call getting a shirt ironed income.

      Ninja Bambi

    8. Excuse my language, Anon 00:28, but fuck the tax forms. Let the government send out their lackeys to track down people who barter and try to prove anything.

      You, sir or madam, are part of the problem.

      You come to a blog like this, knowing that it's all about getting RID of the system, and you have the nerve to give advice about what tax forms people should use, and to check your website to obtain them??

      You've got to be kidding?

      One note of caution to you all, don't post bartering stuff online, don't give the feds any fuel. It can all be done in your own community via word of mouth.

    9. Wasn't "giving advice", merely quoting the existing "law" and noting what people would need to be aware of. There were questioning comments about whether barter was/was not taxable - so I posted the "official law"...didn't say I support or believe in it?

      You, sir or madam, are part of the problem - until you can look at things without getting emotional and REACTING instead of responding in a wise and civil manner, you will be of no benefit to any movement trying to get rid of this arcane system.

      Chill, bud - my comment was intended much as your last statement - that these are the 'rules' so it's not terribly wise to discuss it on a blog


      Anon 00:28

    10. You're right, I did over react and I apologize.

      However, I stand by the intent of my post, and that is, we here are attempting to form a new paradigm, a new way of Being, one where the People are totally self-determined, where their every action and sacred labor is not monitored and taxed by a corrupt government.

      And with that in mind, I felt tax advice or as you say, "quoting the law" was counter-productive, to say the least, to those goals.

      Look at D's original post, it was about how to skirt the system, how to remove oneself from the tentacles of a monster that has grown so large, it is suffocating the People.

      And then you come along and decide to post some of the 'rules' of the suffocation, just so we well know the exact method by which we are being suffocated.

      Yet I can see now that you were trying to be helpful, and again, I apologize for my outburst.

      Peace to you as well.

    11. No worries - I think we're coming from the same place, I just happen to have spent a lot of time learning the value of "better the devil you know" ;)

  3. "Another friend of ours exercises horses and gets free rent in a little cottage on the back of the ranchers property"

    Oops! Exercise horses for "free rent"? How about exercise horses for simply the use of the cottage? What's this "rent" stuff and there's nothing "free" about exercising horses! :-P

  4. Labor is not taxable. You are going back into debtors mind how would they know ?

    1. labour IS taxable in Canada! the GST-Goods & SERVICES Tax. BUT.... want to hear a good story about the GST? When the government brought it in, people were up in arms- especially small business owners. So there was a gentleman in Toronto that had a dry cleaning business- had been in his family for decades. Now suddenly he has to charge tax on the Service he provides. He was PISSED! So... he changed his business- started selling potatoes (which are considered a staple and therefore not taxable) one potato in his shop cost $2... and you got your shirt dry cleaned for FREE! 2 potatoes was $3, and you got your pants dry cleaned for free!!

      They tried everything to stop him... and they (the law and government goons) couldnt' do anything. I haven't been to toronto in a long time, but I bet he's still selling potatoes!

    2. He there D, In a similar vein...
      A few years ago while I was holding office in The World Freeman Society I was approached by a fellow that owns a restaurant and he was being worked to death from the paperwork required in the collecting of taxes from his customers. He came to me and told me his story and I offered a very simple solution.

      WE ARE NOT SLAVES, unless you want to be. This means that NO-ONE can demand services without compensation.

      So I offered that he write a very nice letter to the folks demanding he work for them and make the offer that he will continue to collect and process these taxes for a fee for every piece of paper generated by the demand. If the fee is refused, full explanation of why he must work for free is required. Barring that, he will no longer process these taxes, as they are causing him a great loss.

      At last report, his restaurant charges no tax.
      Haven't heard from him for a while so I don't know how it turned out, but I can say that every other time this has been used, (it's called a conditional acceptance) the obligation disappeared.

    3. john in bc: "WE ARE NOT SLAVES, unless you want to be. This means that NO-ONE can demand services without compensation."

      Something many commenting on this blog would do well to remember.

  5. A long time ago somebody wrote:

    Nice law... now lets see you enforce it.

    ( it was one of our founding fathers and i paraphrase )

    (( two grins for the first person to find the quote.. ready? GO! ))

  6. In some ways, it sounds nice; like in the "olden days"; but we are here, in 2013. We are living in a world filled with technology (and I just love all of it, being the geek I am). Bartering is fine, when it comes down to sharing things that we have. But it doesn't keep the lights on; or gas in the car to get to work; or the water running in the pipes; or the heat in the house. And it certainly doesn't put food on the table; not unless you live on a farm.

