Tuesday 26 July 2016

The One People: Quantum Realities & the Mandela Effect gets Personal

This weeks One People Show continued the conversation from last week.  We delved into many reports from friends experiencing the "Mandela Effect" on a very personal level, including my own  Whamo that happened when I arrived in Malta!   As usual, the conversation veered down several avenues, including  time loops, "history" and reviewing a few "older" experiences in a new light.

love d

OYM Radio: Guest - Cynthia Sue Larson - Sunday 17th July 2016  (second pod cast down at this moment)

The inventor I mention during the show, with regards to the Sun ans Sun Theories is Eric P Dollard:

Bill Clinton as a mindless zombie:

Hillary has "seizure"

Tuesday 19 July 2016

The One People: The Rabbit Hole Starts Here.....

On Today's One People Roundtable Discussion, Lisa and I created a review of the basics:  Everything you need to know if you've just woken up.

Over recent weeks it has become apparent to Lisa and Myself that we have a lot of new viewers who have no background or context for many of the subjects we discuss. Today's show was an attempt to bring our new friends who are just discovering that the world is not really as it seems, up to speed.

We tried to be gentle, I promise!

Today's show takes our new viewers on a journey of comprehending that almost everything we've been taught isn't true, and that we now live in a moment of "Question Everything".

Take a deep breath.... Here we go!

love d

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Saturday 16 July 2016

Transpicuous News: Turkey's Military Coup or Co-opt

Early this morning- or late last night depending on your time zone- Various factions of the turkish Military staged a coup and took over the Turkish government....

.... or not.  Depending on which reports to listen to!  A lot of interesting back ground things have been going on that involve turkey for the past 2 weeks.  In todays Transpicuous News , I dissect the incoming news reports and take a look at what's been happening in the last two weeks.

Hang tight my friends.  Shit's seriously getting interesting right now!!


PS:  interesting things found in the search engines this morning:

Online report about Germany denying Erdogan permission to land..... 2 hours before the Coup even took place?

Zerohedge article is published 2 hours before the event took place?

Friday 15 July 2016


Transpicuous News: Nice's Terror & Pokemon SpyOp

For todays Transpicuous News we have a double report:

First up- the "Terrorist Attack" in Nice France.  As we've seen so many times in the past, as this "attack" played out, the reports were full of vastly different information from multiple sources.  Deaths were listed as anywhere from 2 dozen up to 80, with 20- over 100 injured.... depending on which report you followed.  Mysterious, there are no reports on HOW these people died. Gunshot? Explosions?  Run over by the Truck?  Not a word.  And two reported "hostage situations" in Nice seemingly vanished and then were denied by the French Government. Meanwhile in Paris, a fireworks truck under/beside/near by the Eiffel Tower blew up/caught on fire/created a massive smoke screen around the most famous land mark in France.  Curious.

Second part of our report today focused on....

WTF's With all this Pokemon Shit?!?

Today I tore apart the background of the company responsible for the creation of this new crazed video game, and highlighted their very open association with every alphabet soup agency in the book.

Thought you were just having a bit of fun and joining in on the latest fad?  Think again my friends!!

All the news Links are below!


Thursday 14 July 2016

Transpicuous News: Democracy's Defenestration

The Death of Democracy isn't a new thing by any imagination, but when it gets so blatantly tossed out the window.... perhaps even the televisioned masses will finally take notice.

United Kingdom:  Has a new Prime Minister and government.... but had no elections

Australia:  Has Elections.... but can't figure out who won

Austria:  Has Elections.... but the Government decides they don't like the outcome, so call for another election

America: .... well, really?


Wednesday 13 July 2016

One People Show: Holographic Sky, Digital Sun and the Beat of CERN

As usual on The One People Show, Lisa and Dani galloped up and down several rabbit holes, and discussed many different "What if" scenarios.

Discussion today:  Video of a very weird sky, pictures of the Sun through filters that left us with a serious "WTF?",  CERN's very interesting "heart beat", the latest mandela effects, and the big question:

What freakin' universe am I in this time?

love d

Images of the Sun through various filters as discussed on the show today:

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Transpicuous News: The Dallas Distraction

Last week the entire world kept their eyes glued to what was happening in Dallas Texas.  The media insured that it was pretty much all you could see for two days straight.  Social Media insured that the majority of the world thought and talked about nothing else for days on end....
....which begs the questions:  What were they distracting you from?  What happened last week that the talking heads didn't want you to look at or talk about?

That the purported riots and police shootings in Dallas TX were a false flag event- preplanned and completely set up from beginning to end- is not even a question.  We watched it happen on live stream coverage AS it happened, and this may have been the first False flag to be outed DURING the actual event.

This video (below) was cut from the original recording of The One People Show yesterday, July 12th.  During TOP, I discussed briefly the False Flag event in Dallas, but I focused on WHAT they were trying to keep people distracted from.  There were two major events that happened within 24 hours of the Dallas Fiasco, and the vast majority of Americans (and British and Australians) were so thoroughly ensnared by the Shooting Drama's that they barely noticed.  Below I've added links to a few pieces of news that are pieces to the puzzle of what is playing out world wide.

Now, before people get their knickers in a twist and start ranting at me about "Black Lives Matter", taking my comments completely out of context..... I have been a political activist in this area since the late 80's.  My comments are not a negation of the fact that black lives matter.  I am discussing the fact that Black Lives Matter has been coopted by people and groups who are using it to CREATE Separation and Division.  George Soros and his ilk have been using groups like this to their own ends for a long time, twisting the narrative and using it to perpetuate their own agendas.  Again, this isn't a comment against the fact that black lives matter, but a comment on the coopting of Black Lives Matter.  and if you can't see the difference, then you need to step back and take another look.


4 more years?

Tuesday 5 July 2016

The One People: Aliens, Aches and Birdie Brawls

Good Morning everyone!  The One People's show this week started off with discussing the latest mind blowing biblical Mandela Effect:  Aliens are now in the Bible!!  I shit you not. First it was Unicorns, now it's aliens!!  (Hebrews 11:34 in the KJV).  That set the tone of the show and the discussions jumped down several rabbit holes and generate several "What If" scenarios and hypothesizes.  We discussed the various ridiculous aches and pains that seem to have suddenly appeared for people everywhere, and the Strange actions/reactions of animals in the past few weeks.... culminating in a Magpie Brawl in the middle of our yard during the show, as if to drive the point home that shit is seriously weird!

Below I've added all of the videos that we showed during yesterday's discussion.

love d

Chat log from July 5th One People Discussion:

