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OPPT: links, groups, documents

OH Thank you thank you thank you KP for putting this together for us!!  I have been trying to sort all the links into a list.... and kept dropping the ball, lol.

A Few OPPT Notes… Contact Info, Discussion Groups, and Updated Documents…

oppt_logo_border10[UPDATE 1822 HST: I'm updating the lists as you send new ones. Mahalo! UPDATE 1912 HST: addedupdated slide presentation]
A number of you have contacted me about the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT (TOPPT)). Someone even called me about an interview, and another wanted to contact the trustees.
So I decided to place all of the contact information which I know of, here. These are the best ways to get in touch with the OPPT, the trustees, etc. All of this material is available online.
Contact Info
General questions:
  • Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf:
  • Hollis Randall Hillner:
  • Caleb Skinner:
  • Phone numbers: go to, and click the “Contact Us” button.
Discussion Groups and Related Sites
Updated Documents
I know there’s a number of other groups going on out there, but I do not keep up with all of them, so I’m leaving comments open for any of you to add links to groups you know of.
Please just leave links, discussion group, and related contact information. I will not post other information. Mahalo for anything you contribute.


  1. Published on Dec 24, 2012

    We are the Peoples Public Trust and we have one goal - fixing the public services of this once-great nation. For more information visit:

    1. That's right. It's not.

      How many People are there?

      Listen to the man. He's on your "side".

    2. For a shot of inspiration and encouragement, also watch his August 2012 lecture, "Beyond the freeman/sovereign badges : Your life story 'authorized'"

    3. This is kinda creepy. It's asking for donations, and it doesn't appear to be connected to the REAL info.

      At least not that I can see.

    4. Created in 2010. That makes it seem more legit, I guess:

    5. Neoamor28 January 2013 11:01 said...
      "This is kinda creepy. It's asking for donations, and it doesn't appear to be connected to the REAL info."

      Is asking for donations evil? You should listen to the August 2012 talk,, where he addresses the idea that everything should be free.

      What's "the REAL info"? How do you know?

    6. Here is the real info w w w . p e o p l e s t r u s t 1 7 7 6 . o r g

    7. And this somehow proves that w w w . p e o p l e s p u b l i c t r u s t . c o m is not "real info"?

    8. This is a silly argument. Lets grow up shall we?

    9. Maybe "real info" isn't the way I should have put it:

      It doesn't appear to be related to the UCC filings that most are discussing. Even though the names are essentially the same.

      That was sloppy on my part. I apologize.


    Re Enforcement (Heather to Lisa)

    "enforcement...we are DO'ing the mechanics of enforcement now... Full context and knowing of the mechanics of the enforcement shall be visible after it is DONE.
    similar to the same template the Public Trust did in the foreclosure...we told you after the mechanics were done...."

    I am grateful that this is not on MY To-Do list. And I'm fine with not knowing the details.

    HOWEVER, could you ask Heather for a general WHEN? Not a date but whether we are looking at WEEKS or MONTHS? Still this winter? Spring? Summer?

    Thank you D, Heather, etc. -- much love and light!

  3. it's happening right now darlin. that's all the details I can get out of her :>)

    1. Great, thank you for the quick response D! Very much appreciated!

      Love, TwinMom

    2. I hope it happens quickly, and is decisive,
      and is universally known without a doubt.
      I have no idea how it will get done, though.
      Right now, the cabal acts as if TOPPT
      (or OPPT) does not exist.
      I hate to say, I could see them sweeping
      it under the rug, as they have done every other
      possibly positive thing.
      These people are gangsters who could make
      Al Capone blush.

  4. Someone mentioned last night on the call about 'boxing your signature' or 'adding V.C. before your signature. I found a reference to what V.C. stands for...

  5. Hey D, I was asked in another forum (ATS) about the logo the OPPT uses. Apparently there is a bit of ruffle in another blog about the choices, and if there is any nefarious purpose behind the symbolism. This blogger then goes on to explain pieces of it are similar to other more dark symbols, like Saturn (Satan). Now the I AM within me knows this is not important nor would any part of the Trust be anything other than for the greatest good, but I wonder if Heather would be kind enough to explain the origin of the seal/logo and explain what it really is/means.

    I also would personally like to thank with gratitude from my heart space, you D, Heather, Caleb, Randal, Brian and AK, Santos, Chris, Lisa, Bob and KP (and anybody else I did not mention, it was not on purpose!) for their effort and energy put into this venture. This is one thing I feel has a particular energy to it and feels SO good to be around, to talk about, to meditate on. It just radiates pure light, when you focus upon it and try to create it in your own personal way.

    Now then, I have a timing question, and it is more of one that while I know you can't answer definitively because timing is an unknown variable... I'm hoping more that you can suggest which way I should go. As it happens my wife is due with our 2nd child in late July. My house rental contract is up mid-April. Do you personally feel that before that time things will change to the new paradigm so I can pursue better housing through the OPPT fund distribution, etc? In other words, I know changes are afoot but the timing could be interesting, what is your personal feeling on all this? (I'm asking for your opinion that comes from your gut, not necessarily from those intel sources which have been not so good at time-tables.)



    1. that was me that posted that on ATS, i had originally found the link to that blog talking about the possible meaning of the OPPT symbol from comments on this site though, no one ever said anything about it though. That's why i put it on ATS to see if it would generate more comments. Even though it is just an interpretation/opinion it would be nice to have a little confirmation.... here is the link to the blog in question so everyone knows what is being talked about.

    2. Fourthmeal and Anon 10:45

      I've seen the comments on the redefinninggod blog (thanks for the link as I lost it!) and noticed his comments are closed or I would have asked him if he had addressed his concerns with the OPPT.

