Sunday 5 May 2013

OPPT-IN radio show apr 29 transcription

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, April 29, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (AEST)

Note: Future show transcripts will no longer include opening and closing remarks, callers with comments, or personal reminiscing. The transcription team is focusing on transcribing the important parts of each show, including updates, new and valuable information. 

Lisa: Now, there's a young guy here in Australia by the name of James, who has been one of the most active DO'ers that I've come across. Ever since the Courtesy Notices went out, the Foreclosure flyers, the Press Releases, he has been actively weekly, if not daily, in some cases educating people right around the country. I got a note from him this morning, saying "Hi Lisa. I was just told that the police are concerned about Courtesy Notices and our information sharing. They are realizing they have their head on the block. They have been discussing it in meetings." I've asked James if he wouldn't mind coming on the show next week to tell you his story, because I think you'll find it quite motivational, to be honest. He's been DO'ing a lot and been getting a variety of responses. Some neutral, some claim ignorance and some very positive. Hopefully James, if you're listening, you'll get that email invitation and we'll see you next week. So I just wanted to share that.

I believe Scott has also got some Courtesy Notice response updates.

Scott: Yeah, actually I've been in touch with James as well. He's crackin' into all sorts of things. We had one ... this is my father and I ... he ended up sending a Courtesy Notice to one officer here in Perth. It's rather silly. The Courtesy Notice when sent in response to one of their documents was received by a letter that said "Thank you for opting to take this matter to a court." Oh, I don't recall anywhere in the Courtesy Notice where it said please, can we take this to a court. So, completely didn't read that one.

Anyway, I volunteered to hand-deliver this invoice into the police officers. So I walked in there and hand delivered it. I ended up speaking to the actual officer that was the one who was the recipient and he promptly rejected it and proceeded to describe how UCC only applied in America and it was the state law of western Australia that was the highest law and that was what he was following. So I thanked him very nicely and all the rest of it and went home and prepared an invoice and Dad faxed that one off.  This time we sent also a copy of a single page, on the UCC Financing Statements, that showed one of the big banks of Australia, ANZ, a link to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York through the UCC and this must be getting close to about three weeks ago now maybe two weeks and absolutely nothing heard.  So I suspect that officer might have had his paradigm bent a little bit, and that might challenge the story that appeared to have been something that had just been given by him.  It doesn’t apply. Just tell people this … and this one document that gave an example of UCC being used in Australia, kind of, I suspect might have shattered his paradigm on that so I thought that was useful.

Chris: That bank … that bank just for non Australians ... that bank is one of the biggest in the country and to see a document like that with a big corporation’s name on it clearly in bed with the Federal Reserve clearly using UCC law, as Scott said is a bit of a paradigm bump he just ran over.

Scott:  I use the explanation if you if you’re gonna use a system to record such an agreement or an arrangement ... we’re talking about some massive amount of numbers in these documents ... even if they’re not expressed in numbers. It’s expressed as all accounts all paper here and thereafter.

Chris:  Scott,  you might just explain to people what that filing had in it.  It was one of those very significant ones that kinda of pokes you in the eye when you look at it. 

Scott:  Yes.  I’ll be brief on that. It’s basically a security interest of the Federal Bank of New York is registering a security interest in basically all the assets of the ANZ Bank here in Australia and some of the things that it describes in there. I’ll read it briefly: “all accounts shadow paper, infantry equipment, instruments, investment property, general intangibles, documents and all assets now owned and or hereafter acquired” .  Now, I’d use the word everything to encompass all that sort of stuff, and it goes on to keep on talking about more stuff.  So that sort of security interest registered by the Federal Reserve Bank in New York in one of the big banks in Australia ... (talk over)

You’re using the UCC basically. Well, you’re using the most robust form of law to record such an interest.  So when you put that in front of a police officer that says here’s the bank, who knows he might well have banked with ANZ himself….doesn’t matter.  To show something like that so significant kind of blows the myth up very quickly that it’s not used in Australia. If that’s the case, then who’s going to write to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and say this document that you’ve got really is worthless, don’t worry about it.

Chris:  It doesn’t apply here.

Lisa:  But the same goes, you’ve got the paperwork for Westpac, the four leading banks haven’t you, for Australia?

Scott:  Yep and even Lloyds of London.  So that template seems to apply worldwide.   There’s hundreds of banks, from whatever country you’re from, that it seems to apply; use the same template. So I encourage having a poke around in that UCC registry and find these documents and if you do find that you’re getting feedback (inaudible) ... UCC doesn’t apply in this country. Then drop one of those in their desk and say well are you gonna write the Federal Reserve and tell them their document is worthless.

Chris:  Bigger question, Scott, who owns or who controls ANZ ?  The shareholders or this massive form of bank the Federal Reserve, with a security interest over everything. Are those shares in the ANZ worth anything to the people who hold them?

Scott: Well, it would be interesting to see who has priority call.

Chris:  Uh hum.

Scott:  Just that the date of the registration of this document which ... this one’s 2010. Some of the other banks go back to 2001 and they’re linked off each other from going back in time. So I think in whole, part of the UCC is the registration in order in which you’re registering the security interest, so shareholders are going to take a lower priority in this instance.

Chris:  So if ANZ Bank had a problem you suddenly find you actually had shares in the Federal Reserve and not the ANZ Bank.  Okay, cause the Federal Reserve would just step in and take it over if something happened I suspect. Yeah, given the Federal Reserve is either exactly not existing anymore according to some, or about to be converted into the Treasury according to some but either way that’s a mess. If I were a shareholder, I’d be extremely unhappy cause I doubt whether it appears in the annual report.

Scott:  That’s a very interesting question for the shareholder relations department.

Chris:  Yep. Yep. Shareholders of ANZ and Westpac and other banks; what exactly is that piece of paper you got mean?

Lisa:  Good question. I just hope they start asking.  So Scott you’ve also got the databases being worked on. Do you wanna say something about that?

Scott:  Yes.  There’s a bunch of guys beavering away feverishly in a large number of countries around the world: USA, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and there’s more.  Compiling a database with various individuals and their email address; those who’ve been perpetuating the slavery system. The intent is to provide a centralized location where folk can contribute the address of an individual and also I think the intent is to coordinate requests for any other volunteers who may chose to send a foreclosure flyer to that individual and advise them of the new landscape and the foreclosure of the banks and the governments. So it’s bringing a few people together to a ... (talk over)

Lisa:  So we’ll have a database available from the OPPT-in com website that … (talk over) ... anywhere in the world and look for the names and email address relevant to their country.

Chris:  At the moment it’s stand-alone database … sorry stand-alone website domain.

Lisa:  Oh, okay.

Chris:  There’s an email address for a gentleman who’s volunteered to field questions on that at the moment whilst it’s being prepared, so that address is:

Lisa:  Can you type it in our little Skype room and I’ll share it in the chat room, as well as the address of the website?

Chris:  Yep can do.  So that’s being put together at the moment. I think they’re looking for some additional volunteers in I think Greece and Cyprus to help with some of the immediacy of that situation over there.

Lisa:  Uh hmm and are there any other countries that you need volunteers that you can think of off the top of your head?

Chris:  I will look at my little chat. I’ve got a link I closed it down earlier on. Hang on, there we go, got it.  So looking for Spanish, German, and Dutch. Spain, Germany, and Holland I think is an extra one there, and Greece and Cyprus.  So that’s where there some call for additional contacts.

Lisa:  Great, thank you very much. Now just to change subject for a second, I need to answer some questions that have come up in the chat room. Project XIII: the name. The reason for that name is that 13 is the last wholly prime and Fibonacci sequence that Caleb could find that all line up is the number 13.  So that’s why it’s called Project XIII.  Okay, what are we moving to now? Scott, did you have anything else you wanted to say or cover on today?

(talk over)

Scott:  I just thought, there’s a diagram that we put together with regard to the Courtesy Notice and I’ll post in the link to that one as well.  It’s currently hosted up on Scrib’d and I think BZ is working to get that one up online as well on the site. 

Basically what it is that hopefully something that can simplify the administration in using the Courtesy Notices and invoicing.  The principal is that if you have sent a Courtesy Notice to the originator of an action, for example a loan at a bank – then you’ve sent one Courtesy Notice to the bank.  They tend to engage multiple players beyond just the bank.  They might get debt collectors, lawyers, process servers, courts – you name it.  Rather than send each individual another Courtesy Notice, the same terms and conditions that were in the first Courtesy Notice actually apply to anyone else that’s engaged downstream. 

