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The Battle for Control of the Global Financial System

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To view the whole PDF with all links, document and pictures click HERE for New Tomorrow, or HERE for American Kabuki. 

The author of High Financial Affairs: The Battle for Control of the Global Financial System sent this brilliant new article to me this morning.  Unfortunately it's in a PDF format and I can NOT get blogger to allow me to post PDF's.  I have copied the text of the file here for you to read and as soon as someone gets the PDF uploaded onto a site, I will edit in the link for it.  The PDF file contains documents and photos of many of the pieces of the puzzle that he lays out in the article.

Reading the High Financial Affairs article was a real eye opener- both in giving me pieces of the puzzle that I wasn't aware of earlier, and also tying together pieces of information that I do have to further information I was missing.  AWESOME!

I will add a few of my comments directly into this article in BLUE.  I figured it would be much easier to keep track of them that way instead of writing my comments altogether in a separate article.  I will be writing a separate update later this evening, with some more info on this subject and some updates on NOW.

If you haven't read New Tomorrow's articles that outline the history of the financial horror story we live in, both parts one and two are MUST reads.

Part One:
Part two:

High Financial Affairs
The Battle for Control of the Global Financial System


The following report has been compiled as a companion to an existing body of
information contained in Part II of New Tomorrow, an independent information and
resource website. This report is meant to expand upon the information presented on the
site by both bringing into question many of the players involved as well as creating new
links to both governmental and non-governmental organizations who are also involved in
what this writer has come to refer to as 'high financial affairs' which reach far above and
beyond the political spectrum of global nation states.

If you the reader have not done so already, it is recommended that you take the time to
read and absorb the information contained on Part II of the New Tomorrow website,
which will bring you up to speed on these affairs, thus enabling you to better grasp the
scope of the information being presented here. Certain areas of this paper will only very
briefly touch upon the general nature of certain individuals and groups purported to be
involved in this global financial battle. Expanding upon their potential roles will be work
left to other researchers.

It is this writer's hope that the information contained in this paper will 'draw forth'
additional whistle blowers with intimate knowledge of these affairs; most especially
those with information that pertains to the 'positive' forces working behind the scenes in
high places. There is a growing consensus amongst those of us whom are quietly keeping
watch over these affairs: We agree that it is coming time for the 'positive' forces to give
us some real concrete evidence as to their existence. We continue to hear of powerful
Asian societies, (most notably the Dragon Family), a 140+ nation alliance known as The
New League of Free Nations/Non-aligned Movement (said to possibly be centered
around the BRICS nations), as well as positive forces at work in the united States of
America; in particular a purported group of wealthy Americans who draw their
bloodlines back to the time of the Pilgrims. There is also much talk concerning oath
keeping forces within the Pentagon whom are pushing back hard against the globalist
cabal and their attempts to implement a world-wide fascist dictatorship under the control
of the United Nations that, from the mouths of some of the leading members within this
framework of power, has come to be called a New Word Order for the future. We hear
that the most dangerous and perhaps most powerful of these groups is the 'Texas Camp'
overseen by President George H.W. Bush, his son George W. Bush, The Clintons, and
their minions. Further research has brought forth information that possibly links these
men to Nazi factions which escaped from Germany in the aftermath of World War II via
the so-called Vatican Rat Lines and the subsequent Project Paperclip.

We are told that all of these purported 'positive' groups are said to be working on a
'plan' to wrest control of the global financial system away from the hands of nefarious
forces and thus reset the system for the betterment of all mankind, and that some of those
in high positions of power whom are trying to assist in this effort are members of the
banking and bloodline families themselves (i.e. some whom we ‘think’ are allies are
really enemies, and some whom we perceive as ‘enemies’ are actually our allies). This
'plan' to free the planet from the bonds of financial servitude is said to be global in scope.
There is a growing body of evidence to support the fact that the IMF, spearheaded by
Christine Lagarde, is part of this effort. Also involved in this is said to be a one Madame
Wu Yi, the former Vice Premiere of China. Russian President Vladimir Putin is also said
to be a major player in this. We are told that the impending revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar
will be a key part of this global financial reset. We also continue to hear murmuings of
NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, which is said to be the
centerpiece of a new asset-backed financial system in the united States.

Lot's of hearsay, hints, whispers, documents, photographs, interviews...but no real
'smoking gun'. From where we're sitting in the peanut gallery, the 'powers that be' keep
running up the score, and the peanuts and beer are getting more expensive by the day.
We, the seekers of ultimate truth, are coming forward with certain information with great
risk to our own safety. Some of us have already been warned, but that has not stopped
us. We understand your own reasons for continued silence, yet our eternal patience is
growing thin.

'We the People' have come to understand that time is not something that is on our
sides, and if the information coming forward is indeed based upon fact, then it is time for
you, the whistle blowers and those involved in these affairs at high levels, to give us
something solid. For as we all well know, the phony fiat currency system controlled by
the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank for International Settlements is set to collapse. It
also appears as if there will be a nation-wide attempt to seize firearms within the united
States via a U.N. Small Arms Treaty or a sweeping Executive Order, spearheaded by the
legislation which has been composed by Senator Dianne Feinstein; a sure sign that the
pot is close to boiling over.

We need to know: Does there still exist a window of time in which these matters can
be resolved somewhat peacefully, or is the united States of America headed towards a
2nd Civil War? If the latter be the case, then emergency preparations need to be made in
anticipation of warfare on the streets of cities throughout the united States. As a fellow
seeker of truth so succinctly put it to website readers and followers, (when vetting
information that may not have been meant for public consumption),

"You have the right to know."

(quote taken from):

Once again, if you the reader have not done so already, please start at the link below to
get 'caught up' on the history involved in these affairs, and then continue forward from
there. And always remember to stay sharp as you ‘track the rabbit down the hole…’


I. Follow the Gold

There is a popular phrase which is being bandied around quite frequently within the 21st
century Zeitgeist and subsequent mass awakening of the human population, that phrase
being, "follow the money." While this statement is quite true and certainly does hold
merit, it is a bit inaccurate in that it misses hitting at the very heart of the matter. A better
word of advice to those who seek to track their way down the rabbit hole to the very
deepest levels would be, "follow the gold."

In the 21st century, there is a massive disinformation campaign being spread like a
poisonous weed throughout the planet, one that is selling the mass populace on the idea
that asset-backed currency systems, systems backed by precious metals such as gold and
silver, platinum and palladium, represent antiquated financial paradigms that have no
business in our 'evolved' and 'complex' 21st century financial apparatus. Nothing could
be further from the truth. As one high financial insider once stated so succinctly, "When
it comes to the world of finance, if it's complex, that means it's not real." Gold is of
particular importance in this equation.

If the reader takes the time to carefully analyze the information put forth in the
aforementioned Part II of the New Tomorrow website, a picture, once very hazy and
located somewhere off in the distance, will begin to come into focus. This picture will
contain a single image, though multiplied many times over: Gold. Great big heaping
globs of gold. For gold, you see, (along with other precious metals), represents the
REAL wealth of this current system of monetary slavery under which we are all held
captive, which itself is being propped up under the weight of quadrillions of dollars of
phony fiat currency. There is a very good reason why those in positions of power
continue to spew nonsense concerning the role of gold in today's monetary system.
When one takes the time to study, truly study, the 'hidden' agendas which lay behind the
financial institutions of the Western nations (primarily the U.S. and Europe) which rose
to power throughout the course of the 20th century, one will begin to understand that
there has been a massively complex yet well hidden agenda to centralize the world's
precious metals reserves within the coffers of a global banking cartel overseen by the
Bank for International Settlements, the UBS, CitiBank, the IMF, the World Bank, the
European Central Bank, the central banks of the G7 nations and last, but certainly not
least, the Federal Reserve Bank. For whomever holds the gold controls the fate of the
planet, and is free to manipulate the currency systems of nations throughout the world,
ensuring their success or failure with the stroke of a pen or the click of a keyboard mouse.
What also becomes clear, once a certain level of understanding is reached concerning
the history behind Operation Golden Lily, the Black Eagle Trust Fund, Yamashita's Gold,
and so forth, is the fact that the official gold reserve figures being sold to the public, 140-
160,000 tonnes mined globally over the course of five to six thousand years, is a laughing
stock. Factor in other valuable metals such as silver, platinum and palladium, and we see
that there are many millions of tonnes of precious metals existent on this planet, and that
the events which unfolded throughout the course of the 20th century appear to have
revolved around a centuries old operation to seize, hold, and centralize the world's
precious metals into the hands of a global banking cartel, a gigantic, slobbering beast that
feeds off of these metals, and whose appetite seems never to be appeased.

There appears to be a clandestine intelligence operation underway, being undertaken by
the OSI (Office of Special Investigations) buried within the ICE (Immigrations Customs
Enforcement) division of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and ordered by a
little-known branch of the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles (controlled through the
Fed's main branch office in San Francisco), to collect as many Legacy Era Series 1934
Federal Reserve Bonds/Treaty of Versailles Bonds/Morganthau Bonds as possible from
across the globe. This operation appears to have been commissioned by the Special
Acquisitions Division of the Federal Reserve Bank. The operation itself is said to date
from 1998-present.

The agents involved in this affair are referred to as NOC (Non-Official Cover)
operatives. Most (if not all) of the Notes/Bonds themselves are said to be counterfeit in
nature; a fact of which the NOC operatives are well aware. The Dominion of
Melchizedek, the phony banking scheme undertaken by Keith Francis Scott and others,
(the story of which was previously covered by several other independent reporters),
seems to have been a part of this larger operation. This scheme also incorporates the
OITC, the Office of International Treasury Control, overseen by Ray Chhat Dam, which
is apparently no more than a phony shadow bank operating under the guise of a new
global banking giant. Also said to have been involved was the now-deceased NOC
operative Dr. William Michael McKnight.

Two of the most important operatives involved in this affair are Special Agent
Nicholas Jones of the DHS/ICE/OSI and Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, who appears to be
a key intelligence asset involved in a wide range of financial affairs (and one who also
happens to hold a Title of Nobility, which leads one to wonder what exactly he is doing
meddling in the financial affairs of the united States of America). Also holding a
particular position of influence in this affair is a one Robert Davis, the Director of the
Special Acquisitions Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. These three
individuals appear to be spearheading a global effort to 'acquire' these 1934 era Federal
Reserve Notes and Bonds by working in tandem with a slew of non-cover operatives as
part of a global 'buy back' program. Ray Chhat Daam and Keith Francis Scott of the
OITC/Dominion of Melchizedek Ponzi schemes may themselves be a part of this.
Graham Halksworth, a British citizen currently serving a six-year jail sentence, also
appears to be embroiled in this affair; though it remains to be seen whether or not the
bonds which he was working with are in fact genuine or phony financial instruments.
What is most curious to note is that Neil Keenan was at one time working in tandem
with Keith Francis Scott as part of the $1 trillion lawsuit and subsequent series of liens;
though a very public 'split' appears to have taken place between the two parties sometime
in the late Spring of 2012.

One particular case bears mentioning in regards to Neil Benjamin Gibson: That of the
seizure of monies collected as part of the redemption of Federal Reserve Bonds on behalf
of two ‘clients’ from the Philippines, Graciela Tetangco and Gualberto Medalla, through
the Marquis Bank Prive. Gibson seemed to have been working in tandem with another
purported NOC operative, Percy Gutierrez, as part of this affair (below you will find
screen shots of account holdings in the billions of dollars held in Marquis Bank Prive,
one of only a number of shadowy banks which appear to be in use by NOC operatives as
part of this special global acquisition project).

