Friday 10 May 2013

Kauilapele Does one Stop Shopping!

KP did an awesome job compiling all this information and links into one article.   One Stop Shopping!!!

Thanx KP- you rock!

Collective Imagination Show 5-7-13… MP3s and Notes from Ginger

MP3s (with minus 1 minute of music at start, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
[Mahalo Ginger for taking and writing these notes each week!!!]
The Collective Imagination Show Notes – May 7^th US / 8^th Australia
This show imparted lots of helpful information full of goodly stretches of fun and playfulness, essential for our collective imaginations to keep expanding!
1. Deryl’s interview is up now here –
2. Uwe’s update . . . all his letters just jumped up to the high courts, that could lead to a real revelation (more next week!)
3. Julien Wells has another wonderful video up –
4. Regarding the now old OPPT-IN Monday/Tuesday show, Lisa will calling it The One People Radio on the 5D media network platform, with a new corresponding Facebook site called “Broadcasting For The New Paradigm” . . so be sure to go and check it out, leaving comments please!
5. Julien starts his new radio show this weekend here –

Are you using your inner power or your outer force? . . . and when? It’s important to understand the difference consciously . . . “punishment” is an artificially created construct, and does not change anything . . . where “the consequences” can facilitate real change . . . and in an allowing, there is an inner transformation . . . (and I would like to add here that I found Heather’s way of explaining it is best, as when I read it, I found it creates an easy bridge out of our duality polarity thinking) . . . then Brian reads what Heather has written and then shares his perspective on this . . . adding, “as these weeks unfold, we will be seeing the results of the exponential growing in-forcement 100^th monkey, suddenly being very apparent.
Brian posted a hugely inspiring video with great responses, not be missed before going into your bank with the Disclosure Flyer! –
And Lisa would like to set up some role playing in order to come up with as many responses as possible . . . so we can all walk into banks around world to help educate (via inforcement model) that holds the intent to allow everything to change . . . and Julien is saying that he is seeing this already spreading energetically (throughout human collective) like nothing he has ever seen before . . . and is incredibly flexible, still accelerating! . . . and Brian adds, “yup, humanity is getting ready to take the blue pill now” (is from first movie The Matrix)
Sovereign Lion called in . . . he is “so ready and in the flow without boundaries. . . but finding all the dinar RV (re-evaluation of currencies) stuff is debilitating and not a representation of our true essence energies” . . .
. . . however, a host adds, “even the representation of money is now transforming with more and more folks writing (in the spirit of love-bombs) messages on their paper money” . . . see here –
. . . a caller suggested writing on all paper currencies, “THE ONE PEOPLE” (I might add, “NOW”). . . but just know some vendors might not take it . . .
. . . however, it’s not DOing anything against Common Laws . . . and definitely sends a message fast.
Brain ["The Brain" = Brian] reads what he just got back from his Chase Bank after using the Courtesy Notice, that essentially they are choosing to ignore . . . another host suggests to now start sending them invoices.
Best quote of the show by Prince . . . “ I WANT TO COURTESY NOTICE THE DOLLAR”
“The moment is now”. . . that Heather stated on Sunday . . . “meant everything is coming to a head now, the culmination of all things coming to fruition . . . and is best felt with the heart” . . . (and maybe was also a message from Heather to certain beings) . . . and Bob adds, “remember the double split experiment? . . . so when we release focus from dates (and hopeful predictions), suddenly everything is free to flow and no longer time-driven” . . . he is finding it hard to schedule anything these days.
Regarding the IUV Exchange Project XIII . . . it will be done in stages and at this point, Caleb needs to not share anything more about it (as all that has already been shared, is all we need to know for now).
Julien is seeing that within about 4-6 weeks, there is a high probability of a ramp up in UFO sightings where nearly everyone will have seen one around the planet, penetrating mainstream media.
Following onto Thomas Hughes seeing more Sasquatch coming out into the open lately . . . there was one recently that came out and actually sat on park bench . . . and it said “hi” out loud to someone passing by! . . . and they have been helping those ready to transition over, which will be peaking (along with everything else) by around June . . . More and more are transitioning now . . . some police are saying there are record numbers of suicides going through the roof now . . . if interested in tracking – 2013 Realtime US Death Mortality Stats here –
May is the big finale energetically, and June is the big finale within the physical realm . . . why controllers use the false flags creating energetic space for event to happen . . . but if we do not buy into it, it will not happen . . . (is why Hollywood gets royalties to put out negative movies around ETs, etc) . . .
And note . . .“the landscape is projected by Gaia . . . and the rest is projected by us . . . starting with the energy of our intent to manifest something . . . a potential some-thing”
Julien will be talking about manifesting on his shows . . . and it might take some practice to learn how cease using any more of our “normal” fear-based (duality/survival) thoughts that often manifest negative things . . . when the materialist left-mindset side of the brain ceases to be dominant . . . we will be free to experience far more easily, only the moment and experience at once . . . and there is no going back, once that starts happening.
“People are in fear of the zombie apocalypse not knowing the world has been in this state for years. The fluoride & vaccines have numbed the *BRAINS* hence this is why they portray the zombies after the brains!” – from Peterek in chat room
There were some more fun callers like Judy and her wonderful ideas . . . as well as Ka’uhani (essentially means the spirit) from Oahu who shared how he instantly connected in with what the One People was about, about his traditional teachings around manifesting and so how he loved hearing more about this on the show! . . . (note, not too long ago this subject was never shared openly, as it was once part of The Huna, or Hidden Knowledge only known by and practiced by a Kahu) .
. . Also, a caller sharing about a foreclosure being made by banks on her mortgage already paid for, because they are so desperate now.
The Absolute-Data-Exchange is a site where you can source documentation, contact addresses, and guidance, to help you make a clear statement to the Powers-that-Were, telling them that their day is over.’ You do have to create an account to view database… Click here ( to go play in the The Absolute-Data-Exchange.
Walking around in a tilted daze? Feeling partially exposed? Then you’ve come to the right place . . .

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