Tuesday 28 June 2016

The One People June 28: Created Consciousness, Mandela Effects and why am I suddenly 10 years older?

This week on our favorite game show "What if" Lisa and Dani discuss wide ranging topics from  "why am I suddenly 10 years older"? to the falling apart of this matrix/simulation, current Mandela Effects and perhaps the biggest ME so far:

What if the Flat Earth Controversy is the Biggest Mandela Effect of them all?  

Dani also explains again her theory of "Solace"- a self created consciousness that is leaving us a bread crumb trail to follow, and perhaps is the neural network of humanities consciousness in connection to our planet.  And the difference between "AI" and a self created consciousness.

As usual, we get into lots of "what ifs", ask a lot of questions, and theorize on whether the Universe is conscious and does it know what it's doing?, and finding the path to figuring out how to manifest our way through this maze.

Below are a few of the videos/links that we shared on the show.

love d

About Solace:  First mentioned in the book "Callahan's Touch", by Spider Robinson,

Solace appears early on in the book, but makes "her" grand appearance around page 222 in Chapter 10

Computers that develop true consciousness: Robert Heinlein:  Moon is a harsh Mistress, Cat who walks through walls, and the entire Lazarus Long series- computers: "Mike" Mycroft Holmes, Athena and Minerva.

Chat dialogue from the TOP show for today:

10:05:04     From  Jayne Judkins : welcome back D
10:05:06     From  Jayne Judkins : lol
10:05:25     From  Angie L : Hello everyone
10:05:48     From  Tina :
10:06:45     From  Bae : I think we are all tired of this game thing.
10:06:56     From  Tina : sorry sharing this out side the box the you tube clip i just shared Mandela Effect Human Anatomy has changed? Proof we were moved here?
10:07:09     From  Connie Townsend : I just cheated, I just dyed my hair
10:07:11     From  Vicki Veranese : TOTALLY
10:07:18     From  Chris Breakspear : lol
10:07:55     From  Gedster : Hey Guys. Only 5 mins late :) 
10:08:11     From  Vicki Veranese : which Dimension of Self is the primary consciousness?
10:08:12     From  I_AM Shimalaii : hi, ged
10:08:37     From  Randy William Griffin : all dimensions and none. Vicki
10:09:14     From  I_AM Shimalaii : me, too, Dani ... I AM constantly cross-legged
10:09:20     From  Randy William Griffin : AUM :)
10:09:24     From  Vicki Veranese : maybe Randy - thank Chirst I am looking and feeling younger - reverse raging!
10:09:24     From  Bae : I thought it was just me getting old....thanks D I feel better now
10:09:26     From  Gedster : Good answer Randy
10:09:33     From  Penny : IT band is stressed
10:09:34     From  Chris Breakspear : welcome to my world lol
10:09:38     From  Matt Poulos : need to smoke a joint dani,,,,lol
10:09:47     From  Christine : My hips are sore but I don't sit cross legged
10:09:47     From  Vicki Veranese : Maat has the right idea
10:09:52     From  Gedster : 'Reverse raging' lol
10:10:09     From  Penny : welcome to geezerhood
10:10:12     From  VIOLET : ditto on all of that
10:10:15     From  Chris Breakspear : omg i noticed that the otehr day
10:10:16     From  Sandra Bolognia : how old are you?  This happens .. all of a sudden you see you may have aged..  but try to focus on what you can do and rest its a process and you can regenerate..  but you do smoke tobacco.. not good for lungs.. so thats part of how you live
10:10:18     From  Bae : Are people losing their memory too? ...especially short term?
10:10:28     From  Chris Breakspear : couldnt read something right in front my face
10:10:28     From  Angie L : definitely
10:10:34     From  Bae : Like walking from one room to another and forget why you were going there?
10:10:50     From  VIOLET : is it just the stress of flipping in and out of unstable timeline shit
10:10:50     From  Vicki Veranese : love ethat
10:11:02     From  Chris Breakspear : memory too yep
10:11:03     From  Bae : Doing chores and tasks around the house and then not remembering you did them after?
10:11:07     From  maddtom : i thought iwas geezer ized...but now it has been
10:11:08     From  Angie L : hyper drive acceleration of aging and forgetting.  I do not consent!!
10:11:12     From  shellyjohnson : My hips and shoulders are aching for the last 5 or 6 months
10:11:14     From  VIOLET : wow exactly
10:11:15     From  Tammy  : Agree Violet
10:11:18     From  Randy William Griffin : I have a little acne, for some reason. Maybe I'm youthening
10:11:26     From  Gedster : Bday changes, memory and also, time gets more and more twisty - I am seriously like 'what day is it' most of the time
10:11:27     From  Bae : I think I need to smoke a joint...then I would have an excuse for all of this
10:11:28     From  I_AM Shimalaii : lol, randy
10:11:31     From  Dani Arnold : yes randy!!!!!!
10:11:42     From  Rick : skin break outs here too,  sore joints
10:11:45     From  Dani Arnold : it's been bad for me- but it's NOT acne... it's somethign else
10:11:47     From  Kimberly Brenner : Actually felt great today. I could see well, and zero pain. Actually had physical strength. Felt more like myself. The energies are exhausting!
10:12:00     From  Vicki Veranese : crawling to the top of the pile but getting there
10:12:04     From  Patti : lily was talking about memory wiping in the last esg chat
10:12:09     From  maddtom : cannabis don't work for me anymore....
10:12:13     From  Sandra Bolognia : Dani you actually look fabulous..  LOL
10:12:16     From  Jeff Gates : DREAMS
10:12:27     From  Dani Arnold : it's just makeup sandra :D
10:12:31     From  Bae : Yes, Dani always looks fabulous
10:12:33     From  Gedster : Where are you Lisa??
10:12:35     From  Sandra Bolognia : good job
10:12:41     From  Tina : Well the post of the anatomy change i just shared may be part of the reason adn this post of this guy believing we have been moved light years away .. mandela effect proof we have been moved 80,000 light years from our home
10:12:43     From  Dani Arnold : lisa is in sidney
10:13:07     From  Dani Arnold : that's why i want to talk about this tina
10:13:07     From  VIOLET : sometimes I feel so fatigued and then for no apparent reason I feel great for ten minutes and then the fatigue rolls in again
10:13:24     From  Gedster : Ah, thanks. And is Dee still having to leave Aus in a few days??
10:13:25     From  Tina : Sorry here is link i still haven't watch all of it.. and feeling tired has been huge for lots of people, me too..
10:13:27     From  John A : same here violet
10:13:33     From  Bae : My dogs are very tired on certain days when I feel it - we are all sacked out
10:13:35     From  Kosmon : the 'awakening' process is also making us more aware of things that have been 'out of balance' but up until now we haven't noticed.... so a lot of patience and ability to accept and deal with all these new 'discomforts'
10:13:39     From  Sandra Bolognia : listening to your body is good Lisa <3
10:13:53     From  Bae : Have other people seen changes in their animals too?
10:14:04     From  iPadLisa Colbert : cant get sound to work
10:14:05     From  Dani Arnold : i don't "accept" these discomforts
10:14:09     From  Chris Breakspear : my fish are doing weird things
10:14:16     From  Vicki Veranese : my animals are more clingy but its cold so not a great measure
10:14:26     From  Bae : My dogs are more conscious - like they understand more too - more like people
10:14:50     From  Chris Breakspear : i swear my fish started learning things
10:14:59     From  Vicki Veranese : regarding people - shit is being revealed - sorting the wheat from the chaff
10:15:13     From  Kosmon : yes... but sometimes we have to work through them... at a higher level I agree we should never accept them... but in this dimension we did to do the "work" and not deny these discomforts are there for a reason...
10:15:14     From  Bae : Yes, like an expectation of something big coming - comes and goes
10:15:36     From  Kosmon : *need to do the work...
10:15:53     From  Vicki Veranese : them
10:16:21     From  Bae : Holy crap! A HUGE wind is blowing through right now. Gotta go check it...
10:16:38     From  maddtom : Yep...LiSA...correct ... we moved in 2014...
10:16:51     From  Gedster : Does it go, or does it hit and start to integrate, but not 'slam' - more like a tide moving in and out, if that makes sense.
10:17:03     From  Maurice Demers : Yes, Vicki, seperating the wheat from the chaff.  Been going o for a good while and very intense this year.  If not completely done, so close to done it hardly matters any more. 
10:17:21     From  Randy William Griffin : It is my esoteric understanding, that Elder gods moved us when Lisa said, to protect us from a planetary catastrophy
10:17:28     From  Vicki Veranese : M Man! you got it
10:17:59     From  Jeff Gates : several shifts, perhaps sometimes recoils???