Taking all of this into consideration then, the main question that needs to be raised
would be: What is the true purpose behind the joint DHS/Federal Reserve Bank
'purchasing’ and 'acquisition' of Federal Reserve Notes and Bonds? Is it an attempt to
'gather up' genuine financial instruments issued many decades ago, or merely an attempt
to flood the market with phony pieces of paper and then 'buy back' said instruments as a
means of grabbing up additional resources? Or is this entire operation a part of a much
larger and even more complex agenda?

III. Reporters

As mentioned in Part II of the New Tomorrow website report, the $1 trillion dollar
Federal lawsuit and subsequent series of liens/cease and desist orders against the central
banks of the G7 nations, which hit the scene in November of 2011 and April of 2012,
respectively, appeared at first blush to represent a game-changing series of events; a
possible 'changing of the guard'; a genuine attempt by good people in high places to wrest
control of the world's financial system from the hands of those who would see it
disintegrate into complete and utter collapse-by-design. An interesting fact to consider
which concerns this lawsuit is that on April 16th of 2012, the case was 'reassigned' to a
different judge: From Judge Richard J. Holwell to Judge Jesse M. Furman, the brother of
Jason Furman, the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council under President
Barack Obama. The reason behind this change was never made public, but one can
assume that those in positions of power wanted to keep this case 'close to the vest', one
arms length away from the President.

In the months that followed the filing of this lawsuit and these liens, a small but
staunch group of ‘reporters', purportedly with connections to people working at high
levels within the framework of this case, came forward to reveal some extraordinary
details concerning the goals of those involved in these high financial affairs. Oodles and
oodles of details were provided, including leaked documentation, photographs, and
personal testimony from purported 'insiders'. A large portion of the freedom movement
become completely enthralled by what they were hearing: Mass arrests of thousands of
co-conspirators as part of a decades old 'plan', the introduction of powerful Asian secret
societies, one known as the Dragon Family and the other known as the White Dragon
Society and, finally, the implementation of a new global financial system that would seek
to bring the world out of poverty and fund a whole slew of hidden and suppressed
technologies and cures for disease.

What is most surprising about the testimony of these reporters is the fact that the
history behind much of what they have spoken about is indeed very true. The names of
these 'reporters' are Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcok, Drake Bailey, T-Man of the White
Hats, Dr. Todd, Poof!, and Neil Keenan (Keenan himself is purported to be one of the
key players in these affairs, a 'trustee' of certain accounts). Most of these folks purport to
be in touch with several of the others, and claim to share information fed to them from
much higher places.

Yet what must be made crystal clear is the fact that the most detailed accounting of
these financial affairs does in fact date back decades, to the work done by a select few
individuals, including intelligence operative Paul Collin of the Unwanted Publicity
Information Group, former London banking insider David Guyatt of Deep Black Lies
(author of several research papers, including his Opus I entitled 'The Secret Gold Treaty'),
former Office of Naval Intelligence operative E.P. Heidner, and investigative journalists
Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, authors of a most important book entitled, 'Gold Warriors'.
The work done by these select few individuals represents the most in-depth and accurate
information available in the public sector concerning the true history and accounting of
this centuries-old plan for control of the world's precious metals reserves. A final report
also bears mentioning, one entitled 'Financial Tyranny', assembled by best-selling author
and lecturer David Wilcock. Wilcock essentially 'adds' certain details on top of the work
already done by Collin, Guyatt, Heidner, and the Seagraves; yet his accounting of these
affairs is very thorough in nature, and he provides certain key bits of information not
previously reported upon, most notably perhaps being the role of the Bank for
International Settlements as well as the supposed massive shipments of gold and silver
sent by China to the Federal Reserve Bank in the decade which preceded World War II.
Unfortunately for the aforementioned reporters, the 'voluntary withdrawal' of the
lawsuit in late June of 2012 seems to have 'quieted the cowboys', so to speak, and much
of the hoopla which initially surrounded this case has slowly faded away. What is deeply
regrettable under such circumstances is that most people have simply brushed aside the
history involved in these affairs, and have written off the entire scope of the information
being presented as some sort of disinformation campaign. This is a grave mistake, as
once again, the true and accurate information being laid out by folks such as Collin,
Guyatt, Heidner, and the Seagraves has unfortunately gone primarily unnoticed. In the
case of Wilcock, his continued support of the now-defunct case has led some to discredit
his work.

Having knowledge of the involvement of the Federal Reserve Bank and the DHS in
these matters, including such characters as 'Lord' Neil Benjamin Gibson and a slew of
Non-Cover Operatives and Government Intelligence Assets under the Special
Acquisitions Division of the Fed's San Francisco branch, a most controversial question
must be raised: Where do the 'reporters' fit into this, i.e. Neil Keenan, Drake Bailey,
David Wilcock, T-Man of The White Hats, Dr. Todd, and Poof!? Who exactly is it that
is feeding them their information, and how can we be certain that what they are telling us
is accurate? Again, so many promises, so many 'timelines' come and gone, and nothing
concrete to show for it. All the while, we in the movement continue to see the inevitable
march towards a bloody Civil War. Here is where we must separate hard fact from cold
fiction, for as stated earlier, time grows short, and the elastic is being stretched tighter and
tighter every single day. It is only a matter of time before it snaps. Under such tense
circumstances, the integrity of every person involved must be brought into question;
particularly since the Non-Official Cover operation appears to be a vastly complex and
global financial scheme. Thus, if certain parties become offended due to the fact that
doubt is cast upon them, then the response should be a simple one:

"Straighten up, sugar, 'cause you're going to need a strong spine in the time to come, be
it a new golden age or an age of darkness."
Benjamin Fulford:

One particular reporter deserves special mention here, that man being Benjamin Fulford.
This is due to the fact that, after delving much more deeply into this man's history, some
very curious connections begin to come to light between himself and certain individuals
whose reputations appear to precede them.

To begin with, Fulford's own family history reveals an aristocratic family tree. His
great-grandfather, George Taylor Fulford I, was a Canadian Senator and a wealthy
philanthropist during the 19th and the early stages of the 20th century. He is purported to
have been the largest single shareholder in General Electric at the time of his death, and
was said to have been interested in purchasing General Motors. He is reported to have
been the first person involved in a fatal automobile accident in the nation of Canada.
Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is the fact that Ben Fulford claims that his greatgrandfather
was murdered due to the fact that he had plans to fund the work of famed
scientist Nikola Tesla. The mere mention of Tesla's name here should raise some
eyebrows, as this writer stands firm in the fact that were Tesla's work to have been
embraced and properly funded, we would all be living in a very different world today.
The highjacking of Tesla's technologies and the subsequent tarnishing of his reputation
represented a very important turning point in modern history, as it steered us away from
free energy and into a world of slavery by fossil fuel companies and bloodline banking
families. If it is true that George Taylor Fulford I was on Tesla's side, then it certainly
does not strain credibility to think that the Fulford family has, for well over a century,
been working on the side of the people. It also bears noting that Fulford's grandfather,
George Fulford II, was himself a member of the Canadian House of Commons. The
Fulford family did, from 1900 to 1987, occupy Fulford Place, a mansion located in
Brockville, Ontario, Canada. This home is now a historic landmark that is part of the
Ontario Heritage Trust.

The nature of this family tree raises a very curious question: Benjamin Fulford
himself was the former Asian bureau chief of Forbes magazine. Knowing how the
Western media machine is so carefully controlled from the very highest levels, one
begins to wonder how exactly Ben, with a family history which suggests that his
ancestors were working for the betterment of mankind, would ever have been allowed to
assume a position of authority for a global media giant such as Forbes. Would not his
family history suggest a conflict of interest with the bloodline banking families who are
attempting to purposefully collapse the economies of the world in an attempt to bring in a
new fascist global currency system under the control of the very same nefarious

Yet the 'curious' connections that exist in Ben's life certainly do not end there.
The first instance in which Benjamin Fulford became known to the world was in 2007,
when he was featured in a very telling live TV interview with banking giant David
Rockefeller. Only this was not your average 'interview'. During the course of the
interview, Rockefeller appears visibly uncomfortable, even on a few occasions looking
off-camera towards an individual that Fulford later mentions as being a rather burly
private security officer.

The interview is the first known public revelation of the existence of Asian secret
societies of great power and influence, and of their attempts to 'push back' against the
Western oligarchical structure. Fulford claims that the people involved in these Asian
societies number in the millions, and that they exist far above and beyond the political
divide in Japan, Communist China, and other Southeast Asian nations.

Fulford claims that his involvement in these affairs began when, in the Spring of 2007,
he interviewed former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka. Fulford asked
Takenaka pointed questions concerning information that he (Fulford) had uncovered
regarding Takenaka's having sold the economy of Japan down the river on behalf of the
Rothschild and Rockefeller banking cartels. Fulford claims that, in the days which
followed this interview, he was contacted by two separate 'individuals'. One of these
claimed to be an assassin working on behalf of high-level Freemasons, warning him to
back off from further exposing anyone. In return, Fulford was apparently offered a
position of influence within the world of Japanese finance. The other individual who
contacted Fulford claimed that he was working on behalf of an Asian secret society, and
told Ben that he had no idea as to the magnitude of the affair which he had uncovered.
Fulford claims that he was offered protection by these Asian secret societies in exchange
for working together with them to assist in exposing the Western oligarchy. Fulford also
claims that a central part of the 'plan' that is being enacted by these powerful Asian secret
societies is the dumping of U.S. dollars as a way to collapse the entire financial Ponzi
scheme being thrust upon the world by the Western powers. This angle is quite true, as it
explains the recent actions of the BRICS nations, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South
Africa), who are moving away from the decades-old petrodollar. Further information has
revealed that there may in fact be powerful forces here in the united States (as well as in
Europe) who are working together with these non-aligned nations to ensure that a new
financial system is put in place as a means to prevent the world from being plunged into a
state of absolute despotism once the phony financial systems being spearheaded by the
Federal Reserve Bank, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, and the Bank for
International Settlements inevitably collapse (a day that as of the first few weeks of 2013
is rapidly approaching).

What is most curious about this story is that it is not all that easy to be granted an
interview with David Rockefeller, whom is a very powerful player on the global
landscape (Fulford has further claimed that Rockefeller was brought to HIM, and not the
other way around). One thing that Fulford mentions in his introduction of the video
interview with Rockefeller is that the best way to conduct an interview with a person of
this caliber is to appear calm and non-confrontational, which is something that many an
independent journalist (*cough* Alex Jones *cough*) could learn a thing or two about.
Perhaps the most interesting connection of all, however, concerns a man by the name
of Chodoin Daikaku. Since this initial interview in 2007, Fulford has been featured on a
bi-weekly live TV program on, which appears to be some kind of internet or
'public access' TV show. What interests this writer about this program is not so much
Fulford, but the man sitting next to him: Daikaku. It is easy to write this off as a bunch
of nonsense; that is until one begins to dig deeper into the history concerning this man
Chodoin Daikaku. By doing so, one will find a most interesting high-level connection: It
appears as though Chodoin Daikaku was a close associate of Michael Jackson, and would
apparently meet with Jackson from time to time to discuss a better vision for the future,
one centered around world peace and stability. This apparent connection is not merely
hearsay, as live video footage as well as photographs exist showing Jackson interacting
with Daikaku. This footage was captured at an event held in 1998 known as the 'Japan
Promo'. This event was two-fold in nature: It ushered in the creation of the World
Karate Promotional Foundation (which was spearheading an effort to introduce Karate
into the Olympics) as well as to introduce the newly formed Michael Jackson Co. Ltd, a
billion-dollar global business venture being overseen by Jackson.

