Wednesday 29 October 2014

Cobwebs vs. Conciousness: Spring Cleaning in the Autumn

This "resignation" by Kathryn May I believe will be followed by many more.  As we are moving through these new energies and awakening ourselves to what IS, we are breaking through the veils that have clouded our consciousness and the controls that have been programed into our very psyche.  As we awaken to our inner voice and to what truly resonates within our heart minds, we are breaking the shackles of control of the old systems.

A few months ago, I wrote a series of articles about the templates that have been used to control and manipulate us for eons.  (the tab at the top of this page will take you to the "Template Articles" HERE).  At the time, I received some back lash from various people and groups who took exception to the fact that I said that many of the "lightworker" and "New Age" movements were in fact being controlled from the highest levels to continue the current slave system and perpetuate the hierarchy.

Enter: The New Age Movement. .... and of course, all it's various sects.
"Spirituality" is mixed up with "consciousness", mixed with "eastern" religious systems of control (mantras, chakras,  staring at your belly button till you reach "enlightenment", "Ascended Masters), mixed with "science fiction" (galactics, cosmics, Pleidians, Sirians,), then add a heavy dose of religious based indoctrination that is hidden behind words like "christ consciousness" "ascension" and "oneness".

Each and every one of these religions- both old and new- have one very basic tenant that shines out very very clearly:  HIERARCHY

Regardless of what their doctrines preach, the deeper message is always the same: "good guys" vs "bad guys", angels vs demons, etc..  Enlightenment/ascension/heaven/paradise is something that you must  "earn", and your "position" is based on whether a higher-than-you "being" decides if you are worthy enough, or your frequencies are "high enough".

In this "New Age" and "Ascension" movement that predominates so many avenues of discussion about  "spirituality" and "consciousness", the "LOVE & LIGHT" message is almost always tied to a hierarchical system of separation.  There are levels of "D'ness" to attain: 3D. 5D, 7D, 500D.... There are frequencies to be "raised" to a "higher level", and a system of Hierarchical beings/ascended masters/enlightened ones/"angels" and higher "D" level "galactics all in place to tell you who you are, what your "history" is, and what lessons you have to learn to make your own way up the "chain of command" in the "D's".

This is "their" religion template.  And it serves a very interesting purpose in this NOW moment...
In response to one of the people who sent messages to me through American Kabuki, I clarified with crystal clearness exactly what I meant:

Perhaps I should of been more specific, more exact in my descriptions who is following them (the controllers) and who isn't.  I didn't think it was necessary because I thought the one main statement I made with regards to ALL of the various templates was quite clear:  ANY group, organization, movement, network, system etc... that is working IN hierarchy, or working to set up a NEW hierarchy, or trying to change an existing hierarchy with another form of hierarchy IS being controlled by the "Controllers".  That is it.  If a group is NOT perpetuating separation, is NOT working in a hierarchical system/order, is NOT trying to create a new system of control that allows someone to be higher and makes someone else lower than others.... then I am NOT talking about that group/organization/movement/network/system.  It really is a very simple template.

The other thing that I was working on addressing in a separate article (that has since been wiped out with my computer, lol), was the fact that most of these "controllers" aren't "from around here".  As I said previously, "they" have convinced very awesome people to be the "frontmen/women" of their control groups.  That was the only way to get people to actually BELIEVE their plans.  People can smell a dirty rotten rat from a mile away, so "they" almost always use very charismatic and passionate people who themselves truly believe that they are doing a good thing to change the world. That was the only way that the template would work.

In an nut shell:  Hierarchy = controllers.   That's it.

What Kathryn writes below is EXACTLY what I was speaking about.  These controllers aren't "from around here".  None of them.  This is one of the vast secrets that "humanity" is discovering right now, and will continue to uncover:  That ALL of these systems of control- political, religious, financial, ethnic, geographical - ALL of them are being controlled by those hierarchies that are not "Earthly", nor even from this perceived reality.  All the "controllers" that various alternative media outlets point fingers at (myself included in previous moments), are only lowly manager types.  The Obama's and the Bush's and the Putin's etc... and just brokers and whores for the real controllers.

.... and the "Saviors" are actually the "Controllers" themselves.

But as I have been saying:  There are no "Good Guys" nor any "Bad Guys"..... there are only mirrors that have been put in front of us to SEE what IS.  All these so called "Ascended Masters", "Angelics" "Saviors", "St. Germaines", etc.... are the Controllers- they are holding up the mirrors that we need to SEE in order to SEE what was and what IS.  To give us the opportunity to really kNOW that we ARE the ONEs we have been waiting for.

This has never been about being "Saved", or "Rescued".  Our entire existence experiment experience has been about SEEing Every aspect of duality and separation in Every way possible, so that we can kNOW ALL OF IT.  .....

.....And then we can find our way home to ONE. To truly and completely SEE that we are all ONE.

