Sunday 12 May 2013

OPPT-IN radio show May 6 transcription

OPPT-IN radio show May 6 transcription

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, May 6, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Good morning everyone. This is Lisa Harrison and this is ... don't panic ... the last OPPT-in show (laughs) on the Freedom Reigns network. As of next week, we will be calling it ‘The One People Radio’; TOP as you guys have already started calling it. We'll be broadcasting it from the 5D Media Network, possibly at a slightly later time, just one hour later. All the links and all the information you'll need to join in next week will be on the OPPT-IN Facebook page, as well as the TCI Facebook page and the soon to be launched 5D Media Facebook page. So you won't miss out. We'll do the best we can to get you all the information you need to join next week's show.

We do want to say a HUGE thank you to Freedom Reigns and to Deatra for the support over the last couple of months and for the offer to host the show here. It's been lovely. For lots of reasons, we're moving house, but it's all good; there's been no issues, so let's not start any rumors. So yeah, don't panic. It's all good. We will be back next week with a new face and a new name: ‘The One People Radio’.

(Lisa welcomes regulars Brian, Chris, Bob)

Lisa: We're joined today by a couple of guests, because they've got a couple of updates and some interesting updates for you.

(Lisa welcomes guests Deryl Zeleny, Scott Bartle, and Uwe Shafer)

Lisa: Okay, we're going to start off today with an update from Deryl on the interesting events that have occurred with him in the last week or so. There is a rather in-depth conversation that was recorded between Deryl and Chris recently; is that online yet?

Chris: No, it'll be online as soon as we can today, just been gathering a few bits and pieces for it. We got a picture of Deryl actually walking out of a security facility, shall we call it?

Lisa: Today you're going to give us a synopsis of what took place, yes ; the short version?

Chris: We'll give the thumbnail version of what took place, because it's a nice, long interview that we did with lots of detail because there is lots of ins and outs to what happened and a couple of various obvious reasons for what happened, which is what we'll discuss here. We obviously don't have time on the show to go through it all. I'd encourage people to listen to the interview, because what's going on here with both Deryl and with our other guests, Scott and Uwe, is we're watching this system unravel in front of us and documenting it as we go along. So, do you want me to speak to Deryl about this, Lisa?

Lisa: Yes, let's kick it off.

Chris: Let's kick it off. Now, to thumbnail it for people who aren't aware, Deryl's been waging a one-man battle against the system in Canada to bring things out into the open, into the public. Actually put several of his own properties deliberately into foreclosure, which is also what Uwe did. We'll speak about that when we get to Uwe and Scott. In the process of going through the legal procedures, clearly identified the points at which the actual system is committing complete fraud upon everybody who's put into a foreclosure process, Uwe and Scott will actually be dealing with the contractual beginning of that process. What they do at the start of that mortgage process, which Scott's identified some really interesting aspects of. But for Deryl, he's right at the other end of the process. He's actually been evicted once from the house and went back for very specific reasons. Deryl, do you want to start there? Oh damn, he's dropped off.

Alright well let’s see if Deryl will get back on….(talk over)….Deryl’s actually been spending a lot of time and effort as he’s gone through this process educating everyone he comes into contact with; the judges, the clerks of courts, the solicitors, the bailiffs, the enforcers, the policemen everyone involved Even the guy who actually turned up with the truck.

This is fascinating Scott you’ll enjoy this one. The guy who turned up the other day who triggered this event that we’re gonna describe was….working for a company who manages foreclosed property for the banks. He is a removalist, and he and his son came with their truck to Deryl’s place. After a short discussion with Deryl where this fellow admitted, not only admitted but told Deryl that he’d actually seen Scott’s video ‘Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government’, and was trying to work out whether the Canadian Government was a corporation. Deryl was actually able to show him on the SEC website that the Canadian Government was a corporation. So he was not cooperating with the people that sent him there, he actually turned around and said no, it’s un lawful, we’re not going to take this man property and refused to do so. So Deryl I’ve been filing them in with a little bit of the story….you back in with us Deryl?

Deryl: Yeah I guess I dropped off line so I don’t know what transpired. I guess you were talking about the guy…a… the mover.

Chris: The mover yeah well….we’ll have to keep it fairly short. People can get more detail out of the interview that we’ve done. But essentially Deryl….you just need to explain why you went back to the property first, cause I jumped in with the information about Deryl….about Dave the truck driver. But if you want to start at the reason you went back to the property.

Deryl: Okay it was about a week…and we’d had that interview, you have the tape when I’m discussing the situation with alleged police there and the alleged sheriff and or the enforcement officer. Well, what transpired is I was going by one of my other properties, they had actually hooked on to one of my big trucks and they were about to take it. They had no documentation or anything, the police were called, and the cops asked them if they had the appropriate paper work which they did not. So at that time they were ordered to release the truck and leave it there, but during the conversation they found out they’d already broken into one of the bays, and they had stolen another large truck.

Later that afternoon, I went back to my residence only to find out that a Bobcat loader was also stolen. So we’re looking at a proximately forty thousand dollars of vehicles equipment that hs been removed from my property unbeknownst to me. So under the criminal code I have every right to protect my property. It’s called the ‘Color of Right and Claim of Right’, so I went back into my residence and I stayed there for approximately one month.

During that time no one from the property management facility came and checked on the residence. They’re suppose to…I was going to say it’s about every three or four days they’re suppose to legally check to make sure there’s no damages, no fire, no flooding etcetera, but, none of this transpired while I was living there. I would’ve only gone out maybe a couple times a week to get groceries, but no one actually showed to the residence.

Chris: So on the day when they did, there was a truck with two operators, plus at least one representative from the management company?

Deryl: Yes that’s right. I notice this vehicle backing in at the top of the driveway so I took my camera out there. I took one of the filed flyers, and I took pictures of all the people I believe there was four, three vehicles and four individuals. I said “You’re trespassing, you don’t have permission to be here”. I gave them the flyers and the truck driver, actually I invited him down for coffee, and we started talking about some things. He was reading the flyer, and he was quite interested. I told him that Canada was a corporation and he said “I knew that”. So…

Brian: Oh oh!

Chris: That’s not good. Deryl are you back again?

Lisa: Come on Deryl. (silence) Now for people, Scott, for people in Australia who want to be able to prove that Australia is a corporation, have you found the documentation for that? I know you found it for various banks here in Australia, but for the actual Commonwealth? Have you found it?

Scott: Beyond what’s on the SEC website there’s very little that we’ve been able to come across. There is another website actually that’s quite interesting to work with for corporations, and it seems to pull from the Dunn & Bradstreet database. It’s called I’ll drop that into the chat there. That one actually seems to present and ties to the other companies or individual that are related to that company. So for say for example Commonwealth of Australia dropped that into the Corporation Wiki and it goes and shows all these varies branches in, throughout the states; including about sixty two different employees working in Washington, so that’s a little bit (talking over)

Lisa: Will that work for most countries?

Scott: It seems to, I did the same thing for the state of Florida, and I was finding justices listed as companies, we were finding various different court houses listed as companies all registered with Dunn and Bradstreet. So, yeah it seems to work all over.

Chris: Doesn’t sound like government to me.

(Everyone chuckles)

Lisa: I’ve just been sent….thank you very much Li Hu, a document which I’m trying to open. It is the listing on the SEC of the Commonwealth of Australia company registration.

Scott: Yep

Lisa: So that’s probably online on one or your websites Yeah?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah that’s up there and it’s still all over the SEC website.

Chris: Yeah. Well while we’ve got Deryl let’s jump back into his story so we don’t have to jump all over the place too much.

Lisa: Have you got him?

Chris: Yeah, he’s here…’ya there Deryl?

Deryl: Yeah where’d we leave off?

Chris: Well we just got (talk over).

Lisa: That you brought the guy in for a cup of coffee and he said he knew, he understood that Canada was a corporation.

Deryl: Yes…and he spent about twenty minutes there, I printed off documents for him. He was rather excited that all this stuff was now going forward. He knew it, but he didn’t have proof. A police officer showed up and she was invited in also and asked if I was a Freeman? I responded and said “Why are you a slave?”

We gotta a chuckle out of that one. (Brian chucked)

Then about ten minutes later and I was back at the table talking with the moving guys, and two plain clothed officers showed up and they became aggressive. I asked them leave because they were trespassing. Under the ‘Claim of Right and the Color of Right’ under the criminal code I was legally defending my property peacefully.

They then grabbed me and put me up against the counter. I protested, I said “I did not consent.” I asked them to leave and they handcuffed me. Then I asked my guest to phone 911 and tell 911 services there was a kidnapping in process, and gave them the address. I was then hauled outside (talk over)….

Chris: So that call’s recorded of course?

Deryl: Yes and there was actually two calls made because I was in the back of car…of course the call came over the radio with the address saying there was a kidnapping in process and officers to respond. Which of course they came out on radio and said we are already here.

Chris: Now after that point, when they took you to the local police station you actually ended up imprisoned for three nights and four days.

Deryl: Yeah that’s correct.

Chris: Now, now after that point when they took you to the local police station you actually ended up imprisoned for three nights and four days?

