Sunday 27 January 2013

Live tonight with Santos Bonacci, Lisa and Chris

Edited 01/27/13 11:23pm est to add:

I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation tonight- the energy was beyond awesome and 2 hour flew by so fast it was shocking.  There were 101,600 wonderful BEings listening to the show live, and many many more who will listen to the recording/archived show.

Heather joined us for over an hour and had some very enlightening things to say. 

 These are the questions that Lisa Harrison sent to Heather earlier before the show, and Heathers responses:

"Heather, doing the radio show with Santos in 1 hour. I already know the questions on most people's minds and what will come up. If you have any input I can share that would be great.
1. Enforcement - the who, when and how
2. How to activate a CVAC- people all over the world are contacting me to ask how to activate the CVAC for their country"

@lisa:  CVAC and all BRANCHES definitely can be used by the one people...however, Absolute Data (not one piece missing) is coming out the people want to make an "interim decision" or an informed conscious choice based on the Absolute Data?  Do they want to make the conscious choice to not be responsbile and be governed or do they want to make the conscious choice to be responsible and practice self-governance? FOR NOW, THE CVAC and all BRANCHES reserved are holding the PTW in their place so that the one people of this planet of the opportunity to receive all the data and make an informed choice by their free will, each one.

@lisa:  enforcement...we are DO'ing the mechanics of enforcement now...the one people's part in the enforcement?  Please, DO keep consciously choosing to BE and DO...that has more effect then you know...that is one of the vital keys to the mechanics of enforcement that is being DONE now.  Full context and knowing of the mechanics of the enforcement shall be visible after it is DONE.
similar to the same template the Public Trust did in the foreclosure...we told you after the mechanics were done....

@lisa: 2.  practical steps?....BE creative in DO'ing...BE in glory...and the DO'ing can only be glorious!!!!!  There is no manual to BE'ing...that is something that is with IN every One ;)
did I answer your questions, Lisa?
I went point by point...


I will be on FreedomReigns tonight live with Santo, Lisa, Chris and guests.  I might be a bit late calling in - probably closer to 7:30pm est till I get on.  If you're around this evening, listen in. If not, the archive will be available after the show ends.

If you are not familiar with Santos Bonacci I highly recommend you watch this video



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  1. Poofness update 27/1/2013 from Rumormillnews

    Greetings and Salutations;

    The gears on the world change over are engaging. You will hear with your own ears, very shortly. There was a 'come to jesus' meeting at the white house a couple of weeks ago that laid down the gauntlet on us politicians. Nothing like being told, 'we are about to move ahead and cast the us adrift to fend for itself'. In other words, the world needs it's stuff and weren't putting up with the us egos holding everything up. Every damn doc has been signed and left no reason to hold back from flipping this world on it's head. Some have set themselves up to be sent to undisclosed locations, oh well, not like they weren't warned. If you're looking for the sense of that, just remember, some folks don't believe fat meat's greasy. Which means 'reason' is beyond their capacity, like a mule with blinders, side vision is not real strong with them, need a club to get their attention.

    There is no military might that can stop an idea whose time has come. So mister cheney can forget the military industrial complex stopping the people of the dragons from exercising their power for using their jewels to make a balanced world. Aren't the words, 'they who have the gold, rule?'. If you had no intent to pay back what you borrowed, should've never borrowed from them. They never were stupid about money and 'worth'...but left brain logic, doesn't work completely, with people who use their right brains for more than drawing pictures. Actually the folks in the himalayas teach a technique to assist in the process of merging the right and left hemispheres of the brain and, their functions. Making it possible for a human to be single brained. Draw back...'normal' people may think you're weird because you can walk and chew gum at the same time. lololol...and pat your belly.

    As I said wait your turn, there have been alterations, thru the years for one reason or another. Who cares the world is changing any way and with the freedom being given to the former 'serfs', the panoramic view will shift very quickly. You know what needs fixing out here..set about when you're given the chance, your back is being watched. The matrix serves more than getting bankers in pocket! So, off you go, and make a difference. No more freddy flintstone time for the jetsons'. Play nice and leave the grumble monkeys behind, smile at them when they's all Bs...dust your feet off and walk on. We are Not going to hell in a hand basket, after all.

    Consultations available until the knock on the door.

