Saturday 31 March 2012

Arrests are Imminent

It is vital that this information is shared extensively.

Please turn off the TV, close your Facebook, put down the xbox controller.

It is VITAL for people to take 3 hours out of their day and WATCH THIS VIDEO.  This is a ground breaking interview by David Wilcock with a whistleblower who has been sent forward by the Pentagon to let people know and make people understand what is, and is about to, happen.

I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon “good guys” to come forward and explain what is going to be done. I was blown away by the information he was giving. If you didn’t already believe this was really going to happen, this may very well change your mind. I ran Drake through an extensive validation process with one of my top insiders and he passed with flying colors. He is the real deal.
We have an urgent-status rush transcription order for our Divine Cosmos Transcription Team on this, and will get it posted ASAP.”

Please share this "picture" below on your facebook and any social media outlets that you are a part of.

Friday 30 March 2012

Our progress is being watched!

Another brilliant channelled message arrived today.  I very much like this one: short and to the point.  Our Galactic friends are here. They come in peace. They are here to help us in this tremendous time of change.

Many many channelled messages have been telling us to watch the skies as they will be letting us see their ships more and more, in bigger and better displays.  This is being done to help people realize that they are here, to soften the shock when full disclosure happens and the world wakes up to realized that we definitely are NOT alone in the universe!

Thursday 29 March 2012

David Wilcock's Defeating Financial Tyranny

I can not tell you how excited I was this morning when I woke up to find that David Wilcock has posted the first section of his latest article!!  In my first post here: "Taking off the Blindfold"  I strongly suggested that people read David's ground breaking mega article  "FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time" 
"This is a HUGE article and will take you hours to read, but it is one of the most important pieces of information you will ever read in your life.  Everything that David reports in this mini book will very soon be made public and the disclosure of these facts will shake the world very deeply.  David explains the financial situation we are currently in and fully explains the history of how we got here.  This is not a dry economic article that will put you to sleep, trust me!"
Last night David launched the Prequel (if you will) to his latest article: "Divine Intervention: defeating financial tyranny"  , which had over 20,000 hits in just the first 7 hours!  This next article is just as ground breaking as the previous article.  Not only does David connect many dots that have alluded most people in the arrests and resignations and major shake ups that have already happened, he will also be outlining the big "HOW" of the defeat of the Illuminatti/NWO/Dark Cabal.

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny

Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets' expectations.
[PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]

Whether we like it or not, everyone is now being confronted with evidence that the world is being controlled by powerful, occult, negative forces behind the scenes.
In my full-length e-book entitled Financial Tyranny, I shared everything I have gathered on this controversial subject -- since I first found out about it in 1992.
If you have already read Financial Tyranny, the full scope of the problem we now face will be much more apparent as you enter into this investigation. Some of it will become clear as you read this first section.
This is the sequel to Financial Tyranny -- where we talk about the "good side".

Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been "vetted out" for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.
A highly secretive, highly coordinated operation -- working for the good of humanity -- is about to make its move.
The Pentagon "good guys" are now in full political and logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance -- to bring the perpetrators to justice and free our planet.
The security around this enormous operation has been vast. Even those who will be affected by it -- and arrested -- have no idea of the staggering scope of what is about to be revealed before the eyes of the public.
Very recently I had four hours of verbal discussion with a new, public, high-level whistleblower regarding these imminent mass arrests.
We are set to record an interview at 6PM Pacific time for public release on this website -- within hours of when this first section should be posted. I will post-produce and release this interview as soon as possible.
I fully confirmed this man's bonafides and his testimony with one of my top insiders, who I brought into the discussion.
Dozens of specific points, not available in any public form, were authenticated in this vetting-out process. 

We now know that the plan for mass arrests has been very actively in the works for at least 33 years. A five-inch thick briefing document was presented to our new contact in 1979 that outlined the whole plan.
A staggering wealth of irrefutable evidence is backing this plan, including over 22 eighteen-wheeler truckloads' worth of documents that have long since been scanned and secured in multiple locations.
We were told that one single file-box of documents like this was strong enough to bring down the former Italian government, as you see here:
Prosecutors demand 5-year sentence for Berlusconi over witness tampering
Prosecutors have demanded a five-year prison sentence for former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi in his trial on corruption charges.
Prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale asked the court on Wednesday to find the former PM guilty of having paid a British lawyer $600,000 to lie in other trials.
Those proceedings involve charges of tax evasion and false accounting during Berlusconi’s business career.
Other cases pending against him in the Milan courts include a trial on charges of having paid for sex with an underage prostitute. Berlusconi stepped down as the Premier in November last year.