Deryl: Yeah, that’s correct. The first night, er the first day I was brought to a holding cell just with a concrete bed, no pillow, no blanket or anything. The lights were on twenty four seven. I was not fed any breakfast or lunch. It wasn’t until about seven thirty or eight o’clock that I was given a bag of McDonalds and then allowed to make phone calls to find a surety.

But during the afternoon the two police officers… acting police officers came to the cell. They were given paperwork and they indicated to me that I was probably going to be given a ticket and released later. However one of the officers, who was aggressive, took it upon himself… he was going to phone the property managing company and the bank to determine what would happen. He came back approximately fifteen or twenty minutes later indicating that they wanted to press full charges against me for forcible entry into my own residence.

Chris: So they went back to the bank for instructions?

Deryl: That’s correct, they did and I was charged.

Chris: So who do they actually work for Deryl?

Deryl: Yeah, they obviously work for the bank. Because if they indicate to you you’re going to get a ticket for trespassing on a property but then they have to make a phone call to determine if there’s going to be charges… and now we’re talking criminal charges. At that time on the Tuesday it was only one charge of forcible entry.

The next day I was arraigned in front of a Justice of the Peace. Now you have to remember this is a first time offence. I have no criminal record. I am not a threat to society. I was leg-shackled and handcuffed and brought into the court room; because what they have is terms and conditions of the surety. Normally what would have happened on a first time offence is an individual is released on his own recognizance with a promise to appear, with no money put down as part of the bail. This was not the case. In actual fact the terms and conditions where there was a blackout, a media blackout, which the judge read in the court room. In addition I was not allowed to contact anyone… I could not use a phone or the internet and I was restricted from going back to my property within five hundred feet and I had to be accompanied at most hours of the day.

Chris: That does not sound like anything but censorship and political suppression.

Deryl: And that’s exactly what it is, because they don’t want the information out that the banks are nothing more than criminal organizations. And that’s who controls the court system. I refused to go with those conditions and the sureties I had there were very upset, they were fearful that the police would be coming after them. So I said “I won’t put you in jeopardy” and I went back into custody.

That night I was taken to another facility and the same sort of thing, just a concrete bed, no blankets, no nothing. Lights were on and I was fed there however. I did request to make, twice I did request to make phone calls to arrange for a surety the next day. That was denied. I also requested when an officer came by to do a taped deposition in front of a couple investigators under oath, which was also denied.

I was taken to court the following day and held in a holding cell at the bottom of the court house and then…

Chris: Deryl, were you actually in chains while you were in holding?

Deryl: Yes, in holding you’re in leg-shackles, the handcuffs are removed however. Then in the afternoon I was taken to a minimum in a maximum security where I actually had a bed, and a pillow and some blankets and a hot meal.

Chris: And at what point did you actually successfully contact someone to give surety? Was it during that second day?

Deryl: Yes, once I was in that holding facility, which by the way is a private prison, there are two phones there and you’re allowed to make collect calls. I was able within a couple of hours to arrange a surety for Friday and I was released. The conditions were limited, or weren’t as limiting as on the first day. So I still have to report in…

Chris: I think we may have lost Deryl again there. But I do know the conditions were that he had to report in. He had to stay with the people acting surety. There was no suppression. The Crown Solicitor was actually in the end, in agreement that it was actually censorship and took those off.

So I think the system at that point recognized that that was not going to be successful. Now had they actually been successful in getting Deryl to agree to that, he would not have been able to do this interview today without breaking that order and actually being, able to be pulled back in. So hopefully we’ll get him back in, in a minute. He’s dialing back in now.

But the whole process was clearly designed to try to get Deryl to agree to allow him, consenting, to allow himself to be completely stopped from communicating with the public by publication, on the internet, by phone calls, or any form of contact with his “followers”. So the whole process should have been a ticket, in and out in a couple of hours. And it turned out to be three nights and four days and a whole lot of terms and conditions put to him which were refused and eventually whittled down to some minimum ones. Deryl, just list your final terms and conditions that you signed off on.

Deryl: Terms and conditions… I have to report in every Monday to a police station and I have a hearing on Wednesday and I’m not allowed to go back to my property. I have to remain five hundred feet away. But the other conditions; not being able to use a phone, internet, and talk to people, has been removed. I refused to accept those conditions.

Chris: Now the actual charge – forcible entry. That’s a criminal charge and when you go back to court, and we discussed this yesterday, they are gonna claim that you broke into their property. Which gives you an opportunity in a court which will put a higher requirement on evidence, because it’s a criminal court, and you can actually ask them to prove it; because on the books it’s your property.

Deryl: That’s right. Now the burden of proof is on the Crown to prove whose property it actually is. I have a claim of right. We have a video recording of that, we have documentation. The bank in the first instance re the civil procedure, they have to provide no proof of who the actual owner is. All they do is point to “you failed to pay your mortgage therefore we’re foreclosing under this administrative act”. In this case we have a criminal hearing where the burden of proof is now on the Crown. And their argument will be “Okay, who is the legal owner?” Let’s show it. This way we can bring…

Lisa: As you say, their own paperwork shows… this is the property you trespassed on and your personal address is at the same property. So even in their own paperwork it’s saying that you trespassed on your own property.

Deryl: That’s exactly right! As an individual possession is nine tenths of the law and under the Constitution Act no one is to have their property illegally removed without due process of law. And that’s what they have done. There has been no due process of law.

Lisa: Brian, I don’t know what’s going on, but we can hear you there. Are you talking to someone else or?

Brian: I’m sorry, I thought I was muted.

Lisa: (Laughing). That’s okay.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. So the upshot Deryl is you’ve had a very interesting week and you managed to educate a few people on the way through; particularly the guys in the final prison that they put you in on the last night.
Deryl: Yeah they got a chuckle about that a person’s arrested for breaking into their own property. I got to talk about some things, the things within the facility… that training and education, instead of just locking people away and confining them to a small, confined space, providing them basically no reading material etcetera. Very, very eye opening for me.

Chris: That appears to be the system. The entire process they put you through, seems to be aimed at discouraging you from taking any further action against them.

Now, we know it'll actually have the opposite effect, obviously.

Deryl: Now, just for everyone out there, I was held captive in Tehran in 1988 and I was treated better there, with the Iranian National Guard, than I was here in my own country and that is sickening and saddening to me.

Chris: Indeed.

Lisa: (sigh)

Chris: Well, you can catch the full details of Deryl's sojourn with the system from last week on the interview which will be posted before tomorrow's show on the OPPT website and probably on some of the blogs that normally repost things; American Kabuki, Removing The Shackles, KP, Brian etcetera and have a listen to the series of events that went through. There is a lot more detail on there. Just spread it out. Point other people at it because this is how the system works. And Deryl, I got the distinct impression that they were very, very nervous that there would be crowds gathering outside the courthouse, that there'd be a massive backlash and they seemed determined to try and head that off.

Deryl: Yeah, they did. I know when I was in the prisoner’s box there, the judge refused to look at me and he stated that there was a publication ban and the media that were present could not publish anything.

Brian: Hey um, somebody out there questioned: "Is there an active flash mob that is going on where we can all send stuff to the court for Deryl, on Deryl's behalf? I know we've been doing some of that on our own anyway but is there a potential large scale flash mob in order?

Chris: The details are actually for the previous people that we're dealing with Deryl. Deryl, were the details that were posted in the past for flash mobs in support of you still be the valid ones to go to, or are there some ones we need to add to that given the experience of last week?

Deryl: I'll have a look at it. I haven't...of course I was out of the picture so I knew nothing of what was transpiring of what caused them to be so fearful.

Chris: Well, no doubt the banks have been watching what's going on because as Scott will tell you, looking at the IP addresses for people who peruse his various websites and look at his Youtubes, the banks are looking at his stuff, government departments. are looking at his stuff and you can bet your bottom dollar that the same thing’s happening with you and, in fact, the military will probably be looking at your stuff too, no doubt, given your relationship with those guys.

Bob: You know Deryl, I really wanted to commend you on the way you handled the situation because one of the things that I see that they’re really, really hoping for is intimidation. I mean they're trying to intimidate and basically bully people. When you don't give in to their intimidation, they're kind of left kind of “Well, okay now what do we do?” Because they understand, and I really believe, that their actions are actions of desperation. They know when they're checkmated and I believe they see it and they’re throwing a tantrum about it.  They’re not being......they're being sore losers; the type of people that you play chess with and they upturn the board after they realize that they've lost.

Lisa: Well, it's also in that police officer who asked him “Is he a free man?” Because they are being trained to deal with people, who refer to themselves as freemen or sovereign or any of these terms, as being unbalanced, anti-government radicals who don't understand the way the world works and you've got to treat them a certain way. The fact that she even asked that question in that way is very telling in my book, to me. And you didn't behave the way she was trained to believe you would behave.

Deryl: That's right. So, if you have a look at the interview from before, the same tone, the same demeanor when speaking with the police officers while they’re there. They're trying to escalate things, I'm trying to de-escalate things, to the point that he's standing over me, in my space, and I asked him to politely leave the property now because he is trespassing, in which case I am arrested.