As so many of us awaken to this truth, it shines a light brighter than the brightest star in the universe.  WE BE LIGHT.  WE BE LOVE.  WE BE..... all that IS.  As we move forward and we truly SEE this, all of the old control mechanisms fall away and no longer can be used to keep us in the fog and darkness of confusion and fear.  As we move forward, the bindings and shackles that have been  steering us away from truth, misguiding us with babble and false hopes, that are literally energy harvesting of the highest order.... we walk forward into NOW and breath in the FREEDOM of being unfettered by structures and hierarchies- no matter how subtle.  NOW is the time to shake our minds and hearts free of the programs and brain washing that have been glamored over us, and to really look within to SEE and understand that programming. 

THIS is what all the energetic clearing for the past few months has been about.  Clearing away all the cobwebs and last dust bunnies in the darkest corners of our minds and consciousness- doing a final spring cleaning if you will, so that as we move forward, we are not stumbling over the thorny brambles and the shit that clutters the landscape, threatening to trip us up.

To Kathryn I send the hugest hugs and spirals of LOVE.  I have been there too. We all have.


Kathryn May Resigns from Channeling

This comes as bit of a surprise. It seems that even the channelers are getting tired of the roller coaster ride that has become the RV. It is entirely possible that one of the matrix programs that was targeted at channelers has finally been neutralized. It amazes me that almost none of the RV talk includes the illegal bombing of Iraq by President Obama’s “Coalition Forces.” To me, this should be a red flag where anybody proclaiming knowledge of the RV is concerned. Maybe Kathryn May finally woke up.
Many thanks to Wes for bringing it to our attention on his blog, along with his own insight into the situation. -LW

Dear Friends,
I have decided today to resign from my position as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda.” I will not be channeling messages from the Ascended Masters for the foreseeable future. I will explain why.
For several years, I have kept my promise to channel the voices of the Company of Heaven with absolute fidelity. I have changed not a word, not an inflection, not a bit of what they have given to me. I add nothing and leave out nothing. And so, the messages stand as they were given. I do not take credit or blame, except perhaps for having been the messenger for a program that evolved, little by little, into a series of cheerleading, encouraging and repetitive messages which have turned out to be, finally, a carrot without a prize.
I was told unequivocally that it would happen this past weekend, with details, times and specific instructions. I was assured repeatedly that they would never again promise me something that was not to be. I reminded them not to give me details if they are not fact. Once again, after enormous build-up, their date came and went, with more explanations and promises. The same ones, again.
The whole RV build-up was a way to help people envision helping one another to build a new world. I was delighted to represent the promise of hope, peace, and prosperity which could raise all of us out of the dark control of the cabal and discover our own power to change the world. But ultimately, it has been all about money.
The explanation was that we would beat them at their own game, take back control of our institutions, our structures of governance and our own lives, to live no longer under the yoke of the overlord, Money. We were to do this by having more money than God, as we joked. Perhaps this makes sense from a certain perspective – that there are some who can be entrusted with great wealth, who can buy back our freedom and our dignity.
Is this what we really need? This promise of material riches to set us free of the brain-washing, the poverty, the misery and want that was created to keep us divided against one another and against our God?
It has been my life’s work to help people search within themselves for the anchor to their true Center – the heart and soul connection that can free us from the brain-centered selfishness that co-opted all of us into believing we are not good enough, worthy enough unless we have great wealth. I still believe this is the real work we need to do, to be true to the body and soul we were born with, to live a life of integrity and Love regardless of what propaganda and mind-control our brains may have been subjected to along the way.
I will continue this work, the Visual Centering that has proven so effective in helping so many to find their center, to free themselves from childhood pain and childhood programming. This is what matters to me – to see people reach deeply into their hearts, beyond religious beliefs, beyond any teachings or philosophical arguments, to find peace with the beauty they came here to express.
I have given notice to my beloved friends in Higher Dimensions. I will no longer channel any messages from them because they broke their promise to me to activate the revaluation of currencies, the flood of blessings we were promised by this weekend, or I would refuse to channel anything more. I commanded that it be done, and they accepted my declaration that this was enough, enough cheerleading, enough promises, enough explanations and seeming apologies.
We have done our work in good faith. We have searched within to connect with our highest good, and it makes it impossible now to accept anything that is not pure. Pure truth, pure Love and Light does not support manipulation or lies, not for any reason. The end does not justify the means. Not now. Perhaps the months and months of encouraging messages were necessary to help us raise our vibration to accept the energies from the Central Sun. Perhaps you were testing us to see how long we would tolerate any kind of untruth.
I for one will not tolerate it any longer. I have promised to the dear people who have followed me and my messages that a new day is here, and it will be filled with Light and endless Love. I will not be a part of disappointing them again, not for any reason, not for any excuse.
On Earth as it is in Heaven? I do not believe Heaven is a place of tricks and riddles. Only here, in lower dimensions, do we accept half-truths and “well-meaning” white lies. No more. I will not be a part of helping to create a drama, a house of mirrors, a slide down the rabbit hole into upside-down rationalizations, supposedly reasonable sounding explanations and outright lies.
We are aware that God is powerful enough to intervene when the time is right to do so. We have given our vote to request help where we would have faced the threat of assassination if we were to face down the cabal, who feel no restriction against murdering Lightworkers wholesale. Nevertheless, we have taken them on directly before, and I for one have no reluctance about doing so if necessary, if our Friends in High Places refuse to step in as they have promised.
Perhaps that is one of the rules of the game we agreed to before coming here, that we would go it alone, without intervention from outside ourselves. We are told we are Them, we are One, and we have the power to manifest the Paradise on Earth we were taught to envision. If we truly believe that, then we do not need their intervention or their money (Thanks, St. Germain, but are you true to your word?). We are the Light.
I see brilliance all around me – the rising energies of unbelievably talented and powerful individuals who graciously share their blessings, their unconquerable Light, for the benefit of all. Do we really need more than that? When we join with one another to make our world a better place, it does change everything.
Why have we been promised these things that do not materialize? Why have we been asked to believe in the face of endless disappointments? Was it to help us, the small group of Lightworkers who truly trust in God’s good Truth, to finally accept that we need nothing more than our own strong hearts and sturdy souls? We have been forged in the fire of hundreds of lifetimes here. No matter how dense the Veil, we still know we deserve real support, real nourishment for our tired bodies and our souls that really are reaching for the Impossible Dream. We will settle for nothing less.
I pledge my heart and my energy to making our world a better place. Continuing to channel these messages no longer feels right. I am profoundly sad to have to refuse to bring messages from those I love deeply, but I must do so for now, until we are all made aware of why this has been handled in such a strange and uncomfortable way.
Perhaps I will channel again after we have received the blessings I still hope to see manifest, but only after I have been given a clear and reasonable explanation for why we have all been dragged along with endless seemingly empty promises, until everyone is exhausted, fed up and on the verge of losing faith in the proclaimed Gods who profess endless Love. I command that they show us the faithfulness and good will that we have given to them. Nothing less would be fair. Love is Light, and Light is Truth.
I remain, in service to One, Kathryn