The people who are about to do this are well aware of every concern you have -- as an informed reader of truth websites and materials.
Martial law will NOT be declared when this happens.
The military will NOT take control of the government.
Innocent civilians will NOT be imprisoned or harmed in any way.
Any troops who attempt to carry out unlawful orders of this sort, on behalf of the "bad guys," will be outnumbered and resisted.
Every effort will be made to focus on eliminating the problem -- and immediately returning the power to the people in an orderly fashion.
New elections will need to be organized, considering that many, if not most politicians in the United States could be found culpable -- either directly or through failure to have taken action.
This alliance intends to break out free energy and many other technologies that were stolen from us. The fossil fuel economy ensured that occult global control and the systematic killing of our planet would continue.

We now know that 90 percent of the US military are aware of this plan in some form -- and at least 60 percent are in support of it. Many more federal marshals, police, active and retired military, and civilians will help out once they realize what is happening.
Our warriors pledged their lives to protect us. The world is not in a cartoon war between "good" and "evil", with everyone in government, corporations, media and military on the "dark" side.
Our brave and valiant soldiers have taken an oath: To protect the Constitution of the United States, and its people, against all enemies -- foreign AND domestic.
They did not pledge their lives -- their blood -- to keep a handful of sociopathic, genocidal bankers in control of the planet, its people and its resources.
We all have to live here. And if your superiors are systematically killing the planet, they are not superior.
They are similar to a massive infection that must be treated with powerful antibiotics -- before it destroys the host.
Everyone has seen enough Illuminati movies by now to know that if you work for these people, no matter how high up or important you think you may be, they will undoubtedly betray you.

Many, many top generals left active duty, since Bush I, because they realized what was happening -- but they certainly did not retire.
We all owe them a significant debt of gratitude.
Everything is now coming to a head -- very rapidly.
The signs may be mysterious, but they are increasingly obvious.
We will review some of them in this investigation.

I do understand the difficulty of believing that such a massive, coordinated maneuver would even be possible.
If you speak to real military people, and truly understand the role they chose to fulfill, the bigger question is: "How could they NOT do something like this?"
How could they stand by and do nothing while the entire planet itself -- and all life on it -- is being destroyed?
If a mother and child are being tortured to death in front of you, and you have the means to stop it, would you just stand there and watch?
Unless you are a sociopath, you would do something. And most people -- including our military personnel -- are not sociopaths. That number is only estimated to be 1 in 100 people, as we will see later on.

Nonetheless, the scope of the negative side is so vast that it seemed impossible to be defeated -- or even resisted.
If our planet was a strictly 'closed' system with no outside players and no higher spiritual forces involved, I would definitely have to agree that this plan is so well-thought out, so massive, systemic and vast that it would be nearly impossible to defeat.
However, Divine Intervention -- not a fantasy, but very real and very tangible assistance -- is insuring that our movement into true freedom and peace will occur... with the absolute minimum amount of damage possible.
Dozens of ancient cultures featured the same prophecies about the times we are now in. These prophecies all directed our attention to a 26,000-year cycle in the Earth's axis as being the key issue to study. 
As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations, the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian astronomy, Greek astronomy and Hindu astronomy all triangulated on the period of 2012-2014 as the end of the cycle -- ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.
[Technically, the Hindus are the only ones to have mentioned 2014, by tying it to a rare conjunction involving Jupiter.]
The oldest, original prophecies were not doom and gloom oriented at all. They indicated that although we would go through difficulties, like we've already been seeing, the end results would be extremely positive.

Top insiders have now confirmed that everyone in the Pentagon is now aware that some form of Divine Intervention is happening -- regardless of what side they are on.
Most of them do not know who is responsible. Even the "bad guys" are now saying it could be "Angels or Aliens" doing this stuff.
No one on Earth has the technology to do the things they are now seeing -- regardless of how classified that technology may be.
It is utterly astonishing that even the "bad guys" are now acknowledging this may be an angelic intervention.
Very few people have dared to break ranks and reveal what is happening, as this information is considered very highly classified. 
They know that speaking out could get them, and their families, tortured and killed.
I have decided to personally take the risks involved in order to help alleviate fear -- and help you understand what is happening.

