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TCI radio show apr 30- transcription

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, April 30. 2013
Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lisa: Speaking of the Three-Percenters, I thought I'd pass on something quite funny that Barbara found, which was an article that currently is on the New Jersey community paper I believe. It's about the Three-Percenters. Three-Percenters (inaudible- garbled) ... says cops did nothing wrong. So, apparently there is a clique of officers who call themselves the "Three Percenters" in the Jersey City Police Department-Emergency Services Unit. "It sprouted about two years ago", officials have told the Jersey Journal and that "they were separating themselves from the others in the unit and we put a stop to it immediately, of course. These were officers who are anti-government extremists." Don't you love it! So we're not the only Three-Percenters out there. (laughs) We possibly share some common philosophies with these guys. They have these blue patches, "One of the Three Percent". (laughter) I thought that was great!

So, to this group of Three-Percenters, welcome.

Chris: That's really interesting information. It really just confirms that what we know is that the system isn't entirely against us. It's only the management policies. The actual people in the system are just like us.

Lisa: Exactly. (inaudible - garbled) Perhaps they know that it only takes three percent.

Bob: It's in the collective imagination. (laughter) It's self-evident now.

Lisa: I'll put a link to it in the chat room. It's a bad little article.

(Lisa welcomes Bob, Brian, Chris and Heather and all saying hello to everyone)

Heather: Hi everyone.

Lisa: How is Morocco?

Heather: Getting warmer.

Lisa: Nice. So, today, we are winging it big time as usual. One of the things we wanted to talk about was the language that has sprung up through the whole former OPPT movement, thanks to Heather. We can credit Heather with this new language that we're all dealing with about eternal essence absent limits. What that means and how to get your head around it. How to let go of the limitations that we've placed on ourselves consciously and unconsciously. Wow! The sense of freedom that comes with it when you're consciously going through this process. We've all been doing it. Those of us who are part of the Collective Imagination, as well as those who are part of the OPPT-In crew. It's been an exciting and revealing journey so far, at least for me. I wanted you to guys to share what this whole concept of being absent limits has meant to you and how you go about it. Who'd like to start?

Brian: Well, Bashar has this video where he talks about how humans have become masters of limitation. It's so powerful, but so true on so many levels, because I don't believe we came into the world with those beliefs. It's almost like we've been entrained them, so as to suffocate the true power that we have from within. Becoming absent limits is a process of, for me, of shedding conditioning. When you really start to ... it's just like any other ability that you want to master ... it takes time and focus, but you have the ability in every moment to make a choice of how limiting you want to be upon yourself. So just making that choice opens up the oyster of all the infinite possibilities of the universe in an instant. It's just staying in that space; that's the most challenging and takes time. It's contagious.

Lisa: There's only one thing I would disagree with you on that and that is that we don't come in with any limitations. I think we do and whether they're accrued from ... I know that all lifetimes are potentially simultaneously and there is no such thing as time and all that, but just that linear concept of past lives. I think we do come in with limitations. Just through observing, as a Mum observing three children and how they come into the world and they're so unique in and of themselves. A lot of them come in with limitations. We know that people are born with birth defects, so there's a physical limitation. Some kids are scared and have fears that really don't have any logical, this lifetime source. They're just kind of unexplainable.

Brian: One could argue that comes from past lifetimes though.

Lisa: That's what I mean, yes.

Brian: Yeah and I absolutely agree with that over time.

Bob: I think one of the hardest things for people to do is to let go of what they think and all their beliefs, because the first thing that needs to go is you've gotta let go of all of the expectation and all of the rules. People have in their minds, even "progressive, open-minded people", they place a lot of rules and belief structures around themselves. Now, 'you've gotta align all seven of your chakras and you've gotta sit in this position and spin this chakra and you should visualize this color' and that may work. It may work just because it gives your mind something to do and visualize and it will work for certain people. But that doesn't mean that is THE way.

Lisa: It can be a placebo effect. It works because you believe it will.

Bob: Right, exactly. Anything that you can fabricate in your mind and imagine and make real for you, that you can put your belief in. the whole construction of physics, science, all of these things, these were just ways for us that we can visualize something and put our belief in into. That will work, yes, that can work. When you put your belief into it and as long as you believe it, no matter how nonsensical it may be, you can manifest it. This works on both directions. It's a matter of letting go of all the preconceived ideas, notions and even experiences, because all the experiences that you have to relate to what it is that you might be trying to do, were created in a sense or space of unconsciousness. So even your past experience about a certain situation, 'oh well, this happened before, so I know what's going to happen next'. You've gotta let go of all of those ideas. It's the letting go that I think people have such a hard time doing. A lot of these things, beliefs, ideas, structures, have been nurtured over so many years of time or so much has been invested in them. A lot of time people just have a hard time of letting go of those things. It's one of those requirements that in order to really be absent limit, you need to let go of those ideas, those thoughts, those patterns.

Lisa:  Well, that also ties into what we said yesterday that….people yesterday we said that people down or up to your expectations so those expectations are a limitation as well.  Especially when you get in your head that somebody’s for example… they’re always late.  Never turn up on time.  So there’s an expectation and you’re limiting them from being (inaudible) late.  You’re not allowing; you’re not creating this space for them to actually being on time ever.  Because you’re holding that limitation and that expectation. We do it to ourselves all the time I say, at least I do.

Chris:  Well what you just said is very true.  There are people in my family who never get there on time. You actually find yourself giving them an earlier time, so they might show up on time.  You’re actually setting them up to actually maintain that behavior of being late. (talk over) You’re contributing to their reality.  Yeah.

Bob:  You’re reinforcing a past experience and projecting into your future.

Lisa: There’s a book ... (talk over)

Chris: Yeah, it’s not just for you, it’s for both of you.

Lisa: It’s for both of you.

Chris:  It’s having an effect on both.

Lisa:  That book that I mentioned many times on this show called the Continuum Concept.  What it talked about ... eventually what it boiled down to was expectation and how the adults expected their children to behave and they just held an expectation.  Like I said there were kids, toddlers,   playing next to a 12-foot deep pit with machetes, but the adults held the expectation, completely, that they would be fine.  That no one would get hurt. No one falls in and they never did. If you brought in an adult into that environment that had fears around and expectations of children not being capable, then they’re certainly not capable.

Chris:  I think I’m the oldest person here; hmmm, not sure I wanna claim that.  My mother would simply feed us in the mornings and push us outside and say have a nice day.

Lisa:  Come back when the lights were on.

Chris:  No, we’d come back when we were hungry, which was usually lunch time and then same thing in the afternoon and her expectation was that we would be fine.  That’s something else that’s changed very much, so to societal level people close to their children because of the fear that’s in them. Sure enough something happens to little Johnny, it’s big news and they’re just perpetuating that entire experience.

Lisa: Uhmmm.

Chris:  Creating it.

Brian:  Uhmmm.  

Lisa:  So Heather absent limit. How did you even conceive of being absent limits?  I know that’s a probably a very big question, but…

Heather:  Conceive. I don’t know. Just, I guess I stated what I BE and what I see all others BE’ing. For me, I just totally put within, out, so everyone else can see what’s visible and everyone can resonate with whatever they resonate with or let go of whatever they don’t resonate with.  For me right now, my opinion is irrelevant.  Just like as all other opinions for me are irrelevant.  At this point, it’s just about BE’ing and DO’ing. Choose what you want to BE and DO what you BE.  You can sit and talk all day long about I’m eternal essence absent limit and yet turn around and DO everything with limit. There’s no harmony in your speech or your thoughts or your DO’ing.  So will it manifest the eternal essence absent limit? Well it may take forever if it goes that way, but it’s just a matter of choices right now, that’s all.  What do you choose to BE?  What do you choose to DO?

