Sunday 6 January 2013

A quick Note before I hide for the afternoon

Hi again everyone.

I apologize for not answering all the questions on the "You have the Right to Know" article I posted yesterday.  I am trying my friends.  Unfortunately there are two problems:

1- Blogger is having a spaz out- I can only get the first 200 comments to load, of the 412 comments that are currently posted.  I can go into my back control room and read all the comments, but I can't get to them to post a reply

2- I am only one person and I am run off my feet right now.  There are now several hundred people in skype rooms, talking and discussing, planning and working through plans for how we want to move ahead. Not to mention the regular intel work and calls and messages. Not to mention the hundreds of skype messages I've received and am still trying to answer. Not to mention the emails flooding in.

...not to mention that I am a mother to 4 small children who are homeschooled and have barely seen their mother without a computer on her lap or a phone (or two) to her ear for well over a week.

I'm sorry my friends, I'm trying and doing all that I can.

And now, I'm running away for the afternoon to build snow forts, snowmen and throw snowballs with my kids outside for a few hours.  I will be back after hot cocoa and warm bread pudding.  Maybe. lol


  1. I hope someome does a background check on JB coz it's my guess even an interim prez has power.

    1. Hi hi Anonymous!

      HEY GREAT SUGGESTION! We now await your report with enthusiasm.

      By the way, who is JB? kk well, you go right ahead, now, and
      remember to include everything, kk? :D


      Do one on me too. I would love to have somebody even vaguely
      interested. It might boost my ego a bit, kk? KEWLIES!!

      I TRUST YOU!!


    2. First of ALL. The "Source" is directing this show. We as the Puny Earthlings think we will fail. But the "Source" is the Ultimate Banker.
      Fellow Earthlings: You do not need to use "their money" "Their" best thinking got them to this point. Do you for a minute think that "their" Best Brother is following them at this Point?

      Produce. But do not use the "U.S." dollar. Silver is readily available. Barter is readily available. Plant Something. Create Something. But......kwitcherbitchen......Be what Source Created you to BE!

    3. We must Understand that the "Phoenix" needs to burn down to ashes before it can be reborn. Pour gas on it if needs be. But the rebirth requires letting go of...well, the paridigm. Just create. Create anew. That's what the Creator does. It does not ask whether it's Perfect Creation was "perfect." It continues to create. It does not look back over its track record. It knows it is ALL perfect. Judge not. Create. Yes we live without money. Yes we live without Love. But as soon as we see it ALL as "perfect" it will fall into place.
      Do Not Look to (formerly) "Washington D.C." for leadership. You have a Community to attend to right there in Montana, South Carolina, Missouri...oh, get your frikin' kidz out of the (formerly) military! Take your local (formerly) policeman a cake. smile at your (former) Banker. They are going through some rough times trying to understand "who moved my cheese."

    4. C'mon on over to Asshole Hippies!
      I've started a discussion on Boehner. I'm the total worst blogger ever in the history of blogging, so it should get really messy!

    5. Silverbacked, wtf are you talking about "Not use the US dollar"? No body in the entire world is bartering with silver. Are you bartering with silver? Are you planting crops in the middle of winter?

  2. You are amazing and appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the dedication and hard work.

    1. I also thank all of you. Perhaps BTS's insiders should start their own blogs so we can give them suggestions on what needs to be planned and done? All those delays are unacceptable. The insiders saying "I know what's best for you" comes from the ego. We, the people need to get a say!

  3. I hesitate to even post this as it means one more thing for you to read! But God Bless you girl for all you do and have done. I was a single mother with only two children and a job - not the behemoth project you have taken on - added to my load of responsibilities.

    Take as much time as you need to regroup and balance - playing with the kids is the best way to revitalize yourself and everybody wins!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you some more. You DO have a lot of support out here!


  4. Hello again my friend,

    I haven't posted on your blog for a few days, been reading the 200+ comments and great minds think alike! They posted exactly what I was going to post! I was also thinking about the "rip off the band-aid fast" and you mentioned this in your last post! Many comments and even you have now acknowledged that everything now must be done to force the media to disclose what's happening. I have three good suggestions that you can discuss with your insiders.