During the course of this event, Jackson is seen sitting next to Chodoin Daikaku
during the dinner portion of the festivities. Daikaku is also shown on stage with Jackson
alongside Mr. Kunio Tatsuno, the founder of the World Karate Promotional Foundation,
to award Michael with a ceremonial karate Black Belt. Additional photographs of this
event were published by IBSSA, the International Bodyguard and Security Services
Administration. These pictures are very, very telling, as they clearly show Jackson
wearing a large medallion on his left breast. This medallion is undoubtedly the official
seal of the Knight's of Malta (Jackson is shown at other events wearing this same
emblem). The website for this security firm corroborates this. In addition, Mr. George
Popper, whom is the General Treasurer of the World Karate Foundation, also is the
President of IBSSA, and on the IBSSA website, under Mr. Popper's bio, we are told that
he is a member of the Sovereign Order of the Knight's of Malta. Additional information
concerning Chodoin Daikaku is published in an article in the Japan Times, in which we
are told that he is a wealthy philanthropist whom is the founder of the United World
Karate Association as well as the Society of International Outer Space Law.
So here we have a President of an international security service firm (Popper) holding
a position as the Treasurer of a Japanese-based Karate Foundation. This man himself is
being openly named as a member of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta. The
emblems on Michael Jackson's clothing clearly show that he himself was affiliated with
the Knights in one capacity or another. The presence of the man sitting next to Jackson at
the table, purported to be Chodoin Daikaku, (shown together with Jackson in an
additional photograph), lends credence to the fact that this is a man who may be of some
importance. Is the man in these photographs and in this video the same man who appears
in the Japan Times article as well as on Benjamin Fulford's bi-weekly Mopal television
broadcasts? The fact that the article in the Japan Times is the only one of its kind to be
found regarding any manner of information on this man is most curious; especially when
one considers the fact that the Japan Times website has the exact same layout as the
European Union Times, a 'front' paper which features news articles from Sorcha Faal, a
very well-known disinformation agent. Is this man Chodoin Daikaku the power player
that he claims to be? If so, why is there no information available in the public sector
concerning either the United World Karate Association or the Society of International
Outer Space Law, both of which Chodoin Daikaku claims to have founded?
This much is certain: If the man shown in photographs with Jackson (as well as
sitting next to the international music superstar in the live video footage of the 1998
WKPF event) is in fact the same man who sits beside Benjamin Fulford on the bi-weekly
Japanese television broadcasts, then we may in fact be getting a glimpse of someone who
holds some level of sway over global affairs. Or we may be viewing a situation in which
his presence on that television program is being used to add credence to its importance,
for purposes of good or ill.

What must be clearly stated is that all signs point to the fact that Michael Jackson was,
in life, working towards the betterment of humanity, and that his death was no accident
(this much is admitted by his sister La Toya). This writer believes that the allegations put
forth against Jackson, allegations of him being a child molester, are a complete and utter
hoax used to discredit a man who had very cleverly maneuvered to challenge the
authority of his handlers. It also appears that Jackson, being a member of a powerful
society such as the Knight's of Malta, may have had much, much higher connections.
Jackson was certainly not a stupid person, and it appears as though he was using his
influence to 'push back' against those in the highest positions of power. Jackson appears
to have had a thorough knowledge of the history of secret societies stretching to the very
highest levels. When one considers the fact that, in the months leading up to his death, he
was coming forward in the public sector and revealing some VERY sensitive truths
concerning the true nature of the music and film industries, as well as the entertainment
industry as a whole, i.e. that it is being used as a tool for massive global brainwashing
and mind control, one can see why his handlers inevitably made a decision that Jackson
needed to be silenced.

Yet perhaps the most important reason of all as to why Jackson was murdered came in
a live press conference in which Jackson delved deeply into history to reveal the true
nature of all forms of modern music and dance, referring to them as "black dancing" (and
thus "black music"). This same information is corroborated by other reputable
researchers. The central aspect of this concerns the FREQUENCY with which modern
music is played, this being A440 Hz, known as 'standard tuning'. The natural frequency
by which all life 'vibrates' is at A432 Hz. Tremendous amounts of scientific research
have been done to prove as much. Why should we be concerned about these differences
in frequency? Simply because of the fact that the first group of people to develop the
A440 Hz frequency on a mass scale were the Nazis. It is quite clear that Jackson
understood all of this, and was using his position of influence to attempt to blow the
whistle on this. Jackson further goes on to state that the history books are being
manipulated, the press is lying, and that all of this is part of a conspiracy so massive in
scope that it seems more like a script for a Hollywood film than real life. Were the
people of the world to be awaked to these facts, it would, quite frankly, represent a gamechanging
type of event. The 'powers that be' needed to prevent this at all costs.

If Fulford's story is true, then it means that he is a man with a conscience. His story
seems strikingly similar to that of Aaron Russo, a well-known Hollywood producer and
music manager, who himself turned against the Hollywood machine to begin revealing
very deep levels of truth. Russo claims that he too was 'offered the world,' so to speak, in
return for his silence. Russo claimed that he was friends with Nick Rockefeller, and
would meet with the man from time to time over dinner to discuss global affairs. During
one particularly revealing conversation, Russo claims that Rockefeller asked him point
blank, "Why do you care about these people?" (meaning the people of the world). Russo
responded by saying that he had a "conscience". After the events which transpired on
9/11, Russo claims that he was never again contacted by Rockefeller.

There are many people in Hollywood working for the "Good" who have place information in movies that is not only eye opening, but very important ie: Cameron's Avatar.  Many of these people apparently have been involved in the filming of the disclosure/re-education films that will be shown once the announcements take place.

As a final note concerning Chodoin Daikaku: Benjamin Fulford and others have
reported that Daikaku was/is the personal teacher and mentor to Russian President
Vladimir Putin. Putin himself carries a high-level Black Belt in Judo, (a fact which is
very well known), and was quite involved with the Russian Judo team at the Olympics.
If it is true that Daikaku has a long-standing relationship as a mentor to a man of Putin’s
stature, then most certainly this individual Daikaku is indeed a man who holds a seat of
influence on the global ‘totem pole’ of power.

IV. Trust Funds

The One People's Public Trust, The St. Germaine Trust,
The Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols,
Codename: White Spiritual Boy/Spiritual Wonder Boy,

In the wake of all of this scuttlebutt concerning the so-called 'combined global collateral
accounts' and the 'world global settlements', additional information has come forth
concerning the possible existence of additional Trust Funds, said to be enormous in
scope, which are purported to be tied into the larger context of these global financial
affairs. Only a general overview will be given here concerning these so-called Trust
Funds, with links to additional information. This writer leaves the deeper vetting of
information concerning these so-called 'public funds' to others.

The One People’s Public Trust – On December 25th of 2012, a public disclosure was
made concerning what is known as The One People’s Public Trust. As of this time (2nd
week of January, 2013), the information pertaining to this trust is still being digested,
which makes this particular angle of affairs deserving of a much deeper analysis, as the
information being put forth through this trust fund, which claims to have used the U.C.C.
process as the basis for its actions, (along with what one of the trustees is referring to as
‘back to prime’), is very intriguing, and seems at first blush to make a lot of sense in a
much larger context, i.e. rather than attempt to fix a hopelessly broken system, one which
was set up to fail in the first place, instead install a new one with an unbreakable
foundation based upon the inherent value of the people granted to them by the universal
creation force (which exists well above and beyond any religious ideology).

OPPT is a "Trust" not a Trust Fund. This is important to note in the context that this information is being connected to other "funds".

Official website, with all documents pertaining to this Trust available for download to the
public -

Radio interview with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, purported trustee of The One People’s
Public Trust -

Introductory video presentation regarding the One People’s Public Trust from American
Kabuki -

NESARA – One of the most controversial yet potentially important aspects involved in
all of this on the U.S. side is that of NESARA, the National Economic Security and
Reformation Act, NOT to be confused with the National Economic Stability and
Recovery Act, which is said to be a disinformation campaign being spread by agents
working for the Bush family. This writer has personally read heaps of information
concerning this new law, and has come to the following conclusion: IF NESARA is
indeed real, then it is being kept under absolutely the tightest of wraps. Thus, any
information coming forward in the public sector regarding NESARA must be taken with
a grain of salt. However, having said this, this writer has been told that NESARA is to
serve as the centerpiece of a new asset-backed financial system here in the U.S., i.e.
possibly in line with what President Lincoln as well as President Kennedy appeared to be
doing in terms of creating a new U.S. treasury ‘greenback’ type of currency. This would
effectively end the Fed’s stranglehold over the U.S. dollar, and would fulfill the wish of
an individual such as Congressman Ron Paul, who has been calling for a new assetbacked
currency system in the U.S. for decades. NESARA is said to focus around a
series of lawsuits brought by farmers against the federal government. The strength of
their efforts are said to have served as a springboard for the drafting of the NESARA law.
There do exist certain parameters to NESARA that seem to be common amongst most
of the sights vetting information on it, including:

You all know my intel on this- that NESARA is very real and in place right now. I will give a bit of an update on this later on tonight.

NESARA implements the following changes:
1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and
government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a
forgiveness of debt.
2. Abolishes the income tax.
3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury
national sales tax area.
4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the
government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such
as old homes.
5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.
6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.
8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after
NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies
and return us back to constitutional law.
9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum
precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt
in 1933.
11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the
US Department of Transportation.
12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve
will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove
all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
14. Restores financial privacy.
15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
17. Establishes peace throughout the world.
18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being
withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices,
antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

*Note: This writer hesitates to post any links concerning NESARA due again to the fact
that any information pertaining to this law must be brought into question. Having said
this, the following links may provide a somewhat accurate glimpse into this purported
law (please place just one more emphasis on the word MAY for good effect).
Brief history of NESARA:
NESARA documentary -
Website – The word is that this site was launched at the behest of the ONI, the Office of
Naval Intelligence which, coincidentally, was the Pentagon office targeted during the
9/11 attacks, killing nearly every employee and destroying valuable files.
From CNN iReport -
History of NESARA – This article contains certain information that strains credibility (to
say the least). However, it is quite thorough in its accounting of the history concerning
this law. It tells a very interesting tale of financial manipulation dating back to the
decades which preceded the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

I posted some information and links about the Farm Claims and NESARA HERE

The St. Germaine Trust - The St. Germaine Trust is said to be a grant program to the
people of the planet which contains huge sums of money. This trust fund is said to have
a history which dates back to the 18th century, one that surrounds a plan to create a global
system of asset-backed currencies, thus eliminating the fiat system of currency control
that has been used by banking bloodline families in an attempt to enslave the planet. This
idea of global asset-backed currencies would seem to be a direct challenge to the plan
laid forth by Adam Smith in his famed 1776 economic text An Inquiry into the Nature
and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, which argued against such ‘hard’ currency systems.
A story broke in the latter stages of 2012 in which it was reported amongst
independent news outlets that the Trust was quietly opening its coffers for applications
from the American people. Apparently, many thousands did in fact apply.
Little is available in the public domain in regards to the parameters of this Trust Fund
or of the inner workings of its origins, and thus, like all of the other supposed ‘trust
funds’ listed in this section, it must be approached cautiously. Still, at least one source
whose information this writer has come to trust has vouched for the validity of this Trust,
and thus we must wait and see what exactly (if anything) comes of it.