      I would be interested to see why they(OPPT) chose the logo they did and what their interpretation of the symbols means to them.

      Sine Nomine

    3. Hi fourthmeal, I know this question was directed to D but I might have a solution to your rental problem. I'm in the UK so not sure if your rental rules are the same. We were renting a flat (apartment) and our lease had come to an end. We had been offered accommodation with a housing association but the property wasn't ready to move into at the time. So, we spoke directly to our landlord and asked if we could remain at the flat on a month to month basis. As it turned out we stayed maybe 2 months past our "official" leaving date. The landlord was happy as he didn't have anyone lined up for the flat and we were happy as we didn't have to look for anything for such a short period before moving into our permanent home. Maybe this is something you could do? It always pays to get to know your landlord rather than deal with estate agents too.

    4. A possible answer to the Saturn connection, if there is any could be that OPPT adhear to The Law of One. According to Ra Earth guardian council resides on Saturn. Because Earth is a quarantine planet whatever happens on Earth has to bw cleared via Saturn. I am currently reading Law of One and am certainly no expert, perhaps others could comentate further.

    5. DavidG, Could be as you say. I read the Ra material a while ago and found it interesting. Sad what happened to Don in the end :-(

      I would still like the thinking behind the logo direct from the horse's mouth to put an end to speculation.

      Sine Nomine

  6. Ron Van Dyke also has been doing a nice job in his videos articulately expressing the thoughts and feelings of the people.

  7. Great show!!
    We won't EVER have to worry about losing our property for ANY reason unless we choose to give/trade it away.
    From what I've been hearing, the ownership that they're referring to is called ALLODIAL TITLE, where no bank or any other entity
    has any rights to our land.

    I also understand that there will be NO NEED for Real Estate Agents.

    We finally will have the part of Gaia that our Creator/Father intended for us to have. :)

    1. Babycakes said: "We won't EVER have to worry about losing our property for ANY reason unless we choose to give/trade it away."

      Question: How can you "lose" or "give/trade away" something that already belongs to everyone?

    2. I'm seeing so much of this continuing and continuous claiming of ownership, even in light of the conversation being about not owning anything...

      It's a sure sign of the deep level of the programming we've been exposed to for so long, I suppose...

      Ninja Bambi

    3. I agree Ninja Bambi!

      There evidently will be a distinction between 'private' and collectively owned property.

      I would venture to say that cities, common properties used by all would be collectively owned,
      whereas privately owned property would refer to a persons 'homestead'.

      That would eliminate 'Bank owned' or say 'Property owned by any Queen/leader' for property used by the population such as 'Washington D.C'.

    4. Anon 14:40, I don't think this is what is intended. The trust makes ALL of the People owner of ALL of the property. There will be no such thing as "private" property other than what you create yourself. And since you cannot create plots of land, you cannot privately own land. It would seem, however, that you *could* own the house upon it, if you created it yourself with your own mind and hands.

    5. If we will be co-creators with God, we will be creating QUITE A LOT, not just houses!

      Revisit the movie 'What Dreams May Come' for a hint.

  8. I have written the three trustees regarding some confusion on the Forum for filing the docs. This is what I sent, and D if you can help facilitate some support for this forum from the trustees it would be helpful. Many people are waiting to see how Sue's case in Missouri turns out before they attempt it themselves. This first case is very important and the forum may attract people who give very wrong advice. (I'm not saying it has happened, but it certainly could and will happen at some point)

    I'm writing concerning the foreclosure filed in Missouri that is using the Trust documents.

    A forum for discussing these filings has been set up at

    There is confusion on the forum as well as individuals that are giving advise which may
    or may not contradict how the Trust would handle it.

    If one or more of you could step into the forum to clarify it would be much appreciated.

    There will be a LOT of people following this case and waiting to see how it unfolds before they decide to test the waters themselves,
    so it is important that the first case is done right and with clarity.

  9. Hi D, I wrote a post about making sure to double down whenever interruptions occur during an interview, Heather's voice dropped out quite a bit in the interview last night with Bonacci.

    I have an idea how to make this work - have each participant in the interview record their voice at home as they participate in the interview. Have each participant email this mp3 file (zipped or straight mp3) to whoever does the transcription. At the end of the day the written transcription will be complete with all "drop-outs" remedied

    1. That's a good idea.

      I want to state that other than a couple words, the entire thing did make it across (distorted in ways though), and was intelligible if not a little hard to listen to. What happened from what I can tell, is that a word would "disappear" but the audio would catch back up and there was not any missing words but added spaces, like buffering and then sending.

      Each time it would happen, I would grimace because it WAS frustrating to listen to, but I noticed the flow was restored if I just said back what she said minus the blank "drop-out" space.

      Exception being that rather important part that they had her repeat. That was apparently completely lost the first time.

      Also, I think it has been made clear that a blogtalk chat through skype through another conference call is probably not a good way to go.

    2. I think Dolby Axon would be better software to use for these types of communications, than Skype. It is audio only, so less bandwidth needed. Plus, the panel of speakers can be arrayed across the stereo field, so there is less "talk over" than when people's voices are all stacked in the center. AND because it isn't nearly as popular as Skype, the servers aren't huffin and puffin to keep up.

      And it's totally free. Just a suggestion.

    3. Neoamor that would be AWESOME. I listen with earphones late at night in bed, and use these discussions to seek inner-self knowledge resonance while listening to these talks. Having a sweet free problem like Axon in use could make the experience that much better. I don't know what is up with Skype and other software, but this drop-out stuff and distortion is just retarded. Happens when I'm skyping with my family too sometimes.

