Friday 31 May 2013

The Collective Imagination May 29- Transcription

This is the FULL transcription of the 2.5 hour TCI show this past tuesday.  A huge thank you goes out to our awesome transcription team who pumped this one out in record time!!!


The Collective Imagination radio show
May 29, 2013 transcription

The Collective Imagination show
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Welcome everyone to this week’s TCI show from Morocco. The energy has come down from last week (laughs) – we will not have a giggle fest yet again. We have all settled down a bit, so that’s good to hear. We’ve essentially chosen to spend the next two hours taking questions from you guys. It is the time. So we have D here, we have Brian and we have Heather and myself here; we’re all here to answer questions that you all have. Some of them have already been put forward.

What does ‘bend’ it, who wants me to bend it? Somebody wrote something in the chat room ‘Bend it Lisa’, I don’t know what that means.

Chris: That’s a soccer term Lisa, make the ball curve.

Lisa: (Laughing) ... oh make the ball curve. Okay, I don’t even know, has anybody seen this latest Swiss Indo Documen tthat came out and which one you’re referring to?
Because I know one came out yesterday, someone put one forward to me, but today I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. So if someone could give me a link to it and let me know and I can see if anyone’s even seen it.

The one I saw I couldn’t make any sense of, it sounded like it was calling Heather a flavour enhancer or something! So, her nickname is MSG from now on! So if someone could send me a link to the one you want clarification on that would be good.

So we do have callers but we’ve also got some questions coming up in the chat room, so did Bob and Chris do you guys want to say anything or have any questions to kick this off?
Chris: I just want to say hello to everybody and good morning. Hope we are all well. I was just gonna say if the energy increased from last week you guys would be floating off the planet. It will just be Bob and I here.

Lisa: Oh, there was no chance of it increasing, every cell in my body would have exploded, but it was an absolutely necessary release and it just happened to happen when we were about to go live (laughing).

Chris: What people need to realise is for you Lisa it’s one o’clock in the morning so you’d have to have waited all evening, sitting around with your friends all evening, having a good old chat, so it’s no wonder you’re so hyped up by the time it’s one in the morning. Fueled by a bit of local Moroccan fun juice or whatever you’re having plus some.
(All laughing).

Lisa: I’ve been having so much coffee to stay awake.

Chris: It’s not easy because when you’re running split timelines and you’re working with groups of people who are scattered around the planet you end up spending a lot less time sleeping than you would if you weren’t doing that, I can tell you.

Lisa: Yeah.

Chris: So it is a fact of life, what can I say. Apparently that’s it. And by the way I do have a comment on that latest Swiss Indo document if you’re interested in my opinion on it. I’ve been looking closely at all the Swiss Indo stuff that’s come out. I’m hearing two voices coming out of this crowd, this information that’s coming out of Indonesia. It’s confusing, but one of the things that people need to bear in mind is that Indonesia is a very politically turbulent place – always has been. You go and read the history of Indonesia it is unstable would be not too far from the truth and given that there’s this massive asset sitting down there that everybody knows about and everybody tries to obtain influence by being attached to, I think it’s a massive political game down there. So I think you’re hearing stuff presented from within a group of people and I think there’s two camps down there.

It’s a matter of remaining neutral cause at this point because it’s a case of if you say you’re going to do something DO it and stop talking about it and show me! I certainly wouldn’t discourage them from any big releases to support The One People, the UV Ixchange. I would definitely not support something which some aspects of this document really bother me.
There’s one paragraph where they talk about folding the United Nations and blah blah blah blah blah into this new thing they’re trying to talking about. Well, that’s not what we’ve got in mind thank you very much. And yet some of the other earlier documents point in a different direction and not in detail but they mention CVACs. So confusing communications!

So I suspect we’re hearing multiple agendas here. One of which is in our favour and others which aren’t. That’s my view on that document there. So don’t read this stuff as all being from a consistent source, would be my advice to people who are observing this. Stay neutral. Unfortunately... the one thing we do know is that over the next week there is some sort of event going on down there after which there might be some actual action by them...

Lisa: What do you mean... what event?

Chris: Well if you read the big release to the UN they call for a Treaty Event at the start of June. And well it’s the start of June next week. So do something guys and stop talking about it!

On the other hand, Andrew Bartzis our Galactic Historian is saying that the bigger picture is on hold at the moment. The pause button’s been pressed and it won’t come off until the solstice on the 21st June and that no one can make any major moves till then. And given we’ve seen a complete lack of major moves – the Dinar has completely failed to get off the ground and nothing else major in the sense of people’s lives being affected by this.

Lisa: Well that’s a matter of perspective I’ve got to say. It doesn’t feel like a pause going on for me in my life (laughs).

Chris: No what I meant was the Dinar has not been re-valued and that would be huge! We know that it’s got a suspicious aspect to it because we think NESARA has been subsumed and is being used to re-phoenix what’s going on and re-phoenix the Cabal and pull out a new version of the old system in order to refit things to a shinier form of slavery and make us happy for a while and then suck us back into the mire. Which is certainly I think D’s view is along those lines. But at that level there’s nothing global going on. That doesn’t mean there isn’t turbulence in many (inaudible) and people’s lives. You know if Swiss Indo do a major release and do what they originally intended to do and put $6,000,000.00 into everybody’s account, everybody’s account do you think that wouldn’t be a major event?

Bob: I haven’t read the Swiss Indo document and I know that there’s a lot of people watching and a lot of events that are going on in the word. And who’s doing what and who’s doing this and who’s doing that. What I would say should be everyone’s concern is “What are you DO’ing?”

Lisa: Mmm. Agreed.

Bob: It really doesn’t matter what Swiss Indo does.

Lisa: Well let’s ask Heather and D about this document. Have either of you seen it girls?

Heather: This is Heather. Good evening, good morning, good afternoon to everyone. There are two points that I’d like to add to that on the table and then everyone can look at it.

One is Swiss Indo and two is the Revaluation not just Dinar but of all currencies.

So on Swiss Indo I have read the documents there has been some translated communications and as far as the documents go those are just the vehicle for the energy that’s sent over and I’ll also do some clarification as to exactly what I understand Swiss Indo have done.

And the first point is that Swiss Indo and many other they call them ‘gatekeepers’ and in banking, especially for large accounts with the Global Accounts, the Collateral Accounts, the prosperity accounts, they have someone that will be named on the account as the de jure signatory and they’ve never had de facto because everything is working on energy. So they may be on the accounts and their signature is required, however it’s not their value to actually go and touch and they don’t touch it. And even if they would try to touch it, because it’s only a de jure signatory and not a de facto signatory, the banks would not execute any orders unless they followed very specific protocols for each account.

Lisa: Heather can you just explain the difference between the de jure and the de facto?

Heather: Aha. A de jure would be their name is actually on the account, all the records show that particular individual is the account holder, the signatory. De facto would be when that signatory would go in on their own agenda for instance and try to access those funds and the bankers would not permit any transactions to flow through.

If you’re made de jure which is you’re on the account, but de facto means if you don’t have de facto you’re not able to touch that account, move that account or any funds from that account. So yes, the system of basically nominees/appointees/electees are who are de jure account holders, they’re the public face and yet the actual person, or group on the account is able to stay back in the background with no transparency.

Chris: So the de jure is just a front person.

Heather: The de jure would be a front person and what they call a ‘gatekeeper’. However, here we have a situation and where we knew this was going to be a possibility, so we factored it in and when everything went back to Prime, all the way back to the beginning, to eternal essence, with everything being returned to all the embodiments of eternal essence, there was no further Prime point, that is the Absolute.

So if you read those documents and you don’t understand what they actually did, then all of a sudden those that had de jure read it as they could now have de facto. And if it hadn’t have been taken back to Prime, then yes they absolutely would have de jure and de facto which means they would have to do absolutely everything that they said.

That’s the case where Swiss Indo basically was data I received when I did have a conversation with someone who purported themselves to be with Swiss Indo was that the reason why Mr Sino owns the UN the United Nations and is able to do what he’s doing is because of the OPPT filings and then I should... and what position they had seen within those documents. However they hadn’t read all the documents otherwise they would really understand that de jure and de facto were now no longer relevant. Everything had gone all the way back to (inaudible) for each and every embodiment. Cause the slavery system and what we knew as the financial system, only the part that we could see. It actually went all the way universally.

With Swiss Indo they went in and I can say this, personally when I read those I look at the energetic signature of the intent; the intent is absolutely pure, yet it’s working on data and the experiences which (inaudible). Everything they know is hierarchy. Everything they know is Kingdoms and a structure and governance. Yet their intent is to make sure the people are all free. So it’s not a matter of someone with that a-intent or there are multiply groups running Swiss Indo with different agendas and you also have a translation problem. We have a huge translation problem which they’re working basically they have all this money formally in their de jure, yet they don’t have access to it to be able to properly go in and have all of these documents properly translated. And so they’re writing them on their own and someone is going in and using a free translation program. So that’s a part of it, I’m not saying it’s all of it. I’m saying it’s part of it that it’s incorrect translation.

So as far as the energetic you’ll find whoever is writing the document as Mr Sino it is a pure intent they’re just working off the tools, the old former tools that they know and it’s much purer, simpler and more beautiful than that as far as having to follow any hierarchies. There are no hierarchies, there are no kingdoms in the sense of the old former systems. The kingdom is each and every embodiment. Each embodiment is the king, the queen or the governance of that embodiment and no other. With Swiss Indo that’s the thing.