    The simple fact is we DO need money right now. But my thinking is once EVERYONE on the planet has their equal share of it and FINALLY have everything they need in life, then maybe, we won't NEED money anymore.

    Abundance was beautifully defined as: The ability to get what you need, when you need it. So many, self included, just ain't there yet. The RV and the NESARA will give the people back what they need in life: to feel abundant; to feel safe & secure; to feel happiness DOING what they want to do, whether it be traveling, raising their kids, living a life free of disease.

    Just my 2 Billion Cents!

    xoxo Christine

    1. no it doesn't pay for the gas in your car or your electricity.... but if you barter for other things you need, then you might have the money for those.... until you figured otu a way to barter that too!

    2. Sorry Christine but the RV was a scam to further suck money from the "suckers" after they became aware of the Wall St. shares scam. It's sad that so many fell for it (I fell for the stock market scam, myself). We DON'T need money but we choose to be under its rule. Until we decide that it can no longer serve us, we'll serve it. We won't make that decision as long as we have the attitude of "well, that's the way it is". Staying in that paradigm is fine, if you choose it..... no judgement on you. Please don't complain that nobody is freeing you from the prison if you're not willing to stand up, push the door open and walk out on your own.


    3. We *do* need money and will continue to need it in concretized form until all beings have transcended their form bodies. Another word for money is energy and it must flow to keep the body alive, whether it be the physical, etheric, astral, or mental form body.

    4. I've been bartering carpentry work for a cabin to live in, and utilities, for nearly 3 years. If they want to come after me for taxes, they can just add it to my account. I haven't filed federal taxes since 2005, and haven't heard a word from the IRS.

  7. First of all, thanks D. And sorry to see the idiots are back - even the supposedly "real" ones, with all the nitpicking. Get a life, already. Yeah - slam me. Don't care.
    My husband and I aren't bartering, yet - but we have decided to start paying cash (even if it's still fiat) for things, instead of using a credit card. At least the business isn't having to pay the 2-4% that the cabal rakes in - and the cabal isn't getting that unearned money on their made-up money. That's where we're starting. Thanks, D, for the inspiring article.

    1. I've been CASH ONLY for quite a few years now.

      And I'm better off for it. I'm careful how much I pay for things, setting myself a limit, and waiting for deals, etc., and I manage to save money when I get change from a note, I put a certain denomination of coin, in my case a 2Euro coin, into a jar. It's a painless way to save up for that rainy day or for a treat.

      At the moment, I don't use the kinds of services, as mentioned above, that I currently have to pay for, such as garden work, or house cleaning/maintenance, or babysitting, etc., so I have no obvious bartering options. I just shop for food and clothing, that's it. However, there may be people, who need my help with that kind of thing, and in such cases, if I come across the opportunity, I will be willing to barter with them for eggs or jam or whatever it may be.

      Ninja Bambi

  8. bartering wont keep my lights or the heat or the water or put gas in my car, its fun to do but its a game. Good thought, but it wont change much really. Please stick to whatever intel you can provide. Leave the new age, 5D socioeconomic that to the pros like the galactics.

    1. Spoken like a true prisoner who bought into the "live above your means" lifestyle lie. The point of the post was moving toward a simpler lifestyle. We don't need the technologies that only strengthen the chains of slavery.

    2. your choice my friend. live as you wish to live. If you wish wait to be rescued, that is your choice.

    3. searcher 05:55, why the need to resort to name-calling; e.g., "true prisoner"? That's hurtful.

    4. Hello Sam Dooley,

      Are you stating that you personally felt hurt by 'searcher's' expression, "true prisoner"?

      Ninja Bambi

    5. Ninja Bambi, I am indeed personally hurt by any injury inflicted upon any of my fellow beings. For, after all, we are One.

      Did you not also feel the pain?

    6. "Did you not also feel the pain?" - No, I didn't.

      To be personally hurt by any injury inflicted upon any of your fellow beings, you have to be sure injury was actually inflicted. Not everyone is so delicate or sensitive in all situations as others are.

      I'm starting to learn not to assume others feel as I do.

      Ninja Bambi.

