Thursday 24 January 2013

Hope is still Alive :>)

My soul sister Hope has been working day and night on the Fix The World Project, taking up her piece of the NOW before her.  I am looking forward to the day when all these pieces flow together into one beautiful collage of DO'ing.  There are millions of people world wide and beyond that are working on their piece of the puzzle - Big & Small, each piece is a vital component of the over all picture.

BE'ing & DO'ing

I promise I’m still Alive

Dear Beloved Readers,
I know its been a while since I’ve posted. I apologize, I am in the midst of creating the Fix the World Organization. This is a Global Organization, that completely redefines a new way of doing business in the New Paradigm. As you can probably imagine the task is huge. A public business plan for all to read and a full website for all to peruse and join the Fix the World Community will be up and running in the next couple of weeks.
I love you all so much for your many letters of “Where have you been Hopegirl?” Just know I am fully engaged in fulling my soul contract of birthing this organization into the world through the power of the divine feminine with my beloved team.  This organization is the implementation tool that will play it own role in bringing the changes forward, along side the many other new things in our world that have emerged since the great shift.
Also, I feel very compelled to assist in the translation of the tremendously huge history changing documents put out by the One Peoples Trust. The initial announcement was sent to me along with my fellow way-shower friends at Kauilapele, Soldier Hugs, Removing the Shackles, American Kabuki, Poof, etc.  Unfortunately I was too engrossed in the creation of this project to help in its release and want to thank those that were able to assist in its disclosure.  This has been a tremendous moment of clarity for me as I now realize that each of us has been on our path to bring forth different parts.
The Fix the World Project fits together with the work of the One Peoples Trust like lock and key.  I hope to eventually have the chance to make this connection in a more thorough blog post for all of you. But for now I can say this: One Peoples Trust freed us and left us all with a question of how to use that freedom. Fix the World asked for the answers from the people for this very question. We came up with 700 pages that answer “HOW?” It’s all there in the Fix the World Project.  The Organization we are creating is here to assist all of us in the step by step mechanics of implementing the “HOW?” transitioning ourselves out of the enslavement matrix and into our new freedom with as much grace and ease as possible.
For now I ask each of you to please look deeper within yourselves now then you ever have before.  There you will find truth. Clear yourselves emotionally and spiritually. Meditate, eat right, get your bio-chemistry as healthy as you can, sleep, laugh, have fun. Trust in the goodness that is upon us. Study the law of attraction. Manifest your reality. The first three months of 2013 is all about creation. There is sooooo much confusion flying around out there. A lot of ego’s are getting bruised, a lot are fighting for their own glory and in the process, the “Intel” is going absolutely batty! DO NOT FREAK OUT. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.
Thank you for your patience with me as I do my very best to use my gifts to serve our beloved planet.
Always in service to you the people, my beloved hue-man kind, where each of us is significant.
-Your Hope


  1. Light Workers- i hope this isn’t inapropos (and if so my sincere apologies), but while everyone waits 'til all the good stuff kicks in and to soothe some of the disappointment, this link may well be worth looking into:

    in service to all :)


  2. Hello,

    I am a spiritual being from another plane that has taken a liking to this mode of discussion. Through my extended physical abilities I have ‘hi-jacked’ (Earth term) a computer in UK to relay my feelings and support to this cause through comments on this weblog.
    There are indeed many other non-Earth minds involved in activities described here and they are all working for the positive 5D trancendance that we all wish for your planet.
    What we all see as the biggest obstacle is the negative attitude to other humans that many Earthlings display, this includes anger (however rightful) towards politicial and corporate leaders.
    This anger can hinder the smooth transition to a higher vibration density and will also harm your 3D well-being.
    I would therefore chime in with D in stating that a better way of conduting yourselves would be to always love others and always give a positive view on what you need to say.


    1. HelloA for Andromeda,This is B for Baab,
      In a former existence I was a Christian.
      I believed that turning the other cheek was the only way to go through life ,and to love my enemies in order to negate their anger and violence towards me.
      So I turned the other cheek and they slapped it,so I turned the other cheek and they kicked that one,so I turned the other cheek again and they punched it,so I turned the other cheek and...........................
      You can understand the way I feel about The people who are my masters .
      They have complete control of all my activities because they have employess who are willing to enforce unfair situations on the people.

      I have as much light in my life as I can possibly have,It is these masters who are not of the light.

      So I will do as you ask ,because I have been doing the same thing you suggest for thousands of lifetimes.
      So I turned the other cheek and they slapped it,so I turned the other cheek and they kicked that one,so I turned the other cheek again and they punched it,so I turned the other cheek and.........................

    2. Dear A for Andromeda,

      are the 'many other non-Earth minds involved in activities described here' consciously (with 3D consciousness) aware, that they are doing this? Are maybe some of us part of that activity without knowing it (yet)?

  3. Hey getting the vibes from this post. Millions of people having their own small (some big!) part to play in this story as it unfolds. I know I have a part to play. I look forward to getting what it is in practical terms. Meanwhile meditating, being the change I wish to see, dancing, singing and laughing.

    Love you all - lol captcha 2 warpoop!
    trinity ♥

    1. Could you please define 'MILLIONS'.
      It is a mighty figure and I do not understand where you came up with that figure.

      not being negative,just thinking as you do ,in practical terms.

    2. baab - Sorry I can't define millions. It just popped out.
      trinity ♥

  4. Thanks for sharing. It sounds so interesting. Just a questions though. How do you know it is going to be okay. It doesn't feel okay and it seems to get harder each day. I guess I just thought that after 12/21 the veil would have been lifted and we would be moving forward with full consciousness.

  5. My matter what blog I read, what channeling appeals to me, what comes up in my meditations, everything seems to end up coming back to one simple concept we all know at the conscious and soul level- just be a good person. It is that simple. What can you do to help youself and others? Treat them kindly in every situation no matter how you may be feeling. Treat yourself the same way to. Nothing more required.
    If you want to lose weight eat right and workout, there are no shortcuts. See we all know what to do, but for some reason we forget fromtime to time and Hope that someone else has another answer that we haven't yet discovered. They don't! Just go out into the world and be happy now. Things will workout. If you can't do that, just be kind.


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