So this diagram just provides two separate scenarios.  One is simply invoicing based on the Courtesy Notice sent to the individual; which for a lot of people is just a one-to-one kind of relationship.  The second scenario expressed graphically is the possibility of invoicing a third party that became involved hanging off the terms and conditions that were offered to the originator – say for example at the bank. 

The effect this has is, it keeps the matter on the desk of the originator.  I think people would be quite familiar with the tendency of a lot of these people who are enforcing the slavery system is they want to get it off their desk as soon as possible, so they engage the legal department or the lawyer or the debt collector and they’ve shifted it from their desk to someone else’s desk and they breathe a sigh of relief and say “Whew, got it off my desk, it’s all done!”.

By invoicing them for the action of the third party and keeping that matter on their desk, it doesn’t leave their desk and it encourages some further investigation into “What am I going to do to resolve this one?”.  So that diagram might assist in providing some relief to that scenario.

Lisa:  Well, I just posted the link to it in the chat room: and I’ll do it again.  It’s on the OPPT-in website under OPPT – Courtesy Notice – Frequently Asked Questions.  Okay.

Scott:  Brilliant!

Lisa:  Lovely.

Scott:  Fantastic.  Okay, that’s all from me.

Lisa:  That’s all from you… okay (Laughing)!  Okay, last week Chris talked about a Bond and Oath that he had created and subsequently created a bit of a ‘shit storm’, didn’t you Chris? (Laughing)

Chris:  I did, I did.  We released that and probably, looking at the reaction that we got there, was more discussion we should have had about it on air. The information on the website should have been more specific, because there were a couple of things about it that we just didn’t emphasize enough about what we’d actually done, so we’ve taken a step…

Lisa:  Can you go back though, go back to the beginning and just explain why you felt the need to create it in the first place?

Chris:  The need actually came from Captain Deryl.  He has a couple of people he’s dealing with in the military who are kind of interested in seeing these things.  He asked me if I would write one and I said yes and started to work on it.  We’re going to talk in a minute about what’s specifically in it and why, but once I’d actually written it I thought ‘Well, this is really forming the basis for what could be a Public Servant Bond and Oath for the CVAC as well’.  So I proceeded to do that.  At that point, that was about from a timing point of view that was just before the show last week, so we thought we’d put them out there.  But the thing that it led to, which is actually one of the key things I want to talk about this morning, is a third document which we’re calling a ‘Declaration of Absolute Freedom’. 

That was the actual sequence of events. It turns out that really in terms of what’s useful and what’s really very useable for anyone who’s following the OPPT, the former OPPT’s work and is putting out the message that ‘I AM, I’m standing up’.  That’s the one that we’re going to say you should consider using.  Now, if I’ve got a minute, I’ll go through that concept.

Lisa:  Wait, let’s just go through this a little bit more sequentially; The Protector Bond and Oath?

Chris:  Mmm.

Lisa:  That’s the one that’s got some people in a bit of a tizz.  The way I see that document is very similar in a way to the Courtesy Notices.  It’s a tool to educate those in the military on a number of levels to the fact that the Bond and Oath that they’re currently under, or thought they were under, is actually an oath to a corporation, to a private entity and that they actually are taking their orders ultimately from the UN.  They didn’t sign up to protect their country. 

Chris:  Precisely.

Lisa:  Or to protect their fellow countrymen. If you look at that Bond and Oath and compared it to the one you took, then questions are going to come up.  So I see it as a beautiful education tool; giving people the opportunity to go “Well, who do I want to serve and protect?”

Chris:  Exactly.  The military have been actually watching this very closely so we’re told.  We’re told that from multiple sources.  Most of them didn’t sign up to do what they’re doing and they didn’t realize who they were signing up with.  For the most part, they absolutely took an oath and want to fulfill it in the most noble fashion they can.  That’s why they’re there. 

This realization along with the fact that they realize the corporatism that they’re actually in the middle of has an incredibly negative effect on their whole society, let alone their family.  Knowing that they’re in a position to actually make a difference and not being able to do anything about it.  Something like the OPPT work comes along and a whole new scenario is presented.  Now one of the most important things about these documents, particularly the Bond and Oath documents, is they’re transition documents.  They’re tools to help us to move from the place we’re at to the place we’d like to be; which is where we don’t need such documents.  Where we just work from an energy exchange point of view and all this is past history, but we’re not there yet.

Bob:  Can I just speak about that a little bit, Chris? 

Chris:  Sure.

Bob:  There’s gonna be a lot of tools that are coming out that are bridging tools that some people may want to, or need to, take advantage of because of where they’re at in their particular situation and their understanding of what’s transpired; whereas others may not need to use some of those bridging tools because they can stand on their own.  They’re available and it is completely voluntary if someone wants to make use of one of those tools.  In particular, I thought it was interesting to note that that Oath and Bond when it comes to the Protector. This is something that is very, very much so directed to the voluntary, volunteers who would volunteer for the military service or that enforcement side of the military orders that were in the UCC filings. For them the whole idea of an Oath and a Bond is something that they can very much so relate to.  So a lot of people you know “Oh what is this?”  It’s… take things into context – these are bridging tools and for those of them for whom it resonates they know what they’re for.

Chris:  That’s it.  This document is aimed at a very specific group of people whose higher calling is to serve in that capacity and they would expect to make some sort of commitment like this, very much so.  They’ll look for this and we wanted to make sure we had it.  That’s the reason that Captain Zeleny asked me to do it, so he had it hand, so if the people he’s dealing with said “How do we sign in?”  This is it, we’re ready. 

Now in the future would such a document be used for someone who is coming in as a Protector?  Probably not!  Okay, so and the other document is the same; the one that actually covers off from the CVACs.  Just on the Protector one for a minute, in fact overall, Scott and I recorded a detailed conversation last night which is up on the website which goes through how these documents are structured.  The context of them – because all three of them have a specific context – The Oath and Bond for the Protectors, the one we’re talking about right at the moment and you have to actually view the documents in that light. Of course to use one of these is voluntary – you never have to do anything with this if you don’t want to. 

As far as the Protector Oath is concerned, one of the critical things about it was in the wording in the centre of the document it actually makes a specific reference to the UCC order given to the military as part of the OPPT work in the UCC.  I’ve linked it, again this is my Oath and Bond, this is the one I felt would resonate with them. I’ve specifically linked it to that order because it’s in that order that their instructions on how they are to behave is defined.  How they are to not take life, but yet they’re allowed to defend themselves.  They’re there to actually basically arrest and detain the people involved in the slavery system and repossess all of the facilities there.  It’s a very significant thing and we need to keep pointing back to that to make sure that this group of people who are acting on our behalf have a specific set of instructions because that’s the way the military works.  They say I’m here to do it, tell me what you want and we can point straight at that and go “That’s what we want.” As far as the psychology of it, it's something that they, this is something that they will actually expect to issue when they actually commit to working for the One People.

It's the same with the Oath and Bond to the Public Servant. Now, this is, again, a transition document. The CVAC system specified in the original OPPT filings. (dog barking) Thank you, Reuben the dog, in case you heard that. Just got barked at at very high volume. The UCC filings that specified the CVAC also specified how people were to connect to them, which was a bond and oath as a public servant. Now, we haven't had conversations about the CVAC systems for a while. It'll start up again because again the CVAC systems will be a bridging tool for us.

Our future is filled with incredible possibilities. Some of the stuff is simply, gobsmackingly amazing. It's not here yet, so as a preparation for taking a transitional step into a structure that is different to the one we are currently operating in, this is another document which we'll have there for that moment because we've got seven billion people to help transition. This is our real task once we get past this whole thing becoming public. We're starting to really see the cracks in the system, getting hints that the police are finding out, as James said, "their head on a block", etcetera.

Military are working out this is serious because look at what SWISSINDO did. Things are really starting to actually show some shift, just a bit, at the moment which is incredibly encouraging. So, what we have here is another document for very specific context for a very specific temporal location. In other words it's context is relevant now and in the very near future. In two years time I can't tell you what had happened and how we’ll be operating. Hopefully, we'll be under an energetic exchange. The critical thing about both these documents is that these are my documents. These are the way I, in this context, that I thought they could be structured. Now, at the top of the document it says, "I am eternal essence embodied absent limits".