You have Keenan who’s very, I’ve seen some of the stuff that came out, I couldn’t read anything else (laughing), apparently I’m met them last year and my four kids and I and my husband were giggling and he was an Ethiopian mafia leader which is quite funny. And I felt bad for Keenan at that point because I knew that this all has to go around it’s all revolving around the Swiss Indo and the ‘gatekeepers’ why else would they pay energy into actually going in and trying to destroy it and then of course someone knew that we were down in Morocco and would go in and set the whole thing up about Morocco. And anyone who knows the true history with Morocco and the US and the current relationships, it doesn’t matter where you are on the planet if a particular corporation wants you, or a family, they go get you. There’s no such thing as immunity or no jurisdiction or any of that, they just go in and they get you.

So I felt really bad because someone really set Keenan up if that was the information they were giving him and he was feeding it out to the public and following these huge paper trails everywhere.

Right now I can understand where everyone is. This is all about separation. Everything I see is feeding into separation and yet at the same time all the energy is moving everything into ONE’ness and IS’ness and that’s the huge contrast. That’s this moment right now so that everyone can visibly see it.

Swiss Indo as far as the energetic signatures, they’re absolutely transparent even if the embodiments are not. And I see an incredible purity in these documents that I’m reading, but I do see where they think that they have de ure and now they think that they have de facto, but it’s already all distributed, the RV, everything is back with The One People they just don’t know how to move forward and kingdoms, the five kingdoms and all this is definitely not going to happen because there are already kingdoms in each and every embodiment throughout the universe, not just this planet.

That’s just the clarification I’d like to make on Swiss Indo so you understand what’s happening with the banks and the ‘gatekeepers’. There’s no factions, really everybody is just fighting for something that no longer exists because it’s already been redistributed. That was part of the solution of the Absolute Plan. That it was already already done before it even began.

Chris: So Heather I just wanted to just clarifying it in my own head – essentially the return to Prime should really result in every participant in this game who really took on board what was done when the OPPT filings were completed they would simply return everything to the people. They would simply drop all representations of value and say ‘Yes, the people are the value and we’ll just run on the I UV ixchange; that’s what they should do. But I think what Heather is saying is they’re struggling with all of the vestiges and baggage of thousands of years of running hierarchies. They don’t want to let it go.

Heather: No that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying Chris and I’ll just express this today, if you need a clarification just go ahead and ask the question and I’ll go ahead and clarify, that way everyone knows exactly the information that they’re requesting tonight.
As far as Swiss Indo and the embodiments, if they understood, if they knew, I don’t like the word understood so much, if they knew that everything was eternal essence, all the embodiments were eternal essence, then they would already know everything has already been redistributed. It’s just a matter of an awareness,

So let’s just say you’re sitting in a room, you don’t know that someone’s walked in because it hasn’t come into your consciousness yet, and yet they make a noise and you look up, and then you see them, then you’re aware of it. And that could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be anything, you’re just not aware of it. It doesn’t mean that was never in the room the whole time. Well it’s the same thing here, everything’s already been done. It’s been done since the beginning. It’s just a matter of being aware of it.

No embodiment has to ascend, or be saved to be its natural state of eternal essence as limits go. So it’s the difference between perception of eternal essence an embodiment knowing that it’s eternal essence and has these limits on itself, it’s responsible for its own experience of limitations or absent limitations and they have full power to move between any state of limitation or no limitation. Instead of a perception of saying “I have to ascend, I have to train, I have to raise frequencies”, which look at where everyone has spent time over eons and where they have paid energy into and it’s been in management of the BE’ing. It’s been in management of the perception of the BE’ing. You’ve had the power the entire time, You have been eternal essence the entire time so it’s just a matter of BE’ing aware of it.

Chris: So on the ground how do you see that message as actually getting traction in enough people’s minds in the collective?

Heather: In the collective? Well, look at the last since you know since December 25th – leaps and bounds. And it’s exponential and perpetual. It’s just a matter of swinging anything, any matter, any item, any state into focus and then letting the people have the opportunity to use the tools of resonance to see what resonates is absolute truth within them. It’s swinging data and if you’re gonna hold onto data or if you’re gonna try to fabricate it or manipulate it, or force it onto someone else so they accept it, then those are indications of an agenda. Otherwise you wouldn’t care what data gets before the people. You would make sure that ALL data gets before the people. And then let them choose, let them really resonate on what is, what isn’t. They’re tools of resonance. All of our tools of resonance are on maximum, they’re on absolute. So I mind not what data gets before anyone, just have the data get there in front of everyone.

And Swiss Indo, however their cycle or their structure is working, whether they’re intent is to have kingdoms or anything like that, I’m reading the energetic signature so I’m seeing that they’re working off the NOW database; doesn’t mean an absolute database, but a NOW database.

And it’s not just Swiss Indo, it’s also all of us. So if your focus is to have absolute data that is absolutely what you have and if you are aware and look around and pay attention, pay energy into everything that swings into focus, you just may find that everything that does swing into your focus is absolutely relevant to answer each and every question that anyone asks. So as far as what’s going to happen, you want a play by play? Well that’s a matter of seeking the absolute data.

So for instance I did not have any data background, I left the Swiss Indo matter alone. I know we’ve had a lot of folks like Malik Hughes, Adnan Sakli, Raymond King – a whole bunch of folks came forward and were looking for data, gathering data, what is enforcement? The Swiss Indo group is a fraud.

Italy was another huge one where they had to just look at data and people became very aware of who was holding data, not wanting certain data out and then the beautiful thing was watching the people start to ask questions; simple questions. You know, “Why was this data withheld?” Looking at agendas they were able to really ferret out who is who and they know who they BE. That was great. People know who they BE themselves and they were able to ask the right questions at the right moment and then look to see if this person became defensive. “Why did this person become defensive?”
And it’s simple, everything is shaking out... all the girdles, all the limits are shaking off and these beautiful beings are shining brighter and brighter and brighter. Not because they’re ascending, not because they’re reaching a higher dimension but because they’re just BE’ing their natural state just more and more and more. And they’re honouring every other embodiment that’s becoming its natural state. Not so much because they’re growing into it, but because they’re just saying “I accept this is who I BE”. And then they do it.

So Swiss Indo and all this military talk and the UN, here’s what is very apparent to me based on the totality of data and all the data that swings into focus or illuminates for me, is that what we’ve always referred to as ‘divines’ meaning and that’s clarified for anyone who this is their first time listening, when we say the ‘divines’ is where they are divine and it requires something not divine in order for them to exist okay.

If for those that know that Swiss Indo for instance has gone in and used the OPPT filings in order to make it so it’s not just de jure but de facto, and yet when you actually know what those filings and the eternal essence, everything going back to Prime really means, if someone goes in and says “I have de jure and de facto, it actually because of the application of that position, it actually also proves any competency or any responsibility legally in their minds, in the ‘divines’ minds. So they were hoping that OPPT which no longer exists; it’s been reconciled. It’s finished its job. It completed it on July 25th 2012 – they actually hoped that the Trustees they relied on ego. Just like I relied on their ego. They rely on ego and hope that we’ll say “Okay Swiss Indo they have the military, they have this and that. They have the UN”. In order for the UN to ever be revived they have to have embodiments pay energy into it. Yet they’ve all been cancelled so anyone who pays energy into them they revive that body or that cancelled entity but only in so far as it’s applicable to the person that revived it – only to them. Not to any other embodiments. And even in that case you will still have to go in alert because there has to be knowing, willing and intentional with all material facts disclosed.

So I have a really good feeling and emotions and energy that I’m sending over to, not just Swiss Indo, but all the roles, all the embodiments that are playing all the roles. I love this Absolute Plan and the Absolute Plan considered all what the militaries and others are calling the divine plan. And the divine plan was not always aware of the Absolute Plan and that was very frustrating for them. You know everyone is like “Let’s see where it goes. If they really wanted to do it they’d stop talking about it.” Well you know what Chris, they’re figuring it out now too’ just like you are, just like we are. Everyone’s figuring it out.

Chris: That’s a good thing.

Heather: So, if everyone can sit there and say “Do I have absolute data or do I have NOW data?” To judge any other and for me, what resonates with me is to judge any other is a lack of judgement, so I’m not going to judge anyone and say that they’ve got it wrong, no it’s an experience and I will always lovingly stand by any embodiment no matter what role they are playing to assist them. In any data that I have, I make sure that it’s all visible, transparent. Does that answer your question?

Chris: Did we lose you? Hello.

Lisa: Chris can you hear me?

Chris: I can hear you.

Lisa: I think the other guys just dropped for a second. But does that answer your questions do you think on Swiss Indo?

Chris: Look it’s that very much higher perspective and from that perspective, yes I can see what’s going on. For the perspective from the ground level it’s harder to see obviously because as in the framework that Heather just created it’s NOW data rather than absolute data that is the picture I can see, rather than the picture that is.

Lisa: Well okay.

Chris: Does that make sense?

Lisa: I think so.

Chris: Look, it is a matter of perspective. If you want to take the higher perspective on this stuff then it’s playing out the shift created by the OPPT filings is rippling through this thing we call humanity at all levels and it’s playing out obviously differently for different aspects of the whole collective so.

Lisa: Do you hear me? Can you hear me?