09:58:42     From Vicki Veranese : ha he is blocked on my feed so I don’t see anything
10:02:45     From Connie Townsend : ut oh a troy???
10:03:07     From Marilyn : That strange oise sounded like a reptilian growl!!  :O
10:03:30     From I_AM Shimalaii : to me, it sounds like birds in the background
10:03:36     From Chris : 3 people un muted
10:03:43     From loma : I think we have a alien guest with us
10:03:46     From Johnny B : That was probably me and the companies that watch my activities my Sisters and relatives...
10:04:16     From Connie Townsend : So glad to hear you got a good rep this time:)
10:05:02     From Johnny B : Getting an alert that my CPU is affecting the stream quality and .... not being a 'techie' not sure how to help y'all.
10:05:26     From Chris : i have to watch at 2am lol
10:05:47     From Johnny B : 7 PM here and loving it!!!!
10:06:28     From Bae : I just got here --- it sounds like good news. So, good for you, D!
10:06:29     From Gedster : Grid Walkers Dani  what can you do?? ;)
10:06:38     From VIOLET : yup gotta trust that
10:06:39     From Chris : maybe u was a night of malta once xd
10:06:57     From Bae : When are you going to Malta?
10:07:46     From terrycole-whittaker : aliens are everywhere
10:08:25     From Connie Townsend : In the past reading between the line of the Bible, you good see they were talking about aliens.
10:08:29     From Randy William Griffin : hey all
10:08:33     From Chris : notie its just the revised us 7 english that have aliens in them
10:08:41     From Chris : &*
10:09:58     From Connie Townsend : did it use to say the army of the ANGELS?
10:10:29     From Jerry Bell : foreignors
10:10:31     From Gedster : No,Eiok Von Danikan wouuld have jumped pn it in Chariots of the gods. Instead, the closest supposed reference to them was 'Ezekiel's Wheel'
10:10:31     From Lane : Apparently said foreigners
10:10:35     From terrycole-whittaker : They write the bibles so are just rewriting as we go along..
10:10:39     From Chris : foreigners
10:10:39     From Gedster : Erik*
10:11:00     From Johnny B : Have you heard that the KJV is being related as a manual of commercial law in code?
10:11:24     From Connie Townsend : I have a 1955 and it’s changed
10:11:42     From terrycole-whittaker : so if a simulation then the simulation has changed
10:11:47     From Johnny B : Would this revelation be the cause for the manipulations??
10:12:44     From Chris : so somebody has to have gone back & changed it @ the printers
10:12:46     From Gedster : However, I noticed at 7 years old that after Adam and Eve ate te apple, God said 'Harken, they have become as unto us'. I asked my my Mum 'Who is 'Us' if there's only one God? She said 'That is a really good question'
10:13:03     From terrycole-whittaker : its all in the mind so what is being manipulated, the mind?
10:13:08     From Elena : Sorry.. been having trouble connecting
10:14:19     From Gedster : I thought then maybe 'Us' reffered to were Aliens.
10:14:34     From Susie Ganiere : What was the bilble verse? I just found my bible that was given to my mother for me in 1958.
10:14:47     From Steph : first i noticed MF was about 4/5 yrs ago with sex in the city/sex & the city
10:15:05     From Sandy Brown : Heb 11:34
10:15:18     From Christine : The President of the European Commision talking about aliens....???
10:15:33     From Lane : found a sex IN the city proof in a tv show called Peep show Steph
10:16:03     From Marilyn : Hi Lane
10:16:13     From Lane : Hi Mal!
10:16:48     From John A : sounds like the world is being prepped for 'official' disclosure, but 'their' way.
10:16:58     From Sandy Brown : Was that from Fringe?
10:17:03     From Sophie Davis : Hello everyone :)
10:17:03     From Marilyn : A facebook friend speaks French and she says he said Planets
10:17:08     From CMarie : Play it again
10:17:20     From VIOLET : perhaps he was speaking from a timeline where there had already been disclosure
10:17:31     From pauline : there’s a thought
10:17:48     From Tammy  : I can translate
10:17:54     From Sophie Davis : wow Dani your hair looks gorgeous!!
10:18:30     From Susie Ganiere : OMG yes... "Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens."
10:18:33     From grahamhayward : -Blue beam
10:18:36     From CMarie : That observed us fro afar
10:18:53     From Pamela : "Those who observe us" is very telling
10:19:01     From Susie Ganiere : flight the armies???
10:19:35     From Johnny B : The reference is foreign invaders according to my wife the Bible school teacher(retired)
10:19:59     From Chris : omg it says aliens in my dads bibel !
10:20:03     From Jeff Gates : On the ground, the sleepie matrix peoples are getting tired of the terrorist stuff.  so the e.t. card is soon to be played
10:20:23     From Antoine Chevalier : yes ET card is coming next
10:20:27     From Connie Townsend : good point Jeff
10:20:29     From Elena : my compter keeps kicking me off.. hasnt happened before.. will try to sign in again
10:20:39     From VIOLET : perhaps he was speaking from a timeline where there had already been disclosure
10:20:42     From Chris : collins 1951 edition lol
10:20:46     From Antoine Chevalier : hillary clinton proposed full “disclosure” if she is elected LOL
10:20:51     From Johnny B : Wgat's a sister for???
10:22:42     From I_AM Shimalaii : what is Lisa reading from?
10:22:47     From Vicki Veranese : fuck off - only someone else can turn it off in you!
10:23:06     From I_AM Shimalaii : Thank you
10:23:24     From VIOLET : written in the 90's
10:23:54     From Bae : And according to David Icke and others, the Moon is giving us info from Saturn
10:24:17     From Antoine Chevalier : Device Icke moon saturn connection with illuminati free mason globalist NWO
10:24:58     From George Bowden IV : weird, I wrote a post about this very subject 2 weeks ago..
10:25:20     From I_AM Shimalaii : hi, George ... :)
10:25:33     From Tammy  : changes how we react how we respond how we reply :)
10:25:48     From Lane : OMG was discussing this exactly sat night!
10:25:52     From Antoine Chevalier : YES davick Icke talks about saturn broadcasting frequency creating fake matrix on earth to deceive our perception… all being done through the moon (being a giant artificial amplifier)
10:25:52     From Lane : last
10:26:19     From Vicki Veranese : um how far away is Jupiter?
10:26:25     From Maurice Demers : You all may may find a bit of an answer offered by Irina Iosub.  She posted a 'note', rather extensive 'note' at that, in the Campfire Chat group pasge a couple of days ago.  It certainly got my attention, at least. 
10:26:28     From Sophie Davis : has anyone read "You are becoming A Galactic Human"by Sheldon Nidle?
10:26:34     From Bae : Thanks, Antoine...that was the word I was looking for...amplifier -- yes, the moon is considerd an artificial amplifier
10:26:38     From Lane : game levels ;)
10:26:56     From Antoine Chevalier : Welcome !
10:26:59     From I_AM Shimalaii : Yes .... It is always valuable to read articles by Irina ... I agree, Maurie.
10:27:34     From Lane : maybe we die and respawn all the time!
10:27:42     From Antoine Chevalier : apparently of both ends of Saturn are moving giant hexagones with space ships coming in and out !!!!!
10:27:45     From Sandy Brown : Yes, good article.
10:28:03     From George Bowden IV : hi Katie!
10:28:10     From Chris : moon was towed into position
10:28:14     From Bae : So, Dani, you mean that there was never the public moon landing...but humans have been on the moon in the Secret Space Program possibly...wormholes, jump rooms, etc.
10:28:36     From Antoine Chevalier : Stanley Kubrick gives major CLUES KEYS telling us he has been hired to film the landing on the moon …. completely fabricated….. in the movie the SHINING ….he gives major major clues to the enlightenned audience
10:29:05     From Lane : russian doll
10:29:20     From George Bowden IV : here's what I wrote a few weeks ago
The darkness is always there. Whatever you've done in your life or thought about, it doesn't ever truly go away. People say "darkness is an illusion, that darkness and light are the same" and this is true to an extent, but even if you choose to stay in the light, and live by a higher frequency, it doesn't negate all the darkness that you are. It's always there, hiding in the shadows even as you're basking in the light. It's a part of you and nothing will ever change that.

The choice is only in if you hold onto the darkness. In this way, light is the illusion, not darkness, as it only hides the darkness already within you. I've seen so many books and videos in recent years talking about "embracing your shadow". This comes from this realization that not everything is love and light, even when you're in the light. It recognizes light as an illusion to your darkness, just as your darkness is an illusion to your light. Both are superficial in nature, especially considering our
10:30:02     From Christine : As Science has discovered how the Universe behaves it has become clear that "Nature is a Matrix" of computable bits: from the video The Simulation Hypothsis
10:30:04     From Lane : yes Dani yes! :)
10:30:07     From Vicki Veranese : EXACT! everyone who can create a reality has their own version of it
10:30:16     From : Yes, they are ALL true, depending on the observer
10:30:24     From Jayne Judkins : Dani?!!! I will need to get my head around your hair being short!!!
10:30:29     From Jayne Judkins : lol
10:30:32     From Chris : some people are playing 1 2 & 3 lol
10:30:38     From Maureen Grivnovics : Hence the question Who's game are you playing??
10:30:56     From Jeff Gates : we are making too many realities?  they have lost control of all of us on the same script?
10:30:59     From Bae : So, if each of us in the center of our own universe, that is, we create our own reality, then why can't one of us create a flat earth and another a curved earth? Is there only ONE correct and true reality? Or are there many realities?
10:31:06     From George Bowden IV : part2
especially considering our whole reality is a holographic matrix of illusion.

Light, darkness, reality, thought, feeling, experience.. EVERYTHING is illusion. But in living it as if it's all real, we give more power to them. If we actually saw things as they were, we'd lose meaning in reality itself, nothing would matter, and we'd maybe even see it all as some grand experiment, or joke, which it is, and fail to care about distinctions such as light and dark.

But these distinctions, whether illusion or not, define us on a soul level which is the most real thing beyond all. WE exist, even if our soul still is made from the same matrix illusion reality. We feel the soul. We know ourselves, just as we feel light or shadow... So we must make a choice whether to embrace our shadow, embrace the light, or be aware of both, and the illusion, but fight for one or the other regardless.

We can choose to see the light as illusion, or choose to see the darkness as illusion, or choose to see everything as illusi
10:31:09     From Antoine Chevalier : they trap us with duality …light and dark…. all a game…. their game ….. as long as we play their game we are trapped ….only once you zero observe all games then your spirit is genuinely FREE
10:31:18     From Marie's iPad : love your hair Dani.
10:31:30     From Sophie Davis : maybe where we are individually  depends on our spiritual growth/developement as to what level of this game we are on, and that's why we are noticing different timelines??
10:31:32     From Lane : I don’t know whats going on but the version I am in needs a severe upgrade. It’s all falling apart. It’s outdated
10:31:35     From Christine : The Observer Reality
10:31:59     From Lane : I think so Sophie
10:32:14     From VIOLET : Lane...yes...all seems obsolete
10:32:17     From Sophie Davis : Lol Lane :)
10:32:30     From Lane : it’s all weird!
10:32:36     From Lane : unstable
10:33:11     From Sophie Davis : I hear you Lane, my mum thinks I come from another planet!
10:33:13     From Antoine Chevalier : Jeff shared this amazing video on the FROZEN TIME….. that talks when you observe you good as soon as you participate you create dimensions of time upon dimensions of times and can become a big mess as you go down the rabbit hole and forget who you really are!
10:33:14     From Bae : We were in a shared reality because we all believed the matrix but now we are not believing the contrived reality and are choosing our own
10:33:14     From Jayne Judkins : George Kavassillas once said that "it's all coming apart because it's all coming together"
10:33:26     From VIOLET : the only thing that is stable is the level of fuckery
10:33:28     From Lane : I reckon I’m due to level up. ;)
10:33:43     From Lane : each level brings new challenges
10:33:47     From Bae : So now there are many many realities because we are coming back into our own creative consciousness and awareness
10:33:52     From Jeff Gates : they have lost control of us creating realities and not follow their official reality
10:33:55     From Chris : my earth will soon be made of marshamllow 7 imam eat it
10:34:09     From phillip s : Immagine if all the "Others" are actually trying to attach to us in our reality because they have lost their entanglement connection . So instead of us trying to get out actually everyone is trying to get in and they are being blocked so we can transit to another version
10:34:18     From George Bowden IV : Part3
 or choose to see everything as illusion, (and with the latter, choose to be good or bad regardless of that illusion). Whatever the true nature of reality is or isn't, if you are alive and breathing, you are still choosing your thoughts, your feelings, and what you focus on. You're molding and sculpting your reality with every breath and action you take.

It doesn't matter whatever life throws at you, or the things that are constantly in your face trying to change your perception, you're still master of your reality and that will never change.