Bob:  That’s another thing.  Once you start to release a lot of these things, certain words in the language will immediately cause a negative ... like you just … like the work supposed to …you’re … oh as soon as I hear it … it immediately causes something to go right up my spine … or the idea of I can’t … or I have to.

Chris: Hmmm. Another trigger for me, Bob, is the word should.  You should.

Bob:  Hmmm yeah.

Chris:  That’s a command you are imposing on somebody else.

Brian:  Uhumm yeah.

Lisa: Someone else actually asked the question of you Heather in the chat room, of releasing fear.  They’re asking your advice on letting go of fear.

Heather:  Letting go of fear.  I haven’t experienced fear for a very long time.  I have a hard time remembering what that feels like.  I recall it’s almost like giving birth, but I don’t know, it’s a choice you make.  Either you’re going to be afraid or you’re not; one or the other.  Do you choose to be afraid? If everyone thinks there is limits on how long you live or whether a bullet in your chest actually kills you or just whether a car that hits you, or a car’s going to hit you, there’s all these fears around  Either you’re going to live in fear or you’re not. So I think that’s a choice. I know it’s a choice that I made and I choose not to experience fear.

Brian:  Well the the thing about fear just to dovetail on that, Heather and Lisa, is that whenever you’re afraid of something, it’s not something that is happening to you in the moment. It’s something you are worried that’s gonna happen at sometime in the future.  So the best way to get yourself out of fear mood is to become present and realize in the present moment. Unless you’re in some life or death situation and there’s a situation you could lose your life, many of the times, fear can be just released and let go, because it’s a feeling that is attached to not wanting to go down sometime that’s in the future.  So presence is a good way to combat against fear.  It could decide that you are not going to be fearful of something or allow yourself to fall into a place of fear.

Lisa:  Do you think that you come down to the ultimate fear which is this contrived fear of death?

Brian:  I think that a lot of fear that people go through has nothing ... well I can’t say ... there’s a lot of people I sure fear death, but I’d say that everyday probably aren’t so much attached like fears that people are talking about in the chat room. It’s probably, the majority aren’t attached to death they’re probably fearful of not having enough money to pay their bills or their fearful of something. Some kind of circumstances situation show faith in their life that they aren’t looking forward to or something along those lines. When you fear something like that, you pay energy to that circumstance manifesting in your life.  So it’s like the law of detachment post that I put up the other day is when you can just totally detach yourself. Go through life as a conscious observer and not worry about something playing itself out one way or another. Just allowing things to ... allowing your life to unfold in the moment. There really truly is nothing to fear in that space.  Especially if you believe that death is just crossing over to another reality or another way. Another form of life. Another form of living. So I kind of feel that Heather ... I can’t remember a time in my life in the last few years at least where I’ve been really fearful of something. So personally it’s something that’s kind of hard for me to remember as well.

(talk over)

Heather: You know Bob and Lisa, 2011 was really when we were in the trenches in the court system and dealing with the purported police and all this other stuff.  The sheriffs and everyone else.  There were many moments that were before me that my heart would start pounding, I would start sweating. I just felt all of these different mechanisms and with each moment I just had to choose how I was going to deal with it.  And then after each moment went by, the most perceived, crucial, fearful moment, it was kind of like “Wow, that’s over so where do we go from here?”  There’s a reason why you went through these experiences, so it was just a matter of me figuring out what’s the reason. 

I can only speak to where I’ve experienced, but you know I have noticed that lately for the last couple of weeks, especially the last four or five days, everyone’s been talking about limits I mean. I don’t know if they see them as limits, but they’re talking about limits.  Whether it’s fear, whether it’s monetary, family, contrast, whatever limit it is.  We were talking about Dr Jill Bolte Taylor from ‘My Stroke of Insight’ and Brian repeated something at the beginning where he was saying about removing limits and it takes time and practice. 

I only know this from my experience and her experience was very similar as far as releasing limits.  Hers was done in a totally different way, but it’s being trained in the art of limits between medicine and the legal field; those are extreme arts of limits, forms of limits.  Yet hers happened in basically the twinkling of an eye – a release of all limits through a stroke. 

Mine was not through a stroke, but was just through a matter of saying “I recognize it.  I see it.  I accept it. I embrace it. I kiss it on its way out”, because I don’t choose to have that.  I know that in her book she was discussing how she re-patterns the synapses of whenever an event – a moment of Now happens, she chooses whether she wants to experience it that way or through a different way and then she re-patterns her synapses. 

So all I can tell you is what I know my experiences in – fear, yeah I’ve seen it and I just chose to hug it. Once I hugged it, I realized there was nothing to fear about it and those that were trying to make me fear lost all control.  As far as choosing to have limits or not have limits, that’s every moment in the Now that I make that choice.  When something comes before me, do I choose to do this with limits or absent limits?  My answer is always absent limits and so I do.  I may not know what to do at that very given moment, but I just go with what resonates within me and it usually, almost always, if not always comes out great. 

Lisa:  Do you find that if you’re confronted with a fear and you deal with it in that moment with that feeling of “I’m going to embrace this absent limits and give it a hug”, that that scenario never comes again because you’ve dealt with it, you’ve actually …

Heather:  Yeah.  You know it was funny because there were two moments in particular that stuck out in 2011 and that was 2011 was the last time I ever felt anything like fear because I knew what it looked like and I knew I could deal with it. I knew that it was never going to affect me again. 

One of those moments was when I had been arrested, they came over, these guys in SWAT gear came over; guys I’d worked with as a prosecutor, came over and basically trespassed on my property and took me, arrested me.  I just sat there looking at my children who should have been at school and me going, “What the hell did I just do?  What did I get myself into?”  I didn’t even tell my husband about the house and the investigation or any of that. I’m just sitting there going “What do I do?” and I just said “What do I do now?”

I’d been given the Dorothy Oz script to review a couple of months before and I just thought “I’m gonna go in there and let’s just see what I do with each moment”.  And with each moment it was an experience and it was something that really was so deep as far as the data I received and how to move forward with the investigations and with essentially the release in December and everything else.

So it really was an experience that was required as a tool.  At the same time really it was just my children; it wasn’t about me. It was about a fear about my children and how this would affect them.  And yet I figured out, I knew this was February 3rd, 2011. I knew to trust that this was part of the Absolute plan and that we’d all agreed to this.  And my children, after that I saw them very differently. 

And the last time and it happened to be regarding my children was in Switzerland, right after London in 2011 – December 2011, I think it was December 30th and I received a phone call from one of my contacts who’s old banking families.  Basically someone was threatening my children that if I wasn’t flexible, or didn’t stop, they were going to harm my children.  I had to go in; that took about twenty minutes for me to go in and really look at my children and communicate with them in a different way, and then at that moment, it was like this knowing came over me.  “We all chose this.  We all chose to make this end now”.  So we went forward and after that I just released it and I knew my children were absolutely protected and anyone moving in this moment now of eternal essence, absolute knowledge, absolute data, just absent limits, are absolutely protected.  No matter what experience they may be having, there’s a reason for that experience and they’ll know what to do when they’re in there in that moment. That was it.

Chris:  If I may also just add something practical that people can do.  My view on fear is it’s an emotion that arrives to draw your attention to something, but people become consumed by it instead of paying attention to the thing that it’s trying to flag you over.  To me it’s actually a call to do something.  But the emotion itself is of no use other than to as a slap-up to say “Better pay attention to this!”  The actual emotion itself, once it’s delivered its message, you just don’t need it.  Setting it aside is a habit that you can acquire having received the message.  I kind of view it as “Thank you for that message – I don’t need you now and love you very much and off you go”.  And that happens, people get little doses of fear daily about all sorts of things, just little fears and if you acquire the habit of just dealing with it that way, when the big ones arrive, you can deal with it the same way. 