      I vote the blogtalk team of D, Santos (if he's still in the game), Chris, Bop, Lisa etc. all give this Dolby technology a try. It cannot hurt!


  10. I'm slightly disappointed that a part of the Creator in me is not asking the right questions or looking in the right direction.
    Cryptic has tried to communicate with D and has been shut off. If all is one and the Creator is trying to tell you something, why would you shut off a part of yourself to what it is you seek? Unless you aren't seeking it, or unless you say you want something but desire something else.

    I have said something about OPPT and UCC, but cryptic in the Nesara post, (a post where Cryptic had commented many times in threads where D made comments, and trying to communicate with D) said this:

    Anonymous 27 January 2013 11:15

    The UCC is not law.

    The UCC is itself the admission of incorporation.


    I wondered why someone would use UCC to serve 'notice'. In the redemption world, my comprehension of it was that it was to get the superior lien over the strawman (corporation). In this case the filing is the TOPPT attempting to get superior lien over the US Corporation.

    But my later comprehension in UCC was that only the holder in due course of the paperwork had the superior lien, also known as a perfected lien. TOPPT would have done well to give notice of what was 'not' included in their corporation than to try to take over it.

    Another thing which surprises me by the many that follow this blog.

    No one has done a Moody's search to see how the system has used the amount that TOPPT has publicly declared as the value of every man, woman, and child in the world.

    I stopped using UCC as soon as I filed one because of the fact that the system took the information and created securities from it and traded it. A search in their records revealed the 'name' the UCC had filed as the creditor.

    It was also at a time when many were filing UCCs that the National Debt was increasing like crazy. All those filings and signatures on original mortgages, second mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Refinances, and Redemption filings of UCCs for traffic tickets, and other court cases ran in parallel to the increase of the national debt.

    Asking the right questions to discover the answers we already know is what is missing.
    Many here lack discernment. I also have to center my heart on how I feel about those that no matter how much they are warned, they want a galactic being to step in and change our world.

    I'm reminded of teenagers on a playground with a bunch of kindergarteners, and no other supervision. The kindergartners will think they are the adults and they can do great things, they can solve problems and reach at great heights because they are tall and speak with authority. Spiritual development of a teenager will not be that of an adult. Kindergarteners would convince other kindergartners to let them lead them.

    If TOPPT could transport gold, why didn't the Federal Reserve transport the $100 bills to their facility, which would have prevented their theft in October 2012?
    Would the fed discard that entire lot such that the serial numbers are marked for that set of $100 bills. Would the fed design another money plate, make new $100 bills such that those stolen would appear as bad forgeries by the time $100 bills are released?
    If everything went to credit, there is no need for central banks. Take what's on their on balance sheets, and relay that information to a credible bank controlled by someone not corrupt and take the banks and their central authority out of the picture. Why isn't that and many other things an option right now?

    If the fed charter is not renewed if fraud is discovered, and the derivatives and LIBOR scandal are evidence of fraud, how would we know how, when a new system would take it's place? Would it be from a withdrawal of funds from the banks every week in 2013, starting with what happened in January?

    1. If everything went to credit, there is no need for central banks. Take what's on their on balance sheets, and relay that information to a credible bank controlled by someone not corrupt and take the banks and their central authority out of the picture. Why isn't that and many other things an option right now?

      If the fed charter is not renewed if fraud is discovered, and the derivatives and LIBOR scandal are evidence of fraud, how would we know how, when a new system would take it's place? Would it be from a withdrawal of funds from the banks every week in 2013, starting with what happened in January?"

      Good questions that need more research imo. Hmm..... Thanks anon 10:51

      Sine Nomine

  11. i listened to the show last night and one of the things i gathered through the garble that Heather was saying was in answer to a question about people understanding whats happening and wanting to know what to do. Heather kind of came across as condescending as her answer was basically "i could explain it all to you but i would rather not waste my time and energy doing that and would rather use it on putting things in place."

    while that's good that she wants to work on getting things out there, she is also at the "top" off all of this, so she already knows what was, what is, and what is coming so its easy for her to "DO" and "BE".

    and while that works for some people to just "DO" and "BE" and not need to know the details, other people like to be informed and know all the information at hand so they can better "DO" and "BE". so answering with "i could tell you but its a waste of my time and energy" is a slap in the face to people that "DO" and "BE" best when they KNOW.


    1. Anonymous28 January 2013 11:19 wrote:

      "while that works for some people to just "DO" and "BE" and not need to know the details, other people like to be informed and know all the information at hand so they can better "DO" and "BE""

      Do you not know the details of your own life situation? Do you think Heather knows them better than you do? Might you therefore be the better DOer and BEer of your own life?

      Think of an issue you have in your life. For example, did the power company put a "smart meter" on your house and you are concerned about the health effects or loss of privacy that might result from it? Then start sending certified letters (e.g. along the lines of the "Paradigm" templates provided by the OPPT trustees) to your power company telling them that you will gladly, voluntarily pay for the electricity that you receive as soon as they prove to you that the smart meter doesn't harm your health or your privacy. Of course, you will still have to pay your bill, but find a way to do it in such a way that the power company knows you are paying it under protest. If everyone starts sending this kind of paperwork to all of their "creditors," preferably in a way that invokes the OPPT-level UCC filings, just think of what could happen.

    2. Ah, ain't nothing like paying something under 'economic duress' (as in held hostage by the situation such that you can't get out of it) or 'economic coercion' (as in doing something against your free will and good conscience).

