Tuesday 22 March 2016

D's Update from the land of Oz

Hey darlins :D

I wanted to post a little update of a personal nature and about what I've been up to for the past while.  As you've probably noticed, I haven't done many recordings or written very much lately.   The past 3-4 months has been extremely hectic and the "communications" issues I experienced for the last 3 months in Morocco, kept me.... quiet.

On the "Communications" issues, the moment we were out of Moroccan borders, I magically got my skype back!  And started to receive Facebook messages again!  BUT..... unfortunately I still have not managed to get my  email address back.  Hotmail locked me out of all my email accounts, and Google locked me out of all my google accounts (including access to the RTS site here) in December.  I've managed to retrieve my google account (one of them) and two of my email accounts.... but not the RTS email.  So if you've been trying to contact me through that account, I'm sorry, but I haven't been able to access it for months now, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to get it back.

The week after we arrived in Australia, my "new" computer was closed for a nap after the One People Roundtable Discussion.... and never woke up. We've tried all the usual tricks, googled, asked IT buddies... yet she's still in a coma.  I was able to retrieve the hard drive files, (and I'm hoping to be able to find the Thunderbird files so that I can at least get all my email contacts back). .... and the technical glitches just keep going on and on and on.... rofl.

(I swear!  I don't kill computers on purpose!!)

Australia is paradise on earth (as long as you ignore the political bullshit).  We are currently staying with friends in a permaculture community that is gorgeous.  We are currently learning the lingo, and getting our heads turned around into the aussie way of life.  The kids saw their first Wallaby within 6 hours of landing in Oz, and their first Kookaburra within the next 6 hours, and met the 15 inch long skink lizard on the top of our cupboard the day after that.  .... and the brown snake and the tree python  Nick saw was way out in the fields.... so that's good too , lol.

Since arriving in Oz, it's been a daily race of shit to get done, with Lisa and I and everyone here working flat out from dawn till dusk on several projects that we are hoping to launch in the next month.  So .... yes, I'm not recording very much at the moment or writing, but I WILL be back again soon.  And as I said in today's Transpicuous News report, I've been trying to pull together one of my typical TN weekly reports....and I can just barely read the news right now.  It's all so fucked up that 90% of the time I open an article, read the first paragraph and then just shut it down.  Seriously, it's so fucked up out there that I don't think anyone can make head nor tails of what the fuck is actually going on.  We are seriously through the looking glass these days.  Wild.

But I'm here!  I'm working and I'm always around on Facebook and now back again on Skype. So drop me a line, send me a link, tell me a story.... just don't email it to me, lol.

Love d

Lisa and I working away on the deck, with our new friend, Ham, the Kookaburra .... his brother, Green Eggs, is in the tree behind me!!!  Just another day in the life of D in the Land of Oz.

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