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Deryl Zeleny- update and interview

Chris is sending me a copy of the interview and I will post it as soon as I get it all loaded up.


Deryl Zeleny – One Man Campaign – Update

Deryl Zeleny unlawfully held in custody for four days as Canadian foreclosure machine unsuccessfully attempts to silence him.
In this new interview with Captain Deryl Zeleny, Royal Canadian Air Force (retired), we cover the latest series of events in Deryl’s campaign to reveal to the world the corrupt nature of the Canadian banking/court/police mortgage foreclosure machine.
This interview first summarizes Deryl’s story to date and picks up the story from Tuesday 30th May 2013 when a removals team, including a representative a from a company purported to be the manager of properties foreclosed on by the Bank of Canada.
Deryl had returned to his property to protect it and his possessions, as he had discovered that deliberate theft of heavy equipment by agents acting for the bank as is his right in Canada had occurred. When he asked the property managers to leave on the basis they were trespassing on his property for unlawful purposes, the police were called and arrested Deryl.
That began a 3 night, four day battle of nerves as the Crown Solicitor tried to impose unlawful sanctions to stifle Deryl’s ability to communicate this incident to his wide audience which includes the military. The initial charge of trespass which should have resulted in a ticket and a brief visit to the police station, magically became a criminal charge of forcible entry at the request of the Bank of Canada.
In order to be bailed out the Crown stipulated that a surety (guarantor) had agree to supervise Deryl and that he not be allowed to publish, use the internet, telephone or communicate with his “followers”. (You mean the one people?) He spent three nights in three different facilities as they feared “crowds” might gather. Deryl rejected all attempts to gag his communications as part of the bail terms and when his surety pointed out to the last solicitor that they were attempting to politically censor Deryl, the Crown capitulated and removed the communications bans. He was released from Quinte Detention Centre, Ontario on Friday 3rd May 2013. The details are in the interview.
Here is a picture of  Deryl walking to the gate of the Quinte Detention Centre, Ontario, after his release.
The story is not yet over, as the charge that the bank had forced on Deryl, may well backfire on them in court…watch this space.
Once again we thank Deryl for his incredible commitment to bringing an end to corruption. We will be organising email flash mobs in support of Deryl and will continue to follow his journey. Please keep a look out for them.
Thanks to all the listeners and readers for your support too!
Chris Hales

Transcript : Deryl Zeleny’s Interview with Chris Hales April 2013

Deryl Zeleny’s Campaign Against Legal and Financial Corruption in Canada
An Interview with Chris Hales
April, 2013

Chris: Hi everybody, it’s Chris from the Collective Imagination. Today I’m speaking with Deryl Zeleny. Deryl is one of the great supporters of the OPPT process that’s been taking place and has been doing some pretty incredible things in the background at great personal expense and some personal risk. I’m here essentially to document the first part of his story, because I think we’re going to have to do this in more than one bite. Well, I do hope to actually end up with a description of where he is today, because there’s some interesting things happening right now in his particular life. So good morning Deryl.

Deryl: Good morning Chris, how are you?

Chris: I’m fine. It’s about 8:30 in the morning for you?

Deryl: Yes it is.

Chris: You’re at the moment sitting in a house that is yours, was unlawfully stolen from you which you’ve just repossessed?

Deryl: That’s correct. I came back; found that one of my machines worth about $26,000 was stolen from here so I’ve taken my home back.

Chris: How many days ago was it repossessed or should I say stolen from you?

Deryl: As I understand from one of my friends they actually, the sheriff or someone, took the vehicle or took the skid steer from the yard the day after the police were here to evict me. So within one day.

Chris: So they had already planned that in advance obviously.