      Hmm. Kind of shows it was not an 'agreement between the parties'.
      Yes. Yes.

  12. is the source of this message.


    In an historic first for Australia, Prerogative Writs of Mandamus were served in
    the High Court in Canberra at about 3.48 PM this afternoon 23/1/13 pertaining to
    the illegal "corporations" that have been formed, and are being operated under
    the "Commonwealth of Australia" ABN122 104 616 and the America Securities
    Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157, and commanding that this fraudulent
    "corporation," and all of the fraudulent subsidiary "companies" - being those in
    each of the States - be dissolved. Queenslanders will no doubt be familiar with
    the "Brigalow Corporation," brought to the attention of the people some years
    ago by Sue Maynes in New South Wales, Brian Shaw in Victoria, Wayne Glew et al
    in Western Australia, as well as many other good and hard-working people for the
    cause in many other States.

    This action will have repercussions throughout Australia, and around the world,
    and result in the formation of the King's Bench, which may result in the
    dissolution of all of the governments - State and Federal - as they are all
    guilty of fraud - and possibly the arrest and jailing of a number of people -
    politicians, government "advisers" and lackeys, judges, and many others. The
    list is already quite extensive, including former politicians and Prime
    Ministers, Premiers, on and on it goes! As we said in a previous issue of the
    Voice, "Runnymede, here we come again!"

    This is the result of people realising their sovereign rights under the
    Australian Constitution Act 1901, sections 1 to 128, Section 61 of Magna Carta
    1215/1297, and the Statute of Monopolities 1623-4, where there has been a number
    of frauds of gigantic proportions perpetrated on the sovereign people of

    We congratulate people like Sue Maynes and many others, who have toiled for
    years to try to get something done about the situation. We have waited and
    waited for someone to act, hoping someone would, and having waited for years,
    with nothing happening, we decided to do it ourselves. Together, we quietly
    formed an alliance with other hard working sovereign people from other States,
    issued the writs this week in the High Court, serving them this afternoon. It
    was a tremendous rush, to get them in to the High Court before they close
    tomorrow for the year, and we sincerely thank all those who gave their all to
    get them sent in time for issuing this afternoon in the High Court in Canberra..

    The Chief Justice Mr. French does not have long to act, and he must act. If he
    does not, he may be charged with high treason, which according to law, is
    punishable by death.

    1. A quick glance via GOOGLE shows the exact same "Stop Press" info release actually came out in 2010.

      So... I would call this DISINFO and move on.

      - fourthmeal

    2. Well spotted fourthmeal! Just the date 23/1/13 seems to have been inserted and a different post number 8870 as opposed to 29061.

      And I thought the death sentence for treason had been abolished in the Commonwealth? It was in the UK as it was one of the first things PM Blair did when he took up the premiership in 1997 - that was a hmm moment! ;-)

      Sine Nomine

  13. Excuse Me! Need some clarification, please! What is this digital property exchange all about? Everyone in the world has an equal share in all property, according to Heather? Did I hear that correctly??

    Sounds like "Socialism on Steroids" to me. Please clarify.

    1. For Heather to make comments like that without further detail was quite curious.

    2. From what I comprehend of the situation it's simply a starting point. Each individual made equal, then offered the choice to "trade" equity from all/select sources to establish claim to a single property. It is not ownership, as that can only occur when one creates on their own, but rather a preferred claim of right to exclusive access and control of one's domicile.

      This is a very new and different way of looking at this area and few of the "old" ways of thinking, if any, apply.


    3. No wonder they were talking about the populace being in fear in the bit of the program I managed to hear. It sounded like Heather was trying to communicate through a fish tank so I had to give up.

      Definitely need clarification on 'digital property exchange" and 'everyone in the world has an equal share in all property.' That could be open to abuse as not everyone on this planet is into loving neighbors as themselves, unfortunately. I think the WH would make a smart apartment block though and Windsor Castle.... ;-)

      Sine Nomine

    4. Yes, this is the nature of the trust. Sounds like Heather is exercising her wonderfully creative imagination. We all need to do this more.

      In this vision, all property belongs to all trust beneficiaries equally. Heather also said, immediately after that, however, that there would need to be some system for maintaining property, which is probably the much more difficult challenge than a "digital property exchange". How do we ensure that someone who occupies a (public) property takes respectful care of it? Or do we allow anyone the freedom to trash a property and "pay" for it in fewer digital "points" with which to trade for a different property?

    5. A "digital property exchange" sounds like a money system, doesn't it? Who said money we can live without money? As long as you and your immediate community cannot make or procure everything that everyone in that community needs when they need it, something will have to be used as a temporary placeholder of value. This is what real money is. The trick is for a community to use a placeholder object that cannot be easily counterfeited. This is why people talk about the supremacy of gold-backed money.

    6. There would certainly be a few that go for a home like P Diddy, trash it and move on, but in short order they will, by their own choice, soon run out of "points" with which to trade. It's no different with an automobile or other asset. Its something that is a finite path without exercising personal responsibility and accountability, which the system as I see it imposes by its very nature.

      Anyway, if one does trash a home to render it useless, it allows for a new one to be built by those that find that their passion.

      Those that continue to do this act will find themselves in only the basic of home... If they trash that, I guess it's a box in the alley.

    7. john in bc28 January 2013 13:38: Anyway, if one does trash a home to render it useless, it allows for a new one to be built by those that find that their passion.

      ...and who aren't troubled the thought that their creative handiwork might get trashed by a self-centered, insensitive, irresponsible human being. :-P

    8. This all sounds like a wet dream for communists and socialists.

    9. XatCat, that possibility exists now. It is only somewhat controlled by the fraudulent fiat system. But rather than trashing what one obtains by debt, that can be wiped through bankruptcy, one would be trashing equity, or tangible value.

