Thursday, 17 January 2013

Metaphor of Now

This was sent to me in an email from a lovely reader- I immediately had to share this here:

I was pondering it all (it being OPPT) and was shown a metaphor I thought I’d share with you that kinda explained to me the variety of reactions to news that so many of us Lightworkers/starseeds/indigos etc have wanted for so long…and yet here it seems to be, so much more amazing than I ever dared imagine it could be…and yet some peeps are expressing doubt and anger and frustration and disbelief and fear…??!! What the…?!!!
Anyways here’s the metaphor:
I saw a movie once where these prisoners were held in a concentration camp during WW2, and made to do all these things against their will, moral code etc. Then the Germans flee the camp (the Russians were coming) and the prisoners were left there alone. No-one ‘announces’ to them they are ‘now free’…they gradually have to figure it out for themselves. But it takes a couple of prisoners to risk being ‘shot’…dying… – by stepping outside of the barracks they have been confined in. When they do, they learn that their guards and captors have all gone. Then they tell all the other prisoners. Some laugh hysterically. Some cry with happiness. Some take a LOT of convincing. Some refuse to believe. Some choose to lay down and die. Some become angry. They don’t know quite what to do with themselves …they have longed for FREEDOM for so long and now it is here. But they have also had someone telling them what to do for so long…suddenly they have to think and feel for themselves again now and in essence, gain back their own sovereignty …they can just BE again.
Thought it was kinda apt here and now!


  1. I'd like to point out that this was posted at 11:11. :D

  2. This rings with sounds that are very applicable in this time to BE...... so many not sure how to BE or DO. Maybe it is the letting go of an old paradigm that we need permission. I say just Be with the Doer and the LIGHT WILL FIND US BEing the DOer. Namaste


  3. Thanx for sharing if this does not make understandable what is?

  4. "But it takes a couple of prisoners to risk being ‘shot’…dying… – by stepping outside of the barracks they have been confined in".

    I think that person should be D since shes the owner of this blog, telling us were all free.

    And yet, she hasn't done it. Hasn't provided proof

    Why would that be?

    1. You my friend are sorely mistaken. As I see it, she is the one that took the lead with this blog. She has offered others the way of BEing allowing each of us to do the DOing. Open your HEART you know the truth.

    2. D, heather, AK, Brian, Drake and any other blogger , get out there, get shot and report back to us. Thanks.

    3. riiiiiight.

      You're saying D takes the lead with the blog but doesn't want to be the one to go first and try out the information she's pushing as true.

      Makes perfect sense in the bizzarro world my friend.

    4. to clairfy, this was to Anon 11:43


      You're saying D takes the lead with the blog but doesn't want to be the one to go first and try out the information she's pushing as true.

      Makes perfect sense in the bizzarro world my friend.

    5. Reminder - there is no death...except the living one, under the cabal. However, I do state this in complete belief that all those who posted in this particular reply area are well aware of that, in your hearts, but are being paid to be a troll. Like those who still chemtrail - I wonder how you can continue to support the killers? It's a one-way ticket to staying in the 3rd. Isn't it time to stop the charade, and step into your higher state of being? Up to you - I know. Tough decision, I guess.

    6. Anon 1201

      I absolutely LOVE how you call us Paid trolls and then tell us to "Elevate Our Being" in the same sentence LOL.. as if Enlightened people slander others with name-calling. Duh. Real Logical and Credible.

      Keep lowering yourself and your message by slandering people over a blog that hasn't proven its credibility. Go for it. Continue to illustrate to the detractors that you have no actual info and, that they are correct.

      What you and other blind cheerleaders have again FAILED to do, is clear up ANYTHING or provide anything CONCRETE.

      So, Thanks for the help in showing this is a disinfo blog.
      You can help anytime.

    7. The thing is, soon or later, it becomes obvious to everyone (in that movie) that they are free. What they do with their newly found freedom is up to them as long as there is no one left to hurdle them back in slavery.

      Regarding the OPPT'S filings, if there are no loopholes the cabal can use against the people, then we're all really free, even if it takes some of us 20 years to accept the fact. What's the rush anyway? We've already endured lifetimes of misery and poverty. What's an extra week?

      Personally, I think the whole thing will be more believable when / if the shelved technologies and cures for nasty diseases like cancer and kidney failure start cropping up....


    8. To anon 12:15 and others.
      CONCRETE? As in some kind of "legal" "proof?" Because ALL of that is FICTION-nothing but the notation of a lie on paper! This is what so many of you folks (even the paid shill drones) just don't get. Refuse to live in their paper world of deceit.
      You are free if you believe you are. The is a universal precept--you will manifest what you believe. What are you afraid of? Oh dear, "they" are going to take my house, garner my wages, arrest me, or the ultimate threat--they kill me, if I don't do exactly as they say. Well, there are many, many practical ways around the system if you EDUCATE YOURSELF, but so what if they do those things to you? SO FUCKING WHAT!
      Are you so attached to the fake life you lead, all your things, your false, political-whore promised "security" that they will only take away from you at their whim if you BELIEVE in their game?
      Evidently, all the lies, nothing but PURE LIES, that they broadcast 24/7 on the lead indoctrination station, CNN, (and all the others) are CONCRETE for you, and I don't write that-or any of this-to be mean, but to make a point. What if you ignore all the garbage they are feeding you, all the lies, all the constant distraction and fear promulgation? Don't let them define your reality because that's ALL they have--convincing you that they are your masters. The metaphor in this thread is all important, and to understand what they are writing, you must "step out of the barracks." I mean what is everybody waiting on, a red carpet, a new house, a get out of jail free card and a wheelbarrow full of Fed. Reserve notes?

    9. THis is leagally documents and if you do your homework, listen and checking it out for yaself, you will understand,..or maybe not.

      By the way.
      You want proof..
      Where is the PROOF that the cabals ( the system that we have been living under is legal?
      You will find NO proof,..but many people think the system is legal because you have been raised to believe so.

      What is NOW acctually legal,.. is our FREEDOM

      Embrace it.. and I do.

      And we have always been free,.. but we did forgot and
      we did not learned about it when we were raised.
      Soem have always know and said it out loud, but
      the the sleep people masses, attacked them and
      told them that they were crazy.

      In Lakesh <3

    10. anon 12;01, How can there be any paid trolls? We were told the Cabal is out of action, finished. Who is paying the trolls?

    11. Yes and Heather said she 'teleported' all their gold so according to Heathers words:

      The Govt is Shut Down
      They have No money.
      Disclosure has Happened.
      We are all Free

      So, yes,

      1.) WHo's paying the paid trolls?
      2.) Given the above list, if its all said, done as you claim and were all free and the cabal is defeated...

      why does ANYONE need to come to this site anymore?

      Oh because, thats right.. you've contradicted yourself so you MUST be disinfo.

      Only Govt Contradicts itself.

    12. Its a nice way that you've been stitched up isn't it?

      Ignore the everything you can see is there.
      Believe D, who youve never met and whos not been correct once.

      If that's waking up to YOU...


      So then when the 'Announcments' come.. you wont believe them because Heather says the Govt's shut down and they're coming from an illegal entity (MSM)?

      You have non logic.

      I have logic

  5. Go McCroft.. be the one.. Run.

    Let us know

  6. Stockholm syndrome, losing the will to Live, and flat out fear of the unknown is what it comes down to. Thanks for sharing, D!

    1. Yes, you are correct Michael.
      As in you're in love with your captor, RTS.
      You're right. It is Stockholm Syndrome.

      You're afraid to believe things are the same and this blog has kept you in a state of disillusion.

      I get it. Its ok. But its your choice and free will to walk away and when you choose to stay, you admit enjoy being abused.

      Good Luck.

    2. Bullshit, Michael. We have no fear of the unknown. We just haven't seen any proof that there is really an unknown. We have seen nothing but words and the Cabal is still acting like the words are a lie.

    3. If you go back a while you will see this Michael is here all day every day. He must not work unless he is the paid shill and this blog is his work.

    4. And when logic is used against him, he doens't answer. lol


    5. Logic tells us that if you know he post everyday, then you are here everyday.

      Logic tells us that if he post everyday, that he chooses to be here. And you choose to be here also!

    6. to Anonymous 12:20

      'You're afraid to believe things are the same and this blog has kept you in a state of disillusion.'

      Sorry to disappoint you, but I came to this blog with this 'disillusion' and simply felt well here ;-)

      What are you bringing to this blog of people who think alike?

  7. This is good. Heather reminded us, too, that you can take a person out of poverty, but it is more difficult to take the poverty out of the person. The same is true for freedom. Many people, after long incarcerations, cannot live free and do something to go back to prison.

    Right now, we are so close to all that we've asked for, and even when it is finally staring everyone right in the face, some will still say "well prove it to me". We have been trained and socialized to believe we are victims. When the persecuter is removed, that doesn't remove the victimhood from the victim. What it comes down to is finally knowing we are responsible for ourselves no matter how much we've been victimized or imprisoned. In the end, there's a choice to move beyond it, and people will finally see that choice because right now so many don't know they even have such a choice. But they will.

