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How did we become the Evil Empire?

How did we become the Evil Empire?

I received this essay a few days ago. I have edited the text for readability, but it remains essentially as given in the narrative.  I think you can feel the love of the writer for his flawed and well meaning father who thought he was doing his patriotic duty for his country but awakened too late to realize he was working for corrupt bankers and business interests.  Particularly interesting is how his father's love for his son, kept him from following in the same awful footsteps.  I apologize for the quality of the black and white photos, if I get better versions I will update them.  Perhaps its just as well we can't see all the carnage that is in the photos. The photos below have never been published before, the photo above is a stock photo of the invasion of Iwo Jima.  -AK

How did we become the Evil Empire?
by "A light warrior"
editing and photo enhancement by AK

How did we become the Evil Empire? How did it come to this? The following story it is based in true facts, which I have decided to share with all of you because it is time to spread the truth to the four winds.

Human liberation is at stake.  Every single human being who has information needs expose the iron hands behind the curtains.  This will help end the tyranny we all have been subject to for so long.

You should feel obligated to do so NOW!  The "real truth" if you do not know it by now, is that we have been lied to, duped, used, abused, mind controlled, poisoned and mass murdered for millenniums. Most of us now know our lives are illusion!  It’s an illusion of the most nightmarish kind. So lets all start speaking hard and loud until the veil of ignorance completely falls.

This story is based on my fathers life experiences, his entire life history, the challenges, accomplishments and discoveries throughout his entire life ... an entire lifetime window of wisdom is now opening with the writing of this letter.

I choose to keep his name a mystery because I know he would have liked it that way. I will refer to him as "FATHER".  I know he would have approve of me sharing of this information with you today because he could have not done it itself while alive.  He had "fear" due to his secrecy vows and especially after all he had witnessed through out his military career years. He was constantly tortured by daunting weekly sweating nightmares, which I had to shake him real hard to wake him from.  It seem he was having convulsions while he slept.  He would just say "bad dreams"!

Father never had the opportunity to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. My commitment to my father in his last days was to always tell the truth and be an honorable man! I think father would be proud of me today.  I have seen how deep the rabbit hole goes thanks to him, so here is the "TRUTH" being presented to you today .

Father was a WWII veteran, fought all the way island hoping from the Philippines to Okinawa Japan, he also participated in the Korean war as part of the psychological warfare unit, a unit that secretly experimented on prisoners of war.

Among the experiments he was involved in was finding ways of keeping them complaint and docile while the prisoners were being kept in concentration camps under horribly inhumane conditions.
Our government during this heinous period perpetrated many war crimes, but that is another story in itself.
After my father’s last infamous war tour in the Korean peninsula ended and having returned to our motherland, he worked in the proud automobile industry in the infamous "Irritation engineering" (planned obsolescence) unit of our then thriving & proud automobile industry. They designed all the parts of our automobiles to fail at a certain mileage or time. Especially right after the warranty expires which caused the demise of our automobile industry.  All because of profit, they chose to rip us all off with additional replacement parts and repairs through the automobile lifetime, and gave us "lemons".

Shortly thereafter he worked for the Defense Department building ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) and at the end of his military carrier he worked building rockets to outer space. He was an extremely smart individual. He was a Physicist, an engineer, a mathematician and a psychologist. He could hypnotize anyone with in 5 minutes of a regular conversation. It’s scary but true. He worked for the CIA or as insiders call it "The Company", when talking in public. For over 30 years in the CIA and the NSA for the last 20 years of his life.It is through hypnotism that Intelligence agents extract information from prisoners. It is also through hypnotism that men like Lee Harvey Oswald, for no reason he could remember, shot JFK.

Its the reason why people like James Holmes went through a shooting rampage in Colorado killing innocent people in a movie theater, all done to promote gun control and disarm our population. James Holmes swears up and down he does not remember why and what he did, BECAUSE HE DOESN'T.  He is now being declared mentally insane.   Or as we commonly know it, he was brain washed.

The scariest thing is that same process can be done through the phone, to anyone who dares to engage in a conversation with a "random overly friendly stranger". That story Daddy and mommy always said about not talking to strangers is absolutely true! Phone conversations are included!

