Monday 27 October 2014

All Flash, No Bang.

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well, apparently 20 minutes after I pressed publish, Sol threw another bangless party:

X-Flare # 6 Detected
A strong X2.0 solar flare, now the sixth X-Class event around region 2192, was detected at 14:47 UTC. The event triggered a strong R3 radio black on the sunlit side of Earth. So far the event does not appear to be eruptive, meaning a noteworthy CME is not expected. More details to follow. Click HERE f

or an updated event log.

.... and again, no CME.  Hmmmmmm.


Good morning everyone!

Sorry for the delay in reporting- we have just moved to a new home (with all the adventures that that entails, lol) and I got slammed with cystitis for a few days that left me little time to think about anything other than how long I could go till I had to pee again, lol.  But today has been a turning point on all things physical (and emotional), and the house is almost (ok, sorta) unpacked and I can now return to my computer.

... And I have internet :D

First up today, if you haven't been watching the solar intel, Sol has been having a serious party...... yet it's kinda been like a party with great music, an awesome light show.... but no dancing or laughter.  Sun spot 2192 has been flaring almost continuously for the past 6 days, launching 5 X Class flares in the past 48 hours, plus several M Class flares as well...... and yet, not a single CME from ANY of the flares from 2192.   It's been all flash but no bang.  Very very weird.

I have been following the solar reports hourly almost for the past 5 days.  "They" say that there have been no geomagnetic storms, no radiation storms, no real pick up in the solar wind speeds or velocities (even though we had a good sized coronal hole in geoeffective positioning for most of the past week?).  We've experienced a few very short lived radio black outs during the big flares, yet even those have been insignificant. I smell something off.....

Any way, 2192 is getting close to rotating around the western limb in the next couple of days.  What will be interesting will be to watch the far side as it rotates through away from Earth's direct view.  I strongly suspect that the moment it rotates around far side, it will splash off a spectacular CME.  We'll just have to wait and see, right?

Oh- and want a giggle?  The boys upstairs finally raised the "Solar flare risks" to 55% chance of another X Class flare..... AFTER we had 5 X Class flares in a row, roflmfao!!!

Solar Flare Risk
M-Class: 85%
X-Class: 55%

I"ll post some pretty pictures and videos of the sun in action below.

In other news around Gaia, apparently later on today, purportedly a house size asteroid is going to pass between Earth and the Moon, 160,000km from us.  Normally I wouldn't of batted an eye at a report of this type except that lately we've had a few of these type of "near misses" and they've raised some questions for me.

House-sized Asteroid to Give Earth a Very Close Shave Monday

Get ready for a very close encounter as a house-sized asteroid 2014 UF56 will pass between the Earth and the Moon on Monday. The 15 meter wide space rock will miss our planet at a distance of about 160,000 km (0.4 lunar distances) at 9:12 p.m. UTC. The asteroid was discovered Saturday and despite passing so close to Earth, few if any of us will see the flyby with our eyes in a telescope. At brightest, 2014 UF56 will only reach magnitude +16, as it zips from Scutum constellation through Capricornus.

The asteroid, back in 2012 visited Mars at a distance of about 8 mln km. It will again approach the Earth on Feb. 12, 2018. This will be a very distant fly-by, at about 64 lunar distances.

Wait a second!!  "They" just discovered this asteroid two days ago, on Saturday, yet they know that the same asteroid visited Mars in 2012, and it will be passing Earth again on Feb 18th, 2018?!?


Does this sound completely concocted to anyone else?

Solar flares today

Today, 8 solar flares were observed:

Active region Begin, UT Max, UT End, UT
Flare of class M7.1 2192 00:06:00 00:34:00 00:44:00

Flare of class M1.0 2192 01:44:00 02:02:00 02:11:00

Flare of class M1.3 2192 03:35:00 03:41:00 03:48:00

Flare of class C3.4 2192 05:01:00 05:04:00 05:11:00

Flare of class C4.9 2192 05:21:00 05:38:00 05:47:00

Flare of class C9.6 2192 06:56:00 07:01:00 07:07:00

Flare of class C9.6 2192 07:11:00 07:15:00 07:20:00

Flare of class M6.7 0 09:59:00 10:09:00 10:26:00

Solar flares yesterday

Yesterday, 15 solar flares were observed:

Active region Begin, UT Max, UT End, UT
Flare of class C3.1 2192 01:08:00 01:13:00 01:27:00

Flare of class C2.8 2192 05:09:00 05:13:00 05:19:00

Flare of class C4.0 2192 05:45:00 05:50:00 05:55:00

Flare of class C9.5 2192 06:13:00 06:21:00 06:26:00

Flare of class X2.0 2192 10:04:00 10:56:00 11:18:00

Flare of class C9.2 2192 13:04:00 13:09:00 13:16:00

Flare of class C5.2 2192 15:11:00 15:20:00 15:34:00

Flare of class C3.5 0 15:52:00 15:56:00 16:00:00

Flare of class C5.3 2193 16:12:00 16:17:00 16:22:00

Flare of class M1.0 2192 17:08:00 17:17:00 17:30:00

Flare of class C7.8 2192 17:55:00 17:59:00 18:05:00

Flare of class M4.2 2192 18:07:00 18:15:00 18:20:00

Flare of class M1.9 2192 18:43:00 18:49:00 18:56:00

Flare of class M2.4 2192 19:59:00 20:21:00 20:45:00

Flare of class C8.3 2192 21:47:00 21:59:00 22:13:00

For more information:

Very quietly, from the bottom of the page- as you know I am not comfortable with this sorta thing.....  I am in need of some extra funds at the moment.  The moved cost us more than we anticipated, and I also have to put my old trusty laptop into the shop this week in a desperate attempt to access my hard drive- which has hundreds of documents stored on it that I cannot replace- intel reports, etc that I do not have stored anywhere else.  I am currently working on a project that should help to make our family self sufficient monetarily while we still live in this disastrous mess of a failing floundering, fucked up financial system, but at the moment my funds are radically limited till I can get the project up and running.  So I am asking:  If you enjoy the articles I write, and you resonate with what I am saying, and if you have a few cents to send..... I will hugely appreciate it.  I have said it before: if every daily reader of RTS was to "donate" $.50 a month, my family and I would have no problem with anything to do with "finances" any more.

With love and thanx

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