    Love and Kisses,



    Engage discernment ;-)

    Sine Nomine

    1. hmmm let me see...the word shortly, does it mean in a few days? nah, would be nice though. I'll give it to mid February.My discernment antennas are running at full throttle lately and always on the ball.

      Sine tks for posting and please don't take this comment towards you, it's everything in general.

      @Poof, man you keep twisting and turning your words and the "shortly" to be "hearing with my ears."with same results... Poof I love to read your posts but,but, but,things don't happen Sunday to Sunday...they haven't in six months.IF they do happen shortly, please disregard this post. 3565 views RMN at 1:54am est time...people are hanging, please post when you know, know for sure that it will be shortly...kisses

    2. No worries, Prosperity! Posted it for perusal with discernment meters running on overdrive! lol! ;-)

      I read one of his posts from 2011 - no difference in what he's saying now that I could see! :D I wonder whether the odds have lengthened or shortened on him being right?

      Sine Nomine

    3. Poof was saying the fed and irs closed in 2009 and all the other stuff

    4. Poof: "So mister cheney can forget the military industrial complex stopping the people of the dragons from exercising their power for using their jewels to make a balanced world. Aren't the words, 'they who have the gold, rule?'. If you had no intent to pay back what you borrowed, should've never borrowed from them. They never were stupid about money and 'worth'...but left brain logic, doesn't work completely, with people who use their right brains for more than drawing pictures."

      me: "See, the biggest shortcoming of the Cabal is their arrogance and superiority- they honestly have convinced themselves that they are all powerful- verging on omnipotent! They thought that they could bluster their way around the "trouble makers", they thought that they could force everyone to play their game.... They thought that they were king of the mountain

      .... except that the "old man" who they were dealing with back in the early 1900's is still around to this day and he's NOT going to let them have the money!! Sorry guys! You've been outsmarted by your own stupidity!!! And the people that have hamstrung the world's governments and their puppet agencies can NOT be bought!!! And a big wind storm just came through town and blew them right off the top of their mountain."

    5. More on the state of the world's corrupt banking system.

      Sine Nomine

  2. Santos is amazing.

  3. Hello dearest D - I would liek to be the first to comment here becaue i heard on the show where it was stated that they might be waiting for others to wake up and come on board with this OPPT thing and I juast wanted to state thta I have it from higher sources ( and my sources have never let me down) that not all will awaken to this new world and system at the same time- and in fact it will be very small in numbers at first as the numbers will not matter. What we will have is two world existing simultaneously together. One will be third dneisty moving in to fifth and the other will be fifth dneisty( most all souls who have latched on to OPPT as a matter of fact)As the two worlds or timelines live together simultaneously the two worlds will merge slowly and all third dneisty souls ( humans) will be guided into accepting and actually choosing the new world and system of fifth dneisty.So we do not need the numbers D we just need the right ones if you get my drift.Much love to ya --Daniel---

    1. Im using my critical brain regarding Daniel's sources as I did with the central bank info I posted.

      Why would a few court filings in a county law court in America dictate the course of anyones destiny regarding what dimension/density they currently reside in and in what density they will end up in?

      Why would people that currently believe in the OPPT go into 5th density and people that do not believe in it or havent heard of it are to stay in the 3rd density?

      Why would a couple of hundred people out of a total 7 billion people that believe in the OPPT get automatic passage to 5th density and not the other 7 billion people on this planet?

      Believe it or not Daniel and D you are in the same density and dimension and time line as the 7 billion other people on planet Earth.

      Daniel please check with your sources again. If they give you the same answer then they are dellusional.

      We are all microscopic parts of one microscopic planet in a tiny galaxy within this huge universe. And you are telling me that because I dont believe or I havent read a few court filings in America that Im not going to the 5th?

      Please people use discernment and get your critical brain going and stay grounded.