Chris: Indeed.

Lisa: (Chuckle). That’s not going to be taken… they're not going to take that lightly.

Chris: No, we'll see that....the old saying “Behind every piece of paper there's a gun” is unfortunate but true, because that's ultimately what happens when you buck against their system.

Deryl: Now Chris, actually I'm glad you raised that point. When I was in the back of the car, the guy from the moving company was there talking to the officers and I could hear him. He said, "Deryl is absolutely right. What you guys are doing here is wrong. Here's the documentation. It's all here. What is going on?” But they refused to listen, and his son actually came over to me and his son told me the story through the window that about a week earlier, he's a law abiding citizen, he has guns, he has rifles that are legally registered. A SWAT team came to his home and seized all his weapons. He was furious about this. He has no recourse whatsoever and he said, "I am so upset that I never should have registered those".

So what you see happening is, all those people listening tonight need to go out and look at history. Look at 1930s and the brown shirts because what they do is demonize the population, or a certain portion of the population, and now it's justification because of all the terrorist attacks out there. By the way, which is government sponsored, that's justification for them to go in and seize weapons from law abiding citizens because it's much easier to overthrow a country if they are unarmed. That's what's happening and it's time for people to wake up!

Brian: Well it's funny, Deryl, I finally understood, just over the course of the last year, the whole pro-gun argument. Because it's really easy to convince a good percentage of the American population that are still "asleep" to what's really going on behind the curtain of government politics. And to those people they think “no guns, no violence, no death, no shootings” but taking away the guns is just about the most dangerous situation a population could ever be in when you are defenseless against a power that could potentially overtake you. I think a lot of that is coming now to light with the debunking of the Boston Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook and those kinds of things. If nothing else, it raises awareness that not having guns is not necessarily a good thing. Actually it's terrifying!

Chris: It gets back to Deryl's original investigation that began this whole process for him where he was investigating threats to Canada, threats to the sovereignty of Canada for a certain period of time; and came to the conclusion that the real threat was the government of the banks. There's the problem, with the logic that Brian just put forward that “there'd be no violence if there's no guns” but that's on the assumption that the government is on your side.

Deryl: And we realize that it's not a government and all it's there for is to make money for the investors and that's clearly shown in the SEC and their yearly statements at year end.

Chris: Deryl, one of the questions that we, and when I say we, probably Scott and I muse on quite regularly, is we are finding evidence, strong evidence, proof, that these organizations are corporations. One of the things that's most difficult to find is exactly who the owners and shareholders are. Have you ever gotten to the bottom of that particular rabbit hole for the corporation that is Canada? Who owns Canada?

Deryl: It is a Crown corporation owned by non-other than the House of Windsor.

Chris: So, it's actually a property of the Queen of England.

Deryl: Then you can take it further, well actually Canada is registered in Washington DC, and then we know all the corporations and all the central banks are owned by King of Kings, who wants it shut down.

Chris: Well, on that subject, let's take a quick look at the blog that one of the gentlemen who tends to publish material for the Swiss Indo organization from a couple of days back had another document from them.
(Lisa, Deryl and Chris talking over each other)

Deryl: Before we jump into that, I think what needs to be known here is that people think they have a central bank and I am going to use an example of the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada does not belong to Canadian citizens, it does not belong to the government. It is a private bank alright. And when it was first charted, its charter was to provide loans to provinces and municipalities, interest free. Okay, that’s when it was first chartered; it was incorporated also in 1934. So if we look at it from a business perspective, if you have a company and you have a printer there called your bank of your company and you could print out however much money you want interest free as a business, why would you go and borrow money from overseas investors and pay three, four, five percent interest? From a business perspective it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Lisa: I’m sure that they (inaudible).

Chris: Mmm. I was just thinking that Lisa, you know that all of the countries that are involved in the corporate system that is the Commonwealth; they all are indebted to the IMF. You know, what is our own Reserve Bank doing? Why are they loaning money to us at interest if we own them?

Deryl: Chris, I’ll give you and example of an investigation when I was going through the documents and the bonds that they’re selling. Okay so their claim is that they are going to raise money from overseas investors. So they are bypassing the Bank of Canada so they’re issuing bonds to for instance in February 2012, it was six billion dollars that they issued to six separate banks. And on their books, it is a no bonds were issued, it is just a bookkeeping entry and every three months, an interest payment would go to... for instance HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Ameribank and... I can’t remember the other ones. So why are they not issuing certificates and why are they just paying interest? No money is actually transferred back to the government alright. All they are doing is tax payer money is going to pay these banks. And I couldn’t figure this out. “Why would they do that?” Well they would do it if you want to bleed the country dry, increase the taxes and bankrupt your country. When you bankrupt your country, then the investors come in and they take your resources.

Chris: One of the things I’ve always wondered is how many sets of books these guys run?

Deryl: We know they have two, because we have two, we have proof of that and that has been sent to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, showing the actual amount. For instance right off the top of my head, the native Bank of Canada as I recall has 9.3 trillion dollars in off ledger accounts and yet they say they have no money.

Lisa: Exactly, I mean all we hear about in Australia is the deficit the Australian Government are in, the country is in a deficit and we owe X number of dollars and yet no corporation runs at a loss for too long…

Chris: We are fed figures by governments and various other departments of governments and one of the things I have always wondered is this “Where does that tax money actually go to.... and are the figures they are giving us about the amount of tax collected and available as budget for the government, are they cooked or not?” Because if these are all corporations working in concert with one another, we actually have no idea how much tax is actually paid by the shall we say the participants from say this county. We have no idea how much tax we have actually paid and whether or not they have just scrapped straight off the top and then fed back a proportion of that to keep us permanently in lack. So all that ever happens in the political process is that we are fighting internally to decide whether to feed what’s left to say education, health or defence or whatever.... And literally permanently on the back foot and then turning around and having to borrow money at interest to do things that really need to be done.
Brian: They actually talked about recently the amount of trillions and trillions of dollars that have been lost or unaccounted for that went to... supposedly went to the military industrial complex that just goes up missing every year... just astronomical figures. There is absolutely nothing that is stopping them from just putting total fluff out there. Kind of what I think is going on in the stock market right now; I think all those numbers are just fudged into a computer. I don’t think there is any reality going on behind a lot of reports as far as... I mean there’s no transparency. So they can really do whatever they want, show whatever they want and there is no way anybody could possibly say “Hey, I am not buying that as real show me the burden of proof”. Then they just give you the finger and really walk the other way.

Bob: This question comes to mind, when you hear about it and you look at the whole big picture, if you were an extraterrestrial race and you looked down, you would have to really laugh. Because here you have countries going into austerity measures right? Because they are in this deficit; they owe money. They don’t ask the question “What is it that we actually need? Is there enough food? Yeah there is plenty of food. You know we’ve got plenty of resources to build houses, we’ve got all of the things that you need are right there, we just don’t have the money”. And you look at that and say “Really people? Really! We can’t do it because we don’t have enough digits in this account?”

Lisa: Guys we are preaching to the choir here

Chris: Yeah, I know.

(All talking at once).

Lisa: I was going to thank Deryl and thanks for the update and please if you are interested in following Deryl’s story and supporting him, the full interview with much more detail will be up on the OPPT-in site once Chris has got the final package together I guess to go up there in the next 24 hours I imagine. Deryl, when is the court date? When are you due to go to court?

Deryl: Next Thursday, I will be in court and then we will set a trial date at some point in the future here. Which I am looking forward to, I have lots of evidence and testimonies.

Chris, Deryl and Lisa talking over each other........

Lisa: It will be a great opportunity. Yeah. Absolutely.

And we also have Scott and Uwe here to share some recent events that although based in Australia are also global in its repercussions and globally to scale in terms of the new website that they’ve put up as well. So can we move onto that or was there something that you wanted to finish off with first?

Chris: No, I am good. We will jump straight into the conversation with Scott. We are having kind of a legal/financial show today simply because of the events that are taking place. My view on them is, we are actually seeing the system reveal itself for what it really is and this is another example from the beginning if you like of that foreclosure process. We have Scott Bartle and Uwe Schafer.

Just to introduce them, Scott Bartle you all should know well by now, he has been actively reverse-engineering the system for some years now in several directions and he has had a very, very interesting journey. When we are done actually I will give you his website, and the website that he and Uwe have just put together that we are about to discuss But our other guest Ewe Shafer is actually a former financial consultant who actually wrote the mortgage contract that we are going to be discussing originally. He and Scott have done an absolutely elegant job of reverse-engineering the sequence of events. And it’s all played out, all spelled out on a website they’ve put together complete with some interviews in details of the broad thumbnail that we are going to look at here. So welcome Uwe and Scott.

Uwe: G’day.

Lisa: Hi guys.

Chris: Perhaps Scott, no perhaps Uwe, if you just want to give us a quick timeline of when you took out this particular contract and what led you to decide to challenge the basis of the contract just at the end of last year?

