Friday 3 May 2013

Your Absolute Value - "Spend like a Boss"


Your Absolute Value - "Spend like a Boss"

This is a place of knowing.  You have come from a place of wishing it was true, to a place of hoping it could be true, to knowing it is true.  You are the value.  The value is not held in the 5, 6 or 10 billion.  The value is you.

The whole notion of cash was a set-up.  A brilliant device used to enslave and de-value you.  It is no wonder the beings who devised this plan were referred to as “gods”.  With the creation of ownership, the game was on.  It is an old game, as evidenced by discoveries of hoards of ancient priceless artifacts along with stories of servants and royalty.

These stories are your history.  Deeply embedded in your collective subconscious is the notion of top-down, master-servant, and owner-slave.  This is intentional.  This gradual awareness of your enslavement has been your awakening.  As you step back far enough, you see that pockets of revolution have always occurred.  You write books and films about these revolts and their hero’s, always identifying with them at some level.  You praise their courage and are fully in their camp throughout.  This is because You are One.

Slaves, servants, the lower rung, the working class are different brandings of just one thing – a being who believes himself owned.  It may be a king or a mortgage, it matters not.  If you believe your very life is dependent on you ability to work for something or someone (which is debt of any kind), you have a master.

We have come now to understanding the corrupt banking practices that run the world. This is gradually morphing into a realization of our worth.  We are the only value that has ever been.  Nothing happens without our signature.  It is our identity that begins the process and it is initiated at birth.  We are catalogued, counted and our value is used as commodity.  It is our absolute value that those who understand the game are after.

We are stepping into a place of knowing.  The fact that the game is rigged does not alter the players.  We agreed to the game, used it to catapult our awareness and we’ve arrived at the moment of our realization.  We are the value.

If my signature is necessary for a lousy $300,000.00 mortgage or $5,000.00 credit card – then the worth of my Being is beyond comprehension.  Numbers have been tossed out – 5 Billion, 10 Billion.  Yet truly I say to you – Can you put a numerical value on life?

Yes, right now money is deemed necessary and yes, until we end the game it will be (necessary) and yes, there is a system being launched, that will assure you get yours – but I ask you again, what number would you use to categorize the value of you?

You are unlimited – an eternal BEing of light with Angelic DNA.  You’ve volunteered to participate in a great forgetting so that you would one day come to an incredible process of remembering.  You have been of service to the whole of creation.  It is time now to accept your worth.

This is not the same as pretending, dreaming or wishing, for in each rests a state of disbelief.  This is a knowing.

One of our sons wanted a two wheeler.  So we got him one.  It sat for days, maybe weeks, in the garage, un-ridden.  There was some discussion, not much, about the idea that he’d figure it out just as soon as he got on that bike.  Time passed.  One day, without discussion, he marched down the stairs, out the door, to his bike and rode down the street.  That was the day he stopped wishing he could ride a two wheeler.  That day he knew he was a bike rider.

Money has nothing to do with value.  You are the value – money is a game piece.

What Heather, Caleb and Randall did last year was figure out the game, call their bluff and lay the cards on the table for all of us to see.  It was a brilliant move.  With honor and gratitude I acknowledge their magnificence and accept responsibility for my own.

Slaves wait to be told what to do.  Masters decide what is necessary and take care of it.  You are a Master.  Take your life, your Absolute Value, into consideration in every moment.  It is worth no less or more than the life of any other. We are One.

I have said you are Gods.  There is nothing beyond your reach.  Within you is the stuff of miracles.  Your imagination is your greatest tool, followed by belief, knowing and DOing.  This is your game – what piece have you chosen and what will you do with it?  Your value is beyond comprehension.  It is time to spend it.

A brave, bold, beautiful and powerful angel has said “It’s time to spend like a boss”. Yes Seraph, it is.  Let no one who engages you misunderstand your value.  BE the value every moment.  Say “I AM”  “I AM the Lord thy god.  Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” 

The words are true.  They have been misrepresented, that’s all.  Our God does not demand subservience.  Our God is the One.  It is the collective that has played the game; now its time to collect and “spend like a boss”.

The Absolute Value does not rest in a number, it is found in each Embodiment of Eternal Essence. It is found in you.  You know who you are.  What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

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