  9. I'm so glad you mentioned this D, again, I am thinking the same thing. We no longer use credit cards. We only pay with a debit card (I wish we didn't need to use a bank period but that is still a necessity). If you purchase, try to purchase from locally owned sources, the money stays local and helps the community. Pay cash (while it's still worth something). Buy less, recycle more. Trade with your friends. Offer to help friends and eventually they will offer to help you. The barter system is a great idea and one I will investigate more. What's most troubling to me is the systematic undermining of community in all sense of the word. I could rant about this but all of you are aware of how our lives are now. We definitely do need to create community again.

    1. I use the prepaid debit cards...haven't had a bank account in 6 years. I use cash for everything I can. Oh, and PayPal.

  10. Well the only thing I can do is fart a lot . Will there be a market for methane gas ?

    1. I don't know... but it is a form of energy- go DO some research!

  11. I love the idea, and I will approach my neighbors with the idea of a clothing exchange. I was thinking of finding someone who I can carpool with in the area even though I only drive 9 miles each way. I don't know how things work in other countries but here in the states they have figured out how to tax bartering. There have even been news articles about people having their entire front vegetable gardens mowed down and pulled out by the city personnel. Tulsa OK did just that to a woman who was growing food for medicinal purposes (diabetes). I realize we are supposed to be BEing and DOing, and we all do our little part, small gestures etc. But the SYSTEM has figured out ways to take those rights from us and tax us to death. This is why we are so dependent on what the Peoples Trust has promised. It's not as though we don't have ideas to fix things and help ourselves.

    1. yes, it's easy for them to mow down ONE yard of veggies. But can they mow down a hundred? If thousands stand up and just DO, they will not be able to deal with that. There is strength in numbers. Their fear tactics fail when faced with a crowd.
      Be inventive. They might be able to (try to) tax bartering, but can they tax lending for an extended period of time? (you "lend" me your shovel, and I'll "lend" you my rake). Do not get bogged down in the how it cant' work, concentrate on the it CAN work. Focus on the positive not the negative.

    2. Remember that town, Todmorden, in England that is full, even the Police and Fire station forecourts, full of veggies - FREE to share with anyone that wants them?

      And Todmorden was only the beginning..that's a movement now. How to Eat your landscape!

      Ninja Bambi.

  12. Why arent they in jail??? That is a question that needs to be answered. Why the kid gloves with these sicko`s ?? I am truly surprised why these cabal people arent dragged out of their homes and hung on lamp posts!

    Thank you D

    1. (I'm with you on that one. I try to rise above the 3d, but my brain screams that we should bring back draw and quartering and cat 'o nine tails) (shhhhhhhhhh!)

      Right now they are fighting amongst themselves and bargaining left and right, cutting deals. Hence the fact that I'm suspicious of the so called positive military and those who are "championing" the new financial system: If they are really serious about getting rid of the crooks and thieves, then why haven't they done it already? "bargaining" and "negotiating" isn't punishing them.

  13. Trade as many "slave coupons" (dollars) in for one ounce silver rounds. I have 101 of them.

  14. "Great to see the Money-less Society being talked about! here, and in The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself:

    If there is one thing this OPPT thing has done ... it has made that far-off-the-agenda-dream very, very, very tangible, and much, much closer to being on a realisable agenda.

    Anyway, am just saying ...

    This's heard a lot! " ... even those who are asleep know something is wrong ..."

    Yeah! ... just want to say, that down here in "Aus", am finding that many of those considered "asleep", are really, really decent, hard-working people, who just get on with it and do not have the time or energy to look into all the 'rabbit-hole' travesties, let alone follow the BIG stories of this past year, cos' they are putting everything they are, into the decency of family, friends, work, community ... and play ... if they can.

    Frankly, perhaps that's out of a wisdom-choice, because trying to make sense of all "this" can be very tumultuous, derailing and debilitating ... not only because of what's down the rabbit-holes ... but because of the secrecy and accompanying madness, no matter whose side you're on. Yeah, the brainwashing does a good job, but nevertheless people 'know'.

    As to folks who emmigrate cos' all they have known is survival ... well ... on the whole, given a chance and some support, they get on with it too, big-time, and can more than cope with having their paradigms overturned ... they prove that! And don't bring up the exceptions. That's it! They are exceptions.

    The condescension does the harm, I say ...