    1. You're so right! I only hope many will hear you.

  8. Plato's "The Cave"



  9. Thank you to the poster of the lovely metaphor, it is so truly apt. And thank you again D, for sharing it with us, I think many will have an aha moment from it. Love and light again, Lisa

  10. Boy, If that doesn't sum it up very nicely, Thank you D! I slept so good last night. I do not remember dreaming. I woke up with the most profound sense of peace in my heart. I am taking the time to reflect on all that has happened and remember all the tiny details. I want to remember every little thing, so I can tell my great grandchildren, how Nana participated in the Greatest Moment in Human History, just by BEing and BELIEVING and LIVING MY TRUTH. I have such a deep and profound gratitude for D and her "knowing" she needed to start this blog. She has turned into the Mom in summer calling the kids in for supper. She called, and we all came. All the negativity that is posted here just confirms that we are indeed "on the path of truth". My heart is filled to overflowing with love and gratitude NAMASTE

  11. Lets rewrite the metaphor to truthfully reflect reality: The guards are still there.

    1. You are the one that sees the guards still there.

    2. Or are you the guard of yourself?

    3. While you are busy be-ing and do-ing the guards are busy be-ing and do-ing themselves.

    4. Stop BE'ing the DO'ing and start DO'ing the BE'ing. LMAO!

  12. Only the strong make it to the promised land!

  13. WOW Very nice MIRROR image of NOW!!!

  14. What a load of crap, soon to be gleefully gobbled up by the Koo-Aid drinking cultist sheep of RTS.

    1. I'll answer if Anon will permit. Because we actually CARE and if I see someone heading for danger, I feel it is my moral responsibility to warn.

    2. 12:26 - Who are you to tell other people what to believe and think? If you think this website is all b.s., you are free to go elsewhere and spout your hate. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Buh bye...

    3. Anon 1344:
      Who are you to say RTS Real?
      Who is D to post all this crap with 0 verification as to WHO she is, or why anyone should believe someone with 'insiders' JUST ENTERED the game in MARCH of 2012?? and has been INACCURATE since?

      Who are you to buy into something you can't verify and could very easily be a wolf leading you?

      I dont really care to know your answers The point is to think. Use your brain for something other than blind acceptance.

    4. Hey Anon 15:03

      What's the big issue? Who cares who says what where? What are you getting all hung up about?

      If it didn't matter to you, and you 'dont really care to know your answers', why are you reading and writing here?

      To be honest, I really don't want to know the answers, but I do know that you do.

    5. to onlyequity you don't know anything about me or any other posters on here. you only think you do. have you taken over from sinemetu as the attack dog?

  15. i am free i ran naked today in the streets and no one stopped me. Finally people don't care that i need to wear clothes anymore. thank you living trust

    1. You're still naked, metaphorically. lol

    2. Thank you Anon 12:43 and for putting TOPPT on You ROCK dude

  16. Anonymous 12:26 if you are so positive this blog is a complete and total waist of your time why do you keep wasting time posting here.

  17. Look what Drake has posted:

    If this is true, then expect markets to be closed tomorrow.
    Subject: Fw: Looks Like things are heating up – Announcements soon…!?!?!?

    Snippet: "YES BOEHNER is our interim president and Ron PAUL is interim VP."

    1. Yeah, I saw it. We'll see... What happens to kenya boy? Is he allowed to go free after what he's done to this country and to us. What???? Really????

    2. It could be that Obama was a good guy all along. As that article says - All those agressive laws were not for us. If indeed he was working for team good while acting villian then that would take a huge amount of character, I hope this is the case.

    3. Notice that Drake mentioned that the post came from 'REMOVING THE SHACKLES'.

      It's time to get on ONE ACCORD.
      That's the power of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS:)

    4. Obama was groomed for a role and played his part perfectly. All that he did was to flush out the EVIL in Congress and in the Int'l political scene, so that the criminals could be identified and removed. He did his job, enuff said

    5. So true Kathy K.! I knew this in my heart for over 3 years. Thank you D, Kathy and all!
      Lets Git `er Done!


      baab17 January 2013 08:27
      I made it up,i went looking for the post but there are so many to dig through....I could not see any I had posted????
      Tired eyes?

      Anyway,I suggested a scenario in which Obama turns at the end and spins a trillion dollar coin in the air as he walks away from the whitehouse,After exposing all the parasites for what they are due to his actions.......(not word for word)
      Then I stated that we should see how long it would take for this rumour to go.........

      So now obama has a trick up his sleeve and an excuse for being a dictator.
      Try it out. something here or in the comments section and make it good,
      It will then be commented on by KP,AK,Nesara news...etc...,and even the lovely Ron the patient Christian will make a video about the thrilling news.
      ever increasing circles.

      Well well now the rumour has surfaced on another site,and they reference the post above,so that makes it the truth???????????

    7. Hi baab,

      I remember that comment you made. I will try to find it.

      Ninja Bambi.

    8. baab, is this is the comment you are talking about?


      "baab5 January 2013 17:40

      I can give you a scenario that would keep everyone happy....fictional by the way.

      Obama has never saluted the flag,been sworn in correctly or performed as a buffer to those who wish to harm the worlds citizens.
      He has allowed them to sign their names to legal paperwork in support of heinous crimes against humanity.
      He has allowed them to show excessive signs of greed and inconsiderate behaviour.

      On the day announced he will pull out the trillion dollar coin ,toss it in the air and walk away while removing the tie from his neck.
      The president who never was has his hand shaken for the rest of his life as he grins his way through his and our future.
      Lets see how long it takes for this scenario to leak its way onto the boards of' lightworkers for obama.'


      Ninja Bambi.

    9. Let us not forget that the 'bad guys' were doing a job. They were teaching us a valuable lesson, the lesson we came here to learn, duality. We suffered harshly, we did terrible things to ourselves and eachother. That was the class we enrolled for so now is the time to forgive. Now is the time to say thanks. Now class is over, it is time to move on with wonder in our hearts.

    10. So true, DavidG, and in the past, each one of us also filled in (at least) one of those positions.

      Duality is why we came here, and now we're graduating. You can choose anybody from any side for the Prom ;-)

    11. Not so sure Obama is done yet.

      He's been conferring with a lot of ET's in his term.

      Messages keep saying that he has more to do.

      We'll soon see.

    12. Thats it Ninja Bambi,I just could not find it.

      Now play around with that wee idea ,lets raise obama back up to lightworker/messiah status and throw it from here to there to there to a chinese whispers kind of fashion and bounce it right back to..................HERE.

      So what just happened?

      Now just to ut my would be attackers at rest

      I believe there is something going on in the minds of mankind.
      Is it evolution? I dont know.
      Time is definitely speeding up,it has not stopped rolling yet,but it has speeded up.
      is it this freeman knowlege,delivered in a rather novel way by Heather?
      I dont think so.
      But again,I dont know.
      Are extraterrestials coming to meet us,I dont think so.
      I dont know.

      Is there a scam here,I dont think so.
      I just think a freshman/woman has gotten slightly excited by something and has let it go out of control.
      Its obvious who the friends are and they are loyal.
      There is a lot of logic here also.

      And they should not be ignored.

      Oh there I go again,being all sensible.
      Thanks again Ninja Bambi.

      Hey Babycakes,would you elaborate on the above.
      Is it you who is recieving the messages or Obama.
      If you have evidence/proof of this ,can you share it with us.

    13. Nice Baab, you were incorrect in the assumption that I was regurgitating your "rumor". enuff said

    14. More progress is made thru co-operation than confrontation. Can we not just make that our aim. What's with the "need to be right" brigade? Before anyone says they're only human - it is NOT an excuse! Be nice to each other, please. To quote Wayne Dyer 'You can be right, or you can be kind'.

      Sine Nomine

    15. I dont know where you popped up from KK
      You appear to be D's 'protector'. Or are you D.?
      I have no clue what you mean?
      I never accused you of regurgitating anything,I was just observing how rumours begin....chinese whispers!
      And I dont think I was incorrect. K.

  18. I love animals and they love me, who's to say that i can not love them the way I do. Who makes these laws that say I can not be with my animals and be free to create a new society of animal loving people. thanks RTS

    1. One of the aspects of my vision of the New World is that we will communicate and interact with animals, as we now do with 'other people'.

      Have you read any of the 'Anastasia' books from Wladimir Megre? I think you would enjoy them ;-)

  19. This is all very nice but kenya boy is still in the white house writing illegal executive orders to take our guns and no one stands up to him. He will be re-inaugurated in secret on Sunday, no doubt swearing oath on the koran and then again by the traitor-coward (at best) chief justice who KNOWS he's ineligible.

    Sorry D. I see business as usual. WE ARE NOT FREE. We are on the verge of a civil war and it's right in our faces. Uncle Fester at DHS is all ready to go.

    1. I was caught up in a civil war in Central Africa in the mid 90's, and I can testify to the fact that war (civil or not) is no walk in the park. You go through enormous personal physical and emotional pain even when you are not a combattant. Just saying.....


    2. Well I hope that on the day the guns take themselves to the streets to fight this new civil war, they are courteous enough to give the rest of us a heads up. I'd prefer not to go out and get arrested and tossed into a FEMA camp on secret charges I'll never know about because of the Patriot Act.

      I'm sad to have watched over the last week at how petty and mean you all have become with one another. When the enlightened start laughing and mocking those who don't get it, you look like those we are trying to chase off. The condescending ways are not becoming from either camp, but they especially turn my stomach when they come from those in the know, who get it. If you GET it and see someone who doesn't get it...HELP THEM. SERIOUSLY, HELP THEM...don't just throw your hands up and give up. It is your job to facilitate communication, by not doing so, you just look like those we call Elite, sitting on their (our) knowledge, laughing. This condescending way is not transparency, it's dick=headed and fugly.
      If we are truly ONE, then act like it by trying to help those who question. Step up to the plate and teach, and if you can't...then maybe that should tell you something.
      TOPPT or now OPPT has an entry made in Wiki. I find it, the talk page, and their criteria for a topic very interesting.
      Enjoy the chum filled waters and the ensuing feeding frenzy. I can continue living in love without having to watch people bash each other and call one another paid trolls.
      Oh, and on which comment thread did Cryptic admit to being a paid troll? I totally missed that and I read as far as I can before the comment count totally overwhelms my old little system!
      Sorry for venting, but I've been really quiet, just watching and being a little bummed at the lower vibe that is hanging around the comments lately.