Bob: I can hear you fine Lisa.

Chris: Yeah you’re good actually are those guys on wifi or are they on hard wire?
Lisa: No they were hard wired in as well, but my internal mike doesn’t work though. So I’m just gonna get everyone around my computer, but it’s showing that I’ve actually dropped from the call which is interesting but I’m here.

Chris: No you’re fine.

Lisa: Okay Heather, there were two points that you wanted to make. One was on the Swiss Indo, one was on the RV. So do you want to do the RV?

Heather: Can you hear me?

All: Yes.

Heather: Okay so as far as the re-evaluations that was the other clarification. Even in the RVs right now you have the guys up the top who are very confused because the RVs aren’t pushing through and now their energy it’s almost it feels like an internal harvesting within their own groups. Okay can you hear me – I have no noise, hello?

Bob: Yeah we can hear you.

Chris: Yeah you’re good.

Heather: Okay I’m sorry. So the guys at the top are starting to crash as far as energetic because this should have gone a long, long time ago. So what I would like to do is clarify the particular re-evaluations and not one particular currency because it’s all tied in together.

Okay, the RVs have nothing behind the RVs and you have Basel III right? Everyone has to you know use their own in-ground assets – don’t pull them out though. Well every time they pull in-ground assets out, they just sort of disappear. So if you keep them in-ground all of a sudden you can just point to them because every time they pull them out they disappear and them they don’t have them and they can’t actually show everyone you know when they come forward and say they want to see our gold. And the gold’s not there and they can’t show them.

So you have these re-evaluations and they’re supposedly based on physical assets, on tangible assets. Well, none of the titles are there. They have no ownership, there’s no underwriting to the re-evaluations. No underwriting at all, but here’s the thing, they can underwrite – any embodiment can underwrite the re-evaluations; any of them.

However for the groups, the ‘divines’ or any other roles that we’ve (inaudible) powers that were, they don’t underwrite them because there’s a limited value that they see that they have and they want more and more and more but they don’t know how to generate it themselves. If they do know how to generate it themselves they still don’t want to use it because they want to use everyone else’s that’s just how the hierarchies and the structures have gone for eons, for the experiment; for this moment NOW.

Okay, so any embodiment can go and underwrite it. And the more you give for the highest good of every embodiment, the more your abundance flows. So, you can have just one embodiment underwrite all other embodiments and RVs can go; however whoever underwrites that RV actually technically under legal systems that formerly existed owns everything and they can dictate how things go.

Okay, so there was a post that D had done and she left one piece out. But it was a post essentially where I said something and then we lost our signal and I was laughing saying “I think everyone just fell out of their chairs and no one is manning the monitors.” So I understood that anyone, any embodiment could underwrite the RV so I had said the part that she left out. was I said “Okay, I’ll give them my signature, I’ll underwrite it.” So that it can go, cause I know it’s a tool.

There are so many embodiments that are really have hung their hat on that RV, they hung their hat on the RV saying that once it happened they could then DO. They could then BE. So if that’s the tool that the people need, fine. I’ll underwrite it. And this is all about energy. The value systems and the part that you saw which was the monetary system, it is all energetic. I think even Keenan and those guys finally admitted they were so excited “Heather doesn’t want the Global Collateral Accounts” (laughing) it’s because it was already gone. It was already irrelevant.

And then they sort of had this aha moment and then they got really mad again and said “Well what is money, it’s just energy – it’s a representation of energy”. So everyone is sort of getting it now. So I said I would give my signature that’s what I said and that’s when D and I lost all the stuff and I started laughing because I could really hear people falling out of their chairs and nobody was manning the monitors and phone calls were happening and here’s the thing. Yes I know that if I underwrite it, or any embodiment underwrites it, which everyone has the power to do, you then own the entire system and where it goes. But, then again in my case I have no interest in owning anything. I have no interest in doing anything other than IMpowering every embodiment so that’s where it all goes. And once you state something, this is absolute current, this is absolute transparency in this moment in this finale.

Okay so what happens is, that if I underwrite it they already know where it’s gonna go. They know it’s gonna go to every embodiment and that the parts of the slavery systems, the former systems that you did not see, they know what’s going to happen there too because it’s the same thing; the energetics. And that’s what every moment of INnforcement has been that at least I’ve been consciously DO’ing.,

Going within their ranks and causing certain events so they start asking questions within their own ranks. And they start looking at data that was not visible before. So for the perceived galactics for instance it was hearing for the first time me swinging inter consciousness that the Akashic Records have been altered and manufactured, fabricated in some parts; and that there was a clean set. Once I swung in that there was a clean set that’s what they did, they went and compared. They went and started asking questions and then you could see in a lot of the purported channellings and messages and everything else there was sort of a moment of chaos, almost a feeling of conflict, a feeling of questioning. And then it evens out because you have a lot of people campaigning. And that’s okay because it was all a part of everyone moving to absolute truth but via their own tools of resonance.

So with this RV, here’s how it goes. I, if anyone underwrites it and then sends it out, because it’s already delivered, that’s a part of the Absolute Plan; it was already delivered before the experiment began and it’s just swinging it into focus and everybody being aware of it.
Okay and I’ll give you what you guys would call a 3D example, Chris and Lisa and Bob is that for instance you have the purported IRS, the alleged IRS or any purported tax authority body. If they can’t show their authority they can’t show their standing and they demand that you pay something and now we have these reports that supposedly some members of the IRS are actually admitting that taxes, at least for the IRS are voluntary. Right!

So if everyone stopped paying these ‘voluntary’ payments, all of a sudden they wouldn’t have the ability, they wouldn’t have anyone paying energy into them for them to be able to do any kind of unlawful or illegal ENforcement. Right, it’s kind of the same thing with the financial system, the banks and everything else. My goal was always been, nothing, no manifestation of energy is ever wasted, there’s always purpose and everything has the opportunity to repurpose itself in this moment because it is all absolutely eternal essence embodied. And if I can’t recognise an embodiment as being eternal essence then I do negate and null and void and cancel out my own eternal essence. I’m not prepared to do that. I’m not willing to do that.

So, the RV absolutely. I would underwrite it and I’ve no problem, even if my value I find out later is limited in some way, I still would do it and I’ve already put out there that I would and any embodiment can do that - any embodiment. And you actually draw behind you anything you spend energy-wise or any representation of your energy, anything you spend when it is for the highest good of all, it magnetically draws behind it all abundance, exponentially, and perpetually. That’s all there is, is abundance – absent limits.

So that’s with the RV. I know that there are a lot of the upper-ups within the RV that are very confused, very upset, very drained and tired. So with absolute love there’s the data and everyone can go and review the data, dissect the data, see what resonates within and see what other data points there are to verify what is, because absolute truth verifies and vets, the same from every point on the sphere of absolute truth.

So that’s the two clarifications I wanted to make and I really appreciate everyone allowing me to do that. I’ll pass it back over to Lisa.

Lisa: Okay, that’s Swiss Indo and RV.

Chris: Can I ask just one question of Heather?

Lisa: Mm. Heather can you hear Chris, one second.

Heather: I’m here.

Chris: Heather I just had one question to follow up the absolute data. If there’s one thing on mass that people could do that would really move this process along, such as not paying taxes, not paying mortgages. point at something that if as a large group the general population did would really accelerate this whole process of self-education. Anything pop out as one thing you could suggest?

Heather: Yeah it’s the same thing I always say, it’s BE and DO. You know everything that you DO and I’ll give you an example, because I said I’d be transparent, I’d be very direct. Last night Chris for instance, everything you BE and you DO, just ask the question “Is this BE’ing and DO’ing causing separation? Can it cause separation? Am I causing separation – is that my intent? Or is it causing ONE’ness, IS’ness, Unity?” Ask that question of anything you think, everything you say or anything you DO. So BE and DO right?

And last night when you were speaking Chris I had no intent of talking or getting on, but everything that I was hearing, the Courtesy Notices are, were a beautiful tool because it really did show how many people were awake, how many people were actually standing up and BE’ing and DO’ing – it was a wonderful tool, it is a wonderful tool. But the question now is, “Is something causing separation?” If you’re attached to the tool then it’s very hard to see when the tool no longer serves. If you’re not attached to the tool, but you’re attached to the goal, the intent of what you actually created a tool or took a tool to address, then you will always be able to see when that tool no longer serves, or there’s better tools or you’re inspired to create NOW tools. Because every moment that you use those Courtesy Notices you’re creating a NOW moment and it’s built on all the others and the data has changed and therefore perhaps even the tools have changed.

So that’s why I got on last night because I do, I feel they’re I know that this is the last moment of separation that everyone’s having. It’s the last experience of separation before the Unity, before the ONE’ness, before the IS’ness. So as far as what can they DO, what can they BE? Go in and look at the tools you’re using? Ask is this separation, or is this IS’ness and what do I choose? Do I want separateness or do I want IS’ness and ONE’ness? If you DO that simple thing.

I’m not saying “Go out and stop paying your mortgage, stop doing this or that” because it may not resonate for people. I’m not here to tell anyone what to DO. I’m just saying “DO” and DO so in an aware state. Just ask the question. There’s no right or wrong. Have fun with it. I watched everyone have fun with the tools that they had and that they were using, even the Courtesy Notices. The stories that were coming out and the effectiveness of when it was coming out and I watched agents in all the different rooms, agents of the principals of the former systems, in there trying to manipulate the energy or affect the magnetic fields. I still see some of the agents and I see agents of agents and we’ve even seen some of the principals come out because the agents are ineffective. (Laughs).

