Thursday 16 May 2013

Collective Imagination Show 5-14-13… Show Link & Notes from Ginger

Huge thanx KP!!  From one moving maniac to another, lol!!

Collective Imagination Show 5-14-13… Show Link & Notes from Ginger [MP3s ADDED]

[Kp note: as I am in the midst of finishing my Hawaii apartment move out, I'm just posting the show link and Ginger's notes. If I get time for the MP3s, I'll add later.]
MP3s (with minus 1 minute of music at start, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
[Mahalo Ginger for taking and writing these notes each week!!!]
THE COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION SHOW – May 14th (US) / 15th (Australia) – 
GingerSnap! Notes
- An invite to come join the 5D media network website, by posting picture – . . . and joining in on all globally fun!
- Again, clarification around the new site . . . This new site now REPLACES the old one ( . . . and it will also have a corresponding FaceBook site soon as well . . . (but NOT to be confused with Caleb’s project XIII “facebook-like” site, yet to launch)
- Brian noted how interesting things are unfolding now, first with Julien & Bob’s “The Transitioning” Saturdays (US) show that offers a process of remembering . . . and now his & Jake’s Thursdays (US) show, “Be The Change” that offers ideas around how to embody the changes.
– Caleb’s Project XIII Update . . . will launch later this month . . . but note, “Project XIII” is the basic platform that everything else will be built upon . . . and will be a replacement for Face Book (and minus all the FBook harvesting) . . . and the I-UV Exchange is built onto it, available afterwards . . . no hard deadlines . . . but please everyone . . . just set an intention for Caleb and his team to manifest with Great Ease of unexpected speed, Peace and Grace.
- News and some helpful historic background well worth hearing via D of RTS ( . . . “lots of things are happening right now, where sometimes it gets extremely quiet, then there is another flood of more news . . . and while certain reports have not been entirely true, they have been remarkably accurate! . . . like NESARA (John MacHaffie) re RV (revaluation of currencies) updates (but, some 2000 were NOT arrested last week) . . . things continue to move forward . . . and funny, last year when all the politicians, who thought they could get away with jumping the line with via their rv cash-in vouchers, got taken to the cleaners very badly . . .
- Historically during the 2nd Iraq war was first time the dinar was devalued . . . and strangely, the big money maker now is the dong (1mil for only about $3USD) . . . and it’s all such a huge contrast now to what we the One People have been focused on . . . all while there is a self-consuming rampage (i.e. Cyprus) going on . . . as this bubble of illusion is disappearing fast, because what was conspiracy theories last year are now shared stories . . . however, their new financial system going online has to happen because people are beginning to figure out what’s going on with lots more questions that cannot be answered anymore . . . as the old system template is no longer working very well.
- It’s amazing what some younger people are now doing, like making 300 foreclosure flyers to hand out into their communities, or writing a thesis on the Bilderbergers (lol), and Chase Binnie’s bank visit video illustrates that not much has to be said and to just stay within kindness and compassion . . .as just one of the people here assisting others.
- Again, can use Scott Barttle’s site to send out flyers in mass –

- D shared about how in last two weeks, she has had the largest manifesting with ease ever! . . . and letting go of how to get there was critical . . . and she had set bar really high so still amazed, and she is nearly done packing up moving now . . . where even her husband is wondering how she pulled it off!
- Brian shared his instantly manifesting his new radio show on Morning Brew –
- Noticing how suddenly it is easy to talk to nearly anyone about the concept of the “One People” . . . so this is manifesting fast as well . . . as in 100th Monkey thing.
- About Bashar w/trailer for new film –
- Brian reads from one of Bashar passages from this video –
- Some are noticing how they may be very familiar with his work over the years . . . but within all the new energies, suddenly going back to listen as they have much deeper meanings to us now.
- Within the Universe, there is no built-in “meaning” . . . only we the people can give meaning to it.
- More wonderful Bashar videos around “Masters of Limitations” – . . . . . .
CALLERS AND GUESTS (about 1hr 9mins into show)
- Ka’uhani from Oahu shared how his reality completely changed for a week . . . where he experience so many non-3rd dimensional (via his non-5 senses) things . . . but when he allowed someone to re-define him back into a 3D limited being, suddenly it all went away . . . however, Chris let him know that once you experience it, they can never take it away and so it is still there.
- Judy’s sharing was huge, fun and wonderful! with recording of a collage giggle-fest.
- Julien Wells shares some wisdom based in personal experiences . . . how his work is different than Bashar or channeling, as he observes the energy . . . how he wanted the info to be accessible to him and accountable for it, so wanted to be an energy reader instead . . . and how he works . . . Chris added how much he has witnessed Julien grow over past few months . . . again Julien and Bob’s show is on Saturdays (US) found here –

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