Tuesday 7 March 2017

One People Show March 6 2017: Twists, Turns, Tears & Tantrums

What a show!!!  Last night's conversation was, as usual, wide ranging and rambling.  I started off with a "WTF?!" over our apparently new skulls.... with holes everywhere!  Then we were off!  Major discussions about "Time", "Mirrors", "Dimensions", "Simulation/Constructs & Time Loops" & and the physical, emotional, and mental effects these are having on us.

Lots of Audience participation brought home the need of being "together", of having the ability to reach out and at least talk/chat with others who are going through the same feelings of Loss, Abandonment, Grief, and Anger.

We're getting through this my friends!!!  We are!!

love d

Link for the Go Fund Me Campaign to get Dani a new Laptop:

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