I’ve got to say the people BE’ing and DO’ing when I asked that question back in December I thank you so much absolutely from my heart, I have not been bored. I have had absolute fun the entire time and you have inspired me, you have expanded me to keep DO’ing and BE’ing absent limit so I thank you and I give you absolute gratitude and return in kind all the energy and more. So Chris does that answer your question? The answer’s always been visible and I’ve spoken it many times.

Chris: Yeah, I understand your perspective and I’m simply putting this to you because of the degree of angst. Well not angst. There is a great deal of anxiety and suffering on the ground by people throughout this entire period of time which I feel and which I’d like to do something about. And you know there’s a level of frustration...

Heather: And I do that’s one reason why I went and did what I did. I sat there and I watched people lose their homes. I sat there and gone over and vetted 50 billion dollar, 100 billion dollar assets in mutual funds and seen the houses backed behind it and watched the people lose it. Why...Because people were holding onto data. Why... because people were holding on to ego and just could not detach themselves from holding onto the data and their own agendas. So what do you do? I went in and I looked at least for me, I looked at “What skills do I have. What knowledge do I have that I can share with people? What positions and contacts do I have that I’m able to utilise to bring that data out?” Because in banking and finance knowledge is the currency. The representation, the money they even know that it’s representation, they don’t care about it because they can print it.

What they care about is the knowledge – that’s what they sell. Then they use that to go in and buy short, sell long whatever it is. Cut out the floors of the markets. What does it really matter as far as representation when you have the knowledge? That’s what I focussed on. I looked to see what DO’ing could I do that would have the most impact and help the people the most?

So I went in and I think some people are still under the impression that I have that house that I used for the test case. Now I never said anything because it was irrelevant, but they never touched it, they were afraid to and when I went in on December 25th and launched all of this, one of their particular seraphs swung into focus about his own house and asked about mine. And I hadn’t even looked at it, it was beginning of February and I looked and they had put it on auction like two days before he even brought it up which for me is always a curious synchronicity when someone swings into focus something that is completely irrelevant.

They were hoping I would put energy into going and taking care of that matter that my ego would be so attached to that home, to that piece of property that I would get distracted and not follow through, or really pay my energy into getting you guys all the data that I had access to. And no I wasn’t attached to that. No my ego’s not a part of it, cause if it is they’ve already won. And the house, I’m not even sure what happened to it, I know it was on auction.

I’ve been there. I had to experience all of it because if I sit and I speak and I haven’t experienced it, for me that is deception. For me that is not absolute truth. So I do know what these people are feeling, the ones that you’re referring to Chris, at least that I can see your energy is holding onto and all I can say is for me to push through, I knew that was the solution. Push through the data, push through the assistance of all the embodiments who were willing to assist themselves. I’ve seen such incredible success stories, yet the ones you are focusing on are the ones that aren’t in your perception and for me okay I see it, I’m not ignoring it, in fact you’re inspiring me to even go further and with more directness, more transparency and more love. Because I also know that those that in there taking those are now seeing it. Why? Because you and all the other people went and you did what you BE. You DO what you BE. Those Courtesy Notices were a beautiful tool and now all of those who did not have access to that data and all the foreclosures and their principals, their superiors, they went into their offices and their water coolers and they started asking questions and they know because they have access to data the public doesn’t. So they know that you’re right! They know that you’re right.

Chris: Well here’s the thing. What’s come out or what’s become very clear to myself and to some of the people I get into in depth discussions with is the next tool that we need to use we’ve already built, which is the mechanism for communicating en-masse with the system in addition to courtesy notices, which is the absolute data exchange approach of just keeping that information pumping into the system. I see that as the next tool. Now we’ve built that ourselves. That’s something that we’ve done that is the One People have done this. Our voice is what needs to be heard next; that’s what I’m feeling; to push this process to its completion. So if BE’ing and DO’ing is it then yeah.

Heather: Yeah, and that’s the point. It’s funny we actually talked about a global network a year and a half ago when we were going through preparations and working. That’s what we’re seeing a global network; being able to talk to everyone. And I have this question from people all the time. The IUV/Project XIII. You know Caleb, he saw a necessity, he saw there was space for a tool that people could rely on that they actually owned as far as their own data. “We’re can I put my own data where I own it and I know someone’s not gonna take it off?”, because we had that experience with Facebook.

I went onto Facebook and started playing with the magnetic fields and I could see the energies and (inaudible) behind Zuckerberg and I knew already the deals that had already been cut with Zuckerberg in the very beginning anyway. Watching that and then being cut off. Or having Skype conversations and not having clear connections. People thought it was because I was in Morocco. No! It gets cut off when I happen to say a particular list, which has gotten longer of words, or topics. And it’s not just me. Everyone that I’ve worked with has experienced that at some moment or another. Does it matter? No! I opened the door and that was the big point going in that I’ll be transparent even if you won’t be. I’ll go ahead and be transparent and we’ll go from there. You’ll know every step of the way, because if there’s something wrong that I’m doing, believe me they let me know. Anyone would let me know cause it won’t resonate with them and we’ll take a look at it and well say okay it was a great refining tool. If they could stop it they would. They couldn’t so it was spot on and that was just one of the tools going through.
As far as Project XIII. Yeah I love Project XIII because it’s a different energetics. It’s not harvesting my data. Everyone knows Skype is free, gmail is free, google is free. Why is it free because they get paid advertisers that come on and they basically buy your data. Do I have an issue with that? Well I just see that there is a different alternative. I know that your data is worth something. Your medical records get sold over and over and over and not just to other medical facilities or big pharma or the labs or anything like that, but also to advertising companies, because they use that bio-data in order to know what’s most likely gonna push your buttons or drive your spending patterns; especially in the beauty industry, the health industry, the light workers community industry all of that.

So if I have a particular place where I can put my data and I can choose who I share with then it becomes a matter of me going out and refining my social skills. So this UV ixchange is separate; because UV’s actually been happening this whole entire time since beginning this experiment. It’s happening here when these guys came to Morocco all these beautiful people who are communicating through them in the chat rooms and everything else are able to see firsthand.

I just opened my house and said fine. Come in and see, you may not like what you find, you have full access. You just use your tools of resonance and decide and determine for yourself and I’ll be absolutely transparent. So now they are sitting here having a UV ixchange and they’re receiving data that they can touch, that they can speak to and it’s been an incredible experience and they’re actually learning, experiencing I should say, not learning, they’re remembering and experiencing what real value is and how exchanges work. And it’s drawing any and every representation and tool that they desire; whether it’s in the form of FRNs, whether it’s in the form of gold or contacts, whether it’s in the form of data or just an awakening within them because something is swinging into focus and they’re expanding their tools and their talents.

So in the UV ixchange and all that, you want a tool to make it visible. There are some like my husband who unless it’s visible for him, it doesn’t exist. So these are tools, Caleb’s making a tool where we can actually communicate and let’s say I own a store and I see everyone if I’m aware and looking for this, “How can I grow my business?” And I start to see everyone going “I have value, no matter what it is”. So what the old systems tell me and I sit there and I go “I know I can actually have more abundance for me, my family and help IMpower others if I start accepting everyone’s value in whatever form they present it. Maybe they come in and they say, “Hey can I weed your grass? Can I make these things for you and have you sell them in the store?” Whatever it may be and then they say they’re gonna accept all kinds of value at this point. “Why limit my abundance?” and then they may have suppliers that they want to go find that is of the same resonance. They don’t want to limit their abundance so they’re gonna start accepting all kinds of forms of value.

And I think it’s wonderful whatever they want to do, but to have a social place where they can go and talk without it being cut, without it being copied or interrupted or influenced, that’s why I liked what Caleb was creating.

And we’ve actually had Charlie Miller and others to make something similar to this, not actually what fathoming what he’s created because he hasn’t spoken about all the elements yet which are there and for me I love it, it’s beautiful and it’s going to expand. But, it was at the time kind of like okay, well if you get the funds together “I will spend the time”, and Caleb saw everyone have this change on the energetic around him because he works a lot with energetics and he saw the effect you guys have, we all have with the tools we were doing in the awareness and he said “I can create a tool that will actually match the resonance and the energetics of what everyone has collectively created.” So he went in and started Project XIII.

I would like to have any kind of tools that you need for you to use and know your value, that’s not going to be interrupted or unduly influenced that you have unencumbered use and access an exchange tools to share with everyone else.

I hope that answers your questions as far as ‘How do you do this. The UV ixchange’, I agree with you. Put it on a social network that’s not interrupted, that’s not harvested and go in and start speaking and communicating to each other and if they shut down the internet – I love the bills and legislation about internet and they’re trying to put it under the control of the United Nations and that was last year that was happening and I was just laughing because if they do that and they know if they do that the Absolute Text which they simulated for the internet will actually come out. Because you will always have what you require when you require it.

Chris: Indeed. Okay, so what you’re telling me is actually just confirming what I think our next major push needs to be to overlay the effect the courtesy notices have just to go back to my original question; at what to do next, and what you’re telling me is in fact we’ve already started doing it. Cause the INforcement as a group that we have is something that we really need to swing into play at this moment to deliver this message to the rest of the collective.