    Brian said something in the last 'Santos' program, which I resonated with and have done so for ages. He said he thought the lid should just be taken off the whole thing! Bravo! Me too! Have found myself muttering to myself more than once a day throughout this past full year or so:

    The single BIGGEST mistake the Good-guys consistently have made and continue to make is underestimating the 'everyman's', the common man's, capacity to hear the truth, the full facts ... no matter what the shock.

    Yeah ... the Bad-guys know how to manipulate us folks. But give us the facts, no matter how hard ... now THAT'S another matter!

    "Just give me the bloody facts. Don't friggn' muck me around. Don't ask me to dig it up. Just spit it out. Leave me with it to get over the bloody shock, to get angry, to numb-out, whatever it takes ... but I'll accommodate it and adjust ... but give me the figgn respect will ya!". I know a lot of people like that. Lots! They may be very, very different in all sorts of ways, but in that respect ... yep ... on the whole, that's the way it is.

    Some will make a drama of it. But the real truth has a way of polarising in a simple way, and unifying those who want go forward ... it does sort things out.

    So much energy is wasted around well-meaning cautionary "covering" and "cushioning".

    Yep there needs to be safe-guards and plans, that's different. But shock can really grow a person up ... and a society ... and a world. Time to snap the eons-long MASS HYPNOSIS awake! People will cope ... they will ...

    Someone I know here who has spent his long life down those "rabbit holes" and paid a big price, despises the term "sheeple", and I do too. He says: "Tell all of the people, all of the facts, all of the time".

    If that had have been the way of things all along, then we would not be where we are today.

    It's time, no matter how difficult it will be ... but it is a good kinda 'difficult'.

    It's the other kind that isn't!

    And I am over it!


    1. I'm only half joking when I say those of us "awake" will be more shocked by "the announcements" actually, finally happening than those who have been asleep. The "news" will tell them something new and that will be how it is. After it sinks in and all the corruption comes to light I think we'll all be shocked for awhile.

    2. It's gonna be our task to explain and be a calming voice of reason at that time. I don't think we will have the luxury of being shocked in light of the task ahead.

  15. In my town we have a thing called time bank. Every person's hour is worth the same. Instead of exchanging goods we exchange hours which for some reason unknown to me avoid government molestation. Google santa barbara time bank to find out more! Mitch

    1. thats the way to do it.
      Time for time.
      Cuts out the wealth imbalance.
      And the heirarchal status that exists in job descriptions.

    2. Yes, baab and Anony.

      I agree.

      I did, a few years back, look into a similar system that is operating here, but it was unfair, in my opinion, so I didn't do it. Because it wasn't hour for hour but worked like this:

      For example: a piano teacher claims her time is worth more than the house cleaner, on the open market where money changed hands. And so to exchange hours with each other, instead of using money, the piano teacher expected 3 hours work from the house cleaner in exchange for one hours music instruction.
      It valued one person's time more than another, and I thought that was a stupid system, and totally missed the point.

      I would definitely take part in a true hour for hour system.

      Ninja Bambi

    3. Yes, this is true, baab, but it doesn't cut out the relative differences in effort required to perform a given task, given the wide range of "talents" with which we are born. For example, if I'm a medical herbalist who really should be exerting myself for as many hours as I can healing people's bodies, studying live blood samples and researching the herbs appropriate for the diagnosis, is it right that I should lazily spend my days walking dogs instead? And what about the sweet, lovely person down the street with Downs syndrome, whose mere existence is a blessing to us all, and for whom walking dogs is the perfect way to bank some time, but the nuclear physicist next door is already doing it? What's the answer? More dogs?

    4. Sorry, Anony 06:38, I'm not sure I understand your comment.

      I don't believe anybody would suggest a medical herbalist just go off dog-walking. Why would you not just do that what you do?

      And get somebody to do things you are too tired or busy or unable to do for yourself, like your laundry or your garden or your painting and decorating? In an hour for hour exchange bank, it won't always be the same person who does for you, that you give your services to.

      I would happily do you a laundry service, for your medical herbalist service, for example.

      Ninja Bambi

    5. Everyone will automatically and instantly be healthy and whole when the new 5D world starts later this year (so no need for healers), and everyone will have a replicator to make anything they need at the push of a button (so no pressure for anyone to make things for others -- they can do if they want, just for the joy of it). So, yes, everyone who likes to just walk dogs can just walk dogs!