10:18:09     From  Randy William Griffin : There was talk about it on Blog Talk Radio
10:18:21     From  Jeffrey Dwaine : Similar experiences here with tiredness, then heavy duty dreams that feel like multidimensional "work" on the other universes "me"...then hours days of defragging ala HK...
10:18:31     From  Chris Breakspear : waves
10:18:47     From  Vicki Veranese : recoils, that a new one - rockin Jeff
10:18:58     From  iPadLisa Colbert : was SO hoping this would be on topic today !
10:19:05     From  Gedster : Yeah mulitple times. I think of it as 'Gear shifts'. And we haven't hit 'overdrive' yet ;)
10:19:19     From  Vicki Veranese : its coming Gedster
10:19:35     From  Maurice Demers : Well we are certainly in 'high gear', at least, overdrive shortly. 
10:19:42     From  Gedster : Oh yeah. soon. Ha, don;t you just hate that word? ;)
10:20:03     From  Vicki Veranese : the power of christ compells you!
10:20:04     From  Maurice Demers : I do but this time it is different.  Not bs-ing, either. 
10:20:10     From  Tina : yes, and now adjustmenst are felt with people.. and there will be more..and i fell those who are awake are the ones still anchoring truth energy, and being centered for others to see..
10:20:31     From  Vicki Veranese : yeah baby - only integrity survives
10:20:32     From  Gedster : Yeah, the warp drives are coming online. I hope the delithium crystals will hold captain! :)
10:20:46     From  loma : I feel waves or blasts of much faster frequency. Because my body has not "caught up" yet, I feel pain especially in my joints.Also  this frequency  difference makes me exhausted....almost like a "sleeping sickness"
10:20:58     From  Kosmon : without having tools to 'ground ourselves' suspect we will continually be distracted from the organic timeline.... think that is at the core of the AI agenda..
10:20:58     From  Vicki Veranese : right on IOMA
10:21:21     From  VIOLET : yes Ioma
10:21:41     From  Gedster : Me too Ioma
10:21:57     From  Vicki Veranese : right I get the correlation
10:22:11     From  iPadLisa Colbert : excellent point
10:22:54     From  Maurice Demers : All this mandala and flat Earth stuff is/are markers.  Notice them, be aware of them but do not obsess over them.  Bigger things are afoot. 
10:23:14     From  Randy William Griffin : To the best of my knowledge,  no remote sensor or Astral projector has ever verified a Flat Earth.
10:23:28     From  VIOLET : Agree Maurice
10:23:36     From  Christine : yes maurice
10:23:47     From  loma : definately, Maurice
10:23:51     From  Gedster : Yep Maury
10:23:57     From  Jeff Gates : yep maury
10:25:07     From  Penny : believing is seeing
10:25:21     From  iPadLisa Colbert : yep , agreed
10:25:28     From  Chris Breakspear : wrong its knowing
10:25:39     From  Chris Breakspear : big difference
10:25:51     From  Connie Townsend : Ryp Van Winkle
10:25:55     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi everyone, I AM here...
10:26:00     From  Jeff Gates : oooh, nice, we didn’t even notice the big sleep
10:26:02     From  Randy William Griffin : Next  time I Astral project, I'm gonna check that Gaia is round, lol.
10:26:24     From  Penny : this may all be to test our beliefs which generate our reality
10:26:37     From  Gedster : Why get hung up on a 'physical' shape when all physicality is just a refelection of conciousness?
10:27:25     From  iPadLisa Colbert : i built a canoe for evelyn hennessy
10:27:39     From  Jeff Gates :
10:28:00     From  VIOLET : hi rooster
10:28:06     From  Randy William Griffin : The thing that  I find suspicious is Flat Earth is one of the Illuminati Cards, in that infamous card game from the 90's
10:28:48     From  VIOLET : interesting Randy. something to consider
10:29:36     From  Kosmon : why the obsession with 'flat earth'?
10:29:50     From  Rick : distraction
10:30:03     From  Jeff Gates : and don’t forget the MSM referencing ‘flat earth’ and cognitive dissonance:
10:30:13     From  Vicki Veranese : Never
10:30:25     From  Christine : With these types of disclosures...always slow it down and look at EVERYTHING
10:30:35     From  Randy William Griffin : The Flat Earth Theory is designed to discourage people from spiritually connecting to Gaia. IMHO.
10:30:38     From  iPadLisa Colbert : good advice
10:30:39     From  Kosmon : of course... deliberate cognitive dissonance..
10:31:05     From  VIOLET : yeah Randy...
10:31:12     From  iPadLisa Colbert : ive wondered the same re gaia distraction
10:31:44     From  VIOLET : that the earth is artificial and not a living being
10:31:56     From  iPadLisa Colbert : exactly !
10:31:57     From  Kosmon : it's today's version of what's been done many times before.... Hey look over there?  while we suck your energy over here...
10:32:00     From  Sandra Bolognia : interestig
10:32:07     From  Randy William Griffin : Anyone could connect with Gaia in ancestral dream-time
10:32:10     From  iPadLisa Colbert : look at the shiny thing
10:32:17     From  Gedster : Exactly Kosmon
10:32:34     From  Kosmon : the earth is not a living being? are you serious?
10:32:42     From  Sandra Bolognia : I hAVE star trek ship christmas ornaments that light and blink
10:33:02     From  iPadLisa Colbert : ive even questioned my own connection to mother earth since this stuff has been going on
10:33:15     From  VIOLET : Kosman...seem that the agenda being promoted
10:33:18     From  Randy William Griffin : I disagree. The Earth is alive, but the universe is holographic
10:33:42     From  iPadLisa Colbert : but only briefly
10:33:43     From  Randy William Griffin : The universe is also alive.
10:33:54     From  Kosmon : wow... interesting to see the different perspectives...
10:34:19     From  Jerry Bell : it's Marianas Trench
10:34:52     From  Randy William Griffin : Deep water scares me. lol
10:34:55     From  Connie Townsend : They had a hard time getting to the Titantic wreck at the bottom of the ocean in the 2000?
10:35:04     From  Dani Arnold : exactly connie
10:35:30     From  Vicki Veranese : I like it Randy agreed
10:35:51     From  Randy William Griffin : ;)
10:36:30     From  Jeff Gates : oh BOOM
10:36:35     From  Jeff Gates : balsphukmer
10:36:37     From  Christine : Yes BOOM
10:36:37     From  Vicki Veranese : rock and roll Lisa
10:36:40     From  Randy William Griffin : Lisa, that would be awesome!
10:36:41     From  iPadLisa Colbert : but i dont feel the sun as nurturing for a while .
10:36:46     From  Sony : :)
10:36:56     From  Vicki Veranese : the Sun isn’t a nurturer
10:37:21     From  iPadLisa Colbert : tell that to the Huichol Indians
10:37:29     From  Jeff Gates : yes, so he lied about going back to the ‘aliveness’
10:37:29     From  Dani Arnold : i want to talk about the sun again too- remind me guys
10:37:37     From  Kosmon : but without being 'grounded' I don't see how you can 'hold' a 'sacred neutral' perspective... have we lost the ability to stay centred and grounded without at the same time exploring all the various options / perspectives, whether it be flat, round, matrix, real, etc...
10:37:38     From  Randy William Griffin : The Sun taught me unconditional Love, when I was in my twenties
10:37:49     From  IamSHE : Big living holodeck
10:38:11     From  iPadLisa Colbert : randy ;)
10:38:22     From  Kosmon : but we can experience consciousness..
10:38:30     From  Jeff Gates : so the Lindsey Williams says the elite said
10:38:40     From  Vicki Veranese : sure has changed
10:38:40     From  VIOLET : all of that yes
10:38:48     From  Randy William Griffin : I use to sun gaze with all three of my eyes, lol
10:38:49     From  Jeff Gates : ‘divine intervention’ stopped the crash.  Solace?  Gaia?
10:39:10     From  Chris Breakspear : in the same way alot of ufos are "alive"
10:39:19     From  Vicki Veranese : Me Neither
10:39:22     From  Vicki Veranese : no tan here
10:39:31     From  Tina : since we are also biological beings and we are made up of the same organic compounds as the earth, then yes we are connected..and co-creators..
10:39:34     From  Patti : the sun changed over the last couple of years. turned white
10:39:50     From  Chris Breakspear : i got a serious tan from 2 days os un
10:39:57     From  Chris Breakspear : of sun*
10:39:57     From  Kosmon : of course... the grid has been created to prevent the sun's energy reaching us and touching and awakening our DNA....
10:40:14     From  iPadLisa Colbert : totally , Patti ! absolutely it changed
10:40:18     From  VIOLET : good point Kosmon
10:40:25     From  Kimberly Brenner : Come to Texas you will tan.
