Wednesday 30 March 2016

One People's Roundtable: March 29th 2016

Ben joined us for the promised discussion on Levity.

We also briefly went over the Baal Arches, potential of a false history, the earth tilt and more.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Transpicuous News: Ba'al, Brussels, and Bank Holidays?

Good afternoon everyone!  Here is this weeks Transpicuous News Report for March 29th, 2016.

T'would seem that TN's new time slot is now Tuesday morning/Monday evening, right before The One People's Roundtable Discussion.   For the UnFuckers, you can join TN in the live audience as you have been for the past few weeks, and perhaps we'll open it up for questions and answers.....

This weeks short report take a brief look at the Brussels False Flag "terrorist attack", "Ba'al in the Square", Various interesting financial indicators in the US this past week, and the world standing up and and saying "fuck that!!".  The Wacky, Weird and not so Wonderful. lol.

Links and pics below!

love d


Tuesday 22 March 2016

D's Update from the land of Oz

Hey darlins :D

I wanted to post a little update of a personal nature and about what I've been up to for the past while.  As you've probably noticed, I haven't done many recordings or written very much lately.   The past 3-4 months has been extremely hectic and the "communications" issues I experienced for the last 3 months in Morocco, kept me.... quiet.

On the "Communications" issues, the moment we were out of Moroccan borders, I magically got my skype back!  And started to receive Facebook messages again!  BUT..... unfortunately I still have not managed to get my  email address back.  Hotmail locked me out of all my email accounts, and Google locked me out of all my google accounts (including access to the RTS site here) in December.  I've managed to retrieve my google account (one of them) and two of my email accounts.... but not the RTS email.  So if you've been trying to contact me through that account, I'm sorry, but I haven't been able to access it for months now, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to get it back.

The week after we arrived in Australia, my "new" computer was closed for a nap after the One People Roundtable Discussion.... and never woke up. We've tried all the usual tricks, googled, asked IT buddies... yet she's still in a coma.  I was able to retrieve the hard drive files, (and I'm hoping to be able to find the Thunderbird files so that I can at least get all my email contacts back). .... and the technical glitches just keep going on and on and on.... rofl.

(I swear!  I don't kill computers on purpose!!)

Australia is paradise on earth (as long as you ignore the political bullshit).  We are currently staying with friends in a permaculture community that is gorgeous.  We are currently learning the lingo, and getting our heads turned around into the aussie way of life.  The kids saw their first Wallaby within 6 hours of landing in Oz, and their first Kookaburra within the next 6 hours, and met the 15 inch long skink lizard on the top of our cupboard the day after that.  .... and the brown snake and the tree python  Nick saw was way out in the fields.... so that's good too , lol.

Since arriving in Oz, it's been a daily race of shit to get done, with Lisa and I and everyone here working flat out from dawn till dusk on several projects that we are hoping to launch in the next month.  So .... yes, I'm not recording very much at the moment or writing, but I WILL be back again soon.  And as I said in today's Transpicuous News report, I've been trying to pull together one of my typical TN weekly reports....and I can just barely read the news right now.  It's all so fucked up that 90% of the time I open an article, read the first paragraph and then just shut it down.  Seriously, it's so fucked up out there that I don't think anyone can make head nor tails of what the fuck is actually going on.  We are seriously through the looking glass these days.  Wild.

But I'm here!  I'm working and I'm always around on Facebook and now back again on Skype. So drop me a line, send me a link, tell me a story.... just don't email it to me, lol.

Love d

Lisa and I working away on the deck, with our new friend, Ham, the Kookaburra .... his brother, Green Eggs, is in the tree behind me!!!  Just another day in the life of D in the Land of Oz.

Transpicuous News:The Magical world of Congress

Transpicuous News Update for March 22, 2016:  The Magical world of Congress

Yet another Transpicuous News Special report.  This time we focused on Alice's Wonderland, going down the crazy rabbit hole of US Congresses latest ridiculousness.....