      It will not be a smooth running system of responsible individuals for a while. There are many prejudices and misconceptions that need to be reconciled and that takes time, effort and education. But this perceived flaw only really applies to a miniscule sector of the people and each has the choice to do business with an individual or not.

      I see that it will self regulate fairly quickly.

    10. john in bc28 January 2013 13:57: XatCat, that possibility exists now. It is only somewhat controlled by the fraudulent fiat system.

      John, while I agree that it is possible that someone who loves building homes today in the debt-based system does it purely out of passion and without regard for any "reward" in the form of little pieces of debt (a.k.a. fiat money) -- or, for that matter, whether the occupants of the the home "pay back" the passion of its builder in the form of their loving care of and for it -- but I would venture that it is an extremely rare occurrence. What the fiat system controls (suppresses) today is passion, while it "frees" debtors of personal responsibility. It's okay to trash another's creative handiwork as long as you're willing to strengthen your slavery by the debt-based system (e.g., through lower resale value or bankruptcy). It would seem that a "digital property exchange" based on "points" is just another opportunity for discounting the "passion" part of the equation. How does one assign points to passion?

      It's an interesting debate, isn't it? How long would you see the period before full "self regulation" is attained? It's got to be years, I would think. Lisa Harrison has alluded to this challenge in several of her remarks in the various radio shows. I'd like to see her pursue this question in future shows.

    11. You aren't looking far enough XatCat. In this new system one does not need to "work" for a living. The living is a fundamental right, no different than the birds, bees and fuzzy little forest creatures. In contrast, we as humans tend to seek a bit more opulence than a cave or hole under a log. That doesn't change the fact that each has a right to a home. (although I would be very happy with a nice dry cave full of crystals and the unsurpassed beauty of our wonderful Gaia)

      One would not build a home for any more gain than the wonderful satisfaction of serving and helping others to better their circumstances. Along with that would, arguably, come the efforts of the passionate builder to educate the one receiving the benefit in maintaining and improving the equity/home.

      Continuing greed and disrespect will not serve in the new system and once the struggle of keeping your kids dry and warm and fed is no more, following passions for passion's sake will gain a position of high value.

      Please keep in mind that limited and selfish 3D thinking and acts simply cannot exist anywhere outside of 3D, especially when faced with loving and service based 5D existence.

    12. Yes, which kind of makes the "digital property exchange" idea and the risk of "running out of points" a non-starter.

      BTW, not all of us go for that "3D/5D" lingo, but I think I know what you mean and that's what matters. :-)

    13. "The living is a fundamental right, no different than the birds, bees and fuzzy little forest creatures."

      John, the living isn't exactly a bed of roses for all those critters. In fact, it's downright brutal. And that's just for survival. Hopefully this next quantum jump in human consciousness will also bump the conditions for our little brothers and sisters of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms up a notch!

    14. That is simply a point of view. One that has no cloths is very happy with rags. Does the badger feel his warm, dry hole is brutal? Probably not. Does the Eagle feel her nest, safely up in a high tree is less than she deserves?

      I have been homeless and reliant on the kindness of others for a dry warm bed. I feel truly blessed with the, to some, less than stellar old trailer I currently reside in. Having a nice house on a parcel of land isn't going to make me drier, warmer or more comfortable.

      I know that the critters are moving up. I see it in my Dog almost every day. His expression of comprehension and forethought is often astounding. So have no fear. The mineral, plant and animal kingdom are moving up along with us.

    15. Well, it would be nice to have a system where predators are no longer necessary.

  14. Hello,
    I know this sounds ridiculous in light of everything else going on in the world, but has anyone used the OPPT to fight a simple traffic/running a red light ticket yet? I'm just curious because I know that'll be one of the first battles we'll face other than home repossession.
    Thanks for any feedback.

    1. check and see how they deal with that

    2. Thanks so much for that tip my friend!

  15. I would like to know how to be relieved of my property tax bill. House has been paid for, it is still mine, right?

    1. Hate to tell you this but no, you don't "own" it. Read the documents. You are listed as "tennant". (perhaps they may use a different word, but the concept remains).

      When you "registered" your property, you, in truth, signed it over to the state as trustee and the state has control. It is really difficult to dissolve that trustee relationship, but it is possible. It's far too complex to discuss here and there are many websites that deal with this specifically.

      One ting you can do right away is to write a notice to the state demanding clarification and justification for their demands and claim on what you believe is your property. Templates are available for this, but some research and education will be necessary to see the deception and counter it.

    2. The question of whether you own the house or not is irrelevant. (See discussion above about the "digital property exchange.") Write to your county and tell them that you will gladly pay the tax as soon as they prove to you that you owe it. Never refuse to pay a bill. Cite the relevant OPPT UCC filings and inform them that you are a flesh-and-blood one of the People.

    3. I do agree that the new information of the OPPT is absolutely relevant here, it is also very useful to be able to see the deception in order to comprehend the solution.

    4. WHO lists you as a tenant?
      If the property was raw land when purchased, via cash...and all building were built out of pocket...and approved by the county...where is the Tenant part?
      Thanks John in BC.

    5. Ok, purchased from whom? How? A promise to pay (fiat currency) Who, beyond the creator has a lawful claim of "ownership"? (sorry 'bout that, it's a sore point with me that some fiction (state, county etc.) has a preferred claim over the creator)...