    2. I understand your concern and doubt in my statements Anonymous02:12 but take another look and you will see that I stated all will move to fifth dneisty eventually.But everyone must go there of their own free will choosing in life as it is not something that can be earned.There are two timelines playing out in the world today and all humans are on one of those timelines or the other. (T-1 AND T-2 you could call them). As far as what the OPPT has to do with going to fifth dneisty it is by no means the deciding factor.What I was saying is that a statement was made on the radio show that they might be waiting for more people to come on board with this OPPT thing before it really kicks into gear or before they start making announcements. I do not believe we need the numbers but just certain souls who chose to come here and get it done in the world.The point is that there will be those ready for this type of change in the world and there will be those still standing strong in their traditions and habits in life of living in- of- and for the present system that is in place. A system that has punishment- rules- set order to society- and laws. A system that has contracts and governments and rulers for every society throughout the world where there will still be people who wish to be ruled over and governed. This better states my point friend and I did not wish to offend anyone. With much love and respect ---Daniel

    3. Daniel how do you know that currently there is different time lines? My sources say that last month all the different time lines merged into one.

      With you and me conversing in blogosphere means that we are in one time line in the same density. You believe in the OPPT and I cannot understand it along with many others because it is not written in English.....but we are still on this planet in the same time in the same density!

      Its all very well for you to say the be and do and being free but just look out your front window where reality is. How can OPPT kick into gear when only a few understand it? It will be centuries until people understand it. Therefore we will not have announcements until centuries go by.

    4. "How can OPPT kick into gear when only a few understand it? It will be centuries until people understand it. Therefore we will not have announcements until centuries go by."

      OPPT already HAS kicked into gear. No need to everyone to understand it right now- they will understand more once it has been made clear.

  4. D
    Can you share the skype room, i would love to be a part of the DOing,


    1. Absolute awesome show!!!...going to listen to the recording to hear the show again

      I would also like the skype room info

      Love to all

    2. I will have to find out my friends- the skype room that heather mentioned is one that we use to coordinate information etc...

    3. Hi D, Is there a general OPPT skype room where we can all take part in current updates and discussions?

  5. good evening ms.D.
    I thoroughly enjoyed tonite's 'talk' even with all of the interference that took out many important words (hoping that a clarification might occur?).
    my question to you, since you have spent alot of time speaking with Heather ...and enjoy a more clear understanding:
    Heather stated that ALL properties would go back to the 'people' with each having an equal digital ownership. Well........what about those of us who have worked hard and OWN outright our property (except for the obvious government clause by county for taxes and oversee)....does that mean that we then no longer really own or have full juristiction over our own home?
    very curious as to your understanding of this particular clause/effect of what Heather was helping to make us that I too can answer this question to my people, going forth.
    thank you......:=))

    1. Good evening ms. moi :>)

      to be straight up honest, I haven't talk to heather on this topic before! But I will definitely get more details on this for you.


    2. I did also enjoy every minutue, and agre to moi about the missing words... i'm looking forward for complete data! i quess i'll have to wait yust a little bit longer, argh...
      Being partof the select group whose listened live is really wonderfull. it was wunderful hearing heathers voice, so you can 'tune in a little bit'.. because i have this heart -head thing (try to be realistic but follow my dreams. and i did get this, Yes, thatswhy i'm here for' - thing) wonderful experience!

    3. Cobra has stated in answer to this very question that those in your situation would not be penalized for their good judgement. When the "distribution" rolls out....everyone will receive an equal amount ... but those with legitimate debts will have to use some of their share to settle up. How this is to be determined I have no idea ( well maybe some ... may have to do with what has been securitized etc... this is a guess).
      This is my paraphrase of an answer to a question that was answered at the Cobra Laguna COnference. It is offered as another "source" of info to consider. Whatever the exact circumstances that turn out ... my take is that it will be done as fairly as possible. Will there be some that "gain" more than others ?? Probably....but what we're looking at is humanity in general being freed ....which is a huge plus for everyone.
      I also wish to re-iterate the concept that the timing of these big events rolling out is subject also to off planet "etheric entity" concerns and the work that is being done to clear that problem ( also via Cobras info ). I think I heard Heather talk very briefly about this at some point in her conversation last night...something about off planet considerations?? Can someone else confirm hearing something about this?
      For what it's worth :-)

    4. yes there are off planet, off dimensional considerations that are taking place.