Divine Intervention is very real.
You may be surprised to discover how extensive the intervention has now become -- and how far back in time the trail of evidence goes.
The forces behind the great religions of the world are not mythological. They are not historical artifacts buried away in scrolls and texts fewer and fewer people bother to read.
They've been here all along. They have openly walked among us in every ancient culture -- and were highly revered.
They have their own rules, their own governing bodies, and their own code of ethics.
They have avoided appearing in any obvious, worldwide, public fashion for well over 1000 years now.
Nonetheless, they have been thoroughly involved this entire time -- guiding and steering our evolution.
This critical step allowed us to become "modern", and to give us the opportunity to forget that they ever really existed -- even as they continued to guide our development, behind the scenes.
And now -- very recently -- the rules have changed... and they are being permitted to do much, much more to help the Earth and its people evolve into a higher state of consciousness.

You can't fully understand the truth if you are still living in denial.
Some of the strongest denial is from people who still believe that the "bad guys" are winning -- and are unwilling or unable to see the obvious signs of how the whole house of cards is coming down.
For that same reason, in the first section of this investigation, we will go through a variety of pieces of current-day evidence -- showing how Financial Tyranny is already very, very close to collapsing.
One of the most shocking pieces of evidence is a very public divorce between warring Illuminati factions -- namely JP Morgan/Federal Reserve versus the occult powers that have secretly occupied and seized control of the Vatican.
After reviewing many of these types of current examples, we will then debut brand-new whistleblower testimony -- suggesting 9/11 was indeed an "inside job."
This adds valuable context to our discussion of Financial Tyranny -- and gives even more evidence that the official story was a complete fabrication.
We will also explore the shocking evidence that a 7.4 earthquake on March 20th in Mexico was man-made -- for a nefarious purpose, by a group that knows it has run out of time.

In Section II, we will explore the mysteries, shared by insiders at great personal risk, revealing how Divine Intervention is occurring -- to prevent World War III and defeat Financial Tyranny.
Some of this material has already been distributed online. However, I will be featuring many other fascinating data points that have remained highly classified and unavailable to the public up until now.
Then as we head into Section III, we will open up the vault, so to speak -- and explore an astonishing wealth of data that helps explain who is performing these increasingly bizarre interventions -- and why.
This stunning body of information has been available to us all along -- and has been almost completely overlooked.
Most of the pages I gathered this data from still have less than 50 hits -- as of today's date.

Section III will add incredible context to everything we've discussed up until then... and you won't want to miss it. I myself didn't realize what we really had until I went back and did the "homework."
Some of this new data came in the form of highly clever time-encoded prophecies that could not be fully understood and appreciated until the actual dates took place.
As it turns out, the date of March 13th, 2012 was given, years in advance, as a pivotal moment in the defeat of the Old World Order. This was all documented -- and can easily be verified.
I was stunned to discover this data, for the first time, on March 11, 2012. I would have loved to have been fast enough to get it posted the next day, but this investigation could not be rushed.
March 13th was also when the ancient cycles of the Mayan Calendar went into full lock-step synchronization -- regardless of which of three counting systems you use.

These cycles will now remain harmonized -- right straight through until the Calendar's conclusion on December 21, 2012.
Of course, perma-skeptics will immediately get a satisfying laugh from this -- and that's fine -- but in The Source Field Investigations, chapter 16, page 337-358, I proved that the Mayan Calendar cycles are all neatly tied in with planetary and celestial movements.
There is solid scientific data for how planetary movements affect human behavior and emotions, which I am incorporating into my new book, The Synchronicity Key, due out this fall.

A very interesting real-world correlation occurred around the prophetic March 13th date.
The very next day after this cycle synchronization occurred -- March 14th, 2012 -- a top Goldman Sachs official blew the whistle on Financial Tyranny... triggering an avalanche that has only just begun.
Goldman Sachs is one of the main Federal Reserve banking families -- along with the likes of JP Morgan, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

I have had many personal examples of "angelic" or "extraterrestrial" forces bending time and giving me accurate prophecies. Many of them have been documented on this website.
As one recent example, last February I published very powerful dreams telling me "the next disaster on the scope of the BP oil spill" was about to occur -- and three weeks later we had the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
I have twenty years of documenting my dreams every morning. They have been remarkably accurate in predicting the future.
Four years after I began this practice, I established direct contact with the people who are helping this planet "from above."
For this same reason, I do not see a difference between "angels" and "extraterrestrials."
The media has manipulated us into believing extraterrestrials are scary creatures.
Once people realize that the vast majority of them are humans -- and in many cases nearly indistinguishable from us in their appearance -- the fear factor will significantly reduce.

