Wednesday 30 November 2016

The One People, Nov 28, 2016: Behind the Veil

Welcome to the One Person Show from November 28th 2016. Lisa did the show solo yesterday as Dani was unwell.

The veil membrane is becoming apparent to many, it's physical, visceral and becoming seen. What is it, how do we get through it and what's on the other side?

Tuesday 22 November 2016

The One People Show: Detaching from the Construct

Distraction vs Detachment seems to have been the theme of this past week. Distractions are being tossed at us, left, right, and centre. Dramas to pull us in, Diversions to take our attention, Deflections to confuse us, Disarray, Disquiet, Discord and Doubts to baffle, bewilder, beguile, and just plain fuck us up.

It seems that the more we Detach from this construct, the more it desperately tries to pull us back in, by any means it can. This weeks One People Show is a discussion of Distraction vs Detachment, looking at the breaking down of the matrix, and once again the huge amount of synchronous dreams that are happening for a lot of people right now.  We also dig into the latest Leelu updates, and discuss the real vs psyop question.

... and yet again, we went over time. lol.


Friday 18 November 2016

Tuesday 15 November 2016

One People 15 Nov 2016: Through the looking glass

After about 3 minutes discussion on the current political fuckery, Donald Trump, and the "Purple Revolution", we took the rabbit hole less travelled and went through the looking glass....

This may be the strangest One People show yet as we struggled to explain the energetic work being done by so many around the world in order to end this ‘game’ we call the matrix/construct. Communicating concepts that the english language has no words for is sometimes a rather frustrating thing, lol.


Wednesday 9 November 2016

One People 8 Nov 2016 The Psy Op ....begins?

The Leeloo phenomenon has been co-opted and psy-op’d lately with fake calls and recorded messages coming in from "leelu" and "oliver".  We have seen people using Leeloo as a marketing tool to sell their own expensive courses and products for ‘protection from AI’ lol.

There is also the sheer madness of the US Election, suspicious visits and activity to the poles and more.

The world has gone fuckin' insane!!