Inelia Benz has a nice little meditation on her website about releasing fear and it’s virtually following exactly the pattern that we’re talking about here.  You know; feel it, recognize it, thank it, give it a big hug, send it off and then take whatever action it was there to flag you about. That’s a habit that you require, to me, of what to do when that energy arrives.  If you deal with it as an energy arriving, rather than saying “I’m scared. Oh no, it’s just some energy arriving and it’s made you scared so thanks and I’ll deal with it”.

Heather:  It is a measurable frequency and love is as well.  Fear doesn’t touch as many cells within your body.  So if you up it to the higher frequency, meaning shorter waves, you’re touching every cell in your body and you’re able to use your body instinctively.  There’s so many tools out there, really just go with what resonates.  Know that this is the moment where no damage or harm is going to be had to anyone.  If you’re in a situation that is perceived as harmful or fearful, those are old tools that are being reconciled and you’re there in that position – what do you choose to do? 

Bob:  One of the things that I did in order to help people overcome fear, I used a system of logic.  Because basically… people, they feel afraid because they don’t feel as though they have any control in their own lives.  I mean, if you knew that you had absolute control over everything that you experience you wouldn’t be afraid because you knew that you had that control over it.  But you don’t believe in yourself and this whole fear is always associated with loss.  You’re afraid of losing something – whether it’s your life, whether it’s the love or it’s the respect or something. 

But when you start to understand how energy works, energy is eternal.  I love how Bashar put it “The nature of existence is to exist and the nature of non existence is to not exist. They both go out of their way to perform their nature.  Existence will always go out of its way to exist. Non existence will always go out of its way to keep from existing.” 

So if you’re in existence you never need to worry about non-existence because non-existence doesn’t exist.  Once you get that in your head, non-existence doesn’t exist. I can’t die. Once you understand that fully. and everything that science tells you and everything logic tells you can agree with that. It’s not something that you need to believe in anymore. It’s an axiom. You are eternal. Once you know that you’re eternal okay, well then I can alleviate that fear and so much goes away after that. Because once you know that you’re eternal and okay, well if I am eternal that makes me God, well then maybe I can believe that I have control. Nothing’s going to happen to you ultimately. You’re still always going to exist.

Brian: Yep.

Lisa: Yep. I've got a train going past so I'm going to mute. Keep the conversation going guys.

Chris: Yeah, well removing the control mechanisms that have been imposed upon us over many centuries have a very, very heavy emphasis on fear. Here's something you can do. If you look at a message of fear on the media, you can probably recognize the manipulation behind it. It's usually associated with trying to introduce something that the owners of the media want you to either pay attention to or they want to turn your opinion in a particular direction. The meme of fear has been applied across all of the societal, shall we say, information distribution points. In religion there's a lot of fear, in the Catholic religion in particular. There is fear of retribution after death which is pivotal to what Lisa was saying, you know that the great lie that there's, that consciousness faces a death and that we only have one life. That's one of the biggest sources of fear and that's been deliberately introduced and we have to work very hard to actually make (inaudible and talking over).

Lisa: Subtly in a lot of the channelings. You know, these love and light messages introduce fear in the back door. They'll present a scenario and say, "There is nothing to be afraid of". Well, if there's nothing to be afraid of, why even mention fear? There is no reason to feel a certain negative way about this scenario (inaudible) going to do then why bring it up?

Brian: We talked about this last week, too Lisa, (inaudible for several words) stop paying energies into the old paradigm.

Lisa: Yes.

Brian: If you're even having a discussion on fear, you're paying energy to the idea of fear. Whereas, if you choose to not even consider it, then it will cease to exist. It's just a process of those considering it that brings it into the fore that brings energy to it and now, all of a sudden, it's something that you have to deal with. We get a lot of questions, "Well, you know, if I get a ticket there's still the system. They're going to enforce it and all this stuff.” Yeah, there is, but some people may not feel as comfortable as others. I went full go on unplugging myself from the system six months ago. I didn't file my taxes on April 15th. My personal choice was to not pay any energy into the old paradigm. If there's any type of, if there's anything that comes into my life as a result of making that choice, I will deal with it as it comes. If it does, it's probably something, there is probably something to be learned from that experience, but I'm not going to worry, put any worry energy into what if this happens because that's the way that it always has been.


Lisa: It's full circle. Instead of putting our intention and focus and energy on not being afraid and releasing fear, then we scrap that altogether and put the intention, focus and energy on just BEing absent limits. Then we're focused on what we want and we're not paying attention to what we don't. Even if we're focusing on not having fear, or being, not feeling fear, or releasing fear, the focus is still on fear.

Bob: I want to tell you a story. This is a true story. This happened to me, it was 2007, I was living in Germany. I had just gone through about six months of the most severe illness up into my life that I had experienced up until that point. I had blood poisoning. I lost over 60 pounds. During this whole period of time, I wasn't working so I had no income coming in, trying to pay doctor bills and everything. By the time I'd gotten healthy enough to start working again, I was already like five months behind in my rent and they were threatening to turn off the electric bill. I would have this bill collector constable that would come by my house. I was literally hiding in my own house, ducking behind the curtain.

So much fear. I would go to the mailbox and there'd be a piece of mail, a bill, a final notice or something in there that I didn't want to see. I remember sitting in my back yard reading this bill and literally crying, throwing a fit, "How in the world am i going to pay? They are going to shut the electricity off and I'm not going to ....”.  I was having a fit, because I received a piece of paper in the mail.


Obviously, the story, I didn't die because I'm talking to you now. I made it through that experience and I probably didn't need to have all of the anguish, anxiety and stress. I probably caused my own illness, all the stress I was putting myself through. I remember after going through that, and I may have told this story once before, I was like no, never again, I'm not doing this. There's no point in me stressing myself. I can only do what I can do and that's all that I'm going to do and I just stopped worrying about it anymore.

Lisa: Uh Hmm.

Brian: It changed quickly too, didn't it?

Bob: Oh yeah. Vodafone called me and they were like, "Mr. Wright, do you realize that you have 300 Euro that you owe? When do you plan on paying it"? I said, "I don't plan on paying it at all".


She answered me like, "You understand you owe this money"? I said, "I understand that's your understanding, but understand that I don't plan on paying this at all.”

Lisa: The conversation has turned, as we suspected it would, to questions about the I-UV. An article went up on American Kabuki and Brian's blogspot and Removing The Shackles, which essentially was just the contents of the Skype conversation of Heather giving a bit of a heads-up on what was happening. As to date, to this moment, everybody listening knows as much as I do about what it is. Heather, if you're available and can elaborate? Can you guys put some specific questions, in the chat room, that you have around this to give us a starting point?  Well, one question is: "My mom is senior and she wonders how she will access her I-UV page as she has no computer"?

Brian: Sorry, no computer, no I-UV page. (LAUGHING) Sorry, bad joke.


Bob: Even though she's a senior, she still managed to get her question asked on the computer.

Lisa: That's true. Have we lost Heather? Heather?

Heather: I was just sitting there thinking about that, but look I'm sure there will be groups that decide well, let's help those that don't have computers. The Ipage, the I system and the UV Exchange, those are already the lawful and legal structures that have been implemented for quite some time, since March, or, no was in February. When did they go up? March.

 As far as the tools of assistance, that is what Caleb is bringing up right now. Those tools of assistance will be something to assist people in understanding what absolute value is and what BE’ing and DO’ing is, through tools of representation. Apparently that’s something that’s an experience that is chosen. That’s what we are getting together.

Lisa:  You could also get her a phone, a smart phone.

Heather:  The iPhone app is I guess ready and done. Caleb is doing something on the servers. I know that he will be here and everything will be launched. I’m waiting right now to see what time he’ll be here; and then it goes. It’s basically tools that are going to be very familiar and they’re replacing old harvesting tools from the former systems. These tools will allow you to go in and when representation is comfortable, required, or a part of any kind of transaction delivery or receipt, you will have those tools.