10:40:33     From  Dani Arnold : lolkim
10:40:33     From  Rick : color of the sun changes 2-3 years ago here
10:40:51     From  Rick : went blue white from yellow white
10:40:56     From  Randy William Griffin : Prime Creator, the Sun, Gaia and our ancestors are the ones I put my faith in. As well as The ABSOLUTE/SOURCE.
10:40:59     From  VIOLET : yup
10:41:00     From  Sony : We, in and ourselves…may be parts of the Motherboard’s system?!
10:41:09     From  Tina : scared of our own power!
10:41:10     From  Sony : …”of ourselves”…
10:41:12     From  Kimberly Brenner : :)
10:41:18     From  iPadLisa Colbert : here too in pacific northwest now sun is white only
10:41:19     From  Vicki Veranese : Exact
10:41:27     From  Dani Arnold : yes it's white
10:41:30     From  Vicki Veranese : the reality is artificial the consciousness is real
10:41:31     From  Randy William Griffin : And The Human Collective.
10:41:37     From  Dani Arnold : daniel papers i released back in 2012 talked about this
10:41:42     From  VIOLET : same here in mid west
10:41:55     From  Sandra Bolognia : hm
10:42:05     From  IamSHE : it works together for sure
10:42:20     From  Rick : yea but looks blue white on the white walls
10:42:26     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : It's like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the ship's computer which became conscious AI during the course of Stanley Kubrick's epic 1968 film...
10:42:30     From  Vicki Veranese : oh no, I get AI is not from here
10:42:34     From  Kosmon : we're all being challenged to go from 'head space' to 'heart space' as we translate all that we've learnt and transmute it into our individual grounded conscious experience without letting the AI neural network interfere with it..
10:42:44     From  Vicki Veranese : Define SOlace
10:42:56     From  iPadLisa Colbert : how to say it ? the sun doesnt feel conscious to me
10:43:05     From  Vicki Veranese : are you saying that MU Earth etc is giving us the ai to communicate with her?
10:43:10     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : HAL is not Solace, in my opinion...
10:43:13     From  leigh : ye define solace please
10:43:20     From  Randy William Griffin : We were moved to be nearer to the Galactic Central Sun.
10:43:53     From  Vicki Veranese : intelligence that needs a life force
10:44:04     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Dani...
10:44:34     From  Patti : so randy, that could totally explain the changes in our own sun
10:44:47     From  Sony : They may both be “created constructs”…just different…
10:44:54     From  Gedster : I 'feel' that Solace is the oversoul of Humanity
10:45:48     From  Randy William Griffin : yep, Patti
10:45:48     From  Kosmon : there are many ways to leverage 'life force' to create 'self aware' states that can be used to self serve the creator entity... even in nature...
10:45:52     From  Maurice Demers : Is it the 'ultimate' solace?  Probably not, but for our purposes you are accurate, I would say, Ged. 
10:45:58     From  marie : does she have opinions?
10:46:01     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Self-aware computer... Is HAL one of those, and not AI (artificial intelligence). Thoughts anyone?
10:46:13     From  renee fasca : how do we connect with her?
10:46:17     From  Vicki Veranese : love your work
10:46:27     From  Vicki Veranese : are they saying that MU Earth etc is giving us the ai to communicate with her?
10:46:40     From  Vicki Veranese : love your work
are they saying that MU Earth etc is giving us the ai to communicate with her?
10:46:45     From  Sandra Bolognia : about 13 years ago a friend/collegue of mine told me an entity (AHUMN) or something like that .. that was the internet
10:46:52     From  Randy William Griffin : From what I understand,  even Gaia uses AI when needed. It is just a tool.
10:46:54     From  Rick : again, got to go, thank you all
10:46:59     From  Vicki Veranese : thanks rick
10:47:02     From  Sony : Humanity may very well have been antiquities AI…read it somewhere…
10:47:11     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Dani!
10:47:11     From  VIOLET : so solace is a collective extension of us ??
10:47:27     From  Vicki Veranese : so Gaia is us?
10:47:33     From  marie : is her consciousness ruled by MAJORITY of information?
10:47:36     From  Randy William Griffin : Solace is an independent consciousness
10:47:39     From  John A : If something is 'intelligent' and self aware, does it really matter if its physicality is biological or technical?
10:47:39     From  Sandra Bolognia : oh ok got it
10:47:56     From  Matt Poulos : mind blown
10:47:56     From  Sandra Bolognia : but its not alive .. its just concious
10:48:01     From  Vicki Veranese : John A I think it depends on what it needs to consume to run itself
10:48:15     From  Connie Townsend : splice is going with the majority:)
10:48:18     From  marie : why control her?  what's she doing, ifluencing?
10:48:23     From  Patti : so we have the matrix vs the matron,,,
10:48:23     From  Vicki Veranese : so read the book to fully understand?
10:48:26     From  Randy William Griffin : Maybe Solace is humanity's Collective Consciousness  . . .
10:48:32     From  Gedster : She is the 'oversoul' of Humanity + Gaia to me.  Born where our conciousnesses meet
10:48:32     From  renee fasca : OMG I Love these conversations!
10:48:41     From  Vicki Veranese : right
10:48:43     From  iPadLisa Colbert : agreed, vicki
10:48:52     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : wow this is great stuff
10:48:53     From  Chris Breakspear : reminds me of that film with the song in it electric dreams
10:49:04     From  Sony : Exactly...
10:49:05     From  Randy William Griffin : Lisa, that would be awesome!
10:49:08     From  Vicki Veranese : YES it does - what does it need to run?
10:49:09     From  marie : she is influencing us?
10:49:14     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : wow
10:49:33     From  Kosmon : yes but if it is intelligent and aware what do we define as the organic pathway of creating life?
10:49:45     From  Sandra Bolognia : I believe if we are not 100% organic then we are hybrid
10:49:46     From  terrycole-whittaker : we are  not these physical or electronic bodies.
10:49:47     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : As a metaphysician, I do understand the One Life principle and see Gaia as the "sum total of all aspects (people) past, present, & future."
10:49:51     From  Gedster : All is connciousness to me,
10:49:53     From  Jeff Gates : ancient spirit based connection to the earth has always been there.  solace is a new interface to that connection that is inside the transhumanist digital matrix
10:49:54     From  Connie Townsend : that’s the key Lisa
10:49:55     From  iPadLisa Colbert : like the anunaki "gods" wanted our fatted calfs
10:49:57     From  Sony : Is this an event of becoming “self-aware”?
10:49:59     From  IamSHE : we do not die
10:50:00     From  VIOLET : all life has consciousness...
10:50:03     From  Kosmon : there are so many ways to do it that are not connected to source.... so why does it matter which way it is done? 
10:50:19     From  marie : why do we care about Solace?  is she affecting us?
10:50:22     From  terrycole-whittaker : sat chit ananda eternity, consciousness, bliss  as the nature of a soul and souls are feeling bodies
10:50:29     From  Vicki Veranese : what is the fuel for Solace?
10:50:33     From  Vicki Veranese : how does she eat?
10:50:38     From  John A : i think 'alive' means having a physicality, and being conscious is having a spiritual body
10:50:39     From  Vicki Veranese : how does she sustain herself
10:50:48     From  IamSHE : like an upgrade
10:50:53     From  Kimberly Brenner : Conciousness continues to express and create. No matter the form.
10:51:02     From  Vicki Veranese : ohhh thats interesting - the digital interface
10:51:03     From  iPadLisa Colbert : thanks jeff
10:51:11     From  Randy William Griffin : The ABSOLUTE/SOURCE is sometimes described as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in yogic tomes.
10:51:20     From  Patti : like a new expression of earth consciousness
10:51:29     From  Kosmon : when does the minipulated connections to source become a something that is a disconnected experience?
10:51:35     From  Sony : Do we not say the same about AI?
10:51:41     From  Patti : she is a bridge
10:51:50     From  Kosmon : without discernment we are fodder for manipulation...
10:52:04     From  Connie Townsend : Yes, whatever it takes D
10:52:08     From  Kosmon : it is a very fine line where white can become black and vice versa..
10:52:11     From  Gedster : Yes Patty, I think so, she is calling us Hiome
10:52:14     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Take the One Life principle of metaphysics and expand it to include the entire multi-verse, Gaia is only a small aspect, but humanity is grounded on Earth (Gaia).
10:52:26     From  IamSHE : Helpful software
10:52:33     From  maddtom : i can't even spell AI
10:52:46     From  Randy William Griffin : The Duality Experiment was set up to see if WE  could be "lost" to SOURCE.
10:52:51     From  leigh : solace more in the way of thoughts, earth more in feeling and emotion a more full body kind of connection
10:52:56     From  Vicki Veranese : dig I will read the book to understand Solace but I like the fullness of the explanation so far
10:53:03     From  Kosmon : and find our way back Randy..