He was a good man. Everything he did, he did it for his country. He was a true patriot. Proud of his military service, which he always spoke highly. He was a true American, a man of principals.

When he finally found out of the aberrations committed in the name of " democracy", " liberty" and "capitalism" were just excuses to slowly close the circle on human enslavement he became depressed, antisocial & slowly slipped out of the game and became a hermit. His heart knew the answers that the contradictions in his battled mind could not make sense of.

Unlucky dad could never figure out the depth of the root of the monstrous conspiracy he was indirectly involved in.  He could smell it. He could feel it.  But could not really see it, nor could he ever entirely figure it out!

Poor dad, it must have been hard for him to go down, in such spiritual pain and despair.  But nothing happens without purpose. His life experiences taught me and set the foundation to the amazing path I now travel. It’s a life that has become the only way of life that is worth living. Without his life experiences, I would have never been able to understand and believe what the hands behind the curtains were truly doing to humanity. He taught me all I know of this 3D world.  He showed me the LIE, the monstrous conspiracy that lies before our very own eyes, so aberrant most of us choose to not ever hear or see it.

I met father when I was 20 yrs. Old.  It was just he and I both alone in this world. There were no other family members. He had no friends, at least not one that visited or ever had a lunch with him.  There were rare random nights he spent on the phone, conversations he never spoke of.

After I asked him numerous times why no one he ever spoke or visited us, why they were never invited to our "two man weekend barbecues", he said they were "Company men" (CIA agents) dangerous and murderous individuals better always to keep them at an "arms length".

Dad had cut off all his family relations for over the last 50 yrs. He missed his own mother, father and brothers funerals. Not because he did not love them, but because of the international bounty hunters. He had contracts on his head his entire life, the kind that never go away. The job had required many sacrifices and that one must have been the most burdensome.

Father was a proud individual, seasoned and experienced in battle, highly educated and as sharp as anyone could possibly aspire to be. A genuine 007 and he certainly had the good looks as he always dressed just like one of the  "men in black" in the MIB movie (a popular clothing style in the 1960s).

He certainly walked the talk! He proudly hung on his walls many diplomas, recognitions, honorary mentions, certificates, diverse memberships from multiple societies. He was given "The Keys of The City " from governments of few capital cities around the word. Forgive me if I get carried away a bit writing about him, but I believe detailed description of his background is need it to reinforce the validity of the important data I am about to disclose.

This story encases a lifetime of legacy so its hard to be compressed into a single essay, an essay that I am sure going to teach many the true inner workings of our foreign policies. Our true intentions and actions of horror committed over all the foreign countries that have been deceived in establishing diplomatic relations with the USA.

I used to spend my weekends with him, listening to his stories. He had so many to tell, so many important and famous people he rubbed shoulders with through out time, sort of like the " Forrest Gump" movie persona but with out the retard in it. And this was a true story instead of a fantasy. He could always pull out and show pictures, book references, magazine clips, newspaper clips and original letters from former Congressmen, Senators and even Presidents, domestic and foreign, proving the amazing conversations he was sharing with me.

There were three major incidents through out our time living together that made him to finally open himself and his secrets to me that lead to the painful profound conclusions about his lifetime of achievements.

The first one of those incidents was the day when I came home from school and I disclosed to him I was about to sign up for service, to go in to the Army, so I could follow his steps and become a patriot just like him.  That night at dinner I looked into his eyes and asked him, “Father, what I am about to do is a major shift in my life, is this the right thing to do? You always speak so highly of the military service and of its discipline that the time has come for me to make you proud, is this what you want me to become? I was a soldier in another country but I want to enroll in US Army so I can follow your same steps hopefully all the way up in to the intelligence department. Are you proud of what you have done? Do you feel like a patriot because you defended your country all these this years?”

He silently sat for a while and I noticed he was nervously trying to come up with the correct answer. Finally spoke and said, “son, everything we did, we did it because of money, it was all for profit, all of it! Don't do it!”  I was shocked he dared say that! By saying it he was destroying his super hero aura he had built around himself with his stories, pictures, diplomas, TV, newspapers, magazines clips etc. He had basically thrown himself off his self-created pedestal to protect me.  He began answering all questions I asked after that.  It took him 5 years of past-midnight conversations to unwrap the conspiracy that began at the very foundation of the intelligence community. Here are "some" highlights of his disclosures.