If you wanted to issue your own Oath and Bond, you can do it. You can completely rewrite this document. This is Chris's version of the Oath and Bond. People will say I poorly worded one part on the instructions and said you don't have to sign it if you don't want to. What I really meant was you don't have to use it if you don't want to. If you don't sign it, it's only a piece of paper. It could generate an interesting discussion, but it won't have the energetic content if you don't actually put your signature on it. So the Oath and Bond are really going to be for a fairly specific group of people who with a very specific desire to serve who can rewrite and issue their own Oath and Bond should they choose to.

These documents will be issued as Word files fully editable. If the words resonate with you, you can use it exactly as it is. For instance, I was having a discussion with BZ, BZ Riger, and she said, "I'm not that keen on the CVAC systems of assistance being on the Declaration of Absolute Freedom". I said, "Well, in your instance, you just delete it. Put in exactly the words that you want". So remember the Oath and Bond for the Public Servant and the Protectors are for people who want to serve in specific capacities at this transitional point in time and that you are completely free to rewrite these as you see fit.

The final one which was the, I think is, could be, should be, hopefully, really widely used by everybody is what I chose to call Declaration of Absolute Freedom. Now, again, these are my words. This is what resonates with me. It's a Word file. You can do with it as you wish. Where there are references to the UCC down at the bottom of the page, okay because we got, I just used footnotes to actually create the links to those. The only thing I'd suggest is make sure that if you remove something that's got a footnote reference next to it that you actually get rid of the footnote at the bottom of the page, too, so that document hasn't got some useless information at the bottom.

Now, the Declaration of Absolute Freedom is exactly what it says. It's written from the absolute. It's contextual in that it still actually refers to, in this instance, a couple of things in the UCC fillings, not as many as the other documents. I wrote it that way because of it's relevant to me now and brings in the things that interest me. For instance, I like the fact that it refers to CVAC systems, because I support the notion we need a platform to spring board from. If you'd prefer just to refer to the Universal Exchange, that's absolutely up to you.

Bob: The one thing I wanted to note is that all of these things are restatements of universal law. Universal law, which basically states that all of us are free to do what we will with full responsibility. All of us are free to do what we will with full responsibility. To enunciate your full responsibility in your chosen DO’ing, anyone can do. Like Chris said, if you want to create your own, and it doesn't have to be what just ... the enforcement. If you want to create an Oath and Bond to your dedication and your DO’ing with education, feel free to do so. It is stating your I AM statement as to what it is you wish to bind yourself in your DO’ing, to remain completely transparent and fully responsible.

Chris: That's actually a really important point, Bob. Scott and I go over that aspect in detail on the recording and I'll just touch on it here for a moment. The authority to issues these things comes from you. The bottom of each of these documents says this,  "This Declaration is prepaid, preauthorized and preapproved by the signatory in full responsibility, liability and transparency". In other words you're saying, "I issue this because I AM in charge of me". I'll just read you out the, there's a relevant passage in here in the That I BE section of this document. It says, "That I BE absolutely free and free of debt, owner of my body, value and labor, a custodian and steward of Earth". End of story. This is like your personal Declaration of Independence. It's written from the absolute position, almost entirely.

The way it works, and these are my words, this is what I put down on paper and there is no further that you can go. You're not actually part of any structure. There are no statutorian authorities involved here at all. No fiction. No man-made stuff. There's just you as eternal essence making a statement about yourself to the rest of the One People. This document actually speaks as much to the old system as to make a statement to everybody. It is entirely based in universal law and the issue is, is this a contract. In terms of the Oath and Bond ones, there was questions about is this a contract. If you take the old system view of the Bond and Oath as having a two-way connection, you could argue that it is a contract but that we are free to actually reassign, repurpose that old terminology. In my version of the Bond and Oath, I chose to use the term bond and oath because they resonate with people who want to actually give what I consider to be a gift of energy to the people.

The Declaration of Absolute Freedom is simply a statement saying I am free and here is why. I will read the “I AM” statement out of the Declaration of Absolute Freedom too. These are my words: ”that I AM serving the One People with my BE’ing eternal essence embodied absent limits doing always for the greater good of the One People, greater good of Earth, manifesting a new civilization in this and all moments of now”. That is how I feel; so, if you want to change that, or add to it, you can do it.

Lisa:  Now just an update Chris, the Declaration of Absolute Freedom has up-to -date directions and people are already completing them and sending them into the special email address provided. It is happening.

Chris:  Brilliant, and our suggestion for it is this: you can pop it into a frame and put it up on the wall. You can put it up with a fridge magnet and pop it on the fridge and just when you pass by it will remind you that this is how you feel and that things are going to change. You could put them in with your Courtesy Notices. You could put them in with the foreclosure flyer. Anytime you actually address the system, you can actually put one of these in there, signed. It’s your statement of who you are, it doesn’t oblige you to anything. It is not in any way an arrangement with anyone else. It is a statement of your position in this universe. If you do it with the right intention, that is going to add an enormous amount of energy to the whole equation of what the Courtesy Notices are going when we inject them into the system. We are seeing effects coming in the system now where they’re realizing that “Houston, there is a problem”.

So using this document as you will the Declaration of Freedom. One of the other things we are planning on doing is...when you download it...we are still working on that folks; it’s a work in progress. When you download it, we’re going to ask you, if with your permission to give your name, your geographic region and that will end up displayed as a list on the website to show that you have stood up, put your hand up and said ‘yep, I am here. I am an absolute and I know what I am here for’. What we’re hoping is if we get lots and lots of people putting it up there we are going to have a scroll that goes for pages and pages and pages, from all corners of the planet. That is to provide physical, visible evidence to anyone looking at the website that the One People are standing up. Which is one of the things that is going to be happening in this whole process, everyone is going to stand up and say, ‘What did we just do? Well let’s not do that anymore. Let’s go and do what we want to do.’

Brian:  If you really want to raise the bar, you can get a tattoo. You can get the Oath and Bond tattooed...

(Everyone discussing tattoo on Brian)

(Scott answering that they covered everything)

Lisa:  Which can be found on the website, under the One People Oath and Bond, as well as the Declaration of Absolute Freedom. When you go to the website for those pages, you’ll be able to access the audio that they are referencing.

Chris:  Remember folks, fully edited Word files; you can do with them as you wish.

Lisa:  You can use them exactly as it is if it resonates with you or you can use it as a platform to...

Chris: One of the things that I do want to specifically mention. My feeling about the Protector Oath and Bond and the Public Service Oath and Bond is they are actually energy gifts. You are actually gifting your energy, your value for The People for whatever time that it suits you. The arrangements, you can put in whatever terms and conditions down in the I AM section, I call it an energetic promissory note. It is completely under your control because you wrote the terms and conditions. It is something people should be very comfortable with. We will leave it at that. Thanks for listening.

Brian:  Another good way of looking at it too, Chris, is like an intention. You know how powerful intentions are when you send an intention into the universe. When you sign that thing, it is a vow. You are setting an intention and interesting things manifest when you do that with very powerful intent. So it doesn’t even need to be given to anybody. It is just signing it and putting your energy into it and that is a powerful thing.

Chris: Now while we are speaking of that, if Lisa doesn’t mind giving me a moment more to this. There is a conversation that I had with Julien Wells up on the website. You will find it on a separate page. It is fairly significant conversation. Julien has been monitoring the energetic build-up as we have gone through this whole process the last four months in as much detail as he can. These processes don’t give you absolute detail. They give you trend. They give you relative sizes and timeframes for things. It is interpretive and I do trust Julien’s interpretation because he has been quite accurate so far.

When he looked at the energy of the idea of the One People standing, he was seeing a type of energy that he has never seen before. Something that kind of spreads at the drop of a hat, it doesn’t really matter where you are at or what your views on life are. This energy is going to actually get to you. What I realized when we were talking is that what he was looking at was something that we could consider to be virtually a deprogramming tool. Because when you start talking to people about, ‘hey, there is just us here...all this other stuff is crap...and all we need to do is get together and get on with it’. It cuts across programming. It’s a de-programming tool. It actually cuts across all divisions that have been thrown at us for the last hundred or more years: ethnicity, political, religion. All of those things that have been dividing us, weakening us, distracting us and getting us into a mindset where they can just keep walking all over us. They all disappear when you start talking about this. That energy that Julien is seeing is a direct reflection of that and it is pretty much un-stoppable.