    1. Spend some of those prosperity funds to buy out one or more of the major media corporations.
    2. Spend the money to hire cops to mass arrest the disinfo agents pretending to be reporters.
    3. Spend the money to create their own media to broadcast the truth, making the others irrelevant.

    If there's "a huge sum of money" in all those prosperity funds, this should be an easy thing to get done. I understand the frustration of you and all the other commenters. Thanks my friends for your hard work!

    1. once the PPs etc come out, the point will be moot! :>D announcement will come with that.

    2. I came upon this website earlier and would like some
      feedback from D and others:

      They speak about, "Removing the Shackles" and such. Whoa.

    3. Anon 18:34

      Ih this article is true then it will come to the surface in time as nothing will happen, again, and D and anyone else supporting this info will have to answer for it and be held accountable.

  5. D, hon, ditch the spandex and cape for the afternoon -- evening too! The world will still be there when you get back and all those people in the skype rooms can do some off the heavy lifting while those little angels/devils of yours get some "Mommytime." Hopefully, the blog problems will get straightened out in the meantime. You have done more than anyone has a right to expect. So relax and throw a few snowballs for me. All our snow is melting!

    Wandering Fire

    1. And isn't That the Point!? Family First. Fun First. The "Source" asks us from the bottom of its boogity-boogity Heart: "Will you Puny Earthlings (pls.) Stop Worrying about that which you refer to as "coin" and (pls.) Follow Me in Creativity?" What is the cost of an ant? How much to make the tide come in? Is that mountain pretty or should we hire landscapers?
      When there are no FOLLOWERS we will have no need for leaders.

  6. Wow! D many thanks to you! We aré ready. We will all pull together. Love to you! Heres to an abundant life everyone!

  7. Have fun with your kids. They grow up too fast.

  8. The Universe and it's Divine Guidance System is big enough to work all this out. :) PLEASE relax and play with the kids. Your heart's peace is more important by far than answering questions. hugs. :)

  9. Hey D,
    Far be it for me to tell anyone what to do but you need to back off a bit & not worry too much about us grown ups out here otherwise things are going to overwhelm you
    I've raised 4 kids by myself for the last 9 yrs & know the pressures involved admittedly I'm only a bloke though & not home schooling fair dinkum girl you need a medal.I'm feelin' ya

  10. Drake was asked during his Q&A session to interview "Heather". He said he wouldn't interview a fraud.

    BTS, do you want to address this accusation? Why don't both you and Heather contact Drake and convince him to be on his show? Clear the air for people.

    1. GREAT IDEA! We want the truth.

    2. That would certainly be a show everyone would look forward to. Somebody is full of it here. We need to find out who.

      Direct debate between Drake, Heather and BTS is very important if they truly have nothing to hide.

    3. That is a big accusation. Drake obviously wants proof of these claims, not just words. He says there is no collateral backing up this People's Trust, if I heard him correctly.

      Let's find the truth here quickly, so everyone can move forward without hesitation.

    4. I think D has bigger fish to fry than to stroke Drake's ego. Besides the poor girl wouldn't get a word in edge ways.

    5. Yes I actually asked Drake the question and was very surprised at how negatively he responded. The freedom movement needs positive discussion and I hugely encourage a discussion. Lets be fully transparent and get everything in the open. D, Heather what do you say? We need unity to fight the Cabal!

    6. Nonsense, Kate.

      Drake would give either of them the time to state their cases. He sees no proof that these claims are true. People are awakening and want the truth. Disinfo agents, whoever they may be, need to be exposed and disposed of quickly.

    7. Heather and D's comments and inforomation dump are apparently going viral. Correct? It would behoove them to negate any skepticism from other patriotic camps with some tangible proof or, at least, open face-to-face discussions. A radio discussion with Drake would be very helpful, in my opinion.

    8. It is most definitely time for the truth. We need to get both groups in an open discussion. It's time. Time for just the TRUTH! Lets get rid of the dis-info now!