Shedding the Old, SEEing the NEW

And again, it feels almost as if I am writing these articles myself.  As if Karen took so many of my thoughts yesterday, as I wrote my article "Looking into the mirrors and eating the Truth" in response to her message from the day before, and filled in the momentary gaps that I missed as I focused on my own experience, and illuminated the inner thoughts and kNOWing that was the driving force behind my NEEDING to write it out yesterday.

For me, it is a thankful reminder that we ARE moving forward, and not to get caught in the mired muddied muddled thoughts and emotions of yesterday.  It is NOW- not "yesterday". Each moment of NOW that we are experiencing, we are experiencing it with new understanding, new light, new love, and a new "us", as each moment that we rebirth ourselves sheds pieces of the old and allows the shining new us to show through!
"At this time you are asked to RELEASE the patterns and the frequency, it is from the patterns of frequency that the behaviour comes from, it is not the other way around. It is not possible to have the same behaviours and reactions when the frequency is released, the frequency CREATES the emotion reaction and behaviour. This is what has been hidden in plain view for the human race."

You might read this passage and be confused or wonder "How the hell do I release "the frequency" when I don't even know what that means?!?", but I can tell you that it is as simple as breathing!  Yesterday evening I sat and talked- had a good heart to heart with my best friend- and in that moment, I could literally feel the release of so many emotions.... they just drained away, as if their presence was only a dream that is quickly forgotten the moment I wake up in the morning.  There was no effort, there was no "system" or "process" or "method" to releasing these frequencies.... there was only LOVE- both giving and accepting.  That's it.  Just LOVE.

I have been saying for a long time now that there are no "good guys" or "bad guys".  Most of us think about that in terms of globally or universally- think of it about it in terms of perceived "leaders" or "bankers" etc..... While that is truth too, we need to remember that there are no "good guys" or "bad guys" in our personal lives either.  There are only Mirrors.  This is a hard piece to swallow for most of us, for it asserts that we are creating this mirror in order to reconcile and to SEE in ourselves what we need to SEE. We can blame "others", or we can LOOK into that mirror and see the reflection of our selves and our own actions in that mirror. When you can truly look into the mirror in front of you that someone else is holding up, then you have the ability to SEE and to release the pain or anger or guilt or sadness or fear....

AND in that moment, you are also holding up a mirror to the one that is holding up a mirror for you.


Birthing the “NEW” through, within and around YOU in TRUTH

Posted: October 28, 2014 | Author: Karen Dover

There is much movement in the outer waking world at this time, the fluidity will now continue to build and to expand and it is vital that you not only release but begin to CREATE for as you release the old 3D earth created construct then YOU are asked to REPLACE that which is released with YOUr CREATION in TRUTH.  This is done by actively dreaming, this is taking the components that you wish to see ACTIVE in your outer waking reality and begin to breathe life into them.