The CIA enlist and fills its ranks with former military members of our armed forces  as well as graduated students form diverse ivy leagues schools, such Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc. You join by invitation only. You are approached by agents and "invited" to be part of  "The Company".  Just like the mafia it is a lifetime membership. A membership you will never be able to opt out of that serve and protect the world elite interests. It is the paramilitary arm of the ultra rich. It’s all one big brotherhood, which includes the FBI, British Mi5, Mi6 and the Israeli Mossad. They are basically all one and the same.

The main purpose of "The Company " is for the US to rule the world by financial means. The weapons of preference are financial instruments of mass destruction. This is the strategy and method used by agents around the world. In order to successfully accomplish their mission "BY ANY MEANS", there are NO rules. There is only a goal accomplish regardless of the consequences, as their budget funded by fiat money is practically unlimited.

The embassies around the world are the CIA hubs. Most embassy employees are Intelligence personnel. Most are just plain well trained sophisticated assassins. Also mercenaries and military contractors (such the infamous Blackwater and Halliburton) who will basically kill, torture and “disappear” anyone for the right fee. Assassins who carry diplomatic immunity.

The pieces of pie are pretty big, about the size of the country they are currently dealing with, so there will be enough for everyone no matter what has to be done!  Only small portions of the embassy personnel are clerical and maintenance.  The ambassadors of each embassy around the world are the CIA directors/heads of those same countries, their objective is the mapping, studying, planning, implementing and executing their preconceived plans of financial enslavement of that specific country, by "ANY MEANS".

They usually start by setting up the Central Banks and phony development projects like "bridges to no where" and huge "white elephant" projects. Money wasting mega projects to further enslave and drown the country in to a mountain of impossible to pay external debt with the USA or any of their affiliates countries and/or multiple multinational corporations or institutions.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 — 1812) boldly claimed ones "Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws".

They quietly buy out their entire media industry with all the new supply of freshly issued cash thanks to the infinity of fiat money so the country has no sympathizing voice left to cry out.

When finally the unsuspected country realizes it has entered a contract with the devil in which they were duped and that they are now left holding the short end of the stick a new generation of corrupt thieving hyenas have usurped their national palaces. They are already hungry and ready to be first for the next round of foreign loans to be approved by developing banks and straw financial Institutions. Next those loans are immediately split among the inside players and go straight to all the corrupted leaders pockets.

They don’t care that by doing so they are putting their own country resources as collateral for a future of never ending incoming "shark loans" which will lead to the further never ending destitution of their own native country. That is how rich resourceful countries fall into financial instability, then poverty, then into misery, and last into a spiral downward into complete utter destitution of all of its citizens property and future resources. What follows is total societal collapse and chaos. Yes, this is the sweet strategy we are using to building America!

The agents mission is mostly through socializing and identifying the main political and financial targets in any given country, the heads, the leaders, the doers, the movers and the ultimate controllers of it all. The plan is laid out and they start playing "God" by deciding who lives and who must die. The black book comes out and the homework commences.

When the implementation of the strategy begins, the first ones to be coopted are the business leaders of the country, to form alliances and partnerships but most importantly to have citizens of the country representing US interest and future acquisitions. Foreigners are limited on purchasing and acquiring property or interfering in certain aspects of a sovereign country but its citizens are not.

So most businesses leaders will "partner up" with any foreign project as long as they profit from it, "nationalism" disappears when profits are to be made along with a dubious transaction. The ones that have a problem don’t want to sell out their country resources to a foreign power gets targeted and purged (assassinated).

The second is an easier target; the politicians, who compared to their business counterparts, do not have to work as hard. They do not have to care for their business longevity, as their time in office is limited. They do not have to be responsible or play by the rules, as their former colleagues did in the past, and then there’s the ones waiting in the wings who will steal as much money possible in the least amount of time possible as their clock is ticking and they know it.