Lisa:  Will the servers be safe from hacking is the next question and I’ll answer that by saying, yes, because Caleb is behind it. (laughter by Heather and Lisa) Caleb’s connected to the best hackers on the planet. If they can’t hack proof it, then it can’t be hack proofed.

Heather:  Nope. We’re putting absolute energy into empowering every other embodiment. That’s the question that I’ve had for the last couple of weeks. When I do go into the Skype rooms or emails or anything else, people want to know: ‘When is this going to happen? When are you going to do this or when are you going to do that?’ and I am kind of like, ‘Well, I am DO’ing. My question is, what are you DO’ing?’ Others are contacting me asking, ‘What are you doing? When is it going to be done? What are you doing?’

Bob:  Another thing that I want to address is, if you are worried about security, if you are worried about anything, what are you creating? I live in my house. I am disabled. I never lock my doors. My friends go crazy, saying ”you got to lock your doors”. If you’re worried about security, you’re worried about all these ... I keep hearing about people’s fears and we talked about this in the beginning of the show. What are your thoughts on, right now?

Lisa:  The same thing came up with the declaration yesterday, wanting to put a database together of all the people who have made that declaration. Lots of concerns about who is going to have access to that list. Well, it’s going to be a public list so it does not matter. You don’t have to hack it; you can read it from the website.

Chris:  That is a very good point. The concern that a couple of people had was that we were holding a database with extensive information in it, which is not the case. The only information that would get held is just basic details, which is going to be on public display. It is done with the permission of the people involved; it is their choice. So what is the problem?

Heather:  Here is what I can tell you, essentially Facebook, Google, Twitter, Myspace, all these tools that have been around, even your bank accounts, your emails, your school records, your medical records, everything is all in the system. The only ones that don’t see it, are the other people around you. But as far as the ones that you don’t want to see it, they all have back doors into the system. If it didn’t serve the former slavery system, then it wasn’t allowed to exist, period. So they already have access to all this data. As far as the I/AM the U/V Exchange, here is how this whole thing works. Everyone has absolute control over their own page; I call it an I-page. That is just me and our little white board discussion, because I don’t have any other term for it right now, I just call it an I-page. Everything that I want anyone to see or that is me. If I choose to put it up there so people can see it, I have my key.

So essentially you have all this encryption coding and this is how Caleb explained it to me, because I am not a wizard. I have a key and it’s the key that ... for instance, Facebook has but Facebook does not give you. So it can go into your page any little time it wants and maybe kick you out, because they don’t think you’re real. (laughter) Or they go in and they remove and they remove certain comments, whatever they want to do. In this case, those that choose to have their I-page and have their stuff on there, they have their own key. So no one, Caleb doesn’t have it, nobody who works on the servers have it, only you have it. You can change it anytime you want and you can give it to whoever you want to be able to exchange or share your information with.  You are in absolute control, so you are also absolutely responsible and liable for whatever you put on there.

On this, let’s say I-page, only for lack of a better term at this moment ... let’s say that on this I-page, Heather has all of her stuff on there. I have a car. I have a house. I have four kids, by the way. I have a bank account and I have all my things on there, because I’m transparent and this is what I’m about. Everyone’s $10B in value that has been commandeered will all be on their UV Exchange account. You have absolute control over it, no one else does. You can change your key anytime you want. I can go in and say ‘Brian, I want to exchange with you. I really like what you are doing over here. I have something of value over here. Would you consider exchanging it?’ I give you my key, you’re able to go see what I have. I am able to see what you have and then we can exchange and we have an actual delivery system. Because that is really what people are not getting is how do I deliver the value? How do I access the value? How can I deliver it and how can I receive it?

So here is what we call an advanced tool, a Now tool, call it whatever you want. But it is only representative of the Absolute Tech which is YOU: your energy, your BE’ing, your value. You can create anything you want. OPPT was an experience in Absolute Tech and Absolute Value. Did people recognize that? For some, yes and for some, it is sitting there. It’s percolating. This I-page, for instance, I will have absolute control over it. I will also have full responsibility and liability, so if I harm Brian and I don’t have what I say I have, there is recourse there. I’m responsible for making sure I do not steal from him and he doesn’t steal from me, but then again we are transparent. So I’m not going to sit there and do business, do exchanges, with someone that I don’t trust or that I don’t have some type of relationship with.

Lisa:  The main question coming up at the moment or the confusion is about exchanging. So you can only exchange with someone within the I-UV system? Or does it (inaudible) ...

Heather: Nope, no, no. It is absent limits Lisa, so every form of representation possible that has existed, even the stuff that got cancelled that’s still floating out around there. Any form of representation, cancelled or otherwise, can be brought in and used in the system. So, you can use old tools ... like, if you’re sitting there exchanging a piece of value, because it’s really about value ... like Caleb says, he receives Paypal. If he receives funds, FRN, Swiss francs, whatever of those cancelled currencies and it comes in and yet the person that’s receiving says that’s not value to me or he can’t receive that value, then that particular representation of value is no longer relevant, is it? So it’s a choice of all of the former systems to decide whether they’re going to relevant or not. It’s also a choice amongst those that are exchanging to decide what is relevant for them or not. So we’re going to make it so that every single form of former representation, as well as absolute energy, absolute value, .everything is in the gamut ... absent limit. Anything you can fathom and them anything you cannot fathom right now, but will. This is a launch pad for everyone to imagine something and then from there imagine absent limit and then DO what they imagine.

It’s a launch pad; it’s a tool guys and we’re not attached to it. Once it’s built, we hope someone comes along and says, and we know someone will come along and say ‘Caleb, that’s really great, what you made, I can do better.’ Then all of a sudden, everything may change in such a way that it’s actually better than what it was, yet you won’t feel disruption in the service when you’re exchanging and use of those tools. You’ll just see that it’s actually working better for you, yet you don’t lose control. You have absolute control. You still have absolute responsibility, you just find that it’s much easier for you at this point. It’s a tool for you to actually go in and decide what tools you wanna replace, what tools you want to edit, what tools you just want to totally discard and what tools you wanna create. It’s absolutely under your control. 

Brian: Everybody has to remember this is just a bridge tool anyways. All these are bridge tools.

Heather: Yeah, a bridge tool.

Lisa: So okay, I’m just reading the chat room for common questions and ‘Can I use the I/UV to buy a plane ticket?’

Heather: You’ll be able to do that too.

Lisa: (Singing) Coming to Morocco, coming to Morocco. (Laughter)

Brian: Training wheels for freedom, that’s great.

(Bad line)

Heather: This is all absent limits. I’m not saying it’s gonna be perfect, I’m just saying there’s going to be a launch pad and then from there every, all these incredible Embodiments of Eternal Essence are gonna add to it, make it just incredible. It’s just gonna keep evolving, but you gotta have a launch pad to start somewhere. It’s like going in and saying ‘I’ve got a project’ and all you can envision is the perfect result that you want and yet you gotta start somewhere. So once you start and when you finish, it’s way better than what you actually imagined as the perfect result.

Lisa: Another question that I can actually answer is ‘Will it include a Skype type tool?’ Caleb and I had a conversation around this some time ago and he said ‘Yes’. So it references back to what Heather said before, it’s replacing all of those harvesting systems of which Skype is one of them.

Heather: Yeah, and it will also have like blogging, you can do blogging on your Ipages. It’s a one-stop shop. It’s for you, it’s you, it’s your representation on the digital that you can print off hard copy. You can do anything you want with it, but it’s all under your control.

Lisa: Also you’ve said that this is universal, or galactic, so we can use this to exchange with the galactics.

Heather: Yeah, I AM the Universal Value Exchange system. We’re already geared lawfully and legally and in Essence as well as in conscious(ness) for universal, ok? It’s national, global, whatever limits you wanna put on it for you, go ahead. But as far as for the actual structure itself, it’s universal Eternal Essence universe. Everything that IS, anything that IS is within I/UV Exchange. So this is to prep everyone for the big disclosures which have been happening for a while now, but for the one that some people are really hanging their hat on.