    9. I'd love to see Neil Keenan on the show too...

    10. Drake has a lot of nerve calling someone else a "fraud" given that not ONE SINGLE THING he said would come to pass has. I'll admit I bought it for a while but when "next week, fer sure!" never came I figured out that his sources had cut him off, if he'd ever had any to start with. The people in the group find interesting articles from time to time which is the only reason I continue to check there. That and the owner's periodic meltdowns when subjects she doesn't want to discuss come up.... *cough cough* RTS *cough snork!*

      Wandering Fire


    12. D,

      If you and Heather have nothing to hide, then a friendly, civil discussion with Drake and company would only further the freedom movement's cause. Proof and truth for the people. No time now for confusion.

    13. What Drake doesn't get is the collateral IS the people! What is so hard to understand about that?? It was gifted and the gift had to be accepted, that's it. The rest of it will come out in the wash. He picked apart a $15 fee for searching UCC filings and a mispost that someone said a check for $5 billion was coming to everyone in the mail. It's NOT ABOUT MONEY, access to it, or who's got the key. WE ARE THE KEY.

    14. Anon 14.12,

      Drake has a large following. It would be a great idea for Heather and/or D to discuss the issues with Drake in order to gain clarity for everyone within the freedom movement. Truth and proof for the people.

    15. Since when has "drake" become the know all be all?? Who are the "anonymous" who are putting all their faith and trust in drake, anyway? Look to yourselves for the truth...anonymous. The answers are within, not with drake.

    16. Anon 14:23 has a point.

      Good PR and standing in the light with other freedom groups will help reach critical mass. Even though Drake & Co have a thin skin and not very adept on how social media works. They still have a large following and there is common ground. He even admitted that TOPPT has legal standing, but he has never supported anything to do with "Strawman" aspects of the Freedom Movement. Foster Gamble's Thrive Movement and even Anonymous just also be engaged to help spread the message.

      My main question is there actually a positive military. Drake believes he is their voice. They have everything they need to go forward unless there are not-so positive after all.

      Git ur done, ur no wait until the green light, ur no just wait till I tell you your FREE!

      or just BE

    17. You got to be joking. HAHAHAHAHAHAA OMG!!!

      I have only two things to say. Were i ever to meet Heather in a debate, i would simply bow, smile, and pass her the trophy. Are you kidding me? Please learn to read what people say in their own words and read the acts of their writing. READ WHAT HEATHER WROTE. It saved the nation at her own personal risk.

      ABOUT DRAKE: I am positive he is a very nice man, has two legs, and puts his pants on one leg at a time. Other than that, hmmm... basically... if you want to post about Drake, ask him questions, debate, or whatever, i suggest going to HIS website where EVERYONE can add their comments. Coming over here to piss on D's trees is rather tacky, right?

      You all remind me of a bunch of gossipy old ladies. Find something credible about yourself, please, kk? Thanks you!

    18. All of you are funny as all get out.
      I actually am finding humor in the black pot calling the black kettle, black.

      I liked the paperwork, but if you trace to the source you'd see it's not what it 'claims' to be.

      Find an executive order that contains definitions to make it clear what it is referring to; and look for definitions in that legal document that many are hanging their hat on and demanding interviews.

      None of these intel people are your public servants. They don't owe you anything. They are awaking you to 'something' but to how did Ben Fulford put it? Sit there and be an 'arm chair quarterback' is not going to raise you any higher than anyone else for your demands, requests, desires, wants, etc.

      You. Accepted something. It was fed to you and you accepted it, and now you want it to be verified, and clarified, and justified, and solidified, and all other kinds of fied by other people and other sources and using other resources.

      Start at the beginning.

      You accepted it. You do the research, You verify it, you justify it, you solidify it, you interview, You accept, or reject, or deny.

      What does severl means as in severl states? That's typed on a document and you believe you are a slave so this document must be coming from another master who is superior to your master and is supposed to free you, so go find out what it means.
      What does STATE OF ... mean?
      That's typed on a document and you believe you are a slave so this document must be coming from another master who is superior to your master and is supposed to free you, so go find out what it means.