As you can already predict most of this business associates and candidates of the US State department throw themselves at the agents at the first "hello" and volunteer their time, their loyalties and their very own souls even before fully approached and informed of the agents intentions. They sell their positions short and at a bargain! Pathetic!

The ones playing hard to get, well, they get to choose between option "A" and option "B” strategy.

It is quite simple, option "A" is you agree to everything the state department is suggesting, play along and fully cooperate and everyone becomes filthy rich! Awesome! Definitely sounds like a deal for the 99.99 % of all involved in the rigged multiple-choice dilemma.

Option "B" is you decide to stand up for what is right. You bravely stand up as a patriot and for the good of your beloved country and your comrades. You stand up against what is socially immoral and do that against rampant corruption and "decline" what the embassy or State Department calls non-negotiable suggestions. Then you (and your family) get a bullet, bomb, poison or something much worst. Maybe something like a cruise missile at your summer home, with you and family in it. Like a surprise super high tech drone visit or a cool late night Apache close range last helicopter viewing!  If you are lucky (and not mentioned as terrorist sleeper cell member targeted and killed as counter terrorist attack measures by the sold out media) you become one of those national admired and famous deceased individuals embedded in the history books called national HEROES! Your choice...

The second major incident that made my father open up to me happened while we were watching movies one lazy 4th of July weekend afternoon. We were watching the movies:  Flags of our Fathers followed by Letters from Iwo Jima.

For those that never watched these films I highly recommend it, but you must watch both films in order to understand their intimate relationship. Letters from Iwo Jima provides the counterpoint to the earlier film Flags of our fathers by basically capturing the other side point of view of the conflict.

There is a scene in the movie Letters from Iwo Jima in which the Japanese soldiers are committing suicide with grenades before they are capture inside a cave. In the scene, the last soldier before committing suicide looks around and in a decision of fear he decides to go out of the cave and surrender to the incoming US Marines. He is quickly executed with no mercy. He is merciless gunned down with a Tommy machine gun by a US soldier just a minute after he peacefully surrendered to the occupying forces.

I quickly jumped out of the couch and complained to my father, saying how cruel that was, “he had just peacefully surrendered and as result he was executed immediately by our freedom forces without mercy like a dog!”  My father said to me, “son, what you are seeing in this movie is one of the closest depictions of what really went on in WWII. I have yet to see a movie that depicts the true horrors committed during that war.

What people do not know is that WWII in the pacific was a war not of conquest but of annihilation, a war with a goal of the extermination of the entire race. Why do you think we detonated the atomic bombs in the civilian cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after we already knew the Japanese were negotiating surrender? In the three years I marched island from island until we reached Japan. We never took prisoners, contradictory of what history says.  We were not aloud to speak of this after the war.

The people would have never understood "the sacrifices" needed to be done in order to "win a war" (amazing brainwashing!!!) There were NO prisoners of war throughout the Pacific war. I know for a fact as I was one of the few that always marched in the front lines and survived; our orders were always direct and simple, to execute every single "Gook" on sight (derogating name used to describe Asians during WWII - just like Charley was used in Korea & Vietnam). Every Japanese was an enemy combatant. We executed every single soldier, man, woman, child and elder who happened to come our way. There was not ONE prisoner ever kept alive during our march up north form the Philippines until we finally reached the main land Japan.

That is the reason why the Japanese soldiers would rather commit suicide and die by their own hand in an honorable way than wait to be executed by enemy machine guns. What would you son do in a similar situation?”

Father left the room and came back with a handful of original pictures he brought with him from Japan and showed those pictures to me, there were mountains of bodies everywhere being pushed down enormous common pits and being filled with bodies and pushed down into the pit by many bulldozers.  He said, “See these pictures? These come from a Japanese Island in which we landed on a beautiful sunny day some time in 1945. There were no soldiers in this island, there were only civilians, they knew what we came to do, they knew their faith, so about 10,000 mostly women, elderly and children charged at us with sticks, shovels, bows and rocks for few hours while we easily mowed them down with our fully automatic Tommy guns. There were about 200 to 300 of us. It was a massacre, a total carnage. We rested at the end of that day and a few dozen of us next day were ordered to dedicate the entire day to execute the wounded and dispose of their bodies. That took a few days. But I will never forget those two first days, the look of the wounded, women, elderly and children that look in to my eyes begging for mercy, a courtesy which we were not allowed to extend to any of them. That is why many decades later I still have those horrible haunting nightmares.”