    3. Has it ever entered your "fear fevered" brains that it just appears as if everything is normal, that it looks that way by design, for GOOD REASON? Would you want to chase these criminals down or rather lull them into a false sense of security so they would stay where they were and further incriminate themselves? Have you ever considered the fact that most of the worst of them never get their hands dirty? They delegate the dirty work to underlings and to convict them in a COMMON LAW court you need more than circumstantial evidence. Do you see where I am going with this. I am just kicking back and watching it all unfold. The heavy lifting is done. The stage is set. I am really going to enjoy my moment of vindication when it all comes out in the wash.

    4. Kathy Kelly and her 3D mindset. Love and light? Forget about it!

    5. How do you send light to another other than some implement like a torch, candles, matches? Why would you want to when love is the strongest force in the universe? Don't answer, its a rhetorical. Thanks.

    6. Kathy Kelly are you on medication or are you still taking that gold potion of yours? Im just trying to understand your delusional mindset.

  20. Problem with the metaphor. The folks in the camp had not been told before that they were free, only to find it wasn't so. Over and over and over.

    A better metaphor would be, the boy who cried wolf. Only there still isn't a wolf.

    1. Go find your own "Little Red Riding Hood".

    2. Wrong wolf.

  21. It is Exactly what any prisoner go's through when released from prison. If there is no one to offer support they just don't know what to do with themselves, some comment suicide, some turn to drugs or alcohol, some returned to the life style they once knew and some make it with help from those who offered their support.

  22. Here is a Nice 3-D report from a very 3-D kinda guy:

  23. It's frustrating to me that people seem hell bent on not grasping the simple fact that you cannot make an educated, informed free will choice when you have been miseducated, misinformed and do not understand your free will has been manipulated.

    This "it's your responsibility" stuff really is IMHO a slap in the face to those suffering in 3D world countries and even within 1st world countries who have had no opportunity to know anything about who's really pulling the strings, etc, etc and so on and so forth.

    I would hope for all that is light and goodness that all have the opportunity to witness revelations of truth on a global scale that truly encompass every corner so that every single me in the We has the chance to make for the first time in human history an educated Decision based on their newly found Free Will.

    Be'ing and Do'ing is all grande and obi wan stuff, but it does not feed the children suffering over say in, Africa, and it's hard to meditate on higher dimensional connection to source when you can't hear a damned thing over the rumbling over your own swollen tummy.

    While I remain Hopeful and I'm sorry Heather but Hope isn't 'so last year' in my books...that great change will come, I'm also aware great change will not happen in totality, on a global scale, until open disclosure of the truth does.

    Believe me there is nothing I want more than to see all suffering end, equality to reign and unity to exist within a space of joy and bliss but I find the metaphor of those who suffered in a concentration camp in extremely poor taste. Like it's the victims problem that they didn't get they were free immediately, must not have been spiritual enough right? I continue to see pious attitudes within the freedom and new age movement that reek of my own fundamental religious upbringing, truly it is time for that shit to pass.

    Religious terms like "I AM" (which is from the Bible btw, and that Yahweh, not a fan of his personally) just further cement this 'if you are good enough, spiritual enough, righteous enough, pure get the idea right? "Then you'll understand it".

    How freaking loving is that? I mean really, think about it, if you can turn a blind eye to the acrocities that continue to happen and literally bury your head up to your arse in the sand, stick your fingers in your ears and say la la la while your instantly manifesting because you are all powerful, please for the love of all goodness manifest me a martini, because I need a drink now.

    The prisoners in this metaphor would simply be those still asleep, and that is NOT their fault, those of us who are awake and aware are specifically here to assist those who haven't awoken, help them, comfort them, not feed back double talk intended to make them feel as if it's their fault that they don't get it or that obviously they are choosing to be in darkness. That was you once, that was me once.

    We need to be those prisoners who are testing the limits, checking to see if indeed the guards are there and comforting those who haven't grasped the concept of freedom quite yet, with patience and love. Not with deflection and dogmatic snobbery.

    1. I have no problem seeing that we were all manipulated for years, especially with this fake media that got caught bringing us 911. The problem is, so far I have seen nothing that differentiates websites like this and the fake media. There is no way to accurately say where all this hopium is coming from since it has gone on for years so until I see some change in the real world, I have to consider the possibility that this site is Cabal or just a poorly planned con game.

    2. On one of the other threads a poster mentioned the intel he read on his friend's facebook page. The info stated that announcements may come as early as Friday. Now, bearing that in mind and then I read that David Cameron is NOT going to the Netherlands tomorrow (Friday) to give his big speech about the UK possibly leaving the EU. His reasons are very strange.

      "The BBC's deputy political editor, James Landale, said: "Officials say that the information coming out of Algeria remains incomplete.

      "They say that the PM made the decision to postpone his speech in the Netherlands at tea time after a meeting of the emergency response committee Cobra and a phone call with the Algerian prime minister," our correspondent added.

      Downing Street earlier said the prime minister had spoken to US President Barack Obama and they had agreed their priority was to establish the facts on the ground."

      "UK Foreign Secretary William Hague is cutting short a visit to Australia due to the hostage crisis, while ministers are planning to make a statement to Parliament on Friday morning to update MPs."

      Since when has a Prime Minister stopped in his tracks from giving an important speech over hostages who are NOT all British and even if they were it would not stop him from carrying on business as usual. These politicians do not care about hostages or real people. I wonder what is actually going on in Algeria with AlCIAda!

      They cannot even agree how many hostages there are and some reports say they have been freed already.

    3. I read your response and then went back and read the metaphor that was presented. I am curious where you saw any blame being put on the prisoners

      "But it takes a couple of prisoners to risk being ‘shot’…dying… – by stepping outside of the barracks they have been confined in"

      THEN they go back in and tell the other prisoners, they did not flee.

      Isn't this the freaking love you speak of?

      The lord speaks to those in all corners of the world, the do not need tv, radio or computer to hear gods promises.

    4. Anonymous 13:52 I so hear you! I've read some nasty remarks made on the various articles here instead of love and compassion. Not from the "unbelievers" but from the so-called 5D people who are supposed to be loving, compassionate, accepting and helpful." It's always shocking to see that in a so-called "lightworker." Your whole post resonated with me. Thanks for speaking my heart.


    5. You are very welcome Rita and for the record, I just didn't have time to log into my google when I posted earlier, it's not that I'm afraid and want to hide my identity people. lol I'm not saying that I do not believe the People's Trust, nor am I saying I don't believe D, what I am saying is that the vast majority of humanity is unaware completely of any of this and we need a visible, tangible widely reported expose before we as a people will be truly Free, because Free means in Knowledge. In the meantime, attacking anyone who doubts or questions is like a dog chasing it's tail.

      To Midwest...what I was referring to was most have no idea there are even guards in the first place. Which is why the metaphor is not apt. A more apt metaphor would be take a young child who has grown up in a forest, isolated and told by their sole parent no one else exists, if other people learned of the child yet could not reach the child, saying it is the child's responsibility to BE and to DO and to KNOW they are not alone, when that child has never ever been talk to think critically for themselves and they've never seen anyone else..isn't exactly helpful to the child at all. But if a group of people show up and the child learns they are truly not alone, they have been decieved, then the child can adjust to their new reality.

    6. Nicely said Gold Wing. :-)

    7. Anon 13:52 I hear you!

      Sine Nomine

    8. "...A more apt metaphor would be take a young child who has grown up in a forest, isolated and told by their sole parent no one else exists, if other people learned of the child yet could not reach the child, saying it is the child's responsibility to BE and to DO and to KNOW they are not alone, when that child has never ever been talk to think critically for themselves and they've never seen anyone else..isn't exactly helpful to the child at all. But if a group of people show up and the child learns they are truly not alone, they have been decieved, then the child can adjust to their new reality..." - YES!

      Thank you, Gold Wing.

      I too resonate with your earlier posting.

      It's too easy to snap at the heels of anyone that asks uncomfortable questions, or demands more information or who just can't see why another person is claiming to understand something that to the next person is coming across like 'double-dutch-double-speak-double-entendre-on steroids!

      I am perfectly capable of understanding the intention of the efforts and steps taken by the OPPT as it has been presented to us (I have no idea if there is any hidden intention).

      However, I think I also understand why many feel that none of that appears to be seeping through into the reality of daily life. Not in the western societies and certainly not in those developing nations that have historically struggled with basic survival issues (a disgrace of monumental proportions in itself, when the west eats and dumps more than it needs)!

      In any event, be we thought of and even accused by others as being either 'attack dogs', 'naysayers', 'blind followers', 'trolls' or plain old 'fools', it doesn't matter that much because...

      we shall see what we shall see whenever we do actually see it.

      And we shall know what we shall know whenever we do actually know it.

      And all the screaming, shouting, name-calling, info and disinfo here, there and everywhere is just NOISE until it stops, and we hear a pure SILENCE within.

      Maybe we'll hear that pure silence when we live in the DAY...

      when all war has ceased

      when hunger is no more

      when fields are full of crops that are safe to eat

      when waters everywhere are safe to drink

      when air is pure and clean

      when streets are safe to walk by day or by night

      when communities are safe places for children

      when every heart KNOWS (not thinks, not hopes, not believes) things really are ALL RIGHT.

      Ninja Bambi.

  24. that was a perfect metaphor and so TRUE!!!!!