Uwe: Thanks Chris, look I’ve been in the broking field for about six years and a couple of years ago a friend of mine sent me the SEC registration of the Australian corporation in America and that shattered my paradigm of the planet and overnight I started researching to the tune where I resigned from brokering within about three days…

after reading all this information because I couldn’t face another, writing another home loan and enslaving another family for you know thirty years. That was two years ago. So over the last two years I did immense research and basically day and night lived and started breathing this whole thing to the point where middle of last year I did an attempt to challenge my lender and send in a quasi-informal letter asking some questions about the origin of the funds and all this and they simply brushed it off.

At that time I got very determined and probably the same month I met Scott, I think it was June last year. And then I started learning about Scott’s background and the incredible work he’s done the details and the structure of what he’s, as you said reverse-engineer the system, is exactly what he’s been doing.

So Scott and I teamed up and we pretty much prepared this in an orchestrated manner to the point where early December we started sending in notices to the lender and gave them seven days each time. So there were notices out in a really structured manner and they were on the website, you can download all the templates and all the forms, and have a look at them and even use them if you want.

We started sending those in, and within less than a week they had legal counsel on the case. This was just asking questions you know. The two bottom line questions, there was eleven of them, but the two main ones were, “Did you actually loan money or did you transfer our signature?” and “Do you still have the original note?”. So these were the two lynch points which everyone’s got a problem with of course.

So within a week the counsel was on the case saying “This is no basis in law and piss-off”. So we continued to send them a reminder notice, or we call it a Notice of Fault for not responding and then we send them a Notice of Default which was on Christmas Day funnily. Within about a week…

Chris: Are there any coincidences going on here?

(All laughing)

Chris: Sorry to interrupt Uwe.

Uwe: No problems. So within that two to three week period we had put the lender onto the back foot, that they had to provide certain information. Sorry I forgot to mention, that same month I stopped paying the mortgage as well. So we wanted to see “What are you doing on the parallel path to enforce the loan”. So we did our enforcement over hear saying “You haven’t provided any information to the underlying contract and all you’re doing is pointing at the signature” whilst we wanted to see what they are doing.

So they started their process of phone calls, letters, reminders. We have them in what we deem a default position from our end, by the end of the year. And in early January we started invoicing them for their actions based on a set of terms and conditions we provided. These stipulated that if you call us chasing unsubstantiated debts it’s going to be this much. And you may have come across some of Scott’s terms and conditions on his website before. Again they’re also on our website and we’ll put the link in afterwards.

So this went in one direction and they went down the other direction. However, the moment they reached their Default Notice, which was mid-February, unbeknownst to us they went straight to the Supreme Court. Now the interesting point here is that we initially wrote the loan, or submitted the application in two borrower’s names, which is myself and my wife, but Barbara is the only one on the title. We did that for tax reasons at the time. So she’s the only titleholder.

When they served us court documents last Thursday for immediate possession, they only went after the titleholder and even though relying on the underlying contract by name, they call her Miss, not Missus. They just mention my name in a little sentence on the side, as if maybe we’re divorced or not even together. So they’re hunting down now the titleholder and going straight for possession. Yes relying on the underlying contract however, not relying on the contracts. Do you see what I mean?

Lisa: Yes, they’re saying the contract is the proof but it’s got both of your signatures on it and yet we’re going after the titleholder only.

Uwe: That’s correct. Because I’m the one who put them in the corner, all the letters and notices have my name on the top. So the default was actually done by myself. So they’re actually trying to sideline that clearly and then by withholding any information from the court. However they also went straight to the highest court in Western Australia and took a hold of the highest judge, the Chief Justice that we’ve got there; who from experience we know could be a very difficult one to deal with.

Chris: So you think they’re a bit nervous Uwe?

Uwe: It appears that way. So right now where it’s at, at this very point in time, we are five days in of a ten day notice to make an appearance or they give Default Judgement. So we have already formulated a plan where we’re putting in a counter-claim in the next two or three days and putting them on the back foot for being in breach of contract. I can’t discuss this at the moment because there is certain points which will certainly give them something to chew on.

Lisa: Now the website address we’re talking about here is Is that right?

Uwe: That’s correct.

Lisa: It’s chronicling this whole process in real time for people so they can follow along with what’s happening when it’s happening. The last edit was May 4 ; so you’ve got videos there, you’ve got documentation and it’s very clearly outlining the story in chronological order, which is lovely and people can participate basically. And all the documents are there if they want to use them for themselves, or have a look over them and see if they may be useful to them in their situation.

Uwe: That’s right Lisa. Look if I could ask for some real support in using this information and actually getting on there and leaving comments under the videos, you know spreading it around. So we can actually put some strong backbone behind this as well. Now, we do have our own backbone no doubt, however the more following we have, for lack of better words. The more support that we can show, if there’s a hundred thousand video views coming together I think we’ve had about seven thousand all up in the first week and this hasn’t really been hit out very that hard yet, because we weren’t really sure which direction to go with the court, but we know now what we’re doing and the next week or two, if we can really push this out there I think it’ll put some wind up their ass. Did I really just say that?

Lisa: That’s okay you can say that?

Chris: Yes, welcome to Australia folks.

(All laughing)

Chris: The last thing I wanted to do with Scott and Uwe was to have Scott talk for a minute about a couple of aspects of the contract and the way the system actually goes about drawing you into that contract that I found absolutely fascinating when we talked about it last night; so Scott, which it actually relates to not just the contract that you signed itself, but the application for the mortgage. Scott do you want to expand on that a little because it’s a pivotal part of the approach that you guys have actually taken and it’s been uncovering more of the system that we need to know about.

Scott: Well that’s exactly it and for those that are still scratching their heads as to why the banks were foreclosed upon, that website of Uwe’s is brilliant to give that background as to what they’ve been… all their deceptive acts and practices.

Now the very first video that Uwe and I did we pulled apart the basis, or the presumption that there’s an actual loan. And that video is probably brilliant to actually explore that and it actually quotes from publications from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Chicago and more recently we found another one from the Bank of England in their annual report that describes how new money is created when loans are made.

Now of course that requires someone to walk into the bank to want a loan, which brings you to the origin of new money. Now if you’re the origin of this new money then there’s no loan taking place. What goes on is the application form is treated as promissory note and is essentially converted. The banks perform a conversion service where they convert it from a promise, in to this other form of promise being cash. So at that point if you took your application form, in conjunction with the deposit that you put down to buy a property, the vendor is already paid by the time this application form’s been converted into cash.

So all Uwe did was when he put the notices to the bank, it said “Could you please demonstrate that you didn’t do this monetization of this application form in accordance to the guidelines that you banks are publishing?” Now they’ve completely ignored it and want to focus on the contract. And this seems to be supported by the courts. They only want to explore the contract as in the mortgage. Now obviously if your vendor has been paid by the deposit that you provided and the converted application form that in conjunction pays the vendor, then there’s no need at all for a mortgage.

So what’s happening when you get into the court, all the bank’s doing is holding up the contract, the mortgage and saying “Is this your signature here sir?” And of course you say “Yes” and then the judge says “Oh well okay then in that case we’ll move to judgement and you have to pay”. And any challenge to the basis of that contract is completely ignored and even bringing up those questions…

Bob: It’s clearly evident, you can see it, that they’re following a script. And when you divert them from that script they just go right back to what they know, where they want to take you, ‘cause they’re following a script and those questions take them completely off the script ‘cause there’s really no answer without incriminating themselves.

Brian: Well it’s like the equivalent of being a prisoner in jail and complaining to the guard that you’re being mistreated.

Lisa: By that guard?

Brian: By that guard. That’s how sad it is.

Bob: I think it’s clearly demonstrating, people who hear this story, watch those videos, it clearly demonstrates who the criminals are. They’re showing themselves for their true colors.

Scott: Exactly. And right now...

Lisa: I was just gonna say the reason for the focus today on what seems to be banking and financial is because in my opinion it’s the I/UV system that has, the announcement of the I/UV system, which has really started to unravel it all. So people can see it for what it is and really get their heads around that they are the value. If they understand that paperwork aspect of it, the way the banks absolutely work. The banks know that you’re the value, they’ve always operated based on that premise; that you’re the value. They’ve convinced us that cash and gold and silver are the value and that we have to exchange our value for it, but that’s not actually how they operate. So when people can see it exposed like that, it makes it a lot easier to get their heads around the fact that they are the value and that’s why the I/UV system will work. That’s what I think is coming up.

Deryl: May I say something here? There’s a couple of documents that I think we have on the OPPT-in website; one is called Modern Money Mechanics published by the U.S. Federal Reserve where it shows the debt/credit entry that Scott was talking about earlier. The other one I think we need to get on there is the History of Banking which shows everything, about 3500 years ago, up until now. And this is excellent...

Lisa: Is that the money-masters one or is that a different one?

Deryl: It’s a different one, and History of Banking. What we have sent you is one or two pages only but there’s, I think it’s approximately ninety or ninety five pages, but we’ll get it back so people can download it. What Modern Money Mechanics explains is how they create money out of nothing based, just based on your signature.

Chris: Yeah, that appears to me to be the key. If you look at the picture of what Scott just described, when you sign the note and give them your deposit, you’ve just paid for the house. But they don’t tell you that, they leave that fact out and they turn around and they offer you a contract to pay them some money for a debt that doesn’t exist.

