Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Collective Imagination Q&A Tonight!

Well all you awesome people, tonight's show will be a great one!  Heather will be there (and I can shake her ass awake my self if she happens to drift off, lol!) and all the usual gang.  Tonight will be all about answering your questions.  Get in the chat room, the skype rooms, or call in- start getting your questions put together and we'll try to answer as many of them as we can in the two hour show.

See ya in 4 hours!

The Collective Imagination

The Collective Imagination 28/29 May 2013

5D Media Network

5D Media Network

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At this pivotal time in Humanities evolution we are beginning to remember our organic technology. A technology when used correctly, can create an experience that the majority of people the world over want to live. It is time to use this technology consciously for our own benefit and healing and no longer unconsciously for own demise.
We are divine creators, creating both our own personal experience and our collective experience moment to moment.
We invite you to join us as we reawaken this technology through experiment,  and experience our power to create and manifest.
Join Hosts Lisa M Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales and special guests for 2 hours of pure fun as we rediscover our creative power.
Join the movement.  Become part of the 3%
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