Focus on what you feel is best, no matter how hard it seems. Life isn't always easy. Let life guide you, let your heart guide you, and you'll never be wrong. Your heart, Not love. Love is a made up word for an emotion clouded in as much illusion as light and darkness is, but is important just the same for those that know its mysteries... Be well. Perfect joy, truth, peace and light to all...
10:34:36     From Lane : then there are what I feel are NPCs “non playing characters”
10:34:57     From Antoine Chevalier : YES they are losing control over us and cannot create the reality without us …once we stop playing in their game …. they are stuck and collapse
10:35:18     From John A : lol yer plenty of broken NPC's
10:35:19     From Lane : we’re sims dammit.
10:35:28     From Bae : If we stop participating in and believing the contrived reality, it will collapse, dissipate into oblivion....
10:35:36     From Randy William Griffin : Earth is a multidimensional planet. Maybe the power of propaganda is what you believe IS. Maybe this is a series Reality Bubbles.
10:35:46     From terrycole-whittaker : how does science know how anything looks?
10:36:09     From Sophie Davis : true terrycole
10:36:12     From terrycole-whittaker : new kids!
10:36:20     From Bae : They say this new galaxy was just discovered but has always been there. We just didn't see it.
10:36:24     From Lane : what is *real* maybe we are actually AI. created by another AI
10:36:40     From Bae : Maybe the matrix just popped a new galaxy into our arena
10:36:56     From Lane : AI is viewed in a negative light. Perhaps thats part of the game. turning us on ourselves
10:38:06     From Lane : takes the fluff off, but hey
10:38:11     From loma : true Dani!
10:38:17     From terrycole-whittaker : spell casting, spelling
10:38:25     From Jules Salonen : Hi everyone :) Nice hair D
10:38:27     From grahamhayward : The difference between now and ‘1984’ is the internet.
10:38:34     From George Bowden IV : so the matrix creates us into AI? is that the purpose of the matrix we live in? to cultivate our consciousness?
10:39:08     From George Bowden IV : I think that's a popular perspective among those who know of the matrix
10:39:23     From Lane : why do we think we are *real*
10:39:23     From Sophie Davis : aww poor little man
10:39:24     From phillip s : to me it seems there is a thinning out happening, as we are becoming more and more aware we are actually seperating from many others. And yes the head aches are a symptom of the seperation events IMO
10:39:40     From Jayne Judkins : ble3ss his heart
10:39:47     From grahamhayward : The ‘blue pill’ is the rabbit hole.
10:39:57     From George Bowden IV : I think therefore I am? or I AM therefore I am?
10:39:58     From Lane : or strange dents in fae Dani lol
10:40:00     From Lane : face
10:40:44     From Lane : hahaha...
10:40:50     From George Bowden IV : explained by possession...
10:41:05     From Lane : sorry I cant stay on for much longer
10:41:12     From George Bowden IV : we all are possessed by different spirits daily
10:41:12     From Lane : have a vistitor
10:41:24     From Vicki Veranese : ha this rocks
10:41:33     From George Bowden IV : this changes physical apoearance
10:41:39     From Vicki Veranese : there is still hope for me to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated - ha
10:41:42     From Jules Salonen : I really feel for you D especially with kids feeling this. I really wish you could stay in Oz :( I cant stay on long either.... work meeting
10:41:43     From Lane : yep. My face has changed
10:41:44     From George Bowden IV : *appearance
10:41:45     From Chris : oh wow that happened to my ex girlfriend last year - she got a big dent appear on her head
10:42:06     From Vicki Veranese : from the land of DENT
10:42:17     From Lane : SO HAVE I. a dent in the same pace dani
10:42:57     From phillip s : usb connection point lol
10:42:58     From VIOLET : yes...very face actually feels different shape when I rub it
10:43:07     From Chris : lol philip
10:43:15     From Vicki Veranese : ha Phillip
10:43:21     From Lane : my hairline and cheekbones are different
10:43:30     From phillip s : it explains a lot lol
10:43:51     From George Bowden IV : possible surgery... when I was 16, I had surgery on my leg, and I woke up with scars in my nose... implants. doctors have ulterior motives and work for the elite
10:44:11     From Lane : I had to call Mum to confirm. She never remembered me having one
10:44:11     From Bae : You are all from the same planet of Dent
10:44:20     From Lane : plant DENT lmao
10:44:23     From Marilyn : I'm her mum and she didn't have a chicken pox she does!
10:44:24     From Lane : planet
10:44:35     From Chris : i dreamed aliens was oprating on me & i woke up & my whole face swelled up
10:44:47     From Lane : and the scars in the corners of my eyes that just arrived
10:45:04     From Marilyn : Yep!
10:45:20     From Bae : I experienced immense depression a day or so ago...and I don't get depressed anymore
10:45:28     From phillip s : another level of the mandela effect possibly avatars are also altering even though our memories are still at pre restore points
10:45:31     From Lane : maybe we died and respawned
10:45:37     From Lane : lol
10:45:38     From VIOLET : wow...thank you so much for confirming all of this
10:45:54     From Vicki Veranese : good point Lisa
10:46:00     From Marilyn : Lane woke one morning and could play the drums!
10:46:03     From VIOLET : nope
10:46:14     From Sophie Davis : I had to go to the chiro last wed as in I woke up on Monday morning not being able to breathe properly.. my rib cage was out! Was baby sitting but there was no lifting etc!
10:46:16     From Jayne Judkins : yep! nothing feels the same.... hgair thinning so FAST! it's nuts
10:46:17     From Vicki Veranese : possibly
10:46:22     From Lane : my neck also miraculously healed
10:46:30     From VIOLET : no something fucking weird is going on
10:46:36     From phillip s : yes we all dismiss ourselves but now we are connected we are discovering all are experiencing strange things all the time
10:46:49     From Lane : I have a widows peak. Just arrived about a month ago. I had a straight hairline
10:46:51     From Sandy Brown : I've had to do the chiro a lot lately.
10:47:14     From VIOLET : eyesight is all over the map hour to hour
10:47:19     From grahamhayward : left shoulder for a year.
10:47:20     From Nancy Lynn : I think this is new.  My 13 year old son for the past three days says he doesn't feel well and when I ask him what's wrong, he says he feels "wonky"
10:47:25     From Vicki Veranese : man - Ive never felt better - its like the best bets of all Selves aligning
10:47:26     From Lane : yes Violet! eyesight!
10:47:30     From Marilyn : My sister has problems with her should that she never had before
10:47:30     From Chris : left shoulder .. but it moves to neck & back again
10:47:33     From Vicki Veranese : except for a hangover occaisionally
10:47:34     From Sandy Brown : My shoulders are out but no reason for it.
10:47:36     From Marilyn : shoulder
10:47:38     From Bae : And people who go to be checked by a doctor, they can't find anything wrong with them
10:47:41     From Sophie Davis : Yes Jayne my hair is so thin too, used to have much thicker hair
10:47:57     From Lane : assholes! hahaha
10:48:03     From Vicki Veranese : I’ll give u the ju ju tomoz xx
10:48:08     From loma : Those openings in your scull  are portals to higher dimensions.the primary ones are inthe top/center ,toward the back about 2 inches,the "soft temples",  and to of the neck/center backbottom of the scull.These have opened and closed throughout my life.
10:48:18     From Lane : it’s not ALL bad. miraculous things happen too
10:48:26     From Sandy Brown : Maybe we are being jerjed around.
10:48:27     From Jayne Judkins : yep Sphie! Vision has gotten really bad
10:48:27     From Bae : Are we changing from carbon based to crystalline based as some say?
10:48:34     From Sandy Brown : jerked
10:48:35     From Jeff Gates : just went to the chiropractor on friday for a shoulder pain
10:48:38     From Lane : has anyone else acquired a skill overnight?
10:48:39     From Sophie Davis : never had probs with my shoulders but my chiro keeps asking me whats with the right shoulder
10:48:39     From phillip s : Sleep is a big spece for damaging shoulders
10:48:45     From Vicki Veranese : many clients having Vision extremes
10:48:46     From Connie Townsend : I feel so the same, been in extreme pain my entire life, moves up and down body.
10:48:53     From grahamhayward : I had a tooth going to root canal, then healed in a matter of days. Xray showed no evidence of infection last week. I’ll take it.
10:49:01     From Nancy Lynn : I have never had any hip problems, last two weeks sacrailiac joint is in incredible pain.
10:49:02     From Vicki Veranese : Not enough!
10:49:02     From shellyjohnson : My shoulders and hips have been bothering me for no reason
10:49:07     From Lane : I had a wisdom tooth completely vanish
10:49:14     From Vicki Veranese : no wine with the girls xx
10:49:19     From Chris : like growing pains almost
10:49:25     From VIOLET : same thing for me with utter fatigue
10:49:29     From Vicki Veranese : no, wine with the girls
10:49:33     From Lane : at 20 X-ray tells me 4. have two removed. new X-ray tells me I only have one left.
10:49:34     From phillip s : shrinking pains
10:49:48     From Nancy Lynn : Maybe Violet is onto something, she just said like growing pains.
10:49:57     From Lane : left ear Lisa?
10:50:00     From Lane : happening a lot
10:50:01     From Bae : High pitched tone --- are you being zapped with frequencies?
10:50:04     From Lane : to many
10:50:05     From Vicki Veranese : I think there is a site near Nimbin
10:50:19     From Vicki Veranese : a site that is secret and holds tests etc around it
10:50:21     From Christine : Are we merging all timelines?
10:50:36     From Vicki Veranese : I think you are really close to it
10:50:37     From Sophie Davis : yep only early hours in the morning today my husband & I both were woken with high pitch noise, I hardly slep at all
10:50:39     From Vicki Veranese : I think so Chirstine
10:50:43     From Lane : I think we are merging with other versions of ourselves somehow
10:50:57     From Gedster : Simple term guys - do you know what a 'sandbox' MMO is? That's a good analogy for what this is - co-creating virtual 'reality', ever changing.
10:51:05     From I_AM Shimalaii : man ... I AM very grateful that I AM one of the ones who actually is feeling great ... no physical symptoms other than the cat bite, when Cuddles mistook my arm for the part of his body that a flea was biting.
10:51:07     From Sophie Davis : my husband has been screaming in his sleep, really creepy!
10:51:21     From Dawn Hart : what side of the head Lisa?
10:51:29     From Bae : New frequencies coming in
10:51:43     From Sophie Davis : freaks me out!
10:51:48     From Dawn Hart : so it goes straight therough
10:51:50     From John A : Good analogy GEd, but I was thinking VM merging snap shots
10:51:59     From Lane : when we sleep, it’s like we check out and then respawn when we wake and shit has changed.
10:52:10     From I_AM Shimalaii : explain yourself, ged
10:52:24     From Lane : haha!!
10:52:46     From Jeff Gates : lunar wave
10:52:51     From Randy William Griffin : A sandbox MMO is an open world game with multiple players
10:52:54     From Chris : seen it
10:53:18     From Dawn Hart : I have seen this it is incredible
10:53:21     From Jayne Judkins : time loop
10:53:27     From Dawn Hart : almost like a computer simulation
10:53:34     From Gedster : Sandbox worlds Change,  evolve as players do stuff and make choices, hence 'sandbox' you create what you want in it (within the rules/framework of the game)
10:53:34     From Vicki Veranese : WOWZA
10:53:41     From Dawn Hart : hit refresh
10:53:43     From Frank Walters : Looks like a loop that is starting over
10:53:47     From Lane : yep... that explains the moon. it’s a digital construct, as is this entire thing
10:53:50     From VIOLET : hi rooster