Deryl: They may have, yes. It’s a valuable machine on the market, so the bailiff or whoever came in and took it. Now this is in addition to … I have another property with a shop. I have a complete cabinet shop and tractor trailers there. Last week I was driving past and I noticed a tow truck over at my shop. I had stopped in to ask the driver and the gentleman there what was happening. They indicated to me that this guy was a bailiff and he was there to take the vehicles and clean up the yard. I asked him to drop the vehicle and asked him for identification. They refused to give it to me. They refused to give me paperwork and then we phoned the police department.

Waiting there for 20 or 30 minutes, I was talking to the driver. I said I have no arguments with you I know you’re hired, but show me some paperwork which they really didn’t have. He also indicated to me that they were there earlier in the morning. They’d stolen another truck out of one of the bays. It’s a two bay shop. Anyway the police arrived about 30 minutes after and I indicated who I was. I was the owner and I was peacefully under the criminal code defending my land. These gentlemen were here and they have stolen a vehicle, a truck out of one bay and they are hooked onto the other one. I said this is theft. He indicated to me he was a bailiff, which he is not. I asked him to show paperwork, which they did not have. The police officer went over and asked him for any paperwork. He had nothing, asked him to drop the vehicle and leave. Said it was a civil matter and please do not bother the police again.

Chris: So that’s two properties. You actually have three properties at the moment that are going through the courts in this incredible production line theft system that they’ve got going in Canada for automatically putting any property the bank decides to foreclose upon through the courts without any paperwork or court cases actually really being submitted to, paperwork being submitted to the court or any court cases really taking place.

Deryl: Yeah, no trial actually takes place, no evidence is presented. They actually deny you the ability to present evidence in court, so what it is is an administrative foreclosure. It’s just a rubber stamp. The bank does not prove or provide any documentation of the original note, original signed signature because that is monetized and sold over and over again and bundled. I have gone through two procedures one in Superior Court in Ottawa and the other one in Hamilton, Ontario.

Chris: Neither of the courts would even really review the case, let alone have a trial.

Deryl: That’s right. Evidence was put forth and it was completely ignored. We have the endorsement from both judges and at the closing the judge said it was the interest in supporting our system that they denied me trial. I’ll send that to you Chris.

Chris: Yeah, the interest in supporting their system, that is the system where they’re actually unlawfully stealing things from people and enriching themselves, that system. That’s the system they’re supporting.

Deryl: That’s correct. The corrupt system. They have to keep the integrity of the corrupt system going in order to keep them funded.

Chris: Outstanding. So there’s a third property involved.

Deryl: Yeah, that is a condominium or an apartment block. It’s a four-plex unit. I’ve had renters in there. After I found out about the semi fraud with respect to mortgages in the financial system, I stopped paying the mortgage on that one. Well actually all three and said to the tenants basically as long as they cover the utilities and stuff they didn’t have to pay me rent.

Chris: How long ago did you actually cease paying your mortgages?

Deryl: Ok, well I guess we gotta jump back a little bit of history here. I spent four years in the army and 22 years in the Air Force.

Chris: In that order?

Deryl: Yes. Ok. I retired in 2007 and while I was working, I had built up my business. I was an Operations-I was a pilot first. I flew overseas and all the fun spots; like North Africa, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Tabuti(sp). (laughs)

Chris: What kind of aircraft were you flying Deryl?

Deryl: I flew the C-130 in those missions. Relief support and tactical operations, special operations and stuff like that. Actually was in the first Gulf War and then I flew for three months in Northern Iraq helping to support the Kurds in their liberation.

Chris: So you’ve really been in the thick of it over the years.

Deryl: Yeah, I was held captive in Iran for three days. That was at the end of the Iran/Iraq war, ’88 or ’89 I think. I was also supporting operations in the late ’80′s into Pakistan when they were trying to overthrow the Russians.

Chris: So you’ve been in a very long-term military service. That’s quite a long military career actually. How many years was it?

Deryl: It was 26, just shy of 27 years total.

Chris: 27 years. So after 27 years of service you retired and you had a request to come back to do a special project.