This is not only done on an energetic level but on ALL levels of your BEing, the ARCHITECT, DESIGNER and CREATOR of your New Life experience upon this planet earth is YOU.  In essence you are being handed the reins of your life moment to moment, as you become more and more adept at working with the New Earth energetic frequencies you will begin to NATURALLY create and move into expansion. The challenge comes as you release, for the emotions may appear to swamp you at times, you may feel as if you have taken a step back when indeed you have merely dissolved a SOLID block that has been within you. As you allow the release then the fluidity will begin to move on all levels of your BEing and this may be challenging.

For in human waking form many of you have been taught to distance yourself from the pain of the emotions. At this moment you are asked to feel the pain as it is released. This may take moments or may take longer, there is no time frame on this as YOU are the one who has been holding on to the patterns. Tears are the way in which the human vehicle releases pain and tears must be accepted.  Let me be clear on this next challenge, you are NOT being asked to relive the pain, you are being asked to acknowledge and ACCEPT that there is pain there.  At no point in the release are you asked to step into the trauma or stay there, indeed the release and the momentum of the actual release will see you sail through much of this process in ways that may leave you breathless.

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

This is not the process that you have gone through within the transition process either. for any of you that are sitting thinking “yawn, been here before” look again. At this time you are asked to RELEASE the patterns and the frequency, it is from the patterns of frequency that the behaviour comes from, it is not the other way around. It is not possible to have the same behaviours and reactions when the frequency is released, the frequency CREATES the emotion reaction and behaviour. This is what has been hidden in plain view for the human race.

The energies now seek to heighten and expand, for many of you this may be an intense time with no “let up” and no “respite” and this is deliberate, this is a release process, it is not a walk down a memory lane of pain as this has no servitude, you did and experienced what you did/have based on being TAUGHT a distorted frequency believing that the you were other than YOU ARE, therefore LOVE and COMPASSION for SELF is paramount at this time as well as for every sentient BEing in the universe.

There are no “bad guys” and “good guys”, there JUST IS, it is what you have been TAUGHT to believe about this planet and this universe that seeks to show you other than JUST IS and this is also to be released. Holding on tightly to duality and who is what and why will see you in chaos as the outer waking world dissolves and become fluid. The world as the human race has been TAUGHT is now barely there, it may look similar but it does not FEEL similar and this will become more and more obvious as those who have taken human form begin to thaw out and to move and shift in TRUTH.

TRUTH JUST IS, the perception of TRUTH alters hugely as you move through this process, remember ALL JUST IS, what you perceive to be can change at any given moment, ALL JUST IS, TRUTH now anchors across, within and through the human race as a race that has been blinded to ALL THAT IS is now given clarity of vision and depth of experience beyond anything they have encountered.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Tuesday 28 October 2014

Looking into the Mirrors and Eating the TRUTH

Oh what a grand adventure we are all on!

I just finished reading this article from Karen Dover and I think that it is one of the most concisely written pictures of what is going on right NOW, especially from an emotional level.

My own personal perspective of this tidal wave that we are currently riding has morphed and altered almost daily as I look inwards and outwards, and adjust and fine tune my inner world as I watch and learn from my outer world.  Never before has so much been piled on my plate, heaped high and constantly being refilled- to taste, to chew up and digest or spit out.  It feels as if every single piece of my life, my experiences, my emotions, my baggage, my history, my inner mind/heart, my consciousness, my logic brain, my physical body, right down to the very photons of my BEing, are being raised to the surface in a most magnificently magnified way. 

For the past few months I have spoken (at great length, much to the dismay of those around me, lol) about the constant line of mirrors that are being held up for each and every one of us. The "mirrors" that show us things that we need to look at in our inner selves and in our own lives. When we don't look into the mirror that has been placed in front of us, it just re-appears again in the next moment- making it self visible, faster and larger and more insistently as each moment passes, until the reflection is so vastly in our face that we have no other choice but to SEE it and acknowledge that it is reflecting US.  From that moment, we have to make a choice: to REALLY look at the situation/problem and SEE how our own actions have played a part in what was/is happening.  To look and SEE what the lesson is for us to take from this reflection and to acknowledge how it has been effected and affected by US to create the current moment of reality that has played itself out in front of us. To accept, fully and completely, the responsibility for that moment, that situation, that reflection, that has been created BY US.......

... and if we choose to refuse to look into that mirror, refuse to accept responsibility for our actions/words/deeds, refuse to acknowledge our part/participation .... then the mirror will appear again in the next moment- Bigger & Brighter- till it smacks us in the face so hard that we are forced to LOOK and SEE and ACCEPT  that responsibility. 

From the smallest happenings around us, to the grandest world events, we are all playing a role, even if all that entails is re-acting to the events.  Our parts that we play are our responsibility.  Our roles in this play have been created by us, to enable us to have the experiences that we wanted to experience....

