Tuesday 28 March 2017

Monday 27 March 2017

Transpicuous Views: Collecting Data from the Data Collector, Part 3

Last night Lisa m Harrison joined me as we continued our conversation with Denice and "Stan" the Data Collector from the Sphere Alliance, and this time we brought along the UnFuckers and the LMH members as well to ask their questions.  We dug into several deeper questions to do with this "construct" "earthsphere" and the information from the Sphere Alliance  and their view of what's happening.  As always, use discernment.

We really did try to keep the questions and answers together in a written format, but between failing Zoom chat, and failing skype chat..... it would be hours of work to try and correlate it all.  So sorry my friends, you'll just have to listen in to the video and read along in the chat log (below).

love d

Parts 1 & 2

Transpicuous Views: Collecting Data from the Data Collector

Transpicuous Views: Collecting Data from the Data Collector, part 2

Friday 24 March 2017

Transpicuous Views: Collecting Data from the Data Collector, part 2

 Today I sat down and had another conversation with Denice and "Stan" the Data Collector for the Sphere Alliance.  I dug in a bit deeper for clarification on several points.  As usual, Observe and use your discernment.

love d

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Transpicuous Views: Collecting Data from the Data Collector

Data & Information can come in all shapes, sizes and forms, and from all kinds of unusual places.  As I explain in the introduction of the video, this information comes from a Channeled source.  It's very interesting to see the various pieces that echo the recent conversations on the One People show.  I'd ask everyone to try and maintain a neutral place and see what information you find in this that is interesting to you.

There will definitely be more videos soon to follow up on several other questions and theories.


Thursday 16 March 2017

Transpicuous News: Turkey's Tantrums & Trump's Transparencies?

One Today's Transpicuous News, Turkey is throwing tantrums and threatening a religious war in Europe, Trump releases his first Federal Budget,  Proof that Monsanto and the EPS worked together to cover up the fact that Roundup is toxic and cancer causing, more transparency on the Fake Democracy in the UK.... and sex toys that spy on you!!  What more could you possibly want?!


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Tuesday 14 March 2017

The One People, March 13 2017: No Time like the Present

A week of bizarre occurrences, and a seeming collision of multiple timelines made last nights show an interesting one, that's for certain!  Multiple timelines regarding Quantum Computing seem to be running simultaneously, not the standard Mandela Effect.

History is a lie, yet again....More evidence of manipulated religious and historical records.

More people stepping into the veil as the process of awakening marches forward at an ever increasing rate....


Collapse of the Azure Window in Gozo Malta this week

Charles Dickens: Childrens History of England,  (full ebook below)

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Saturday 11 March 2017

Transpicuous News: Wikileaks, Purim, and Everyone wants to meet Putin

Transpicuous News for Saturday March 11th, 2017. US Congress Passes the NASA Bill, which has some very interesting stuff buried in it.  UK Taxes Solar Power by up to 800%, and the US Invades Syria, Wikileaks Vault 7, and Everyone is Visiting Putin!!  It's been an interesting Week!


We are just $300 from reaching the goal for the Go Fund Me Campaign to get me a new computer set up!!

(3) to enable a capability to extend human presence, including potential human habitation on another celestial body and a thriving space economy in the 21st Century.”.\\\\\

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Vault 7.... That's it? Yet another Distraction by WikiLeaks

Image result for CIA lies

Well, as I've said multiple times for years now:  WikiLeaks= Distraction!!  Nothing they've released is actually "NEW", it's all information that we ALREADY KNOW!!

I've been waiting for this big "OHHHHH, AHHHHHHH" moment of the release of WikiLeaks "VAULT 7" dump of information..... the thing that has kept the alternative media glued to their computers, rubbing their hands together in anticipation.....  and Nope- I wasn't disappointed- This big "LEAK" is nothing more than rehash of stuff we already knew, Yet Again!!

So.... Ask yourself:  What was really going on that they needed to keep the alternative media distracted?


MARCH 7, 2017

This morning, WikiLeaks released “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency”. Since it can be quite difficult to search through the data yourself, we are assembling a list of the most notable information.

*The CIA can masquerade its malware as belonging to a foreign intelligence agency.

Already knew this- mostly they've been using Russian stuff to blame the Russians

*The CIA stole hacking malware from the Russian Federation for their own use.

