Wednesday 29 May 2013

Collective Imagination Show 5-28-13… “SwissIndo, the RV, and Heather’s Last Show”

If you missed last nights show, then you missed a humdinger!!  Giggling was kept to a minimum (which is damn difficult to achieve when you have all of us in the same room, lol), and LOTS of information flowed. I managed to shake Heather awake in time for the show and she answered a LOT of questions, and gave huge updates about swissindo and the RV.  I strongly recommend listening to the entire 2.5 hour archived recording. Our AWESOME transcription team is currently hammering out the entire recording into the written word, which no doubt is being awaited by the translation teams so that they can get the information out in all languages possible.

... ps: the article that I posted last month that Heather talks about during the show, with regards to the RV is HERE

I will let you all know that I will no longer be a regular host on the One People's Radio Show on Monday nights.  The 1-3 am time slots are extremely exhausting and I just can't keep it up two nights a week.

.... Last night it was after 5am before I was finally in bed with the zzzzzzz's- the post show meeting ran a bit longer than usual, lol.

I am working on my own article about Morocco and will hopefully have it ready for tomorrow.  I will also be writing a major story about our very own Nicole and her current struggle with the Corporation of Canada and the asshats that run the bureaucracy that pretends to be a government while illegally tying up the people who live in Canada in red tape, lies, deception, and utter bullshit.

.... it's going to be a doozy because I'm pissed right the fuck off.  I will be giving out personal email addresses and phone numbers and sharing copies of their ridiculous threats and drivel. Feel free to share it ;>)

Thanx KP once again for organizing all the show info- and huge thanx to Ginger snap for her usual wonderfulness in getting it all together so fast!

Collective Imagination Show 5-28-13… “SwissIndo, the RV, and Heather’s Last Show”… Show Link plus Ginger’s Notes

Holy Smoked Leaping Reptoid Lizzzards! . . . rofl
Do NOT miss listening to this 2.5 hour show recording!
In fact, this show is so significant, I will not use any of my notes to make certain everyone makes the time to listen! And given that this looks to be the last show Heather will be on, and what she shares, essentially this IS “the eve” of the absolute data awakening for mainstream . . . due to all our BEing and DOing.
In the first half of the show, things are shared about the SWISSINDO perspective and the RV (revaluation of currencies) by Heather that were jaw-droppingly outrageous perfect solutions.
This show is a richly dense shot of vital information, but thankfully D’s delightful crew (of RTS – Remove The Shackles) will be doing a transcript and posting it in the next day or so . . . as I too need to go over some of the information imparted by Heather to best comprehend it all.
The last hour and half of show was taking caller comments and mostly questions, with excellent answers and perspectives provided mainly by Heather . . . all equally important to listen to!
So I will leave you with just one took-my-breath-away of an appetizer . . . Heather has underwritten the RV!
And do NOT miss dessert towards end of last half hour :))))
Enjoy the only meal you will need for now!

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