You should have a listen to the conversation that we had. It is quite fascinating. The second part is quite fascinating, because he was seeing six main possibilities in terms of in the next month or two. They all ended with a significant shift in our favor and there were approximately six of them. He describes each one that he saw and gives his best interpretation of it. It is not fixed in stone folks. He was seeing major trends, if you like. Five out of the ten involved the SWISSINDO concept: very, very interesting. So I think what we need to do when Brian talks about intention, let’s lend our intention to the success of SWISSINDO in standing up and using the assets that they have control of to actually help shift the system, after which time we can proceed without that asset. We can actually move forward with our own value.  The good thing was the only difference with the scenarios was how bumpy the road was. At the other side of it, we got what we wanted which was a shift away from the old system and into something completely new. I think you will find it very encouraging and very interesting. It is not a long conversation. I put it up just by itself because it was so interesting.

Brian:  Where can people find that Chris? I listened to that this morning. I thought it was really good. I didn’t even know that it was something that was put out for everyone to listen to.

Lisa:  I am going to try and clarify that, because I was sent a link that I posted in the chat room and people are saying that is an old link to a previous conversation.

Chris: I'll put it in the chat room.

Brian: Can I post that on the blog?

Chris: Yep.

Lisa: Apparently that is the new conversation, that link that I put in.

Chris: Well, we'll put it here in the chat anyway, so anyone who needs to use it for this chat. Look, there's interesting things happening folks. There's symptoms of things really starting to move popping out all over the place. I hope people have fun. What I'd like to see is people really writing their own Declarations of Absolute Freedom. Here's why. If you rewrite part of this and it makes you feel better about it, that energy you generate will be stronger. So I really encourage you ... if there are words you really want to be in there, put them in there, because it's your statement. It's no one else's; it's coming from your authority. End of story. So have some fun with that.

Lisa: Just to make an announcement, because a lot of people are asking, Heather did say she would try and join us in the second hour, internet willing. Everything is based on internet willing. So we'll see how we go. D's just joined us though. How are you darlin'?

D: Other than a little frazzled today, I'm pretty damn good.

Lisa: So you're in the process of moving, are you still in the old house?

D: Yes, packing boxes and being ruthless in sorting stuff to go, you know.

Lisa: I don't envy you, hate moving. I love getting into a new place. I hate cleaning up and getting out of the old one.

D: Oh, I've moved now so many times to so many places for so many distances that I can move in my sleep, really. It's just I'm consuming, that's all.

Brian: I'm sure you do.

D: Actually, I do a lot of stuff in my sleep...tee hee hee.

Lisa: So, how are things in your world. If you got any little bits of news you can share with us ?

D: (laughing) I had an interesting conversation today. 'm not capable or not allowed and can't possibly give details, because it would seriously compromise my source. But as much as we all know how legitimate the OPPT filings are and all of that, it's nice to sometimes get told by somebody very, very high up just how legitimate they are and to be assured that they know what's going on. So that's all I can say on that little topic, just suffice to say that I was very impressed with what was said of how it is all moving forward. They know it's been moving forward.

Lisa: What about in RV world?

D: Oh god, it's insane right now. I have been on intel calls for hours today and yesterday. Hours and hours. I have got almost no packing done today, because I step away from the computer for five minutes and it would ring again or my phone would ring. Yeah, things are very, very hot and heavy. Very, very exciting at the moment.

Lisa: Well, one of the last updates that you gave was that the "whales", as you called them, those who are heavily, heavily invested, had been paid out in the sense of there's figures in the bank account, but they can't touch them.

D: Yep.

Lisa: So, the next level down from the whales, are they in the same position?

D: Yep. Exactly.

Lisa: What about level 2,3, so to speak?

D: Tier 3 is up to bat. Okay? Up to bat ...

Chris: So, what's Tier 2 called? You got the whales, do we have kind of like the dolphins and then there the tuna fish?

D: They're uppity-ups and the power brokers and the people who are movers and shakers in RV land; let's just call them that. But you watch them very carefully, because certain ones have certain roles that they are assigned to play. So everyone watched these certain ones of them very, very carefully to see where they are and where they're going and all that good stuff. They've all been where they were supposed to be and they've all done what they were supposed to do. Lots more action going on behind the scenes in that whole double dealing dipping world of "new financial systems", which is such a crock. Anyways, I'm sorry, I'm so jaded now by the whole thing that everything I hear, I'm just like, 'oh yeah, this is just so transparent'. (laughs)

Chris: How many years have you been involved in the RV thing, D? It's a long time, isn't it?

D: No, not that long. Like heavily on the intel side, about a year and a half. I got into the intel side of it purely because I started to recognize the amount of bullshit, sorry, this input being tossed around. I was like 'I can do better than this. I know I can find better sources and find out my own information'. Which I did. Hence the fact that I am where I am today. That's why I get really, really snarky when people want to question intel and they want 'tell us who your sources are'. No, not going to do that. If you don't like my intel, go find your own sources. That's what I did.

Lisa: Thank you.

Brian: I love how you can never really say 'D, tell us how you really feel'. (laughs)

D: Darlin', (inaudible - too much laugh over)

Brian: There's no BS'ing around with D. You want to know something, you want to know what's really going on, call D and ask her. Guaranteed she's going to tell you exactly how she feels, first time. No monkey business.  (laughter)

D: Yep. No, no no.

Chris: D can sort out most of your problems I've discovered, very quickly.

Lisa: (laughing) With a boot usually.

Brian: D needs her own show; it's going to be called "Ask D Anything" show. 

D: I've been known as "Doctor D" for a long, long time. You ask Muxi. I have been Doctor D for a long time.

Chris: Well, your show could either be called "Doctor D" or the "Steel-Tipped Boot Cap".  (laughter)

D: Yeah, that's right. Here's my boot (inaudible - laugh over) Now, now, come on guys, I'm a nice person. I'm Suzy Sunshine. You should know that. Right, all you guys in the RTS Skype room who I ripped a new asshole to yesterday? But I am Suzy Sunshine. (laughter)

Lisa: Okay, Brian, it's your turn. Let's bring you out. Do you have any SWISSINDO news?

Brian: Well, SWISSINDO, the biggest update we can give on SWISSINDO is SWISSINDO is very actively doing their thing right now. I think one of the biggest misconceptions that originally came out when the whole SWISSINDO story broke, was that the OPPT and SWISSINDO have this big global domination plan going on and we're in cahoots and we're in bed together. We're working hand in hand on major new developments. The UCC files were exactly what the SWISSINDO people needed in order for them to be able to issue their executive order and to allow them to move forward on everything that they've been working on for the last few hundred years.
So they're very much moving forward right now, from the information that I'm getting. We have one person that's in direct communication with them pretty frequently. She's someone that does want to stay private at this point. The SWISSINDO people published all of the information as it breaks through their websites and blogsites. Basically all I know and what I was told right before this show, was to research whatever is out there that they're putting out. We'll know more and as we know it, we'll share it. Right now, as far as I understand it, SWISSINDO is very much moving forward on everything that they have been developing. There's nothing really new that's major to report at this moment anyway.

Lisa:  So the SWISSINDO group have been quite transparent in everything so far.  They do post everything that they do. 

Brian: (affirmative response) Yeah, they’ve put it all out there.  They’ve beat us to it.  They started putting everything out and then, before myself personally, being listed as a media contact, had any time to do my own personal due diligence and in the beginning I was extremely skeptical.  After doing a little bit of homework and looking at how much work had been done from the people that have been working on figuring out who this group is for the last eight years...  I mean we have ... one of our contacts is a historian in Indonesia, and she’s been studying them and following them, and has sent me pages and pages of copious notes of all the R&D that she’s been doing on this group for years.  I’d publish it, but there’s honestly so much there, and it’s not extremely organized, that I don’t know if it would do a whole lot of good putting those notes out.  But what it did for me is that it tells me that we didn’t just kind of jump into this thing and say, “OH! You know, they sent us these documents!  Here’s what they say.  We’re going to go ahead and take it for what it is, and put it out there and we’re all in!”  That’s kind of what it appeared like at the beginning, but once I started to talk to people – the people that have been working on this for quite some time – it got to be a whole lot more concrete for me.  Just like I said on the Morning Brew show on Wednesday, I mean the story has yet to be told. 