...Now that we are in those end moments, the time has come to finalize the last of our experiences, to SEE what we have done, UNDERSTAND what role we have played, REALIZE our path through this journey that has brought us to this place where we stand.  The Universe is seeing fit to insure that we are ready to BEgin.  It has placed before us all the other actors, holding up those mirrors we need to look into.  And when we are hesitant to LOOK and SEE, then even the physical becomes involved. So many of us are experiencing "pain" and "sickness" that is being inspired by our OWN actions, thoughts, words, feelings.  It is time to let go of all of the past pains- emotional, physical, spiritual- conscious and unconscious.  But to do that, we need to SEE them for what they are and were. ....

..... and sometimes the Universe sees the need to seriously kick us in the ass to dump us out of our comfort zone and force us into a place where we to LOOK and SEE and comprehend the TRUTH.

"It is to be noted that it is not enough to simply to work at an energetic level at this point, it must be brought into your physical waking human conscious mind in order that you are able to translate the life that you have been living into a context that is understood at a human waking mind level.  This works to bring the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH through into your physical being and into the waking world at ALL levels of your BEing. Many people are okay with working energetically but then separate themselves from the energetic work by separating that work from who they are at a human waking mind level."

For the past month, I have been served plate after plateful of my past, my actions, my emotional inner being, my unconscious and conscious decisions that have brought me to my place in this moment of NOW.  I have been staring into the mirrors before me while I sit through meal after meal of tough, bitter memories, forcing myself to taste each one, and discern for myself whether I wanted to swallow it or spit it out. In the mirrors around me, I see all that I AM, all that I have done, and I have asked myself: "Is this my drama? How have my actions been part of this? ..."  and in that moment I reconcile myself to the outcomes, and stand in responsibility for my part. I have eaten my way through mounds of shit..... and just when I think I must be finished, another course is put in front of me to gnaw my way through. Yet through all the retching and gagging I have come to SEE ME. To Understand some of my deepest kept secrets- ones that I kept even from myself.  I can SEE the ME that I have presented to the world, and SEE the ME that is my innermost BEing- flaws, scars and all. 

The pain has literally been REAL, on all levels of my BEing.

I know that the meal is not yet over.  I know that I still have more shit to eat..... and yet, I have grown immensely from the previous dishes I have been served and know that I will grow even more  from those to come.  I can SEE where I have been.  I will take responsibility for what parts I have played. I will stand in responsibility for the decisions I have made. .... but I do not wish to walk this path again.  I have learned from it, I have grown stronger for it, I have gained huge understandings into the ME that I AM.... and I thank this path for all that I have become and all that I have been. But I do not wish to act these scenes out again. For now, I will move forward, in full responsibility of BEing who I AM. Move Forward knowing that the past has put me here TO move forward....

AND.... I will hold up the mirror to all those around me to do the same.

"Now at this moment you are asked to accept the outer waking reality and to ACCEPT ALL JUST IS. Only from this position can you then take the necessary steps to alter your outer waking reality at this time.  This acceptance clears the fog of the veils of distortion."
Our "outer waking reality" just IS. ... but still we move forward, SEEing clearly through the fog and distortion and the veils that we have placed over our own selves.  NOW we see ourselves as we truly are. We SEE ME, MYSELF and I AM.

So.... look into the mirrors around you and SEE what you need to Understand, so that you can move forward: BEing, kNOWing, Responsible, and standing straight.  The past just IS, but the NOW  IS EVERYTHING.


Acceptance of ALL that IS at human conscious waking mind level

Posted: October 27, 2014 | Author: Karen Dover

In order to move and shift in frequency there has to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of that which is presented.  For many of you at this time the ability to dismiss what is occurring around you is no longer an option. From family patterning that is now presented as unworkable to situations where many of you are becoming tired of “repeating”, all is moving into place to be released, prior to this it must be acknowledged and ACCEPTED at a human conscious waking mind level.

There are many, many teachings that seek to teach you to disconnect from what is happening at any one moment. In a world where the outer waking reality is extremely uncomfortable at many levels of the human life experience it is vital that you acknowledge and accept where you are at this time and find peace with this.  You are where you are meant to be at any given moment as the walk out of the old 3D earth created reality is one that you are being guided with. Remember you came here to this life experience in order to release the KARMIC dimensional realities that you have lived within for eternity. ” YOU CANNOT fail at what you came here to BE” (- HCoO, thru Karen Dover) for only YOU ARE YOU.

You may at a human conscious waking mind level ask why it is important to accept the outer waking reality when you do not like it, remember ALL JUST IS, it is the teachings that seek to teach you that it is one way or another that is seeking release at this time.  Therefore accepting the situation AS IS will show you what it is that you are running that seeks to teach you otherwise. There is no “negative” nor “positive” in TRUTH as ALL JUST IS. Again the teachings that you have anchored deep within your human vehicle seek to teach you that something is other than “JUST IS”.