      The one thing I am most grateful to the One Infinite Creator is that my intent was to wake myself up and I had my intent long before I met any anyone else who would 'so call' wake me up and then have me chasing other people for answers because I never learned the tools of 'seek and find' before they got to me.

    19. Hey Sine Metu: No one is pissing on D's trees, you moron. Do you know how to read? People want Drake and his followers to be on the same page as Heather/D and their followers. It would further the freedom movement.

      Do you have the IQ level to grasp the concept?

    20. Anon 16:12, you seem to be incredibly smart and enlightened. It's hard for me to believe that someone of your superior intellect and enlightenment would grace this site with your presence. You seem to have it all figured out. Do your thousands of followers fawn over you?

    21. Anonymous 16:39
      No followers. Everyone is their own leader.
      Well unless you are a follower then that makes me wrong and not superior in intellect and enlightened, right?

      Look. I communicate how I communicate, and here is where I am experiencing aspects of Me.

      Forgive me if I offend you, but I'm not planning on leaving yet.

      But I will leave when it's time to experience something else that includes not coming back here.

    22. Taken from AscensionWithEarth site:

      Not that difficult to "vet" Attorney Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf...just google her. She is a former (voluntarily resigned her license...see Washington State Bar Association for details) attorney. She apparently did have her house in foreclosure and you can see one of the pleadings in the case "DEFENDANTS' AMENDED RESPONSE TOPLAINTIFF'S COMPLAINT FOR UNLAWFUL DETAINER; TRIAL BY JURY DEMANDED" filed in Pierce County Superior Court and prepared on HER pleading paper. Here is a link to said document and you can see her legal writing style as well: She claimed in her "conversation" with Brian to have put her home into foreclosure for the purpose of pursuing the fraud; well certainly her home was in foreclosure. Additionally, several UCC filings by her can be found online. So in conclusion, I've known of her for a little over a week and have found a wealth of corroberating information about her. I have listened to Drake since last April and still know very little about him other than he has given a lot of dates that have come and gone. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf has definitely DONE stuff and has chosen to stay out of the public eye while getting that stuff accomplished. Can't say that for Drake.

    23. Is anyone in here in contact with Winston Shrout? He could certainly vet and shine some light on TOPPT/Heathers UCC filings.

    24. Peace my friends.
      Drake knows exactly where to find me (so does keenan) and yet neither one has approached me privately for verification or to even ask questions. I have no problem talking to drake. I doubt that heather will either.

      the problem that remains is that to have a discussion a person needs to listen and interact with the thoughts and opinions of the other person. If someone isnt' willing to listen and discuss, then nothing I say will change their mind.

    25. Then I suggest you and Heather make the first move to contact Drake for a public discussion. I doubt he would, but if Drake doesn't allow you two to state your case thoroughly, then I'm sure people would become very annoyed and/or suspicious of him (who do follow him). I think he'd give you all the time you need.

      If you people are true patriots and are not disinfo agents, you should have no problem getting together for enlightening discussion to further the freedom movement towards critical mass.

  11. Family comes first D! You've done more than enough for us so shed the guilt and spend some quality time with your loved ones. We'll still be here when you get back!lol!

    Love to ya!

    Sine Nomine

  12. Hi D, I have just felt overwhelmed just by reading all the recent developments let alone cope with all you have to do! Don't feel that you have to respond to every post (not even mine!) you have done soooo much and deserve a break. I have to say that reading Montague Keen's message this week is amazing!

    Here's a little bit of the channelling, I had to laugh at the synchronicity.....

    "The temples of power are crumbling. It will not take much to remove them. They only protect their own. They do not concern themselves with you. You are mere slaves, who believe the illusion that was created by them. You have everything to look forward to: think of the celebration, world-wide, when you cut the shackles and see the LIGHT. Considering the speed at which the world is awakening, it is almost ready to cut the ties to the Cabal's enslavement of humanity."

    The bit about cutting the shackles, so true! Much more on this here:

  13. D, we need a few clones of you! Having so much on your plate sounds exhausting! May your mini retreat with your children rejuvenate you. In full support of you..