    5. To everyone here replying to Moi's topic and all others on this sight I would just like to say I love you all as my own family( and we are all indeed One)and what I offer here in my words I offer so as to benefit the whole- and I do not wish to allow ego or service to self into my thoughts whatsoever. So here goes:


      It is my understanding that when all is said and done that everyone will indeed inherit an equal share to the worlds resources; lands; properties; and anything that was once owned by a single human being. The fact that one human or family presently owns a home- cars- boats- land- commercial real estate- and so on does not matter for those who buy into this new way of life and thinking. We all will come to realize that we actually own nothing therefore but that we are heirs to everything and everything is therefore there for us to share as needed in life.This is fifth dneisty thinking and understanding.Again the world has to remain split as it will have accomplished its equilibrium where third dneisty and fifth dneisty man lives together as One.The higher consciousness beings know we are One and they live along side lower consciousness( lower vibrational) beings in unconditional love and free will choosing for all in life. As for those who will still continue to live their lives in third dneisty, every fifth dneisty human must provide them all the space they need in life until they come around to understanding that there never has to be ownership again- no more rules- no set order to society- no laws- and no more punishment.It is not easy for third dneisty man to come around to this type of thinking and that is why ascension and the awakening is done gradually within a world and universe for that matter.For much of our Universe has already come around to being fifth dneisty and they have had to be patient with us as a planet as well- until the day came that our planet as well began to awaken- and it will not cease in its awakening until every last human has awakened and ascended. But we who have awakened already know that we must now be guides and not rulers or ones to judge those who are still connected to third dneisty thinking. ( cont.)

    6. Continued:
      So the scenario here is that we will all now live in a world where there are two vibrations or timelines existing simultaneously and the One will be those who are still bound or dependent on the old system of things and the other timeline being the new system that is playing out even as we speak.So the old system will continue but those who still rule over it or keep it going will lose all of their power over the people of the world simply because the people are waking up very quickly now. And so the old powers that were have lost their financial backing as well as their military backing as they can no longer pay their military for an extended period of time.This does not mean friends that the people will come over to the new system playing out that appears to have its beginning with the OPPT.People will still wish to be governed even though they are governed now by those who have their best interests at heart. Therefore governments will be provided in the interim but very soon afterwards a new government will have to be voted on by those still in third dneisty ( based on their beliefs in life at this time) thinking and life. We will live among them all in peace and harmony and unconditional love- while stepping back and allowing room for all to make their own choices in life and to accept responsibility for themselves from that day ( when the new system comes into play) forward.All will therefore eventually come around to the new( higher vibrational ) life; system; and existence in man.In closing I will again state that when the new system is fired up preparations will be made for all matters of the old system as well as all the matters of the new system- and no one will be forced to give up their home- their car- their land- their business- their habits in life- or their beliefs- unless they wish to do so. But the new world is coming- it is close- and that is why you are hearing these kind of messages all over the world even as we speak. With much unconditional love and respect --Daniel ---

    7. I forgot to mention friends that even though the Cabal ( third density)will still be in place it will only have its power according to the power it is given form the higher densities.We however do not call it power so much as we call it everyone's own ruling love in life.So even though the Cabals wings have been clipped still they who have received the affections of their ruling loves in life through their third dneisty life and experiences they will still continue to do so until each and every human- including the Cabal- is prepared to change over to the new way of thinking.You do not have to still be rich or hold power in order to be the Cabal of third dneisty in nature - you need only to want the things that a third dneisty human and soul would wish for in life. So do not be deceived friends in thinking the Cabal is still going strong as they are not- but we are surrounded by so many who are still third dneisty thinkers that the negativity and fear is still causing some of us fear and negativity from time to time- and this often causes doubt. I am here to tell you all that there is no longer nay reason to doubt that we have won and are about to see all the changes take place at a most drastic pace. So remain positive- lose the fear- and stop waiting for what you already have- and simply begin making up your new wish list. With much unconditional love and respect --Daniel ---

    8. Thank you Daniel ... I resonate deeply with this. I have always felt that the "reason" for these events occurring is really so humanity could have the resources and time/energy to consider and develop toward this new way of living. So many at present are completely caught up in just trying to survive. Some of the pressure needs to be taken off so people can have time to think about what life is supposed to be like...

    9. Thank you Daniel for sharing...this actually answers some things I couldn't quite wrap my head around.

  6. This forum needs to be more well known, greater participation will be of help to all...

  7. over 100k listeners!!!!..........THAT is awesome!!!!!
    gives me chills.