10:53:54     From phillip s : Has anyone had a tilting dream over the last week, I had one where my building tilted away from me like the earth moved off axis by 15 degrees, have found another in US had same
10:53:55     From Jayne Judkins : time loop?
10:54:01     From Vicki Veranese : fucking hologram / deck / fuckery
10:54:06     From Lane : LOL my rooster can hear your rooster and is crowing at him
10:54:36     From Chris : lol
10:54:39     From Marilyn : LoL...go Roger!
10:54:51     From Gedster : Unlike WOW, which is more like a fixed vrtual reality
10:54:56     From Dawn Hart : LOL Vicki
10:55:00     From Dawn Hart : right on
10:55:02     From Lane : Sandbox. yes Ged. I think your onto something thee!
10:55:14     From Gedster : Interesting
10:55:55     From Sophie Davis : weird
10:56:06     From Dawn Hart : too many observers LOL quantum entanglement
10:56:08     From Jeff Gates : yes
10:56:09     From Sophie Davis : nope
10:56:10     From John A : yes
10:56:10     From Frank Walters : yes
10:56:11     From terrycole-whittaker : yes
10:56:14     From I_AM Shimalaii : i saw the ripple
10:56:14     From Vicki Veranese : yes
10:56:17     From Joy : yes
10:56:17     From Lane : Welcome to Simulation Earth.
10:56:19     From loma : yes
10:56:21     From Elena : yes
10:56:24     From Randy William Griffin : Supposedly that ripple wave on the Moon is a holographic shell hiding lunar activity.
10:56:25     From Frank Walters : looks like a video clip on a loop that is starting over.
10:56:26     From Bae : yes I saw some of the ripple
10:56:28     From laurel : saw the ripple at the beginning
10:56:31     From ~lotus : water
10:56:44     From Vicki Veranese : you know it
10:56:58     From Dawn Hart : I keep hearing very high pitches thtrough the video
10:57:04     From phillip s : it was weird building didn't break but it was scary
10:57:09     From Vicki Veranese : Inception
10:57:13     From Lane : Had to re watch Dark City. makes so much sense.
10:57:33     From Lane : inception I had to watch again too
10:57:34     From DJ ❤️ : yes dreams being erased too
10:57:37     From Wanda : i dreamt i was in a tilting building too!
10:57:45     From phillip s : my friend in US had it happen to her during the day about same time she had to hold onto her car because she thought everything was shifting
10:57:52     From Vicki Veranese : Mu righting Herself?
10:57:55     From phillip s : agree D
10:57:58     From ~lotus : i had a 5 second redo yesterday
10:58:02     From Dawn Hart : Ang Els
10:58:04     From I_AM Shimalaii : Perhaps, Vicki
10:58:16     From grahamhayward : Seems to be a timed reset of moon beneath water, or a lens.
10:58:18     From Christine : Yes I have had a tilting an apartment....not a earthquake but a tilting experience and also a tsunami coming ....I then lifted out of my body and landed back here
10:58:20     From Bae : the boat is rocking in a water universe
10:58:21     From phillip s : LOL mad tourists drifting
10:58:25     From ~lotus : agreed water
10:58:37     From Randy William Griffin : I spoke to my deceased cousin in dream-time for two hours, and I cannot remember a single word!
10:58:40     From Sophie Davis : yes I have dreamt tsunamis
10:58:48     From Lane : wow Randy!
10:59:00     From Jeff Gates : dream those realities so they don’t happen in this one?
10:59:03     From Vicki Veranese : Tereza TBird has Tsunami dreams
10:59:04     From phillip s : well that confirms itt is not an isolated effect
10:59:14     From Randy William Griffin : I usually remember afterlife visits.
10:59:20     From ~lotus : did anyone have a time redo yesterday
10:59:31     From Dawn Hart : I have had one where I was in a tall building and i am watching the tsunami come in and i always thought that was a past memory from Atlantis but not so sure anymore
10:59:33     From ~lotus : like jump back 5 secs...
10:59:39     From Bae : Sometimes I feel a wave of relief
10:59:40     From VIOLET : yes even more estranged for me
10:59:40     From phillip s : wonder if it is related to the ripple that guy found going across the moon
10:59:43     From Marilyn : Lisa, we call that 'waiting for the other shoe to drop'
10:59:47     From Gedster : It's all conciousness. You keep thinking there  is a 'physical' reality as it is, solid, mostly unchanging, but it's all just conciousness creatig difference energetic densities. Well, FMP anyway :)
10:59:58     From I_AM Shimalaii : yes, Ged
11:00:12     From Lane : none of it is real
11:00:22     From ~lotus : well it is real
11:00:32     From Lane : it feels real
11:00:37     From Lane : but it isn’t
11:00:38     From ~lotus : maybe not what we see it to be...but I think therefore I am and it is real
11:00:40     From Gedster : it is as real as we make it or believe it to be
11:00:40     From ~lotus : yes
11:00:42     From Randy William Griffin : Solidity is when two or more vibrations match frequencies.
11:00:43     From phillip s : yes with the breathing it feels like you can stop time
11:00:51     From ~lotus : it feel real...but is some construct it is real
11:00:55     From Bae : your reality is your perception
11:00:56     From Vicki Veranese : go Philip
11:00:57     From Lane : maybe we created this for ourselves. Time construct was needed to learn within it.
11:01:03     From Sandy Brown : Where does that leave us?
11:01:04     From Lane : and there is a virus in it
11:01:04     From ~lotus : we are here really talking via...
11:01:08     From Lane : we are the antivirus
11:01:09     From Sophie Davis : have no fear
11:01:12     From grahamhayward : Have you guys ever thought of having rooster for dinner?
11:01:13     From Dawn Hart : hopefully it is a virus
11:01:14     From ~lotus : combined reality
11:01:16     From Antoine Chevalier : inception deception
11:01:25     From I_AM Shimalaii : I don't add energy or make any more real ... ANYTHING that is not representative of Sacred Relationship ... I simply disengage from the rest.
11:01:25     From Dawn Hart : as in we are making the changes
11:01:39     From Bae : entangled personal realities
11:01:49     From Lane : we don’t ever die.
11:01:51     From Antoine Chevalier : inception deception of our perception
11:01:54     From ~lotus : I think it has always been this way...we are just now seeing them
11:02:09     From ~lotus : I have know of such things for about 15 years....
11:02:22     From Vicki Veranese : indeed
11:02:29     From Lane : are we self aware AI?
11:02:34     From phillip s : in the old time reality a few months ago they said we were passing across the galactic plain of the milky way and they expected the earth to be effected by a cosmic wave
11:02:40     From Gedster : Yes Lotus expanding awareness discovering our true nature
11:02:45     From Bae : Inelia Benz once talked about how she downloaded info about how to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving -- she didn't know how prior
11:02:53     From ~lotus : so either we are finally being shown it....or just now able to see it because of our enlightenment
11:03:05     From Bae : The info just came to her so she could complete the task..and it came out well
11:03:34     From ~lotus : I do that with words when I speak, my mind is a super computer that is not a gift to use
11:03:34     From phillip s : like the matrix trinity asking for helecopter training download
11:03:42     From Bae : My guidance kept telling me over and over again this morning (as I have received many times before) that everything we need is already with us
11:03:42     From Gedster : Its there in the collective, so of course you can tap into it.
11:03:55     From ~lotus : i will say a word that "I" dont know but my mind does
11:03:58     From Randy William Griffin : I miss Master Lee.
11:04:04     From Christine : Programmes in our DNA
11:04:08     From Bae : We just need to access the info which is already with us
11:04:11     From Marilyn : She's here....its Lane
11:04:19     From Lane : yep
11:04:24     From Lane : it happened
11:04:28     From Vicki Veranese : Lane
11:04:29     From Lane : yp
11:04:31     From Marilyn : Yep
11:04:32     From Lane : thats me
11:04:44     From Lane : arch! im in my jammie
11:04:46     From Lane : \s
11:04:48     From phillip s : now that is cool
11:04:48     From Randy William Griffin : awesome!
11:04:53     From Frank Walters : I’d love to get Michael Monk’s take on all this...
11:04:54     From Marilyn : Unmute Lane
11:04:56     From Lane : oh shit...on the spot
11:04:58     From Lane : haha
11:05:01     From Lane : ok
11:05:30     From Dawn Hart : holy shit
11:05:39     From Vicki Veranese : u go girl!
11:05:41     From laurel : Welcome to the 5th dimension!
11:05:52     From ~lotus : dream download
11:06:03     From ~lotus : you asked to be taught
11:06:33     From Vicki Veranese : Lane u rock
11:06:49     From Marilyn : I can confirm her lack of patience :D
11:06:55     From ~lotus : HA
11:07:00     From Bae : What an awesome story!
11:07:00     From I_AM Shimalaii : that happened to me and my singing voice many years ago ... Suddenly my singing improved radically, over night ... Though since then I have sadly lost my confidence in this, and I AM not in a situation where I can sing daily to revive my confidence.
11:07:10     From Sophie Davis : Wow!
11:07:24     From Gedster : haha, nobody is John Bonham ;)
11:07:27     From Dawn Hart : I am loving this
11:07:32     From grahamhayward : Throw up some vid.
11:07:32     From ~lotus : can you still play them as well
11:07:34     From Antoine Chevalier : AWESOME
11:07:55     From ~lotus : that is good to know, you retained the info
11:08:47     From ~lotus : i went to prison for social activism and walked out with a third eye on my forehead....freaks people out
11:09:18     From Vicki Veranese : we love an agin rock chick drummer!
11:09:41     From Jayne Judkins : same thing here with the voice. I used to be with a band...a vocalist. Now I am hitting notes that I could never hit I am loving it.
11:09:54     From Glenice de Silva : haha Vicki! yes wow story!
11:10:10     From ~lotus : thank you for sharing you story Lane
11:10:21     From Lane : no probs
11:10:28     From Bae : stepping into your super powers
11:10:40     From phillip s : great experience and so good you can share it these days without wally world blank faces
11:10:43     From Lane : was so wed! seriously weird
11:10:47     From Lane : weird
11:11:00     From ~lotus : the series "heroes"
11:12:03     From Lane : I wanted to share to let people know there is SO much more to this than negative things. I too have had physical changes and so much more happen but maybe there is a bigger picture
11:12:37     From ~lotus : yeah
11:12:44     From ~lotus : i have a third eye now
11:12:50     From ~lotus : like shiva
11:13:00     From ~lotus : is a fold in my forehead
11:13:06     From phillip s : wonder if the energy changes are freeing our DNA so it can repair damage we have done to our bodies
11:13:11     From ~lotus : okay....i will
11:13:15     From Maurice Demers : Yes, Lane, and the bigger picture I am seeing in all of this is that there is some demonstrable thingsw we are experiencing that are welling up, so to speak, from within our own conutenance.  Not, reapeat, not, being imjposed upon us from without. 
11:13:50     From Maurice Demers : Cuounteance. 
11:14:05     From Dawn Hart : me tooooooooooooo
11:14:20     From Dawn Hart : mine has been painful too Lisa
11:14:24     From VIOLET : yeah..I'd like some of the good stuff
11:14:27     From Elena : :) ...someone told me the other day to lower my voice.. I was loud apparently
11:14:46     From Gedster : For me changes day to day, or even within the same day
11:14:53     From phillip s : I know the medics are monotoring blood results for certain changes then forwarding bloods for DNA analysis (have a friend in a Lab who is being instructed to forward certain results to Gov Serum laboritories)
11:14:58     From Bae : If you are feeling bad, pain, etc. are you also clearing a lot of emotion or memories?
11:15:02     From Lane : maybe I’m just a freak
11:15:12     From phillip s : so they know something is up
11:15:13     From Jayne Judkins : I agree with Lisa... I feel like I can FEEL the PAIN of this planet and everyuone around me as we all go thru this strange time