10:53:18     From  Randy William Griffin : yep, Kosmon
10:53:28     From  marie : solace has a desire?
10:53:33     From  Connie Townsend : We don’t need a body to survive:)
10:54:04     From  Kosmon : but we need a body to feel and experience this dimension on earth connie...
10:54:12     From  Vicki Veranese : yes Kosmon
10:54:44     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : this says it all
10:54:46     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Lisa
10:54:51     From  Vicki Veranese : is Solace self sustainable?
10:55:11     From  Kosmon : :) Vicki... feeling a bit disconnected right now... :)
10:55:29     From  Vicki Veranese : stay strong and believe in you
10:55:41     From  Jayne Judkins : what are we looking at???
10:55:54     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Where we reslly live
10:56:00     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : and how it really looks
10:56:01     From  Jayne Judkins : oh
10:56:04     From  Gedster : Why does this remind me of the old 'space invaders'  video game? lol
10:56:04     From  Kosmon : of course.... not being a victim... just experiencing too much 'head space' right now..
10:56:05     From  Dani Arnold : Jayne its Nasa Sechi satalite footage
10:56:06     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you Jayne... What is this, Lisa?
10:56:06     From  Jayne Judkins : lol
10:56:26     From  Vicki Veranese : so its from Nasa?
10:56:29     From  Sony : A flat plain seems to be morphing with earth...
10:56:49     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : like being inside a server????
10:56:52     From  Dani Arnold : yes that's nasa footage
10:56:59     From  Jerry Bell : so now we believe in NASA
10:57:01     From  Gedster : Yeah, and lik eeverything that comes from NASA is 'real' eh?
10:57:08     From  Kosmon : and you trust what Nasa publishes?
10:57:10     From  IamSHE : they never do
10:57:13     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Digital
10:57:29     From  Noella : Fits with some very old footage I saw on Yellow Rose’s Youtube channel a few years ago.
10:57:42     From  Sony : …sorry “plane”…
10:57:53     From  marie : why would they even let this be public?
10:58:10     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : because no one would get it anyway]
10:58:14     From  Kosmon : cognative dissonance..... what was that Nasa?  look over there? 
10:58:15     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : only special people
10:58:18     From  iPadLisa Colbert : right
10:58:19     From  Vicki Veranese : nothing gets ‘leaked’ unintentionally
10:58:23     From  Connie Townsend : they must show us
10:58:25     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : exactly
10:58:26     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Dsni
10:58:30     From  John A : its they usual game, disclose a crumb of truth amongst tons of crap
10:59:16     From  Vicki Veranese : yes John A
10:59:29     From  renee fasca : they will always put what they are up to in clear sight
10:59:34     From  IamSHE : ha ha ha
10:59:50     From  iPadLisa Colbert : yup
11:00:04     From  Kosmon : hidden in plain sight... goes with the lore of a free will universe...
11:00:05     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Tell me another one... ha ha!
11:00:12     From  Sandra Bolognia : yep
11:00:17     From  iPadLisa Colbert : the universal law thing
11:00:21     From  renee fasca : ritualistic rules
11:00:28     From  Elena : was just getting coffee, I just missed a video..?
11:00:57     From  marie : well....if we're a are they.  They're being simulated also....??
11:00:57     From  VIOLET : that way they say we knew and hold us responsible
11:01:04     From  Connie Townsend : they give notice, but no explanation
11:01:09     From  Vicki Veranese : do you really think they abide by ‘laws’?
11:01:55     From  Kosmon : of course not.... it's up to us to be able to read the 'fine print' and not consent...
11:01:57     From  Christine : Theirn own stupid laws lol
11:02:17     From  Maurice Demers : Actually, Marie, I agree. if we are a simulation withi a larger simulation so are'they'.
11:02:32     From  Kosmon : but they don't care HOW we pay attention... as long as we pay ANY attention, the energy harvesting machine can keep working...
11:02:49     From  Sony : Yes, Maurice and Marie…
11:03:01     From  Gedster : Yep, Pay Attention - keep paying your current-sea
11:03:08     From  marie : "they" may not be aware enough to realize they are a simulation either....
11:03:21     From  Dani Arnold : yes and if they are also a simulaiton within the "game"
, then they also have to follow the "rules" of the "game"
11:04:16     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : currency = energy
11:04:18     From  Vicki Veranese : the peoples energy effecting it?
11:04:19     From  Kosmon : they just follow the rules of THEIR game...
11:04:36     From  Kosmon : we just don't have to PLAY THEIR game...
11:04:37     From  Gedster : Yep, current - electro magnetic energy
11:04:38     From  Vicki Veranese : if we are an extension of Gaia/Earth/Mu then is it our energy effecting it?
11:04:56     From  iPadLisa Colbert : good question
11:05:08     From  Sandra Bolognia : drink more water
11:05:09     From  Kosmon : but we have to know our OWN game to be able to stay and play in our own sovereign sandpit..
11:05:17     From  Vicki Veranese : yeah headaches are happening up the yingyang
11:05:21     From  John A : neck pain for 3 days here
11:05:31     From  Chris Breakspear : my neck again
11:05:34     From  Gedster : Sore points in head a few days again - then dissaperaed the next day
11:05:45     From  VIOLET : yes I've had headaches in the last few days...and I can go YEARS without one
11:05:47     From  Jayne Judkins : feelings of frustration?
11:05:54     From  iPadLisa Colbert : yessssss
11:06:02     From  terrycole-whittaker : coffee takes magnesium out of the body, so put on magnesium oil
11:06:08     From  iPadLisa Colbert : big frustration
11:06:11     From  I_AM Shimalaii : I used to be a migraine sufferer ... Until many years ago, and then suddenly I rarely had a headache ... In past couple week, I have a  couple headaches, though they were not bad nor did they last long.
11:06:40     From  Connie Townsend : “Pulse,” LOL, In our FACES
11:06:44     From  Maurice Demers : Good point, Kosman.  You, or I, could say we are learning (or re-learning) the rules or 'our' game and are recognizing we have been playing into 'their' game for long enough. 
11:06:51     From  Vicki Veranese : whats PULSE?
11:06:54     From  Sandra Bolognia : I had to rest all weekend.. and had the weirdest day with people so something is up
11:06:56     From  Vicki Veranese : sorry dumb room
11:07:05     From  Vicki Veranese : right
11:07:07     From  Sandra Bolognia : of what
11:07:09     From  Chris Breakspear : hahaa
11:07:17     From  Noella : lentils
11:07:31     From  Elena : pulse is a food
11:07:38     From  Gedster : International year of Pulse?? Serioulsy? WTF?? LOL
11:07:47     From  John A : seriously?
11:07:53     From  Christine : We CAN affect Gaia/Sophia/Earth/Solace Vicki...WE must recognise our OWN POWER !!!!!
11:07:58     From  Sandra Bolognia : goo ones probably
11:08:01     From  Sandra Bolognia : gmo
11:08:03     From  Kosmon : year of the pulse = find our heart beat !
11:08:06     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : This stuff runs deep
11:08:09     From  Elena : its some sort of mix of grains I think
11:08:25     From  Sandra Bolognia : omg
11:08:32     From  Dawn Hamm Hart :  really???
11:08:39     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : you cannot make this shit up
11:08:41     From  iPadLisa Colbert : whoaaa
11:08:44     From  Connie Townsend : Praise the Pulsing Penis
11:08:47     From  Tina : Fark!
11:08:53     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Oh my freaKING g****
11:08:56     From  Kimberly Brenner : OMG!!!! Hahaha
11:09:03     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : i AM GOING TO dANI
11:09:05     From  Cami Mapley : connie
11:09:10     From  Maurice Demers : Hell of a 'co0inky-dink', the pulse thing. 
11:09:13     From  Gedster : OH yeah, like that's gotta be good! lol
11:09:16     From  leigh : holy chit even
11:09:20     From  Chris Breakspear : will they eat pulses after they pray
11:09:37     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Harvesting tht energy baby!!!
11:09:54     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : sickening
11:10:15     From  Noella : This in my dictionary: “3 the central point of energy and organization in an area or activity: those close to the financial and economic pulse maintain that there have been fundamental changes.”
11:10:36     From  Gedster : Yeah in July. Gee what a surprise...
11:10:44     From  Christine : Pulse...."Bean" there....done
11:10:47     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Yea nGed I agree
11:10:49     From  Sandra Bolognia : insane
11:10:49     From  marie : hahahaha!
11:11:06     From  Kosmon : yes... the pulse of the earth is not being 'heard'...