Bob: Here’s a question, ‘Is the initial application only for iPhone or is it also android?’

Heather: The way that it’s rolling out right now is that we have the iPhone app that’s supposedly already done. You have to check with Caleb on that, but the iphone app is already done. The Windows app he’s finishing up right now. It was done and he found something he needed to fix or quirk, so that’s what he’s working on tonight and then he has plans for the iPad. I might be getting this tech names wrong, ‘cause I’m not a techie: iPad, team android, iPhone team, Windows team, desktop team. I don’t know, he’s got all these teams, so this is all self sustaining within those that use it. Other than that, we’ve already put in a lot of energy in different forms of representation as well as energy in Absolute. This is all for all the Embodiments of Eternal Essence. It’s not the former system; there’s Absolute Transparency. You have Absolute Control, but there’s two key points because the former systems were actually beautiful. The only thing that wasn’t beautiful that really hung themselves was that it wasn’t transparent. It wasn’t honest as far as who was the value, who had the value and where it was moving to. There was no transparency, no control by those who were actually producing the value.

Lisa: The other question that’s constantly coming up is there was a reference to the $10 billion in that release that went out so what is that? Where does that fit in? How does that work?

Heather: In the I/UV Exchange, in the Eternal Essence document, everything that IS is Eternal Essence embodied, so the gold, those that think of gold, silver or anything else as inanimate, just an object, they’re gonna find through experience that it is actually an embodiment. So gold and silver and all the precious metals, all of those things that have been in former systems that were essentially as much slaves as everyone else, they’re free. They have been free since last year, since December 10 and that which is still around is there as part of their secret squirrel mission in order for those that had to flush out the former systems and the last remnants of it, ok? So that they would have confidence to show themselves visibly.

That’s what’s really happening here, more so in the last week than anything else is that those that worked behind agents, appointments or any kind of front men, they’re actually having to come out in the open now so that everyone can see them. It’s their last ditch effort and that’s fine, that’s where the roles finish. I love all those embodiments, so the gold and the silver and all those precious metals, when there is a transaction or a feeling, a choice that there needs to be a representation of some kind, then the gold and the silver, it’s there. It’s there to use. However, if one abuses it, they’re gonna be sort of a co-manager, co-operator of the UV Exchange. If someone goes into exchange with it and on the receiving side for instance, they abuse it or use it, have an intent to use it in a way that damages any other embodiment, they’re gonna find that gold and silver doesn’t stick around. Either through a series of events, circumstances, they’ll end up finding that they just don’t have it. They’ve lost it somehow, some way. But that’s all part of their control.

Lisa: We’ve actually been joined by Caleb. You there Caleb?

Caleb: Yes, I am. How are you?

Lisa: I’m very, very well. A lot of people wanna say thank you for what you’re doing with Project XIII.

Caleb: That’s very touching, it really is and I’m not a very touchy person. I really appreciate that.

Lisa: Well, we’re all touchy, feely here today for you. (Laughter)

Caleb: Thank you.

Lisa: So we just wanted to say that. Thank you and lotsa love. We know there’s been a lot of work gone into this, a lot of people I imagine.

Caleb: Not  ?   but enough.

Brian: Well, it’s not done yet, so what are you doing here man? (Laughter)

Lisa: Yeah, get back to work.

Caleb: If you listen, you’ll hear me typing and talking at the same time.

Brian: Gotta be a multi-tasker these days.

Heather: Does this mean I get to go to bed now it’s Caleb’s turn?

Lisa: No. (Laughter)

Brian: Does Caleb want to address how close he is to an actual, like official launch day or has it been determined yet?

Caleb: I am keeping that under wraps. I refuse to write software to an artificial launch date, so when it’s done, it’s done.

Brian: Got it. Makes sense.

Caleb: We’re really close, but...

Brian: Just know it’s coming everybody.

Caleb: It’s coming.

Lisa: So the, I know the, not to a specific date, but you are working for the month of May, yeah?

Caleb: Yeah, absolutely. Don’t know when, but if it’s not done by the end of May, I’m gonna go out and shoot myself.

Lisa: No, don’t do that.

Caleb:   (inaudible)  starting,  (inaudible)  it’s time to get out on the water.

Heather: Cancel that. Cancel that.

Lisa:  Caleb, they’re actually asking you to do another interview, but I’m sure that’ll come when this Project XIII gets launched. 

Caleb:  Yeah.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful piece of good. It’s just a framework, so Heather is just describing one implementation of a framework.  Not the fulfillment of it.

Lisa:  Yep.

Caleb:  So lots of other people have things that they can plug into it as well.  That’s why I’m going to be really, really nit-picky about this initial launch.  ‘Cause it has to work.  Otherwise you’re just polishing a turd, and I refuse to do that.  From a technical perspective anyway.

Lisa:  Mmmhmm.

Caleb:  Yeah, it’ll be fantastic.  It’ll be beautiful. 

Lisa:  Good stuff!  All right, well, thank you for joining us.  Thank you for joining the party! 

Caleb:  I will!  Thank you.  I’ll jump off now. 

 Brian:  Thanks Caleb!

Lisa:  Thank you.

Caleb:  Mmhmm.  Bye.

Brian:  See ya bro.

Heather:  How come he gets to get off?!!


Brian:  He’s got lots of work to do on Project XIII, so...

Heather:  It’s 6 o’clock there!  It’s 6pm there and 2am here!  And I have four little ones up in four hours!

Brian:  Heather, why are you trying to sound like you are busy all of the sudden?


Brian:  Just kidding.  I love you.

Bob:  Yes, but you’re a woman Heather, so...  

Brian:  She’s only got four kids, so...

Lisa:  (laughter) What do you mean by that, Bob, exactly?!

Bob:  Wellll, the scales aren’t exactly balanced.  I mean she can have like 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9-10  things on her plate.  Men,.... you know. (laughter)  We focus really good on one thing at a time... (laughter)

Heather:  I’m going to wing slap him when he’s sleeping tonight.


Brian:  I have trouble chewing gum and walking at the same time, so...

Lisa:  ...put it out there...  Did we get the questions asked on the I / UV and whether we can move on to something else or???

Chris:  Lisa, there’s one more in our chat that comes from BZ that I just posted into our chat.

Lisa:  “Where does the $10billon work into this?  What she is describing, does that sit in the old system or the new?”  Is that the one you’re talking about?

Chris:  That’s the one.  Yip. 

Heather:  Yeah, the UV Accounts. They’ll all be ... that’s what they are going to be starting at. 

Lisa:  At $10 billion?

Heather:  Yep.

Lisa:  Okay. 

Heather:  Well, I mean that’s what’s reserved for ... well, except for the few that, you know, have a lot of liabilities since that date.  But for the most part everybody has that to go about.  I mean this is energy that ... that was the amount that was set.  It was set for very specific reasons, which a lot of you are becoming able to fathom over the last three-four months, but that is only a fraction of the energy that was taken.  So for me to sit there and go:  “Ok, here’s $1 billion out of ten.  And the $9 billion that is left:  we’re gonna put over here.  We’re going to use it over here.”  That’s your energy.  That’s your energy.  You decide how to use it.  You decide where to use it, when to use it, etc.  I hope everyone...  I know everyone is in a different place than they were even three months ago, or even six months ago or a year ago.  Or even as Brian said, “Ten days ago.” 

Chris:  I was going to say:  “Try yesterday!”

Heather:  Okay, yesterday!  So, you know, it’s a matter of choice.  And if people choose to just go and blow it, or...  We’ll just leave it that; to blow it.  Then that’s their choice, too.  But then again, after what everyone has gone through I think that they’re going to find it’s a very hard lesson for them to learn.  But love them anyway.  This is all done because it’s the right thing to do.  It is what IS.  So all the accounts will be set at that to start with, and all the gold and silver you’ll be able to see that that’s all there.  Funny enough:  what is it?  Now nobody can go in and audit, or actually see or inspect their gold?  All these supposed holdings within the former systems.