  14. Yay! for snowballs and kids and snow forts and bread pudding.

    1. Don't forget the hot cocoa!

      Wandering Fire

    2. Sine Metu passes Wandering Fire a cup of hot cocoa with a tad teeny bit of Jameson's on the bottom.

  15. first I will say that I love Drake as well but each whistleblower is receiving intel from their sources which may not know other intel. There is no doubt in my mind that Drake is honest as the day is long and desperately want to see our country return to a Republic. The thing is he speaks to Neil Keenan daily & gets intel from him which is different from the peoples trust which he knows nothing about & hasn't had time to vet with his sources. He has problems with the PP's as Keenan has told him there would be none. My problem with everyone's intel is there is never disclosure and government crime just continues. Where is the "police force" for all of this. We want Navy Seals to force the announcements.

    1. You must be lost, Anon.

      This thread is about D. And uhm... This site is about how to help
      people get introduced to the new paradigm we are currently in.
      I realize you might have a REALLY SLOW reception rate on getting
      any news, so... here are a few facts to save you from reading
      all the words posted HERE on THIS SITE.

      a) We are already Free
      b) We need help spreading the word.
      c) This is not a drama or a soap opera
      d) You do actually get to participate in more ways
      than just "flipping the channel"

      You obviously didn't even know this, yourself. Try
      tuning out during commercials, please, kk?

      ( Grins )

      Also... Drake has his own website, you might have mis-clicked.

    2. Sine Metu,
      You were born free.
      You were never a slave.
      Your rights were oppressed, let's just say harder to exercise unless you knew how to reject the system.
      Many would accept the penalities and then walk away and complain about a judge or an attorney.
      At the end of the day, the penalty was accepted, so why complain?

      Anyone can perceive drama and soap opera and story telling, and lies, and disinfo and more from anything.

      One truth about truth.
      It doesn't need anyone to defend it.
      They don't have to like's still true.
      They call call truth a lie, and it's still true.
      They can call the one spreading the truth a disinfo agent, and it's still true.
      They can call someone who spoke the truth a troll, and it's still truth.

      See the power?
      No...I forget the audience.

      If you believe only what you see, you believe only what is shown to no.
      You don't see the truth, because you feel a need to defend it like it's a position in a court room or up for a debate.

      Let truth stand on it's own.
      If it can't stand, then it's not truth.

    3. Sine Metu, good morning to you! There's no comments allowed on Drake's website ;-) Never has as far as I can remember.

      Sine Nomine

    4. Sine Metu I just want to inform you that sometimes you can be a complete dick. Theres tons of people in this post posting stuff about Drake and this guy just wanted to share his opinion and you talk to him as if hes a stoned teenager.

    5. peace my friends- we can all talk together without arguing or getting mad.

  16. Drake & co. Preach about all coming to the center of the room to unite and discuss. I think he needs to practice what he preaches and meet D, Heather, Trustees and other bloggers and have an open forum discussion. That's not an unreadable request. Drake, D. et al- if you refuse the request-well, we will see the light. I DARE YOU All, yea, I demand it.

    1. Drake just invited them, on a condition they stop spamming him. We will see.

    2. Just sayin' that those are are POSTING on UV are MEMBERS of the site, so if they think they are spamming, they know how to boot. When I was looking at UV last night, there was only 1 main thread with many posts, and the OCCASIONAL secondary post where people were not aware it had already been posted. When I looked last night, I saw maybe 3 postings dealing with RTS. Hardly "spamming"...

    3. Is Stew Webb invited, Drake?

    4. ONE MORE TIME!!!

      Drake is over there ------->

      Somewhere off in the yonder. And HERE where
      you are reading is D's web-stie. The current topic
      is how she is seriously needing some helpers to pitch
      in delivering people LIKE YOU information on how to
      get hooked-up. I get the feeling your fingers are
      so used to clicking for drama that you had mistakenly
      landed on a site that posts truth.

      OOPS! sorry...
      drama is OVER THERE ---------> ( Drake's site and others )

    5. This is hilarious.
      People posted RTS stuff on Drake site and then comment here about how it's accepted over there.