  25. Thanks again D, Heather, Nichole and the Team for all of your heartfelt hard work!!!

    Ladies and Gents,
    it time to REMOVE THE SHACKLES , if you haven't already!!!

  26. I have no doubt whatsoever that I am free and always have been. This is because I also know I am not the body or the mind, but the awareness of those things and a world of experiences that come and go within me, awareness.

    OK. With that being said, I also understand that there is an apparent body and a mind and in no way does my true identity of awareness make the physical life in the world null and void. Pain still hurts, water is a necessity, etc.

    This is very similar to this whole OPPT thing. Just because you know you were born a free spiritual being does not relieve you of the current restrictions of a physical life in a 3D physical world. Yet all these legal pronouncements childshly deny this.

    Now let me offer up my own metaphor. It is like in full metal jacket where the drill seargent tells the recruits: you can give your heart to Jesus, but the Marine Corp owns your ass.

    1. In that moment of revelation, you still have the choice to decide who you want to follow, don't you?

      Your heart or your ass.

      That's where we're at today!

    2. onlyequity, you missed the point. As long as one is physical (and I think most of us still are), the ass is always attached to the heart awareness you don't actually get to choose whether the "enforcement" folks leave you alone.

  27. I've never been big on blind faith. I haven't been on my knees for a long time, some 50 years. I was too rowdy for church. But I feel these are no ordinary circumstances. By adding our intention to our intuition, our faith, we can swing this out of the ballpark.

  28. For all the shills claiming that they're not - because if the cabal is "done", who's paying them? Oh my! Good point! Guess you've been working for nothing, this week! Too bad, so sad. Brush up that resume - but, perhaps you better leave off your "last and present job".... Just sayin' - shill.

    1. anon 16:08 You just sounded like a first class idiot. There should no longer be paid shills if this blog is correct nor should anyone need a resume. You are exposed.

    2. I found a video that might help some understand the mess we've gotten ourselves into and why it's so important to understand how these "ptw" have enslaved Humanity. By understanding and identifying the problem first, we can properly address it. I'm grateful Heather and her team have taken so much on with this great act. When you KNOW the problem is real, it helps get over the doubt factor that others have been aware of this for decades and have worked to end it for us All, I think. I think this is really common knowledge to most people, that we've been "ruled" by a select few, in some form or fashion. Change is on the way for All!

      Enjoy the show!


  29. many nasayers...and they are all "Anonymous"...LOL.

    Christmas nite was HEAVEN to me with the announcement of TOPPT. Who were these folks having the balls to put out many Legal documents regarding changes in the Law for Freedom of ALL the People...unnanounced?? I just happened to run across it, and am seeing the story unfold.

    I worked for a Law firm for many years, and can at least "read" legal documents (I know, it's hard!). I have read all of them at least twice. I will read them some more, as we all must. It is a much different twist to the Law than what we're used to, but relates our situation to the same Law the Corporations conduct business under. This brings us back to "zero point". It makes sense.

    We have the Power to defend ourselves This is what I take from these documents. I also have a feeling we have to "take the reins" in regard to each person's personal situation at this time, until it all becomes commonplace. THIS is what I see lacking in ALL the blogs (usually "anonymous")...personal Responsibility. We the People will have to stand up and use these tools. It seems Heather, and many, are available to answer questions if only one would ask. The Trusee's of TOPPT have worked long and hard for all of Humanity. I thank them. I am glad to have RTS and other sites to give me information, and the closest thing to Truth they can find for us!

    1. *****standing up and cheering*****

      Exactly!! It was an awesome Christmas present! They will see, soon enough, that it is all truth!!!

      xoxo Christine

  30. Question for any believer: Let's get it over with now for anyone with courage. If at this time next week, Obozo is still in the White House, will you admit that you have been had yet again after so many times? Or will you start making excuses as usual.
    For me, I will come on here, tell you I am totally shocked and thank everybody who had a part in this.

    1. ... and if things turn out as you have read here (or better),will you have the courage to admit that you didn't believe all along? 'Or will you start making excuses as usual.'?

      Or will you maybe even 'come on here, tell you I am totally shocked and thank everybody who had a part in this'?

    2. Couldn't help but think, "it's a whole lot easier to agree once it's obvious." If this is all true, these people are heros of humanity. As though the road wasn't trying enough to travel without people pointing out what's obvious to us all - proof is scarce. Of course that's the way it is until it's done. The earth was once flat and it was deemed impossible by experts for man made crafts to fly.

      Why not let them do their work without the ridiculous bickering about how they might not be legit! History proves that every new concept was first greatly ridiculed by skeptics. Just watch and see. Relax and appreciate the work others may be doing on your behalf, or roll up your sleeves and do something.

      We are all one. I can see who is the opposing balance to those who are working hard to free humanity.

    3. equity, you failed to answer the question but that is what I always get here. Nobody with enough conviction to back up their case. But I will answer your question. Yes, most definitely I will admit that I am floored and was wrong. Not wrong about doubting them mind you because they have not produced a shred of evidence that this is for real. But I will admit that I was wrong about the Trust being real. I will thank the players and do whatever they ask for help.

    4. I am glad to see some people considering their responses to this coming out positively. It is a definite change from the outright refusal to consider such a possibility a month ago. Christmas night, I was one of those people that started reading the first announcement and half way through it was shaking and sobbing in my shock and overwhelming joy at what I was reading. I knew at a SOUL LEVEL that it was real, but still needed to tear it apart and disprove it to be certain LOGICALLY. I could not disprove its validity. All will be revealed shortly. They can not inaugurate anyone not eligible based on the organic constitution. Monday they have to disclose the truth. Until then, I am daydreaming about what kind of earth I want to recreate after the dust settles, and I am dreaming BIG!

    5. So Kathy, are you saying that if Obozo is inaugerated, then you will think this has all been one big lie? I for one never had an outright refusal to believe. I wanted to believe desperately, just not desperate enough to be suckered without thought.

  31. Quoting judge Dale:

    "There are NO Criminal Laws in America because Criminal Laws would imply that the Corporate United States Government are Sovereign that have absolute power over all living, flesh and blood Americans, which of course is not true because a corporation is a fiction and therefore cannot be Sovereign. Man is Sovereign and is in control of his own destiny and one day he will finally wake up and realize this to be true!"


  32. Has anyone seen this? This was posted on nesaranews.blogspot today. It is entitled: I AM POSTING IN TWO PARTS BECAUSE IT'S LARGE.


    This was posted on the RTS Skype room yesterday. (WHICH IS REMOVING THE SHACKLES SKYPE, RIGHT?


    Subject: Read this
    Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 21:11:25 -0600


    Andrew Jackson knew what the banks meant to the REPUBLIC of the USA.
    SO he stopped them from installing the 2nd bank of the united states.

    which brings me to this awesome night....our REPUBLIC. Breathe in this word....REPUBLIC. At the latest reading of the ORGANIC consitution by John Boehner he said this word many many times. ACTUALLY lets go further..he said this and the word constituion many times in front of
    71 members of congress..not 535!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You heard me right. A lot of information was passed from above to me and you on here.....there are now only 71 members in congress as the ORGANIC republic consitution was read only a few days ago. YES BOEHNER is our interim president and Ron PAUL is interim VP. THE REASON WHY...

    pay attention all......i have a copy of the Revised Code of the Laws Of 1819. printer Thomas Ritchie. in other words before me is the original consitution before it was Stolen in 1812..not burned. STOLEN. thank you Tom Dunn and David Dodge. They uncovered this from over twenty years ago in a london library and supreme court in 2000 agreed Commonwealth of Virginia properly ratified so its LAW!!! Now when i read this I note that there is a protocol.

    Obama was president of corporation US..not USA. He is no longer in that seat. As he has resigned that corporate seat, Joe Biden by law cannot be the president in flux. His position vacated at same point.
    Only speaker of house can lawfully gain this Pres. seat. Then he can appoint a VP of his choice ONLY on an interim basis. There has to NOW BE a voting period for both seats and others. WHY..cause lawyers are gone from OUR CONGRESS!!! This brings in the reformation law...there will be elections held WITHIN 120 days of this Monday JANUARY 21, 2013. Note what I just said. :))))))


  33. (HERE'S PART 2)

    Now moving forward. A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE(for all the white knight fans)..ohh you should be:))))......told me tonight that Boehener also stated in his acceptance speech.."you abide by the constitution or you hit the road". Lets move on...confusion about pps, rvs, announcements..and dark agenda people.

    There have some deliveries made already..they were money investments for the investigators. Now we move on to announcements..this comes next. MY contact says it will be by the 20th, but maybe friday...(dont swear by this). The white knights will implement when THEY feel its right. After the announcements all the rv money, all programs..including but not limited to Omega, farm claims, freedom, bergavine, destiny. and the st germain trusts will be released also.
    The history part will come fter the 3 hour announcements in rotation for 10 days. ALL MEDIA!

    As far as Obama is concerned AGAIN..AGAIN..AGAIN..he was groomed for this part only. THE WHITE KNIGHTS NEEDED A SMART LAWYER INSIDE TO WEED OUT THE RATS>it worked...leave it alone. His job is done so now hes out. allthe laws he passed including the twenty today is MAINLY for the evil ones in governments here..not just us. THE WHITE KNIGHTS HAVE GUARANTEED that WE ARE SAFE!!!!

    Just sit back and enjoy the next few days and BE EXPECTANT!!! THE ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE KEY!!! i also have some great history info about wanta/reagan and others thatll rock yer world. and to the dark agenda people on here...stay away..go back to Mcdonalds and apply for a job.




