Thursday, 10 March 2016

Transpicuous News Relaunch from the Land of OZ!

Good morning everyone!  After a LONG hiatus, and massive move that took 43 hours, and a long recuperation from wild jet lag.... I'm BACK!

So for our very first Transpicuous New Show from Australia, instead of tackling the topics I thought I'd be relaunching with, a hot news story fell into my lap Wednesday morning that I had to jump on:

China-developed the world's first quantum satellite ready to be 

lunched this July

By Huang Jin (People's Daily Online)    14:45, March 08, 2016
China-developed the world's first quantum satellite ready to be lunched this July
The first quantum communications satellite developed by China is expected to launch in July of this yearThe BeijingShanghai quantum private communications line will also be opened in the second half of this yearaccording to Pan Jianweiacademic at the Chinese Academy of Sciencesduring an interview with China Youth Daily.
According to Panthis milestone means that a quantum communications network will be formedand that 30 years of research on quantum information will be finally put to use.Pan said that quantum communication between the satellite and the ground will be achieved for the first time anywhere in the world.In recent yearsquantum communications is considered to be supportive research for  next-generation communication technology because of its transmission efficiency and absolute securityPan said thatas quantum technology is indivisible and cannot be clonedit may be implemented as an information carrier for the distribution of sensitive informationthereby guaranteeing the secure transmission of important content.Quantum communications research has become a focus and frontier of global research in physics.China started developing its quantum satellite in 2011, and launched the quantum opticalfiber communication network projectthe BeijingShanghai linein 2013. TheBeijingShanghai quantum private communications line will cover a total length of over2,000 kilometersconnecting a network of numerous cities including BeijingJinanHefeiand ShanghaiIt will be the world's first wide-area optic fiber quantum private network.According to Panthe assembly of the quantum satellite has already been completedThe satellite has passed electrical measurement and thermal balance testingand is currently undergoing mechanical and magnetic testing in Shanghais Small Satellite Engineering Center."With further developmentquantum communications should benefit millions of households in the near future," Pan saidadding"I hope that within another 10 years of hard workonline transfers and payments can be guaranteed through quantum communication for every consumer."

In this Transpicuous News Report, I jumped back in time to look at the cities mentioned in this report, China's Super Computers, and the interesting explosions that have been happening over the past 9 months.

Explosions in China

Tianjin:  "Chemical explosion", August 12 2015
(Liaoning Province : Chemical explosion, August 14 2015
second chemical explosion, November 17, 2015 )
Shandong: Chemical plant explosion, August 23, 2015
Shenzhen:  Massive landslide and natural gas explosion,  December 21, 2015
Guangzhou: Oil refinery explosion, December 24, 2015
Hunan:  Chemical plant explosion, January 9, 2016

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