So, you have a lot of evidence out there.  Just keep looking.  Keep watching.  Meanwhile Caleb, myself and many, many others are going out there and we’re DOing.  Creating the tools now so that there can be launch pads for the ABSOLUTE. 

Chris:  Lisa, there’s one more question from Linda from the chat.  You can find it there?

Lisa:  Yes, I can. “Can you get an answer from Heather about how do we buy property from someone that is not part of Project XIII?”

Heather:  There’s a lot of DATA that is simultaneously, or near simultaneously, going to be coming out.  Ok?  That has to do with DATA of everything that’s been done behind the scenes.  You’ll find that all of these holdings, the (inaudible) holdings, purported holdings in bank of land, etc., titles, whatnot.  You’re going to see a huge, major transition.  They just need to have a place to put the content.  Which is why Caleb is DOing what Caleb is DOing.  Then you’re going to see people come out and actually disclose what’s been happening, what exactly has happened, the significance, which for me what happened in the past is all irrelevant.  What is happening now is what’s important.  But I get that other people need to hear validation, confirmation, because of all this training and programming. 

So you’ll get all that DATA as well.  You’ll find that when you want to go and have a house, when you want to go and have an experience on a piece of land or anything else, you’ll be able to have that; those tools and that experience.  Period. 

Lisa:  Ok.  That was a great “Heather answer,” but I don’t know if it was a great 3D answer!  (laughter)

Heather:  Huh?  Well, I’m just telling her that everything is actually going to be a part of ... it’s not “Project XIII”, but I mean what Project XIII is right now, and what it’s going to be.  All of that stuff is going to be the content in there.  That IS the new system.  So nothing will be outside of it. 

Lisa:  Ok.

Heather:  So for me the question is just, let’s just say:  a matter of DATA.

Lisa:  All right.  There are people in the chat room who are very much ‘getting’ what you’re saying. 

Heather:  Great!

Brian:  Cool.

Lisa.  Ok. (silence) Now what? (laughter)  I’m telling you guys:  this whole business of being in the present!  I’ve been complaining about it all morning!  (laughter) I feel like I’ve got early onset dementia!  (laughter) Because it’s like what ... it’s getting ... my short term memory is getting worse and worse and worse and worse!  I don’t know what I said five minutes ago!  (laughter)

Heather:  What is it?  I once heard that the memories you have, whether it’s this lifetime, past lifetimes, whatever it may be, are all tools that are here to help you in this moment of NOW.  So if you’re not remembering the past 24 hours ago, I’m wondering if it’s even....

Lisa:  (laughter) Yeah.  (laughter)  Well, apparently nothing up to this moment is relevant anymore!  (laughter)

Chris: I do have that information about Deryl that I’d like to put out.  If you’re looking for some content right now, because Lisa’s list is gone. 

Lisa:  (laughter) Go for it!

Chris:  Been a development with Deryl Zeleny’s voluntary foreclosures that he put some properties into.  Part of his testing the system and educating the system.  There’s a post up on the OPPT front page that’s got a description of what’s currently going on.  Deryl actually was detained yesterday for refusing to leave his property when the removalists essentially turned up to try and take all his stuff.  There is an arraignment being held tomorrow for him because they are actually trying to charge him, I think, with Criminal Trespass in this instance here. 

I’ll read you a quote directly from a couple of the police officers that were involved in actually detaining Deryl.  They stated that:  “Deryl is refusing to recognize their system.”  They stated that:  “If this UN Order is so important, why was there not a press conference held?”  Both very interesting comments, and if Deryl gets a chance to speak openly in the court, which, you know ... that’s really ... well we’ll see how that works out, but he’s got plenty of answers to both those questions.  There’d be some very interesting energy to dump into that court room. 

What we’re trying to do is first of all, there is an email blast that we would like to put out. The detail is on the front page of the OPPT site. We’ve got email addresses there of police officers and various other people involved in this. If you want to drop a short message of support, however you choose to do so, that would be fantastic.  More importantly at Court Room A at 1:00pm, 15 Victoria Avenue, Bellville, Ontario in Canada is the location where this will take place tomorrow.  If anyone is able to get there and lend him support, particularly if you can bring a camera and video whatever you can video and video of Deryl afterwards, so we can put something out on YouTube that would be fantastic.  We’re chronicling Deryl’s fight against the system; he is doing a fantastic job of educating them. The right energy to put into this one is that you are supporting him in the process.  You are educating the system. You are putting the energy of change into it.  Have a look at the front page of the OPPT site. Do an email blast if you can. If you happen to be in that area at the time and do it, it would be fantastic if you could go in there and give them some support.  That’s it Lisa…it’s back to your list.

Lisa:  My nonexistent list.

Chris:  Your nonexistent list?

Lisa:  The content of what to discuss today. (laughs) I will tell you guys, I did have a few things on my list for today and I can’t find it. My short term memory won’t allow me to remember any of it, so we are winging it even more than usual today. That’s why you can’t go to sleep Heather, because I need all of the help I can get. (laughs)

Chris:  Well, all I can say Lisa is its 11:11, so it can’t be too bad.

Lisa:  Lovely…11:11.

Chris:  On my clock anyway.

Lisa:  Mine too and so it is. There are some questions coming up around SWISSINDO, so this will go to Brian predominately I guess and to Heather if you know the answer to any of these.  Where did it go? The chat room is moving too fast. Did you see them?

Brian:  I didn’t, no. I’m kind of spacing out right now in all honesty. (giggles)

Lisa:  I’m trying to get them back in the chat room. (laughs)

Chris:  You’re not sitting next to Bob are you?

Lisa:  Moving too fast.

Chris:  You’re not sitting next to Bob?

Brian:  I am not sitting next to Bob.

Lisa:  Not getting any of his secondary smoke.

Chris:  Catching a bit of his high. (laughing)

(Several laughing, Brian giggling)

Brian:  No.     

Chris:  You see on my screen here, you two are right next to one another so… (Brian giggles)’re only 3000 miles apart I’m kidding…

Bob:  Yeah…yeah Brian…pass to the left. (laughing)

Lisa:  Ok…one question. Has Heather had any direct contact with anyone in the SWISSINDO group?

Heather:  No.

Lisa:  No.

Heather:  Nope. I put out…everyone has…I think everyone in the universe has my phone number, my skype, they know where I am so. It needs to be face to face though.  That is what I did tell Paula and Deryl and the others even is that it needs to be face to face.  It’s about an energetic exchange.  Anyone can dummy up those passports. Anyone can say who they are.  I love the energy or the intent at least that is portrayed in the energy.  As far as direct contact, no I haven’t had any.

Chris:  Heather, how do you view…I mean you have obviously seen the order document that they produced.  It looked to me like they were essentially trying to do their version of what you’ve been calling reconciliation.  They seem to have intent to do something positive.

Heather:  Here is what I think…here is what I will say…as far as the documents that were sent to me.  Would be purported bank orders look like…what do you call it…wire room typing…it is typical of those kinds of level of banking with all of the spelling errors and everything else.  As far as what their intent is stated in there, I think it’s great for the reconciliations because there needs to be a mutual reconciliation with all the embodiments that played the roles of the powers-that-were as well as all of the roles that played the general public.  Whatever role that may be there needs to be a reconciliation, a thank you so much for getting us all here. We were all part of this.  As far as the actual documents going to OPPT, OPPT doesn’t exist anymore.  It was reconciled, all trusts were reconciled, so everything is actually already sitting in the I/UV Exchange…everything.  So there is really nothing to transfer, it is just a matter of everyone doing these reconciliations saying thank you so much we all made it happen.  There are some things that need to be corrected in there.