Deryl: Yeah, I was requested to go back to NDHQ. There were still jobs that were available to me because of my skill set. The one that they needed work done was the defense of Canada. Between 2015 and 2030 basically, a staff paper and a study determining what threats were to Canada and what equipment, manpower and technologies.

Chris: How long was the project?

Deryl: Well, I started the project before…I never did go…I’m in the Reserve now. I never did go back in active service at NDHQ, because of what I found. So that would have commenced, my investigation would have commenced in 2011 I believe. I had, years ago I had worked with a lawyer as an assisting officer. What an assisting officer does is track and collect data for court cases. I had been taught to follow the money. So what I was doing is visiting various chat rooms, Islamic groups, etc and just trying to get a feel for what was happening out there and also tracking gold shipments, money shipments, looking at Swift transfers and seeing where the money came from and where it went to.

Chris: So you were asked to essentially research and write a paper which would have been your opinion based on the research for what represents a real threat to Canada for the next say five-six years, so that they could budget and organize for those threats. Was that the thrust of it?

Deryl: That’s right.

Chris: So you actually proceeded because of your background with this lawyer you proceeded amongst other things to watch money trails.

Deryl: Money trails, also gold shipments are a big thing because…

Chris: How do you track gold shipments?

Deryl: Well, the data is out there and at the year-end shipments between countries, settlements are done with gold. Swift transfers are another thing. I have some contacts overseas too and you just get a kind of feel and you build a data base and you see what’s shifting back and forth. What concerned me was what was happening back in North America. It kept snapping me back here to North America. When you do a threat assessment, you look at what your enemy is doing or what you think your enemy’s doing. What he’s building up. He’s building up equipment, ammunition, food stocks, increasing enrollments for instance. That was actually happening in the United States which I found as a shock. For instance, they were ordering MRE’s, which is meals ready to eat at an alarming rate. Well why do you need those for domestic use? Why do you need blankets? Why do you need all sorts of other things?

Chris: Well there’s one stage somewhere in 2011 with our buying large numbers of plastic coffins as well.

Deryl: Yes that’s right. Talking with contractors who have been down to the southern states. They actually showed me the video. Because he has excavators he stopped in … I guess it was one cemetery and there hundreds of cement coffins buried in the ground and another portion of the cemetery that had already been covered over. So they were preparing for some sort of disaster. Whether natural or man-made, we don’t know.

Chris: Ok, so how many months did you track, were you getting the feel and tracking financial movements and looking at what was going on around you?

Deryl: 2011 up until 2012, like April of 2012 when I came to my assessments. Also we’re tracking, the other thing is payment in weapons, opium and the drug trade. That’s a huge financial income for the black operators and for terrorist operations.

Chris: Ok, so at some point during that process you realized that … well let me put it to you as a question. Did you realize that the governments that were involved were being, if you like, manipulated by external forces? That what was going on with governments was really being controlled by, not by the administration of those organizations? By something outside?

Deryl: At that time yeah ,based on my threat assessment. My threat assessment, I went to see a justice or judge to show him what I had found. My assessment was the threat to Canada was the existing so-called government and the banking institution here in Canada. What I had gone through is a series of government documents, court cases over the last, well since 1930 and bringing me right up to February of 2012 when I was looking at what the government was issuing in bonds. I’ll give you as example. There was a six billion dollar bond issue to the various banks, we’ll call it six banks and what they had done is they’d written it as a bookkeeping entry. No loans were ever transferred, but it was a three-month interest payment which I found odd, okay? They’re not (inaudible) certificates, but every three months they would pay these six banks the interest on that 6 million dollars and this is taxpayer money. So I describe it as kiting checks. at the taxpayers’ expense. This is only one bond. That was listed, that bond was, one of it was HSBC and HSBC of course has been under investigation and has been indicted and fined $1.95, I think, billion dollars for drug money laundering and interest rate rigging. Along with Coutts Bank, that’s the queen’s bank in England and Wachovia and other financial institutions.
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