ALL is a frequency and ALL can be moved and shifted but not until it is first of all seen. Many at this time are attempting to ignore what is placed in front of them. This “distancing” is a deep teaching from the old 3D Earth created construct which seeks to teach you to accept your own “version” of what is presented to you.  To work to release this filter you must accept that ALL JUST IS and this will then illuminate what you have been TAUGHT to believe about the world in general.

It is to be noted that it is not enough to simply to work at an energetic level at this point, it must be brought into your physical waking human conscious mind in order that you are able to translate the life that you have been living into a context that is understood at a human waking mind level.  This works to bring the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH through into your physical being and into the waking world at ALL levels of your BEing. Many people are okay with working energetically but then separate themselves from the energetic work by separating that work from who they are at a human waking mind level.

It is not “spiritual” to work at an energy level for ALL in this universe is ENERGY in TRUTH, it is the frequencies that have been anchored within the human vehicle that seek to distort the decoding of the frequencies that exist around you.  Therefore it is not helpful to try to place situations, events or scenarios in any “boxes”.  ALL JUST IS.  Indeed the separation of who you are at a human level and how you energetically work is one of the greatest distorted teachings that exist within the old 3D earth created reality. ALL are ENERGY and ALL came from SOURCE, just because you believe that you cannot work with energy due to a teaching that you have been TAUGHT does not negate that YOU ARE ENERGY in TRUTH.

To view another human being and assume that because they do not “actively” work at an energetic level is therefore to walk in the blindness of the filters of the old 3D earth created reality. The human race are comprised of human vehicles into which an ENERGY has been poured. No one is “asleep” on this planet no matter what is presented, many are “ACTIVELY” asleep helping the human race move into the evolution that is now under way. To separate yourself from the human race and place yourself in any “category” is still separation, it is merely disguised separation.

Now at this moment you are asked to accept the outer waking reality and to ACCEPT ALL JUST IS. Only from this position can you then take the necessary steps to alter your outer waking reality at this time.  This acceptance clears the fog of the veils of distortion. It allows you to see that which has been hidden in plain view, that a race has been kept separate, divided and in pain for eternity and this race is now at a point where they can release this distortion and move into UNITY in TRUTH.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Monday 27 October 2014

All Flash, No Bang.

edited 7:14pm UTC to add:
well, apparently 20 minutes after I pressed publish, Sol threw another bangless party:

X-Flare # 6 Detected
A strong X2.0 solar flare, now the sixth X-Class event around region 2192, was detected at 14:47 UTC. The event triggered a strong R3 radio black on the sunlit side of Earth. So far the event does not appear to be eruptive, meaning a noteworthy CME is not expected. More details to follow. Click HERE f

or an updated event log.

.... and again, no CME.  Hmmmmmm.


Good morning everyone!

Sorry for the delay in reporting- we have just moved to a new home (with all the adventures that that entails, lol) and I got slammed with cystitis for a few days that left me little time to think about anything other than how long I could go till I had to pee again, lol.  But today has been a turning point on all things physical (and emotional), and the house is almost (ok, sorta) unpacked and I can now return to my computer.

... And I have internet :D

First up today, if you haven't been watching the solar intel, Sol has been having a serious party...... yet it's kinda been like a party with great music, an awesome light show.... but no dancing or laughter.  Sun spot 2192 has been flaring almost continuously for the past 6 days, launching 5 X Class flares in the past 48 hours, plus several M Class flares as well...... and yet, not a single CME from ANY of the flares from 2192.   It's been all flash but no bang.  Very very weird.

I have been following the solar reports hourly almost for the past 5 days.  "They" say that there have been no geomagnetic storms, no radiation storms, no real pick up in the solar wind speeds or velocities (even though we had a good sized coronal hole in geoeffective positioning for most of the past week?).  We've experienced a few very short lived radio black outs during the big flares, yet even those have been insignificant. I smell something off.....

Any way, 2192 is getting close to rotating around the western limb in the next couple of days.  What will be interesting will be to watch the far side as it rotates through away from Earth's direct view.  I strongly suspect that the moment it rotates around far side, it will splash off a spectacular CME.  We'll just have to wait and see, right?

Oh- and want a giggle?  The boys upstairs finally raised the "Solar flare risks" to 55% chance of another X Class flare..... AFTER we had 5 X Class flares in a row, roflmfao!!!

Solar Flare Risk
M-Class: 85%
X-Class: 55%

I"ll post some pretty pictures and videos of the sun in action below.

In other news around Gaia, apparently later on today, purportedly a house size asteroid is going to pass between Earth and the Moon, 160,000km from us.  Normally I wouldn't of batted an eye at a report of this type except that lately we've had a few of these type of "near misses" and they've raised some questions for me.