Chris:  Yes, there are obviously some issue of detail, but the intent would appear to be the 3D reality we have been living. Reconciling with the lawful legal and spiritual location that we actually find ourselves in. Catching up if you will or at least moving and reconciling, so that the flood of the next point of destination is what you are talking about.

Heather:  If the intent is what is represented, the intent is beautiful and I welcome that kind of intent.  I think everybody on the planet for the most part welcomes that kind of intent.

Chris:  There is a huge number of people out there who are part of this reconciliation who have yet to hear that fact.  My sort of spidey instinct is saying that whatever this particular energy has instigated is going to lead to…we are all going to contribute to the occurrence of the sort of events we are talking about.  I look upon it very positively, even though I’ve got limited information about it at the moment.

Heather:  I look at it very positively and actually it is very consistent with conversations or data communications that I have had from those within the former systems that are quietly working behind the scenes.  From what I understand, is everything is actually going per the I/UV Exchange: the transparency, the accountability, the actual honesty of what the value is. The exchange system, so it’s actually consistent with all the data that I have from independent sources. 

Chris:  That is good to hear.

Lisa:  Brian, do you have anything to add to the SWISSINDO conversation?

Brian:  I think I said pretty much everything I had to share last night. I’m learning all of this stuff as I go as well.  I haven’t received anything completely new over the course of the last few days.  The people of SWISSINDO got everything they needed when they discovered the UCC filings.  One of the big misunderstandings was that there was some big deal being brokered between the former OPPT and SWISSINDO and that is absolutely not the case.  Heather just said it right out in the open right now that she has never spoken to any of those people.  I agree wholeheartedly with everything she said. Based on everything I’ve read, their intent seems very pure, authentic and coming from a very good place.  What they are trying to do seems…I haven’t been able to find anything that says there is some other hidden agenda behind other than what they have come out in the open with and expressing.  Some of it is hard to understand, there are some words and terminology that’s hard to understand but that happens when you have people translating documents.

Heather:  You guys thought I was hard to understand. (laughing)

(All laughing)

Lisa:  Yeah, it’s you in Javanese with Google translator. (laughs)

Chris:  And a bottle of red wine I’d say.

(More laughter)

Brian:  I literally think they use Google translator.

Heather:  It’s all about energy, right?

Chris:  Indeed…indeed. I mean the thing that I’m really happy with…the kind of messages at least that I’ve got from information that we have seen so far is that they do recognize that the energy is in the people. 

Heather:  They all have recognized it. That is why they spent so much time managing it and controlling it.  It’s absolutely every day. It’s just a matter of looking at it from a different perspective.  All I can tell you is this, everyone is going to have control of their own BE’ing, their own value, it’s the natural template.  They tried to say, ‘well, let’s just move it from central banks into regional banks, make it smaller, not too big to fail’ (giggles) and all of this other stuff.  It doesn’t matter because that is still not the natural template.  The natural template is everyone is responsible for their own BE’ing, their own value; they have control and free will choice of how they use it and exchange it. 

Lisa:  Yep.

Chris:  Excellent.

Lisa:  Excellent. (giggles) Okay, moving on.

(Several laughing at once)

Chris:  Okay. We could cover…I’d just like it to happen right now…that would be nice.
Brian: You got any awesome music you can play Lisa?

Chris: I thought Bob was gonna do that entire poem in another round of Ewok rap.

Lisa: Ohhhh, Bobby Bobby Bobby, please.

Brian: It's time. The time to do Ewok rap.

Chris: It's a very long poem. We probably shouldn't do that.

Bob: You can probably find the Ewok rap somewhere on YouTube.

Lisa: It's gotta come from you. If you do the Ewok rap, then I will read out this poem that I was sent.

Heather: I think your translators are gonna be pissed.

Brian: Everyone's cheering for you in the chat room.

Lisa: Yeah everyone's Bob, Bob, Bob!

Chris: Take a breath, take a drink Bob.

Bob: (begins speaking in Ewok) (everybody laughing) That's all you're getting.

(everybody laughing)

Brian: Everybody’s busting up in there right now. Oh my gosh, so funny. It's funnier every time I hear it.

Lisa: It goes a lot longer but we'll have to try to get him to do the longer version one day. I do have a poem and I've put it up on my website. (Inaudible )... by Mary Jane Banks. I could ask Bob to do this too, he's very into it. Anyway, you're not prepared so. It's called The Collective Imagination.


The collective imagination, a frequency hub
Into which you can tune, if you wish, join the club
 There are no rules; it’s a place of expression
 Add your flavor to expand the creation

We’re changing our experience by investing all we are
Advancing our humanity and raising the bar
It’s a conflagration of all we desire
A bursting forth out of the mire

The pressure cooker can no longer contain us
3D limits can no longer restrain us
Our frequency will not be filtered
Our consciousness cannot be splintered

Evolution is doing its job
Our hearts individually and collectively throb
To a universal orchestra tuning its instruments
The harmonic resonance is rippling through the elements

Anticipation’s building for the curtain to rise
But this performance won’t be a surprise
It’s a conscious creation of the highest order
A rescue mission that knows no border

It’s the sweetest sound ever conceived of
Take it in and begin to retrieve love
That’s the key to being upgraded
Feeling your way to memories faded

With the memories come a whole set of talents
A treasure chest full of balance
Lessons hard earned over eons of time
Locked away like vintage wine

As you transform you’ll attract them back
Return each “bottle” to its proper “rack”
It’s not unlike a padlock’s sequencing
Adjust the cogs and run the frequency

If the channel’s clear (free of blockages)
You’ll become freer without any damages
But look within, don’t search without
You’re the one this is all about

You can’t fix another, it doesn’t work that way
You can show them how, but must let them play
Their unique instrument in whatever key
They have to decide who to be

Freedom requires some heavy lifting
It’s not a simple case of gifting
You have to claim what belongs to you
And return what doesn’t to where it’s due

It’s like untangling a ball of string
That interconnected with everything
Use this advice as a helpful tactic
To speed your progress in going galactic

See it as a challenge, but something fun
The true de-cloaking has just begun
Humpty Dumpty had that great fall
Put him back together and climb over the wall

Brian: Oh my god. Who wrote that?

Lisa: Mary Jane Banks.

Brian: Oh my god, that was amazing.

Lisa: Dr. Seuss for the new paradigm Barbara just said.

Brian: Wow. Can you send that to me so I can post it?

Lisa: Yes. Actually I think I did already. I emailed it to you.

Brian: Oh you did? Well just goes to show how behind on emails I am. Oh well.

Lisa: I know the feeling. Yeah I loved it, it was beautiful and I think I'll be organizing an interview with this woman. So Julien’s show. What did you say Chris?

Chris: I was just trying to drop you a subtle hint. You didn't have to read it out. We didn't know if you wanted to talk about it or not.

Lisa: Well I'm completely transparent, you know how it goes.

Chris: Sure. I just wondered if you wanted to discuss that subject, cuz it's something I'm sure this particular audience would be interested in because a number of them will be involved in that particular discussion that’s going on in the cosmic room at the moment.

Lisa: Yes, okay. Well, we have spoken to Julien about giving him his own radio show here on the 5D network. He's been mulling that idea over for the last week or so and has agreed to. So over the next couple of weeks, we will announce the where and when. We're gonna have a little chat with him after the show, aren't we, to try and organize that.

Bob: Actually he's asked me to join him and I said yes.

Lisa: Oh okay. Yeah. Cool. Very nice.

Chris: Good match. Excellent.

Lisa: So yeah, if you're after that poem you can go to my website and it's the first thing on the front page at the moment.