11:15:13     From VIOLET : good point Bea
11:15:14     From Vicki Veranese : Bi Locate
11:15:34     From grahamhayward : Let’s turn the earth into a speeding globe!
11:15:43     From VIOLET : been remembering feelings more that are past...not current
11:15:43     From Bae : Yes, I feel more of the collective pain and planet now
11:15:44     From Vicki Veranese : I want to have Bi Location as my new superpower
11:15:56     From Sophie Davis : yes I feel peple so deeply I am realising a lot of my pain is not my own
11:15:59     From Jayne Judkins : just really REALLY "feeling" soooooo much. Like NEVER before.
11:16:12     From VIOLET : purging
11:16:15     From maddtom : Painful...back sleep 4 days now... I am tired of it...worse in last week of so
11:16:15     From Gedster : How about I choose to experience reality 'as it is',  rather than my distorted version/view of it?
11:16:25     From Lane : maybe the zeolite dislodged a chunk of Mercury from my Drumming gland
11:16:26     From Vicki Veranese : love you all - got to go - see u both tomorrow groovers xxx
11:16:30     From loma : the incoming frequency wave is reweaving our 12 strands DNA. we can participate consciously by focusing our awareness on this process
11:16:34     From Gedster : Laterz Vicki
11:16:39     From VIOLET : sorry Tom
11:16:43     From Sandy Brown : bye vicki
11:16:46     From Jayne Judkins : bye Vicky
11:16:49     From Vicki Veranese : xxx
11:16:52     From Randy William Griffin : bye vicki
11:16:53     From Sophie Davis : bye Vicki
11:17:04     From VIOLET : baring burdens...shoulder
11:17:22     From Bae : yes...I was just going to say Louise Hay...she connects the emotions with manifestations in the body
11:17:32     From Chris : yep cycles
11:17:39     From Christine : Yep cycles with sleep
11:17:49     From Sophie Davis : sounds familiar Lisa
11:17:49     From Gedster : Yeah sleep cycles completely screwed up for me
11:17:53     From VIOLET : me too Lisa
11:17:57     From Dawn Hart : Yrp I slept in too today
11:18:06     From Dawn Hart : could not get up
11:18:08     From maddtom : sounds very familiar...sleep sleep cycel right now....
11:18:14     From Sandy Brown : I've gone from 10-12 hours sleep to 6.
11:18:17     From Randy William Griffin : For weeks, I only slept for 4 hours
11:18:29     From Sophie Davis : am doing a De cleanse
11:18:30     From Chris : i gone from 12 to 4
11:18:33     From I_AM Shimalaii : Yes, Vicki is coming there
11:18:35     From Bae : I also notice that often when I need a lot more sleep, so do both of my dogs
11:18:41     From Gedster : She left I think
11:18:46     From Brenda : Hey everyone, yes me too on sleep!  Now in no sleep cycle
11:19:19     From Randy William Griffin : I also notice my dog always sleeps by my bed
11:19:19     From Tina :  Lots of people i talk to are having flu like aches in body but not having the flu, so tranformations happening for every human.. Also my cat seems alot more aware and intelligent now.. (she was always smart but just like she has gone up a notch!)..
11:19:21     From Jayne Judkins : I have been noticing what seems like DejaVu
11:19:26     From loma : I slept 12 hours 2 nights ago
11:19:40     From maddtom : Working in ER...releasing pain comes (for me) with the job....just wish I could release min....
11:19:53     From Lane : deja vu constantly hère too
11:19:53     From Jayne Judkins : noticing it frequently
11:19:55     From Sophie Davis : yes absolutely, so I take myself to a centred place and go within to feel peace
11:19:59     From Gedster : Yes animals are 'upgrading' too/ Really been noticing that
11:20:04     From Bae : Yes, Tina, my dogs seem more conscious and smarter overall as if I can almost have a complete conversation with them
11:20:10     From Brenda : Lots of crying for no reason and pain
11:20:10     From Susie Ganiere : Has anyone checked out what "super-power(s)" are hanging out with you? I was interested in seeing the masked (cloaked) aircraft like when I rented military grade night vision goggles in Sedona, Arizona. I reserched and found some phone apps that screen out the ordinary frequencies like wireless devices (cell phones, wireless tv, printers etc.) and zeros in on known spirit/ghost-type frequencies. This is a review of all the Ghost identifier apps: I downloaded "Ghost Detector" and see what looks like my deceased dog Molly. I rescued her at 9months old and we lived together for 15 years until she passed over in May 2015.
11:20:18     From Bae : Even my chickens are "talking" with me
11:20:25     From Marilyn : I have been crying a lot, and I don't feel it is my pain I am crying out
11:20:28     From Sophie Davis : no sleep atm
11:20:33     From Tina : manifesting has changed abit too..
11:20:42     From Randy William Griffin : yep, I seem to be able to call my dog telepathically
11:20:45     From Jayne Judkins : Yes Marilyn
11:20:55     From Bae : Cool Randy!
11:21:00     From Sophie Davis : 2 months of headaches.. and I'm not a headache person
11:21:06     From Dawn Hart : Thank you Suzie
11:21:21     From phillip s : tel E Vision effect time to buy our new cold and flu medications
11:21:29     From Lane : days filled with emotion and feeling teary. can’t figure out why. no obvious reason for it
11:21:37     From Jayne Judkins : I feel the emotional pain... like a "falling away" from what has been the "norm"
11:21:41     From Bae : We can override our genetics
11:22:02     From ~lotus : how do i share a photo with the group anyone know
11:22:09     From Jayne Judkins : and people falling away from my life
11:22:15     From Gedster : Just put the link in chat Jayne
11:22:16     From Bae : Yes, Jayne...I feel a LOT more of the "norm" falling away, as if I am no longer a part of this world
11:22:30     From Bae : Yes, people gone bye bye too
11:22:30     From Tina : the physical body changes is causing the flu like aches/pain and fever etc..
11:22:33     From ~lotus : i can do facebook on your page
11:22:41     From I_AM Shimalaii : Cuddles has started to do a yowling behavior ... off and on .... It always seems to me it is because he is "aware" of things going on in other dimensions ... And he is alerting me
11:22:44     From I_AM Shimalaii : To pay attention
11:22:48     From ~lotus : what is your skype name
11:22:56     From Dawn Hart : my dog ate turds out of the cat box and she was poisoned
11:22:57     From Bae : I don't think I will be able to eat my chickens since they are talking to me now
11:23:18     From Dawn Hart : she is alive but cost me 1800
11:23:19     From Tina : haha Bae.. let the chicken live..
11:23:22     From Lane : birds? my god. yes...
11:23:25     From Brenda : ahhh Bae, I hear ya
11:23:29     From Lane : they are like people now
11:23:35     From Sophie Davis : I was telepathic with one of my brothers when I was a child, and he recently confirmed it after sirring me all my life for bringing it up. We haven't lived in close proximity now for 33 year, I was thinking about him last week and all of a sudden he phoned me the very same night
11:23:35     From Antoine Chevalier : shit I have seen this chat before ...
11:23:37     From phillip s : yes birds lot of action
11:23:39     From Antoine Chevalier : deja vue
11:23:44     From Marilyn : Birds here too
11:23:45     From Lane : ibis!
11:23:46     From Bae : Tina, I am only planning to eat the eggs...I think they will share those with me
11:23:49     From Antoine Chevalier : oupssss….
11:23:52     From Jayne Judkins : lol Antoine
11:24:02     From Dawn Hart : lots of birds here too like they are so freaking happy
11:24:03     From Lane : having exact same here. exactly
11:24:04     From Tina : yeah they will..
11:24:19     From Dawn Hart : birds are the closest thing to Source
11:24:29     From Dawn Hart : so if they are happy then that is a good sign
11:24:32     From Jayne Judkins : I've got bunny rabbits hanging out with my 11 y/o male cat!!!
11:24:35     From Sophie Davis : the cockatoos are going nuts here in Atherton, everyone is saying the same thing
11:24:39     From Bae : I can't eat my babies that I raised from almost birth and named them
11:24:40     From VIOLET : yeah birds making eye contact and not flying off
11:24:40     From Antoine Chevalier : lol  so weird … the conversation about the chicken … won’t eat it because …etc…. i remembered this happening before
11:24:45     From Lane : we’ve also has a huge number just randomly fly into the front windows
11:24:45     From Jayne Judkins : in the front yard... it's too funny
11:24:45     From Chris : my tropical fish jumped out the tank lol
11:24:47     From Lane : 4 this week
11:24:50     From Lane : all doves
11:24:54     From Gedster : Yeah, birds know about 'levity' :)
11:25:09     From Lane : OMG the fish Chris!
11:25:27     From Dawn Hart : there are lots of those
11:25:29     From Dawn Hart : Dani
11:25:31     From Antoine Chevalier : I AM VEGAN !!!! french and vegan … go figure LOL
11:25:38     From Tammy  : we are all telephatic
11:25:40     From Lane : we had a huge family of black cockys land on our house
11:25:45     From VIOLET : songbirds at twilight have stopped here two weeks
11:25:49     From Antoine Chevalier : can’t eat animal flesh !!!!
11:25:52     From Sophie Davis : yeah so loud!
11:25:53     From Antoine Chevalier : lol
11:25:54     From Tina : the good thing is that the animals, our pets are not afraid and are more aware of their spiritual power.. what a great lesson for us all..
11:25:59     From Bae : I had a crow follow my dogs and I while hiking in the forest and it kept squaking at I talked to it and it kept responding every time I spoke...finally it seemed satisfied that I had my rowdy dog under control and left
11:26:06     From Christine : Perhaps we are going to get our wings and fly....I've had lots of flying dreams lately
11:26:08     From Sophie Davis : what was that?
11:26:10     From Gedster : Just had the same thought Tina.
11:26:17     From Dawn Hart : this is exciting
11:26:39     From Sophie Davis : 'yes it is Dawn!
11:26:55     From Johnny B  to  Lisa M Harrison (Privately) : I would like everyone to take a look at a new initiative launching in America, the real, and contemplate what this could mean for the world.... Be sure to check out David's 82 page book, "Fear The People" Please share if you agree Lisa, Loves, blessings and much peace, Johnny B of the House Mikel
11:27:00     From Dawn Hart : verye xciting
11:27:41     From Gedster : The birds are happy - doesn't that tell you something about what's happening???
11:28:10     From Lane : something to ponder there.
11:28:42     From VIOLET : right Dani
11:28:52     From Dawn Hart : huh
11:28:53     From Gedster : Well, the ones around here seem pretty happy
11:29:05     From Dawn Hart : aggravated??
11:29:14     From Tina : i am avoiding the corprations.. will have to make calls soon.. so will find out..
11:29:17     From Frank Walters : birds here have begun to follow me
11:29:17     From Dawn Hart : agitated
11:29:29     From Maurice Demers : "Qickening"!!!!
11:29:32     From Brenda : magnetism?
11:29:33     From VIOLET : It's twilight here and dead songbird singing
11:29:45     From Lane : yep. animal totems?
11:29:49     From Lane : they bring messages
11:29:51     From ~lotus : okay Lisa I sent you two pics of my third seems to be getting deeper. It is actually a boney structure
11:29:57     From phillip s : I have had a situation where a company sent me a letter asking me to answer some questions about transactions. The stupid thing was when I phoned them and got them to read what they had sent me they got there answers. It was like the computer was confused and sent the questions and answers out to me but the girl on the phone was just as stupid until I got her to explain what she had just read back to me..
11:29:57     From ~lotus : on facebook
11:29:57     From Sandy Brown : Birds singing at 2 in the morning.
11:30:08     From Frank Walters : yes, it feels like I”m being observed by the birds.
11:30:08     From ~lotus : facebook
11:30:13     From ~lotus : i messaged you
11:30:16     From loma : Yes utility companies sending me late (still owe) bills for things already paid.