The Saint Germaine Trust Fund is very VERY real- I will be posting  a little bit of information about this later tonight

The Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols - The main individuals whom have reported
upon this angle of affairs are Tom Heneghan, a self-described International Intelligence
Expert, and Ambassador Leo Wanta, a top financial intelligence operative during the
Reagan administration. Independent media reporter Stew Webb frequently uses
Heneghan as a source for information.

The Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols are said to contain monies which total $27.5
trillion dollars in value. Ambassador Leo Wanta has continued for years to release
information concerning the fact that this money belongs to the American people, and has
clamored for these funds to be used partly to fund a new high-speed rail system
throughout the united States. Wanta has recently released an online book compiled by
well-respected author and radio host Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall. Heneghan himself
makes some interesting connections between these protocols and the role of Christine
LaGarde of the IMF, which seem at least on the surface to fall in line with other, more
reliable information released by the IMF itself in its supposed attempts to 'push back'
against the global banking cartel.

However, there exist several glaring issues in regards to these purported 'protocols'.
First and foremost is the fact that Leo Wanta was intimately involved in the Project
Hammer affair, which was a hostile corporate takeover of the former Soviet Union from
the inside out. His main goal was that of the destabilization of the Russian Ruble. Wanta
openly admits as much (though he fails to mention Project Hammer specifically), yet he
continues to insist that the $27.5 trillion dollars taken under control by the united States
as part of this operation somehow belongs to the American people. What about the
Russian people? Should not the financial assets stolen from Russia as part of Project
Hammer be returned to the people of Russia? Another glaring error that seems to be lost
in this entire affair is that Project Hammer itself appears to have been funded by 73,000
tonnes of gold bullion taken from the coffers of Malacanang Palace in the Philippines in
1986 upon the removal of Ferdinand Marcos from power. This new gold recovery, said
to have been spearheaded ultimately by George H.W. Bush and George Soros, was used
to back this massive operation to take apart the Soviet economy.

The actual amount stolen from the Russian people was $74 Trillion dollars- which begs the question: If Wanta is saying that $23.5 Trillion is for the American People (leaving him with a tidy $4 trillion for himself), then where is the other $50.5 Trillion Dollars?

A second issue that continues to arise in regards to these so-called protocols is the fact
that, as with the Intel being put out by the aforementioned 'reporters' concerning the
global collateral accounts, we are continually being fed information that the
implementation of these protocols is 'imminent'; one report even stating that the protocols
would be implemented 'within hours'. Once again, many promises, many timelines come
and gone; and nothing to show for it.

And as a final note: It is particularly curious that Wanta wishes to use these $27.5
trillion dollars in funds to build a new nationwide high-speed rail system. It must be
clearly understood that this idea is a central part of the United Nations global fascist
Agenda 21. Should not $27.5 trillion dollars in financial assets, (which would seem to
belong to the Soviet people to begin with), go directly into the hands of the people of the
united States, rather than into a massive building project that will most likely fall under
the control of the same banking and corporate powers that have brought the U.S. to the
brink of complete financial collapse in the first place? Should not the CAFR's, which run
up into the hundreds of trillions of dollars, be opened up to fund such a project? Or
would such an action collapse the entire system as we know it?

As a final note: There is scuttlebutt amongst certain folks in the intelligence
community of the possible attempts by President Reagan to create what was known as the
‘Rainbow Dollar’, which is said to have been a plan to implement a new asset-backed
currency in the united States. If such a thing is true, then it may possibly explain the
attempt that was made on Reagan’s life, possibly by forces connected with then Vice
President George H.W. Bush. Whether or not Leo Wanta’s efforts were ultimately meant
to serve some sort of role in this attempt to create a new asset-backed Treasury dollar
remains an unanswered question.

Leo Wanta – official biography by Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall -
Tom Heneghan -

Codename: White Spiritual Boy/Spiritual Wonder Boy – This particular agreement
seems to be one of the more mysterious floating around in the public sector. This
agreement appears to link to information previously reported upon concerning paperwork
apparently signed by President Ronald Reagan and Philippine President Ferdinand
Marcos to deposit vast sums of metals (either from stores held in the Philippines and/or
from the combined global collateral accounts), into the treasury vaults of bullion banks
around the world. Additional documentation supposedly contains the authentic
signatures of some very powerful people, including Queen Elizabeth of Windsor, Pope
Benedict XVI, and others. The entire agreement seems to center around the ASBLP
Group of Companies and Banks, which stands for Ang Samahan ng mga Bayani at
Lipunang Pilipino. The sole trustee of this account is said to be a one HRH, Anthony
Santiago Martin.

2- I have a copy of Ferdinand Marcos' Last Will and Testament, and not only does it show the White Spirit Boy account information (with a hell of a lot of zeros) it also names Anthony
Santiago Martin.  I will try to get permission to release the copy of Will- damn interesting reading.

Once again, when one factors in the reports that Reagan may have somehow been
attempting to implement a new asset-backed U.S. ‘Rainbow Dollar’, these documents
cause one to raise an eyebrow. However, knowing that Marcos himself was a brutal
dictator who guarded his treasure hoards throughout the Philippines with an iron fist, and
also knowing that Queen Elizabeth and Pope Benedict XVI are two of the most powerful
oligarchs on Earth, it strains credibility to think that this agreement, if it is real, is in some
way meant to benefit the people of this planet.

All of the relevant documents pertaining to this agreement are housed at this website
(scroll down towards the bottom). *Note: All of the documents are hosted on the
website of the Fountain of Life Research Foundation, Inc, which appears only to be
hosting them here due to the perceived magnitude of the information put forth by the

I would also add that the World Global Settlements should be in this list.  Dr. Todd was one of the original people involved when this was set up after World War II- the person who was put in charge of "guarding" the Funds was Queen Elizabeth II.... which might account for the fact that it's been such a struggle to get the money back. Fifty years from 1958 was past due over 4 years ago.  Just sayin'.


Taking all of this into consideration, then, the conclusion that can be reached is, quite
simply, that there is no conclusion.

There are tremendous amounts of historical records that exist to prove the following:
*Operation Golden Lily was real. There is a very good reason why the history books
choose to gloss over Japan’s genocidal agenda throughout Southeast Asia, which was
every bit as brutal as the Nazis’ rape of Europe. Emperor Hirohito of Japan faced no
punishment in the aftermath of the war, despite being the man responsible for the deaths
of millions of people. Also, the foundation of Golden Lily seems to go as far back as
1921, when the young Japanese Emperor spent several months touring Europe and
meeting in secret with the leading figures in the nobility families throughout the
continent. It stands to reason that the plan for Golden Lily was drawn up at this time.
*World War II appears to have been a massive gold grab: The Nazis plundered Europe,
the Japanese plundered Southeast Asia, and the Allied forces in turn plundered both
totalitarian regimes. To the victor go the spoils.

*The story behind the so-called tales of Yamashita’s Gold were true. As the tide of the
War changed, and Japan suddenly found their shipping routes cut off by the advance of
General MacArthur’s naval forces in the Pacific, the Japanese found themselves unable to
ship their stolen wealth back to Tokyo. Thus, enormous sums of precious metals and
other treasure were buried throughout the Philippines by the Japanese Imperial Family
led by Prince Chichibu, brother of Emperor Hirohito.

*The Black Eagle Trust fund was real. It appears as though certain sums of metals
plundered by the allies were taken and stashed away in 170+ shadow bank accounts in
more than forty nations.

*Project Hammer was real. The main goal of this project appears to have been the hostile
corporate takeover of the former Soviet Union from the inside out. It appears as though
Project Hammer was funded primarily by 73,000 tonnes of gold plundered from
Malacanang Palace in the Philippines in 1986 upon the removal of Ferdinand Marcos
from power. There is also a compelling body of evidence that exists which suggests that
one of the main motivations behind the attacks on 9/11 was to ‘clear’ $240 billion dollars
in bonds which were issued as a means of backing this corporate takeover of the U.S.S.R.
Exposing the source of these bonds would have invariably led to the discovery of the
existence of the Black Eagle Trust Fund. It also appears that the targeting of the Office
of Naval Intelligence within the Pentagon may have played a key role in this massive

*In regards to the existence of the ‘Global Collateral Accounts’ or the impending
implementation of the ‘World Global Settlements’, this is where the entire affair becomes
quite murky. There are said to exist U.S. Federal Reserve Notes and Federal Reserve
Bonds which, when tallied together, run up into the thousands of trillions of dollars.
These bonds are said to have been issued to the Kuomintang Government in 1928 and
again in 1934 in return for vast sums of precious metals shipped to the Federal Reserve
Bank (via the UBS and the Bank for International Settlements) for ‘safe keeping’.
Additional bonds are said to have been issued in 1968 and again in 1998. All of these
bonds are purported to have an interest rate of 4% per annum. When one considers that
China is said to own up to 90% of all U.S. debt, one begins to wonder just how this
situation has come into being, and whether or not the issuance of these bonds may
somehow play into this. As one intelligence operative has put it,
“Did that U.S. additional collateral agreement involve the U.S. layering several federal
agencies to conduct its secret program to recover all missing legacy international U.S.
Federal Reserve Bank Notes Bonds and Certificates that the U.S. Department of the
Treasury claims never existed?

How much more did it cost the U.S. to fulfill its increasing foreign debt to China?
What role has the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Board System, U.S. Department of the
Treasury, U.S. Bureau of the Public Debt, U.S. Foreign Policy and other federal office
peripheral participations played in costly consequences?”

The true owners of these vast sums of metals are known collectively as the ‘Dragon
Family’, a centuries-old secret society that is said to exist above and beyond any political
parties operating in Communist China and other Southeast Asian nations. When one
considers the fact that the vast majority of politicians in the Western world are
themselves merely puppets on strings being controlled from much higher places, (i.e. by
members of secret societies), it does not strain credibility to believe that such societies
also exist in Asia; and have for centuries, if not millennia. In the modern age, the head of
this Dragon Family is said to be a one General Haan. Another figure said to hold
significant power is General Wong Long Siu,  - General Wong is NOT a good guy-
who is possibly tied to the throne as Emperor of China (again, well above the current political spectrum within theCommunist party; much the same way that the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. are
merely puppets having their strings pulled by others). Benjamin Fulford had at one time
reported upon a one Naoshi Onodera, who is said to be making a claim to the throne of
Japan in opposition to current ruler Emperor Akihito. When one considers that Akihito is
the son of Hirohito (now deceased), a genocidal maniac who oversaw the murder of
millions of people as part of Operation Golden Lily, such a claim does not strain

If all of this is true, and if the Dragon Family truly does exist, then they are doing
quite a bang-up job of remaining hidden in a world in which it is becoming increasingly
difficult to abscond from public view.

I will post some information to clarify some of this later tonight.  The Ancient Families are not just of Asian descent.  And some of what was pulled by the US Cabal/Government after WWI with China's gold was done because they didn't think that the people they dealt with would be around 100 years later.... opps!  jokes on them. Not only are they still around, they remember exactly what the agreements were. 