People want right now ... what they want is something to stick their teeth into.  They want to see something.  They want to be able to turn on the news and watch it.  One thing I learned from the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure today, which we can talk about next if you want Lisa, is they really gave a detailed account.  Steven Greer and his colleagues gave an extremely detailed proof-backed account as to how the mainstream media is so unbelievably manipulated.  ‘Cause one of the people on the panel, they said – and I’m going off topic, but just to prove a point – they said:  “Why haven’t we seen any of this on the news?”  So they went into a whole tangent of why we’re not at a place right now where you’re going to see any of these types of calibre stories on mainstream media because it’s so incredibly important ...  or excuse me:  because it’s so incredibly monitored and controlled.  But I was having a conversation the other day where we were talking, and the discussion was basically talking about how crazy it would be if all of the most relevant and important news stories were actually covered on mainstream media.  There would be a global “HOLY SHIT!” factor thing going on, (laughter) because so much would come out into the open. It would just blow the lid off some of the most important things that are happening to the world right now.  Disclosure and what’s going on with Steven Greer’s work and the galactics being one.  What the One People’s Public Trust has been doing being an easy number two.  What SWISSINDO’s got going on being the number three.  All the incredible things that are happening around the world. 

Bob:  I make the notion right now:  I reject the term “Mainstream Media.”  Because they are no longer relevant, and they are no longer mainstream.  WE ARE what is the news.  For any of you who are tuning in to this station right now, this is where you are tuning in to get your information.  So this is what’s “mainstream” for you, and I’m putting out the call right now.  Everyone who can hear and resonate with what we are trying to do, let’s show them out DO’ing.  Put your Oath and Bonds out there.  Create the space for the projects that you want.  Put your name, sign your oath, you know, in complete transparency and liability, and create the space.  Now’s the time for us to start our DO’ing.  Let’s answer and show all the world, especially those who are DO’ing in the SWISSINDO, what we can DO as the One People.  Because now it is time to get up and let them know this is what we are going to DO.  We’re going to start to start to restore the environment.  We’re going to create the space. 

If you know of a place or a land that needs to be restored, that you’ve got your eye on a project, put your Oath and Bond and this is what your attention is.  Create the space.  Show them what we can do.

Chris:  Deryl just came up with a suggestion of things that people can do, if you’re so inclined to do.  Now that the Provost Marshals have been given the UN Order and they are also, as a result of that, aware of.....  (silence – show got cut off for about 5 minutes)

Lisa:  Hello everyone.  Can you hear us again?

Brian and D:  I can hear you.

Everyone:  Wow....  (several talking at once)

Lisa:  Okay. Yes, we’re back in the chat room.  Lovely.

Chris:  Does anyone know at what point did we get cut off there?

D:  Provost Marshals!   (laughter)

Brian:  We’ve gotta read what Deryl wrote regarding the....

Lisa:  Let’s just recap for a second because people may not understand, if they missed that part of the call a couple of weeks ago they may not understand what that is.  Is that the SWISSINDO sent orders to the UN – military orders.  So now, as one of my all time favorite comedians Robyn Murphy said a few years ago:  “The UN is like a traffic cop on Valium; so anything given to them is going to take a great deal of time,” because they’re going to argue over this.  So as a counter measure the same orders were sent through Brian and Deryl to the Provost Marshals, so that it would also go up through the system and try and get the conversation going, get people asking questions, applying the pressure.  So that’s what’s going on.  That’s what’s in reference when people say, “these documents” or “orders going to the Provost Marshals.”  So I just wanted to give that background.

Chris:  Yea, so what Deryl suggested is now that the process seems to have got a little bit of traction, that people actually could, if they so desired, take the same block of information – because you can download that document from the [] site – the actual order to the UN from SWISSINDO.  You can print it out.  You can put it with your own personal Declaration of Absolute Freedom, should you so desire, hand it to the Military Police at the local military base, if you are near one, and just tell them that they should check it out and pass it on to their superiors.  What he’s suggesting is putting it into the system further down.  The Military Police work for the Provost Marshals.  So it’ll wend its way up, again, to the Provost Marshals kind of as a secondary reminder.  That was one thing I said before someone, someone pulled the plug!  (laughter) 

The other thing was that I view the whole process as being stunningly farced, because this kind of very ... it doesn’t get any higher level than this folks.  Moves like this take months and years to organize.  They  have to go through multiple, multiple – as Lisa said – traffic cops on Valium.  If you can imagine a long street with four or five traffic cops all on Valium – not just one – that’s the sort of stuff that happens at those high levels.  They put it out within about three or four weeks of the OPPT stuff actually coming live online.  So they saw that and went:  “Wow!  We’ve been waiting for this, because we’d like to change the system.” This is my impression of what they’re saying, “We’d like to change the system, but everywhere else we look there’s just a bunch of brokers and crooks who want to actually just create another version of the same mess.”  They looked at the OPPT stuff and said, “Well, this is a return to something clean; something uncorrupted, and run by the people!”

Brian:  One thing we can talk about ... sorry to interrupt you Chris, because a couple of people in the Skype chat have mentioned is:  “How can it be going to the UN when the top levels are so corrupt?”  We might want to speak to that a little bit because it keeps coming up. 

First of all, it’s a UN Order.  But we’re talking about dealing with the Provost Marshals here  and Provost Marshals are not directly part of the UN.  I can only speak to my take on how it works, as far as the UN goes, because the UN as an organization has a very bad stigma that’s attached to them.  It puts a really bad taste in peoples’ mouth because of many of the stories that have been floating around in the alternative media world for, gosh, many years now.  The point that I made when I originally published the YouTube video that showed the United States military takes their orders from the UN. The comment that I have made I still believe, but we’re gonna have to wait and see how this whole thing pans out.  Because we’re not hanging our hat on everything that SWISSINDO’s doing as if it’s the do-all, be-all answer to all our prayers.  It’s just one of the arms of events that are occurring amongst many. 

The point that I made when I put out the release is that:  when you take the corrupted leaders that are calling the shots, as far as the UN goes, what you’re left with is UN soldiers and a UN soldier could be just your average guy that has taken his own Oath and Bond to protect and serve against enemies both foreign and domestic. We don’t know exactly how everything is panning out as far as the UN involvement, so I can’t speak about it in such a way that is going to ease peoples minds that there is or is not any shady business that is still going on as far as the UN goes. 

We are talking about right now is the Provost Marshal system.  There is a Provost Marshal in every single state of the United States and there is also a Provost Marshal as far as I understand it in every single country.  These are the organizations that are now being Noticed and notified, which is essentially the equivalent of them receiving a Courtesy Notice and letting them know what has happened with the foreclosure with the foreclosure flyer, with the UN Executive Order, with the UN Military Order put out by the One Peoples Public Trust. It’s to let them know what is going on so that they can circulate it amongst their…inside their own house to figure out what they are going to do with it considering the ramifications that are global in scope and how they are going now to move forward.  These are the kinds of conversations that are happening behind closed doors that are very similar, I would have to assume, to the story we heard from the contact in Australia about what is going on in the police department. 

All of these are parts of the process. There is a lot of speculation going on. You’ve got to remember speculations and assumptions are opinions. Everybody’s got one and some can be right, some can be wrong, but until certain things start developing more and things start coming out in the open for everybody to see…people are chasing their opinions right now. At this point, let’s kind of hold the energy and the intention for everything to move forward in the proper direction that is going to be of the best interest for all of humanity and hold that space for that being the case of what can and will manifest because something is going to give soon on a lot of different levels most likely. There is no reason to pay any fear energy into what is unfolding whatsoever, because all you are doing is putting energy out there for something in a negative light to happen, when what really needs to happen right now is everyone to band together and hold the intention for all of this to unfold without casualty and in the best interest of everyone.  So that is my long-winded response to the concerns regarding the UN.

D:  Can I just jump in?

Lisa:  Of course you can D.

Chris:  Before D speaks, I would like to jump in. (Brian and Chris talking at the same time) Go ahead D.

D:  No no no…go ahead, I’ll sit in the corner.


Chris:  Oh no, I’ll just finish my statement and I’ll just add a little bit of detail to what Brian was saying.  These things are like starting up a giant ship.  Now when that ship gets under steam, it takes awhile for the propellers to get traction to get the whole thing forward.  When it is moving forward, you don’t want to be standing in front of it.  Now we’ve seen the start of that process. We’ve seen the document that hits the start-up button, which was really an order from the top of the system as we understand it.  We’ve been peeling layers off the system for years.  Everyone in the truth movement has been peeling layer, peeling layer finding out this, finding out that, oh there’s a door, oh there’s another door and what we are finding is that deep inside the system there is a nominal “king of kings”.  This appears to be a heredity title. It’s a family I think…again this is my opinion, who actually has…it would appear…literal ownership of the United Nations and other corporations.  Now we’re in a corporate system; the United Nations is a corporation.