Chris: They create the debt for you and then convince you to pay it off.

Deryl: Now here’s where the additional fraud comes in: under the Modern Money Mechanics at ten percent they take and monetize that and they, for instance if it’s a local bank, they will sell that note, if it’s a one hundred thousand dollar mortgage they will sell that note to the central bank. The central bank will then give them nine hundred thousand dollars based on that, based on what they have to have in the bank. So in effect your mortgage has been paid off, again by the next one, by the next bank. And that central bank will sell it, perhaps to another central bank, or to the BIS who does the same thing, now gets 8.1 million dollars for that one hundred thousand dollar note.

Scott: Securitization process.

Bob: And you know what the sad part about this whole thing is? The poor guy who went in for that loan is now going to work forty hours a week and then they’re going to tax that on top of it, to pay back that loan with interest.

Deryl: That’s right. Now talking about interest, we’re talking about LIBOR: all mortgages, securities, RSPs, credit cards are tied to the London Inner Bank Offered Rate, which has been proven that these banks have colluded amongst each other to steal money from the people. Barclay’s Bank was fined 453 million dollars for their interest rate rigging, and HSBC was fined 1.95 billion dollars for their involvement in the interest rate rigging and drug money laundering.

Brian: You know that was the biggest crime, the biggest financial crime in the history of finance and what they paid – Heather’s talked about it before – what they paid was ‘the cost of doing business’. When you’re talking about dealings in the trillions and they get slapped with a five hundred million dollar fine, you know they’re behind closed doors laughing their asses off at that.

Chris: Yeah, I have to point out that it’s what they call a ‘rounding error’ in mathematics, where you increase the 0.5, if it’s 0.6 it becomes 1 or if it’s 0.4 it becomes 0. It’s a ‘rounding error’ folks, they don’t care. And the thing I found really extraordinary about LIBOR is that it was about fifteen minutes on the news and then it disappeared, and as you said Brian, the biggest financial crime in the history of the planet. Yet who went to jail? Did anyone go to jail?

Bob: Exactly! Who went to jail?

Chris/Lisa/Bob: Nobody.

Bob: But Deryl got to spend three days there.

Deryl: I went to jail. (Laughing, over talking) I wasn’t even found guilty yet.

Chris: Yeah we have to thank you Deryl for everything that you’re doing. It’s an absolutely outstanding process you’ve put yourself through. It’s just fantastic and we do appreciate it.

Brian: Yeah, absolutely Deryl, big time. I was so excited to see Deryl’s little icon flashing on my screen today when he’s called in ‘cause I hadn’t heard if he was in, if he was out and I was like DERYL. Oh, such a relief!

Chris: There you go, there you go.

Lisa: Brian, I do want to move onto this latest document from Swiss-Indo but before we do that let’s finish off with Scott and Uve. Where are things at the moment and what’s the message you really want to get out there today?

Uve: You want me to cover that Scott?

Scott: Go for it.

Uve: Well right now as in time lines, we are basically pushed a bit by them trying to railroad as fast as they can, and they’re really trying to rush it. At this stage think we’re not represented so we’re still tossing up whether we actually will use a legal council to assist us. I’ve spent a long time with a barrister yesterday who said we have a very strong case to really make it difficult for them, and obviously that’ll cost a heap of money. And the other question is will we self represent and push forwards to stop them in their tracks? Otherwise they could have a Default Judgement within five or seven days which obviously we don’t like.

Lisa: That would be the fastest foreclosure on record.

Uve: I’d probably look at less than a couple of weeks.

Chris: Well that shows you how nervous they are, ‘cause I think Scott’s really uncovered the core of the deception.

Uve: Yes, undoubtedly. Undoubtedly and by us putting it to them, I don’t know what devil was riding me at the time, because we’re talking about the family home but somehow I just couldn’t stop it. I said “Enough is enough. We can no longer take this”.

Chris: Sure. And how does your partner feel about this process?

Uve: We call it roller-coaster.

Chris: Yeah, I understand. Look Uve, again as per Deryl, it’s an absolute service to humanity that you guys are performing here by forcing the system to reveal its corruption. And this is the harsh light of Absolute Truth shining on something that’s been going on in the dark, in behind closed doors with curtain drawn for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Variations of this process have been carried out against us and it literally is just stealing our energy and it has to stop.

Uwe: Chris, the inner feeling I’ve had for several weeks now is that I’m almost laughing about this. I think it is so beyond ridiculous, in my opinion it’s all gone already. I’m not even talking about OPPT, I’m just talking the energetic event...that it’s completely gone, it’s uncovering and it’ll come out and people will go “What happened?” It’ll be just like a whirlwind come past and people go “Whoops, what was that?”

I feel we’re already in that space. So I'm not even scared anymore. Initially this was very apprehensive, a lot of apprehension whether I want to do this or not. Now I feel that it's a done deal; it's a given. It will collapse.

Brian: Well, Uwe, Scott and Deryl, you guys are true patriots of our time. You're really setting the bar on what DO'ing is like and not paying energy and buying into the old paradigm. And that's how it's done. If everybody did that, we'd have a game-changing situation overnight. I believe that we're geting there. It's funny, when my girlfriend goes like “Well, what do you mean you're not going to make your car payment? What do you mean you stopped paying your taxes and you're not going to pay your credit card bills?”' I said, “Babe, this is my work! This is what I do! I can't possibly go on the radio every Monday and Tuesday and show support for these things and still continue to follow the old paradigm rules and buy into that old structure. I'm just not going to do it.”

Now she full understands; she gets it. She understood that this is the position and the role that I’ve chosen and one that I'm DO'ing to lead by example. You guys are really taking that to a whole other level. Thank you guys all of you so much. You're an absolute inspiration.

Lisa: Yes, I have to say I second everything Brian just said. I also want to say the "modern mechanics" is now live on the OPPT-in website. I'll put the links in both chat rooms.

Chris: Did you say "modern mechanics"?

Lisa: "Modern Money Mechanics".

Chris: "Modern Money Mechanics", okay. I thought you were advertising a mechanics magazine. That's a mechanics magazine, Modern Mechanics.


Chris: Yeah look, the other thing I was going to suggest to for Scott and Uwe, is to put a donations button on your website somewhere there please. Because if you're going to need to employ that barrister ... and they have found a very interesting chap, who is actually a lot more on our team than theirs and hopefully, they'll be able to engage him. But if it costs money, I think that's one way we can support you guys along with some organized flashmobs of the participants on their side.

Lisa: Speaking of that, Chris, there's another website ... guys, I hope you've got your pen and paper handy. (Laughs) There's another website that Scott's created, called: ‘Absolute Data Exchange’ and again I will put that in the chat room. Scott, you want to tell them what that's about?

Scott: I've helped with ... I didn't create it. There's a team of guys from all around the world who've been working real long hours putting this together. Now I've sort of looked at it and helped, but these guys have been working real hard putting this together. Pretty much automating the process of being able to go and add an individual who's perpetuating the slavery system to the database and also to assist others to go in there and send an email of the foreclosure flyer to those individuals perpetuating the slavery systems. If you want to share some support to others that are in positions like Uwe and Deryl, think the plan is to create certain campaigns to highlight specific groups and send off a foreclosure flyer to those individuals and help share the love that the system's foreclosed.

Chris: That database system is operational, Scott? It's ready to rock and roll?

Scott: Yep, and you can go in there and I think they've even set it up to the point where you can send out emails to a number of folk and they actually have got the settings to be able to put your own email in there and it will send from your own email address, incorporating the foreclosure flyer in text into your email and then out it goes. So the guys have done a really good job knocking that together.

Lisa: Beautiful.

Chris: Bob, did you want to jump in there? I heard you start up to speak.

Bob: Yeah, one thing I wanted to mention, for those who want to get involved in DO'ing, I had spoken with Deryl a little bit earlier and one of the things interesting, Deryl, because I don't think you got to mention it, about directing some of our flyers and notifications to the governors; the governor of your state.

Deryl: Yeah, sorry Bob. What has just happened recently, last couple (connection cuts off)

Lisa: Oh (laughs) Deryl ...

Bob: I'll try and finish. In the last couple of weeks, President Obama basically has sent out notices to fourteen different governors of fourteen different states because they were organizing state defense militias, which Constitutionally they're allowed to do. They received letters personally from Obama stating that if they continue building a state defense, that they would be arrested. So, it might be advantageous to empower some of these governors by sending them some flyers and let them be aware of what's actually taken place.

Chris: Yeah, I wonder if they would already be aware of it, Bob?

Bob: I can give the link where you can look that information up about Obama. I'll put it in the Skype chat here, if somebody can cut and paste it and put it in the chat room.

Chris: Yeah, I just had a notice from BZ Riger too that "Modern Money Mechanics" is now live on the site. BZ moves at the speed of light.

Lisa: She does. She's brilliant.

Deryl: Well, hello! What happened there?

Lisa: There you are Deryl. We lost you again, but Bob gave us an update about ...

Deryl: Musta been something I said.

Lisa: (laughing) Yeah. Bob did give us the update that Obama sent orders to the state's governors, telling them to NOT create state protection.