In regards to the so-called ‘White Dragon Society’, another Asian secret society which
purports to wield great power and influence: Benjamin Fulford is the only individual on
record who has come forward with any information pertaining to this group. Whether or
not this man Chodoin Daikaku is in any way affiliated with this group is unknown. As
with the Dragon Family, the White Dragon Society, if it truly exists, has managed to keep
itself very well hidden, and there is no information available on this group in the public
sector outside of what Benjamin Fulford has reported. What is most certainly true is the
existence of the Black Dragon Society, which at one time during the 20th century wielded
great political power in China; though very little information exists today to tell us just
exactly how much influence this group wields in the 21st century Asian world.

In regards to the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, supposedly signed by President
John F. Kennedy and Indonesian President Soekarno, in which many thousands of tonnes
of precious metals were released from the Global Collateral Accounts as a means by
which to back a new U.S. Treasury note/Greenback: There are said to exist at least three
different versions of this agreement. While this agreement may provide the ‘missing
link’ that so many have been searching for in regards to Kennedy’s signing of Executive
Order 11110, the validity of this document must be brought into question; particularly
when one considers that the document is written in very poor English, with obvious
spelling and grammatical errors throughout. There is a strong body of evidence to
support the fact that Kennedy’s assassination was due to the fact that he was in some way
trying to ‘cross the Fed’. Whether or not the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was a
part of this remains to be seen.

I have been told by a trusted source that the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was done AFTER Kennedy's death.  But I do not have proof of that at this moment.

Here is where the wrinkle comes in with regards to this entire affair: Reputable
sources with knowledge of these affairs have brought into question the very nature of
these bonds themselves. There appear to be large sums of ‘fake’ bonds that have flooded
the market. Many of these ‘fake’ bonds appear to have been created by government
agencies, and special procedures have been used to ‘date’ the bonds, i.e. to make the
bonds appear to be much older than they actually are.

If there is one burning question that needs to be answered, it would be this:
Are any of these Federal Reserve Notes and Federal Reserve Bonds genuine?
Further questions that must be addressed include the following:

*Is the story being fed to us concerning these bonds being issued many decades ago at an
interest rate of 4% per annum a true accounting of events, or just a fabricated load of

*Where are all of these sums of precious metals currently being stored, and who exactly
is it that has control over them?  They are not stored where they use to be any more and the people who have control of them are not going to release those funds until the new system and the announcements take place- more on that tonight.

*Is all of this scuttlebutt that we keep hearing concerning the fact that these funds will be
released and used to fund hidden and suppressed technologies and cures for disease (for
the betterment of humanity) a reality or merely misdirection? Definitely a reality

*And last but not least: Who exactly are the ‘good guys in high places’? Where do the
top commanders within the Pentagon stand on all of this? Are certain factions of the
Knight’s Templar and the Knight’s of Malta, as well as a purported group of wealthy
Americans with bloodlines that date back to the time of the Pilgrims, actually working
with these so-called ‘Asian societies’ to free up these metals to back a new,
TRANSPARENT global currency system? Are the Black Projects at last to be ‘opened
up’ and revealed to the public, thus releasing spellbinding methods of energy production
such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, Tesla Electromagnetism, reverse engineered Anti-
Gravity, Anti-Hydrogen Propulsion systems, and so forth? Will these technologies then
be properly funded for the betterment of mankind? And when will the people finally be
told the truth as to the TRUE cause of the current catastrophic changes that our planet is
undergoing, i.e. the gradual weakening of the Earth’s magnetic shield, the massive pole
shift, et cetera?

Until these questions are answered, then all matters concerning the release of said Global
Collateral Accounts/World Global Settlements must be brought into serious question.
Those of us whom are wise to the schemes of the Western oligarchy understand one thing
above all else: That the people in the very highest positions of power, those who have
passed on their bloodlines of greed and tyranny for many centuries, are individuals of the
highest caliber of intellect who long ago mapped out all possible angles, and have left no
stone unturned. Could the affairs surrounding these bonds be part of a much larger and
far more complex and sinister scheme to somehow institute a new global financial system
which, on paper, appears noble but is in fact controlled by the very same people?
This much is certain: Before any such system is enacted on a global scale, the
following public disclosures must occur:

*The mass arrests of thousands of conspirators world-wide at the very highest levels.
These individuals must then be charged with high crimes against humanity in open,
Common Law trials with public juries. These trials must be GLOBAL in scope, and
must be made transparent to the entire world. They must NOT in any way be a repeat of
the Nuremberg Tribunals, which were an absurd travesty of justice. I agree!

*Revealing the truth behind the clandestine operations taking place in Deep Underground
Military Bases (and other secretive bases) the world over, and thus the opening of all
Black Projects. The technologies developed as part of these projects must be released to
the public and properly funded for the betterment of ALL mankind.

*Revelation of the truth behind the secret space program, which goes well above and
beyond any information that NASA chooses to reveal in the public sector. *Note: One
major hint as to the true scope of this program came with the personal testimony of
British citizen Gary McKinnon, when he uncovered highly sensitive documents
purporting to show the existence of an entire fleet of black operations craft. This project
in its entirety is said to be called Codename: Solar Warden.

*The stand-down and/or complete dissolution of all private military and mercenary firms,
including Academi (formerly Blackwater), the CIA, FEMA, the DHS, so-called U.N.
‘Peacekeepers’, and black operatives guarding clandestine military bases and keeping
watch over the secret space program.

*The disclosure of the truth behind extra-terrestrial intervention on Planet Earth. Have
we been interfered with as a species and if so, by whom and for what purpose? Disclosure is coming.

*Revelation of the hidden history of the health care industry in the united States of
America and beyond, which includes the public disclosure concerning Project Paperclip,
the Vatican Rat Lines, and Codex Alimentarius.

*The revelation of the true nature behind the United Nations global fascist land and
resource grab known as Agenda 21, which uses ICLEI (Local Governments for
Sustainability/International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) as its main force
for control.

*The complete revelation behind the current pole shift affecting our planet and of the
sun’s increased activity. Is there something that ‘We the People’ of this planet should
know about, i.e. impending Earth changes that will affect us all?

Humanity must at last enter into an age of reason. The only way this can be done is
through FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of the parameters listed above. The people of
this planet must be told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, for the first
time in centuries (nay, millennia). The secrets that have been kept from us by a very
small number of individuals, secrets concerning the true nature and subsequent history of
the human race, must be revealed openly and honestly, and we must never again allow so
few to speak for so many.

If such events do not come to pass, then this writer fears that this planet will
eventually be plunged into a new dark age. The planet Earth itself shall become a prison
from which there is no escape, and those who pull the strings from the very highest levels
will be free to travel the stars and spread their own ‘unique’ vision of humanity
throughout the cosmos. And while it is true that the final stages of this ‘plan’ for global
domination and enslavement are still a number of years off, (i.e. mass depopulation, the
introduction and full implementation of trans-humanism, and the complete and total
enslavement of the entire human race), we as a people can wait no longer in our quest to
free mankind from the chains of oppression, for we currently find ourselves embroiled in
the latter stages of a silent war that could go ‘hot’ at any moment. If we do not fight the
good fight NOW, then there will be no tomorrow. There are those of us who would
gladly lay down our lives to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality.
Perhaps the entire scope of this greedy, ludicrous, gold-hording scheme can be
summed up by the following statement:

"The entire history and true nature of these high financial affairs
remains to this day one of the most closely guarded secrets on
Earth.”.... not for long.


  1. What I still don't understand is ...if Heather Tucci says the Federal Reserve has been foreclosed on why is Bernake on a speech today ,,,,,ACTING AS IF THE FED IS IN CONTROL. For the things that are being proclaimed, I have seen very little evidence of what One People's Trust is talking about. Not trying to bash just trying to understand.

    1. think the FED has been absorbed the Treasury. Still exists, still functioning, but under a different mandate.

      today 2 cease and desist orders from what appears to have been issued by the FED against JP Morgan. Very unlike the old FED to bring above board public action like this against one of their primary dealers. Geitner as head of the FED knew about the LIBOR fun and games when it was happening and did nothing about it.

      I think this new action by the new FED is very telling if you can read between the lines.

    2. Excellent, Matthew. I think you're right on the money. People still don't seem to realize that the MSM spouts almost pure lies so that the 'body politic' will collectively believe and continue to co-create the external reality we still suffer under. Nothing more powerful than the creation of thought. That's why the first big announcements of truth will be so powerful. So when D strongly hints at such a thing, my heart goes pitter patter!

    3. If you see the Chief Counterfeiter still there, the counterfeiting is still going on. If telling a criminal to change his ways did any good, why do we prosecute other criminals? Baloney!

    4. the FED hasn't printed a bill in years

    5. Geitner was head of Treasury. Bernanke is head of FED

    6. no, Geitner was head of the FED during the engineered financial meltdown of 2008 and is now The Secretary of the Treasury. Bernanke is the current head of the FED.

    7. the FED hasn't printed a bill in years

      Isnt there new $100 notes just printed by the fes at the end of last year. Theres pics of them posted all over the internet.

    8. Brando if you look at the date on those so called "new $100 bills" the date on the bottom corner is 2009- they are a photo shop job, I've asked several graphics people who all agreed- and a poorly done job at that.

      as for the original question: if they haven't announced that the Fed is dead, then they have to continue the charade don't they? They wouldn't want the public asking "Well, where is Bernanke? we haven't seen him around in months...." The crooked government certainly doesn't want John Q Public asking silly questions. Hence the charade continues.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. I can't wait to all these confused people finally get the chance to coherently absorb and recieve in the most simplest way what have happened to us by people that presents irrefutable evidence on MSM (Main Stream Media) because these blogs are not working form them. Please let that day be this week. Because tryignt to convince someone is a job in it self because they drain you out of anything useful by incessantly asking for proof of the proof for the proof denying the proof you are tying to use to support the proof you just relayed to them regardless of how simple you try to sound. So I've quit that business years ago as I realized they really don't want it, they just want to see you trip up so they can throw the whole thing off as phony. Just to continue sleeping in ignorant bliss.

    11. Mathew, Geithner was President of a NY Fed branch but he was never Head of the Federal Reserve.

    12. It would seem to me that the easiest thing to do would be just sue the Federal Reserve out of existence on the basis that slavery is illegal. Since the American dollar is only backed by American labor, they are selling our labor when they sell a bond to their rich friends. In other words they are selling us. How is that any different than putting us on the public square? There are your prosperity funds right there sitting in the Fed account as ill gotten gains from exploiting slavery. They hold over half our debt now.
      There must be attorneys with guts somewhere that could handle this since slavery is illegal.

    13. The Head of the NY Branch of the Federal reserve for all intensive purposes is regarded as the head of the Federal Reserve. Is now and has always been.

    14. Matthew, What has been Bernanke's title, and Greenspan and Volker before him, chief dog catcher?

  2. With each subsequent post, the reams and reams of documentation being offered as important reading, etc, I'm almost too tired to focus!

    I feel as though, just to keep up, just to understand, just to see what there is to see, just to learn what I feel is being offered to me to learn, I must take

    a law degree
    a finance degree
    a history degree
    a political degree
    a media degree

    and a degree to learn how to see the WOOD for all the flippin' TREES!

    Is it just me?

    Ninja Bambi.


    Speaking of TREES...where are you FROGGY, my dear?

    Missing you.


    1. The thing is Bambi, If you were to take the time to get those degrees, you would be no better off. Frankly, you would be further behind because your mind would be filled with all sorts of fallacies and control concepts instilled by the system.

      There is, perhaps, some use to all that work, but I fail to see that without the external research, one would be better able to decode the fluff...

      If simply going to school is sufficient to uncover the matrix, there would be a whole lot of grads and post grads bringing this up.

