Tuesday 7 March 2017

Transpicuous News: NASA, Zombies & Self Replicating Computers?

Tonights Transpicuous News deals with Technology and Science.  From NASA to Zombies, Quantum Computers to DNA self replicating computers.... and a WHOLE LOTTA questions!!!

..... Is it "new tech" or is it another indicator of a shift to a completely different tech on a completely different..... level?


A Go Fund Me Campaign has been created by a friend of mine, (as I do not have access to Paypal any more so I haven't had a "Donate button" in a long time), to help get the funds together to get me a new computer system.  My laptop is on it's last legs and about to completely fail.  John is trying to raise the funds to get a top of the line laptop that will be able to handle all the video editing and storage for the work I do, and to be capable of doing graphics work etc.....  which here in the south of Europe is NOT cheap!!  If you'd like to help out, please go to the Go Fund Me page HERE:

Or, Paypal donations can be sent to:   With a note that it's for Dani's computer .

And for reference, here is the One People Round Table show that I mentioned during this TN. Listen in for the first 54 minutes.... the subjects that we discussed for this first hour are very interesting, considering everything that's been playing out for the past 7 months or so!!

News Links for this episode of Transpicuous News:

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