Over the years I have built up a team of reliable and trustworthy intelligence sources -- people who have direct access to various parts of the highly classified insider world. 
The UFO cover-up has been a key part of this insider world all along. Modern computer technology is only one of many tools we have reverse-engineered from this "celestial endowment" of deliberately crashed discs.
If events like Roswell hadn't happened, we may not have developed computer technology at all. Thankfully, we now have the full power of the Internet as we move through the great prophetic year of 2012.
Furthermore, the technologies we did not get public access to are so advanced that everything we see in Star Trek, Stargate and just about any other sci-fi movie you can think of is available now -- ready to use.
Many insiders have confirmed this. You can see them, hear them and meet them at conferences. The main avenues for Disclosure have been Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project and Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan's Project Camelot. I have closely worked with both groups.
Laughter and sarcasm is simply the result of an elaborate brainwashing campaign -- ongoing since the 1940s -- and it is rooted in fear. This fear was programmed -- by an astonishing crush of xenophobic Hollywood propaganda films.
Regardless of most people's inability to believe such a vast conspiracy is possible, earth humanity is already an interstellar species. The truth simply hasn't been aired in the mainstream media... yet.

Our opinions have been cleverly manipulated by a vast, occult conspiracy going back hundreds of years in the past -- if not thousands.
The higher forces ultimately are not allowed to intervene, beyond a certain level, before a given moment in time. That moment has now arrived -- as has been predicted for thousands of years.
Prior to the moment of mass, public Divine Intervention, the negative forces on Earth will be confused -- as many of their dirty tricks will be allowed to occur, while many others -- far more devastating -- are completely blocked.
The negative elite intended for 9/11 to be the "kill shot" that would defeat all resistance -- and usher in the New World Order.
History has a great sense of irony, as 9/11 became the critical error that triggered a global awakening -- and ensured the cabal's own defeat.
This is almost certainly why it was allowed to occur -- by the same higher forces that are now systematically preventing much greater atrocities from occurring.
The enormous scope of these interventions will become clear as you read Section II -- and they have been ongoing since at least the dawning of the nuclear age.
Most importantly, Divine Intervention cannot occur until and unless there is a significant-enough movement from the mass public to support these actions. Those are the rules.

That mass public will has finally arrived -- and the positive militaries of the world will help ensure it will succeed.
If the rumors I am hearing are true, we will soon see mass arrests of many key conspirators in government, military, finance companies, defense contractors, media, pharmaceutical corporations and so on.
The evidence that will be presented will leave no conceivable room for doubt -- except, perhaps, for those most addicted to "fear porn", who automatically assume whatever they see, hear and read must be the opposite of the truth -- regardless of the evidence.
Benjamin Fulford, former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine, has been covering this evolving story on a week-by-week basis for well over three years now -- and other sources have since come forward.
Fulford spoke for over a year about a lawsuit that would help break open this vast conspiracy -- and end Financial Tyranny. An exact date for the filing of the complaint was given as it got closer.
A little over a week after the date -- on November 23, 2011 -- the complaint was filed, for everyone to read. The legal expenses involved in its preparation were vast. Fulford's credibility was significantly enhanced. He promised -- and his sources delivered.
Little did I know that by publicly tearing it apart and looking for flaws and weaknesses, I would be contacted by the alliance that filed it -- and would become one of its strongest public advocates.

I can now say from firsthand knowledge that this 134-nation alliance is supporting an imminent, massive geopolitical shift -- into freedom.
Our ancient brothers and sisters, seemingly lost to the pages of history, have provided critical support -- now including direct, astonishing military interventions -- to help make this unprecedented operation achievable... and ensure its success.
Therefore, it is now safe to say that everything is happening right on schedule.
This may sound crazy to you now. I get that. I would have felt the same way if I had not found so much evidence to the contrary -- much of which I released in the epic Source Field Investigations book.

You can read the rest of the article- or at least the rest of the very beginning of the article at this link:

Wednesday 28 March 2012

The time is NOW!

 As per usual, I'm not going to get into deep details of this article. I will post many links for you to review and let you get on with your own research and draw your own conclusions.

 This article was posted a few weeks ago by Greg Giles, a very well known Lightworker and a channel for the Galactic Federation.  Yes, a channel.  Like many other Lightworkers on our planet Greg is in telepathic contact with various members of our Cosmic Friends.  Many people have a hard time coming to terms with this concept, but through my research it is apparent that our Cosmic Friends have been contacting humans on our planet for many many years through the use of telepathy - that is, speaking directly mind to mind.  Just about every article and story about encounters of the "third kind" reveals that the use of telepathy is key.  Some of these channels have been writing about their contact experiences and the messages they have been given for decades, some as far back as the 70's.