      Organized schooling isn't the answer.


    2. You need a law degree to follow laws
      that you never helped create and those were
      shackled onto your freedom at your "birth"
      like a crate on a shipping dock to start
      I hear complaint after complaint about
      WHEN the game will be fixed but every
      last one of those complainers "went to work"
      to continue the charade because they
      insist on "picturing" an image that
      has some sort of "future" they imagine
      is probable until they walk across
      the street one day and are blind-sided by
      a car owned by another complainer

      You must need a finance degree because
      instead of trusting each and every
      other "society people" think their
      merits in life can be reduced to a
      "number" that appears on a computer
      screen whenever one of them needs check it
      even though they all inherently have
      a sixth sense by now that approximates
      that number for them even during their
      sleep as the stress of whether its UP or
      DOWN or RED or BLACK or just ENOUGH has
      control over every wish they had
      desired before the doctor gives them a
      notice that they only have another
      month to see how the number just might end

      You need a history degree because
      instead of trusting each other right now
      and today and even every total
      stranger "society people" still must
      believe that somewhere back in time someone
      made some agreement that has some sort of
      reason such that grants them the right to be
      So when they see a man in a fancy
      suit and tie on the TV sets that make
      the noise of the day they think that man is
      better than them because he has risen
      to the power that they already gave
      And when they see a poor lady sleeping
      on a park bench they drive by in their cars
      so busy or toss bread to the birds there
      instead of even bothering to ask
      They ride their bikes right past her and they nudge
      her with a billy club to remind her
      to wake up and move along quickly now
      Yes you must need a history degree
      because you need to understand all of
      the important things that put her on that
      park bench in the first place but they could have
      just asked her and saved you all the trouble

      You need a political degree to
      understand all the invisible lines
      between people that you rely upon
      to represent your lines to the people
      that you think you represent for them
      With all of our collective age on the
      planet as adults it occurs to me
      that this queer situation is wholly
      upside-down and please consider it so
      Congress should be held by children until
      the age of 12 and the president should
      be a joint committee of all children
      under age 4 and with a supreme court
      being a body of all young adults
      until 18 and have the sole purpose
      of translating all of our blithering
      gibberish to the ones that already
      know the difference between right and wrong
      And the rest of us can figure out how
      to give them what they need since the children
      arrive with such a complex large demand

      But you can keep your media degree
      because after all i have seen in my
      life i can personally tell you that
      it ends in the same way as any good
      soap opera ends when you finally
      decide to spend your hour doing something
      else and if you really want to waste your
      time though because it gives you such a grin
      then have fun until you finally grow
      tired of the circus shackles and the bread

      I will only be here a little bit
      longer now and i was too stupid to
      think that anything was real when i was
      young so instead i wasted most of my
      life thinking there was something ethical
      about society even though they
      all just kicked me around and i guess i
      figured i was just doing it wrong and
      needed to read more or make another
      plan or give more or manage more or think
      more in those circus shackles of the damned

      So i think maybe the big question the
      society people need to figure
      out is if they own things including their
      privacy or if that's all illusion
      too but meanwhile i am fairly convinced
      it's nearly time for me to just move on
      and leave society completely since
      its too confused to join it from within

    3. Hello Ninja Bambi, me's didn't go anywhere, still here quietly reading along.

      Hello Sine Metu, interesting comment..... "So I think maybe the big question the
      society people need to figure out is if they own things including their privacy or if that's all illusion too". To that I would say people have privacy from each other to varying degrees, depending on how that right to privacy is honored between them but they do not have it from the state. In the future methinks the right to privacy will become more taboo as the buzz word "transparency" becomes more predominant in societal affairs.

      P.S. TODAY I have mostly been eating leftovers from yesterday and polo mints.


    4. Sine Metu14 January 2013 17:30

      Well said!
      Are ye reading oor mind.

    5. Thanks all, for your various responses/comments.

      I'm not usually sarcastic, so it think it was easy to miss the mild hint of it I was injecting into my comment. So, you are quite right, John, and I know this, that those degrees, if I had them, or attempted to obtain them, would make no difference! I'm a school of life person, and happy with that. :)

      Nice to see you are still here Froggy! :) Find myself wondering now that you were eating the day before yesterday! ;)

      Ninja Bambi

    6. Permit me to suggest Ninja that you need a decree not a degree! A decree stating you are free! lol As we all are! ;-) :D

      Sine Nomine

    7. Yes!


      Ninja Bambi

    8. Sine Metu

      Nice to hear from you again. I really enjoyed 'I will only be here a little bit
      longer now and i was too stupid to think that anything was real when i was young..'.

      I would like to share my all time favourite clip (from Good Will Hunting) with you:

    9. Your all pretty neat people, I hope this all works out soon...something is cooking!

  3. "travel the stars and spread their own ‘unique’ vision of humanity". Now that is a scary thought and one that can never come to pass. No good movie ends that way lol :)

  4. k D ~ sitting on the edge of my seat for the next installment, of your version of what is what.
    i shouldn't be, but I AM.

    thank you.


  5. WOW....that was quite a read. No starting new material in there really for those of us for have been following this unfolding saga...

    I am in agreement with D in is all about to unfold. The global consciousness is now prophetically revealing these events to many individuals. While we appear to be a small handful of truth seekers in a world of almost 7 billion souls....we must all understand that dark forces which we are about to usurp have done were very good at keeping our impact minimized. But the reality is much bigger than anyone imagines...and this why it is all

    What is going to be the final catalyst to spark the White Hats into action and begin the fireworks?
    I am very much looking forward to watching thees things that have already occurred begin to appear in our part of this timeline.
    Wow...what and amazing journey we signed up for...and this is just the beginning!

    1. Golden Age of Light15 January 2013 at 01:06

      I couldn't agree with you more! Very well said! I have a strong feeling/intuition that by month's end we will have co-created the beginning of the worldwide changes! Also Jupiter moves out of retrograde at the end of this month, which should help usher in a new time of wealth building! As above so below.... :)

    2. There is Armada, a Collective of Light...that is about to emerge from within the population of our own planet. Quietly working for lifetimes for this very moment in our history. All of the cabals, the secret societies, the gold, the wealth, about to morph. And there is nothing to do but embrace it all. The masculine energies of 'Us and Them' are about to get their walking papers in a loving way to either embrace this or merely leave. Realities within realities, holograms within holograms all about to be revealed. Light merely shines and reveals...soon. The details are irrelevant.

  6. Nothing will happen©.

    1. Wow, that phrase is copyrighted now. LOL!

    2. Before "Something" there existed "Nothing." In the twinkling of an eye...God's Eye...out of Nothing came the first nothing. You see, nothing was boring to God. Something was much more interesting and vibrant, and many times Something was uncontrollable, but there was always the option open to return to Nothing, because Nothing is the only real trvth.
      Therefore I solemnly swear my Heart to Nothing. I solemnly swear my soul to Nothing. I will Champion Nothing. I will bow down to Nothing. And the only time I will Share Nothing will be when I posses Nothing.
      Therefore follow me and Nothing. We will bask in Nothing. It's Golden Rays will be as Nothing can be.
      Hail to Nothing!!

    3. From nothing there comes a wonder, what if? I was there and so where you and we still wonder.

    4. that is almost correct, phoenix, except that there was never nothing. for nothing to exist, something must be aware of it, and that is the same awareness that all is.

    5. "Something wonderful will happen!" The fact that I do not know what, when, or how, does not negate the belief. Beliefs are powerful. Whatever we believe, we can manifest. I prefer to believe,"Something wonderful will happen."

      Tom M.

    6. You forgot to put "bad" between "Nothing" and "will"!

    7. Hmmm. that's funny, I thought Nothing is impossible.

    8. Hello there, Nothing will happen©.

      So nice to see you again.


      Ninja Bambi

    9. Right on Tom M. Our linear minds want so much to figure it all out and have proof and point fingers. We are about to movie into something different. And there are a few million on the planet shining a light in a different way than what is going on here. Soon, the work of lifetimes through millennia will manifest, changing the very fabric of life on earth. Fear breeds all kinds of things.

  7. Can't wait to hear what D says tonight. Something wonderful is about to happen, because all if us who are eager and excited to hear some good news are creating it.Way to go team!-L

    1. I feel it too !!!!

    2. Golden Age of Light15 January 2013 at 01:00

      Me as well! I keep seeing signs that by the time of the Superbowl the World could be a very different place by the initial announcements and possible newly implemented economy.

      My birthday is Inauguration Day (MLK Jr. Day), and this could be a great day for the announcements, signaling a new age! :)

      I also had a dream on the 1st of this month that Disclosure in all its forms was about to happen!

    3. You are correct, Anonymous14 January 2013 14:41, nothing will happen, for YOU, because you make your own reality through your thoughts. HOWEVER, A LOT will happen for the POSITIVE thinkers here, because WE will create OUR reality. And pretty soon we will all be enjoying a glorious life, because that is what we THINK our reality will be.
      "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he"

  8. Lightworkers ROCK!!

  9. This part is the biggest to me. The rest is preaching to the choir.

    "Where are all of these sums of precious metals currently being stored, and who exactly
    is it that has control over them? They are not stored where they use to be any more and the people who have control of them are not going to release those funds until the new system and the announcements take place- more on that tonight."

    So, D is going out on a limb on this one, saying new intel coming tonight...We'll see...

    1. No, the implied meaning is that D will be posting further explanations about the subject under discussion. Anon 15:38 has made an assumption that this means "new intel" and that is not necessarily so. No limbs involved.... !

  10. This is a very exciting post :) I'm really hoping a lot of these BLUE issues are addressed!!

  11. So when is this going to happen? When Uranus farts on Earth?

    1. I confirm that I am on Earth and have just farted.

    2. L...O...L!


      Ninja Bambi

  12. My Prediction from Yesterdays Post of Nothing... and I quote:

    "But don't worry, something big is "Imminent"!!! ...Oh, Ok, I'll tell you right now:

 Its Another Huge Factless Hopium Turd Sandwich from RTS. 

That's my next prediction. So far, I'm batting a thousand.

 The Score:
Discerning Thinkers, Trolls, Shills - 15
 / Blind Belief in Hopium - 0. 

This is called a shut-out."

    Today, in this post, my prediction came true.
    Another HUGE load of nonsensical verbal diarrhea mixed with old recycled verbal diarrhea and/or Another Huge Factless Hopium Turd Sandwich which makes the score: Discerning Thinkers, Trolls, Shills 16 / 
Blind Belief in Hopium - 0. 

This is still a shut-out.

    Ask for proof of something for once.

    1. go walk down to the whitehouse and knock on the door and ask to speak to president Boehner and see what they say.

    2. They will call the nuthouse and reserve your room.

    3. Anonymous 16:21 & 17:48 -- Your sneering tone reflects poorly upon your character. Why the investment in seeing RTS as a failure?

      It's possible to hold all things in uncertainty, and grant others a wide benefit of the doubt that they are sincere in what they say, however imperfect their message may at times be.

      In philosophy, this is called observing the principle of charity. The nice thing about it is that it widens the field of inquiry beyond binary conclusions, and allows us to join forces towards a greater revelation of reality beyond blame and accusations.

      If you're so insistent upon seeing BTS as a failed messenger, at least have the courage to show your face and real name here.

      Your failure to do so indicates to me that you're either being paid to mud-sling, or you are an angry coward.

    4. Breaking the Silliness,

      The SS will laugh almost as hard as people do when reading the BS you post here.