Brian: Yeah, this article is from May 26, 2010; it's a little bit older. It's pretty black and white. I just put it in the chat room for other people to look at. I'll probably be posting it too.

Lisa: Okay, now …

Brian: Lisa, real quick, before we get to that, do you want to read or do you want me to read the story of the woman that had the Westpac Bank experience? I think that's pretty relevant right now.

Lisa: Oh, yes! There you go.

Brian: Lisa, you posted this in one of the Skype rooms this morning. I posted it on my blog. I'll put the link into the chat room here right now. This is a cool story from a woman who went in to Westpac Bank. Her name was Valentina. I'm just going to read ...

Lisa: It's an Australian bank and she went in to a Melbourne branch.

Brian: "Here's one for you OPPTers. I was just in the Westpac Bank, had to put some money in my credit card. Yes, I would love to give them a Courtesy Notice for and close it, but in traveling and having to hire a car, they won't take cash, only credit card. Anyway, when I paid, the teller said ‘Review’ came up on her screen from my account and she passed me on to speak to someone else. I was curious and interested, because I knew I was going to mention the foreclosures. I had been wanting to for a while.

So we sat down and she looks on the computer screen and then says that I am eligible for a another credit card. I said, “Really? Even with the collapse of the whole financial system and foreclosures on all banks, they are still offering extra services?” She was taken aback and very surprised when I said it, but she did say “Yes”. I then asked her if she was aware of the foreclosures and again she said “Yes, I know”. So guys, they all know, even your local suburban bank outlets. I finished by telling her I will wait to see what happens, because I feel lots will very soon."

So, the words gotten out there, I mean this story is a great illustration of everything we've just been talking about. We have to assume at this point, especially considering this story that it would apply across other banks as well as law enforcement departments and various governments. We had the story that one guy reported in Australia talking about the law enforcement actually having a meeting, a closed door meeting, to talk about this and how to handle it. So despite what anybody's saying, the word's definitely getting out there.

Lisa: Absolutely. I think that's why they're responding the way they are to Uwe for example.

Brian: Yes, exactly. Okay, so you were going to ask me about the Swiss-Indo update?

Lisa: I am. Yes please.

Brian: Ok. I actually posted, here I’m gonna post it in the chat room, I put it in a little while ago, a blog post from one of the popular blog sites that Swiss-Indo uses to report on various updates that's taking place with their group and some of the activities their involved in.

They post some of the articles that I put up on Swiss-Indo on their blog as well. One of our contacts is the guy that manages that blog. He sent me a link to the most recent posting which I believe went out on Friday. Essentially what it is, it's the Declaration of Absolute Freedom, the One People document that Chris and company put together.

Chris: Brian it's actually more than that. It's actually the Oath and Bond to become a Protector of the One People.

Brian: Was there both on there?

Chris: No just the one. I think you probably misread it unless there are two documents.
Brian: There's the one I see at the bottom of the post that I put up and it definitely is...because there are two documents everybody has seen for the most part at this point. Let me just make sure. Yeah. This one Chris...protecting and serving...

Lisa: So we've got the M1 King of Kings Mr Sino signs the Declaration of Absolute Freedom.

Brian: Precisely. So the King of Kings has signed the Declaration of Absolute Freedom. I was going to put out the history of banking. I don't know if it's the one that Deryl has referred to or not, but it tells a really good background story of the position of M1 King of Kings, head of U.N. and how that came to be and kind of the whole history dating back a couple hundred, if not a thousand years.

The only problem is this particular slide show presentation was shared by Ernest Bay Rothschild. (Laughing) So I decided not to put it up on the blog but anyway I thought that it was a very good sign to see that they have, that it tells a really powerful story.

Lisa: Can you get it to BZ so that she can put it up on the OPPT-in site if she thinks it's appropriate?
Brian: Sure, yeah absolutely.

Lisa: Or at least provide a link to it somewhere? …If people watch it bearing that in mind.

Chris: Brian I will need to correct you there, it really is the Oath and Bond which is actually, on a scale of importance making an oath and bond to be a Protector of the One People is a very, very significant move for the King of Kings. It's commitment at a higher level. A Declaration of Freedom is one's personal claim to be Absolute and to be free of all debt, etcetera. But this is actually a commitment to assist the One People to free themselves; which plays directly back into the original document they put out, the big 26 page document where it appeared to be doing a whole lot of things for exactly that purpose.

It is definitely the Oath and Bond and the text in the document you published prior to that appears to be a restatement of some of the core aspects of the previous large document they put out and I'd like to get Deryls comment on it.

It's written in terms and mentions things most of which I just don't know the significance of, there’s little bits and pieces. But Deryl have you got any comment on that? Hang on Deryls disappeared.

Lisa: Yes we lost him again.

Chris: Damn. Anyhow my view on the actual text of the letter; it actually begins it's to the members of the United Nations. It says “Dear all members of the United Nations. Dear Sir United Nations UN must support into the return” and then goes to list a whole lot of organizations – a very long list of organizations. My interpretation is that if you go to the 26 page document you'll see all of these organizations mentioned at various points; it seems to be a summary. To me it's a hurry-up. The 26 pager was actually out what, Brian about a month ago?

Brian: About that, yeah.

Chris: About a month ago so it's been sitting...

Lisa: When you say the 26 pager you're talking about the orders that Swiss-Indo or Sino the King of Kings sent to the UN saying, basically ordering them to acknowledge the UCC filings, acknowledge the foreclosure and follow-up on the military orders that were filed.
Chris: Yeah and most significantly it assigns budget for the process of the military enforcement and specifically mentions the military order. I mean if you could say what came from the work of the OPPT? Well two things; once the OPPT had sort of terminated itself on the basis it was no longer, you know it had finished its work and what we're left with is the One People.

The other thing that came out was this order apparently from the person who is the, well, behind the scenes the head of our entire system, the King of Kings. That's where the banking document that we'll re-post onto the OPPT-in site which is an explanation of which I'd never seen of how the actual royal families system began, developed in its current form and how it relates to the development of the financial system. It's explained in a way that I've never seen before. It's an absolutely extraordinary thing.

I'm not sure; I can't tell you that it's truth. But it's got a hell of a lot of detail in there and it's an extremely interesting and informative document. But it just completely reflects the fact that the King of Kings has always existed behind the scenes and here he is with his details, not his wet ink signature which would have been fantastic, but we're seeing an indication from him that he is committing to protect the One People and move this disclosure forward alongside something which appears to support the original document, which as Lisa just said has got a whole lot of literally orders in it about what's supposed to happen next.

Now you can imagine the UN being who described it as a traffic cop on valium, it'll be sitting on a whole bunch of people's desks going nowhere while they argue about what they're gonna do with it and here is this gentleman actually giving them a hurry-up, saying “Yes I'm committed to doing this, get a move along folks”. I'm pretty sure that's what Deryl would say, in fact Deryl's back. Can you hear me Deryl?
Deryl: Yes I can. I can hear you.

Chris: Ok well I've just been giving my views on this. My opinion on this. What's your view on this latest document?

Deryl: It looks like he has already signed onto the Bond and Oath and he wants this done, he wants the system shut down. All the information that Brian has posted maybe about three weeks ago, this is just moving this forward here and I think that's fantastic.

Chris: So watch this space folks. We'll see what comes next.

Brian: Just another one of the many exciting developments.

Deryl: Now Chris, Brian? Because I don't have my computers BZ was asking for The History of Banking. That's the 95 page document. I believe I sent it to both you. Could you get it over to her so she can post it on the OPPT-in site for people to read?
Chris: I'll do that right now actually. I should be able to do that. Have you got any more comments on the document Deryl?
Deryl: No I'm sorry I was trying to get back online, I just came in.

Lisa: Okay, we're down to about 30 minutes.

Brian: Let me ask you to read one quick thing. This is from that History of Banking document. There's the M1 plan I guess that is kind of summarized. They called it the Plan of the Experts. They feel it's part of the divine plan. I'm going to read this verbatim. It says “It's driven by a genuine attempt to better the fate of all mankind and bring them all into a material level of comfort after which man is free enough from daily troubles to pursue mankind’s ultimate goal of unity with God for each and every one. It is a long worked upon plan of unifying the world for as good as possible for as many as possible”. That was their basic guiding principle. So that's how I understand it.
Lisa: Now it says here in this document, he refers to himself as, let me find it, “King of Kings, IHM, Big Top Royal, K.681, King of Kings”. Is that in reference to he is the 681st in line to hold that position?

Chris: Well if 681st holder of the position is my understanding of it. So this line goes back, allowing 20 years per occupant, which I’m not sure how that would work out in terms of accuracy, but that goes back 12 000, 13 000 years. So we’re talking about a line of succession that has always been present throughout our history going back to before Atlantis – if that information is accurate. Fascinating thought folks.

Lisa: Yeah, very.

Brian: Indeed.

Lisa: That’s something that stood out for me and I mean the whole document’s pretty cool, that stood out for me.

Chris: Hmmm hmmm. And again I’d love to sit down with the folks down at Swiss-Indo and get an actual interpretation of some of the stuff they write because it’s almost impossible to interpret it from our position here except to get an overall take. so interesting times!