    1. You can watch the speech. I heard him and that is not what Boehner said but this is the kind of disinfo that i have come to expect from nesaranewsblogspot. I see the word constitution twice and I see a totally packed auditorium so if he is only speaking to 71 members, they must have brought their whole families. What he said was to the new members and he said "if they had just come to see their names in lights, then the door was behind them. Look for yourselves and take a lesson on how silly internet rumors get started and used by disinfo agents.

    2. anon 17:47, I believe it was the reading of the constitution that they were referring to.
      Have a wonderful day.

    3. Anon 17:47 - you're referring to the wrong video. He was talking about the session where they read aloud the constitution a few days ago. Only 74 members showed up.

      Please be thorough with fact checking before dismissing something as disinfo. Peace.

    4. Christine someone (sorry I can't remember the name) posted that in the comments of 'Cabal, no encore' post. It was NOT D. Drake has also posted it on his site. This is a comment that the poster received/found on FB

    5. anon 18:09 Are you sure you sent the right link? I only see Boehner speak in this one to introduce the readers and I never hear him say they "must abide by the constitution or hit the road". In fact, Boehner disappears about 17 minutes in and never comes back.
      The reason so few people are present is because only the line readers are there.

    6. As far as Obama is concerned AGAIN..AGAIN..AGAIN..he was groomed for this part only. THE WHITE KNIGHTS NEEDED A SMART LAWYER INSIDE TO WEED OUT THE RATS>it worked...leave it alone. His job is done so now hes out. allthe laws he passed including the twenty today is MAINLY for the evil ones in governments here..not just us. THE WHITE KNIGHTS HAVE GUARANTEED that WE ARE SAFE!!!!

      i know there is a lot of controvery about obama. i just cannot seem to grasp the truth that obama is a good guy playing bad. the facts just don't add up. and the EOs today- have you read them? unless those, too, are some kind of secret code for team dark. check out his past - check out who is influencing him - vet them - check out the fact that he is related to all the past presidents - check out the vids from Arizona Wilder and Cathy O'Brien. these presidents are hand picked years before. so yes - obama was groomed - but to do what? if they -whoever they are - wanted a good, smart guy in there to clean things up- well Ron Paul is pretty smart. he wanted to clean things up and set this country right again. he wanted to stop the spending -stop the wars - downsize governement...etc. i do not know him personally, but i could imagine he would not have taken the road obama did to 'get rid of the bad guys.'

      but then- truth is stranger than fiction. i know there is the rumor that obama was born with a halo around his head - but his actions have been less than angelic. i will have to admit - when he first came on the scene years ago - i thot to myself -this man is going to help us clean this mess up. but i do not beleive that anymore. i watched him deliver his sandy hook speech - and i had to wonder when he brought his finger to swat at his eye, if he did not read from his speech 'wipe tear from eye'. it left me cold - i could not finish watching - it felt dead. and then the pic of him the next day- or a couple of days after meeting with one of the families - and they all seemed pretty pumped- not like a grieving bunch at all. but then - maybe they did not tell BO it was all a set up and he was clueless. but he's a really smart guy so go figure.

      i am not putting any stock in this posting. but i really would love to see that i am wrong.

    7. How can you say the facts don't add up when you don't have all of them yet?

    8. To Anonymous17 January 2013 18:43

      THANK YOU!
      There is no way the kenyan is an honorable person. Everyone is going to find out just how dangerous, vicious and evil he really is. Just for the record, anyone who pushes partial birth abortions, gets us in an illegal war with Libya, and starts the middle east on fire, gets away with Fast and Furious and Benghazi IS NOT A LIGHTWORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget the BP oil spill and the fact that it took kenyha boy 59 DAYS TO RESPOND!!!!!!!!! The list is endless if you look at all the chaos and destruction the pathological liar has caused.

    9. That is very very true. I do not have all the facts - but the ones that are out there now - they all point to this man is not who he claims to be. And who he claims to be, I suppose makes no difference if he is indeed working for the good guys. He could be santa clause in disguise for all i know.

      all i am saying is - vet this man. do some research- it is out there. please read the article below. does this appear to be a man who has nothing to hide? it is difficult to accept that someone you believe in and trust is not what you think. i understand that.

      Two days ago Georgia Judge Michael Malihi denied Barack Obama’s legal schemes to suppress his original birth certificates, social security numbers school and other records in Attorney Orly Taitz’s challenge of his eligibility to run for president in 2012. Obama’s attorney tried to one up the court by arguing, futilely, that Obama’s duties as acting President came first. At long last the issue of Obama’s possible fraudulent use of a Social Security number given to a resident of Connecticut who alleged was born in 1890 will be settled!

      According to a lengthy research project titled “List of Properties associated with Barack Obama and his Family,” done by a highly regarded former UK detective, Sergeant Neil Sankey along with Private Investigator Susan Daniels, Obama reportedly has 27 different social security numbers under 21 different personal and/or familial name variations in 22 states and the District of Columbia. Sankey’s research is featured in a web video entitled Dossier2MP4 produced by Jim Przybowski.

      The Sankey online report says that Social Security numbers connected to Barack Obama and the addresses they trace to are as follows: 363 Notlem St., 34982-7358 Fort Pierce, Fl. A Social Security number beginning with zero is connected to “White House, Irvine, CA.” A number starting with 282 connects to “713 Hart Senate, D.C., ” There was one connected to “White House, Baltimore, MD.” Six more Social Security numbers beginning in the 400s show up with addresses in Washington, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Maryland.

      Another five beginning with 500 connect to more cities in CA, WA, MD, and GA. Two starting with 600, trace to FL and TX. A 700 listing is “Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, Utah.”

      Three beginning with 900 connect to California and Utah postal box numbers and 15 link to Illinois addresses. The same number appears twice for addresses in Sommerville, Massachusetts. One goes to 300 Massachusetts Ave., N. W. Washington, D.C.; the other traces to a postal box in Chicago.

      Three different social security numbers for the spelling “Barak” Obama list Happy Street in Covington, WA, a Digital Highway and Video Drive in Los Angeles, CA.

    10. To Anonymous17 January 2013 19:36
      I never believed in the kenyan or supported him or ever trusted him. I don't think you understand at all. I'm done here. I am completely disgusted.

      What are all of you going to do when next week comes and he's still sitting in the white house writing executive orders, bypassing congress and continuing to shred the Constitution??
      Good luck everybody.

    11. I do understand. I think there is something terribly wrong with picture. But I do believe there are things happening that we are not aware of. The cabal is finished. It is only a matter of when and how it ends.

  34. This is interesting about Wikipedia. There is now an entry for The peoples Trust however there is a bulletin that it is under consideration to be deleted for lack of verification. If you look at the consideration page, the pro side has claimed some falsehoods. The claim is that the trustees are all three attorneys and I believe that to be false. If Wiki finds that error, won't they delete it for sure?

    1. Which is why I made a PDF of the page as soon as I found it. I suggest that others do the same.

      Wandering Fire

  35. Check it out everyone > > Main Stream Media RUSSIA DID IT!!! THEY AIRED THE STORY OF NWO FINANCIAL TYRANNY!!! >> (still in Russian but I'm sure translation will be forthcoming)

    1. Does anyone know how to convert this important video over to English? This needs to get out now.


    2. Its the Davy Wilcocks russian promo.
      They love all the conspiracy stuff in Russia,gives him another playing field.
      Where he can claim to have written EVERYTHING!

      If he can just learn how to stick an iron to his chest and diagnose illness with x-ray vision while eating radioactive isotope,
      He will have made it.

      Im just not a fan of self promoting lightworkers and gurus.
      And to the anon who posted the link,Do you speak Russian?
      If not how do you know what the show is about?
      Unless David already told you.
      Im just going to see if he gets his full five minutes of fame.

    3. Even by watching it, One can tell what its about. I wouldnt care if D.W. made or makes 5 million from it, It needs to get out there translated. Conspiracy stuff! More like the truth of things.

    4. "They love all conspiracy stuff in Russia.."? Your reason for saying that?..

    5. Anonymous17 January 2013 19:08
      "They love all conspiracy stuff in Russia.."? Your reason for saying that?..

      Its a very popular medium in Russia.

      Its a very popular medium all over the world.
      My reference to Russia is because we are discussing a Russian made video.
      If it was a mexican video,I would probably say the same.
      Russian viewers get to see folk with magnetic bodies,girls who can fly,girls who can see through peoples bodies.
      The latest is the young couple from Russia who claim to eat radioactive isotope and the government is trying to stop them doing this because it gives them powers.
      You must have heard of them by now,theyre the latest show in town,or they would be but the male of the duo is in hospital or jail depends on the blog ........I first saw them advertised on the project camelot site wi Kerry the cassidy,,,,,She was suggesting that people send money to a russian address to support these folk....hhhmmmmm, donations.....for nothing......So I thought i would do a wee search on their names.
      the guy drew a blank,but the girl shares a name with a make up artist who works in film. see IMDB (internet movie data base)no photo though.I dont know if her name is a commonly used one though as I dont speak Russian.

      Anyway I may have well have said Spain or mexico,or Norway . Look at the ufo documentaries by the Jamie maughn guy,theres always a disclosure about ufos on their tv.
      I get bored and restless on holiday and always find myself watching tv shows from around the world and there are no shortages of documentaries on the tv in regard to conspiracies....oh is it the word conspiracy you object to or were you going to get me for racial profiling or ..........being a non believer...or..I dont know

      Anyway,on my last holiday I watched a documentary series roll out over four nights where,even though I did not speak spanish,I could see by the graphics and footage used that it was about the Rothschilds,ufos,money,the know the list.
      And it wasnt in the digitally edited bang crash graphic style we get on the web,there was a studio audience and all the experts who were doing the anecdotal time tv slots.
      I did not recognise any of them as i dont know anything about the Spanish celebrity culture.

