Saturday 31 March 2012

Arrests are Imminent

It is vital that this information is shared extensively.

Please turn off the TV, close your Facebook, put down the xbox controller.

It is VITAL for people to take 3 hours out of their day and WATCH THIS VIDEO.  This is a ground breaking interview by David Wilcock with a whistleblower who has been sent forward by the Pentagon to let people know and make people understand what is, and is about to, happen.

I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon “good guys” to come forward and explain what is going to be done. I was blown away by the information he was giving. If you didn’t already believe this was really going to happen, this may very well change your mind. I ran Drake through an extensive validation process with one of my top insiders and he passed with flying colors. He is the real deal.
We have an urgent-status rush transcription order for our Divine Cosmos Transcription Team on this, and will get it posted ASAP.”

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