Tuesday 14 May 2013

The One People Show- Summary

The One People Show
Monday, May 13th, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 (AEST)

Note: This show was not transcribed. In lieu of transcript, GingerSnap’s excellent summary is below.

May 13th US/14th Australia OP show – GingerSnap! Notes


BZ RIger -  This new site now REPLACES the old one ( . . . and it will also have a corresponding Facebook site soon as well . . . (but NOT to be confused with Caleb’s Project XIII “facebook-like” site, yet to come)
- See bottom of this post for more info about it.

And note, ALL links for shows on 1. Mondays (for USA) “One People”,  2. Tuesdays “Collective Imagination”, and  3. Saturdays “The Transitioning” can be found on both sites here –


- Chris would like to see more and more voices around world connecting.
- Uwe in Australia update.
- Chris is preparing a campaign we can take to banks, that stops them from just assuming same old same old.
- Again, hear Chase Binnie’s recording, as has whole range of bank responses after going in -
- Go here for best places to network . . . . . (LOTS here!) . . . that includes both links . . . . . .
- Deryl’s update will be next week on his “criminal” case.

(about 30 mins into show)

- Those listening to Julien’s show on Saturday re Sudbury Valley education . . . where kids get to learn what they are interested in most, is found here  . . . and has been around for many years globally -
- The importance of breaking down all our former belief systems that were either distorted or lies in schools, because our “History” was written by the (prior) “owners”/ corporations of who we BE.
- We need to be learning how to access our own inner wisdom technology now . . . like via Australian, Len’s “The Wizzdom Game” being “intuitive” play where we can learn how to tune into the right spot to access it. For more about this, go here -

NOTICES & CALLER QUESTIONS/ANSWERS (about 44 mins into show) . . .

- There is a woman in Portugal with an organic orchard, who wants to share (limited accommodations) and her traveling the European summer festivals to educate. You can contact her here -

- Brian’s “Walk Up The World” tour is in July, and he is interested in ideas! -

- Someone in jail for 60 days . . . for speeding and because he refused to sign the ticket, and has used the Courtesy Notice, and has just now had his sentence extended to a year! . . . this is because he has been educating others in jail . . . so technically is now a “political prisoner” . . . they are now using their own rules illegally, as they are that desperate and relying on force & bluff . . . can flash mob them though, as they hate exposure! -

- Also discussions around signing a new loan . . . and if put you put “v.c.” before your signature means “under duress without prejudice” 

- More on the Sudbury Valley schools

- Good discussion around why the old system has worked so well and not easy to take down; using Courtesy Notice to educate to police departments . . . “this effects you too . . . did you realize you are working for a corporation?” . . .

- Brian offers a bigger perspective around we OP are now and how things will happen (about 1hr 8mins into show) . . . Bob adds “if you are waiting, you hold energy of waiting and nothing will happen . . . do what your heart is telling you to do now . . . because this increases the human collective momentum“. . . Chris adds his perspective on this . . . and Bob adds that “the simplest of DOing makes a huge difference both within and in community!” . . . Chris adds “we are the ones actually projecting our reality, and so if we do so in mass, we will get it!” . . . (and when Project XIII goes live, we will no longer need them) . . . and for example when the Berlin Wall was taken down by hand and so many were doing it, the military/police could no longer do anything about it.

- Len founder of the Wizzdom Game came onto show (about 1hr 20mins into show) sharing where he is now on world tour with this -

- James update in Australia sending the most notices (foreclosure flyer, CN, and invoices) to court systems and government update . . . in your face Aussie style.

- Brian’s new show will be on Gwen Caldwell’s Morning Brew / Orion Talk Radio -  Thursdays weekly, “Be The Change” show w/Jake Ducey . . . live show - . . . archives -

- A caller was very taken with the solar revolution video, posted on American Kabuki site that talks about what solar activities (most active in past 100 years) does and historically - . . . Chris adds that it is the human consciousness is actually causing this phenomena . . . watch as soon as possible, as it could be taken down.

- More on Sudbury model, as it has no curriculum . . .  so is hardest for adults to believe will work . . . and is interesting to learn what one has to do to be a new founder of one of these schools.

- Caller question regarding car loan applications around what really happens (about 1hr 55mins into show)  . . . 1. it does get “monetized” . . . meaning all info on application is then sold (why even if you are declined, you will still get floods of offers for cheap loans) . . . 2. it can be used as any kind of “securitization” . . . which is the sale of the debt into a money market (that justifies the debt) . . . “in essence, they have converted a promissory note into cash immediately” – by Chris (and I would like to add here, well of over two decades ago, I went to buy a new car with cash and could not figure out why they worked so darn hard to persuade me into not doing this, for the stupidest reasons! so now see the real agenda here) . . . and see Brian’s blog for info regarding how all loans are fraudulent -

Monday, 13 May 2013
Introducing New Website
(replacing the old

The web creative team is proud to announce the launch of the new ONE PEOPLE’S website….

The look has changed but not the energy behind our efforts as we’ve worked hard to make the site valuable with tools and information in a user-friendly design. Expanding our international reach, you can now view the site in multiple languages with one click of the “Translate” button found on every page. Or use the many Courtesy Notices conveniently translated for download from the OPPT Tools page.

Like all BE’ings, the site will continue to evolve as we develop more interactivity such as an upload feature for video, audio and images to compliment your own Freedom Story submissions or encounters with Friends in High Places. And stay tuned to the site for the many coordinated Flash Mobs we’re preparing.

As you poke around the site, know that much love and care went into the design and content. And feel free to submit your comments to:

The BE’ings listed below are proud to represent you in this fun and creative endeavor building a portal of knowledge that belongs to THE ONE PEOPLE.

Much love from…
BZ Riger
Holly Tucker
Helen Vita
Ivan Schoultz
Kimarie Teter
Keimpe de Jong
Rachel Jones
Beatrice Weir
Kevin Miller

Sean LeMay
Sue Rhoades
Sarah Beckman
Peter Lysohirka

. . . . with HUGE mahalos to entire team!

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