      I would just like to add that if anyone wants to get a rough idea of the Rothschilds beginnings there is a lovely black and white movie called THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD,it is easy to find on the net,free to watch and is not in anyway blocked or forbidden.
      It shows how a clever family took over the banking world.It is a hollywood stylee movie from the fifties ,I think,but worth watching.

    6. The new documentary is pretty accurate, a bit too " entertaining/commercial", but I guess it has to be made this way to reach the audience ; it goes into history in the first part, David appears in the second and they call him an American economist LOL! (which is funny but ok with me) . Didn't finish watching the second part yet. The name of the documentary goes smth like this ' This we haven't dreamed of. A million for take out' ( always some moronic name!lol)

    7. Nice one, baab!

      I saw that old black & white movie about the Red Shield family. I know which you mean. It's worth watching, yes.

      It may be the case that the Hollywood movie industry is a tool/method used to tell us what THEY are up to, have been up to, will be up to, etc. I don't know, of course, it's just hearsay, but it's what I read around and about the internet.

      Ninja Bambi

    8. Its easy to see that hollywood,film,books etc have shaped human behaviour.
      My thoughts on it all is that the whole thing is a massive confidence trick,and its worked.

      We (in the west) have learned our language and posture from the media we have been fed.

      But try telling someone that they have been brainwashed all their lives,and they will react accordingly.

      I said it to someone and theyre answer was,"The hell I was!".
      Just like John Wayne!!!!!! ha!

  36. Here is Speaker Boehner full speech:

    WASHINGTON, DC – Following is the full text of House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) address to the opening session of the 113th Congress:
    Leader Pelosi, members of the House and Senate, dear family and friends, fellow countrymen:
    We meet again at democracy’s great port of call. Every two years, at this hour, the Constitution brings a new order to this House. It is an interlude for reflection, a glimpse of old truths.
    To our new members and their families, welcome. You are likely feeling awestruck right about now. History runs through here. And now you are among a select few to share in this privilege.
    For those who are returning, who have walked these aisles before, maybe it’s time we feel awestruck again.
    The way our founders envisioned it, the republic would be led by citizens who recognize that the blessing of governing ourselves requires that we give something of ourselves. Everything depended on this. So they made each other – and their successors – swear an oath of allegiance.
    In a few moments, I will take this oath for the twelfth time as representative of the Eighth District of Ohio. It is word for word the same oath we all take.
    Note that it makes no mention of party, faction, or title … contains no reference to agendas or platforms – only to the Constitution
    The one addition we dare to make, as George Washington did at the first inaugural, is to invoke the assistance of our Heavenly Father.
    This covenant makes us servants of posterity. It calls us to refuse the pull of passing interests and follow the fixed star of a more perfect union.
    Put simply, we are sent here not to be something, but to do something – to do the right thing.
    It’s a big job, and it comes with big challenges.
    Our government has built up too much debt. Our economy is not producing enough jobs. These are not separate problems.
    At $16 trillion and rising, our national debt is draining free enterprise and weakening the ship of state.
    The American Dream is in peril so long as its namesake is weighed down by this anchor of debt. Break its hold, and we begin to set our economy free. Jobs will come home. Confidence will come back.
    We do this not just to boost GDP or reduce unemployment, but to secure for our children a future of freedom and opportunity. Nothing is more important.
    As Washington wrote in his farewell address, we should not “throw upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear.”
    Well, the burden is ours and so is the opportunity.
    There is no substitute for the wisdom of the people. We are their servants. As Speaker, I pledge to listen and do all I can to help you carry out the oath you are about to take.
    Because in our hearts, we know it is wrong to pass on this debt to our kids and grandkids. Now we have to be willing – truly willing – to make this right.
    Public service was never meant to be an easy living. Extraordinary challenges demand extraordinary leadership.
    So if you have come here to see your name in lights or to pass off political victory as accomplishment, you have come to the wrong place. The door is behind you.
    If you have come here humbled by the opportunity to serve; if you have come here to be the determined voice of the people; if you have come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not just by our constituents but by the times, then you have come to the right place.
    There is a time to every purpose under Heaven. For the 113th Congress, it is a time to rise. When the day is over, and the verdict is read, may it be said that we well and faithfully did our duty to ensure freedom will endure and prevail.
    So help us God.

    1. "To our new members and their families, welcome. You are likely feeling awestruck right about now. History runs through here. And now you are among a select few to share in this privilege.
      For those who are returning, who have walked these aisles before, maybe it’s time we feel awestruck again."

    2. And???? Havent you heard a politician before? Nothing different about this.


    It appears there was a packed house...of representatives ...that day

  38. About Wikipedia: In the beginning, the Internet was "Read-Only" (could not be modified), then they added extensions to make the Internet "Read-Write"(editable). Wikipedia (a derivative of the word "wiki-wiki"), is a manifestation of that "Read-Write" Internet. It's called "collaborative editing". Anybody can change the content (provided he/she has the appropriate permissions).

  39. I wonder if Boehner meant any of it? If he's on a short leash, he must've run that speech by somebody for approval.

  40. This is Cryptic.

    You are listening with one ear. There is a much larger agenda going on here. I will give you a name: the Path To Peace Foundation. Follow this and you will find where their crumbs are leading you.

    For those of you who prefer to think with your deeper heart, here is a link to an organization that has found in you an ally in their cause:

    1. This is taking us back to the Holy See.
      Family values? Do they really have any?
      Why would there be treaties signed by the holy see if there was no power wielded?
      Does it still just boil down to the Catholic Church? Isn't this the same church where
      donations/fees can only now be accepted in cash?
      Is everything just a ruse?

    2. The Russians are also big with the Catholic church.

    3. These guys totally in with the United Nations... Holy See...
      all of them. DO they bow down to the Pope as well?

    4. No one should bow to that imposter

    5. The cryptic one would have you chase his tale just as he chases his tail. Eyes to see through smoke and reflect the mirror.

    6. I seem to remember hearing an expression:

      "All roads lead to Rome."

      Ninja Bambi.

    7. I have come to associate Cryptic with this:

      :D :D :D

      Sine Nomine

      haha! and this captcha was iseeavid i see a vid lol!

    8. I see a vid!

      I see avid!

      Is ee a vid?

      Is ee avid?

      Pmsl, here!

      Ninja Bambi ;)

    9. NB You got me laughing at you laughing LOL! That and the fizzy stuff I'm drinking at the moment haha!

      Re your all roads lead to Rome comment - yes indeedy! And I've taken the liberty (!) of lifting a link one of our anonymous friends posted elsewhere. Its about canon law ~ don't know if your familiar with that but imo it makes an interesting read imo. Someone highlighted bits of it. Anyway read, ignore as you chose. :D

      Sine Nomine

    10. The logo on that site has a lot of similarities to those of the UN, WHO and a few others...sets off a few alarms for me folks....

    11. Anon 05:30 if the site is the one CRYPTIC is referring to then I think that's his point. If not then which site do you mean? ;-)

      Sine Nomine

    12. "...You are listening with one ear..."

      I have only ONE ear! And I suffer from an over-production of wax! I go round most days with my head on one side, twitching.

      Ha! Couldn't help it!



      Ninja Bambi

    13. OK, so what has the clearly LOGO-identified NWO/UN group Pathway to Peace go to do with OPPT?

      Let's have the clear connection, please?

      I don't want to go digging around in that Pathway to Peace site.

      Ninja Bambi

    14. I don't know Ninja Bambi but it is where CRYPTIC keeps trying to direct us. As the Vatican seems to hold all the invisible cards according to the cannon law pdf I read yesterday, I would like to know how we disconnect from it. When I said yesterday that I was stepping back from the euphoria I was criticized. However, this OPPT, if it has done what it has said it has done then it is just the first step imo and there is still a considerable way to go. I wonder how it will affect countries who do not have common law at their foundation. What does the OPPT do in regard to Civil law and Napoleonic law which still operates in some instances in France and other French territories. Where there international lawyers working on this? There's a lot of questions that haven't been addressed imo. Just saying I choose to BE or DO will not stop the bullets. I am reminded of my Grandfather who used to tell me 'act in haste, regret at leisure'.
      Just another two cents worth.

      Sine Nomine


    the house of rothschild.
    and its a thirties movie.

  43. I just recieved a wee e-mail
    some of you may connect some dots with this one

    Ireland's 'Independence Day' is the 21st of January. Please make this your profile picture in the lead up to that date and give people an opportunity to read the very important description below.
    The Harp 
When the Harp was more commonly heard on this land, it is said that seals, in pursuit of fishermen's nets, would turn their heads to the land upon hearing the beautiful melodies on shore. The harp has been a feature of culture, heritage and pride for people on this island for thousands of years. Ireland is unique in that it is the only country in the world with a musical instrument as the national emblem. But the harp is not just a musical instrument, it has been described as “the lost symbol”, within which is contained all the knowledge for ancient man to build his civilisation.
    (Harp faces right / Sovereign Seal faces left)
    Found within the design of the harp are mathematics, physics, science, measurement and key technologies for ancient man. The instrument was held in such magical regard across the world for these very reasons. Quite a difficult thing to think of now with all our satellites, computers and other inventions of modernity. Ancient man could literally teach their children how to read, write, count, build, navigate, map and measure using the harp as a blueprint. It held all the knowledge for man to pass on to the next generation. We see in many of the invasions of Ireland, an attempt to wipe out the harp and the people who understood it. What was so powerful and threatening about the harpists that made them the immediate targets of multiple invasions? It wasn't some magical power or esoteric effect, it could hardly be used as a weapon. It was simple knowledge which gave man the freedom to build his own house, cultivate his crops, measure the seasons, travel the land and the seas. The Harp represented mans freedom to be sovereign over his own destiny; over his own understanding and measurement of the world he lived in. Invaders who wanted people illiterate, ignorant and dependent on their chief, their King or their Pope made straight for the Harp and those who understood it.