.... Or is it?

On March 14th, 2016 114th Congress, 2nd Session, unanimously passed Bill H.Res. 642

RESOLUTION Recognizing magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure. 

... and the more I look into the various aspects of this Bill and the subjects mentioned in it, the deeper the rabbit hole goes!!!   Here is my TN report on this.  Sorry for the Technical issues during the video recording.... it's been an absolutely insane week of technical glitches and internet insanity.

love d



verb  pro·mul·gate  \ˈprä-məl-ˌgāt; prō-ˈməl-, prə-ˈ, ˈprō-(ˌ)\

Simple Definition of promulgate

Monday 21 March 2016

One People's Discussion: March 15th 2016

After overwhelming technical issues, including striping Lisa's computer and doing a complete reload from the OS and up.... here is last weeks One People Roundtable Discussion!!

Sterling Allen, founder of Peswiki and responsible for putting the phrase 'free energy' into our modern vernacular, was apparently arrested recently as a result of intel provided by Keshe. Initial statements claim this has lead to an investigation of up to 25,000 names in connection and with far reaching consequences.

Other topics include: Andrew Basiago, recent energetics, solar activity, Wahabism, Psychotic drugs, Lucifer and much more.

The information shared in today's show was hard at times to handle but the take away for us was, we asked for transparency and that is exactly what we are getting.

Friday 11 March 2016

Sterling Allen's Arrest and the crack in the dam

This is a very interesting news report that has very L O N G ramifications that span not just countries, but continents, and seems to be leading down a very dark alley that could very well end up taking down a vast network of seemingly unassociated people, groups and networks, even to the highest levels.

Many many months ago- probably around spring time of 2015, a discussion broke in my RTS skype room.  One that involved a good friend of mine bringing forward information about the owner of the Peswiki "free energy" website, Sterling Allen,  and claims by Mehran Keshe, that there was a pedophile ring that was somehow associated with Allen.  A huge argument, broke out, and a lot of people lost their cool (including myself, lol).  Now, for the record, as most of you already know, I do not like Keshe.  The man really bugs me.... the "Messiah" shit, the "soul" contract in his peace treaty....  yea, I don't trust him. Call me a pessimist...   But that doesn't necessarily mean that his tech is "bad".  I personally have several friends who've done amazing things with the Keshe tech.  But I digress....

At the time that my friend brought out the allegations by Keshe against Sterling Allen, my immediate retort was: gimme proof.  If there is proof (purported emails etc....) then I want to see it, because I wasn't about to believe or run with unsubstantiated rumors UNLESS there was proof.

Jump forward to today.  I awoke to a barrage of messages lighting up my skype and facebook, all about Sterling Allen being arrested.  So I went directly to the sources that I knew I could get straight answer from and all the back ground info.  Along with the main stream media links to the article that reports on the fact that Sterling Allen has been arrested for sexually assaulting children,  he also sent me the video of Keshe's workshop from this morning where Keshe elaborated on further information surrounding this arrest, and the background of just how expansive and far reaching this one arrest may in fact be.

As I said, I knew about these allegations months ago, but now it seems that this information that was brought forward by Keshe may be accurate, which for me, makes me question other things I have heard and gives me pause to pay more attention to other allegations that that Keshe has made in the past little while. Many of these pieces match up to various areas of research and rabbit holes that I've been diving into this past few months.  And so...... I'm watching how these things play out.

But for this moment, it would seem that the arrest of Sterling Allen may have been the crack in the dam to a whole lot of disclosure that could very well have vast ramifications within the "Free Energy" communities, sullying a huge network of groups who are associated with Allen, and stretching right up to the highest levels of governments and beyond.

Stay tuned.... I'm sure there is way way more to come!!