I was speechless for a few weeks after that confession from my father, until today I still have trouble understanding trying to find a possible valid excuse that would have caused such satanic murderous atrocity to ever be allowed to occur? Why were the American people never informed of this? How come such important events were kept out of our history books?

The third and last incident happened by chance due to a broken water pipe under our house. Father always kept many boxes of personal documents, memorabilia and personal belongings under the house, I was never aloud to go in there, it was, dark, creepy, cold and full of spider webs everywhere. I did not care much diving inside those black widow infested boxes anyway, thanks but no thanks.

But one afternoon I noticed the water pressure was low, and by looking around the house trying to figure out the cause we found that the basement was flooding. Father was old so I had to go in there for the first time and empty the entire basement to savage it all.

I started removing dusty box by dusty box, many were just falling apart due to old age and some others were just completely wet, so I looked and I read and read and read. I learned so much that weekend from what I emptied from the basement that I could write an entire book amazing you all with my findings. But those are cherries for another cocktail.

At the very end of the last row was a pile boxes. There were some strange packages, wrapped in big black plastic bags and wrapped with tape all around, 8 packages in total, all looked alike. I opened a couple to check what was inside but I could not figure it out, it was a strange white powder I had never seen before. When I asked father he immediately got nervous and stayed quiet trying to figure out what to say, he finally say it was a chemical he used in some "invention" of his.

I knew all about Fathers projects and there was not a project that required material such as I found, father was an awful liar, he never did lie, so when he tried it, it was a futile effort that always led to the final truth, so he finally quit trying and confessed to me, “It is cocaine!”  Ten kilos in each pack, 8x10=80 kg of cocaine in our basement! But why? How did 80 kilos of cocaine ended up under our home?

He sat in his bar, look under the burgundy wine section and open a bottle of Bordeaux, then offered me a cup, sat next to me and confessed the following, “Son, there is no war on drugs, but war on drug lords, it has always been that way, for hundreds of years since the British "West Indies Company" flooded China with opium and destroyed generations of Chinese families until today.

It is still happening as nothing has changed! My own Father worked for it his entire life!  He said, “It is us who control the drug industry, just go drive down the road for a mile and you will see at least one DRUG store, see! It is so boldly embedded in our culture we fail to notice the obvious anymore, it is there, up in our faces, right before everyone eyes, but we have mastered the art of the LIE to the point that the best way to keep the lie as fiction is to put it out in the open for everyone to see, because we know lies must be hidden, it could not possibly be on the open for everyone to see!

All drugs that we now know infest the lives and minds of our youths were created somewhere in a Western laboratory, but we don't have makeshifts drug labs in America any more, that is small time change, we industrialize it and now call it pharmaceutical industry!

The government leaders are in it, so are the police departments, and we, the CIA, are the ones who run it for the leaders. I found out all of this at the end of my intelligence career that is the main reason why I have slipped out and left. While I was touring south and central America in the name of democracy, I saw the whole game, the wars in Central and South America were never about communism but about drug wars and land control. The wars were about the control of the supply, transport and distribution of it, along with other rich natural resources.

Our soldiers protect our mafia partners and crop fields around the world. We control the supply and the world mafias control the micro -distribution on the streets (directly under the CIA supervision) we transport it and distribute-wholesale it around the world in our war ships and military cargo planes so it goes completely undetected, the CIA has a monopoly of this industry, at least in this continent and is rapid spreading to the others.

Noriega was one of our good partners on this business but he started to branch out on his own due to the enormous amount of merchandise he was in charge of because of the Panama canal.

The reason being why we had to get rid of him, he threatened to expose us so we had to get rid of him quick, we put a hit on him but it was thwarted by his forces, then he tried to cut the supply using the canal, but it worked out for the US because thanks to him we now have the monopoly in the entire American continent and as bonus we did not had to give the canal back which, after the 100 year contract agreement was due to expire with Panama and the canal was due to be returned to the Panamanians around those years of the invasion.