    The top of the Harp is the blueprint for the curragh and it represents the sun as it travels across the sky. The strings in this sense, can be seen as the rays of the sun, bringing light to the world and energy to crops. On the sound box we see a diagram for the prism and the lens. It is a representation of the telescope and a tool for measuring the sun (turn the harp upside down, it is a sundial). One could think of Newgrange and the lesser known Oldgrange at lough Gur. The impeccable accuracy of the construction at Newgrange is for many, still a mystery. Perhaps the Harp contained some blueprint?
    The ancient Irish had a love for their law, the fenachas, and upon the hook on the bottom of the Harp hung the scales of justice. From here, would also hang the pendulum, the plum line and the string for constructing a circle. The circle here, would construct the compass. By understanding the Sun Ship and the location of the sun, one would know where one was headed. The front of the Harp, four together, would construct the wheel; the strings becoming spokes. It was also the foundation of ship building, the keel. The strings on the Harp can be used as an abacus, allowing man to count. The Ogham alphabet, the earliest language found on Ireland, can be written on a single line (harp string). Music is written on multiple parallel lines (sets of strings). The strings also represent longitude and latitude, man maps his world, and if you can imagine one set of strings moving vertically over the other, you would see the celtic designs so common in ancient art and writing.

  44. The Harp is the covenant between God and Man, it contains all the knowledge and information for planet earth and how to build a civilisation. The reflection of the Harp is the Sovereign Seal. The reflection of the knowledge and information contained within the harp, is mans intellect and reason and his ability to use it. What God gives us, we use to build our communities, to measure the earth for maximum abundance, to time our crops correctly to the sun etc. Man can live in peace and plenty once he knows how to live on planet earth. Our ancestors firmly believed this and Ireland is still as naturally rich for that to be the case. The Sovereign Seal with 12 strings, represents the four elements, mans five senses and the trinity (4=5=3=12). It is the Sovereign Seal of the Sovereign Republic of Éire and the symbol of the sovereign people.
    Man is sovereign and, using his intellect and reason he uses knowledge and information to live his life with no needs and no wants. Man is sovereign over his own intellect and reason; he is sovereign over his own destiny; we were born sovereign and we will die sovereign. Each and every man, woman and child is sovereign. We are all equal under whatever creator one happens to believe in. That means no church or state can interfere in a sovereigns relationship with his or her creator (should they believe there to be one). The earth provides more than enough for man and it is up to him to make his life abundant. It is no coincidence that having lost the old ways of Gaelic culture, this island has also lost its abundance. What to our modern minds is simple knowledge, was to our ancestors vital and hereditary. It has and always will be new information to the next generation. The old ways were at an end by the flight of the earls and almost entirely wiped out by 1850, but not all has been lost to history.
    With the re birth of the nation on 21st January 1919, the small group of dedicated people, who had been the driving force for the 1918 election and the establishment of Dáil Éireann, encouraged the use of the Harp as the national emblem and it's reflection, the Sovereign Seal, as the seal of the government. Neither of these two things have changed since 1919. However, many other intentions made that day have fallen victims to history.
    The Sovereign Seal
    The Sovereign Seal, 12 strings, with Éire underneath, denotes the 21st of January 1919. On this day, at 12 noon, the first Dáil met in the Mansion House, Dublin.

  45. It had been decided that Sinn Féin would run the 1918 election on a mandate to form a provisional government in Dublin. The aim was a sovereign republic, and that was the result delivered by the election. A sovereign government was formed, that government was Dáil Éireann. Ministers were elected as holders of the sovereign seal and were mandated to return every year to renew their sovereign license. The country was set up as a Sovereign Republic and although it had a democratic programme, it was not a democracy. By making it mandatory for Ministers and in particular the Taioseach, Ceann Comhairle and Chief Justice to renew their license every year, the continual maintenance of the governments sovereignty was ensured.
    The 21st of January was a momentous day for the future of the island. Thousands of people packed the adjacent streets and the Mansion House was bursting with eager spectators. To the majority of people, it was Independence day. The event included the above mentioned democratic programme, a message to the free nations of the world and the declaration of independence. It was the first time in a long time, that an Irish government, backed by the majority of the people, sat in Dublin to assert their sovereignty. That governments wish was to be free from the crown of England, its rapacious laws and banks. It based itself on the Proclamation, word for word, and in particular, the right “to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible.” It used the sovereign seal on all its documents and bound itself to return every year to renew their license as sovereign seal holders. A sovereign republic guarantees inalienable and indefeasible rights for all the people equally. Elected public servants were actually lowering their status in the community. All decisions made by government could only be binding on those who agreed, tacit agreement did not count. This guaranteed absolute freedom to each and every man and woman to be masters of their own individual destiny. Sovereignty did not mean parliamentary sovereignty it meant every man and woman being equal in status to the Kings and Queens of England.
    On the morning of the 21st January, in Vaughans Hotel on Parnell square, a man named Tom McGuire elevated and turned the Sovereign Seal of Dáil Éireann, from the rising sun to the setting sun, from north to south and from east to west, and from Pagan to Christian to Sovereign; As in the 1916 Proclamation, claiming sovereignty over the elements, earth, air, fire and water and all there in and there of, on behalf of the Sovereign people and the Sovereign Republic of Éire.

    1. Montague Keen has stated many times 'It all starts with Ireland'. He has even encouraged people to take back their power by proclaiming their sovereignty.

      Thanks for this
      trinity ♥

  46. I wonder if there will be smoking in the fifth dimension.


    1. Not with our crystalline bodies.
      We have carbon based bodies in 3D. They are changing as we speak.

    2. I suppose you will snitch on me if I pack a billiard of Three Nuns?

    3. If there is a fifth dimension, I don't know if anyone would want to smoke.
      Smoking is a habit that does bring "enjoyment." If we are all happy, there would be no need for such things.
      However, there is still freewill. If not, 3D still works for me.

    4. 20:34 If we cant smoke is chrystal meth alright?

  47. The people on this island, with all their different names, religions, and ethnicities spanning hundreds and thousands of years, from Pagan times to Christian times, were officially declared sovereign. All were equal under the creator, whatever creator one happened to believe in. No King nor Monarch, no state nor government, no system of finance or religious institution could ever break that direct link. Equal sovereignty was sealed forever, not by words and not by some symbol but because the people were acting out their will to be free. It didn't take Tom McGuire to tell us we had sovereignty over all the elements and all there in and there of, that all the land is for the use of everybody equally; such a truth was and is self evident. It was the attitude of the people, the honest assertion they made and the retaking of the nations destiny that made them sovereign. They dedicated their future to sovereign behaviour, to live free and independent lives, to maximise the wealth of the land for all that lived on the land and to establish a system of government that gave maximum power to the people, without prejudice of any kind.
    Tom McGuire was fully aware of the Harp and its' place in our ancestors culture. The morning of the 21st of January 1919 was not the first year the Harp had been turned; it was the first year the majority of the people had elected a Government to represent them. Just as the Harp was the covenant between God and Man, the Sovereign Seal was the covenant between man and his public servants. It was used to signify the authority of Dáil Éireaan, an authority which came from the people. Without the sovereign seal, men who claimed to be in government were just men. That is why so much emphasis was put on the renewal of licenses every year. If the government failed to attend then it could be usurped, corrupted and directed against the sovereign people. The peoples sovereignty is not up for renewal, such a thing can never expire. In fact, the annual ceremony is a reminder for the people. By behaving sovereign, by being beholden to no man and above all by maintaining the law of the land, the sovereignty of the people will last forever.
    The Sovereign Seal has been turned, every year on the 21st of January since 1919. It is mandatory for the Taoiseach, the Ceann Comhairle and the Chief Justice to attend as well as any other Ministers who may be Sovereign Seal holders. That the Government still use the Sovereign Seal is not in doubt; what is in doubt is their right to use it. Attendance is mandatory for the government to receive permission to use the sovereign seal each year. The Lord Mayor attends annually, as does a delegate form the Indian Embassy. The Mansion House is a few hundred yards down the road from Dáil Éireann and for the 91st anniversary the government gave the excuse that they were not being given expenses. The Government of Ireland needs to clarify why it continues to use the sovereign seal without attending the ceremony in the Mansion House. It needs to answer why it uses the symbol of the sovereign people without the permission of the sovereign people.

  48. It matters not if no sovereign man or woman attends the ceremony. It is the Government who are mandated to attend. The ceremony is a reminder to the people of who we are and where we have come form. Our sovereignty is celebrated on this day. We are also reminded that all the rivers and lakes, the forests, the food, the minerals and other resources of the land have been claimed for the benefit of all the people. Our territorial waters are claimed, including the minerals there in and there of. There were lesser known explorations for oil and gas beneath those waters conducted in the seventies. In todays terms, these reserves are valued in the trillions of dollars. These assets of the people are currently up for sale. They have been for quite some time but now they are being flogged for any and all bidders. Now more than ever, the sovereign people of Ireland need to be reminded it is we who are sovereign and indefeasible. The government of Ireland has become destructive of the intentions set out in the democratic programme and declaration of independence. It has put a price tag on the resources and minerals of the people and does deals behind closed doors to sell them. It ignores the wishes of the people because it is not bound by the people, it does not have permission to use the sovereign seal. It has gone as far as airbrushing this information out of public records so the people are ignorant about the Harp, the Sovereign Seal and are unaware of the Sovereign Republic of Éire.
    Tom McGuire's grand-nephew, Billy McGuire will turn the Sovereign Seal on the 21st of January 2013. It will be the 94nd anniversary of the First Dáil and it is expected to to draw people from all over the world. Will the Taoiseach, the Ceann Comhairle, the Chief Justice and other sovereign seal holders attend to receive their license or will they continue to use the symbol of the sovereign people without their permission?
    Ruairi Carroll
    Visit Scottish Sovereigns at:

    there ye go sovereigns and I even add the source

    1. Very interesting Baab, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us:)

    2. Thank you! That is very beautiful. If anyone follows montage Keene he is always saying Ireland is the key to all of this. Ireland. Never been. Afraid to. Believe if I ever go I will never want to leave. January 21 may have a few surprises for a lot of people.

