Thursday 31 January 2013

Now, about that pot of Gold

Now about that pot of gold...

As we grind through our days now, in one way or the other the question creeps in – when?  When will I have prosperity?  When will the corrupt financial system collapse?  When will debt be erased?  When will I be truly free?  When?

What I’m about to say is not rhetoric or evasion.  I’m as broke and pressured as you are.  It is, however, an answer that requires some thought.  It may not completely satisfy.

It is time to get what freedom encompasses.  It has nothing to do with war or a flag.  Freedom is truth.  We have all been lied to for our entire lives.  As you may have heard the talk show with Lisa Harrison a few days ago:

“It’s time to rip off the band aid.”  Open up and get ready to heal.  Only then will you truly prosper.

Life exists as an expression of love.  We are bits of energy, shot from Source, taking human form.  We are Prime Creator experiencing itself as, in my case, Sophia and in your case, you.  Life is energy and it is everywhere and everything.  It exists in the form of not only you, but the animals, vegetation, earth, water and heavens.  Life is a force.  It is the force of God, a physical outpouring of Prime Creator.  Everything you see, smell, taste and touch is “a-live”.  It all springs from Source.

You are beholden to none and in truth, hold none.  Ownership is a lie.  It was introduced by beings with an agenda – powerful beings who experiment with creation on a whole other level than we do.  These beings understand power as ownership and it is their belief that has brought us to systemic collapse. 

Slavery and corruption do not exist on every world, yet it is this world we inhabit and it is rampant here.  Ownership as power has been the driving belief behind our government, religion, education and financial systems.  It is an intentional deception and has created our slavery mentality.

Back to the gold.  When you visualize it, how does it look?  Is it contained in a cast iron pot, layered around the neck of a celebrity or hoarded in a vault? Gold, silver and other precious metals come from Gaia.  They are found in veins deep within her.  She offers them to us, as she does the water, soil and atmosphere – to enhance and support us.  They exist as energy expressed and are free.

This Shift calls us to change the way we think about gold, silver and precious metals.  Think of them as alternate expressions of life, here to use but not own.  Ownership is a lie.

As we gradually comprehend the deception that has been our society, we are at choice to react with anger or jubilation.  As tough as it is right now, this way of life cannot continue.  We know the truth.  We are free.  Full understanding demands freedom for every other.  But what does that mean? It means that the gold and other metals we value are not things to own.  They are expressions of life, as are each of us.  Our worth does not rest in a number on a bank note.  We are worthy.  Period.

Yet we have to eat, to live in a home, to have clothing and care.  Today, these things cost money – money that very few of us have much of.  We “need” more of it to continue; struggle has become a way of life for most of us.

Freedom sets everything true.  Think of the gold not as a means to an end, but a resource that flows through Mother Earth, supporting life.  Gold is alive, it is a force.  As blood must flow freely through our veins; so must Gaia’s precious metals run unrestricted.  We can release the block to prosperity with a new thought. Right now. We can set the gold free ourselves.

Gold is life and exists to support and enhance yours.  See gold expressed everywhere!  See it not locked in a vault, but in every home and hamlet, street and bit of land.  It wants to be seen – to be enjoyed and to be released.You cannot own it – you can use it.

Use it now as you see the life you dream of.  Thoughts of freedom create. When do they create abundance?  When you understand the truth of your value and without restraint love all of life.  The Master Creators are here and they are us.  Set gold free and watch how it comes out to play.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


  1. Oh wow guys...I really think I'm on to something here...Ok, just hang with me until the end. I promise it will make sense.

    Ok, I'm one of the ones who applied for the St Germain grant. In my application something I specified as needing very badly was furniture for my house.

    Ok, so here I am, like all the rest of us, waiting, wondering, when will my 'package' arrive in the mail, or via delivery?

    Meanwhile, within these weeks, two very key things, I suddenly happen upon the Knowing of the importance of Gold Energy. This is weeks before all D and Heather have stated so far. Not 'bragging,' just trying to making a point here...

    The other thing to note, is after understanding the importance of Gold Energy, working with it, feeling the pure bliss of it, feeling how abundance was just attracting to me...

    Then suddenly, my fiance an I found that we had enough money, due to a windfall here, or good luck there...for what??...FURNITURE!

    My point being, I never received an in hand package from St Germain or anyone...but I DID receive the abundance I needed and the knowledge of how to bring to me.

    When D, Heather and such are saying DO and BE, people are fighting against it tooth and nail because they can't believe it could be that simple...but what it means is, you are already Master, DO as masters DO. You are already prosperous, so BE so.

    It may not come in any form you thought it would, but it WILL come. It's all energy, Will, Knowing and having Faith in the God that you are a part of.

    So I'm wondering, and feeling, that I did absolutely receive my Prosperity Package, but in a way I never imagined, and in a way that wasn't just a few dollars in my hand, it was an energetic change to my entire life and being!

    Now THAT'S Prosperity!!

    Also, just to note, I had a dream at least a year ago, after asking Within what 'ascension' really the dream I was basically just 'alone' in space, and this infinite, warm, glowing, honey like golden light was falling toward me, yet pulling me up at the same time. When my Self and this Gold Energy met, I knew it was God. I knew I was whole, complete, and it was unlike a bliss I have ever felt.

    So this as well ties into the whole Gold Energy thing.'s time we look at these changes in a whole other way. It's time we FEEL these changes. BE these changes. DO what it is we truly desire and what helps our fellow human being.

    It really is there for the taking and the creating, I promise!

    1. D, I really hope you get a chance to read my above comment and possibly contribute your thoughts and feelings. Am I right, is this anything close to the point you and Heather and KP and so on are attempting to get across? I mean, there may of course be physical, in hand financial things that I have no clue about, but I mean, at least along the lines of the Gold Energy and prosperity, is what I've experienced in line with what you guys are suggesting? Thanks.

    2. You are SO right! And you see, you were already tuned in to what was going on with OPPT just didn't consciously know it. This is the key... You've got it... Thanks for writing what you have, I hope everyone reads it ♥ Things will not unfold in the way we expect... because we're trying to see a solution in our minds.. but our minds only know old solutions... We have to do this as you did... To FEEL our way... attract it through feeling... BEing the energy... Oh boy you got it brilliantly ♥Much Love

    3. in my opinion that is definitely part of the point ;>)

      sort of like me trying to figure out how I was going to pay an overdue phone/internet bill before it was cut off when suddenly an RTS reader sent me a donation that was exactly $3.57 more than the bill.


    The Swiss want theirs now ;-)

    Sine Nomine

  3. "Ownership is a lie."

    "You can use it, but you do not own it."

    Research converse accident.


    1. heehee! Lessons in logic number 27? I like it! ;-)

      Sine Nomine

  4. Sorry my friends, I don't have time to play petty games with the shills and trolls that immediately hit my latest article. I've turned off comments to everyone except blog members. New forum coming.... very soon!


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