Heather: No Chris, you don’t have to do anything. You just, the more energy you pay Chris into you, you actually pay energy into every embodiment. Okay, I love what you’ve done, but you’re not the sum of what you produce. I’m excited to see the next DO’ings of everyone. And I’m excited to see my own DO’ings and to experience my own DO’ings. The Quantum Jump Path. Just like to see if what... this is what I do... I sit there and say “What I’m thinking, what I’m doing, what I’m saying, is this moving me to separation or unity? Is’ness that’s all I DO. And yes, a lot of the tools, a lot of the disclosures they were to swing into focus the separateness. Because then we could swing into focus the Unity or the IS’ness.

And then the contrast is there and people can make an informed choice. That was the whole point of the end of OPPT. It had already completed its job. But it still had to do the notice and that was the best way I knew how to do the notice; swing things into focus and then give them a whole new experience by going in and creating an opportunity to be ONE. To be IS’ness and you guys did that with every step. We did that with every step.

Chris: So how is it that, I mean you’re telling me that what I’m putting forward that we should all work together to communicate with the rest of the collective as to the reality of the situation, how is it that not leading to ONE’ness and IS’ness. That’s pulling people together to work on the problem.

Heather: Well it’s the perception, if I’m sitting there talking to a banker and in fact I was talking to a banker today who happens to live close by. All I saw was absolute love and I know I can go in and I can help them co-create an opportunity, which is already done, it’s all done. Create an opportunity where they can repurpose and they can actually abundantly do and create abundance. I don’t see where I have to take anyone down. I know I don’t have to...
Chris: I’m not talking about taking anyone down, I’m talking about pushing more information into the collective so that it understands what’s going on at every level.
Heather: I’m sorry, I was referring to what you were saying last night with the Courtesy Notices and going in and taking the banks down...

Chris: That’s just delivering information...

Heather: I’ve still got that conversation in my head.

Chris: Yeah you saw Chase Binnie and the way that he delivered information into the system?

Heather: Yeah I loved that...

Chris: That young man.

Heather: I loved how he was doing that and he’s wonderful... and there’s many stories like that. Many stories.

Chris: That’s what we’re talking about. We’re not viewing this as a fight. That’s not what I was talking about.

Heather: Oh okay.

Chris: It’s delivering information, delivering it with the right intent to people who are just like us. That’s what that whole idea is all about. You guys were chopping in and out so you probably missed something of the conversation. The intention that we have with the whole idea of pushing forward on communicating is to actually inform and educate. There’s no fight in here. Cause as you said the fight’s already done, we’ve just got to bring everybody up to speed. That’s what it’s all about.

Heather: Yeah.

Chris: So the ONE’ness and IS’ness is absolutely a part of this campaign. It can’t be anything else because fighting is what they do. Right!

Heather: But it’s not they. They’re actually embodiments that are playing a role so that we can all come to this moment of understanding and knowing.

Chris: And yes, you’re absolutely correct in what you say, thank you for correcting me because that’s a perspective that I need to make sure I keep in my head. It’s very easy to go back into duality and then...

Heather: You have it in heart Chris I know you have it in heart because I talked to you many, many times outside of these radio shows. You have it in heart and it’s a point of just going in and swinging into focus. So thank you I really appreciate the clarification on that.
Chris: Absolute data.

Heather: Absolute data. So okay did I answer your question Chris?

Chris: Ah yes you did thank you.

Heather: Okay thank you.

Lisa: Okay guys we haven’t actually gotten to any callers yet, so do you want to get to that?

Bob: Yes, yeah.

Chris: Yes I think we better actually.

Bob: We have area code 757? Area code 757? No?

Caller: Hello?

Bob: Oh there we go, Hello.

Caller: Peace, how is everyone doing tonight?

Bob: Very good, who do we have here?

Isa: My name is Isa and I’ve been following this movement since it first began.

Bob: I didn’t catch your first name again?

Isa: My name is Isa and I just want to say peace and love to all. I’ve been following this movement since it first began trying to keep abreast of the situation and the different changes and I just ask that we have full transparency when I ask these questions. The first question I’d like to ask, I’d first like to clarify and say that more times than not I don’t even understand what Heather is saying or anyone else on this show is saying because it’s a lot of laughing and a lot of joking and not very much getting to the point of why everyone originally came here.

I think a lot of people here are more afraid to say “Hey why I was attracted to this whole movement is because it offered me a chance to have a freedom from this slavery system where I’m weighted down with debt”. So no one calls in and says really what they mean I don’t think anymore, but I will. I’m going to speak for the masses who really want to know when is the IUV going to be released? And I’m talking about monetary, tangible, physical manifestations of money that we can hold in our hand to pay off a mortgage, to pay a car note. I mean I have people who are homeless who have children who are homeless really living on the streets who are told about this movement and everybody’s bleeding and I mean what’s really going here with the IUV money that we can access right away because we’ve all paid energy into this movement. Well who’s benefiting because right now we’re still in the same position we were in before even with the BE’ing and the DO’ing. I know people who have went to banks and handed out Courtesy Notices and they’ve been laughed out of the bank.

What’s really going on here like? And I just want clear answers. I don’t want to hear about data and value and accessing my value. The people who originally came for one reason and that was to find out when they could have access to monetary tangible money in their hands to stop these horrible people who are encroaching on us and stealing our value, stealing our hard won, hard work money.

Everyone’s at a point where the energy is not exactly flowing the way Heather thinks it’s still flowing, I don’t know if she thinks it is but I don’t feel it is. The energy of people at a place where they’re frustrated and just really trying to understand this whole movement we’re in right now. If we could just have a clear answer on when the IUV is actually gonna be released, when we’re actually gonna have our hands on tangible money that we can use. There was talk about a ten billion dollars before, where’s the ten billion dollars that everyone was gonna receive? Where’s the money coming from?

Lisa: Sweetie, did you actually read those documents?

Isa: Yeah, I did read all the documents like I said, the majority of the documents I don’t even understand it: the language, and it is...

Lisa: Alright, but you got out of it was that you were gonna get ten billion dollars? You read the document, you didn’t quite understand them...

Isa: Right and I think there’s many people who, what happened to me, I’m in the chat room and most people don’t understand it either, we just want to understand when do we get our hands on tangible money? Money that we can pay bills with, that we can feed our children with, that we can take care of ourselves and then we can work on the rest because if you don’t have a base to begin at, you can’t BE and DO if you’re starving, if you don’t have food, if you don’t have water, you don’t have money. What can we do? How do we BE and DO when we have absolutely nothing at this point? I’m trying to understand it. Where do I sum up and drum up this energy, to inspire my spirit to keep DOing, keep BEing when I don’t even have a leg to stand on?

Brian: The caller, what is your name?

Isa: My name is Isa and I’m saying this with the utmost respect. Again, I’ve been following this movement but we just wanna know when do we have tangible money? I’m asking for a crowd of people.

Brian: Isa, I appreciate you speaking from your heart. This is Brian.

Isa: Oh hi Brian.

Brian: Hello. And Heather just went to the rest room, she’ll be back in a second. I’m sure she’ll be glad to answer your question. And I do realise you’re speaking on behalf of a lot of people that feel the same way that you spoke to that feel the same way as you do, but there’s also a lot of other people. This information has attracted a substantially large audience from many countries and when you say that everybody only came here for one reason and that’s because they want money and that’s the biggest thing, you might be speaking for yourself and for some of the other group, but that’s definitely not why everybody came here. It’s definitely not why I came here.

When I originally read the documents, I read them to understand it was about getting ten billion dollars too but then when I read them deeper I realised ‘Wait a second, there’s nothing in there that says ‘everybody’s gonna get ten billion’ but I just want you to know that Heather just walked back and I’m gonna let her address your question. You might just have to summarize it for her once again. Ok, so here’s Heather. One second Isa.

Heather: What’s your name?

Isa: My name is Isa and I just wanna send you peace and love and let you know as a woman I appreciate what you are doing; the feminine movement ‘cause it is a feminine energy that is taking over the Earth. So to let you know I do appreciate you and everything you’re doing but I have a question that I’m sure a lot of callers, a lot of people on the chat are very interested in, we’re all interested in the energy, we’re all meditating and trying our hardest to manifest and send light and love forward but when are we actually going to be able to have physical, tangible monetary wealth in our hands to get us out of this situation that we’re in?

People are homeless, no food, children no food, our mortgages are getting foreclosed upon, I mean it’s really, really bad; there’s no jobs in the system at all. When do we actually see some benefit from all of the energy we’ve been putting forward to this movement?

Heather: Ok, so if you look at the energetics of this and it really is a matter of going and looking at the change of resonance so I’m gonna put this out there and then you can choose how to dissect, discuss, okay?

Everyone is playing a role, if you imagine this where all the embodiments are playing a role and the ones that are in the perceived hardest positions right now, are the ones that actually are the strongest to go in and make this happen. You have to have the contrast there in order to make these informed choice,s so my absolute gratitude and inspiration. You and many others and, I went through it but I always knew that I could go and get out at any moment. So the fact that you guys are in there and losing homes and there are no jobs, ‘cause it’s one thing to lose a home and not have the opportunity for a job, by design and not yours. Right? As opposed to going in and losing your home on purpose just to use it as a tool to ferret things out and yet I know I can go and have a job in a heartbeat so that I can go and manifest another home.

Isa: Right.