      Someone posts Drake stuff on RTS site, and it's the same thing, different side of the fence.


    6. I didn't realize "thin skin" was in season again!

      While the Cabal is robbing us blind, we are squabbling about who and what to post where?!

      We'll never defeat the Cabal if we can't get over this simple fact that we all need to work together.

  17. "Unreasonable "

  18. So, for those who may be interested, I've had a look at what Jean Haines posted about all this, and, in a nutshell, she is basically saying what many here have already been saying.

    I don't think it matters what Jean says, what Drake says, what I say nor even what 'D' says, because it will all come out in the wash, sooner or later, one way or another.

    This back and forth bickering, this and that assumption, this or that possibly is and maybe could be, is all just what it is...and until is is more (Concrete In Yer Face Can't Miss It Change On The Street), it doesn't matter.

    I'm done for now.

    Wishing you all a merry old time.

    Ninja Bambi.

    1. Hi hi Ninja Bambi!!

      Yes, thanks you for helping us all with ideas on how
      to get you hooked up to the new monetary system. We really
      appreciate the time you put in, and we are sure that will
      make the delivery so much sooner! YAY!!

      By the way, watch the screen-door there, please. Yes, thats
      it, turn around... great... huggs!

    2. Thank you, Sine Metu.

      As I said, "This back and forth bickering, this and that assumption, this or that possibly is and maybe could be, is all just what it is...and until is is more (Concrete In Yer Face Can't Miss It Change On The Street), it doesn't matter."

      You have only served to re-enforce my feelings, by your mildly sarcastic, door-security-at-private-club-guy approach, that any chaos or drama based-upon he said/she said intel and opinion, coupled with a variety of unanswered questions is not a place where my contribution is needed.

      Our journeys are our own.


      Ninja Bambi

    3. sinemetu, quit with the huggs you sound like jean haynes.

  19. For those of you who don't have blogger accounts when you post here on select profile drop down menu choose name/url. Put a name in the name box but leave the url blank. That way we can know who said what without a load of Anonymous' posting. :)

    1. D...Blogger is also eating 50% of the comments I try to post.

    2. Thank you Kate. See how simple that was.It really is easy..LOL

    3. That doesn't resonate with me.
      If BTS want's to block anonymous postings, fine, but all these people stepping back into the Control shoes and are just as equal as we are, NO.

      I AM. That means I AM anonymous as much as I can be Kate or iwentcrazy or Barbara.

      You cannot control what does not want to be controlled unless you do it by force, coercion, duress, or without disclosure.

      So you are on a blog that said we are free and then telling us we have to do something.

      Those choosing anonymous can put a name at the end of a comment.

      I will not be boxed in by a name or control from anyone.

      Right of Self Determination...learn about it.

    4. You're welcome Barbara. When I came on this blog I was Anonymous until someone kindly said how to put a name to a post.

      Anon 14:46, nobody is being forced to do anything and you don't have to put your real name but it makes life simpler if you are trawling through the pages (some go beyond 200 posts) and you are trying to find your own posts. I know I got frustrated trying to find something I had posted among all the other Anonymous posts.

    5. This is Anonymous 14:46 Thank you for the clarification.
      I don't mind being anyone or anything.
      But I do like moving according to my will.
      One time in court I was asked by a judge what was my name...I easily responded my, am called 'sis', dog calls me 'woof'.
      I am that I am and I like to be who I am at any time that I am experiencing life.
      Here I experience it as anonymous.
      Thank you again.

    6. For some reason that has a grammatical error, and I believe everything is specific in Universe. Someone is 'not' supposed to know what I meant, so I will not correct that response, and tell Universe, 'Thank You'.

    7. I made four posts with a name yesterday, and none of them showed up. Only the singular "anonymous" post appeared. Just so someone knows (in the event that this one shows up lol). I spent alot of time on them, sort of a bummer....


    8. pbpbcitmsj,
      go down to the bottom of the posts and look at the words "Load more"

      If all posts were numbered by when they were received and not where they are in the blog, your posted number was higher than 200.