11:30:24     From Susie Ganiere : My mom moved her bank account to Navy Federal Credit Union. She applied for a Credit Card through them. She locked her credit with one of those services to protect you from identity theft. To get the credit card she called to unlock her credit report for NFCU. They didn't know her... couldn't find a record of her account and could not unlock it - result - no credit card from NFCU. She is 78 years young.
11:30:27     From Lane : yes Frank! That’s exactly how it feels
11:30:32     From VIOLET : yup heard that too Sandy....
11:30:50     From Sophie Davis : lol I watched a very large bird land on a tree branch in the front yard yesterday.. the bird was so big and heavy the branch swayed to the ground and the bird actually looked at me as if to say WTF!
11:30:55     From I_AM Shimalaii : Paula has told me that she is getting "late notices" on bills that she never got the original bill for.
11:30:56     From ~lotus : i can post them on your actual page...i sent them in a private message
11:31:24     From Nancy Lynn : I have a question, since we are discussing observations, has anyone else experienced time as measured by the clock going backwards?  I went out for a smoke and looked at the garden clock and it said 6:30 pm, came back in the house to help clean up after dinner and the clock read 6:03 pm.  This happened three times this weekend.  Also experienced forward jumps, looked at clock and said 10:45 am and walked upstairs and sat down in front of my computer and the computer clock read 11:30 am.  Anyone else experiencing this?
11:31:40     From Lane : I had a student loan debt come at me from NZ that was paid/ dealt with back on the late 90’s. out of nowhere I get a statement for $3,800 that I didn’t owe.
11:31:49     From phillip s : Or the digital system is not keeping up with everything
11:31:56     From ~lotus : We arent friends so I cant post them on your page...
11:31:59     From Tina : vodafone sent me text that they lost my email tehn 24 hours later sent another text that they have it, so confusion with computers..
11:32:12     From ~lotus : do you have a public email
11:32:14     From Connie Townsend : They are trying to give me a smart meter.  Main Guy is closed to awakening…said he will make sure my does’t get changed:)
11:32:35     From ~lotus : I believe it
11:32:37     From Antoine Chevalier : smart meter is a major trap
11:32:39     From Susie Ganiere : I wonder if in another timeline she died before she turned 78 and the bleed through is wonky
11:32:41     From ~lotus : interference
11:32:44     From Gedster : Time is a very twisty thing these says Nancy. I have had that sort of thing happen more and more.
11:32:46     From Frank Walters : wait until they chip us and then “take” the money first and deal with our complaints afterwards.
11:33:18     From ~lotus : yes, i said earlier I jumped back 5 secs....was in the middle of writing an email....suddenly half of it had disappeared just poof and I just retyped exactly
11:33:18     From Lane : happens a lot here.
11:33:53     From Chris : ohhhh that happened to me last week
11:34:02     From Bae : No visible clock related time warps, but I often feel as if I have fallen "out of time'
11:34:07     From Sophie Davis : my time right now is 11:33
11:34:10     From Jayne Judkins : seeing synchronisity (numbers on the clock) like NEVER before. Yes, "time" is slipping away. Leaving the duality construct?
11:34:18     From phillip s : Yes especially when watching a TV show you look at wall clock its say 6.03 then watch a segement on tv next adds look at clock and it says 6.02 weird
11:34:22     From Chris : got up looked at clock & it was 6 1 min 8 the next
11:34:23     From Marilyn : I lost 2 hours yesterday
11:34:27     From Tina : i feel the merging is still happening, because my mum and aunty were going to the shops, i saw them walk out the front door then i went in my room and hear someone in the toilet, i freaked for a second.. weird stuff..
11:35:17     From Tina : my aunty was in toilet.. then they left again..
11:35:30     From Dawn Hart : I gained an hour Dani
11:35:36     From Lane : the days seem to be dissolving for me
11:35:50     From Lane : I get up, have a plan to do shit and then the sun is setting
11:35:55     From Bae : Time seems a lot shorter in a day than it used to...I just go with the flow
11:36:07     From Gedster : Haha, moving into 'Dreamtime' :)
11:36:28     From I_AM Shimalaii : man ... I left for restroom ... and there are 26 new messages!
11:36:41     From ~lotus : okay...lets try this...just sent them to you again
11:36:45     From Chris : i've met the same man wlaking the same dog twice
11:36:46     From ~lotus : via your email
11:36:55     From Bae : I really have difficulty keeping track of the date, time, how many days have passed, etc....
11:36:59     From Lane : anyone else having weird things happen with eating/food?
11:37:00     From Tina : the other week i dreamt the sun was black dead and then a few days later the article of teh sun has gone blank!..
11:37:18     From Gedster : Yeah. 2 mins after he's eaten he's like 'I'm hungry!'
11:37:31     From Bae : Lane, what kinds of things with food?
11:37:34     From Tina : food doesn't taste the same to me anymore
11:37:36     From Sophie Davis : same with my grandson Ged
11:37:37     From Lane : I became a vegetarian overnight, and can’t eat anywhere near what I used to
11:37:48     From Lane : tastes
11:37:50     From Lane : textures
11:37:52     From Jayne Judkins : because it'ds synthetic
11:37:53     From Lane : weird
11:37:56     From Gedster : Hungry and not hungry at the same time - if that makes sense
11:37:56     From ~lotus : sent them via your email. i did not get a bounce so you should have them
11:38:06     From Lane : i’ve lost my sense of hunger
11:38:10     From Bae : I don't want to eat as much as I used to and feel satisfied eating only salad or fruit
11:38:12     From loma : Check out Cynthia Sue Larson  quantum jumping. She is a physicist from Berkley.
11:38:14     From Lane : I have to now remember to eat something
11:38:17     From VIOLET : makes sense to me Ged
11:38:19     From Susie Ganiere : I am obsessed with understanding WHY... WHAT IS THIS SETTING UP?
11:38:24     From phillip s : must admit meat is a rare thing in our house these days compared with years ago when veg was an isolated yearly event
11:38:31     From Brenda : yep food not the same, especially watermelon for me
11:38:41     From Frank Walters : I didn’t weigh myself, but I could tell I gained about 10 pounds in a week without changing my diet, and then, the next day I was back to normal weight.
11:38:48     From Maurice Demers : I have just been attributing it to getting older but I have seriously noticed I do not eat nearly as much as I used to eat (consume). 
11:38:54     From Sophie Davis : I can't look at any red meat in the shops, makes me want to be sick
11:39:06     From Lane : I only be able to eat at night now
11:39:11     From Chris : yep
11:39:39     From Bae : I also have started really feeling creepy about the thought of eating meat or having to cook it for my partner...and DEFINITELY do not want to eat my chicken friends
11:39:46     From Susie Ganiere : WHY is this happened? What's the agenda? What's the intuitive answer?
11:39:55     From ~lotus : I am not that tech hopefully you can figure it out...if not tonight I will get someone to help me so you can see I said it is my bone changing on my forehead. It started in prison.
11:39:56     From Lane : yep I’m hearing ya Bae
11:40:20     From Maurice Demers : Intuitive from me, Susie, "quickening".
11:40:34     From ~lotus : yes
11:40:37     From Gedster : Short answer Suzie - Humanityy is waking up, remembering who and what they are I reckon
11:40:39     From phillip s : are here for the ride it seems
11:40:42     From ~lotus : now show the next one
11:40:49     From ~lotus : it is getting more defined
11:40:50     From Antoine Chevalier : have been super attracted to fasting for a while ….detox… then did in 2001 a 21 day fast…. was incredible… first 7 days no food no water…. just reading  meditating contemplating, walking in the woods, sleeping… second week half a cup of water a day… third week half cup water and half cup fruit juice…. WAS HEAVEN ON EARTH …LOL
11:41:11     From ~lotus : started about 8  months
11:41:15     From Susie Ganiere : OMG!
11:41:20     From ~lotus : is boney
11:41:30     From ~lotus : and I can make it more noticable
11:41:36     From Antoine Chevalier : spirit is morphing through his face …LOL
11:41:36     From Sandy Brown : Going to watch fireworks. Will catch up on posting. Have a good one everybody. <3
11:41:37     From Frank Walters : didn’t barbara have a dent appear in her forehead on one of the collective shows?
11:41:38     From ~lotus : make my eye pop out
11:41:46     From Sophie Davis : bye Sandy
11:41:51     From ~lotus : bye sandy
11:41:53     From ~lotus : yes
11:42:03     From Tina : well if you guys have seen an anatomy book our liver is huge and our stomach is to the right now, so could be why people not eating as much, or maybe we are aware food seems simulated not real.. woo..
11:42:19     From annabusser : I have a dent too
11:42:22     From ~lotus : there in no skull suture there
11:42:40     From ~lotus : the frontal lobe is smooth
11:42:49     From Lane : I seriously have to force food in now. So weird. I was a big eater. I’ve stayed at a stable weight
11:42:56     From loma : I have the same on my forhead,Dani
11:42:57     From Bae : A lot of the so-called food we have been eating our whole lives now feels so artificial and void of life --- so I am growing my own food
11:43:08     From Antoine Chevalier : yes food simulated not real …. like in movie MATRIX…. when the guy betrays the rebellion… john smith offers a big steak to eat and he says he knows it is an illusion and it feels good etc...
11:43:19     From Gedster : Pulse?? Interesting...
11:43:30     From ~lotus : I had an enlightenment in prison is how i figure it happend...
11:43:37     From Lane : is that it? Because I feel totally fine and can go 2 days easily without food
11:43:48     From Tina : the anatomy changers freaks me out.
11:43:57     From Lane : OMFG
11:44:00     From phillip s : am with you on the universal blood being O+ and told all through childhood I was universal
11:44:01     From Sophie Davis : have our blood types changed as well?
11:44:03     From Sophie Davis : lol
11:44:04     From Gedster : OF THE WORLD!
11:44:07     From ~lotus : sun is food they say.....maybe cause the sun is feeding us
11:44:11     From Maurice Demers : "Of the world"
11:44:19     From Lane : we are the champions. I briefly lost my shit over that!!!
11:44:22     From phillip s : Queen songs many lyrics tell of this time
11:44:25     From Tina : sun is quite now lotus
11:44:30     From ~lotus : that is changed...
11:44:36     From Antoine Chevalier : yes …..i am basically a liquidarian … liquid purium shakes all day …. one meal a week
11:44:37     From Lane : my partner remembers it WITHOUT the end O_O
11:44:42     From ~lotus : huh...well the energy of it feeds our pineal
11:45:08     From ~lotus : maybe it is better quality....LOL
11:45:14     From Chris : the drunk guy in back police car singing it is funny
11:45:17     From Christine : Sadly my husband who used to be a DJ thought it ended without "of the world"  I couldn't believe it
11:45:24     From Lane : Antoine thanks for that. I was feeling like a freak. Good to know I’m not the only one
11:45:40     From Antoine Chevalier : not the only one …
11:45:40     From Tina : or that something is manipulating us..
11:46:13     From Sophie Davis : nice bird song
11:46:18     From Marilyn : Loving your butcher bird LoL!
11:46:28     From Brenda : yep me too O+ here, always a universal donor
11:46:36     From ~lotus : that happens near islands
11:46:45     From ~lotus : that might be another sun from another location
11:46:47     From ~lotus : yes
11:46:48     From Gedster : yEP
11:46:50     From Sophie Davis : what is everyones blood type?
11:46:51     From phillip s : maybe the mandella effect is uncovering all the parts that are constantly being altered by the silent controlers and now we see them where as before we never saw these obvious errors
