Thursday 2 October 2014

Wingmakers and Lily Earth: What resonates with you?

This week on The Collective Imagination radio show on Tuesday, Lisa, Brian and I dig into a lot of information about the Wingmakers documents, Lily Earth's information and cross reference it with pieces from several others people that Lisa has interviewed in the past, including Heather.

During several conversations in my various skype rooms, I realized that many people were looking for the info that we were discussing this past week, and I decided to pull together everything into one place for ease of access.

Now, I can fully admit that I haven't read all of the Wingmakers  information yet- as a matter of fact I've managed to get through very little of it so far as I haven't had time to really dig into it.  But.... the material is often discussed by everyone in the house here- Lisa, Brian, DW(deerwoman)... who have read it, and we've discussed many aspects of it.  I will say that while some of it does resonate, there is definitely disinfo hidden in there as well- or at least.... a skewing of the information.  We have been  looking into the old original info and cross referencing the changes made to it, and I can see some of the skewing that was done by those trying to control the information.

I am posting all of the information that I have on the Wingmakers documents, plus all of our TCI radio shows with Lily Earth here for people to review at their leisure, if they are so inclined.  I am posting this purely to give access to the information that has been published, and to follow the trail that has been discussed on the TCI shows.  As I have stated: I haven't had a chance yet to fully review all of the information (can anyone lend me a few more hours to add to my days? lol), and what I have read and discussed has shown me that there definitely is information in here that doesn't resonate with me at all.... and yet there are pieces that ping very deeply as truth. So I am posting it all here for you to decide for yourselves what resonates with you.

...... or is it all distraction?  Has all of this information been released to distract us from our focus on I AM/I-tech? A distraction from SEEing what IS?  Has this information been brought out to steer our attention to the subtle hierarchical scheme that is implanted in the newer versions of the wingmakers documents?  Is the bringing forward of this information about percentages and numbers and groups a way of misleading us from the ONEness of ALL? An even subtler form of separation?  "Am I one of the 3%?"  "Am I part of the 15%?" ....  Good questions.  If we focus so deeply on the past, we may gain insight into who we are and where we came from.... yet, isn't that a distraction from the NOW?  Does "who" "what" "where" "when" "why" "how" really help us in this moment to SEE what IS?  For some of us, maybe..... for others, maybe not.  So I post this here for those that find themselves looking down this particular rabbit hole......

Here is the video of the first Interview that we did on The Collective Imagination Radio show with Lily Earth on Sept 16.

Collective Imagination Sept 16-14 by theonenetwork

Here is the second interview on TCI between Lisa and Lily Earth, Sept 23.

Here are the pictures that Lily sent to us before the first show:

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

This weeks TCI radio show with Lisa, Brian and I discussing Wingmakers, Lily Earth's info,  and information and prior interviews with various others who've brought light to similar subjects.


Lily Earth does not have a web site that covers the material that she brought forward this past month.  The videos that she sent to Lisa that are mentioned on the show cover all the same information that we discuss during the first interview and are very incomplete, so I will not post them here.  For those people that have SERIOUS questions for Lily, you may email her here:

For more information on the Wingmakers Documents:

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