Friday 30 March 2012

Our progress is being watched!

Another brilliant channelled message arrived today.  I very much like this one: short and to the point.  Our Galactic friends are here. They come in peace. They are here to help us in this tremendous time of change.

Many many channelled messages have been telling us to watch the skies as they will be letting us see their ships more and more, in bigger and better displays.  This is being done to help people realize that they are here, to soften the shock when full disclosure happens and the world wakes up to realized that we definitely are NOT alone in the universe!


  1. I showed this video to a few people who suspect that it was taken from inside the young persons home, through double pane glass and the red reflections on the homes across from his home were reflections of the red light on his camera.
    They do wonder about the lights in the sky being a reflection also, of LED lights.
    It's very intriguing though and I hope it's real.
    Respectfully submitted,
    one who believed it the first time!

  2. hahahahahah!!! except you can hear that she's outside ;>) I'm sorry- but I giggle so much when I hear people grasp at any straw they can think of so that they won't have to admit that it really is what they think it is :>)


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