  8. Awesome show tonight, kudo's to all. Bringing this video over here as I believe this would not have happened had not the OPPT stepped in. Seems they are blaming everything on Obama, but we know the whole group is a den of thieves. This is massive ...

  9. Hello D.

    Wondering if you have seen this YouTube vid that was uploaded yesterday by Larouche saying to believe the US fed is a Corporation is not only wrong but dangerous. I watched the vid but find it hard to believe what he is stating. Although he does talk about. Why Obsmashouldbeimpeached but he seems to support Hillary Clintonand. The Queen if England. His video seems to not even acknowledge what the OPPT have done. Here is the vid.

    1. i have seen it. he also - as you pointed out- love hillary and the queen..... that pretty much sums up right there my opinion of his statement that the US is not a Corporation.

  10. Well worth repeating from tonight's show. The "template for the cabal is 'divide and conquer,'" and they use it every day through the media. Christian vs. Muslim, black vs. white, liberal vs. conservative, etc. There is nothing they would like better than to start a civil war.

    If we do nothing else but remind our less aware families, and friends, that alone would be enormously helpful. To keep reminding people that others are their brothers, not their enemies. And point out separation towards creating enemies when you see it.

  11. Daniel the way I see it there are lots of people out there that are aware of the corruption and such but think things will never change. Some think we are powerless to change it. Just by us that are BEing and DOing, we are raising the vibrational frequencies in the collective conciousness. This does not disipate, it builds. As the positive frequencies rise it affects the unawakened to. So by just by BEing & DOing we will cause more to awaken. Many that are awake are focusing their energy on the past politics, all the disttractions they bombard us with. This just prolongs the wait as these things are put out there to keep robbing this energy that could be directed at creating the new. So with us just living in the NOW & BEing & DOing plus continiously bombarding all news outlets and sharing OPPT the already shakey house of cards will tumble.
    Another thing There were 101,600 wonderful BEings listening to the show live.!! Amazing!!
    Now why not during one of these shows with an advance notice DO a 15 minute meditation with this many people all at the same time!!! This would Give the ol collective a turbo boost!!!

    Much Love & Light to ALL!!!
    Pete Lysohirka

    1. Hi Pete, they have done group meditations before on Lisa's show. But with these kind of numbers the results would be Amazing! I think this practice will become a regular feature. Lisa, D, Heather the ball is in your court ladies:) Lets take advantage of our opportunity at this time!
      Thanks for BEing and DOing!
      I send my Light and Love to Everyone!

  12. I have posted another "real" exercise to attract abundance into your Life. Is it spelled abundence or abundance? I prefer A-bun-Dance...but I digress...

    1. I like buns!

      Those sticky currant buns, spread with real butter and a nice cuppa T.


      Ninja Bambi

    2. ROFL - I was picturing something far more errotic lol Thank you ladies :)

    3. This is for you, DavidG, are awful, but I like you...


      Ninja Bambi

  13. Hi D,

    Honestly I like your blog but I've got the feeling that no-one knows when the RV will pop together with new governments. I just can't see that outed. Why destroy a mega-giga op by spreading information about speaker Bhoener etx.. I don't think anybody is in the know. At least very few.. there is no reason to give out this information.

    1. oh they know... I believe that the delays are 1/2 OPPT's UCC filings, and 1/2 the battle between factions to gain control of the RV/new financial system.

  14. So i have a little theory and I thought i would float it out there to see what people think... Basically starting with Sandy Hook: What are the net results? A populace that is armed to the teeth and prepared for the worst, a wider "awakening" of the populace, and a big bloody nose for the Jewish/Zionist interests. This whole thing was just waaay too obvious. Others, like Max Igan and Gordon Duff, are starting to realize that as well, but perhaps drawing the wrong conclusions. The closed coffin scenario bears the same earmark as the Bin Laden dumped in the sea escapade. And what did that do? It got rid of the George Bush's bogey-man and pissed off Israel.

    If the federal government is about to do some serious downsizing because of things such as the OPPT, would it not be prudent to make sure that the civilians could intimidate the hell out of any force that might want to take advantage of the situation?