House-sized Asteroid to Give Earth a Very Close Shave Monday

Get ready for a very close encounter as a house-sized asteroid 2014 UF56 will pass between the Earth and the Moon on Monday. The 15 meter wide space rock will miss our planet at a distance of about 160,000 km (0.4 lunar distances) at 9:12 p.m. UTC. The asteroid was discovered Saturday and despite passing so close to Earth, few if any of us will see the flyby with our eyes in a telescope. At brightest, 2014 UF56 will only reach magnitude +16, as it zips from Scutum constellation through Capricornus.

The asteroid, back in 2012 visited Mars at a distance of about 8 mln km. It will again approach the Earth on Feb. 12, 2018. This will be a very distant fly-by, at about 64 lunar distances.

Wait a second!!  "They" just discovered this asteroid two days ago, on Saturday, yet they know that the same asteroid visited Mars in 2012, and it will be passing Earth again on Feb 18th, 2018?!?


Does this sound completely concocted to anyone else?

Solar flares today

Today, 8 solar flares were observed:

Active region Begin, UT Max, UT End, UT
Flare of class M7.1 2192 00:06:00 00:34:00 00:44:00

Flare of class M1.0 2192 01:44:00 02:02:00 02:11:00

Flare of class M1.3 2192 03:35:00 03:41:00 03:48:00

Flare of class C3.4 2192 05:01:00 05:04:00 05:11:00

Flare of class C4.9 2192 05:21:00 05:38:00 05:47:00

Flare of class C9.6 2192 06:56:00 07:01:00 07:07:00

Flare of class C9.6 2192 07:11:00 07:15:00 07:20:00

Flare of class M6.7 0 09:59:00 10:09:00 10:26:00

Solar flares yesterday

Yesterday, 15 solar flares were observed:

Active region Begin, UT Max, UT End, UT
Flare of class C3.1 2192 01:08:00 01:13:00 01:27:00

Flare of class C2.8 2192 05:09:00 05:13:00 05:19:00

Flare of class C4.0 2192 05:45:00 05:50:00 05:55:00

Flare of class C9.5 2192 06:13:00 06:21:00 06:26:00

Flare of class X2.0 2192 10:04:00 10:56:00 11:18:00

Flare of class C9.2 2192 13:04:00 13:09:00 13:16:00

Flare of class C5.2 2192 15:11:00 15:20:00 15:34:00

Flare of class C3.5 0 15:52:00 15:56:00 16:00:00

Flare of class C5.3 2193 16:12:00 16:17:00 16:22:00

Flare of class M1.0 2192 17:08:00 17:17:00 17:30:00

Flare of class C7.8 2192 17:55:00 17:59:00 18:05:00

Flare of class M4.2 2192 18:07:00 18:15:00 18:20:00

Flare of class M1.9 2192 18:43:00 18:49:00 18:56:00

Flare of class M2.4 2192 19:59:00 20:21:00 20:45:00

Flare of class C8.3 2192 21:47:00 21:59:00 22:13:00

For more information:

Very quietly, from the bottom of the page- as you know I am not comfortable with this sorta thing.....  I am in need of some extra funds at the moment.  The moved cost us more than we anticipated, and I also have to put my old trusty laptop into the shop this week in a desperate attempt to access my hard drive- which has hundreds of documents stored on it that I cannot replace- intel reports, etc that I do not have stored anywhere else.  I am currently working on a project that should help to make our family self sufficient monetarily while we still live in this disastrous mess of a failing floundering, fucked up financial system, but at the moment my funds are radically limited till I can get the project up and running.  So I am asking:  If you enjoy the articles I write, and you resonate with what I am saying, and if you have a few cents to send..... I will hugely appreciate it.  I have said it before: if every daily reader of RTS was to "donate" $.50 a month, my family and I would have no problem with anything to do with "finances" any more.

With love and thanx

Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Collective Imagination: with Hope Girl and FTW

Sorry for the delayed post- t'was a busy day, lol!

Yesterday on The Collective Imagination radio show, Lisa, Brian and I talked with HopeGirl from Fix the World.  We had an awesome discussion about the QEG, with lots of updates and information, and talked about what Hope is up to next.  We also talked about the changing paradigm of NOW, and what we all can do to literally CHANGE and lead the way into this new paradigm, and how our actions directly effect the new "Norm".  I think you'll all enjoy this show.


Collective Imagination Oct 21-14

0 Comments 21 October 2014
The CI crew were joined by Hope Girl of Fix The World from FTW’s new headquarters in Morocco.
The discussion included QEG updates, free energy implications, building bridges and shifting paradigms in all areas of our lives.

Sol Grooves to it's own Beat

Well my friends, our beautiful star Sol is once again dancing and grooving to the beat of it's own drum.  Over the course of the past two months, the sun has sorta picked up the pace from what has been a very very quiet solar maxim.  This past two weeks has been an exciting one for sure, with multiple solar events, a rather large CME from a filament ripping off the surface, another large full halo CME last week just as sun spot 2192 began it's rotation from the farside to earth facing positioning.