  16. Here's another way to imagine a "moneyless" society.

    I found a link, I think it was in the comments on another thread on this this site

    There's a 100 page free ebook there on the home page you can download.

    It's fricken great! (Thanks to whomever put the link up!)

    The lady (a mother too...geesh!) who wrote the book in 2008 has claimed her sovereignty.

    She tells you how she did it.

    Some of the things she does now are pretty amazing...

    ie. She printed up her own international drivers license, writes something on her plate sticker and to get around car insurance she wrote a $million dollar bond and sent it to the Minister of Whatever (Canada) wasn't rebutted, so when she gets pulled over by the cops she just shows it to them...she has been authorized by the Minister of X...who are you mr policeman to question it?

    Anyway...back to the moneyless society. She says that she figures she has $15billion (remember this was written in 2008...waaay before any talk of the OPPT) in "credit" because the PTW put up her bond etc. So when she gets a "bill" (not a statement) she just endorses it for value...essentially she just says, offset it from my credit! (if she gets a statement...she figures they've already accessed her exemption/credit and are trying to double she says she'd be happy to pay...if she had a true bill...and demands one)

    The biggest thing I get out of the book, even more than the "how-to" is her attitude. It's actually hilarious. No FEAR at tall.

    She makes a game of taking on collection agencies, courts, and the biggest of law firms.

    I'm not doing the book justice...I'm probably sparking more questions...but the book has the answers.

    All this WITHOUT the OPPT!

    So it got me thinking that if the OPPT were in effect one way it could work perhaps is that we each have a $10billion "credit" we can just write cheques/promissory notes against it when we "purchase" things (that are already prepaid anyway) just to keep accounting in order.

    So that's another way instead of/in addition to barter that we can imagine a cashless society.


    PS Yeah barter is taxable in Canada too. If they can track it. A few years ago they did target certain industries i.e renovation companies to try to crack down on the "underground economy". There are formal barter exchanges, and taxes are payable.

    PPS INCOME is not taxable to "you" the real flesh and blood you. Nor do you have to pay GST. But it is to the corporate fiction "strawman" they created that you think is you...and they continue to try to trick you into thinking it's you. That's what the OPPT asserts this fact.

    1. Your very welcome Sean. Glad you like the link. It's very informative.


    2. Mary Croft is an amazing woman.

      There exists in the legislation of Canada (the corp, not the landmass) the remedy of "Consumer Purchase", Setoff, Discharge and others that generate a cashless society. It has been in the corporate statutes forever. It had to be. It's their "ace in the hole" to get out of liability for stealing the value of the country and the labor of it's peoples.
      What is the value of the country, lands and resources alone? Divide that by the population... What do you get? I bet it's a really big number... This is your share of the country. Why don't you have access to that value?

      Start demanding true bills... Learn what they are... Learn how to negotiate them.

      Of course this all came before the OPPT (which for this discussion, doesn't exist) LOL.

    3. Thanks for the link. I started to read the ebook tonight and will finish it this week. I was just thinking about these very issues and of how I could withdraw from the system.

    4. Hey... Maybe there is a financial wiz that has been disillusioned enough to spill the beans about the "remittance", defined in the law dictionaries as "money". We know most of it, but have not found the protocol for negotiating them. I know time is short and it's not going to be very long before no-one need worry about utilities, power, water and the like, but it would sure be nice to give the world a break on their bills, lawfully, for whatever time we still are in the fraud.

      Curious? Look at the "remittance" attached to your utility bills... They are all the same and follow a very specific format described in the Canadian Payments Association Rule H6.

    5. Black's Law dictionary has this to say on


      "Money sent by one person to another, either in specie, bill of exchange, check or otherwise."

      Note: in specie is latin and means 'in its actual form'.

      In this context it appears to mean that money can be sent in its actual form (gold or silver??), or as a bill of exchange (presumably a federal reserve or similar note), a check (we all know what they are) or otherwise. There are otherwise ways to send money then? By a simple wet ink signature on the line of the remittance form, perhaps?

      Ninja Bambi

    6. Mary mentions "transfer instrument" to ward off credit card companies. Is there an example of what this doc looks like and/or what it should contain. I know UCC 3-203 defines the terms. But us non-"legal" puppies needs some verbiage and examples to peruse.