11:46:52     From Lane : Many of these mandelas are obviously affecting stuff we all remember well. On purpose. It’s creating massive dissension
11:46:56     From Randy William Griffin : agreed,  Brends
11:47:01     From Sophie Davis : holy cow!
11:47:01     From Bae : Now that sky is freaky!
11:47:02     From Lane : sending us outside of ourselves
11:47:17     From ~lotus : i have seen that when the sun sets by a island
11:47:20     From Bae : The matrix is collapsing
11:47:27     From Tina : having problems with the simulation lol
11:47:27     From Sophie Davis : omg! yep
11:47:27     From Antoine Chevalier : i managed to sustain my physical form from spirit only for 7 days without water and food and it was heaven …….14 days with just water ….it was heaven ….. hard to maintain when u have to deal with people and wshington DC  …. LOL …so just doing purism shakes …. almost no solid food at all …since 2001
11:47:31     From Brenda : dang it Walternet lol
11:47:32     From Dawn Hart : holy wowballs
11:47:33     From phillip s : don't worry the second sun will arive in a min to balance it out
11:47:38     From Sophie Davis : no
11:47:59     From Sophie Davis : hahahaha
11:48:38     From Lane : thanks so much for sharing this. I don’t need food and throw a hemp shake down my neck just for something to go in
11:48:47     From Gedster : It's very jerky Lisa
11:48:58     From Bae : Yes, it's breaking up a lot
11:49:18     From Gedster : It's definately hit the mainstream eh?
11:49:26     From Sophie Davis : cool must see that :)
11:49:27     From Jeff Gates : YTD downloader
11:49:27     From Bae : You two look like an array of broken up pixels right now
11:49:29     From ~lotus : the audio is fine though
11:49:34     From Lane : They’re making damn sure we all see these effects. They’re real, and all memories are valid
11:49:43     From Lane : over the dissension
11:49:55     From Sophie Davis : wake up Maggie?
11:50:01     From ~lotus : LOL
11:50:15     From Chris : clooney looked like he was having a meltdown lol
11:50:26     From Dawn Hart : yeah like he got robbed LOL
11:50:32     From Bae : It does seem as if these wacky things are intentionally being shown to the mainstream now
11:50:33     From Sophie Davis : hahahah
11:50:35     From Frank Walters : Final line of song is ALSO missing from Google play lyrics for “We Are the Champions.”
11:50:35     From phillip s : Wonder if the Mandela is a virus that is escalating within the construct itself
11:50:36     From Frank Walters :
11:50:42     From ~lotus : they have to show us through sigils...they cannot speak to us directly i have discerned
11:51:13     From Sophie Davis : can anyone talk to Solace?
11:51:14     From Randy William Griffin : Remember,  once upon a time,  those birds were velociraptors, lol
11:51:21     From Tina : so many questions!..
11:51:26     From Bae : Those birds are trippy
11:51:36     From Bae : Go talk to them
11:51:44     From ~lotus : the bankers do...I think
11:51:46     From Chris : lol
11:51:49     From Dawn Hart : go out there and tell them enough
11:51:50     From Bae : When my chickens start to fight I talk to them like children and they stop
11:51:50     From Frank Walters : They are pissed that the final line of the song is missing!  One says YES IT IS the final line. The other two say NO IT ISN”T
11:51:52     From Marilyn : I just broke up a fight between 3 Lorikeets LoL!
11:51:53     From Sophie Davis : I think they are showing us how the Mandella effect can divide us
11:52:00     From phillip s : with the sun no longer emmitting correctly mandela can spread even more into the construct, this shit is going to get really weird
11:52:01     From Randy William Griffin : I rest my case, lol
11:52:06     From Gedster : Yep Virus - Virtual Insert in Reality by US! stop playing victim games - or not. Your free will chioce ;)
11:52:15     From Susie Ganiere : Bring out the garden hose or spray water bottle
11:52:15     From Heron : That is territorial fighting.
11:52:18     From Bae : Instant manifestion
11:52:21     From Lane : yep ;)
11:52:28     From Gedster : Yehy are saying 'Wake the fuck up Humans' ;) 
11:52:28     From Tulla Hills : wow!
11:52:30     From ~lotus : we need to find the in startrek halo deck
11:52:31     From Lane : this is the pair of syncs thing that keeps happening
11:52:32     From phillip s : yep
11:52:48     From shellyjohnson : Talk about how rich you
11:52:50     From Bae : We are now entering the twilight zone
11:52:53     From Dawn Hart : I want to see this
11:52:57     From Sophie Davis : lol Bae
11:53:03     From Glenice de Silva : cyes have to see it
11:53:06     From maddtom : That doesnt sound "happy happy joy joy
11:53:14     From Susie Ganiere : well say something like they are all lovey to each other
11:53:16     From Heron : It happens naturally at this time of year. It is breeding time.
11:53:19     From Bae : Magpies are tough birds
11:53:24     From Gedster : See why I love Magpies so much - you can really hear they have a tonal languge - it aint just random
11:53:30     From ~lotus : no observation affects the waves
11:53:37     From Tina : hybrids against biological beings..
11:53:39     From Dawn Hart : breed in the winter time?
11:53:45     From Frank Walters : Distraction from Mandella Effect topic u were talking about. Maybe that’s the point.
11:53:59     From Joy : birds in my yard have been fighting too.  weird indeef.
11:53:59     From Lane : my partner drew an ink drawing of a magpie for me last week.
11:54:00     From Sophie Davis : maybe they are as hungry as the kids every 2 mins lol
11:54:01     From Heron : They start the process now for the spring.
11:54:02     From ~lotus : LMAO Lisa
11:54:06     From Bae : Everything is fucking weird now
11:54:11     From Sophie Davis : lmao
11:54:16     From Bae : Money is now falling from the sky
11:54:22     From ~lotus : you are rich in spirit
11:54:28     From Glenice de Silva : 😂
11:54:30     From Lane : LMAO
11:54:35     From Sophie Davis : woohoo D
11:54:39     From Dawn Hart : ride that wave
11:54:39     From Jeff Gates : rolling laughing
11:54:49     From ~lotus : better make sure to ask for it directly...
11:54:58     From Brenda : rolling too Jeff
11:55:07     From Tulla Hills : hahaha!!!
11:55:08     From Lane : our hens have been attacking each other
11:55:10     From ~lotus : they have hollow bones in thier chest
11:55:16     From Gedster : '    Let go of the old! Bring in the new!
    -Magpie Meidince
11:55:17     From ~lotus : make they are feeling vibrations we dont
11:55:21     From Gedster : Medicine*
11:55:21     From Lane : had to separate them
11:55:24     From loma : Wow bump me up spirit!!!!!!
11:55:30     From Lane : one almost had her toe pecked clean off
11:55:40     From PascalandMia : Maybe the birds are freaking out at the sky?
11:55:46     From Frank Walters : SOLACE Dani
11:55:48     From Sophie Davis : that's lovely
11:56:01     From ~lotus : good job frank
11:56:05     From Susie Ganiere : An avalanche of money is received by everyone on this ZOOM Conference call
11:56:11     From Dawn Hart : then it will affect everyone on this planet
11:56:14     From Lane : hahaha susie!
11:56:15     From ~lotus : it has to show us...the keys
11:56:20     From Tina : yeah susie..
11:56:24     From Randy William Griffin : Yay!
11:56:29     From Gedster : lol
11:56:35     From Maurice Demers : Exactly Dani.  Lots of breadcrumbs so that noe will miss getting the ones they need. 
11:56:36     From Sophie Davis : ok so how do I contact Solace? because I dremt to do that last night
11:56:42     From Lane : what?
11:56:51     From Sophie Davis : what is Solace anyway?
11:56:54     From phillip s : the birds are shouting you down
11:56:56     From ~lotus : keep going
11:56:59     From ~lotus : interference
11:57:05     From Dawn Hart : maybe this has something to do with the sky
11:57:12     From Sophie Davis : showing you different timelines
11:57:23     From Lane : wtf?
11:57:26     From ~lotus : absolutely not
11:57:31     From Gedster : Mongolia part of Russia??? WTF?????
11:57:35     From Marilyn : Yep it was part of China
11:57:38     From /the Butler : Chemtrails??
11:57:39     From Bae : Hey Dawn, yes, maybe the birds are talking about how weird the sky looks with that split Lisa took a picture of
11:57:39     From Lane : mongolia is massive now it’s insane
11:57:46     From Gedster : Not in my world - ever!
11:57:53     From Sophie Davis : lol
11:57:55     From Tulla Hills : I remember China
11:57:57     From Pamela : I SO LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!
11:58:10     From annabusser : There is a Chines AND a Russian Mongolia
11:58:18     From ~lotus : LMAO
11:58:24     From Randy William Griffin : Lol, my father loved Abba
11:58:38     From Joy : could those birds have to do with the sudden line in your sky (haarping? pulsing ...weirdness)
11:58:48     From ~lotus : there is only one mongolia...this is kinda funny
11:58:52     From Lane : yes there is
11:58:56     From Lane : definitely
11:58:56     From Sophie Davis : yeah you two are good value, I never wanna watch Tv again! This is way more interesting
11:59:02     From Joy : oops, the birds fighting ...
11:59:03     From Gedster : ABBA is an interesting  mirror word
11:59:04     From Chris : your future self ?
11:59:06     From Bae : Yes, maybe Solace is tuning us into the changes
11:59:59     From Bae : Now we are able to talk to Solace in this new way
12:00:18     From Tina : she gaia/solace is more advanced then any of these demigue/evil/aliens etc..
12:00:21     From Gedster : Yes, but she has evolved, as out conciousness shifts
12:00:28     From Lane : bye all. gotta run
12:00:33     From ~lotus : well it does matter are we sentient or AI
12:00:34     From Sophie Davis : bye Lane
12:00:39     From ~lotus : bye lane
12:00:48     From phillip s : maybe she the planet/construct is just as confused as we are
12:00:51     From ~lotus : we collectively are sentient
12:00:56     From Bae : Is Solace organic?
12:01:01     From ~lotus : good point phillip
12:01:07     From ~lotus : good point phillip
12:01:31     From phillip s : ROFL
12:01:41     From I_AM Shimalaii : Sheila will not be there, but she has asked me to open the Campfire chat for anyone interested. Number is 585 113 7711
12:01:41     From Randy William Griffin : Let's try this; ask Solace to appear in Astral Dream-Time.
12:01:54     From loma : Has the sky changed?
12:01:55     From Gedster : Thanks katie
12:02:20     From Bae : Randy, I like that idea - ask Solace to appear in dreamtime
12:02:41     From ~lotus : I would say we have to be mindful that we are not being mislead as well
12:02:44     From Joy : Lisa, also connected with the high pitch sound/frequency in your ears at the beginning of the show?   
12:02:58     From ~lotus : by a hack into Ghea/Gia
12:03:04     From ~lotus : however you sell it
12:03:43     From Randy William Griffin : Use your Heart-Space to discern any Fuckery
12:03:55     From Gedster : She lives in the 'Dreamtime', now we are entering that, which is actually the reality beyond the 'dream' FMP
12:04:21     From Maurice Demers : Good point, Ged.  Heavy, heavy insight right there. 
12:04:28     From Bae : Birds are very observant
12:04:31     From Brenda : maybe thats why my bible hasn't changed since it's not my thing so to speak but the universal donor got me!
12:04:34     From PascalandMia : can you point computer to sky?
12:04:45     From Dawn Hart : Maybe this is part of what happens right before a harvest and I dont like it
12:04:48     From Christine : Mandela magpies
12:04:48     From Bae : So the birds are talking about the weird sky
12:04:49     From ~lotus : HAARP maybe the sky
12:04:52     From Marilyn : Yes, the dreamtime!
12:04:57     From I_AM Shimalaii : Who is "She" living in Dreamtime, Ged? ... I had to go to restroom.
12:05:07     From Dawn Hart : Harvest Good or Bad
12:05:10     From Gedster : Solace,
12:05:20     From I_AM Shimalaii : ok, ged ... thanks
12:05:21     From Connie Townsend : LISA You were made comment on Corey Good & David Wilcock;s show about Mandela Effect
12:05:31     From maddtom : What direction compass wise is the sky oriented??

