Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Collective Imagination: with Hope Girl and FTW

Sorry for the delayed post- t'was a busy day, lol!

Yesterday on The Collective Imagination radio show, Lisa, Brian and I talked with HopeGirl from Fix the World.  We had an awesome discussion about the QEG, with lots of updates and information, and talked about what Hope is up to next.  We also talked about the changing paradigm of NOW, and what we all can do to literally CHANGE and lead the way into this new paradigm, and how our actions directly effect the new "Norm".  I think you'll all enjoy this show.


Collective Imagination Oct 21-14

0 Comments 21 October 2014
The CI crew were joined by Hope Girl of Fix The World from FTW’s new headquarters in Morocco.
The discussion included QEG updates, free energy implications, building bridges and shifting paradigms in all areas of our lives.

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