  17. I'm beginning to believe nothing will happen guy.

  18. Here's some history and reasoning on money, the deception and remedy...

    An hour and a half of info to get you started.

    1. Fooey... That wasn't the vid I wanted to post... Te one I wanted explains very clearly how the money system was designed and how it SHOULD work. It is in fact a really good way to do what we know as commerce, but like the property and registration stuff was usurped through deceptive acts and practices into something precisely backward from the original intent. I'll keep looking and I'll post it here when I find it.


  19. if we do away with money how will all those people whose self esteem comes from having their things be able to cope having to finally develop a real sense of self? How will they exist without an exaggerated sense of superiority? What if kindness, goodness, courage and integrity were the new currency? Who would be broke? Most of the leaders in the world to start.

    1. How will they exist without an exaggerated sense of spiritual superiority?

      Man, Know Thyself.

  20. ariseaustralia2012, google laroucheobamafederalcourtjan25th if you want to see what is going on. The fed court declared Obama unconstitutional which is HUGE and a precident to take him out. It is happening behind the scenes. AK said that when he didn't resign when we hoped he would, "he went on record for chosing not to", meaning he had the choice and did not take the "road less traveled", so they now are able to take him out legally.

  21. This is excellent advice and part of my own plan which I launched at the end of 2011. I sold my house in the Northeast and moved to a state with a very low cost of living and very nice warm weather. My lower cost of living allows me to live on less and thus give the government WAY less money. I cashed in all of my 401k money that was in stocks and bonds and bought real estate. I buy most of my items at the used and consignment stores or on craigslist. Craigslist is a real treasure and you can bet that the corporate goons will be trying to take down craigslist because it allows people to recycle and reuse goods and NOT pay tax to ANYONE for the transaction. I have also learned to make a lot of things from scratch that I would normally buy at the store. Starving the beast IS the way to stop all of the current nonsense...

  22. Hi D. DOn't want to seem negative or anything as I AM in a good place! Just want to throw a few things out there. All along we have been under the impression that things are happening. One story that was told (not sure where) all the cabal was gone and just the minions are left, Hence we had the metaphor about the P.O.W.'s. Everyone was under the impression that we were waiting for announcements.
    Most of us have been DOing this bartering, trading, service to others etc. Most of us have either lost everything or about too. No money coming in for many.
    Pretty hard to gather in groups when we are scattered all over the world and no money to go anywhere to get into a group.
    Lots of people that we do wake up just sit and wait for things to happen or because we have been telling them any day now for so long that some of them really think we are bonkers.
    Lots of people are hanging by shoestring and if it drags out to much longer it gets harder to lift their spirits up.
    One thing we are DOing is bombarding every place we can with OPPT.
    Another thing that I was thinking about after the show that had over 100,000 listeners. Lets keep DOing the show with the same people and the listening audience is going to keep growing. Advertise in advance and have a guided meditation within the show. Even if everyone had the
    disclosure 1111.1 document in front of them and over 100,000 people reading it out loud at the same time and give the collective consciousness a turbo boost. DO this as often as we can.
    Lets already have the momentum going and if we could get this happening.......
    I Love you all very much and I know we all want to get it over with!!

    1. I love you too my awesome friend. We all need to hold each other up.

  23. In my vision of a society without money there is no need for bartering because it is based on selfless giving. If everyone freely shared what they had without thought of compensation, then there would be no tax on giving, and there would be abundance for all. Let's start giving and hopefully the giving spirit will catch on. If we start giving what we can to others, we start to attract others giving to us and before we know it we have more abundance than we know what to do with and the cabal has no power over us. Perhaps this is seeing into the very distant future but it is what I hold as my dream for a world without money.
    I really appreciate all of your posts D. They always get me thinking in a positive direction.

  24. Like everything else, the shift to an economy that works for everyone will be a process that takes time. It is nearly impossible to say exactly how long it would take. For it to work for all of us, we would all need to agree on details and be on the same page; otherwise it will only work for the number that can agree and make it work. So, again, it will take time. But you always have the critical mass thing going for us, if a small group can come up with a detailed plan that sells itself because it is clear it will work. Then it could become universally accepted almost "overnight".

