Wednesday 22 May 2013

TCI Show Summary...... lots of giggling!!

THE COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION show – May 21st (US) / 22nd (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes & Comments

At first, I was going to recommend listening to this show for anyone who . . .

1.       Would like to connect in with some of the core One People ground crew in Morocco, to collectively surf the immense current energies . . . as one big global giggle-fest . . . in over-the-top JOY!
2.       Would like to tune into show’s special guest, Andrew Bartzis, “Galactic Historian”, who sparked some controversial discussions among the hosts around several topics and perceptions of.

But as the show kept spiraling along, I began to realize lots of other things were going on!

First of all, it did not take long for me to feel closely inter connected energetically with everyone in Morocco, almost as if I was there and feeling all they are feeling, which is immense! . . . as Lisa simply put it . . . being around so many other highly conscious people that feel like instant (old) family and within these energies, everything becomes a trigger for remembering and it’s happening so constantly . . . uncontrollable laughter is how so much is being healed, released and transmuted . . . within . . . so is without, on all levels . . . so observe what is happening for each of us in our own spheres . . . as we collectively are clearing so much now.

My sense was that for everyone there, and especially for Lisa, this show is a major cathartic milestone . . . after so many years of learning and hosting so many way-shower interviews . . . while living in a reality where the endless mastering the matrix of limitations and harvesting is now nearly finally over . . . it’s a highly emotionally charged time! . . . and was noticing how their insatiable laughter was shattering denser old energy systems that no longer work . . . and I felt part of the witnessing of something . . . something yet to come.

To sum it up, this was an intensely personal show, yet fully transparent and open for One and All to be a part of. And I know that when you listen to the recording, you will immediately connect into this spirals of time/space show as if it were live.

Many blessings of more wild cathartic laughter,
Building like a new global wave of sound,
We are riding a massive collective tsunami
Of both Co-destruction & Co-creation simultaneously
As Tutu (Grandmother) Pele cheers us all on!

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