Lisa: People are wondering why it’s only happening now and I’m going to give you my very limited perspective on this: is that what we’re dealing with is a group of individuals who are and who always have been cloistered to a certain degree and surrounded by, in their inner circle, their outer circle and their extended reach, by corruption. And they have not been able to pave a path, a clear path, through that corruption in order to achieve their goal. And the last time they tried to do that was with Kennedy back in the sixties. (Agreement noises from Chris and Brian) That was the furthest they got in recent times. And it’s only now, as a result of what the OPPT did with their filings that’s cleared a path for them.

Brian: That’s exactly how I understand it as well Lisa and that History of Banking document is what tells that exact story and essentially what happened was when the monetary system got put into play, all the corruption commandeered the authority of this M-1, King of Kings. And it just got so corrupt and broken that it was part of their heritage, it was part of their legacy, but their hands were tied to act on anything until the UCC filings came into play.

Bob: One of the things I want to remind everyone, way back during the original, maybe it was the original, maybe it was the second Heather interview Brian, I’m not sure. But everybody asked “Well what is it, what can we do, what can we do?” and Heather mentioned “You’re already doing it. Your comments on the blog, the radio shows, the different videos that’re placed up, all of this, they are paying attention to”. So to answer that question, it’s happening now because we’re happening now. The fact that they even mentioned The Public Trust in their declaration and in that Executive Order tells you why it’s happening now. We’re happening now.

And this is something that really should empower people because everybody, I have had this conversation, I’m sure each one on the panel and everyone listening has had this conversation with some member of their family: “Well what can I do about it?” it comes down to or, “One person can’t change the world”, well yeah, it can and it has and it is continuing to do so. So everybody give themselves a pat on the back, a round of applause; because you’re the ones that are doing it.

Chris. Yeah, the things that Uve and Scott are doing, that Deryl’s doing, everyone around us is doing in their own way, putting energy into this process of moving us out of a really old and completely corrupt system. And we’re not too sure exactly what we’re stepping into but, we’ll make it work and that’s the thing. The concept of the One People is the other thing that came out of the One People’s Public Trust, just knock off the Public Trust and you’re left with the One People. And I have to hats off to Heather and the other trustees; they’ve pulled us through an educational process that really could’ve taken decades right, and they’ve pulled us through it in a few months which is extraordinary. It’s had the same effect on the guys down at Swiss-Indo. They have responded at, for them, unprecedented speed. Normally this sort of thing would take years to organize and yet within literally weeks of seeing the work the OPPT did, they’re issuing an order that will change the planet. Like, really? Wow!

So they must’ve got an absolute energetic blast from the result of everybody’s attention and efforts on this score. As Lisa said, I agree with her views completely, they’re very cloistered, surrounded by circling sharks. And the only thing they’ve got, the only thing they can do, they can’t make little moves, they can only make really, really big moves that effect the whole system. So they can only do it when conditions are exactly right and because they responded with such speed, I’m looking at it thinking they’re ready to rock and roll. And here this second document arrives that all it does is support to a greater degree what they’ve already done in that first order. So congratulations to absolutely everybody who’s been putting into this and thank you to the One People.

Lisa: And speaking of doing, I want to thank our wunderkind BZ. She’s already got the History of Banking up on the website as well. (Over talking)

Brian: Anyone listening that wants to look at that document, because only the people in the chat can see the link, it’s posted today on my blog: if they wanna go look at it. Cool.

Lisa: Updates, everyone wants updates on Project XIII and the I/UV Exchange. With Project XIII, Caleb’s still powering along in the background there, getting it ready to launch this month. As he said last week, that if he doesn’t get it done he’s putting a gun to his head so we’re leaving him alone to just get the work done ‘cause we don’t wanna see that happen.

The I/UV Exchange, we don’t actually have an update on that ‘cause the first thing that’ll come out is Project XIII and everything else will be built, I guess, on top of that. But what we do have is something that Brian’s put up on his blog and I’m just trying to find a link for it, Updated we go.

Brian: Oh yeah. I just put it in the chat.

Lisa: Okay. Updated Understanding of the I/UV Exchange system, Project XIII and clearing some dis-info. Now it’s a combination, what this post is, is a combination of a synopsis or an understanding that a gentleman wrote who’s name is, Brian, can you remember?

Brian: His name’s Simon Parker.

Lisa: Simon Parker wrote, right. Then that conversation, his synopsis was shared with Heather so she went through and clarified some aspects of it. So what I suggest you do is go and read the entire post. His summation is pretty accurate. What he said was “Ever since money came into existence, it has been used as a tool to represent the true value of the human being” which we touched on earlier. “The true value, the intrinsic value of human beings can’t be equated to a number or to any amount of cash. Money has been inserted between the Creator and the Created and has been used to manufacture a system whereby human beings have become slaves to money and the money-masters. What the OPPT filings back in 2012 achieved, was to expose the slavery system and to effectively neutralize it. Now later on in this month of May 2013 the so called I/UV Exchange will be launched under the title of Project XIII.”

That’s one of the things that needed to be clarified.

Details of the content and the way the system will work have yet to be released. Suffice it to say however that this system is The Game Changer so what I am suggesting below is nothing more than the best guess. Each person on the planet will now have the opportunity to connect with an online system that offers them the following:

1...A personal value resource worth ten billion of any existing currency they choose to use.

2...A personal IPage that consists of an alternative to facebook but without any monitoring or data harvesting, a facility to create your own web page, I think, an equivalent to eBay or any other similar trading platform, an equivalent to Amazon or any other similar market stall, an equivalent to Skype, an online banking facility which contains the ten billion.

This IPage will replace all the existing online mechanisms for communications, interactions and for purchasing. Moreover the IPage will be un-hackable. It will be entirely free of any government or alphabet agency oversight. It will have an ability to be entirely personalised to your own specifications. It will contain individual access codes that are uniquely yours so that nobody else can use your page, not even the software writers.

I know this sounds too good to be true, more like something out of a feel good science-fiction movie, but this is what I have gleaned from listening to recent blog shows and from reading associated literature.

In addition to and in parallel with this release several other major events will be happening:

1: Disclosure of E.T. is already going on with the Citizens Disclosure Hearings in DC,

2: Release of erstwhile suppressed technologies such as replicators and Zero Point energy devices,

3: The introduction of anti-gravity car transportation followed closely by the implementation of Star Gates for local and long-distance instantaneous travel.

Needless to say the existing banking system along with all associated structures and mechanisms will collapse as soon as this IPage is released. Governments will become irrelevant, the politicians will disappear back into their holes. Additionally chaos will inevitably ensue for a short period once people have access to these unfathomable amounts of money as nobody will bother turning up for work or for anything for that matter. This is why it’s important that all suppressed technology is released in tandem with the IPage.”

And it goes on but included in this post is clarifications from Heather, some comments from both Brian and American Kabuki, so I strongly recommend reading it.

Brian: Lisa, we should probably just, for context and contrast, read the quote that I added from American Kabuki after I posted it, because it’s extremely relative and it’s a message, I think, if you’re gonna read it, everything you just did, we should probably share that too. Let me read that real quick.

American Kabuki wrote: “I would caution people to wait until the I/UV Exchange is released until making grand proclamations as to how it all works”, considering this was obviously not from Heather, it was from someone else, it was from this guy Simon Parker. “There is much to be done, many unknown obstacles yet to deal with and things to do just yet. I would think of May as the kick-off point but how rapidly it expands I would not speculate at this point. It’s a big undertaking. Caleb’s Project XIII is separate from the I-Exchange but uses it. One is a framework of transactions, the other is a software product and I hesitate to use the word un-hackable to anything made with human hands. I am sure Caleb is doing his best to make it hacker resistant.”

So this, let’s just make sure that we also share the message that everything that Simon Parker mentioned, it’s all very exciting, none of the details have officially been announced yet. So leaving this one to the infinite possibilities that the universe has in-store is absolutely the only way to go. You all have, we’ll all have more information soon enough.

Chris: Yeah. Just gotta remember as we go along, we’ve never done this before. We’re writing the script as we go and whilst that sounds kind of scary, it’s also exciting ‘cause it means that we’re Absent Limits, all cards are on the table and the game ensues.

If you look at the events that are going in parallel we’ve got the geo-political system showing every sign of going into a self-feeding frenzy via the incredibly weird, bizarre phenomenon that is the dinar revaluation. You’ve got Swiss-Indo looking like they’ve got the potential to be a perfect bridge into the other thing that’s coming on which is the Universal Exchange. So when I say perfect bridge I mean that Swiss-Indo has, somewhere in accommodation of the way the old system works and the asset that inside the old system Swiss-Indo represents.

We have an ability to absolutely minimize that chaos effect that the gentleman refers to in his writings ‘cause I think if it’s properly handled, it’ll be a joyous event rather than a chaos event. We just have to get it right.

Lisa: We’ve got Sovereign who’s had his hand up for most of the call and apparently he’s chomping at the bit. So I think I’ve got him here, is that you Sovereign? (Silence). Hello 757?