    With the total farce of a movie "Zero Dark Thirty" getting so much attention, it looks like the faction behind all of this is perpetuating the wag-the-dog propaganda bullshit, but could it be to hold the whole plan together long enough for the big "event" to take place? I am no supporter of Obama, by any means, but it definitely seems that there has been a huge on-going battle between his faction and the Romney/Bush/Zionist cabal for some time now, and (unfortunately?) he is in a very vulnerable position to be exposed and tossed out. This could explain the crazy election as well as the inauguration intel switch-a-roo; it has all been coups and counter-coups.

    I've been wondering why my intuition and synchronicity have been failing me lately; I usually have good guidance in pursuit of this kind of information. What I am thinking now, is that all of us conspiracy-nuts in truther-land are totally being played! And it is not just by our adversaries. Thinking back through all the "insider" sources that have been us "intel" for the past year or so (Wilcock,Fulford, Cassidy, Drake, etc.) it all makes perfect sense... like a cheesy breadcrumb trail through the misty forest.

    I don't want to take too much space here, and expose the thing, if indeed true, more than necessary, but think about it... All of those executive orders really could be put to good use if done properly.

    Maybe the "good-guys" have a team on the field after all...

  15. stampeding through the land that time forgot on a cyborg triceratops
    data measured in teraflops beamed through the eye of a stone cyclops

    barreling through a vortex
    vexed but transcribing more text

    words akin to imagery flowing down walls beginning to grin at me
    it's all symmetry

    traded barbs with a cyclone of bladed stars
    faded too far on a self imposed exile to mars

    opposing wills
    a mirror among a tumultuous sea
    supposedly killed
    under blazing sun
    just vultures and me
    what's that again? powers that be
    saying we're supposedly free?

    rise to my feet
    we'll show them the true meaning of BE

    the powers that were
    fading away in a blur
    too distant to see

    in times of despair The Most High reminds I
    to flow closer to ME

    so close to the trees
    remembering how we grew out of the forest
    bow to the sun on my knee
    came as a flame
    landed on earth as a tourist

    travel by merkabah
    illuminati chugging along in a Taurus
    no not a torus, the form the universe displays for us
    once in touch with the skies
    solely focused on absorbing coordinates


    One love people :)


  16. Sovereignty cannot be taught, it can only be learned.

    Thank you for the awareness you brinng, and your being/doing. Moreso now the concept of networking is catching on, and the two heada are better than one is coming into focus. All are one in different levels of awareness and finding similar souls to connect with is important to co-operate/co-create and bring in a solid re-educational program to the people. It is joyful to see the developments unfold, and to watch the nuances within people.

    Keep on keepin on.

  17. Lovely gathering. I didn't get to tune in live as usual, but there was still a buzz to BE felt. It's so cool to feel the authenticity. Thank you ALL for DO'ing and Be'ing from freedom of heart-space. The golden exercise brings the beauty of 5D into the mundane 3D.. transforming what is observed, no 'matter' where or when!! Key to BE.

    Just curious.. has anyone figured out who was on the line that had kids? I thought it sounded like they were in the bathtub?? LOL

    I would like to join in a skype chat, but I've never used skype. I have the essentials to use it, but not at all sure how. Any pointers of how & where to join you all would be awesome. Thank you!

    So Much Love feels, IS amazing!

    1. Go to Skype-to-skype calls are free. If you have a camera, and activate it, the other person may see you. If the other person has a camera and activates it, you may see him/her.

  18. This is GREAT !!!!
    Thank You Very Much !!!

  19. Angie you could just e-mail your Skype id to D @ e-mail at top right of page. Mostly we share in a text chat unless a group is created off to the side to call.

  20. DNA Discoveries: Our DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.

  21. I'd like to hear your opinion about this intriguing Youtube movie from George Kavassilas "The greatest secret on Earth". He says the Earth will switch dimensions on March 21st, if I get it right.

    1. Damn that is the 3rd separate time I've heard March 21 as THE EVENT day.

      From 3 separate sources now. Plus me and my calculations of a ~60day lag and ~90 day lag from the 12/21 and then the 1/21 events prior, IDK why but it sounds very probable. It is the first day of spring too, Vernal Equinox (or close).

      But I'm done with dates. If it happens, it happens. I already feel intense changes within me (especially if I mediate on it), and I think putting so much *hope* in a date is a lesson we already learned before (wink wink).



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