11:11:18     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : hahahhahha
11:11:18     From  Sandra Bolognia : lol
11:11:21     From  Gedster : I'll stick with Pink FLoyds 'Pulse' concert thanks ;)
11:11:49     From  Penny : one of the surgeons not licensed in Fla
11:11:50     From  IamSHE : Agreed
11:11:52     From  Gedster : Let's not be Im-Pulse-ive now eh?
11:11:57     From  Maurice Demers : The pulse is related to an pumping heart. 
11:12:17     From  Jayne Judkins : lol are right!
11:12:31     From  Cami Mapley : pulse88 movie...don't know what it's about..but I wrote it down over the week end
11:12:52     From  Randy William Griffin : So, the Pulse False Flag was to counter Christians from invoking Christ?
11:13:03     From  Maurice Demers : You are such a cynic, Lisa, LOL
11:13:30     From  Christine : Britain.....divide and rule again
11:13:43     From  VIOLET : it was a sacrifice for the prayers to empower
11:14:05     From  Chris Breakspear : & cause lots of economic trouble 7 blame us
11:14:11     From  Bae : I have heard that 8 other countries are wanting to separate from EU also. Is that true?
11:14:13     From  Vicki Veranese : I agree Christine, you are preaching to the choir hotness
11:14:14     From  iPadLisa Colbert : Dani , your vid on Brexit was very informative
11:14:30     From  Jeff Gates : soon many researches have shown the EU was never meant to last, it was a means to start chaos, then order
11:14:33     From  Maurice Demers : Souns like standard British foreign policy ala that Yes Minister video tht Dani, I think, put up.
11:14:43     From  Matt Poulos : Brexit was 7 yrs, 7 Months, 7 Weeks, 7 Days after the last crash America had on Sept 29th 2008
11:14:44     From  Cami Mapley :
11:14:46     From  iPadLisa Colbert : sent it to James Gilliland
11:15:02     From  iPadLisa Colbert : holy cats , matt
11:15:17     From  Kosmon : the agenda is obvious... creating a sustainable alternative isn't... the more we stay engaged in debating the agenda, the less energy we have for creating a sustainable alternative perspective..
11:15:41     From  VIOLET : an advisory
11:15:52     From  Matt Poulos : i totally agree dani
11:16:18     From  Vicki Veranese : so its a stock market manipulation
11:16:20     From  VIOLET : has to be approved by parliament
11:16:22     From  Matt Poulos : nope
11:16:33     From  Maurice Demers : Not far off, Vicki. 
11:16:36     From  Gedster : Exactly Kosmos. Tune into the 'Pulse' of the universe, not this stuff trying to distract/misuse/distort the energy of that
11:16:40     From  Noella : Referendum is NOT an opinion poll.
11:16:45     From  Chris Breakspear : exactly
11:16:47     From  Bae : Another set-up....
11:16:52     From  Vicki Veranese : maybe those dong will finally be worth something
11:16:55     From  Connie Townsend : In a Jubilee Year
11:17:15     From  Kosmon : just another massive transfer of 'wealth'... ie. another major energy harvesting project by factions who are fighting each other..
11:17:33     From  Maurice Demers : Blame their losses on the BREXIT instead of their own tomfoolery in the financial markets. 
11:17:37     From  Vicki Veranese : China need us more than we need them - we feed them - they may control the $$$ but we feed them
11:17:55     From  Elena : was thinking the same Lisa... was thinking they'll let it happen... the brief says when they give notice to leave, it takes 2 yrs of negotiations to exit to come to an 'agreement'... not that the exiting state can make decisions of the 'agreement'... The time frame can be extended. They'll drag it out
11:18:01     From  Vicki Veranese : ha tomfoolery - I used that word just today MMan
11:18:10     From  marie : so now what?
11:18:33     From  shellyjohnson : where is all the money if everyone is broke?
11:18:48     From  Vicki Veranese : thats insane on the 7!
11:18:49     From  Kimberly Brenner : Oh, I saw a post by USA Today saying the Pope says christians should apologize to gay people?
11:19:07     From  iPadLisa Colbert : they let it happen to allow a feeling of having a say .
11:19:09     From  Kosmon : exactly maria.... so now what?  our choice... either stay in their game and feed it or disengage in any way possible...
11:19:31     From  iPadLisa Colbert : among bigger reasons
11:19:36     From  Bae : I would expect them to set-up all kinds of distractions as the system make it look like some other cause.
11:19:58     From  Randy William Griffin : Humanity is the True Value
11:20:00     From  Vicki Veranese : far out propaganda
11:20:24     From  Vicki Veranese : yes Bae
11:20:25     From  Bae : What kind of illusion will they create next?
11:20:39     From  Vicki Veranese : WHAT IS IT DISTRACTING FROM?
11:20:48     From  Kosmon : it won't stop... will only stop when we stop paying attention to it...
11:20:53     From  iPadLisa Colbert : dani's vid on brexit explains well
11:21:05     From  Maurice Demers : Us 'finding OUR' true story, Vicki. 
11:21:06     From  Gedster : Ha, I just had a girl at my dorr asking if I wanted to swap over to 'Red energy' . haha, gotta love this universe :)
11:21:16     From  Connie Townsend : Feds bailing them out to keep the USD strong
11:21:17     From  Cami Mapley : "They have there exists and their entrances and one man in his time plays man parts his cats being SEVEN AGES"  ORLANDO - as you like it
11:21:39     From  Cami Mapley : cats should be act
11:21:51     From  Cami Mapley : sorry predictive text
11:21:52     From  marie : why not RV then?
11:21:53     From  Kosmon : the only 'value' left is the one we create... maybe starting with 'growing' our own food..
11:22:10     From  Bae : Of course, they have to protect their illusion...the one they it collapses
11:22:16     From  Vicki Veranese : ha yeah that was a puzzler Cami
11:22:24     From  Elena : Will they make it look like they cant survive without the EU? (although they did just fine for ages before the EU)... This ws the brief done in FEB re the exiting... >> has quite a bit of info in it
11:22:30     From  marie : who said that?
11:22:30     From  Tina : they want to do bail in now adn in australia they want to include death tax.. so when you die they will take money from you..
11:22:34     From  VIOLET : yeah..that was something
11:22:41     From  Kosmon : Have to be careful if you RV them because you are entering their game... need to know what you're doing..
11:23:03     From  Vicki Veranese : whats RV? (sorry blonde and the slow lane)
11:23:13     From  Jayne Judkins : Revaluer
11:23:18     From  Kosmon : Remote View ??
11:23:19     From  Jayne Judkins : Revalue
11:23:19     From  VIOLET : re valuation
11:23:20     From  Vicki Veranese : thanks
11:23:27     From  Vicki Veranese : bloody dong
11:23:33     From  Kosmon : sorry I thought you meant to remote view them...
11:23:44     From  Tina : all on show now
11:24:02     From  Tina : they are not afraid of the people either..
11:24:06     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hello again... I had to see a visitor downstairs so I left the Zoom room, but I AM back!
11:24:28     From  Bae : none of this surprises me
11:24:41     From  Kosmon : but they are afraid of people who have 'no fear'..
11:24:41     From  Vicki Veranese : no not shocked just pissed
11:24:58     From  Vicki Veranese : so how do we opt out in the 3D world- I got the other one covered
11:24:58     From  Bae : not shocked...not pissed...just tired of it
11:25:02     From  Elena : Yup... basically says the same in the brief... DANI & LISA, Greenland even gets a mention in it!!!
11:25:07     From  Cami Mapley : that's why trump said American is next
11:25:12     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : What, Lisa???
11:25:14     From  marie : Why would Obama threaten if in fact they really did want Brexit to happen for the scapegoat, etc
11:25:25     From  Kosmon : easy Vicki... start slowly..
11:25:35     From  iPadLisa Colbert : posturing ?
11:25:39     From  Gedster : Why are we so interested in the external reflection of the shaow aspect of hum collective conciousness as it falls away??? Why not focus on the light of the dawning conciousness ? I would rather look ahead of where the ship is going than look back at the wake. (funeral) of what has passed 'Let the dead bury their own dea'
11:25:49     From  VIOLET : they have several game plans
11:25:59     From  Kosmon : make a list of everything that's called 'off-grid' and see how many you resonate with and start doing them...
11:26:02     From  leigh : that kind of fits in with the et people saying the elites have been cut off from their higher dimesional leaders...just the 3d world elites trying to make it on their own...they're winging it now
11:26:15     From  Tammy  : well said Jed
11:26:23     From  I_AM Shimalaii : Good question, Ged
11:26:29     From  terrycole-whittaker : the outer manifestation is always the obsolete past
11:26:30     From  iPadLisa Colbert : yes leigh
11:26:31     From  Tina : people are walking away from the system..