      We can simply walk 'TO' the whitehouse, dear. No one has to walk down to it.

      Some insiders you have. lol

      What a load of rubbish.

    5. Philavox.

      My sneering tone reflects poorly on my character?
      What does name-calling "angry coward, paid shill" do to your character? lol

      "however imperfect their message may at times be"
      Correction: Inaccurate 100% of the time. That's what you meant to say I'm sure as this is the case with this blog.

      Putting out info you know to be BS is wrong duping good people. That's what this post is.

      Everything posted here can be refuted by simply walking outside and looking around.
      Its not charity to dupe people, its charity to help people.

      You ask me to use my correct name. Who are you following on this blog? Unreal Hypocrisy

    6. philavox 19:49, And my common sense tells me that you are a moron. If you want to see just how much of a fooled sheep you are, start right here and work toward the present date in time.

    7. Hello Anonymous:

      I'm not calling you a name, merely. I really do see you as an angry coward with a collapsed binary perspective.

      That will change to the extent that you are willing to show yourself here, or relax the negativity.


    8. Like you think the name philovox is not anonymous? That and your earlier comments show me that your perceptions amount to a pile of horse dung. But no, you wouldn't stoop to calling names, would you?

    9. anon 16:21,
      Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning! The turd sandwich hopium analogy is right on when you look at how these posts just keep repeating for month after month.

  13. There is much useful information here - an excellent overview of many facets. I am fine with the healthy skepticism that we are urged by "this writer" to adopt regarding unproven aspects of the many shifts said to be underway. I am troubled, however, by the way in which "this writer" is happy to go putting the reputations of people like Benjamin Fulford and Neil Keenan under a microscope (implying dubious deeds or agendas while providing evidence of none), while himself remaining anonmyous. If one goes to the newtomorrow website, one finds a bio for the supposed founder and writer of all this material - he seems a like a fine fellow, a young musician from Southern California. Intuitively, however, I must say that I strongly suspect the purported writer is a front in this case, and that the actual writer of this material is someone else entirely - someone with ties to the Pentagon and intelligence communites...someone who has decided it suits his purposes to question "everybody's integrity" while remaining himself free from scrutiny....

    Just sayin'.....

    Michael Henry Dunn

    1. teeheeheehee You're a riot my friend- but I'll pass that along to the author :>)

    2. I have some things on Benjamin Fulford that splits my respect for him, but I will not post it because to many people have already bought into the guy. I'm very convinced of what I have that Benjamin is some sort of double agent which is why his views always have double meanings and a mixtures of truth with lies. The thing is I don't know who he is loyal too, the people or the, well you know. And Niel Keenan, well that cat been jumped out of the bag.

    3. I posted this below, but I'll respond to this comment specifically:

      I don't normally take to replying to comments, but here is the link to download the official PDF version of this report:

      Website link:

      There are a great deal of photographs and documents contained herein ('D' was unable to post the full report here on the site).

      And I don't think that someone 'buying into' a guy is a reason to hold back info. Not at this juncture.

      And by the by: I am not a 'front' person working for the Pentagon :-) But that's a good one. You are correct, however, about the 'musician' thing.

    4. Sorry - I meant to compliment you, and did it rather badly. This is an excellent and thoughtful piece, full of useful information. Your anonymity is your own business, and you may have good reasons for it. Your website is one of the best and most informative I've seen. As a fellow musician from the southern half of the Golden State, I wish you all success.


  14. Had a dream last night, relating (I guess!) to Poof's missive of 8 days ago - where he said (paraphrasing) "It will hit like lightning on a clear day" my dream it was nighttime (not day), but the stars were out by the millions - so, obviously, it was VERY clear! (I live in a big city - so this is NOT a normal sight for me!) My husband and I were out looking at them when, suddenly, there was a bolt of lightning! My heart jumped in joy, and I told my husband it was a sign - that things were FINALLY gonna give! All day, today, I felt a calm and happiness that I haven't felt since first learning about the cabal. Please, Creator - let this be it. (And, so it is.)

    1. You must have not read Poof many moons back. This has been going on so long Rip Van Winkle could have had a dream after listening to him.

  15. "More to the point, with this mass layoff in the foreclosure review group, does this mean that JPM will simpy proceed with debt forgiveness for those millions who have been in foreclosure for about 3 years on average in New York state, and during which time they have not made one mortgage payment?"

    JP Morgan Mortgage Bank Fires 529

  16. Hmmmmmm.......Breaking the Silence must be a speed reader.

    She has responded to posts with time stamps at 17:02, 17:04, 17:05 and 17:06 with some of the posts responded to being fairly lengthy. Is that possible?

    1. It's Monday and the regional office must be fully staffed. I am picturing those little cubicles...

    2. She writes the responses in a word processor as she reads the posts, then drops them in all at once. I do the same for any form because word auto-saves in case the website platform isn't stable. If that's the best you two have to bash D with, might I suggest you each grow a brain before trying again. Might I also suggest that you find something more interesting to write about.

    3. Don't be so sensitive, Gladys (Anon 18:47). I'm sure my brain and bank account are much larger than yours, thank you. Just curious how she could answer so quickly. No need to get your panties in a wad.

    4. D IS a speed reader, and fully caffeinated.

  17. From Tom Heneghan:

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that trillions of unmarked Iraqi dinar currency is currently being recycled from various worldwide banks, including U.S. Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, UBS Switzerland, along with the Snakehill Bank of Australia.

    Reference: There is also a tie in to American International Group (AIG) and its holding company Starr International.

    At this hour, the Iraqi dinar is being placed back into the Central Bank of Iraq without IMF supervision.

    This latest money laundry represents an entire world economic reset as SAC Capital, Knight Capital, and the noted gangster bank JP Morgan Chase face huge cross-collateralized derivative exposure.

    Note: The derivatives are worthless and about to be called on.

    If you are a stock market investor look out below.

    These crooked JP Morgan bets, which involve illegal credit spreads and fraudulent forward sales of precious metal contracts, have a direct tie in to the noted London Whale JP Morgan trading debacle.

    We can now also divulge that JP Morgan and the London Whale used illegal cross-collateralized credit spread derivatives as margin in an attempt to rig aka depreciate and rig the price of silver and gold.

    P.S. At this hour the U.S. Provost Marshal, along with the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, are being blocked by U.S. Justice Department officials in regards to pursuing evidence that now links the U.S. State Department aka U.S. Department of Commerce, the government of Turkey, and the U.S. based American-Turkish Council in using the unregistered CIA outpost in Benghazi, Libya as a major money laundry center in the illegal trafficking of both arms and narcotics to both sides involved in the current civil war in Syria.

    We can also reveal the last man to see Ambassador Christopher Stevens alive was none other than the Turkish Ambassador to Libya.

    We can now report that both Stevens and the Turkish Ambassador to Libya had engaged in a serious argument aka a shouting match the same day that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was assassinated.

    1. I barely read heneghans post anymore, Dee/BTS was right he does not have the full picture. I only use Tom to cross reference certain things. Ohter than that I leave it alone. But he still has good intel though. I just wish he had evolved more to broaden his scope and see the bigger picture to give more solidity to what he has. But hey everyone is on ther individual paths right? So goodluck to him.

    2. Tom has excellent intel. But he doesn't see the bigger picture sometimes and trips over his own biases.

  18. Uh, yeah, if you read them all first, formulate your response elsewhere, then copy and paste. Voila.

    1. None of the quick responses require any thought fomulation, really. Must be a speed reader.

  19. Dear BTS, may your "Not for long!" statement be a reality. I've only been involved in all this stuff for 7 or 8 years, but the word "soon" has become the most despicable four letter word on the planet to me. :) Blessings to you and thanks so much for bringing us truth!

    1. To Newwings: You me and a thousand other people loathe that word ''soon''. I can't stand to hear that word either, it just erks the berserker out of me, lol.

    2. What is this word "soon" that you speak of? I have removed it from my vocabulary.

  20. I'm so glad they brought up Michael Jackson. Because people don't seem to realize that a record lable is a bank! When you apply for a contract with the record lable/Bank you are asking for a loan. Now what the will take as your resume so to speak a.k.a. your buzz' that determines to them the lable the potential return on the money the will loan to you right? Or lets just say thier investment into, so when you sign the contract that establishes a bond on you; you think you moving out of slavery but you are moving deeper into it, because anybody with an average job can just quit because there is no bond there for you don't owe any money. But it's different with an artist, don't worry I'm getting to michael Jackson.

    So this bond they have you can also be interchangeable with a ''primary lean'' on you so when you hear the term ''recoup'' in the industry they are referring too that bond/primary lean. The primary leans means the lable can see your money before you do. So don't think that you can just sign with a lable and things don't work out so you get an average job like an accountant, Wal-Mart supervisor, AT&T or Mcdonalds employee and you never hear from you lable again, no no no you see they can snatch that money to because they still have that bond/primary lean on you until you pay back every penny they loan you.

    So there is a system in place that can move you in directions that may benefit the lable more so than it does you. That where the term ''starving artist'' comes from becasue they financially starve the artist so that they can get you in a state of desperation. You don't know what poverty is until you sign with an lable. The bottom 10% of Americans are still within the top 40% world wide as for as wealth is concerned. The poorest people in America globaly are apart of the 40% richest Americans. So really don't understand poverty until you enter into one of those contracts which is voluntary servitude.

    So when you dealing with these lable and you are not a writer or producer all you live off is loans and show money however it goes back to that primary lean, so if I'm giving you these loans before you can even see the show money you have to pay back the loan. The specifics; Whitney Houston Clive Davis gave her a 100 million dollars ''loan'' on a contract she couldn't fulfil now she 100 million dollars in the hole, if you from the streets you'll get killed for a hundred dollars let alone 100 million!

    1. Michael Jackson understood these things the nature of the business and figured out how to live outside the shackles of the lables. Now with Sony originally being ''Mitsu Bank'' they got into electronics right, and they were selling little transits like radios and things of that nature. Mitsu Bank/Sony watching Michael Jackson's success made them want to actually sale music instead of the equipment to play the music on. Howwever they are still a bank keep that in mind. Now what they did was a part of the contract that Michael signed was when he decided to go into partenership with Sony.

      Since Michael owned 51% of Sony if he was broke Sony Records were broke, and I don't remember hearing massive cut backs or layoff and benfits being cut to any employee working for Sony. Michael owned 51 percent of Sony stock point blank period. As long as Sony had money, Michael Jackson had Money. But here is the catch the contract that Michael signed had all types of weird stipulations like for instance if he went to jail for anything his 51% share of Sony would revert back to the bank/Sony, if he went to jail prior to completing his album obligation his shares would rever back to the bank/Sony.

      I think you guys should know by now where I am headed with this right? Read between the lines, the are in bold print. If Michael Jackson died before completing his album his share would what? Revert back to the bank/Sony. That is why everytime he tried to release an album they came with some sort of court allegations because if we can get him ''convicted'' his entire share of the company reverts back to who? Sony! That's why the child molestations didn't work out the way they planned because they tried to use the court of public opinion to put pressure on the jurors to vote unanymously in Sony's favor. That didn't work because he kept being found not guilty. Then they started prolonging the release of his album to go back to the drawing board to figure out another way to get the music from him. The day after Michael Jackson was killed the Beatles catalog was released on itunes. Remeber Michael beat Paul Mc'cartney at his own game by buying the Beatles catalog. The end.

