Thursday 31 January 2013

Jan 31st Update: Where we're going, and What's been going on

I'm Baaaacckkkkkk!

Sorry for sort of abandoning you all for a day and a half- I haven't been able to even read the comments since around noon Tuesday, due to the fact that I ran out of hours in my day...s.

I wanted to give you a short update on what's been happening in the last little while and what I've been up to.

First off, we are creating a new RTS website off of blogger.  Our current format is extremely limiting and at this point, our community here has grown beyond the limits of what Blogger can do. My friend Nicole is working on putting together a basic site that will morph and change as we add new features to it and pretty it up, lol.  One of the very first things we will be putting on the new RTS will be a forum.  The forum is a vital part of our ideas to continue building our community here.  We will use it for communication between people working on different aspects of the technical side of things- having sections for the Transcribers team, Translation team, Technical/media team, and other bloggers putting out OPPT articles and info.  This way there is one place for everyone to work together on various projects without having to sift through skype messages and emails.  There will also be sections in the forum for the community and I'm hoping that you guys will help us develop those sections according to the topics that you think we should have as sections/subsections. We will also have new emails so that the community can contact myself and those working on the site more easily.

So a basic site and forum to start with, just to get us moved over to a more welcome and user-friendly community.

Once that is in place we will be working on several different sections-  for radio shows, videos, articles etc, and a links page to gather all the links to all the various sites and groups that have suddenly sprouted up  as so many BEings are DOing what they want to DO.

I've been speaking to several people about the radio show idea and I think that we will start with pre-recorded YouTube videos and then move from there to live radio. These videos/radio show will not just be about OPPT, but we will talk about all sorts of topics from the political to the esoteric (for lack of a better word, lol).  I have met some awesome people who are jumping in with two feet to help us with this.  I will also be working with Lisa Harrison & Chris Hale from Collective Imagination, Brian from American Kabuki and several others as we have been asked to do a regular show on Freedom Reigns Blog Talk Radio show every Monday evening, starting this coming Monday Feb 4th.

I want to tell you that at one point last night I sat on my couch with tears streaming down my face. I mentioned yesterday my plans for moving forward.... and spent hours last night replying to emails from amazing people who contacted me to offer their help in DOing these projects.  From professional recording engineers, videographers, graphic artists, web designers, programming specialists, people with MSM experience in TV/Radio/Print.... Writers, Editors, Cartoonists, Artists,..... I was literally completely overwhelmed with the energy of all these people offering to help.

YOU are amazing.  I have been in AWE of  the amount of people who have stood up and said "Right.  I am going to do this", and have followed their hearts and minds and created incredible things.

 I also want to tell you about the insanity of the disinformation campaign that is going viral in the "Intel" world.  Over the past 72 hours I have heard and read some of the most outrageous disinfo ever to of graced the "RV/NESARA/PPs" world.  To the point that I've hung up from calls and giggled my ass off.  I've now heard 3 different stories about how Obama will "leave" DC, I've heard of 3 different people being/going to be (depending on the slant of the intel) the interim President, and 2 different people who are/will be the Interim VP. They are seriously doing everything they can to keep people confused and guessing.

Oh and just a little 3D moment here:  I love the fact that suddenly in the past 2 days there have now been several people coming out saying that Mdm Wu is NOT a good guy, nor is she working for the Dragons (or the ancient families or the "old man"), nor is she working on behalf of the American People.   I laughed my ass off yesterday when I had 7 different people send me the same article put out by a certain person who only a week ago was convinced that everything I had been saying was bull shit and lies and disinfo.  I talked about this HERE and HERE

The problem is that many of these people are not connecting the dots. The lines that connect them together are drawn through understanding the fact that if Mdm Wu is not the saviour to the American People as she's been made out to be, if she's working for the Chinese government (which she is) and NOT aligned with the ancient families (which she isn't), then everything she has been involved in must be considered suspect IN MY OPINION.  She has been involved in all the negotiations for the RV, she has been involved in the funding of the UST and new US Treasury Bills, she has been involved in the transfer of HUGE sums of money between countries and banks both inside and outside the US, she has been involved in telling the US government what to do and how they WILL do it.... she has been involved with NESARA agreements and the PPs.

When people  who supposedly have important positions are threatened with their lives while in a city that is supposedly under the control of Wu, Wong, Li.... (and a couple of visiting shrubberies) ... one has to seriously question their motives and involvement in the US and with the New Financial system and all that comes with it.

Do you now understand why I wrote what I did?  Can you connect the dots?


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  2. One question. If we are really all free as we have been told now for the past month, why do you need a new website or even continue with this one?

    1. why does your freedom have anything to do with my website?

    2. there is so much work to be done to create our new reality, Alot of Do ing needs to happen and there is a wonderful community here that is eagerly putting their hands up to DO. So the new website i understand is to create a platform for the community to connect with one another and Do what needs to be done.

  3. So business as usual.............

    ;-) Sine Nomine

  4. your "intel" world is obviously the "disintel" world that you and others buy into and write about. Real "intel" will never be available to you and unfort us. We never know the truth will never until all is announced.

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  7. and obviously the Anonymous shills are out in force again. That's fine folks. The forum will be ready in about 2 days. I can just turn off the comments here completely until then. I don't have time to play your games so run along on your merry way.

  8. Btw for all those who think nothing is happening... The words that were in my head when I woke up this morning were: "The TEAM (i.e. Earthly, Universal, Galactic) have been in Paris (last night) and ...." There were other places there but I couldn't unfortunately remember any more. But it's all going on behind the scenes... we/they are working at night...It IS happening we just can't see it - yet :)

  9. I didn't pass the "connect the dots" exam to get into the military. (BAD NEWS = GOOD NEWS lol ) nor the color blind test(s), not even the urinalysis test :-) *why are we weeing in these little cups guys???? derr

    spell it out for me... Nesara yes? no? maybe? global monetary reset is real or dis info?? throw me a 3d bone here!

    looking forward to the forum section esp. might need a tutors section for us dimwits


  10. Sorry my friends, I don't have time to play petty games with the shills and trolls. I've turned off comments to everyone except blog members. New forum.... very soon!


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