    I agree with "A Being", and I am sure many of you can see this happening as well eventually. There is no reason why we can't expand the simple idea of commune-ism on the small scale, where everyone contributes and we all share the bounty. The difference would be that everyone stays where they are, whether in the cities, suburbs or country, and people continue to do their jobs. But instead of paying for our needs, they are provided out of joint wealth we all share equally because of our productivity and the sharing of property and planetary resources. This means an end to corporate or governmental or private amassing of wealth and the Earth's gifts by a few at the expense of the many. The are several "rubs", one of which is getting people to agree that the job a doctor or a garbage man does is equally important. We cannot move into such an economy carrying the baggage of all the things we have created with ego to separate and divide us into levels and classes. The logistics can be worked out in transition once we agree on the principles together. Without that, it could not survive the implementation.

    One reason the concept of the galactics is so intriguing, despite perhaps the lack of our complete willingness to believe, is that it makes sense. If, in fact, they are there and they have the ability to give us technology that can provide the big items, like universal free energy usage, easier food production and distribution techniques, major communication and transportation improvements, as well as administrative, technical, scientific and spiritual knowledge that sets us on a path far above what we are accustomed to; then suddenly we would have the tools, knowledge and ability to take our world and the way it works to the next level of a money-less society where people no longer need to labor at things they don't really enjoy. A society that now suddenly is one and on the same page vs the seemingly endless divisions and arguing that we currently have. And with the rising consciousness levels, dovetailing with the gifts of the galactics; one can begin to see how a totally new world is actually a possibility, and that within a hundred or two years. Who knows, maybe even miraculously sooner.

  25. Here is a possible plan for the implementation of a new economy

  26. Me playing with Gold

    Enjoy! :-)

  27. Interesting the the gov taxes on bartering. How is value determined? I can go into one store pay $2.00 for something then go to another store and get the same thing for a penny.

    1. good question. If I say that the hair cut i gave you is worth $.02, it's my choice to claim the worth on the service I have given.

    2. Yes, D and Big Mamma.

      But the question on the tax form relates to INCOME, not WORTH or other similar assumptions.

      Another occasion when checking the word INCOME in the law dictionaries might be worthwhile.

      Ninja Bambi.

    3. why even concern yourself about income tax? That is just more money you are feeding to the Cabal. I'm putting my energy into learning how to successfully not pay income tax.

    4. Yes, char, you are correct too.

      However, the reason we are in this predicament today is because of the language usage, Legalese vs. English.

      When we realise what they mean, we can act appropriately right now and not get ourselves in a mess because of assumptions.

      Assumptions made by us get them off the hook, because according to them, they are acting honourably, and we just went blindly along on the back of our assumptions.

      Ninja Bambi

  28. In the short term we have a problem without money. I can paint someone's door, but if no one is willing to give me some paint my labor is wasted. I might be no good at anything else - have two brown thumbs so gardening is out, besides I don't know anyone with a garden big enough to grow anything that would be useful enough to to a trade with. As I see it at the moment and using Poof's terminology, we'd be doing a Freddie Flintstone instead of progressing to the Jetsons. I think a replicator is a much better idea.

    Everything has value, it is up to determine how we measure that value, if at all.

    I keep saying this and it still remains true, not all bankers or anyone working at a bank are evil fraudsters and it is unfair to paint them all with the same brush. Its just some of the ones at the top, behind the scenes that are the ones that need to be gotten rid off. The same applies to all big corps. To sort out this planet needs baby-steps because if we rush in with pick-axes and sledge-hammers (figuratively speaking) we'll do more harm than good imo. I want to return this planet to a paradise-state but the ends doesn't justify the means. Not now and not ever.

    Sine Nomine

  29. All of these side tracking with lets make believe this and that are great but the fact of the matter still remains. WTF is going on and when is it going to be publically known?

  30. Argentina’s Barter Network: New Currency for New Times?

  31. Fact is, TOPPT does exist, thankully. We still have to utilize it. I will not, again, fall for the "you don't have to do anything" line. We DO have to move toward that which we desire. It's the only way manifestation works. Bartering is great and I'm sorry for those who choose to argue the points of whether, or not, it's taxable.

  32. What does it mean?

    First glance it appears to be a clarification of what is an employer and employee and what is a common law relationship of employment. It goes further to indicate 'who' is to pay employment taxes. AND it defines what employment taxes are.