Heather: So in reality, you are my heros. And going in and having two coins to rub together to buy a cup of the term that we would use in banking and finance...that is happening now. And all the stuff that has not been visible is going to be swung into visibility and it’s already started, but as far as the mass public, that is starting this week.

Isa: Ok, so just understanding what you’re saying...

Heather: There will be announcements. All the communities are moving and they’ve been moving and if you heard my discussion regarding, for instance, let’s say the RV, the tool of the RV, ‘cause it is just a tool, but the tool of the RV for instance. And why things have not gone...if you understand the, or know the energetics of how it actually works and that money is representation of the value and how there has been no underwriting because the value that’s out there has been harvested and taken out, not for the betterment of all the embodiments.
So if one embodiment goes in to underwrite it...and I’m not saying it has to be me, or any other particular embodiment but just one of us...well that’s what’s happening now. So a lot of stuff that has been locked up is now being freed up. And it’s all coming to the people so that they can use it, they can tangibly touch it. And all of the housing property issues, all of that’s changing too for Absolute Data. Now ownership has been a huge tool of separation and division, absolutely a huge tool of separation and allowed them to create borders which are all an illusion as well. When the Earth was created, it didn’t come with borders. It didn’t come with corporations or CEOs or any of that. It just IS.

If you look to the tribes, it wasn’t a matter of ‘This is tribal territory’ or anything like that. That didn’t exist either until the corporations came in. So it’s really a matter of having a co-operation. So you’re going to start to see a lot of changes but it took all these moments of meditation, of thinking, of creating, to make this all visible. So I thank you Isa and I thank everyone else because Now Is the Moment for everyone to have everything visible, and to enjoy it consciously. Does that answer your question Isa?

Isa: Yeah, it does answer it a little bit better. So basically you’re saying in a nutshell, that it’s gonna be opening this week or in the next couple of weeks so everyone can experience not only monetary relief Brian, but spiritual, emotional, mental relief because unfortunately, under the system that we’re under right now, your monetary wealth is connected to your spiritual, your emotional and your mental wealth, ‘cause when you can’t take care of your responsibilities you feel stressed, it throws you off balance. I know this as a healer myself, that it throws people off balance and the one thing that people come to me the most for is either love, money or physical healing.

So these things DO affect all of us and they all have a connection. So I think that’s true and even though Brian said that everyone’s not concerned, I just don’t believe that everyone originally came here just for the energy part. I believe it was a conglomeration of all of it together that made people wanna get involved.

Heather: Well it’s all energy Isa, it’s all energy: money, currencies and all of that? The whole system was limited in order to manage the energy, and energy is All That Is. And All That Is is Eternal Essence. So as far as this money and separating money from spiritual, spiritual and money from health and all of this, it’s actually All One. Value is all that you can create. So if you imagine Absent Limit and then do what you imagine, and really think about that statement... So value is not just monetary, monetary just happens to be a representation of the actual value, which is you, and your ability to see everything and the ONE’ness and the IS’ness in it and just go create.

You know, what has happened in the last, since December... that all came out with no budget, yet everyone was drawn to contribute whatever they contributed from their own heart, whether it was printing flyers, whether it was postage, whether it was opening up blogspots and paying the subscription fees to have a blog. All of that was a choice by each individual embodiment yet for the collective good ‘cause someone had something to say and they thought other people may find that data and have resonance with it. And even if they didn't at least it was out there so that we could find resonance with whatever it was that resonated within.

Lisa: Heather can I say something?

Heather: Yes.

Lisa: You know when you explained that if you don't do something sometimes you feel like your body’s gonna burst?

Heather: Yeah

Lisa: I'm having one of those moments. Monitoring some of the comments and not necessarily what Isa has said but just monitoring the chat room, monitoring some of the comments that I've heard today, it's like, okay Heather you did this amazing job and you did something on behalf of all of us and you got it up to a certain point now can you please finish the job for me. Can you please bring it home for me and do the rest of the work for me. And, I've invested so much into this movement because I spent a hundred bucks on paper and postage on Courtesy Notices. But Heather has spent over a million bucks doing the investigation. It cost her over a million dollars to get to the point that she got to by July 25th last year. And that doesn't include what she's done since. So this whole idea that everyone...(caller talking over Lisa)

Isa: Right absolutely, absolute gratefulness to Heather. But what can we do as a people who are here who don't have money? What can we do to help? What can we do to push it further, quicker, launch it quicker? What can we do even if we don't have money? What else can we do? Besides meditating?

Heather: You BE and you DO Isa. You look at what tools you have available and you start communicating with those around you and you start imagining absent limits and then DO’ing what you imagine.

You don't have to have money or currency in your pocket. I love Flo, Prince. The first moment I heard him I felt the energy and it inspired me. And I went and I did even more, and a lot of people did. And then certain agents went in and tried to influence him and get him to ask this question, 'Oh I have no money, I have none of this or that how can I DO, what can I DO? I'm losing this, I'm losing that and it was a matter of getting him to focus and pay energy into what he did not have. Yet he had everything. He has everything. He went in and all of a sudden some money manifested for him and instead of going in to make sure he had a place to stay for a month ‘cause the money he had it was a month of being able to stay somewhere with a shelter over his head or food on his back. No he knew it was important to get his energy out there and to make sure people were awake. And I watched agents go in and focus intently on changing his magnetic field so he could not alter anyone else’s. That’s one example.

So just BE and DO and whatever that is, whatever it manifests for you. I can tell you this. Follow the excitement. If you follow something that excites you and you’re passionate about all the abundance follows behind it. And he actually ended up getting a job because of the excitement he put out there and his ability whether it was conscious or unconscious of changing the magnetic fields around others and exciting them. He actually got a job from what I remember, he got a stint on radio and now he's got a job and he's out there because he followed the excitement and the passion. So maybe Isa, look to see what the excitement is and the passion is for you.

Brian: That's just one example too. It's really hard, we can't come on these shows and we can't say there's one uniform approach to going out there and BEing and DOing.

That’s why when Heather was saying before when Chris asked the question what can everybody do, there's no simple answer to that. For me I knew when my heart told me I'm not playing this old game anymore, I'm moving on and I'm going to follow my own highest excitement, I'm gonna see where it takes me. So I quit my job knowing that I had no job to back it up and everybody at my office was like “What are you gonna do?”

I said “Well I don't know! I'm just gonna follow my heart and see where it takes me.” and everybody thought I was crazy, "You have a great job, you have a great retirement, you have health insurance, you're just gonna leave that and you have no other job, that’s nuts".
I said “Yeah? You know what’s more nuts; staying here when I have absolutely no passion to put into this anymore.”

So I started my blog. And I started a couple radio shows. And I stopped paying my taxes and I stopped paying my car payment and I refuse to pay the DMV. And I'm not giving any more energy to the old paradigm ‘cause I decided that it's my mission in this world to blaze a trail, create a new way and inspire others to do the same and follow their hearts and follow their passions and do what they love and follow their highest excitement. And here I am now in Morocco.

For me, that’s like I can look in the mirror every day and I say whoa you have something that you can share with other people and for anybody that’s willing to listen, if it's only one person, I can die a happy man today. Because I can look in the mirror and say I made a choice to follow my heart, do what I love and create a new way and stop paying energy into the old way and following down a system that I don't believe in anymore. And it's opened up doors in my life that I would have never ever thought imaginable.

And so everybody has the ability to do that. There just isn't one way to do it. It's an individual choice and everybody has to go into their heart and ask themselves “What can we do?” And so yes the stage is being set to allow a lot more freedom in following your heart and doing what you BE and love, but there’s no need to wait around for anything. I got sick of waiting. “What am I waiting for? I'm gonna do this now!”

And you know if there’s anything that I have go through that might be difficult or a challenge for me, that's just an opportunity for growth. And I know that I'll come out of it on top having learned some amazing lesson that I probably designed well before I came here to begin with.

So I hope that inspires you and I appreciate your position, I appreciate you calling in and I can feel the love in your heart and I know you just want answers and I understand and we love you.

Isa: Oh I love all of you guys too. I adore all you guys too and I adore this whole movement and I'm absolutely grateful and I hope that we're all successful as a collective and that everyone is, all this pain and anguish and all this stuff that they've put on us is lifted off. I pray for everybody that we all receive bliss. That’s the perfect word, Bliss. So thank you.

Heather: And know that it's already done Isa. I thank you so much for holding that light and love and making sure that it's swung into conscious for many so thank you.
Bob: Okay we have area code 773.

Caller: Me hi, this is Carlos from Los Angeles.

Bob: Hello Carlos.

Carlos: How are you all doing. I have a question for Heather it’s about Swiss Indo. My question is, I think I remember there was an invitation for Swiss Indo to contact you guys and I don’t know if they ever responded or not, but I guess my question is, if I was one of them, what do you want to know from them or what do you want to tell them?

Heather: You said this question was for Heather, or for everyone?

Carlos: For you Heather thanks.

Heather: For me, there is nothing I need to know from Swiss Indo, I get all the energetic data in different ways, I have a lot of communications with them but again in all ways. I have had some recent messages messaging through the translator Ani Forest who has passed on a message and translated it for me and I received one back today and it is ALL DONE and I really love and appreciate the role all of these guys are playing, all of the embodiments are playing. Just so we can finish this final moment, the finale moment of the finale. So I don’t have any questions for Swiss Indo I have the data, I just really enjoy experiencing as they experience. It is ALL DONE, it just not is done in the way all is expected.

