Sunday 3 July 2016

"4 more Years": Canadian Sycophants or is this NOTICE?

"4 more years"  "4 more years"   "4 more years".....

Canadian Parliament burst into chants of "Four More Years" after US President Obama's speech June 29th......


 I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't take notice of this extreme piece of NOTICE needs to wake up.  Canadian Members of Parliament are perfectly well aware that American limitations on the oval office are two terms.  Not Three.  They are perfectly well aware that it's ILLEGAL for any president to seek a third term in office.......

..... so for Canadian Parliament to start chanting "Four More Years", it's NOT something that should be ignore or tossed aside as meaningless political drivel or sycophantic ass kissing.

Is this "Notice"?

Considering all the rumors, "conspiracies" and prophecies that have spoken about Obama being the last president, and him taking a third term in office, perhaps it's something to keep in mind.

Just sayin'


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