Lisa:  I’m sorry…were.

Chris:  Thank you Lisa…we were a system.  The United Nations is a corporation and it just got an order from the boss.  Now the boss is somewhat at a distance, but it still is a boss. Inside the United Nations, it’s a mess. It’s just a bunch of people all trying to carve their piece out of the pie.  So the orders no doubt were causing great raucous in the United Nations. The reason for passing it through the Provost Marshals was to ensure that the key people inside the military system also knew what was going on.  The Provost Marshals are the senior legal people in the military system. 

We didn’t have the resources to research the document and work out all the ins and outs of it because these documents exist once only every 50 or 60 years when these major negotiations and shifts start to take place.  That was one of the reasons it was put back to the Provost Marshals, because they are obliged to pass it up the chain to those key military people who might never otherwise had heard about it because it’s jammed up in the Security Committee at the United Nations being tossed around.  Everyone trying to work out what it means for them rather than trying to sort it out on behalf of us the people, that is the usual mess at the UN unfortunately.  That is the process that I think is going on.  I don’t think we’ll get a huge amount of news until it really goes pop like Brian said because something has to give.  We’ll get little bits and pieces, but the moment it kind of hits that level because the corporate governments of this world operate in secrecy and they operate deceptively which is everything we are trying to change.  They are doing their thing, but they have been called to account. They’re going to have to act to actually kind of remove themselves out of the situation for a lot of them.  You can imagine they’re not too happy, but the fact that we are getting anything positive at all coming back is extraordinary. 

Bob:  The system itself is choking on itself, this whole arrobas, the serpent eating its own tail. This is what we are seeing happening, because anybody who’s working in the system, they realize something is up. They are being asked to take one day off a week where they’re not getting paid for.  People are getting laid off.  A lot in the court system they’re not taking new cases.  Protocols being broken everywhere. You are seeing literally the whole system just shaking apart and they’re looking for direction.  Nobody seems to know what is going on; nobody has any answers.  We are the ones that are telling them what’s going on.  So these Courtesy Notices, this information that we are sharing, what we’re putting into the system.  We are letting them know what’s going on. 

The ones who are at the very, very top they don’t want us to know. They don’t want their subordinates to know and this is why there is this whole media blackout. They’re not sharing that information, because they want to keep the system going.  As we are sharing this information and we’re putting it out there and you’re sharing that information with those who you Notice and those who you inform, it is starting to get people to question, ‘well, really, are we really working for a corporation…is this true?’  They are asking their superiors and their superiors are asking their superiors, now the ones at the top are basically sitting around looking at each other, ‘what do we do?’  Am I getting the picture right D?

(Several speak in agreement with Bob)

Lisa:  Now guys, we are trying to get a hold of Heather.

D:  I’ve been trying guys for the last 45 minutes and I just can’t get her. We had some (laughs), you want to talk about funny. I was passing some intel back and forth with Heather…stuff that she had got and I had got etcetera…and we had a lovely chat this morning. It was clear as anything. As soon as we started talking about a certain person…we don’t want to lose the show so I’m not going to mention that person’s name just in case they do that to us again.  She fell offline, I fell offline. It was hysterical. We could not call back. So then...

Brian:  Does it rhyme with Saleb Grinner?

D:  No.


Lisa:  Speaking of Saleb Grinner, (laughing) Project XIII, let’s go there because it’s been put out. There is a post on the American Kabuki site and I believe also on D’s Removing the Shackles and also on the site. 

Brian:  Hey…don’t forget about my site too.

D:  And Brian’s site.

Lisa:  Oh and it’s on yours of course…Brian’s site: ... briankellys.blogspot sorry.

Brian:, thanks Lisa, I appreciate the plug. (giggles)

Lisa:  That is quite the mouthful. Say that fast three times (laughing)

Chris:  Lisa, if we’re talking about this, we could actually talk a little bit about the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure which we haven’t covered yet which people will find extremely interesting.  Brian had…

Lisa:  Brian did this earlier.

Chris:  Did Brian talk about that or was that on the pre-show chat?

Brian: I tied it into my story with SWISSINDO, but I didn't actually talk about some of what I saw go down on watching the livestream on Citizens Hearing for Disclosure today. I could probably cover it in three or four minutes.

Chris: Yeah I'd do that because it is really pressing. What you've got to realize is the system's being pushed. Its secrecy, its cover-up is being pushed from all edges, being hemmed in. So yeah a little bit of information would be terrific.

Brian: Okay, so anybody that's not familiar with the Citizens Hearing that we're talking about, the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure which I believe is hosted by the National Press Club was ... the mastermind behind it was a guy named Steven Bassett and on the panel. You can pay for the next five days, today included, to watch live streaming and I believe it’s 8 hours a day, and it’s set up like an official Congress type style venue panel. Where you've got Steven Greer, Steven Bassett, and a handful of other people that are representing the Truth Movement and Disclosure and then you have I believe six retired Congress people. Some of those Congress people have just retired within the last couple of months. So now considering they don't have to worry about losing their jobs, they have agreed to sit on the panel to hear out Steven Greer and his panel on evidence they have to support not only the existence of extraterrestrials but that they’re here operating within our society on the ground.

I only caught about two hours of it today, but it was fascinating. I think the greater majority of these particular Congress people, you have to assume they are pretty open-minded for doing this thing, but they also went in to it with the mindset of I'm gonna need to see a whole lot of hard evidence and hear a whole lot of convincing in order for me to believe that the claims are valid and are real. I caught the end of it, so I think I probably caught the most exciting part. Steven Greer and his team did an absolutely stellar job at providing all sorts of data, intel and information to support how compartmentalized the military industrial complex is, how little the presidents have as far as the knowledge that they have in regards to some of these black project type of goings-on as far as at the top levels of the military.

Back in the Eisenhower days I guess they knew it all and as you come to present time the presidents know less and less. There's actually some evidence that was shared in regards to Bill Clinton giving one of his top guys the mission to go to Area 51 to find out if there was actually a craft crash site there as well as find out what the real reason was behind Kennedy being assassinated. Some really amazing stories came out during this time and toward the end of it, the organizer Steven Bassett actually got a standing ovation by everybody in the room including all the people that were there to kind of be witnesses to the event, the spectators, the people that had tickets, the whole panel that are fighting for the disclosure movement and every single Congress person. Standing ovation at the end of day one. It was absolutely incredible to watch. I mean this guy was in tears because he could see all his hard work coming to fruition the way they really hoped to happen.

They thought it was gonna take five days to get the buy-in from some of these Congress people. One of the congresswomen, I believe her name was Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick; it was her turn to ask a question and she said I don't have a question. I wrote this down it was so powerful. She said I just have my closing comments that I'll add and she said all these people that are saying that ET's are going to overtake us, they're not gonna overtake us. We're going to work WITH them. The sooner we get it done the better off we'll all be. This is coming from someone in Congress and everyone's just like ... and then I think once the other Congress people saw how much the work ... I mean we're talking about 20-30-40 years of work from some of these guys like Steven Greer and pushing the Disclosure movement forward ... how much work they have done to see this through and how many whistleblowers ranging from top ranking military officials to people that have actually worked at crash sites.

I think he has 200 plus whistleblowers. A lot of these facts and this data were shared in the Sirius documentary. But just praising all of the work they had done and all collectively agreeing that something has to change in order for this to break in to the main stream media and for the United States to not only release all their files on UFO sightings, but release all the data they have of the government involvement with the various types of E.T. projects and black projects that are currently still under lock and key. $3.80 for five day pass, I highly recommend watching it.

Chris: Just to add to what Brian has said I met Steven Bassett a couple of years back. The guy was in Melbourne doing a presentation which I went to which was fascinating. Been living in a suitcase for about 20 years, to lead to this moment and he's done an absolutely incredible job pulling it all together. This is disclosure by the people for the people; this is not a government exercise. I don't know where he got the money from, but he managed to put this together. It's actually a repeat on a much larger scale of what Steven Greer did in 2001, which was called the Disclosure Project which was a one-day event and that had a stunning impact in the alternative media but in the main stream media they got about two paragraphs of a snide comment from one particular paper. That was it. And the room was packed with news people for the whole day and they said nothing, nothing. Now we've got a panel of highly esteemed people and an even bigger bunch of witnesses talking in far greater detail for a five-day period. Just total hats off to the amount of work those guys have done. I don't know how they managed to pull it off, but I'm really glad they did.