12:05:35     From I_AM Shimalaii : Yes ... Solace come to me in dreamtime about 3 years ago,.
12:05:46     From Dawn Hart : wow
12:05:48     From Chris : yep
12:05:51     From ~lotus : wtf
12:05:51     From Sophie Davis : bizarre!
12:05:51     From PascalandMia : Holy shit
12:05:52     From laurel : wow
12:05:52     From Bae : Yes, there is a distinct line in the sky
12:05:55     From ~lotus : is that clouds
12:05:57     From Bae : How strange!
12:05:58     From ~lotus : or just color
12:06:05     From ~lotus : like sky color
12:06:07     From shellyjohnson : Holy shitballs!
12:06:13     From Dawn Hart : cool
12:06:16     From Heron : The Magpies see your yard as prime territory because there is food available...hence only the strongest will be able to nest in the territory.
12:06:19     From Tulla Hills : That sky is not!?
12:06:20     From Bae : Holy shitballs, Batman!
12:06:42     From Connie Townsend : Yes about Lisa know and taqlkimg,aqbout
12:07:04     From Dawn Hart : Flat earth Dani??
12:07:06     From ~lotus : talking about you lisa I think is what she meant
12:07:06     From Connie Townsend : Sorrymtrying to eat and typetypw
12:07:07     From ~lotus : LOL
12:07:22     From ~lotus : funny Connie
12:07:33     From Frank Walters : maybe the split in the sky and the birds actions are related.
12:07:52     From ~lotus : they were talking about you
12:07:52     From Connie Townsend : Let me washmhands
12:07:57     From Sophie Davis : yes Frank possinble
12:08:14     From Bae : Speaking about time....
12:08:22     From Sophie Davis : you ok Lisa?
12:08:36     From Gedster : Dont rub it and say that and create it Lisa. Do the opposite!
12:08:45     From Tina : well good luck dani with your travels..
12:08:52     From ~lotus : LOL Right Gedster
12:08:56     From Gedster : Your back is fine and awesome! Make it so :)
12:09:13     From ~lotus : LOL
12:09:28     From Connie Townsend : Yes Heery (I think) I’ll have to look, two weeks ago mentioned :isa talking about Lisa
12:09:42     From Connie Townsend : dorry winde,
12:09:47     From Connie Townsend : wine
12:09:53     From loma : Dani or Lisa , Did one of you say you asked a question of Solace on the computer and got an answer?
12:09:53     From Brenda : whatcha eating connie
12:10:10     From Connie Townsend : they were talking about the mandelia effect and Lisa knowing and talking about it
12:10:47     From maddtom : Stephen King...wrote the book  1.22.63
12:10:58     From Chris : you mean the randy maugans thing ?
12:11:01     From John A : yer great book
12:11:07     From Connie Townsend : The Corey/Wilcock happened two weeks ago
12:11:26     From Connie Townsend : Ok
12:11:28     From Randy William Griffin : I heard the time-line JFK lived wasn't a good one.
12:11:39     From Chris : they slated wilcock was quite funny
12:11:40     From Tina : great show again..
12:11:45     From Sophie Davis : stay great you two! bye for now :) xo
12:11:45     From Heron : Thank you both.
12:11:47     From Jayne Judkins : Thanks girls!!! Love you so much
12:11:51     From ~lotus : thanks all
12:11:52     From Brenda : so enjoyed, needed this confirmation I'm not nuts
12:11:56     From VIOLET : I thought I saw a posting where they showed a screen shot of Removing th shackles about ME
12:11:56     From Bae : Thanks all, it was fun
12:11:56     From Glenice de Silva : thank you
12:11:57     From Frank Walters : … and with the cloud cover change so did the birds actions.
12:12:02     From Connie Townsend : I’m sorry
12:12:02     From /the Butler : Blame the sky...
12:12:02     From Tulla Hills : thank you!
12:12:06     From Bae : Happy trails, D!
12:12:06     From Gedster : Thanks Guys. Listen well to the magpies ;)
12:12:09     From Marilyn : Take care all!
12:12:12     From Connie Townsend : Love seeing you together
12:12:14     From Brenda : bye love to all
12:12:19     From Marie's iPad : thank you so much ladies !!!!!😀
12:12:20     From loma : The future is now     LOVE
12:12:21     From Marilyn : Best of luck Dani xx
12:12:22     From Randy William Griffin : bye all
12:12:26     From Sophie Davis : aww we will beam you back Dani.. Lol!
12:12:29     From ~lotus : peace
12:12:33     From Gedster : Safe Journeys Dee. Love to you all there. :)
12:12:35     From Johnny B : Blessings All....
12:12:36     From Dawn Hart : Goimg to miss you together
12:12:41     From Jayne Judkins : Good luck getting moved again D
12:13:02     From Dawn Hart : did Nick get his job?
12:13:09     From Joy : happy safe travels Dani
12:13:11     From Frank Walters : will you post something on YOUR page Lisa once you decide what time next week’s show will be?
12:13:15     From Sandra's phone : safe travels Dani 💕
12:13:25     From loma : Travel safe     Dani and family
12:13:37     From Frank Walters : TY
12:13:41     From Sophie Davis : take care on your travels Dani & family :)
12:13:46     From Connie Townsend : Love You Girls! Good Night
12:13:46     From me : Thanks...
12:13:47     From Brenda : happy trails
12:13:50     From Christine : Fly free
12:13:51     From Sophie Davis : ciao xox