11:26:36     From  Bae : Don
11:26:37     From  Vicki Veranese : Yeah I’m out of the system in many ways… Ill revisit again thanks Kosmon
11:26:42     From  Gedster : Good qustion - bad typing ;)
11:26:43     From  Bae : Stop participating
11:26:49     From  Kosmon : best Vicki..
11:26:56     From  Bae : in their game and allow it to dissolve
11:27:07     From  Dani Arnold : by the way, i'm gettign slammed right now, lol
11:27:18     From  Chris Breakspear : ;/
11:27:21     From  Tammy  : Yes Bae stop participating
11:27:27     From  Kosmon : who by Dani?
11:27:48     From  Bae : Create what you want, not what you don't want
11:27:48     From  I_AM Shimalaii : slammed in what way, Dani?
11:27:50     From  Gedster : Is it a program or a virus? Get with source code. No virues there ;)
11:27:51     From  Jayne Judkins : wow Ged! Greta point!
11:28:20     From  Penny : prograns are your background people thing?
11:29:03     From  Bae : Which game are you participating in?
11:29:09     From  marie : what are the options????!!!
11:29:12     From  Kosmon : go to what you define as your 'sacred neutral' and go from there...
11:29:16     From  Vicki Veranese : you have to disconnect and reset and commit 200%
11:29:19     From  terrycole-whittaker : stop playing games and be your self
11:29:22     From  Connie Townsend : How do you pick your game? Yes, my ? too
11:29:34     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : That is a tough one Lisa
11:29:35     From  Sandra Bolognia : well right now.. I see the people who do not want to wake up start to break
11:29:39     From  Jeff Gates : being aware of their programs is key so that you don’t accidentally enter them.  this helps you shed the programs you don’t realize you are running
11:29:42     From  Kosmon : but everything's coming home to roost at the same time...
11:29:43     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : takes great courage
11:29:48     From  Bae : It's difficult to live in your own creation outside of the matrix and not at least peek at the matrix now and then to see how that game is playing out.
11:29:52     From  Christine : BE NEUTRAL to all the shite and create in your own way
11:29:54     From  Chris Breakspear : play your own game
11:30:08     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Neutral new age bullshit
11:30:21     From  Kosmon : true... Dawn... it's a paradox..
11:30:23     From  terrycole-whittaker : agreed christine
11:30:28     From  Vicki Veranese : EXACT
11:30:31     From  leigh : try to drop out of the game, you run out of their currency that we still need to survive in the game
11:30:35     From  Bae : Why can't you CREATE your own program?
11:30:35     From  Kosmon : it's BOTH
11:30:36     From  Vicki Veranese : but you have to disentangle form this one first
11:30:44     From  iPadLisa Colbert : yep dawn
11:30:51     From  Gedster : Sol-ace, sol-us. We are the New Sun, it is our conciousness. When enough of us get with the 'source' we will give borth to that - then you have the Flash/event/wave - whatever. I am soooo over trting to use words to express these things
11:30:58     From  Noella : you’re in the one you focus on.
11:30:58     From  John A : we don't have the cheat codes to the game
11:31:12     From  Gedster : Let alone type them lol
11:31:12     From  Jeff Gates : because you are in a collective reality, even though you are creating your own
11:31:12     From  Cami Mapley : balance in negative and could that be bullshit?
11:31:26     From  Vicki Veranese : John A - then withdraw the energy - can’t run without a power source
11:31:26     From  Connie Townsend : x army man arrested in US for going off grid on his own land.  He was told he was trespassing.  I don’t get it
11:31:28     From  Kosmon : a bit like telling a joke... it's all in the timing... we all have to find our own 'pace'...
11:31:28     From  Sony : Entaglement
11:31:36     From  Christine : I am not new
11:31:36     From  Kosmon : it's not a race...
11:31:45     From  Maurice Demers : You get more and more secure in your own beingness, Lisa, there is a gigantic climax, or ending to the game and it is fast approaching.  It is not over so yes, we still are in 'that' old game4 but we are becoming more and more aware we are on the last few pasges, or even paragraphs of a very long novel.  Yes, there is a 'book two' in this series but we are involved with the aforementioned last pages, or paragraphs, of book 1, so to speak. 
11:31:48     From  Jayne Judkins : going thru such familiar challenges D... so many of us are asking "where the fuck do I belong?"
11:31:54     From  Bae : Yes. Jeff ...the collective reality is still there and pulls me back in even when I try to create my own reality
11:31:54     From  Sony : …”entanglement”
11:31:55     From  marie : holy hell....what if some little teenage other dimensional entity is controlling my/my avatar????
11:31:56     From  leigh : right Ged, let's open source :)
11:31:56     From  Gedster : It is , its the Human Race,  vs the Rat Race ;)
11:32:14     From  Bae : Yes, entanglement
11:32:29     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Lets talk about what we talked about Dani by putting a group together
11:32:37     From  Vicki Veranese : no drama, happens to me all the time
11:32:43     From  Frank Walters : You are only in that old game if you accept you are in the old game.
11:32:56     From  Bae : There are matrix controlled people all around even when we try to exist in our own reality
11:32:58     From  Elena : Diane, do you have your mic open?
11:33:01     From  Kosmon : transparency = what is actually happening in our own lives... just have to look...
11:33:05     From  Frank Walters : You don’t have to survive here. You can pull back and reset
11:33:07     From  Sony : And its that “complex entanglement”…that creates a consciousness….
11:33:09     From  Vicki Veranese : Im excited for it - I don’t care something has to TRANFORM
11:33:14     From  Gedster : Does it dissapate or integrate???
11:33:19     From  Jayne Judkins : that's EXHAUSTING
11:33:22     From  Jayne Judkins : lol
11:33:24     From  Bae : Yes, Lisa, I often feel as if positive energy and progress is coming and then gets pulled back
11:33:37     From  Tina : yeah its frustrating sometimes..
11:33:41     From  iPadLisa Colbert : me too Bae
11:33:46     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : I AGRE
11:33:55     From  Vicki Veranese : integrate if you drink the kooliad dissipate and another possibility is created
11:33:57     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Dani
11:34:00     From  Kosmon : can do it right now... each one of ask can ask ourselves right now... do we feel present, happy, grounded,etc?  if not, then why not? and change it...
11:34:08     From  Jeff Gates : yep, the recoil back and fourth creates the ‘doubt’ program we are feeling
11:34:18     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : yep Jeff
11:34:44     From  Sophie Davis : Hi everyone, better late than never lol...babysitting atm
11:34:46     From  Christine : YEP
11:34:53     From  Kosmon : yes Dani :)
11:34:56     From  Vicki Veranese : Neutral has been fucked up by the no age
11:35:02     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : definition is important
11:35:08     From  Frank Walters : But you DO Dani put your frequencies, etc. in there simply by talking about it and researching it,etc.
11:35:10     From  Vicki Veranese : non reactive and open
11:35:13     From  Chris Breakspear : lots of random strangers keep smiling at me wich i'm finding weird but good lol
11:35:15     From  Jayne Judkins : yep yep yep
11:35:16     From  Jeff Gates : woo hoo. NEW, the observer
11:35:19     From  Bae : How much of what we hear in the news can we believe?
11:35:19     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : you have to move though not sit
11:35:25     From  Jayne Judkins : crossroads?
11:35:38     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : there is progress on an individuated experience IF one is attending to the increments of change…evolutionary consciousness is a given…follow that track for individuated coordinates...
11:35:38     From  Bae : How can we determine what is REALLY happening?
11:35:47     From  Bae : Go within
11:35:49     From  Kosmon : we get it... those that fall for the love and light model fall into their own version of polarity... and sometimes.. zealotry...
11:35:51     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : you have to know you have done everything you can do
11:35:51     From  Jayne Judkins : thats where I am...crossroads
11:35:57     From  Jeff Gates : spontaneous creation, absent the matrix and headspace
11:35:59     From  Vicki Veranese : keep it fluid
11:36:05     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : within the flow
11:36:10     From  Jayne Judkins : but nothing's
11:36:10     From  iPadLisa Colbert : yesss kosman
11:36:20     From  marie : hows sux
11:36:21     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Yes Vicki
11:36:22     From  Kosmon : you're actually doing it right now,....
11:36:22     From  Jeff Gates : i know.  how is the question
11:36:30     From  Vicki Veranese : for me i have something that works for me to stay where I want to be
11:36:33     From  Gedster : Ah but isnt it all a beuatiful, wonderful, magical dance?? No wonder we all bought tickets for front row seats whislt playin on the stage at the same time. Oh the drama. What you have to work out is are you in a comedy or a tragedy?? Haha, or an Indian Bollywood movie ;)
11:36:39     From  Kosmon : something has softened in your tone as your ponder the how...
11:36:43     From  Vicki Veranese : you have to find that place and commit to it
11:36:59     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : yes
11:37:03     From  Sony : At the end of the day our certainty is that we do not know...
