Wednesday 15 May 2013

Called to the Curtain

A friend found this post on Facebook- so awesome!

WE have rehearsed for this incredible Humanitarian event over and over, we recited the script, with ourselves, and with others. NOW it is time to perform, we are called to the Curtain, the spot light is on us and we are to Perform in a way we never have before. Many of us are experiencing stage fright, we are not sure how we are going to be received, we are doubting our abilities to be Positive Co Creators in the Biggest Show of all time on this Planet. Indeed it can be very frightening to step out and Shape a New Paradigm, some of us don't even know where to begin, as we watch others fearfully cling to the things of OLD because its familiar. The Old is all we know how to function, to make our money, build our homes, all those things to sustain the illusion of security. The truth is .. That OLD System, what I call the OLD PARADIGM, is collapsing more and more each day. No doubt , living in the final stages of the OLD while guiding others to Create and Shape a New Paradigm, can be frightening and very difficult. The Old, was built on Lack, Fear, Control, Singularity, Unfairness, Injustice, etc; these are all opposite of LOVE .... We now desire to achieve a Planet of Balance, and as we are learning to achieve that place of balance in our own personal life, we are awakened to the fact that is how we all need to live collectively to sustain life on this Planet.

So what does Shaping a New Paradigm mean for HUmanity??? ... Simply it Means, Community, we all need to work together, each of us will have our own valuable part to play on the platform of LOVE, where there is Truth, Balance, Fairness, Honor and Respect for Everything and Everyone.

To all of YOU who are awakened to YOUR Role as a Love-Light worker/Wayshower, I DO understand how difficult it has been for YOU ALL. With ALL MY LOVE AND COMPASSION TO EACH OF YOU, I would like to encourage YOU, to continue on , Stay Strong and open hearted. Let US Unite and Perform our Roles in the Greatest Story ever to be told ... LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER, and together we shall Shape a New Paradigm!


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