So it was a beautiful thing to do, waging that war against Noriega, win win for all with a cherry on top, the Panama Canal, people to this day still do not know the real reason why of the Panama war. "

The Company IS the infamous international drug lord, the only drug Lords being chased down, killed or caught and incarcerated are the ones "non-aligned " to our international networks, run by the European Monarchies, Vatican and the International Elite network.

The "drug wars" being waged in Colombia, Mexico, etc. are focus not on the drugs but on the individuals trying to become "Independent " and are trying to set up their own shops, no "Drug lords" will be allowed out of our CIA syndicate, those are the one being tackled, prosecuted and murdered. Only the ones that do not play ball with "The Company", and their political partners in Latin American countries.

Lets not forget about Afghanistan son, before we invaded that worthless piece of land the Taliban was interfering way too much with our business by making amapola (Spanish for "Papaver somniferum" or opium poppy flower) illegal, therefore tampering with our profits, under the Taliban rule Afghanistan produced about 30 to 35 % of the world heroin, after we invaded the country and straighten things out with the help of the Bush family syndicate, business is booming again, better than ever, Afghanistan produces now over 90% of the entire world heroin production under our "watchful eye"; and control.

I was given sometimes those packages you found in the basement as payment for some of my missions instead of cash, but I am not a drug dealer nor I ever aspire to become one, I did not signed up for this! I refuse until this day to become part of it!  I am against drugs and everything drugs represent, it is not my business and I refuse to sell it or distributed so I just store it in the basement and as the years went by I forgot those were even there, you may do what you want with it, you may dispose of it...”

After this enlightening lesson from Father I decide to take the packages to a near by cliff and disposed all 8 packages, one by one I saw the powder fly down the hill. I some people may question my actions specially after have lived so many years under such financial hardship, but at least I am sure the earthworms must have appreciate my actions very much on that day


What kind of deranged officials have we picked to lead our nations and institutions? How did ever allow our government to strike "In God We Trust" from our books and public places to become a Satanic based nation run by psychopaths?

We have disobeyed about every natural, human and godly laws and its wonderful creation until our world is spiraling down into devastation.

How did we ever end up being sprayed from our own skies with poison like we insects? Chemtrails are being sprayed all over every major world city and every continent run by the cabal.

When did we permit our leaders and institutions to poison the water we drink and the very food we eat?

When did we agreed to permit our hospitals and our health care leaders to shovel "disguised drugs" down our throats every time we are sick and actually hide the cures to safely cure practically all illnesses and epidemics that decimate our world today?

Do we really believe we can maintain this insane speed of abuse and destruction upon our population and resources without consequences?

Man can create or destroy and yet we have chosen to destroy! It is this unending sick human behavior that has kept our entire planet and societies out of balance, just as our polluting & destruction actions clearly affects the entire planet ecology and its atmosphere.

Our entire Galaxy is affected by it, therefore that which goes out always returns. The spiral of life goes unending. It is our choice whereby we continue to experience these nightmares, FOR THE SPIRAL OF LIFE MOVES FOREVER ONWARD.

I urge all the readers to do all with in your power to end this and all other well known travesties being perpetrated against mankind by the global elite and the Cabal so that we shall be able to survive as human race and if we ever aspire to live in a society of true freedom, peace, justice, truth, kindness, righteousness and wisdom. It is never to late to return to this truth, just like JFK ones said, "Ask not what you country can you for you but what you can do for your country".

If we fail to listen and act now it shall be late for most of us! The truth is out to the masses everywhere now "LET HE WHO HAS EARS, HEAR; AND THOSE WITH EYES SEE”, but it is every single one of us responsibility to unwind this web of corruption, lies and deceit, WE MUST DO IT OURSELVES. The cat is out of the bag! But are you listening? The hourglass is empty and the "Doom Clock" is about to hit "Twelve O'clock".  HOW DID WE LET IT COME TO THIS ?

Yours truly,
A Light warrior    

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