    -- Employers generally are required to deduct and withhold federal income tax and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes from wages paid to their employees under sections 3402(a) and 3102(a), --

    -- Instead of FICA taxes, railroad employers are required to deduct and withhold Railroad Retirement Tax Act (RRTA) taxes from their employees' compensation under section 3202,--

    Notice above: for railroad employees it's called compensation, for non-railroad employees it's called wages.

    These taxes are collectively referred to for purposes of these proposed regulations as employment taxes.

    Note: IRS docs are always confusing, but really, it said for the 'proposed regulations' they are called Employment taxes and that included the Federal Income tax mentioned for wages.

    Note: Someone slap me and tell me I'm wrong.
    Well don't slap me, just tell me I'm wrong.

    -- An "employer must file an employment tax return reporting employment taxes" for each employment tax return period. --

    Note: It didn't say employee

    -- However, employment tax liability cannot be altered by private agreement between an employer and a third-party payor. See In re Professional Security Services, Inc., 162 B.R. 901 (Bankr. M.D. Fla. 1993). --

    Note: Looks like corporations were abusing the "no law impairing the obligation of contracts" to avoid paying employment taxes? Could it be employers entered third party agreements to hide their tax liability?
    If this is what I read, then Wow! Penalty city would be nice for most of them, I would think. After all, it's only a fiction/ a business. I would love to see some clawbacks of bonuses where taxes were not paid because they were hidden behind some agreement where another party paid their "wages" or "compensation".

    Whupee! Not trying to be too excited, but it seems to have gone through the trouble to decide the 'common law test" to determine employer-employee relationship.

    Is it possible a business was in direct control of the performance of an employee, but pretended the employee did not work for them so they did not owe the "employment tax which included Federal Income tax and FICA"?

    Here is the regulation, read it one sentence at a time. It's not an easy read.

    -- Under the common law test, an employment relationship exists when the person for whom the services are performed has the right to control and direct the individual who performs the services, not only as to the result to be accomplished by the work but also as to the details and means by which that result is accomplished. An employment relationship exists if an employee is subject to the will and control of the employer not only as to what shall be done but how it shall be done. In this connection, it is not necessary that the employer actually direct or control the manner in which the services are performed; it is sufficient if the employer has the right to do so. See §§ 31.3121(d)-1(c), 31.3231(b)-1(a)(2), 31.3306(i)-1(b), and 31.3401(c)-1(b). This test is also applicable in determining which of two parties in a three-party arrangement is the employer. See for example, Professional and Executive Leasing, Inc. v. Commissioner, 89 T.C. 225 (1987), aff'd, 862 F.2d 751 (9th Cir. 1988). --

    To be published 01/29/2013, and taxes don't have to be filed until when? 01/30/2013.

    The timing is significant but I don't know why.
    My question, "How does this relate to me?"

    Love to all

  33. Great post D, and I fully agree with everything you stated! I would also encourage everyone to stop purchasing the cabal goods, such as fast foods, frozen dinners, cans, household cleaners, etc. Alternatively, for those who can, grow your own gardens, form community gardens and support local farmers and business that do not sell big business goods.

    On a different note, does anyone know which documents, specifically, have to be filed to stop a foreclosure? Also, how much time is needed to file those documents. My uncle is facing foreclosure on February 1st, which is only a couple of days away, and I only found out yesterday.

  34. Anon 6:15 here.

    I did not look up these definitions as mentioned in the proposed regulation.

    wages compensation
    I have to find out what the IRS defines them as, since those are the things employers are (quote)
    "Employers generally are required to deduct and withhold federal income tax and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes from"
    Thus, for purposes of the proposed regulations, the term wages includes wages as defined for purposes of Chapters 21 (FICA tax), 23 (FUTA tax), and 24 (federal income tax withholding) of the Code, and the term compensation means compensation as defined for purposes of Chapter 22 (RRTA tax) of the Code.

  35. *This is starting to look like a typical thread hijack* Totally off-topic.

    1. I agree ...
      I don't think it's wise to fragment our focus
      at this moment of time

  36. Energy is Money. (Real) Money is the circulatory system of the Planetary Living Being.

  37. There simply is not enough people willing to actively participate in a barter system to make it tangible enough to provide all the basic needs of every day life. So until some major changes are made way above our heads in the corporations and the governments this all remains a distraction and a day dream....

  38. For those still a bit confused I suggest you watch the movie the Matrix as it is an elementary version of what is happening.

  39. I have a jar of honey. Will anyone swap it for a cow?

    Sine Nomine


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