    3. That group of people calling themselves a government govern themselves at best but a party to a representative contract is only whom is willfully represented or the other who willfully represents the former by agreement. When a man wants to represent me he will come to me for my part of our representative agreement and until such a time as that occurs he can at best represent himself only or any whom have willfully made contract with him for that service. Therefore it is only important for those whom partake in that charade the matter of any thing they wish to do for themselves. Creator as I am so created my presence and Creator so created my body and Creator so to gather my presence and my body so created this one of I am as me. Creator created this earth as here and my being here and represent me as being one only as has been fully agreed between Creator and me. My being here on earth says true so I am be cause and I am said so and this one of I am so agrees as one being here on Earth.

    4. Sine Metu may I introduce you to the comma , . It would make your posts easier to read. No slur intended. Without prejudice. Just saying...

      Love, light and hugs to you. mwah xoxox in perpetuity, now and forever, hereinafter, heretofore, ad infinitum.

    5. Thanks for sharing this, baab.


      Ninja Bambi

    6. "Sine Metu may I introduce you to the comma ," - interesting.

      I once worked in a job that included some inter-face with in-house corporate lawyers. And through doing that job, I learned that lawyers don't like to use punctuation in the middle of their long sentences. It means the sentence is less definite in it's intended meaning, and they like that flexibility of intent.

      In other words, it's a deliberate ploy that is used so that a sentence or a whole document can be interpreted in more than one way.

      So I was lead to believe...


      Ninja Bambi

    7. Aha! Ninja Bambi! So that would suggest intended ambiguity by lawyers. No wonder they get a reputation for double speak! One finds a lot of information on this blog! ;-) TYVM

      Sine Nomine

    8. Yes, it looks that way, Sine Nomime.


      Ninja Bambi.

    9. love;joy;happiness;peace;creativity;oneness...;)

  49. How many sovereigns does it take to change a light bulb?


    And around we go again.

    1. None! We all lit candles. Please stay current.

    2. Were you looking in the mirror just now?

      What will you do to me if I continue to refuse your current?

    3. Cryptic-
      Glad you are back! Got any clues? Round and round...
      It reminds me of a post from another site earlier today.

      Falling in love...
      Falling out of love...
      Then someone tricking you to fall back in love with you again...


      Falling in love
      Getting Beat constantly
      Sweet talk
      Coming back
      Just to have more of the same

    4. None, sovereigns dont need any light cause they already are?

    5. This time we have to be able to leave the time loop

    6. Anonymous17 January 2013 20:56
      Were you looking in the mirror just now?

      What will you do to me if I continue to refuse your current?
      Taser you before you taser me cos my taser will be bigger'n yours.

  50. An announcement of freedom on Martin Luther King day would be perfect!!!

  51. Just plain and simple,how long till we hear announcements? Seriously,how long? One week,one year,100 years????? The question that keeps getting ducked!

    1. If all of this is the TRUTH, then next week there will definitely be announcements. If all of this is a lie, then either way next week we will all find out. Personally I am trying with all my might inside of myself to BELIEVE that it will be truth because I am so sick of this hate and so tired of struggling day to day and seeing my loved ones struggle. I want so much to be FREE and live in a world where only LOVE reigns and ALL suffering ends. I will be back next week to see what really happens.

    2. The inauguration is on Monday the 21st. If we haven't had disclosure by then, then likely it is all a sham to keep people asleep. So far I have seen no proof that Boner is interim president. I have seen NOTHING to indicate that BO is not the acting president. If nothing happens by Monday then that is a pretty good indication that the cabal is STILL in charge.

  52. Has anyone found a link that shows the Boehner video saying " You abide by the constitution or you hit the road"? I have seen that claim on three websites including this one yet I have not seen the video and the video link provided by anon 18:09 above, did not seem to have it unless there is another part somewhere. Did it actually happen or just more disinfo? After all, you cannot abide by the constitution and leave the Federal Reserve in place.

    1. He said, ``So if you have come here to see your name in lights or to pass off political victory as accomplishment, you have come to the wrong place. The door is behind you.

      May I suggest you simply do a google search on `boehner`, or pledge or congress opening or 113 congress...we need to learn self sufficiency.

      The information is there for you to see for yourself

    2. Exactly anon 5:17. That is my point. The quote that you just posted has absolutely nothing to do with the the statement" You abide by the constitution or you hit the road". This really needs to be cleaned up because this "Boehner being the President" thing has no credible evidence so far and the sites that are claiming this are looking more and more like Cabal disinfo every day that this stinker keeps getting tossed around. Where you find one lie, you usually find many others.
      As for your suggestion, i already did the search. That is how I came to believe it is just another lie.

    3. I know you're looking for a link to a video, which I don't have.

      But just in case you haven't seen it, the complete text is posted above:

      Anonymous 17 January 2013 18:09

      Here is Speaker Boehner full speech:

  53. Sorry if this has already been posted, but on Cobra's site today I found this comment:

    " REM January 17, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    D - Removing the Shackles

    You and Kauilapele sure had my knickers in a twist. Don't worry, they're all straightened out now.

    I'm interested to see what kind of art you created with those crayons when you couldn't do anything else.
    But when you could do something else, you did it with the gusto and acumen of a Warrior Princess.

    Take a bow."

    So, well done D and Thank You ♥


  54. Also on the 20-21 january, the Keshe Foundation will release 'a strong press release(s)', according to Mehran Keshe...

    1. Is Keshe a fraud or the read deal? I havent seen one is devices working.

  55. God created us at his image: we are creators. God is a creator factory. We create our reality.

  56. Ive looked into Mr Keshe ,I find his simple delivery to be quite rfreshing.
    My problem with him is that he makes excuses that dont stand up.

    For example,The Belgian government wont let him do his presentation of his working models.
    Has he no access to technology?
    Like,a camera,or a mobile phone and then ..put it on the web.

    He also has a lot of peoples money for his first wave of boxes and he keeps telling them ,next month,next month,next month.

    If he speaks the truth,and does have the tech to deliver ,The world will be a wonderful place.
    But I dont believe him.
    Although I did love how he dealt with Kerry the Cassidy when she interviewed him.....
    At the end she kept making wee statements like,"Do you know any white hats?,David Wilcocks,have you seen a reptilian,Did you know the moon was made of cheese? and he just kept saying ,"No."


    1. I watched a video interview with MT Keshe, on the olde yeetube, in which he stated quite clearly that the Belgian Government was keeping him as a sort of virtual prisoner (I'm paraphrasing here, but it was words to that effect).

      And I also heard or read, can't recall, that MT Keshe gives refunds to those people that paid, but are still waiting for their boxes, when they ask for them. And that the money that was paid, is just sitting there in an account, waiting for a time when the boxes can safely be delivered to the buyers, without the local governments agents confiscating said boxes upon delivery. He said something along the lines of if he knows governments will confiscate the boxes, he doesn't want to send them out, as it's not fair on the buyer. So, who knows?

      Anyway, I haven't listened to that Kerry interview, but I have noted in other interviews that MT Keshe is quite blunt, will correct stupid questions, or whatever, and seems happy not to play word games or participate in nonsense (according to his idea of it). Again, what do I know?

      Ninja Bambi.

    2. For Good Research into new wave energies Trust ""

  57. According to this article, virtually all countries are "vassals" of the Vatican.

  58. More real world stuff. While some of these suspect websites are telling you that Obozo is not President, look what he and his cabal pals are up to. They actually think they they can bribe the lemmings into giving up their weapons by "letting" them keep some of their own money if they turn in the gun. I now believe that the D in 5D stands for level of deception. 5D is just a deeper level of deception than 3D.

    Jan 17 22:04
    H.R.226 - "Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act"


    (1) In general.--In the case of an individual who
    surrenders a specified assault weapon to the United States or a
    State or local government (or political subdivision thereof) as
    part of a Federal, State, or local public safety program to
    reduce the number of privately owned weapons, on the election
    of the taxpayer there shall be allowed as a credit against the
    tax imposed by this chapter an amount equal to $2,000.
    ``(2) Year credit allowed.--The amount of the credit under
    paragraph (1) shall be allowed \1/2\ for the taxable year
    during which the assault weapon was so surrendered and \1/2\ in
    the next taxable year.

  59. Happening?
    If this is true, then expect markets to be closed tomorrow.
    Subject: Fw: Looks Like things are heating up – Announcements soon…!?!?!?

    Well, the markets are open today, so it looks like the big annoucement is another red herring.

    I am offering 5 to 1 odds that Obama will indeed be inaugurated on Sunday. Boehner is not the current president, it was all lies.

    1. There are maggots climbing all over this particular bucket of stinking decayed fish. I agree with you, oddsmaker. Did you notice how several websites posted the lie yesterday regarding Boner's supposed quote about following the constitution? They posted that to try and reinforce the original lie and failed miserably again.


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