Chris: Yep. The other thing is the cosmic room itself. I'm not sure whether it's full yet. D tells us it can fit about 300 people in one of these chat rooms. Not sure what the head count is at the moment, but it shot up after yesterday’s show. For those of you who don't what it is, it's a Skype chat we've got going on where the main contributor is Julien. He's doing one, probably more, sessions per week where he's taking about the process that he's personally going through which is quite a rapid development of abilities. He's got some really interesting insights on how to develop telepathic abilities, understand energy. He's got an ability to do the Akashic and various other energetic forms around us and has an ability to talk to the new guys. We've had some incredible conversations in there and it continues. If that's something you're interested in looking at, listening to and if there's room in the room the best thing is to, you could put your Skype name into the chat here, the show chat and we can forward it on to people in the cosmic room to pull you in. It's like a boat, there's a bunch of people in the boat with all these Skypers kind of swimming around them and you know getting called in and thrown into the boat. Having a party.

Brian: Do you want to explain some of the sessions that we've had with Julien as far as increasing or enhancing your telepathic abilities and what not? To kind of give people an idea of how that stuff works.

Chris: Yeah, it's been a very interesting process. We've done four sessions. Julien actually discovered in the Akashic there were a set of lessons on developing basic telepathic processes. He broke it up into eight lessons. It may even have been presented as eight blocks of information. But essentially there’s a series of concepts you have to absorb. There's a couple of basic techniques that you have to absorb. For instance one of which is very interesting, but it's giving you a telepathic contact phone number almost where you actually consciously create an image which is what people will actually receive should they try to contact you telepathically. It's like you're calling card. You actually use it yourself when you're calling others so it's very much like a phone number.

Some other processes that you go through with simple kinds of, if you like, procedures with other people to start to recognize when it is that you're receiving telepathic messages. One of the things that's become clear is that people receive telepathic information frequently from those around them but don’t' recognize it. It’s quite subtle when you're first starting and that's what you've got to focus on. You've got to pick up where the cues are coming in and focus on it and proceed through a series of exercises. I'm not sure what the back end of it is cuz I've only done the first four, but I'm sure that in his show he will probably be talking about this amongst a whole lot of other stuff.

The most interesting thing about Julien is that he really only started energy work a year ago with the Avatar Energy Masters school with Michael Monk and Peter Shelton. They sort of got him to a point where he's taken off on his own trajectory and is just working it out as he goes. We have the privilege of observing that process. I have a feeling that's probably part of his contract, why he's here, to share this stuff with us and educate a whole lot of us on a whole lot of different things. So, I’m really enjoying our contact with Julien at the moment. It’s working very nicely.

Lisa: When we do have a time set for a show for him, we will announce it on this show and the OPPT-IN show, I imagine and also we’ll put it into the Facebook pages, so you won’t miss it.

Sovereign Lion (caller): As you know, I'm one of those that was in contact with the bank. I have a personal question. I had to move forward, work on seeing that. Now the UV Exchange is in full effect. I wanna know how to speak to them as far as ... how do we find a mode of exchange?

Lisa: I have no idea yet. What Heather said today was all news to me as much as it was to you guys. I don't know what this is going to look like when it finally launches and what the mechanisms are.

Chris: What Heather's saying is that ... and it's quite pivotal for moving forward ... is that the people have to be told what's been going on. At that point, the banks know that they will have to start reforming what they're doing in accordance with both the OPPT filings and all the work that's happened since and all the implementation of the UV Exchange. Exactly how that will transpire, I don't know. There's a lot of reconciliations to be done with the system. I think at the top end of the system, I think what the SWISSINDO order is flagging the top end of the system that it's time to reconcile. So, given that's it's like starting a push starting a truck to try and get things moving at their top end. Given that it's been prodded from the lower end by a lot of people Courtesy Noticing the system and refusing to cooperate with the system. Everyone, all the people throughout the system, know that it's got to change. Exactly when of course we don't know. Exactly how that will morph into what we use next I don't know.

Bob: If I can speak, based on what Heather said, she said '"It's no different than the system that already exists, except it's completely, absolutely transparent and you have complete access. Those are the only differences." So I can tell you how normally a transaction like that would take place. If you're a bank, you have a core account. In your case, $10 billion. You also can create sub-accounts. Like, for instance, you can create an account for Christmas, a holiday account or whatever. Perhaps this is going to be an equity account for purchase of a home or whatever your project may be. That account you can assign a number and a key for. Then you can give that information to whoever it is that you wish to do the exchange. 'Okay, here's a certain amount of money in this account and here's the access to that account. Here's the key code.'  That's how it would work in the normal system or at least how I envision it would work, based on what I know.

Belinda (caller): I have two short questions. One is about those of us who aren't real computer savvy and don't understand a lot of lingo. Will it be pretty easy and accessible? Will it be pretty spelled out?

Lisa: I wouldn't be surprised if we end up having a couple of short shows to get instructions up for people. It's probably an idea that we'll sort of get Caleb and whoever else in a tutorial. If they're not planning on doing that themselves, we can certainly put that to them.

Belinda (caller): Oh wonderful. Will we be able to tell others, tell everybody we know, that ... there's very few people out here where I live that believe anything that I say.

Lisa: Well once you've got something tangible to show them, it shouldn't be too much of a hard sell.

Belinda (caller): Will anybody be able to tap into it is what I'm asking that I could convince that this is real.

Lisa: Yeah, there is no exceptions. It's for everyone.

Chris: Everyone has access. The pivotal thing is, what Heather's saying to us, is it will be accompanied by public releases of information so that people know what's going on. What you will find is that all of your friends will probably come looking for you saying, 'actually you were right, but I still don't understand it, can you explain it to me?' You might have a queue of people at your door, saying 'what is going on?'

Belinda (caller): It's just really ... I can't believe how hard it is to convince people of anything. I used to be around ... everyone that I was around was really into the 5D thinking. But around here now where I live there's just nobody. Nobody believes anything that I try to tell them, no matter which way I present it to them. But it's okay, I've got you guys and I'm so grateful. Thank you so much for all that you're doing.

Chris: And you. There's so many people who have had that experience, that everybody around them is just drinking the Koolaid as we like to say. They're just taking it all in from the mainstream media and accepting that's what is. My view on it is that the people who know more about what's going on and some of them know a lot about what's going on, their role kicks in after this information starts to go public. We've talked about earlier in this show about a fear reaction and there's going to be quite a lot of that. It's really our job to pour our fresh and friendly water on that fire of fear and put it out. Just tell them to calm down and relax, it's all going to work. But they just need to pay attention to the new information they're getting and make sure they understand it. Just be there for them.

Belinda (caller): Oh, I will be. I happen to know that that IS my role. I will be one that helps everybody eventually to understand what's going on. I've known for a very long time that that would be my role. It's still is kind of frustrating, but they all love me and they show me great respect. (laughs) But I'm a really good source of entertainment. (laughs)

Bob: You don't really even have to convince anybody, because the reason why people have a hard time accepting is because they've only seen one season of life. If you were one of those creatures, like a fruit fly, that only lives maybe several weeks at a time and you happen to be born in the winter time, then all you would know is winter. If somebody told you summer is coming, you might have a hard time believing it, because all you've ever seen and known is winter. But if you have lived long enough and you've seen the seasons change, you would know what the signs are and what the evidence is and you know summer's coming. You don't have to convince them, because when it comes it will be evident. We're dealing with galactic seasons now and the season is changing. You don't really have to convince them. They may not believe it, but the evidence is there. Those who have recorded this for a long periods of time know that season's changing and it will be self-evident.

Belinda (caller): Yes, absolutely. Thank you. Thank you all very, very much and I love you all.

Lisa: Well you're welcome and we love you too. I just received an update from BZ, who's our amazing website person over at the website. She just wanted to let me know that they've been in long conversations with Caleb about that website supporting the rollout of Project XIII with tutorials, etc. So there are learning tools coming.

Chris: Yes, we just have to make sure Caleb's in a good mood when he does them. (laughter)

Lisa: Well, maybe once it's launched, it will be. He'll have more time and be a bit more relaxed.

Chris: Yeah, he'll be good then.

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