In the past 3 days we have seen one X Class flare on the 19th, followed by 8 M Class flares over the past 48 hours.  The most powerful one happened last night just before 2am UTC.  All the major and minor flares (multiple C Class flares over the past 3 days as well) have  been brought to us through sun spot 2192, which has developed into a massive spot and is still gathering size, with a complex Beta Gamma Delta configuration.

One of the things that I'm finding intriguing this morning is that the M8.7 flare last night was originally listed as M9 (see the Space weather note below).... and it had all the markings of blasting off a CME- which would be directly Earth facing, yet so far there has been no updates to show a CME.  Interestingly enough, over the past month of flares, there has only been one CME listed in the updates from an M7 flare Oct 2nd, and one CME last week from the far side flare of 2192 on the 14th.

As 2192 is now directly in geomagnetic alignment with Earth, I will be watching with keen interest to see if, like so many other monster sun spots have done over the past two years, it will suddenly go quiet now that it's directly Earth facing.   I will also note that we have a good size Coronal Hole directly Earth facing on the leading edge of spot 2192, and a new sunspot is about to rotate into view from the eastern limb- old spots 2181 & 2182 are making another appearance (and will be given a new numerical designation once they are Earth facing)- 2182 let off 3 M Class flares on Oct 9th on it's last jaunt around, and from the look of the few farside pics, 2181 seems to of grown in size..... could be interesting!

Coronal holes on October 22nd 2014

In other solar based news, we will see- or at least, everyone in North America will see- a partial solar eclipse today, starting around 2pm PDT. 

More solar information:

Oct 19th

Flare of class X1.1 2192 04:17:00 05:03:00 05:48:00

Oct 20th

Flare of class C2.5 2192 00:49:00 00:53:00 00:56:00

Flare of class C2.8 2192 01:58:00 02:01:00 02:04:00

Flare of class C3.2 2192 02:25:00 02:28:00 02:32:00

Flare of class C5.4 2192 03:32:00 03:57:00 04:05:00

Flare of class C9.0 2192 05:37:00 06:02:00 06:09:00

Flare of class M3.9 2192 09:00:00 09:11:00 09:20:00

Flare of class C2.8 2192 11:19:00 11:27:00 11:30:00

Flare of class C2.7 2192 13:58:00 14:08:00 14:11:00

Flare of class C3.1 2192 14:40:00 14:43:00 14:47:00

Flare of class C8.6 2192 14:58:00 15:24:00 15:41:00

Flare of class M4.5 2192 16:00:00 16:37:00 16:55:00

Flare of class C6.2 2192 18:43:00 18:47:00 18:51:00

Flare of class M1.4 2192 18:55:00 19:02:00 19:04:00

Flare of class M1.7 2192 19:53:00 20:04:00 20:13:00

Flare of class M1.2 2192 22:43:00 22:55:00 23:13:00

Oct 21st

Flare of class C4.2 0 02:12:00 02:20:00 02:30:00

Flare of class C5.7 2192 06:05:00 06:14:00 06:21:00

Flare of class C2.9 2192 06:53:00 06:57:00 07:02:00

Flare of class C3.1 2192 08:08:00 08:10:00 08:12:00

Flare of class C6.3 0 10:46:00 10:58:00 11:13:00

Flare of class C4.4 0 12:25:00 12:28:00 12:30:00

Flare of class M1.2 0 13:35:00 13:38:00 13:40:00

Flare of class C4.0 2192 19:03:00 19:10:00 19:16:00

Flare of class C6.5 2192 20:11:00 20:20:00 20:25:00

Flare of class C3.4 2192 21:54:00 22:04:00 22:14:00

Oct 22nd

Flare of class M8.7 2192 01:16:00 01:59:00 02:28:00

Flare of class M2.7 2192 05:11:00 05:17:00 05:21:00

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014
What's up in space
On October 23rd there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun. Got clouds? No problem. The event will be broadcast live on the web by the Coca-Cola Science Center.
Solar Eclipse Live
PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: On Thursday, Oct. 23rd, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, off center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible from almost all of North America. The action begins at approximatey 2 pm PDT. Get the full story from Science@NASA.
LOTS OF SOLAR FLARES: During the past 48 hours, monster sunspot AR2192 has unleashed seven M-class solar flares. The most powerful of the bunch (Oct 22nd at 0159 UT) was an M9-class eruption that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:
UV radiation from the flare ionized Earth's upper atmosphere, causing a brief blackout of HF radio communications on the dayside of Earth (e.g., parts of Asia and Australia). In addition, the explosion might have hurled a CME into space. Confirmation awaits the arrival of coronagraph data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). Stay tuned for updates.
More flares are in the offing. AR2192 has an unstable 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful explosions. NOAA forecasters estimate at 65% chance of M-class flares and a 20% chance of X-flares on Oct. 22nd. Solar flare alerts: text, voice