Brian: Real quick in closing, Lisa, and then this will do it. There's a petition on If you go to and you search call to urge CNN, FOX, NBC, to live cast the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, I'm sure it'll come up. It needed 2500 signatures today. It just hit the goal of 2500 signatures for CNN, FOX, NBC to live cast the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. A lot of people know about this thing, and if at this point it doesn't get any major media attention, then it's gonna be very obvious that the mainstream media, the MSM or whatever Bob could creatively want to call it, I couldn't remember, if they don't cover it now it's just gonna be totally obvious they they're trying to avoid it. Hat's off to all those guys for pulling that off it's incredible.

Chris: Hmm yes. Corporate propaganda media.

Brian: Yup, in my Chris accent. Yup.

Lisa: Now I know this is probably going to be frustrating for a lot of you who have been wanting to hear about it. But in terms of Caleb's Project XIII what's been posted on American Kabuki's website I personally don't have anything to add to. You guys know as much as we do. What's been shared with us then gets shared with the various websites. D, I'm gonna ask you though, do you know anything over and above what was posted?

D: Basically Caleb is I believe in final stages of testing of this new, what do you call it? Beyond a program.

Lisa: Well, it's gonna come out in stages, isn't it? From what I understand.

D: I don't know. And that's the thing. Right now it's being kept very, very quiet as to how it's going to be launched. I think that's being done for the purpose of kind of not announcing it to the world until it's up and ready to go. I do know that, yeah, like everything’s just bustling on it and they're in the last stages of testing. There's several apps that he's created or his team has created, so it can be used on the iPhone or droid phones, etc.

Brian: So let me add to that just real quick, the final day of everything that he needed to do supposedly last time I heard was April 30 which is tomorrow, but everything is launching like balls to the wall, ‘scuze my terrible, hate using that to try to explain it but it’s the best I can May. That question kept coming up in the chat room. So it’s gonna happen in May, it could happen the first week of May, second week of May. Nobody really knows, but it’s gonna be in May.

D: It’s not gonna be the first or second week of May. Heather and, we talked with her, she was like it is not gonna be the first week of May. It’s a very slim chance of it being the second week of May so, as I said, by the end of May it should all be done and up and running.

Lisa: So I’m just gonna read a quote out of the American Kabuki blog post which is that “Project XIII is launching as the I/UV tools of assistance. It combines and changes the functions formerly provided by harvesting tools such as Facebook, UCC, purported departments of licensing, purported banks etc. All in one and operates transparently and universally, not just globally, internationally or nationally. The biggest recalibration tool of the  I/UV Exchange IS that each Embodiment is solely responsible for their BEing, value and DOing. All that they BE, DO, all their value, etcetera, is controlled solely by their self on their Ipage, transparently for all to know, engage with and deliver by free will choice.” Okay? So I did see a reference to it being a bit of a, I don’t know if registration’s the right word, well I know it isn’t, but I don’t know what the right word is, of lodging perhaps, recording your (inaudible)  souls, what we would currently consider registering a vehicle or your house and things like that, but it won’t be ownership. We’ve been talking about that ever since the beginning of the year, the whole concept of ownership.     

Chris: Hmmm, it’s a big one.

Lisa: It is a big one.

Chris: Lisa, there’s a question that’s come up from the chat room which I forgot to cover before, about what we’re doing with the Oaths and Bonds. If I can take one minute I’d like to actually give a response to that. Now there’s three documents: there’s the Declaration of Freedom which we discussed enough that you know what to do with it. For the Oath and Bonds, at the moment the Public Service bond, what we want you to do if you’re interested in using that, by all means download one, change it to what you want, fill it out but hold onto it for the moment. As soon as the CVAC becomes active, obviously there’ll be administrators in place and they’ll call for those submissions, they’ll call for volunteers and that’s the point to use it so we won’t be holding any of those documents.

For the military stuff, the idea is to download it and we’ll probably provide again, a destination for that when the situation actually arises. So the only information we’re going to keep, there’s some concerns about this database and there’s all this information on it and who controls it. The only information we’re gonna keep is information voluntarily submitted. When people download the Declaration of Freedom, it’s going to just be their name, state, country at this stage and that will be held in a database controlled by the webmaster and it’s as simple as that folks.

There’s not gonna be a great big database with everybody’s information on it that someone might break into and pull information out of. It’s gonna be very simple, absolutely minimal, ‘cause we’re all making this up as we go along and some of the stuff we’re doing is pre-emptive, we’re doing it as preparation. So for those people in the chat that worried about some big database that the dream police might get hold of, it just won’t be there. It’s just a very, very simple means of providing a means of showing other people how many are interested in this and support it by downloading and using a Declaration of Freedom, keeping it as simple as possible, so that should answer that question.

Brian: There you go.

(Several callers provided general comments)

D: I'm just going to jump in for a quick moment and this time I'm going to insist. (general laughter) Citizens for Disclosure? The Huffington Post newspaper is following it. I just put the link here in the bottom of our room, if you want to throw it into the chat room. I just blogged about it. They're doing an hourly update of the entire thing. Go to the site. You can feed it all, an hourly update ...

Lisa: How big is the Huffington Post in America?

D: It's a pretty big paper, at least especially in the alternative areas, right? Because they will actually put some truth in their paper. (laughs)

Lisa: Is it considered a mainstream paper?

D: It is very mainstream, yes.

Brian: Yeah, it is. I think they got nine million hits on ... ah, shoot, now I can't remember ... they talked about it on the Citizen's Hearing today, one of their disclosure stories today got nine million hits on it. So it just prove the demand for these types of stories; they there's demand from the American public that they want to know the truth.

Chris: An aspect to this that we got to pay attention to this is a 5-day event. We've got five days to put this out there. We can build this over a period of days to a peak and hopefully on the last day, how many people could we have observing this event. That's the sort of focus we could pull in. The last one was a day; it was over and gone and done. People found it out after the event. Now they can find out before it's finished and watch some of it live.

Brian: Think about what they can do in five days, considering how much they accomplished today in day one. It's going to be incredible to see where they get by the end of this thing. Lots of media attention I have to assume by then.

Chris: Well, if we can push it out to all friends, relatives, contacts, tell them it's live. Go and have a look. That will get the build-up it needs.

Lisa: Yeah, start spreading the Huffington Post on your Facebook and other social media sites.

Chris: Yeah, springboard off the Huffington, because it's sort of not quite real alternate media, not quite mainstream; it's sort of in that fringe.

Lisa: Well, the thing is if the other mainstream media sees the attention the Huffington Post is getting because it's all about revenue.

D: That's right.

(much talk over)

D: All of a sudden the Huffington Post readership online goes up by oh 10 million hits in a day, I think the other papers might start taking note.

Lisa: They will.

Chris: A lot of the news rooms run tweet services and they put up tweets from people, so start tweeting the news and emailing the news services. All these breakfast stations and radio stations. Just hammer it home. Just pump it in there. We can do that. See this is disclosure from the people. Let's do our bit. It's on now; it's on for two, three, four more days. Why aren't we seeing it?

Scott: (regarding CN) One thing that seems to be the case is that these notices that various folk in government have been receiving over the last how many years, same with banks, the way I look at it, they've seen just about very notice under the sun. The likelihood is a lot of them just go straight into the crazy pile, as in it's not a standard bank letterhead or it's not on a government form, so it "must be one of those" and just gets lumped into the crazy pile. I think it's only when the invoices start turning up and the follow-up continues do they go, 'oh, maybe we should've read that one'. That's what I'd add on that and just keep on going 'you haven't rebutted any of the filings', which no-one's done to date and they still stand.  

Rick (caller): So, Scott, what I'm hearing is that you should definitely go follow up any Courtesy Notice if they continue to send any automated notices that following up with the invoices is what really gets their attention. Not so much the Courtesy Notice, but the following up on the Courtesy Notice. Is that correct?

Scott: I would say yes. What's happening is ... if you consider they see the first one and go 'Oh, not a standard form, put it in that crazy pile'. It's when they start getting invoices, they're pretty easy to recognize, given that they've got "Invoice" written all over the top and a big thumb at the bottom. They actually are read and then if they relate back to where they came from, they go 'oh, maybe we'd better do some more research into this'. I've found that a lot of times, even with some of the debt collectors I've worked out with over the years, is that it takes a few invoices before they get the idea and go 'this is actually not getting us anywhere'. The bill is adding up and they disappear.