Already surmised this, from the fact that the Russians are holding several people from Russian Malware companies on unknown charges.

*The CIA is hacking everyone, including US citizens.

Well, DUH!

*Every microphone and webcam is remote controllable.

Again, this is such old news as to be barely a yawn

*The CIA’s exploits have been leaked internally and can be used by unauthorized people to gain access to virtually anything.

Again: Well, Duh!

*CIA malware can infiltrate iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, and even your smart TV.

We've known this for YEARS!

*The U.S. consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base.

Already knew that- or at lease surmised this by the fact that Germany has been scrambling for over a year to cover up and spin doctor their participation in the spying on other EU countries for unnamed agencies

*The CIA created air gap jumping viruses that infect CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.

Again, we already knew that!

*The CIA created malware that specifically evaded certain anti-virus programs.

Seriously?! John McAfee anyone?!?   

*The CIA can hack cars for “undetectable assassinations”

*yawn* Again, sooooo ollllldddddddd!!!!

*CIA malware can infiltrate your macOS and Windows computers.


*CIA malware infiltrates your smartphone to read messages on encrypted apps, before you send them.

Doubly boring!!!  This news was released in the main stream media in 2013  for fuck sakes!!!

*CIA malware can infiltrate Linux and routers.

Not "news" but we definitely had already figured this out by ourselves

*The CIA was supposed to reveal major vulnerabilities, but instead, hoarded them for their own use.
Notepad++, a popular text editor, has a DLL hijack.

REALLY?!?  I'm Just So Fuckin SHOCKED ...... again, even if we didnt' have proof, this was surmised ages ago!

*The CIA steals saved passwords from Internet Explorer

Buhahahahhaha!!!!  ok ... this is a joke, right?  Is there a hidden camera somewhere ..... 'cause calling this a "LEAK" is fuckin' hysterical!!!!  I knew about this even BEFORE I "woke up", lol

*CIA can bypass Windows User Account Control

No shit Sherlock!

*CIA has Android malware that makes Android phones bulk-spy on WiFi networks around them.

....And AGAIN- We Already Fuckin' New This!!!

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Transpicuous News: NASA, Zombies & Self Replicating Computers?

Tonights Transpicuous News deals with Technology and Science.  From NASA to Zombies, Quantum Computers to DNA self replicating computers.... and a WHOLE LOTTA questions!!!

..... Is it "new tech" or is it another indicator of a shift to a completely different tech on a completely different..... level?


A Go Fund Me Campaign has been created by a friend of mine, (as I do not have access to Paypal any more so I haven't had a "Donate button" in a long time), to help get the funds together to get me a new computer system.  My laptop is on it's last legs and about to completely fail.  John is trying to raise the funds to get a top of the line laptop that will be able to handle all the video editing and storage for the work I do, and to be capable of doing graphics work etc.....  which here in the south of Europe is NOT cheap!!  If you'd like to help out, please go to the Go Fund Me page HERE:

Or, Paypal donations can be sent to:   With a note that it's for Dani's computer .

And for reference, here is the One People Round Table show that I mentioned during this TN. Listen in for the first 54 minutes.... the subjects that we discussed for this first hour are very interesting, considering everything that's been playing out for the past 7 months or so!!

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One People Show March 6 2017: Twists, Turns, Tears & Tantrums

What a show!!!  Last night's conversation was, as usual, wide ranging and rambling.  I started off with a "WTF?!" over our apparently new skulls.... with holes everywhere!  Then we were off!  Major discussions about "Time", "Mirrors", "Dimensions", "Simulation/Constructs & Time Loops" & and the physical, emotional, and mental effects these are having on us.

Lots of Audience participation brought home the need of being "together", of having the ability to reach out and at least talk/chat with others who are going through the same feelings of Loss, Abandonment, Grief, and Anger.

We're getting through this my friends!!!  We are!!

love d

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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Transpicuous News: There’s a glitch, and we are in it.

Yet another week of the wacky world weirdness!!  Tonight I get into the US leaving the UN Human Rights Council (lol), Prince Charles wants to feed the squirrels nutella and birth  control pills, musical chairs in Palmyra, Spain arresting 65 bankers, and...... proof that we are living in a computer simulation?

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