    2. I think the monkey killed him over jealousy with the little boys.

    3. If you haven't heard, SONY is losing billions of dollars a year. Their stock is at junk status and are laying of tens of thousands of workers worldwide, with no sign that they will recover.

    4. To Anonymous 17:46: Yes now they are! I am talking about when the height of the trial was going on. So yes I have heard. But that still doesn't stifle the point that I made regarding Michael being broke and Sony not being broke which is a oxymoron. So nice links I'm sure the regret killing their most profitable artist they ever had. Which probably resulted in such drastic measures.

    5. To Anonymous 17:40: You are one of the people Sony targeted as supporting these false allegations to convict Michael Jackson, and guess whatt? It didn't work. Because Evan Chandler said these exact words recanting his accusations. Please read carfully it may hurt your ego otherwise since what you want to read pertaining to Michael isn't there for you viewing pleasure to further accuse him of things that never happened.

      In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson's genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

      Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. " I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now I can't tell Michael how much I'm sorry and if he will forgive me." Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, "If I go through with this, I win big-time. There's no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

      Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis. Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer's genitals.

      "Now for the first time I can't bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn't do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor."

    6. With the monkey too, Ariel.

    7. We may very well see Michael resurface again. There are many co-incidents that correlate with the possibility of Micheal's double having stood in for him as his death was faked.

      Michael knew what the Illuminati was up to and where humanity was headed. That what 'THIS IS IT' was all about.

      We shall soon see.

    8. One more thing regarding the Beatles Catalog. I read that Michael felt bad about out-bidding Paul McCartney for the rights to the Beatles music and was planning on selling it back to Paul. If true, that would be reason enough for Sony to want to take drastic measures.

    9. thanx Ariel- I didnt' know that about record labels!!

  21. I don't normally take to replying to comments, but here is the link to download the official PDF version of this report:

    There are a great deal of photographs and documents contained herein ('D' was unable to post the full report here on the site). Spread this report far and wide.

    Website link:

    And by the by: I am not a 'front' person working for the Pentagon :-) But that's a good one. You are correct, however, about the 'musician' thing.

    1. thank you my love- I got your message and edited the article to put the link to your site in asap!

  22. How did this devolve into a review of the life and times of Michael Jackson?

    What about this supposed annoucement for tonight? Is it still on, D?

    1. we wait my friend.

      .... i'm thinking of taking up knitting

  23. Not meaning to derail here, but AK has posted MSM news that may truly help topple the cabal in the very, very near future. The queen, Philip and Charles have been found to have VETO power over the UK parliament. I believe it was in the Mirror. First Savile, now this! There is a list of the bills they reviewed for action in the article, a very interesting list. Can't wait til the pope is outed too!

    I guess the news does sort of relate to this article in that Ben Fulford gave us a clue today that things were happening fast. :)

    1. If you're watching, the MSM is starting to slip their gags off. little bits and pieces of truth are sneaking out.

  24. OK, all you armchair prognosticators, here’s a chance to reach out and lend a hand to a guy in perilous condition during this time of giving and good will. Thanks Patricem.

    From Kerry’s site. It’s time to help a homeless fighter.


    Tuesday, 04 December 2012 20:37

    Written by Kerry Cassidy

    This man is in very desperate straits… Needs help financially. He has a website that might have been taken down called Unwanted Publicity. [It was taken down.]

    He was a forensic financial investigator… he is an amazing researcher. And has tons of information.

    If you can help him financially or otherwise to get him back on his feet or donate please contact and put HELP OFFER in the subject line.

    He was living in his car in Long Beach area and now has lost his car and is living on the street.

    He has a blackberry or iphone that still works somehow and can receive emails at the address below.

    More information about Paul Collin whose brilliant work and mind will be lost if he doesn’t get some assistance.
    Comment by patricem on December 7, 2012 @ 1:53 am

    Want to know more about Paul Collin? Apparently the guy’s a freakin’ genius. I sent him some cash. Check out his impressive resume below.

    Comment by kohala889 on December 11, 2012 @ 10:45 am

    1. Paul Collin mentioned in this article is homeless and lives in the streets of Los Angeles. It is a shame that there is not a single human being in the United States who can offer him a shelter.
      I made a small donation to him when I learned about him, but the bloggers at BF Café made him into a con artist and stopped supporting him.
      Is there anyone who can spare a room for this man? He saved enough money to buy a used minivan but got robbed when he tried to acquire the vehicle.
      He is a handicapped senior who dedicated his life to bring truth and justice to this world.

    2. Yeah people! Help the poor guy. He's poor and needs money. Fork out your cash to save him. Its for a good cause. He's a genius after all! Lolz ;-)

    3. Better yet...if you are in....or know someone who is in his area....that perhaps can at least let the brilliant man have a room...or even a call home till he can manage again.

      And perhaps anyone with some social networking skills can make this request go viral on facebook in a few hours?

      Speaking of which....why are we not all posting all of this amazing information all over facebook and spreading it virally????

  25. still tonite..??right??? could be morning for you right now.

  26. Wow check this out!

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  28. Excellent information. Thank you D. What you do is so important. I agree with the conclusion. What ever comes it must be measured against the level of LOVE, TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY being offered.

    This is from my source ( important dreams since 20 years back until now) which I feel, think, suspect, is important to tell others. Dreams that I judge all I hear and read by together with my “knowing”.

    I think we can expect an announcement coming a bit out of plan, this month of January. From the East, or at least controlled from there, being pushed from that direction. They might be afraid of how people will take it. But don't hold it back for that reason. Time is now. It's ripe. It will be felt for most people that have no idea of what is coming like an asteroid hitting earth, like the one in 1908. Same feeling of disaster when ones world view is being crushed. Normal.

    The announcement will bring down trees reveling its roots, spread and affect the world like a tsunami or a cloud of dust from the impact. It will make people sick of seeing what the belly been holding (that dream made me feel sick for days). Then a new sun will shine over Greece, meaning all dark stuff will be gone (this dream is similar to many others over the years, soooo powerful).

    This “hidden process” we've been witnessing for a year now, trying to figure out what's going on, truths or disinfo, who's who, has a higher meaning. Our collective awareness. It's important to focus on your center, your connection, being free “from” there. Learn to “feel” the info with your 7th sense. Don't cling to the old system or to the new. Emotionally. You're not free until the process is complete.

    You can “choose” to be free in your mind from the old system if your center, your heart, is the boss. But don't get carried away emotionally as that will hinder freedom, the merger of above with below. Relax in the beauty of Gaia and the process. We're not free until all are free. We're in this boat together. So don't rock the boat. Keep still and make sure you keep the balance, so others can do the same. That's how you can help, show them the point of balance.

    Well, something like that. Or it's about an actual cosmic event, with all above as a symbolic clearing of darkness. But the meaning will the same; the sun will shine over Greece and all will be well.


    1. Hello E!

      Thanks so much for sharing your dreams. You stated: "We're in this boat together". And when I read that I remembered a dream of my own which I had last night.

      I was in a canoe with another person. This canoe was letting in water. We had to decide about getting out of it.

      There was empty canoe right beside our one, and I considered the option of stepping into it. But when I tried to put any weight into it, it immediately began to sink.
      I then reaslised it had been occupied, but because of letting in water, it had been abandoned, but I didn't know what had happened to the people that had been using it.

      The water we were floating in was very dark and dirty. It was impossible to see what was in it or under it or be able to tell how deep it was. But the water was calm.

      I decided to get out of my canoe. I wanted the person I had been sharing my canoe with the chance at floating a little longer.

      So I got into the dirty water. Then I realised that both canoes were, in fact, floating in a white bathtub!

      Dreams are strange, aren't they?
      What does my dream mean?
      I think it could mean this:

      What appears to be a distress situation in which one is sinking in dirty water of unknown depth and safety, may just be a piece of nonsense or trickery, an illusion, where one is, in fact, in a relatively safe and familiar place, once one gains the necessary perspective?

      Ninja Bambi

    2. Yes indeedy Ninja Bambi! I had a similar dream a few years ago which has stuck with me. Dreamt I was in a clearing in the forest but directly in front of me there was a deer that appeared to be trapped in a very tall iron cage - similar to the iron bars you see in prison cells. As I looked, I was surprised to see the deer walk away and off into the forest. I was somehow moved back quickly so I could see the full picture - the 'cage' only had a front and was only a few feet high and I could easily walk round the sides of it and follow the deer. The imprisonment was as you say just an illusion. The dream took on even more significance to me as later on I was studying the Maya and discovered the symbol representing the day on which I was born in their calendar was in fact ..... a deer! :-)

      Sine Nomine

    3. Wow!

      Our dreams, especially now, as we open up more and more to the new energies that are coming at all of us from a variety of sources, are very important, and we must pay them the proper attention.

      I've recently taken up the conscious activity of star and sun-gazing. It is said that doing so enables one to connect and receive downloads of knowledge, information, body/mind upgrades, healing and love, via all those photons of light that are hitting our eyes and bodies.

      I love it...


      Ninja Bambi

      P.S. the CAPTCHA for this comment is:

      aidatae 245

      By doing a little lexigram-ing we get:


    4. Hi Ninja Bambi,

      Interesting. What you describe is much the same water I was in with two important dreams.

      You're right. We will be safe. We're in good hands. Don't panic of what's about to happen.

      The message in dreams are often very personal, parallel information, and at the same time containing collective messages. What YOU interpret is the important part. However, what comes to my mind is "stay calm and keep your balance (2 for balance = 2 people, 2 canoes), don't rock the boat" and "don't worry, you're in safe hands".

    5. Hello Anony 06:22!

      Thanks for your input and additional thoughts on my dream and dreams in general.

      Yes, you bring to the interpretation another angle, which I like. The remaining in balance aspect is very well noted.

      We are all aware that dirty or muddy waters, in which we cannot see clearly, can create fear or frustration, in terms of what is hidden or if there is danger, etc. So, this represents very well, I would say, the place many of us are in right now, regarding our search for clarity and information.

      No fear, for me. But frustration at times, yes.


      Ninja Bambi.

    6. Your welcome.

      "But frustration at times, yes."

      Here too.


    7. thank you all, for sharing your dreams with us... and the confidence they announce.

  29. Hi

    Read this loved it, point abt MJ was amazing.... well so its all TRUE that he was awesome, also came accross this Blog on MJ Michael Jackson’s Interdimensional War Against the Powers that Be... Awesome read for MJ's Fans.. Great word D

  30. For over 2000 years now … prominent hosts (cosmic hosts and physical hosts alike) continued to look the same but began to function very differently … the Mother Earth’s grid and Her governing principalities were one … no immediate change in appearance but forces began to operated differently .... so much so until good was oppressed and evil were highly rewarded ..

    Only those behind the scene or in the know …. actually knew what was going on … in celestial matters or in matters of the cabal … an insider takeover was in place … and so it had been until this generation …

    Now I consider the same thing is happening to put things back in order, and back on the Positive track of events .. That would mean an insider takeover is at work … but this time by the Positive Divine and the Positive Good …

    So as many titles and names in government may appear to be the same … their actions and the calculated Positive change of an outcome associated with those actions …. will identify those whom are now standing for what is the betterment of right ….

    So I can understand the above comment … that said “the FED has been absorbed the Treasury. Still exists, still functioning, but under a different mandate.”

  31. Correction

    Contact Reddit acct pp73green for inside info.

    For attention of the admin. I am a former govt contractor with security clearance.

  32. *Ferdinand Marcos' Last Will and Testament* (pdf)

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