Great, one more question and this is kind of like a comment too. I know Caleb is really, really proficient on the Windows platform and that's why he's doing it and I'm really grateful he's doing it. But I think also Microsoft is one of the biggest harvesting of all. All I want to say is that I'd really like to see that they give the people in the Linux community the opportunity to expand it, because I think that’s where it really grow much faster, with all the open-source people out there. I know he probably already contemplated that.

Heather: Also, your comment, before you close, before you move on, like about Microsoft being the biggest harvester? Caleb and almost everyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of Microsoft. I think one of my good friends, last I heard, he was one of their chief counsels. Microsoft, or whatever it is, is an incredible tool to put us all into this moment of Now. Just as all the tools were, okay? So, Microsoft, Caleb went in and said, 'Okay, what Now tools do we have and that people have access to as well?' For instance, he went in and he did the Microsoft App for the Microsoft phone. He has two other guys that went in and did the iPhone App.

Now, iPhone for instance will charge 30% of every ... it takes 30% of every transaction that goes across its App. So that's one consideration that we had to go in and say, 'Okay, here's the best thing we can do. We'll make the desk App so that everyone can do transactions, any kind of financial transaction, they can do them through their desk App, instead of using their iPhone App for that specific purpose. But they can use their iPhone App for everything else on Project XIII.'

Another thing was, put out the data. Hey, if you have an iPhone, here's what the data is. They're going to take 30% of any transaction that you do. So if you're transferring $1000 they're going to take 30% on top of that. Of course, someone's going to say “Now, I've got to add 30%.” Then everyone's going to forget that the 30% was actually to cover the iPhone expense and then they're going to say “Oh I'm going to add another 30%” Because it just sort of gets built-in and you forget.

So, one thing we said is that we'll just put the data out there and people can make a choice. If I have an iPhone, which I did have one before, is I had to make a choice. “Is it cheaper for me to go buy a Microsoft phone or just to do it off my desktop, then use an iPhone? Or do I just keep my iPhone?” There's are so may considerations that are going on, but that's just one minute example.

Caleb's really going in there and saying 'this is what the people are asking for' and then taking all of the requests and creating Project XIII, so that you have something solid. You have a place thate you control all your value, all your data and you have nobody that can go in and snoop, pick it up, take it, sell it, without your permission.

So he's considering all the technical aspects and I'm assisting in all the financial transactions and things like that and what the I and the UV actually looks like, because we're not plugging that in the minute that it launches. IUV, I really wanted people to see the separateness of ... the compartmentalization, I should say ... of what Project XIII is, because it was a DO'ing.

It was a DO'ing and he had absolute love for everyone and he put out value. He's been paying monthly checks to the guys who have been putting value in to assist him in getting it done. But he's put out value. He's not asking for anyone to pay him value back, but at the same time, do you take something and say “I'm entitled to this. Caleb, give me your DO'ing!” Then I'm just as bad as the guys that stole my value, or who stole your value. But then again, we're all just embodiments playing a role and we had to have that contrast. At this moment, nobody can steal anything. If it's in your awareness, they can't take it. If you BE, they can't manage it and commandeer it. Just BE and DO.

So, I hope that explains a little bit about Project XIII and the things that Caleb's thinking of and considering. He has so much that he's considering that finally his body needed a rest and the whole iPhone App team ended up getting sick as well and yet these guys are plugging through and making sure this gets out as soon as possible. Luckily, Caleb has a really great support system that's helping him and healing him while he's DO'ing things. So, that's a little bit of insight for you.

Carlos I really appreciate, I'm not complaining, I'm just waiting to start DO’ing on that platform, that’s my point.

Heather: Don't wait to DO ... but yes on that platform I get that, but don’t wait for the platform to DO! It'll come and swing around and that's a tool you can use too, because Carlos, we've had many conversations and heard you on the radio shows. You always ask good questions and you go in and you DO. And then I like to hear what you've done and what everyone else has done. Don't wait for anything - just DO.

Carlos: No, I plug into that platform, but yes I’m doing my Courtesy Notices and then informing people and just BE’ing and BE’ing happy. ‘Cause that’s one of the real things I’ve learned from all this from you guys is the spiritual freedom that I’ve gotten. That’s my, I’m already happy the way it is, I’m just waiting for that more fun to come when I start using those other tools and maybe while I use those tools I might create something that makes people to be more abundant too.

Heather: Absolutely and with every DO'ing, it actually changes the Absolute Data, because what is happening now has never occurred before. So I thank everyone for all their BE'ing and DO'ing; it's just creating quantum launch pads. It is exponential and perpetual; it is only going forward. There are things that you do not perhaps see that you are visibly affecting. Now it just seems to swing into focus so you can visibly see it, but it's all there. So that's what the fun is going to occur this week, and starting this week and all through the next few weeks is everything is going to become visible that you haven't seen but you affected and you helped create. You helped co-create. So, thank you Carlos and thank you everyone.

Carlos: Thank you.

Heather: Thanks Carlos.

Do we have another caller? I’d like to answer as many questions as we can.

Caller (Whitney): I do have to admit I’m insanely jealous that I’m not in Morocco.

Heather: Everyone's here, they just don't know it yet. Someone brought up about that, '”here do I need to be? What do I do?” Everyone has these different fractals. You're touching every moment of everything that exists. There are parts that resonate with you and you sit there and you follow this energetic trail. You're actually creating this energetic trail and you're actually bringing your density up with a part of you that's sitting where you resonate the most. So, keep going. If it's Morocco, then I'll see you soon. If it's not Morocco, then I'm sure I'll see you soon anyways. We're all magnetically drawn to the crossroad of Now and here we are.

(General laughter)

Caller: (Donna): Hello this is Donna and I have a question for Heather. Sending love to everyone. This might be a 3D question. Please forgive me, I'm doing the best that I can catching up. Reality is what it is and I'm gonna tell you what our reality is here. Maybe I don't understand what the ‘finale’ is. I understand what NESARA is. I understand what an RV is. I don't understand what a ‘finale’ is.

I've heard Heather say to me, or to other people, is “If you get a notice from a court and the court says You need to appear, 1500 miles away and I want you here at such and such a date” and we respond to them and we say “You tell me who you BE, who you are and by what authority are you summoning me to this court?”

So we do that and we do it in a real professional manner. We send it registered mail and we put them in a default situation. So they're in default and so what do we get 10 days later? We get arrested! We get arrested and we get threatened with incarceration for six weeks while the court proceeding will be going on.

I have a dear friend in court, begging the judge, I guess that’s not the right term, but letting the judge know that we did respond to the court and we asked them who they BE? They say, let's get the marshals out there and let's pick them up. Let's pretend something happened in their vehicle. Let's get the local people to have a traffic stop, which was bogus, and then let's get the marshals to arrest him, detain him and have him have to go in front of a court. Now, because he's such a stand-up guy and because he lived at his home for over 30 years, the judge could not justify him being shipped back to 1500 miles away because he didn't appear in his court. So, my question is, “Will we get relief from this?”

Heather: First off, I can't speak to any individual cases, only because I have to have all the data to be able to make any kind of assessment. From what little you're saying, it seems really excessive, that kind of action or reaction, that a purported court would take.

So I'm not going to speak to any kind of advice or anything like that, because I don't have all the data. I can say it doesn't seem for someone to say “Show me your authority and show me your standing!” and they go out and arrest and all that. It just seems really drastic, so I'm obviously missing some data here.

At this point, as far as your key question, are you going to see relief period, from anything. Because it sounds like you're really in a spot where you just want relief. You don't care where it comes from, you just want relief. You're focusing on this one situation which seems very drastic and I agree with at least the fact that it seems very drastic that’s why I say some data must be missing okay.

I know really great officers, really great people who are in positions of purported public officials, who want the right thing to happen, who want to be there for the people. Then there are some that just are very egotistical and there are some that just gave up. They do their job. They do their title. They don't feel good about what they do.

So I can't speak to the individuals that were involved in your case and their intent, because number one, I don't know them, I haven't met them, I don't know what their intent is. So if you are asking me to speak on your individual case, I won't do it. Just because of the data that I just gave you.

Donna: No, Heather, that's not what I'm asking. What I'm asking is for tools to fight an evil cabal.

Heather: I don't fight. I don't see anyone around for me to fight. I do see tools for swinging things into focus and for working on making everything aware, all the data out there, so people can make an individual choice, make their choice by their free will.

Brian: So let me ask something here real quick if I can. What you’re talking about is what people are DO’ing not only in this country but all around the world. And what it really involves is staying calm and standing your ground. And when enough people do that, all of a sudden, these old systems that used to control things begin to collapse.

So is there a possibility that that may come with repercussions? Absolutely. Is it a possibility for my car to get impounded for me not paying my car payments? Of course! Is there a possibility that I might get pulled over because I didn’t pay for my registration and that might come with some financial penality? Absolutely! Do I go to bed worrying about those things at night? Not one wink. Because if it does happen to me then it serves some greater purpose ‘cause I know with my work it’s what has to be done because in order for change to happen it has to start happening in the masses and it will happen collectively and a lot faster when everyone stands their ground and remains calm.
So for me it’s about letting go of that fear and allowing what’s to take place to take place. Standing my ground no matter what, knowing full well what I’m doing in each moment. Heather or anybody never told anybody to go out there and do anything. This is about everybody making individual choices and so if you’re real question is “When is the landscape going to be set that will allow for these types of events to not take place any longer and for the people to be set free?” I personally feel like we’re right there, but in the meantime it’s not about waiting, it’s about DO’ing and DO’ing it with full confidence and letting go of all the fears that you might be holding that something negative could take place as a result.