Caller: Oh shoot. Hello?

Lisa: Yeah?

Caller: Please hold on one second. (In background: ‘Hurry up.’)

Lisa: That’s ok. This it’s just live radio, no worries. (Laughter)

Caller: Peace everyone.

Sovereign: I told you I was gonna explode! Absolute love to all embodiments.

Brian: You too.

Lisa: You okay out there? You all good?

Sovereign: I’m all good, I’m all good. I walked into the matrix last Thursday. It was, to say the least, I had a meeting with the Vice President this time and late in the meeting the Director of Customer Issues was brought in via telecom.

Lisa: What bank are we talking about?

Sovereign: BB&T, the same bank.

Lisa: BB&T, okay.

Sovereign: This meeting went a little different than the first meeting with the Assistant Vice President. The Vice President basically ridiculed the flyer. She discredited it and one of her remarks specifically was “The words on the flyer didn’t seem to be worth more than the paper that it was written on.” That touched me a certain way so I asked her the question “Did you review what was on the flyer?” and her remarks was “No, I didn’t read what was on the flyer”.

And she said “We see stuff like this all the time”. And I said to her “If you see stuff like this all the time then you should be aware of what’s on the flyer and things should ring just a little bit different if you look into the information”. And that’s when I pointed to the fact that should any individual pursue any actions on behalf of a foreclosed bank or government, causing any individual any damage as herein described, they in their individual and unlimited capacity are absolutely liable. And those words seemed to ring a bell to her so she sat up in her seat and she began to pay attention.

Her next words were “So what can we do for you?” and I went into my intentions and my terms and conditions of how I want BB&T to go forward with me in the future. I gave them the scenario of if I choose to go get a car and I write a cheque for that car, I expect for BB&T to monetize that cheque because I am the value of my account and I am the one that controls the flow of my currency.

When I was finished with my terms and conditions her reply was “It seems that you’re looking for something for nothing”. I said “Wow!” So I thought that I wasn’t getting anywhere with her and I asked for the next person up the chain which I thought would be the President and she said “No, no sir. I was the one that was sent to resolve this issue”.

So it seemed like the flyer went around all the top heads and they did review the flyer. So this is when she got on the phone with the Director of Customer Issues and this person is in control of all eastern seaboard from Maryland all the way down to Florida, and I asked them both if they were aware of the information before I brought it forward to them and they said “No, I was the first”. It’s sure funny because they both said that they never were aware of the information before so now they were going back on what they were saying. They were contradicting themselves.

So they then asked me if I had a claim against BB&T and I said “No, I don’t have a claim against BB&T. What I’m telling BB&T is that they’re foreclosed upon and if BB&T wants to respond to what I’m saying to BB&T then they need to do it in the correct form, in the affidavit of facts before, and these claims, fact for fact and point for point. And that’s when they instructed me and said “I suggest that you get a lawyer” and I said “I don’t need a lawyer because I represent myself. I don’t need a lawyer, or a liar for that matter, to re-present me in a way that I don’t choose to be. For one, I’m sovereign”. So they then said if I have a claim against BB&T, I’m gonna have to do it in a form of a grievance. I said “Well what’s following this is gonna be a Courtesy Notice, not only to you but to the Director of Customer Issues”. So that’s my story.

Lisa: Thank you Sovereign, loving your DO'ing. Beautiful.

Chris: Yeah, great stuff.

(All talking at once)

Chris: What was their attitude to you at the end of the meeting as opposed to the beginning?

Sovereign Lion: It was very warm. It was very warm. The vice-president actually said she admires my passion and she could tell that I was obviously passionate and there was something to the foreclosure flyer. Now, I'm only insinuating that she did go over the foreclosure flyer and what she was trying to do was not hinder me in any way, but she did because she pretty much ... I felt like she restricted my flow so to speak. Because I said I wanted to do something with my account and she said I can't do that because I was looking for something for nothing. That's what the banks have been doing for so long, harvesting our energy.

Lisa: Yes, they don't like the tables being turned, do they?

Chris: No, but that's fantastic work Sovereign. Beautiful.

Sovereign Lion: Thank you all very much. I wanted to know if you had any suggestions on how to move forward from this point.

Lisa: Well, you gotta remember who we're dealing with, other human beings who are suddenly concerned about their livelihood, their jobs. They probably have mortgages of their own. This is all news to them. I would say at this point just to continue DO’ing what you're doing in as loving and supportive manner as possible. Letting them know that this affects them too in a very positive way and there's nothing to be frightened of. This is freedom to them too.

Bob: One of the things also I might suggest, Sovereign, don't take what they said as a negative, because they're speaking to you in a way. Because everything is an offer to contract. Basically what they're telling you is “Okay, you're looking for something for nothing”. In other words, “What do we get out of it?” That's the question they ask, “What do we get out of doing this?” You can say, “Okay, I will include an exchange fee or processing fee or whatever, or a certain amount of value that you can devalue my notes by.” But that's what they're looking for.

Sovereign Lion: I did mention that, Bob. I did mention that as a transaction center, you can negotiate your own fee for monetizing me putting a promissory note into the bank. I did mention that. I want to monetize my own money, my own value. This is what I want to do. I actually gave them the idea even further into that I have a home power plant system that I intend on building. I want to put down all these power systems that are leaching and sucking people's energy. I want people to be self-reliant, so I want to build a system for each and every sovereign home out there of conscious BE'ings just pulling in their own energy. I want to fund my own project and I want nobody hindering that. I want nobody sucking no energy from that. So I told them about that. She said I wanted something for nothing. I think I did a good thing and I know I did a good thing, because I also gave them a copy of the I-UV Exchange and the ideas and the energy on that, so now they're reading that document. Now that's doing something to them.

Chris: Yeah. The value of injecting that energy; your energy, that high up in the system, Sovereign, don't underestimate the effect that you had, because they'll be talking about that conversation at very high levels.

If more people could communicate at that level, the system would actually deconstruct even faster. What you're doing is ... in fact, and what the Courtesy Notice does and the foreclosure flyer does, it holds a mirror up to their actions. It reveals them to themselves. They're looking at this saying, “Oh, am I working under my complete personal liability and responsibility? Ooh, I better think about that.” You can probably tell they don't really want to go there, but once that card’s been played, it can't be un-played. Once they know, you can't un-know something. The effect is a lot greater than we actually realize when we put this sort of energy back into the systems.

Bob: When they ask me that question, Sovereign, I would probably respond, “I might ask you the same thing.”

Sovereign Lion: Exactly! I thought the same thing. What kind of question ... I thought that silently, “Wow, funny you should ask me that question.” I posed it a different way. It was the reverse approach from my first approach. I approached with a knowing first and then see what you have to say first. But then seeing that I injected that energy to begin with, I wanted to see what they had to say so I could know how to move forward. They played pretty much the stupid role, like “You don't know what you're talking about.”, so I had to come back again and say “I DO know what I'm talking about. I AM the value. Why can't I monetize my own money? You monetized off of my money, so why can't I monetize off of my money?”

Chris: Sovereign, if I can make one suggestion, have a look the interviews between Scott and Uwe on their new website, because they're talking about revealing the fact that the application form for the mortgage contract is a key element of what they're doing. Because that's the initial ... that's the promissory note they use to pay off the debt. So you could take that to them and say “Here, here's what you're doing. You're taking these application forms as promissory notes and paying off the debt. You're getting something for nothing. In fact, you're stealing. I should have you arrested. But I'm not asking for you to be arrested. I'm asking you to do for me, publicly and willingly, what you've always done in private deceptively. That's what I'm asking you to do.” And see what they say.

Sovereign Lion: You know what, they asked me where did I get this information from, so I said, The One People', proud like loud, “You want to talk to them?” And both of them said, “No!” at the same time. It was so funny.

(Laughter all around)

Chris: Perfect!

Lisa: Oh, too funny. Okay, just a recap, because we're about to lose everyone guys.

Brian: Hey, you might want to read Scott's comment that he just put in our private chat.

Chris: What Scott suggested was in fact filling out one of their application forms and taking it into them and saying “Here's my promissory note”.

Lisa: “I'll exchange that for cash please.”

Chris: Yeah, perfect. Great suggestion!

Scott: And if you want, pull out one of those Federal Reserve publications or Bank of England annual reports where it says this is what we do and show them the paragraph, which ... again, go back and have a look at that video that Uwe's done ... pulls it all out and lays it out for you.

Chris: Well perhaps we should start another campaign where people walk into banks and do just that.

Lisa: All right, more on that next week then. We've got some websites to go back over. There's the,

Brian: I'm going to point people to those sites. I'll blog post it and put it up too.

Lisa: Okay. The Swiss-Indo documents up on Brian's blog and the I-UV Exchange information. Thank you to Scott, Uwe and Deryl for joining us today. That was great. Lots of information on today's show. Really good. We'll see you guys tomorrow for ‘The Collective Imagination’ on the 5D Media Network. Love to everybody. Thank you Sovereign, you rock! Love it. Hopefully we'll have an update for you guys next week on some of my DO'ing. So we'll talk soon. Bye for now.

(All saying goodbye)

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