      But to the point, You mentioned that one would get "approval" from the county. Why? What claim do they have to approve or disapprove what one creates with their own labor and sweat? Do you feel subject to the county? It seems that you feel you are less than that fiction.

      I don't wish to insult and that is not my intent. Only that I seek to get folks thinking of personal power, personal responsibility and the nature of servitude both voluntary and involuntary.

      This is a thing that MUST be learned and very clear in everyone's mind and heart before any significant change can occur.

      The tenant part comes in as a function of registration.

      When the concept of registration was created, it was for the Captains of merchant ships to safeguard their ships and cargo when in a foreign port. They would register their vessel and cargo with the harbormaster, thus naming the harbormaster as trustee of the vessel and contents to ensure it's safety while in port. The harbormaster takes on the responsibility for the ship until the captain's return.

      In truth, a very nice way to deal with a difficult issue, but over time, the concept has been usurped and expanded through deceptive words and hidden meanings to include ANY property such as real estate, automobiles, children... Some unscrupulous folks saw an opportunity to take advantage of the uneducated and has persisted up to today.

    6. Some people said accepting the Deed or filing the final payment you received from the bank may indicate there is no longer a lien. Supposedly the tax is based on the fact the property carries a lien. I think I read it in an old google book on line, something called a treatise on the law of mortgages or something like that. It's a hard read because we don't talk the talk and it assumes a knowledge of something, but it appears that last loop is never closed and with the final payment they don't do it, and with our lack of knowledge we don't do it. It was written in the early 1930's. If you can find it then try to search on tax to see if they explain why the property is taxed.
      Seems someone wrote the rules of the game way back then and we've been thrust into the game without knowing the rules. I found that a lot of things written by Henry Campbell Black seem to be how things are run or a baseline for how we got here. It was Henry Campbell Black who wrote Black's Law dictionary.

      Ever wonder how someone can write a book of the words used and a treatise on just about everything from court, to mortgages, to financial things, and more.

      Wishing you luck. As for John in BC. Most of us in the US have not purchased raw land. We end up in planned neighborhoods where someone else owns the raw land and lets us put a 'fixture' on it. There is a maxim that what is attached to the soil belongs to the soil. But the One purchasing the fixture is called a tenant in the documents so that if they want to 'evict' you, the mortgagor, mortgage servicer, or whoever purchased a foreclosed home can step in as landlord, tell a court that someone is on their land, won't pay and won't leave and get a court order for a sheriff to evict them and their contents off the property (not just front yard, we are talking to the curb of the street)

      Even if One is able to not pay property taxes, ie if that treatise explains the fact of the lien and they are able to file something that the lien is satisfied, the land owner in some 'planned communities' set up a Home owners association, and they paid for the streets, sewers, lighting and community space, and they have a contract to perpetuity to collect monthly dues forever and ever and ever. I didn't like contracts of perpetuity and knew state constitutions prohibited it, but somehow they use the 'no law impairing the obligations of contracts' and said since we entered into them they cannot interfere with law of contracts.

      It's a wild, wild, wild wild world, alright.

    7. Precisely. Two things are brought out here.

      The contract IS the law...
      its all based on deceptive acts and practices.

      This little rabbit hole is VERY deep.

    8. If One checks the County Clerk records, they may find the birth certificates sit under Real Estate.

  16. I just hope that OPPT team is aware of utter satanic evil of those on the other side and that they are protected somehow

  17. I can't believe no one has mentioned the Washington post article from 1/27/13.

    Here is a small tid-bit of information:

    According to an account that Hagel later gave, and is reported here for the first time, he told Obama: “We are at a time where there is a new world order. We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats — “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using the military for.

  18. which of course opens the door to ask, has the OPPT team successfully fought ANYTHING in a 3D court, by virtue of their recognized OPPT status?

    1. It is successful because the 3D court CANNOT speak to the claims of the OPPT. I thought that was obvious.

    2. Time will tell. While we wait, let's do some truth disclosing of our own.

  19. Reponse to your: My Views: NESARA, RV and "Cabal control".

    Dee: I hear what you are saying. BUT.... whomever is in control of the UST is in control of the money they are printing, aren't they? So who is currently running the UST> I can tell you

    that I have been told over and over again - that the small asian woman is in control of the UST right now. I don't work there, I don't have any ability to "see" who is doing what inside the

    UST, I am just repeating the intel I have been given over the course of several months through many many sources.

    Ariel: I have to address this, even though this is a whole other post; I have been away from the PC in the last two days so I'm playing catch up. Ok, so you are denoting the control of

    something means it's ominous and treacherous in nature because you don't know who is in control but you were told so incessantly it was a ''small asian woman'' and that is supposed

    to mean what exactly? What am I as a reader of this site supposed to gather from that? That's the thing Dee, you always leave all of these ''cliff hangers''.

    Your intel sources are like S.O.O.'s (Soap Opera Operatives) who leave this suspense in the imagination of the reader to ponder incomplete and improper intel that gives us nothing we

    can also look into, we're just left with the gazing suspenseful close up of glaring eyes into what seems to be the culprit of his/her problems. We are just to believe you and them

    because your sources have and hold these astute positions? We are left at the mercy of what is said and not what we can look into outside of you and your intel's suspicions about

    what's going on. That's why I leave links to show people I'm not just talking perfucntory nonsense.
    Can they at least give you the courtesy of even giving you a name of this woman? You would think after the announcement blunder they would try to reestablish some credibility to why

    they still deserve to be listened or adhered to. The UST (United States Treasury) is responsible for the printing of money that will be backed by gold, platinum, and silver correct people?

