Friday 16 March 2012

Mass arrests are about to start

As I wrote about in my very first article on this blog "Taking off the Blindfold", the mass arrests of the Illuminatti/NWO/Dark Cabal are about to begin and will be made public very shortly.  It is very important that this news and the following video are shared and spread far and wide.  Most will not listen or believe it, but by at least reading and watching this information, the seed will be planted and will therefore lessen the shock when these events are suddenly front and centre.  Each and everyone of us has a responsibility to our family, friends and neighbours to  help them to understand the massive changes- economically and politically- that are about to happen on our little blue planet.  Please do your part.

Further to the huge economic changes that are about to happen: the following is one of the very first Main Stream Media announcements about the monumental changes in our economy and financial industries that is to be launched at any moment.  Listen very carefully to what this financial reporter says in the first 20 seconds of this report from Australia:

Intel is that the Global Currency Revaluation (including the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong) will be happening at any moment- stay tuned for further announcements!!

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