One of the most interesting things about these channelled messages is that over the course of the past couple of months the messages have been very similar and in the past few weeks, the messages have been almost identical in content.  I think  that Greg's article below give's us the best understanding of "Why".

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Lives For A Life Changing Newsflash!

All your life you have waited for the good news, and that day has finally come. Very soon you will witness large-scale mass arrests all the world of many men and women who you have come to know as our world's political and financial leaders. These arrests will reach high into the U.S. Government and include many members of the financial and banking worlds. Many of these names you will immediately recognize, though some you may not immediately recognize, but all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people, leaving our nations bankrupt why they looted our hard earned money.

These arrests are groundbreaking, and these arrests are Earth changing. Humanity will finally be free from the tyrannical control of these powerbrokers commonly known as the Cabal. These arrests should come as no surprise to many of us as we all know deep down that there is something very wrong with this world, a place where so many go to bed hungry at night while a few others possess not millions or billions, but trillions of dollars, pilfered from the labors of the people. There has always been enough wealth on this planet to go around, yet these few men and women have been dividing up for themselves virtually all of the wealth of our world, leaving only crumbs for the rest of us to compete over. Upon these arrests, this will now change.

Many new projects will immediately be implemented under the new leadership of men and women of the highest integrity who are committed to restoring our world to the utopia it once was, governed by a constitutional and true democratic process. There are many men and women dedicated to this cause throughout the US Government, agencies at the Pentagon, militaries, the financial sector, as well as the private business sector who have committed so much of their lives to this effort, and they are so eager to present to humanity our new system of abundance that they have been working so diligently on in secret for years. As part of these proceedings, vast sums of wealth that have been stolen from the people will be redistributed through programs that will benefit greatly every man, woman and child on the planet. No one will be overlooked, and no one will be forgotten.

And there is more.

Upon the arrests of these many members of the criminal Cabal, the second phase of this operation will commence. Today our world is being visited by many spiritually enlightened beings who wish to openly reunite with their ancient family. These spiritually advanced men and women are assisting in the disarmament of the criminal Cabal which has controlled much of the world's military and possessed highly advanced weapons systems.

These advanced ancestors of the human race appear just as we do, although there are other beings that we shall meet as well that do not look like we do. All are ascended spiritual beings who are only here to assist us make the changes we all know deep down inside need to be made. These beings are the original planners of this world, and are the same advanced civilizations that built many of the great archaeological mysteries such as the pyramids in Egypt. They are not strangers to us at all, as we are their ancestors, all of us.

A very important social experiment has been conducted here over many years and each of us has been a part of it. We have been left here, seemingly all alone, to work things out for ourselves. This experiment is now over and it has been a tremendous success. We are now about to reunite with our brothers and sisters from the stars and be welcomed into the greater Galactic Community.
As they are many worlds that go by many names, it is easier to refer to them at this time by the name of their peaceful alliances: The Galactic Federation of Light, and the Ashtar Command.
Upon these arrests and our reunion with our Star Family, all the problems of our world will be quickly and smoothly brought into the alignment of our new Golden Age society through the leadership of souls of pure hearted intent. Through a worldwide community effort, all wars, hunger, poverty, illness, and pollution will soon be a thing of the past, as will our lives of daily servitude. Advanced technologies will replace our need to labor our lives away, and everyone will be free to pursue every creative dream they have ever had.

All this will begin with the imminent arrests of the many members of the criminal Cabal, and these arrests will take place as soon as a suitable number of our planet’s citizens are aware of what these proceedings will mean for our society. This is why you are reading these words today, as many members of your human family are doing all they can to share this news with you and do their part to usher in our civilizations new Golden age of peace, freedom, and prosperity for every man, woman and child throughout our world. Celebrations the world over are certainly appropriate and are encouraged by the Galactic Federation of Light, as it is important that humanity sees these arrests as good news and not more of the bad that we have become so accustomed.

Please participate in this great cause by sharing this message on Facebook and other online social networks. This is your chance to really make a difference and be a leader of your fellow man. If we all do our part to spread this news, we will all begin to witness these high profile arrests all around the world, and this will be your sign that everything you just read is true.