Sheriff's office arrests Fountain Green man following reports of child sex abuse

The Utah County Sheriff's Office arrested a Fountain Green man Monday afternoon on suspicion of multiple counts of child sex abuse.
The arrest of Sterling Allan, 52, comes after more than a year of investigation. According to police reports, a special agent with the FBI received a tip in January 2015 that Allan was involved in the sexual exploitation of children. Internet searches reportedly revealed several online videos in which Allan admitted he was a pedophile and had committed sex offenses against children.
In January 2016, agents interviewed Allan in Fountain Green, and he reportedly admitted to molesting children when he lived in Eagle Mountain, from where he moved six years ago. Allan also reportedly admitted he sexually assaulted a minor in the summer of 2014.
During an online post he made earlier this month, Allan reportedly stated he planned to travel to Russia, which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.
Allan was booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony; four counts of sodomy on a child, a first-degree felony; and 41 misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child.

One People Rountable Discussion: March 1 & 8

Well my friends,  better late than never, lol!  Here are the archive videos of the past two weeks of the One People Roundtable Discussion:  March 1 and March 8th.  You may have noticed that there are two weeks of shows missing from the archives.  We haven't released those videos yet... but we're working on it.

The last few shows our live audience has flooded over the current limit of 50 people, and a lot of people were unfortunately able to join us live.  This is something we are working on, but we have to upgrade our current Zoom account  to allow for a much expanded live audience.  ... again, we're working on it!

love d

Thursday 10 March 2016

Transpicuous News Relaunch from the Land of OZ!

Good morning everyone!  After a LONG hiatus, and massive move that took 43 hours, and a long recuperation from wild jet lag.... I'm BACK!

So for our very first Transpicuous New Show from Australia, instead of tackling the topics I thought I'd be relaunching with, a hot news story fell into my lap Wednesday morning that I had to jump on:

China-developed the world's first quantum satellite ready to be 

lunched this July

By Huang Jin (People's Daily Online)    14:45, March 08, 2016
China-developed the world's first quantum satellite ready to be lunched this July
The first quantum communications satellite developed by China is expected to launch in July of this yearThe BeijingShanghai quantum private communications line will also be opened in the second half of this yearaccording to Pan Jianweiacademic at the Chinese Academy of Sciencesduring an interview with China Youth Daily.
According to Panthis milestone means that a quantum communications network will be formedand that 30 years of research on quantum information will be finally put to use.Pan said that quantum communication between the satellite and the ground will be achieved for the first time anywhere in the world.In recent yearsquantum communications is considered to be supportive research for  next-generation communication technology because of its transmission efficiency and absolute securityPan said thatas quantum technology is indivisible and cannot be clonedit may be implemented as an information carrier for the distribution of sensitive informationthereby guaranteeing the secure transmission of important content.Quantum communications research has become a focus and frontier of global research in physics.China started developing its quantum satellite in 2011, and launched the quantum opticalfiber communication network projectthe BeijingShanghai linein 2013. TheBeijingShanghai quantum private communications line will cover a total length of over2,000 kilometersconnecting a network of numerous cities including BeijingJinanHefeiand ShanghaiIt will be the world's first wide-area optic fiber quantum private network.According to Panthe assembly of the quantum satellite has already been completedThe satellite has passed electrical measurement and thermal balance testingand is currently undergoing mechanical and magnetic testing in Shanghais Small Satellite Engineering Center."With further developmentquantum communications should benefit millions of households in the near future," Pan saidadding"I hope that within another 10 years of hard workonline transfers and payments can be guaranteed through quantum communication for every consumer."

In this Transpicuous News Report, I jumped back in time to look at the cities mentioned in this report, China's Super Computers, and the interesting explosions that have been happening over the past 9 months.

Explosions in China

Tianjin:  "Chemical explosion", August 12 2015
(Liaoning Province : Chemical explosion, August 14 2015
second chemical explosion, November 17, 2015 )
Shandong: Chemical plant explosion, August 23, 2015
Shenzhen:  Massive landslide and natural gas explosion,  December 21, 2015
Guangzhou: Oil refinery explosion, December 24, 2015
Hunan:  Chemical plant explosion, January 9, 2016