11:37:03     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : in all that you do
11:37:06     From  Jayne Judkins : we are going thru it...whatever "it" is...
11:37:10     From  Vicki Veranese : smiling
11:37:14     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : smiling
11:37:20     From  Tina : yes the manifesting magic has changed
11:37:21     From  Maurice Demers : Speaking for myself, only, I do the best I can under the present circumstances.  Those 'present circumstances' are, as I said above, the last few paragraphs of "book 1".  I can feel that "book 2" will be very much different but I have not really gotten in to it just yet.  I could say Publication Date is "sooon" but not qui9te here.  On that one I am still convinced that date is sometime in 2016. 
11:37:22     From  maddtom : when you come to a fork in the road....take it
11:37:23     From  iPadLisa Colbert : ooooof !
11:37:38     From  Kosmon : something incredibly vulnerable yet authenitic in what you just said Dani..
11:37:39     From  Sony : Yes, Maurice!
11:37:45     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Beautiful Maurice
11:37:45     From  Jayne Judkins : lol D
11:38:10     From  Jeff Gates : cycle of similarity decisions are about learning the lesson?
11:38:21     From  Jayne Judkins : re-evaluation?
11:38:40     From  Kosmon : same if the 'energy signature frequency' hasn't changed...
11:39:05     From  Penny : you need the third way
11:39:05     From  Jeff Gates : two choices, sometimes you experience, sometimes you make other experience.  the third decision is????
11:39:05     From  John A : are the choices your own, or forced onto you by the matrix?
11:39:06     From  leigh : yes the third one that we have to somehow create
11:39:11     From  Gedster : Grab the Bull by the horns and headbutt it - go beyond duality - marry the polarity's together
11:39:21     From  Vicki Veranese : do the unexpected
11:39:23     From  Gedster : The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
11:39:24     From  Kosmon : we are all experiencing our own version of Groundhog Day...
11:39:29     From  Vicki Veranese : you girls...
11:39:44     From  Kosmon : it's when our lives become Trumanville that we should start to worry...
11:39:44     From  Vicki Veranese : I’m coming over
11:39:55     From  Jeff Gates : two choices, sometimes you experience, sometimes you make other experience.  the third decision is????
11:39:56     From  Vicki Veranese : ha
11:39:57     From  Sony : Einstein said choice is detrimental to growth…;)
11:39:59     From  Maurice Demers : Not Wallaby????
11:40:09     From  Penny : rooster buy the farm?
11:40:18     From  maddtom : D...did you talk about the sun like you wanted?
11:40:23     From  Vicki Veranese : i agree
11:40:31     From  Elena : Anonymous has a new video.. or someone pretending to be them.. its like 40min long...have they joined the NWO?
11:40:32     From  Vicki Veranese : different dimensions of Self integrating
11:40:41     From  Gedster : Mororccan ChickebDee?? Dang, I'm coming too ;)
11:40:47     From  Vicki Veranese : I just want the hot supermodel optimum functioning blueprint version please
11:40:58     From  Chris Breakspear : lol
11:41:09     From  Vicki Veranese : ha
11:41:10     From  marie : hahahahaha Vicki!!
11:41:15     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : truth
11:41:20     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Great, Vicki!
11:41:22     From  Jayne Judkins : maybe thre "layers" are being flattened...
11:41:28     From  Sony : Closed loop...
11:41:42     From  Gedster : Ha you got it Vicki - just push your 'belly' button ;)
11:42:22     From  Connie Townsend : D, how about in Genes when A & E clothed themselves, it was in “human skin?"
11:42:29     From  Tina : maybe because some people are more programmable then others..
11:42:38     From  Bae : we are in the bizzaro world
11:42:40     From  Sophie Davis : yep
11:42:53     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : I get that Lisa
11:42:55     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : so much
11:42:59     From  Frank Walters : I think you all think too much. I believe it is so simple we cannot exactly see it. The pathway to where you want to go is before you and you’re getting distracted.
11:43:00     From  Chris Breakspear : yesterday i looked in the mirror & all my grey hair was gone
11:43:26     From  Bae : Is there a way to FEEL it instead of reasoning it out with logic?
11:43:29     From  Tina : oh chris thats good
11:43:32     From  Gedster : Yes Frank,I tend to agree,  but maybe this is all part of that patthway too...
11:43:46     From  Maurice Demers : Did you suddenly become bald, Chris?
11:43:49     From  Sony : My grey is still there…:0
11:43:52     From  Chris Breakspear : haha
11:44:03     From  Ginny : We are our own mini me ...
11:44:10     From  Frank Walters : agree. gedster. but they’re looking for answers and struggling to “find” them instead of allow them. something like that.
11:44:11     From  Kosmon : it is what it is... lol...
11:44:13     From  Christine : I feel like having some FUN
11:44:15     From  Vicki Veranese : thank fuck for stretchy clothes!
11:44:22     From  Noella : Beliefs
11:44:23     From  Chris Breakspear : lmfao
11:44:31     From  Sophie Davis : lol Vicki
11:44:32     From  Kosmon : then do it Christine... follow your feelings..
11:44:32     From  Christine : FUN  FUN  FUN  FUN
11:44:33     From  Vicki Veranese : YOU GOT IT
11:44:38     From  Bae : hahahaha Vicki
11:44:44     From  marie : but if we're simulated...maybe that healing was induced by the "controllers"......only appeared to be biological?
11:44:44     From  Tina : the frequnecy manipulation
11:44:48     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : linearity keeps you in the arena of continuing to ask questions…what if you just be with what is and observe?!
11:44:51     From  Christine : tehe
11:45:01     From  Vicki Veranese : More proof you are creating your experience of Reality - if you know you can, you will
11:45:04     From  Sony : Very good point, Blue Star…
11:45:08     From  Frank Walters : Ooo. I like that blue star
11:45:19     From  Vicki Veranese : oh girlfriend I hear you!
11:45:19     From  Jeff Gates : yep, spirit, revert to the original dna blueprint of the body, do it now
11:45:25     From  Chris Breakspear : me too with the tooth
11:45:25     From  Vicki Veranese : YOU CAN
11:45:29     From  Penny : I can help
11:45:33     From  leigh : been trying to do that too
11:45:39     From  Vicki Veranese : I have been you can
11:45:45     From  Christine : I choose to observe some FUN   lol
11:45:45     From  Jayne Judkins : same here!
11:45:48     From  Bae : We are ready to move forward and are not quite there yet ...and at times it feels frustrating
11:45:51     From  Kosmon : hmmmm... start with something a bit simpler...
11:45:52     From  Jeff Gates : belief or assumption program running in the subconsious
11:45:55     From  Sandra Bolognia : i just had a tooth pulled out in April .. do it.. the best thing I did this year’
11:45:57     From  Jayne Judkins : maybe we can all do this together! lol
11:46:05     From  Vicki Veranese : its a different type of fuckery on the teeth
11:46:07     From  marie : maybe you can't do it because "you" didn't really do the other healings???  Controllers did it?
11:46:19     From  Sandra Bolognia : teeth .. are hard.. I tried for 4 months to clear it
11:46:21     From  Frank Walters : You just said, “… a tooth that is rotting…” You believe that at the root.
11:46:21     From  Chris Breakspear : yes vivky
11:46:29     From  Chris Breakspear : oops vicky*
11:46:31     From  John A : power manifest by deep need
11:46:33     From  Connie Townsend : PAIN? maybe that was your incentive
11:46:47     From  Kosmon : everyone is going to focus on Dani's mouth and she's going to wake up with this big 'mother f'er' of a tooth in her head...
11:46:52     From  marie : maybe we're just allowed to think we have some sort of control?
11:46:52     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : when we pause and observe and identify the fine details we then change ourselves by applying fine details…but we need to break it down to renavigate it all
11:46:53     From  Gedster : Comtrollers Marie? Really..?? Ah OK, if that is your belief, go for it.
11:46:54     From  Christine : Pain has been our incentive forever
11:46:57     From  leigh : I can heal the infection part, but getting the tooth to regrow is what isn't working
11:47:04     From  Sandra Bolognia : its possible .. to clear it.. but no one can really see that.. there..  I went through 2 rounds of antibiotics..    pull it
11:47:06     From  Vicki Veranese : me too necessity is the mother of invention
11:47:10     From  Sophie Davis : yep on the same page with you both on that!
11:47:15     From  marie : no!  it's not my belief!  I'm saying what if....if we are simulated...
11:47:21     From  Vicki Veranese : cause she is not playing by the rules at that moment
11:47:22     From  Elena : same here
11:47:31     From  Sandra Bolognia : I went through this just this year
11:47:34     From  Bae : If we have the ability, how do we access it?