The Message from the many many channellings is that we are here.  The time has come, and now we need to act.  This is what I meant in my first article  when I said:

"I want to explain to everyone what is going on right now all across our planet. This is not going to be an easy task, as much of what I have to say is going to shatter beliefs and the preconceived notions of how our world works, on all levels, and the shock of it might be so profound that many will refuse to believe it.  Before I start I want to say something to you all. I am putting this out here for you to read because it's my job to do so.  It is the job of everyone who knows what is really going on around us, even if you know only small piece of the puzzle, to tell others and help them take their off their blindfolds.  We have a responsibility to our friends and family and neighbours and even the grocer down the street, to help them understand. Even if they don't believe you, you've planted the seed in their minds, and when the massive changes happen, they will be better prepared to understand. "
It is the job of the Channels, the Lightworkers, and the people who KNOW and who understand what is going on to tell the world.

If you would like to follow what is being said by these Channels and Lightworkers, here is a list (by no means an exhaustive one!) of some websites that update almost daily with the current news and channelled messages.  I do not vouch for any one of them. That is for you to decide as we are told that we must listen to the messages that resonate within our hearts and minds.

For those that want to research and feed the addiction of feeding your brain, here are some key words and phrases to "google".

  • Lightworkers, Lightwarriors
  • Galactic Federation
  • Ashtar Command
  • Starseeds, Walk ins
  • Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children
  • Prosperity Packages

.... that should keep you busy for a while!

Monday 26 March 2012

The arrests are starting

This is just a quick update. There will be much more to come!

Ben Fulfords update for today put a smile on my face.  The world is about to get very exciting, and not in a bad way.

Over 200 senior bankers arrested last week as new financial system goes online
Posted by benjaminMarch 26, 2012 
The new financial system is online now and abundant financing is either already or soon to be made available, according to dragon family representatives. The final take down of the criminal cabal has also begun in earnest with over 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned last week alone, these sources say. Japan is also now doing the final paperwork needed to set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion or about 200 times what the World Bank lends every year, according to Japanese government sources. There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent.
The general structure of the financial cabal and its top leaders has also now been mapped to some extent. For example, the Rothschild family dynasty leaders have been identified. The Swiss branch of the family is run by David de Rothschild in Geneva, the French branch by Guy de Rothschild, the German branch by Rothschild family member and Hitler daughter Angelina Merkel and the British branch by Evelyn de Rothschild.
In the US, JP Morgan is a Rothschild front.
The Rockefeller family syndicate uses Goldman Sachs and Citibank as its major financial fronts. Bank of America is a front for the Italian black nobility behind the Vatican and the mafia, run in part by Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former black pope. Pope malevolent the 16th is also a senior member of this satanic group.
The Nazi faction is run by Fuhrer George Bush Senior with Ben Bernanke acting as Deputy Fuhrer. Their chemical and pharmaceutical mass murder division is run by the Du Pont family.
The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is now in Africa forcing families at gunpoint to accept the sterilization by vaccine of their daughters. In North America, Japan and elsewhere the mass sterilization by vaccine is taking place under the guise of protecting girls against cervical cancer. Message to Bill Gates: your company and foundation are going to be confiscated and you are going to spend the rest of your life making restitution.
The United States government has been so compromised by these and other cabal families and their foundation fronts that the upcoming US Presidential “election,” is nothing more than a power struggle between the Chicago mob and their front man Mitt Romney versus the Bush Texas illegal drug mafia and their guy Jeb Bush.
Hopefully the new financial system, once it is fully implemented, will pull the plug on the entire farcical show and Americans will be able to choose their own leaders based on true information provided by free media. For now though, electronically rigged elections and corporate propaganda provide sham democracy for dumbed down and drugged up Americans.

EClinik learning has put together a great list of articles showcasing just a few of the arrests that ARE making it through the main stream media black out.  You can read the entire article at the link below:

I will be updating regularly with news of further arrests as the info becomes available.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Former Cdn Minister of Defence speaks out

 Former Minister of Defence for Canada, Paul Hellyer speaks out about the environmental emergency we are currently in, the financial/economic disaster that we need to change, and the push to get the US and Canadian Government to make full disclosure about UFO/ET contact that they have had, and to even bigger push to force the governments to release the zero point energy  plans THAT THEY HAVE to the public.

 The Honorable Paul Hellyer
Title: Former Canadian Minister of Defense and International Banker
Book: Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species
Hosted by: Apollo |

"I'd say the most urgent problem in the world is the environment. We're wrecking the planet. We're doing it at a very fast pace. We're going to have to stop wrecking it and that means huge changes."

Paul Hellyer sits down to discuss his latest book, "Light at the End of the Tunnel," and to fill us in with his perspective on some historical UFO events.