Donna: You guys talk and you talk, but you don’t listen to the people. And that’s exactly what Chris was saying. We did ask the judge who they BE. What I want to know is what is the "finale"? You guys talk about ethereal "finale". What is the "finale"? What is this week and next week? Let's hear what that is.

Heather: Okay, so the finale is Absolute Data. The finale is going in and having tools that people have hung their hats on, such as the RV. All tools, any tool that you visibly see that resonates within you that you choose to use. That is a tool, period.

For some, it's energetic. For some, it's internal. For some, it's external. Doesn't matter right now, what matters is that you have tools. So, these tools are coming out. Some resonate, for instance, with the Courtesy Notice; some don't. However, it was used and it had a great impact, a great effect. There are other tools that were out there, that were actually used to create a Courtesy Notice, such as experience. Scott Bartle and Ken Bartle and Chris all went in and used and created a tool that resonated with them. It apparently resonated a heck of a lot around the globe, because they were using them and it has incredible effect. So, the final is about Absolute Data. It's about Absolute Knowledge and it's about having everything that you require when you require it. That's as specific as I'll get, because I'm not going to limit everybody and their Quantum Jump Pads and their ability to move forward.

Donna: Okay, I appreciate the answer. I understand what you're saying. It sounds to me like the people who are trying to put the RV through are kind of stymied.

Heather: No, they're moving. It's just putting things into a corner. Like I said, everything you guys have been BE'ing and DO'ing, everything we've been BE'ing and DO'ing, all embodiments throughout the universe has actually helped them do things, to use that specific example. They're working too.

So you're going to be able to see visibly what they've been working on and what affect you've had. So that's Absolute Context that's coming out and that's more of the Absolute Data coming out for that particular point. So, have patience. Keep BE'ing and DO'ing, because every BE'ing and DO'ing that you DO pushes it forward into visibility. You're absolutely a part of the solution. You absolutely are having an effect in creating this moment of Now - the ‘finale’.

Donna: I appreciate your time.

Bob: Who do we have?

Caller: This is Darrel.

Bob: Hi Darrel,

Darrel: Thank you for your DO’ing and Brian I love your laugh and Chris I really like your incredible ability to get the message across. So thank you.

I have been doing my own DO’ing, I woke up in 1998 and actually had to go back to sleep because it was a little too painful. And about seven years ago I woke back up again and said “Maybe now’s a better time.” So here I am. It really all started when I met an astronaut on Maui and he was scheduled to go to Mars in the public Mars program in 1989, cause he didn’t go because they cancelled that. And he really got me onto this path and interest about free energy and of course the galactic and I have travelled around the country looking at different devices.

My question is I've done tons of research. I've learned a lot about courtroom procedure more and than I ever wanted to know about the legal system. I actually started that years’ ago. But right now, my one hang-up with all of this is the UCC. What I don't understand and cannot find any information on anywhere is why is the UCC relevant to these foreclosures?

Heather: The UCC is just one part of the commercial registries. They went in and made everything uniform. In fact, the next step was to make all the accounting uniform, so all the countries.

But it's all irrelevant at this point, as far as what all that was. It's no longer there. Even if it looks and appears to be operating, that's been the modus operandi is to go in and make everyone think that nothing's happening, nothing's being affected. So that 's why it's important go in and really know what you know within. And all the data flips around. So as far as the commercial registry, everything was moved under the commercial registry. It's actually been under the commercial registry; UCC was just one form, but it's been around for millennium.

Bob: And Darrel it’s simply because the governments were corporations.

Darrel: Right I understand that the government are corporations as chartered.

Heather: All the data's out there, Darrel. All of it’s out there and visible. As far as discussing it, I just say go out and continue your research, because there's been many shows, many Skypes, many emails with the particular answers to the questions that you're asking; that's already out there.

Darrel: Well thank you for the information about the commercial registry. I will look that up.

Bob: Yes that’s you.

Caller: A quick note, I do have questions but I have to say on behalf of everyone, please understand people are just really emotional, they’ve never done this before and it’s a new terrain and everyone loves you okay.

Question number one…can you clarify quickly for me when Heather does say “What's coming up at the end of the week, invisible is going to become visible”, what exactly is she referring to?

Lisa: She said there would be announcements, but I have to get her to answer this question. Hang on.

Heather: Hello?

Caller: Hi beautiful. This is Diane. Heart to you. I’m gonna keep it short I know you’re tired. Question number one in a nutshell, when you refer to the end of the week and “What is invisible will be visible” what are you referring to exactly or is that possible for you to explain?

Heather: Anything you can imagine. You imagine it...

Diane: Okay, so if I imagine that a banker was gonna honour me, then that'll happen kind of? (laughs)

Heather: Let's put it this way. All the stuff that's been happening in banking that you haven't been seeing, or that others haven't been seeing, all that's going to become visible and it starts this week. It starts to swing visible. What hasn't been visible? Data, transparency, all that's swinging in now and it's all done. Once that starts and the transparency starts, it's addictive. Everybody wants it.

Diane: Yeah okay that’s working for me. It ends right there you don’t need to go any further, beautiful I can go to sleep at night and know.

Okay, back into more of a 3D, the trenches part with everybody, a common question right now, is they've done the CN's. They've done the three invoices. They're all kind of hanging. Am I right? It's going to be really irrelevant. Right? Like we're all worried about what the next step is going to be, but I keep getting this feeling that I’m not even going to have to worry about that. Am I off the mark?

Heather: No, it resonates with me. I can tell you this. When I was in the trenches in the courts, I have just one case that had over 700 million built up at that point. And they know it and it's sitting there. I haven't touched it. Because the whole point, my whole intent, was to jumpstart transparency; to jumpstart them being aware.

I do not regret it and it was the best investment I've ever made. Am I going to go back and touch that 700 million or force them, say “Hand it over, or I'm going to do a citizen's arrest!”, or I'm going to use any kind of form of enforcement? ... No! I'm doing INforcement, going in and making them aware, because that's what resonates with me.

So, for me, Courtesy Notices and all that ... I think it's a great tool to bring awareness and it's worked. Its also helps them make an informed choice of what they're going to do and what is manifesting is transparency. Anything over and beyond that is beautiful, but transparency is what everyone asks for, isn't it?

Diane: Mmm. And that their veil or their fa├žade is thinning, dissipating right now as we speak?

Heather: Well yeah, it’s becoming more visible isn’t it?
Diane: Yeah.

Heather: And it’s continuing to be more visible and that’s what the ‘finale’ and all that is about. Yes, it resonates with me that all of the collections and all that is irrelevant, because the actual purpose of any tool was to bring transparency. That's the first thing everyone requested; whether it was through the legislation, whether it was through the mainstream and all of that, it was all transparency. That was the number one request and the answer was 'Yes'.
It may be different than anyone expected, but the answer’s ‘Yes’ so there we go.

Diane: Good ‘cause tomorrow and the rest of the week I’m printing till I run out of ink and I’m hitting every single place in my town and I’m just gonna keep pounding. And I have said to Lisa and I just want you to know too Heather that I know we’re all sounding a bit threadbare and almost in a demanding tone but people love you guys and just know that and you hear part of it in the chat we are all there with you and we know what you have all done and we are as well doing with you. Everyone has gone into the trenches wholeheartedly and it’s just a new terrain and they feel the pinch and the squeeze but we’re there and we’re with you.

Heather: I’ll stop you there because for me, there is no commanding or demanding or anything else. I understand. This wasn't by design of the people. But it was by design of the Absolute Plan, so we knew the difference. We could see the difference and feel it and experience it and then choose, make an informed choice of how to go forward. So don't worry about it; I'm doing this without judgment.

Diane Okay. I just had to share because I know everyone feels the same way. I had one more quick question for Heather or Chris. I know a lot of people are wondering about Captain Deryl; is there any update about that?

Chris: Deryl is continuing to do exactly what you're doing Diane. He's continuing to educate all the people that he's dealing with to find faults in their own actions, which are many and varied, if only they would actually deal honestly, because they break their own rules absolutely and continuously. It's like whack-a-mole. He's in good spirits. As Brian said before, he doesn't lose any sleep over the situation that he's in. He knows it's just a process and that things are about to shift and he's working very hard just to keep the pressure on.

The invoices are just sitting there; they're a message to the system. You've delivered it. You just keep up the pressure. Indeed, the email campaigns where we're gathering to organize are doing the same thing; more information, more pressure. It's just the glare of transparency reaching into the system, in the same way that the Courtesy Notices flow around inside an organization and around the water coolers. We're just coming at the system with more information from a different direction. Again, if you have a look at the absolute data exchange website, you should be able to leverage that in your own area and you can certainly use it to support others. That's really just more information flooding back into the system that we know what's going on and we prefer to do it some other way, thank you very much.

Heather: (closing comments) It's been an amazing experience. What a wonderful gift you guys have given me, over and beyond anything I ever expected. That's what abundance is about. That's what UV ixchange is about. Just imagining and I imagined this, but what's happening here is way beyond what I ever imagined. So now I can quantum jump somewhere else. So thank you.