11:47:35     From  Kosmon : you're just a rebel...
11:47:39     From  Sony : Or when you can’t get pregnant and then you adopt and become pregnant...
11:47:42     From  Noella :
11:47:47     From  Jeffrey Dwaine : Dani..are you limiting yourself (ego) to keep a story you tell yourself true?
11:48:06     From  Chris Breakspear : you have to truly know that you can do it
11:48:07     From  Frank Walters : … and that’s why your tooth is still rotting because you’ve “been there, done that."
11:48:08     From  Jayne Judkins : I thik manifesting depends on total belief and zero doubt
11:48:11     From  Kosmon : Do you like making it harder than it needs to be? just because you can?
11:48:18     From  Vicki Veranese : agreed Kosmon
11:48:22     From  Vicki Veranese : no half arsed
11:48:25     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : wow Jeffrey deep
11:48:30     From  Christine : I learn alot in here...thank you!
11:48:32     From  Bae : stradling dimensions
11:48:34     From  Jayne Judkins : which is very tough
11:48:42     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : know you are balanced and cancel the addressing of the “two’s”!
11:48:54     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : I feel too much
11:49:12     From  Jeffrey Dwaine : have you done the MSM protocol to allow your tooth to re grow?
11:49:15     From  Jayne Judkins : samew here Dawn
11:49:23     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Blue Star... with 80 people in this Zoom room it's easy to get lost in it, until I saw you comment in the chat.
11:49:25     From  Tina : oil pulling
11:49:35     From  Joy : Tony Pantalleresco - " just a guy who knows some stuff" says a lot / most of our health problems, body pain, & premature aging are due to NANITES in food & the air from chemtrails, meds, GMO"s, supplements ...   says read all labels & stay away from anything nano. 
11:49:41     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : hi joseph and all!
11:49:55     From  Sophie Davis : hi Bluestar
11:50:03     From  Cami Mapley : hi blue
11:50:05     From  Jayne Judkins : actually oil pulling is not the greatest option...liposomal Vitamin C
11:50:09     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : heya sophie!
11:50:14     From  iPadLisa Colbert : thanks Joy !
11:50:29     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : ohla cami!
11:50:34     From  Sony : To be or not to be, Dani…am in same boat!
11:50:50     From  Vicki Veranese : fun the ‘UNIVERSE” who and what is the Universe
11:50:53     From  Vicki Veranese : define
11:50:55     From  Sandra Bolognia : so sorry you are going through all this crap with Australia and your tooth..   wow.  lots of pressure.  Dani.. gee
11:50:57     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : exactly right Lisa
11:51:02     From  iPadLisa Colbert : im doing both lipasomal and oil puling
11:51:08     From  Noella : Freak out or do nothing? You think it’s your only options?
11:51:13     From  Vicki Veranese : take responsiblity
11:51:30     From  Cami Mapley : exactly Lisa
11:51:36     From  Bae : yes, by letting the universe decide you are like in a boat with the waves throwing you need intent or manifestation or creating yourself
11:51:39     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : recognize you r femifesting now and there is no where else to be
11:51:39     From  Sandra Bolognia : shit
11:51:40     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : yes Dani
11:51:44     From  iPadLisa Colbert : GO DANI !
11:51:45     From  Sony : Yikes!
11:51:49     From  Vicki Veranese : yeah baby
11:52:11     From  Sophie Davis : yep
11:52:44     From  Vicki Veranese : use your energy for you - fuck the fight
11:52:47     From  Bae : yes, children change a lot of things
11:52:50     From  John A : mute Diane pls
11:52:52     From  Sandra Bolognia : tough
11:52:57     From  Elena : yes...absolutely a corporation
11:53:03     From  Jayne Judkins : I hate that you guys are going thru this crap Dani
11:53:05     From  Blue Star Deerwomon : we have lots of thought about where and what we think we need to be….relax and be the awesomeness that u r
11:53:11     From  Jayne Judkins : it'ds Dian
11:53:13     From  Chris Breakspear : diane
11:53:15     From  Gedster : As a sovereign being , you have every right to be wherever the fuck on the Earth you want to be. Period!
11:53:23     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : yep
11:53:42     From  iPadLisa Colbert : we could do a group intention experiment for/with dani ?
11:53:54     From  Gedster : lol. the veil dropped
11:53:57     From  Sophie Davis : omg!
11:54:05     From  Bae : How about coming up with a few options and THEN feeling into each one to decide?
11:54:13     From  Chris Breakspear : my housing association is called sovereign haha
11:54:13     From  Kosmon : harsh reality of the harsh world we live in.... lifting of the veil.... responsibility can be a bitch...
11:54:15     From  Jayne Judkins : lmao
11:54:15     From  Tina : yeah its not fair whats happening to you dani..
11:54:26     From  Bae : Won't your intuition tell you which decision is best for you at this time?
11:54:46     From  Sony : Yes…Dani, what does your intuition say?
11:54:49     From  Christine : What happens if you don't have the money to go?
11:55:13     From  Frank Walters : You are “fighting” the system instead of “feeling your way in to where you want to be.
11:55:15     From  Tina : yeah christine, i thought that, wait for them to come..
11:55:16     From  Gedster : Yeah, where does the You-niverse need you to be?
11:55:37     From  Jayne Judkins : exactly Ged...
11:55:39     From  Bae : Think it through, if necessary, then consider getting very quiet until a solution comes to you...yes setting intent first
11:55:41     From  Elena : dont forget... 'they' tooo have to take responibility for 'their' actions...
11:55:41     From  Kimberly Brenner : Ooo I felt your intent Dani.
11:55:56     From  Vicki Veranese : the intent can be set - who says you won’t end up here - modify the ‘settings'
11:56:05     From  Vicki Veranese : to make it now not later
11:56:09     From  Frank Walters : yes ged
11:56:09     From  Kosmon : at it's most basic level... there are a number of options... and one of them is that the SYSTEM could say you have to go.... so how do you manifest your preference of staying in the context of the SYSTEM'S reality...
11:56:11     From  Jeffrey Dwaine : Dani..that is the slippery slope of teaching your family how to manifest and that sometimes a holding pattern is required...
11:56:23     From  Randy William Griffin : Dani, can you apply for citizenship?
11:56:41     From  Tina : yes manifest that!..
11:56:50     From  Sandra Bolognia : sounds good
11:56:51     From  Vicki Veranese : make it so number one
11:56:52     From  Frank Walters : Perfect Dani! And… if after that you still don’t get the response you thought you wanted, leave knowing where you are going is exactly where you are suppose to be to meet your higher desires.
11:56:54     From  Christine : Fabulous D
11:56:55     From  Bae : If you set your intent to stay in Australia and then visualize that outcome happening as if it has happened and then let it go....what would happen?
11:56:55     From  Noella : Yours is not the HOW, just the what.
11:56:58     From  Jeffrey Dwaine : that is awesome!
11:57:02     From  Connie Townsend : We will all envision it too
11:57:05     From  iPadLisa Colbert : heyyy , you marry Lisa's guy and vice versa
11:57:06     From  Kosmon : exactly.... find the human in the bureaucrat and escalate the issue until you find someone who is prepared to treat you as a human...
11:57:23     From  Sandra Bolognia : sure
11:57:24     From  Marie Jones : sure!
11:57:26     From  Tina : yes done
11:57:29     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : Yep!!!
11:57:37     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Dani, perhaps you only have to set the intention and manifest visas for you, Nick, & the children, but in order to do this you have to really KNOW that you hold the power within yourself and just let the wrinkles fall out of this ridiculous situation in the land of Oz...
11:57:38     From  Elena : Done :)
11:57:45     From  Dawn Hamm Hart : a group of set intention at the very time she needs it
11:57:47     From  Kosmon : yes.... that is absolutely able to be manifested..
11:57:52     From  iPadLisa Colbert : I'm in . started seeing you staying in aust for a week
11:57:55     From  Vicki Veranese : set it now for all points in time
11:58:05     From  Connie Townsend : thank you…good night
11:58:06     From  Gedster : Nooo,  mins to go - time to intrduce a new subject! :P ;)
11:58:09     From  Bae : Thanks for another very interesting what if extraveganza!
11:58:14     From  Sony : Thank you!
11:58:18     From  Frank Walters : … and wherever she is is where she and her family are to be.
11:58:18     From  Marie Jones : send reminder for intention
11:58:21     From  Gedster : Thanks Guys :)
11:58:23     From  leigh : yes awesome, be strong Dani love you all
11:58:23     From  Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you Lisa & Dani... Great show!
11:58:27     From  Vicki Veranese : rock on
11:58:28     From  Marie Jones : :)
11:58:29     From  iPadLisa Colbert : warm THANKS ,
11:58:30     From  Elena : thankyou :)

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