    Now, lets look at the new 'US Treasury Notes' we are to be using once the RV (Revaluation) happens. Here is a link that breaks down every symbol ane meaning on the new 100 Dollar Bill

    Now once you get there I want you to scroll down to a particular image illustrating a particular wording alluding to the ''Declaration of Independence'' that says at the bottom right of the

    100$ bill quote:�That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying

    its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.� End quote. But that's not what really

    stood out to me the most, it is the year in which the 100$ bill was printed which was 2009. Now why would that be important? Because we have been under NESARA Law since Otober 2

    2008 and one of the stipulation under NESARA is the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank. Now tell me why within 6 months of that establishment the Federal Reserve went

    insolvent in March of 2009. I was on a live conference call with P.A.G. (Private Attorney General) Paul Andrew Mitchell along with Mark Huber, Rama and Tara when Paul Andrew Mitchell

    announced the Declaration of Dissolution which we have had since March 31, 2009 which means insolvency was the case for Federal Reserve, the IRS and the Federal Government. Here

    is the link Continued.....

    1. The problem with that "new" $100 bill is it says "Federal Reserve Note".
      I have a humongous problem with THAT.

  20. Now you tell me what that means? Iv'e spoken to Paul Andrew Mitchell twice because he was the one that sent me that official link after the conference call was over.
    On Oct 1, 2008 George Bush Jr tried to declare martial law, and two U.S. Marshals picked him up from the stage and took him off in the middle of his announcement. On Oct 2, 2008

    Nancy Pelosi became acting President of U.S. and remained so until November 4, 2008 when Barack Obama became President Elect.
    Is the 14th amendment the smoking gun as to the introduction of NESARA? If not, what is? The 14th Amendment, Section 3 is the big deal. Essentially, no registered barrister of the BAR

    Association is allowed to hold office in the United States. Period. Members of Congress, Members of OAS and other organizations and Presidents. President Obama, Michelle Obama and

    Bill Clinton all renounced their BAR associations before taking public office. What does BAR means? British Accreditation Regency. Which is why they couldn't hold an American office

    and hold a judicial oath to Britain at the same time which prompted them Lawfully to renounce their official associations. Here is the transcript of that conference call with Paul Andrew

    Mitchell (

    Because one commenter asked BTS who owns the Judicial System? He/she said the cabal. And I say !!no!! the public's ignorance owns the judiciary system, not the cabal. Because if you

    knew how it worked like the OPPT does we would have been out of this mess a long time ago. You see I don't have the patience Dee does, because those questions you be responding to

    be from people that want all the research done for them. I swear whenever I find the time I will start my blog and start giving out ''homeworkd assignments'' so you guys can stop asking

    them foolish asinine questions, I mean can you Google your inquiry first? I wouldn't post another blog until you came back and showed me some critical thinking progress.

    Dee: The thing to remember is that there are several factions that are all "Cabal" and are all fighting against each other. That is the change of dynasty. The "texas" cabal and the

    "Rothchild" Cabal have been at each others throats for ultimate power for decades. Now enter the "new" (actually very old) faction of the Cabal, who's got a tight grip on the balls of the

    US government - cutting deals left right and centre in negotiations..... buying banks, oil, hydro/energy... End quote.

    Ariel: The Texas Cabal is headed by none other than George Bush Sr. Who is on his death bed. I'm confused Dee, do you even listen to your own intel? Look I am going to tell you guys a

    little secret I have been keeping from you and I have been waiting for the right time and I think since we are so close to the end of this game I thought I should acclimate you into the

    revelations that are to come about once Disclosure' is upon us. The truth about the Illuminati is this, The so-called "Black Nobility" of Europe, and the Bilderberger group(one of the so-

    called illuminati families). The European nations paid tribute to the Moors well into the 18th century. In the book, "United States and Barbary Powers" the English, French, Dutch, Danes,

    and Swedes, and I may say all nations are tributary to them. Continued...

    1. I find your comments INSULTING. You act like everything on the internet is true. That is the the problem, IT'S NOT!! If it were we wouldn't need anyone to do our homework.

  21. " David Macritchie in the book "Ancient and Modern Britons" says that the word "Blackmail" is the result of this tribute paid to the "Black Army", or "Black Oppressors" as the English

    referred to them. The Moors had control of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This is why the Marines sing of defeating the Moors " From the halls of Montezuma (Mexico) to the shores

    of Tripoli", confirming in song the extent of the Moorish empire or dominions of Amexem, or Atlantis. The Illuminati strive to attain what you call the 33rd degree of knowledge, which

    is why when you see a European with a Fez the black tassle at the top is taped to one side signifying 33 degrees of knowledge. But while you are looking at an African American Moor the

    black tassle at the top is rotating 360 around the fez symbolzing 360 degrees of knowledge. What am I saying here? I'm saying all the provisions of NESARA were supposed to be

    enacted by the illuminati but the greed and lust for continous power stifled their own attempts to free humanity. Watch this 2 part series of the black Moor statues being shown all over

    Europe. And then Watch this video showcasing Dolce & Gabbana fashion line honor the Moors in their runway show. The European nations paid tribute to the Moors well into the 18th

    century. In the book, "United States and Barbary Powers" the English, French, Dutch, Danes, and Swedes, and I may say all nations are tributary to them. This is the missing piece of the

    puzzle which is causing the confusion. That is why the Illuminati monopolized history to only show African American as slaves and nothing else.

    Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin worked closely with the Moors in the Continental Congress to secure this treaty. In the Bevans collection there are over 200 letters to the Bey of

    Morocco from the Continental Congress. There were many Moors in the Continental Congress working with the European Masons originally taught by Moors, to form a "Novus Ordo

    Seclorum" [ new secular order of the ages, "E Pluribus Unum" out of many peoples and nations, one]. The Moroccan Treaty is very powerful because according to the Constitution,

    treaties are the "Law of the Land". It has been documented in the Universal Charter of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation/Moors, the Treaties which were broken and the re-apportionment of

    Land as will be required when we return to the American Republic. The authorities have been put into place who have researched, written, and implemented the changes behind the

    scenes. NESARA will enable African Americans to establish our own Democratic Republic along with everyone else who has that ancestory. The Moors were in Spain for 700 years so I

    suggest you guys check your family tree/bloodline. Oh' and one more thing watch this famous scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper called ''True Romance'' where Mr.

    Hopper describes how much interracial sex went on between the Moors and Sicilians/Erupoeans. Continued....

  22. Ariel: Dee why are you asking us? I thought you were the one you had special intel sources? Is transferring money supposed to be evil? Didn't you read the interview with the IMF head

    Christine Lagarde? Didn't I show you guys specifically the agenda Christine Lagarde is trying to accomplish? I thought the regualtions of the bank were a good thing? Dee, we all know

    we are not going to be using Federal Reserve Notes once the RV happens because it's not backed by anything other than the value us citizens give it. Didn't Judge Dale state that once

    the RV happens the cabal won't have money to fund black ops shooting because the value of the FRN would be nill/nothing/void/invalid useless currency. And why are you worried

    about who controls the banks in Hong Kong? You say and I quote (Federal Reserve hasn't printed a single dollar bill since early 2010 - because they can't.) End Quote. Now why can't

    they do that well I already went into that explanation above thanks to Paul Andrew Mitchell. Again Dee you said and I quote ("I don't care who is or is not in control when it

    happens....just let it happen!") End Quote. Make up your mind Dee, you are conflicting your own self If you don't care who is in control why are you concerned about who owns the Bank

    in Hong Kong? Your blog post be one thing and your comments be another. What is up with this dualship? You keep saying you ignored that inner voice but at the same time you keep

    repeating this is what my intel told me. I thought you wrote them off as not being the informative informants you portray them to be because you keep saying I should've listened to my

    higher self.

    Dee: Who is Usurping the RV and NESARA? Who is controlling it? The positive military are suppose to be involved, but they have yet to make the big step and do what they say they are

    going to do. Who is it then? The good guys? Then where are the announcements? Where is the RV? Every bit of intel from everyone I talk to and their sources as well has been saying

    "any minute now" for the past month. I spent 5 hours on the phone Thursday night listening to every person I talked to saying "tonight tonight tonight"..... now it's "This weekend, this

    weekend, this weekend".....

    Ariel: The key word is ''yet'' Dee. Why is everybody so wrapped up in tracking the every move of the people who are involved in these announcements? You just said yet Dee, which

    means you know it is coming so why bother with th what's, when's how's, and who's? That's your problem Dee have you ever thought about where your intel gets' thier intel? If you did

    we would't be in this situation. Why can't your intel just admit they don't have a clue whatsoever about when this is to take place. If they knew the dates wouldn't that put people in

    danger who are involved in the implentation of NESARA and the RV's? That is the ABC 123 and the 101 of this whole thing. Paul Wellstone who when he was about to break his gag order

    was killed with his wife and daughter in a plane crash. This was a reminder to all under a gag order not to speak about NESARA Law. Nobody knows when this will happen, you intel

    sources need to stop pretending they do because they don't! That is why you are getting the run around just like them gurus in them Dinar chatrooms, hell I'm starting to think your

    intel is coming from Dinanrians Okie, Tony, and Terry K. And you know how I feel about them. Continued..

  23. Dee: Yes I've heard that plan. And the Announcement are suppose to happen at pretty much the exact same time. Everything all at once. BUT now I'm hearing rumblings from many

    sources saying that Obama will "get sick and have to step down", or will be forced to step down through impeachment.... NOT due to the announcements of NESARA. IF this rolls out

    this way, if they try to pass off the change of government due to illness, or a court decision and NOT include announcements of NESARA and the return to Constitutional Law..... then

    THAT my friends is a serious problem.

    .... and all of the Above doesn't even take into account the OPPT UCC filings and government foreclosures and the fact that they are all completely obsolete.

    Ariel: Here you go with this again Dee, you keep saying ''I heard from many sources'' but how in the hell they know Obama is supposed to get sick other than one of them being

    employed to slip him a mickey or inocculate him with some poisoness needle or something. How do they know this? And no we don't have a serious problem regardless of how this

    plays out because the corporation is done and finished, the only people still carrying on as if the corporations are still in power is the masses who have no clues they have already won.

    Hell, the 43 trillion dollar Spire Lawsuit should have told you that. Jesus Christ what else do you guys want? Cna't you see the masses are the ones that are delaying things if they knew

    what we knew this shit would have happened already. Where is the patience here? Stop trying to track every move of this thing and just let announcements happen when they happen.

  24. Anonymous re-hacks US Sentencing site into video game Asteroids

    The U.S. Sentencing Commission website has been hacked again and a code distributed by Anonymous "Operation Last Resort" turns into a playable video game.

    Visitors enter the code, and then the website that sets guidelines for sentencing in United States Federal courts becomes "Asteroids."

    Shooting away at the webpage reveals an image of Anonymous.

    The trademark Anonymous "Guy Fawkes" face is comprised of white text saying, "We do not forgive. We do not forget."

    I went to the site just now and it won't load.

    Link to hacked site:


  25. Wow, it still is down.


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