Rick (caller): No kidding? They've all this spent and more than the resources that they're asking me for in this fine. But this last thing I got saying if you don't do this then we can collect your car. We can attach your wages. We can go to your bank account. I'm thinking like 'Really, over a $100 ticket. Are you kidding me?' So, I really want to come back with something.

Scott: Yeah, have a look at that diagram that we discussed earlier on the show. You may like to hang any third parties off the original Courtesy Notice. It just keeps the matter on the desk of the originator.

Rick (caller): The originator being? Like I was going to send it to the head of the Department of Finance and the judge they gave me the last ... because those are the names I had that I could look up.

Scott: If you send the Courtesy Notice to an individual with regard to the matter that you're dealing with, I would treat that one as the originator. That one has likely engaged someone else by saying 'Get it off my desk. You deal with it now.' Then I keep going back to that originator, who's the first respondent that you sent that Courtesy Notice to.

Randy (caller): The first question I have, I have several. David (inaudible) had mentioned that in this country the Postmaster General is what really runs the country behind the scenes. Should we be sending Courtesy Notices to our Postmaster Generals?

Lisa: Oh wow, I haven't even thought of that. That hasn't come up before.

Chris: Well, yeah, in fact what you'd use is the ones that are nominated for people to bring this Notice to people who are actively running a slavery system. There's one that ...

Randy (caller): Exactly. David (inaudible) said for a fact that George Washington and Ben Franklin were all Postmaster Generals. If that's the case, should we not be taking care of this from that point of running the country?

Chris: Yes, we should. In fact, we encourage people that the database that the gentleman that's working with Scott is setting up sounds like it's the place to put that information, so that everybody can access email addresses and contact details for the Postmaster General. Then we can give them a little bit of love from our point of view.

Randy (caller): It just feels like Absolute Data to me.

Chris: It does. It does. The whole thing is incredible. You've spoken of being woken up by one interview. Everyone seems to have, who've come into this knowledge, everyone's taken a different route of being triggered by different things at different times. As the information grows, there's going to be so much more potential for everybody to get turned onto this by that one little bit of information they find that says 'holy crap!' In fact, someone just flicked me a screen grab of the front cover of the Huffington Post and it's got in great big letters "WE ARE NOT ALONE" and then a photograph of the panel under it. It's really in your face and I hope a lot of people see that.

Lisa: I just want to put a shout-out to BZ, who's doing an amazing job of adding content to the website daily. So for those of you who are not sure where to find something, just go to that website and just have a thorough look through all the recent posts. You'll find all the conversations that we've referenced, the documents, flash mob ideas, kits for educating, whether it's Postmaster Generals or Provost Marshals or anybody else. All the Courtesy Notice information you will need. She's done an amazing job of reorganizing that whole site and making it very user friendly. There is new content going up daily. So, everything you need is pretty much there. It should be relatively easy to find, because she's done a very good job of organizing it.

Chris: Yep, again my personal thanks to BZ too. We go through little bursts of talking frequently while we sort out new material that's coming up. She's been incredibly patient and helpful and positive. She understands the energetic side. Thanks BZ, you're doing a fantastic job.

Randy (caller): What should I do for a jury summons? Should I send a Courtesy Notice on a jury summons?

Lisa: Oh, we did have this come up. I do remember there was talk of jury summons. There is somebody who is in charge of all that. Bob, can you remember this conversation we had around jury duty?

Bob: I remember way back when we had the Now Paradigm tools, there was a specific document addressing jury duty. But yeah, you can send a Courtesy Notice for jury duty, but which one you would send, Chris, I'm not sure.

(much talk over)

Scott: I'd say if you're getting an invite to go to jury service, you're likely to have a piece of paper that will be able to form the starting point for the standard Courtesy Notice.

Randy (caller): Okay, I have that and the Clerk of Court and the (inaudible - talk over) ... names at the top of the paper.

Bob: I'm thinking, Lisa, the person you're thinking about is the Clerk of Court.

(much talk over)

Lisa: (inaudible - talk over) ... actually referenced jury ...

(talk over)

Randy (caller): I have a document here with a file number on it. Do I refer to the file number?

Scott: Yeah, I would. It gives the reference to the document. The other thing I tend to do is take a photocopy of the document itself and send it along with the Courtesy Notice, same with any invoice. It gives the content to ...

Randy (caller): So, I send that to the sheriff and the Superior Court clerk?

Scott: Just pick one of them. You may choose to copy the contents that you sent to the other, so that the other one is aware of what you've done and that you're dealing with that matter with that individual.

Chris: Yeah, I'd also include the Declaration of Absolute Freedom, because people like clerks of court who are very aware of our status as strawmen and the way that system works, will look at that and go 'Oh, they're something going on here'. That could have a good effect; will have a good effect actually.

Randy (caller): The third question I have is I have just recently obtained the privilege of having my driver's license reinstated because of a DUI. Now they're telling me I need this breathalyzer thing put on my vehicle. Will the Courtesy Notice provide me the freedom to be able to drive? Or what do I need to do about this?

Scott: What I'd suggest is it will provide those who are attempting to coerce or force you into fitting that to your car the choice of whether they chose to continue that action of force or whether they choose to leave you alone. It won't compel them to do anything. Do you see how that works?

Randy (caller): Thats exactly what I thought, I just wanted to hear that. I do, I do exactly see that.

Chris: See one of the aspects of the Courtesy Notice that's sort of coming to my fore, is that it's very much based on free will choice, universal law. You're just giving them a choice. You're not compelling them to do things. The system does nothing but compel us to do things. There's no free will choice in that whole proposition, yet we are standing in a position and saying 'Universal law applies. Free will choice applies. Here's how it applies to you. You've got a choice of putting that machine on there and if you choose to do so, I choose to invoice you. I've already informed you of that. You can make your decision based on the information I've given you.' So, it's very much a Universal law in action.

Randy (caller): So, who would I send that Courtesy Notice to? The Department of Motor Vehicles? Is there a certain person?

Scott: I would look for the name of an individual who deals with that specific matter, by telephoning them or looking on their website. If you're unable to find that, escalate it up through their form of hierarchy and likely you may find the individual who heads that organization or former organization is the one that you use. From that point forward, I'd carry a copy of that document that you offered to him or her with you.

Bob: Also, if you don't know that person's name, these are great questions to ask. Under who's authority, under who's order, is this being instituted?

Chris: And to the Declaration of Absolute Freedom, is actually a record you have created of your own authority to deal with all your own affairs in exactly the way you choose. Supplying that and saying 'Under what authority do you tell me what to do? Here's my authority. Where's yours?' Of course, if you're carrying a copy of the terms and conditions, if someone turns up to your house with the machine and they want to install it, you can take those terms and conditions and you can show them. If you've got a copy of the original Courtesy Notice and say 'I've actually already sent this to your boss and he knows these terms and conditions apply, unfortunately you're the guy who's turned up to put it in and you're going to get an invoice from me if you proceed. So you can choose now whether you want to proceed or whether you'd like to receive an invoice from me.'

Randy (caller): Well, here's my little dilemna with it. In order to be able to obtain a driver's license and I understand I really don't need one, I can drive without it being sovereign, but inorder to obtain a driver's license, you have to have had approval of this machine on your vehicle or they won't issue a driver's license. So, do I use that document in order to obtain a license? Or do I just go without a license?

Lisa: That's unfortunately your call. We can't make that call for you.

(talk over)

Randy (caller): Well at the start of the call, I understood the police were really questioning these OPPT Courtesy Notices. I think it would be good for everybody to keep one on them that understands what we're carrying.

Chris: Yeah, everyone understands that if you poke the bear, the reaction can be unpleasant. If you decide just to do what you have to do now, everyone completely understands that. We can't compel you to do anything in the same way they should not compel us to do anything. So there's no judgment from our end if you decide to go ahead and just go through the system as per normal. There's no judgment from anyone on this panel that you have to do so. We just encourage.

Randy (caller): I have the free will to drive anywhere I want to. Is that a correct statement?

Chris: Yeah, but see knowledge throughout the system is patchy. They're trying to put out the call that it doesn't apply. What you don't want to be doing is ending up in an argument on the side of the road with a policeman who just views himself as doing his job. He's come across something that he's never seen before and he's confused by it. It can actually get difficult. You have to be aware of what you're stepping in to. That fellow James that Lisa's referring to, he'll do that anywhere ... balls to the wall. But that's his choice. But the system is being peppered with Courtesy Notices overall and they're really starting to sink in from what we're judging.

(Closing comments)

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