      Hope that's there. All four of them.
      So when you do all the 'load more' and it puts more posts, and you load more and it puts more posts and you load more if it's still available you'll get more posts.

      When there is no more to load, it will not show load more.

      Then you back up in the blog where you posted your comment and you'll see it.

      You will probably see posts you had already read, had even more posts than you read, but by numerical order of when it came in, they needed to be loaded.

      All posts are there.
      When I look and see more than 200 posts, before I start reading, I start with the load more until I can't load more and then i start reading it.

  20. -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Mark Twain didn't live long enough.
    Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2013 16:45:31 -0500

    It's a Beautiful Day


    Greetings and Salutations;

    Lemme tell you, I am at the end of these missives every week. I see you've got other 'entertainment' now and I'm not interested enough to challenge every piece of stuff being thrown out under the guise of 'the facts'. The folks in the rafters aren't doing updates on the web. There's a big pot of stew out here boiling and there's way too many bones to pick out to enjoy it, like, 'Where's the Beef?' As I said, some time ago, the announcements will fill in the details, not my job. If you have an assignment, you agree to it, you follow orders until such time, you fulfill that assignment. You don't go wondering off, you stay on point...regardless of the head winds and the coral reefs. I used to live in the 'volunteer state', I gave up volunteering for anything, somebody needs to ask, that's the only way your work is 'received', anyhow. Other wise you get blamed for the failure. Instructions must be followed to the letter, which I see, the folks that got something are following the n/d to the letter. They shut up and have said nothing, good. They'll keep their goodies.

    For the rest of us waiting, our 'turn' is up. And for the rest that couldn't 'hold' and had to make it all a bunch BS or impossible to do. Hold that thought and tell who ever shows up at your door, you aren't signing anything and tell them to leave you alone. The funds will be given to someone else, who Will help out in the world and get it green again. You can hope you don't fall over that fat lip you got poked out. Don't send me anything, I swear to God, I will Not respond. My part concludes and I Do know how to walk away and say nothing. I hear my next assignment is a big fat book and that'll take a moment....or not. lolololol Stay loose it'll happen for you like a lightning bolt on a clear day, my statement to you is the weather is 'right' for that to happen. Watch the birds, and feel the wind, you won't miss it. For god's sake no running around with your hair on fire. All is in order. Maybe not your idea of order, but the east and the west are merging now, starting with the banking system. All the rest goes like dominoes.

    Um outta here, have a great life.

    Consultations until the doorbell rings.

    Love and Kisses;


    1. Well now we know who her handler was. Goodbye James Holmes. Nothing you ever said came true anyway.

    2. LOVE YOU POOF!!! OMG!!!

      You honor our blog with your presence. HUGGS!

  21. BTS, Seems your 'breaking the silence' has ended the reports I've looked forward to on Sunday.

    I never cared for single sources of information.

    We reap what we sow.

    I have a strong feeling that people's trust and what you revealed (true/false/indifferent) was the 'tipping point'.

    If Santa is taking names and checking them twice this would be an interesting gift giving or non-giving season.

    Poof report seemed to infer 'to me' some have messed up their opportunity for a package, and that Poof is swamped with people asking if these latest disclosures are true.

    If I were in those shoes, I would not want someone to hear or read something somewhere and run to me asking if it's true.

    If I didn't put it out there, I don't have to discuss it or defend it or explain myself on whether I believe it or not.

    I don't have to be drawn into anything anyone else claims to be true.

    That should have awakened many that were providing intel that they were still dealing with a bunch of babies who were woke up in infancy and let them know that this system is in place for a reason.

    We are all at different levels, social ideas, spiritual ideas, financial responsibility, intellectual ideas as we live in this fiction, but we are the same at a our inner core.

    If my neighbor's mother tells me something is true, and I ask my mother if it's true, her best answer should be I've never heard of it, and I've seen no evidence of it, and if she has proof, get it from her but don't bother me with that mess.

    Where is Air Force One?
    Is it in Washington with Boehner?
    or in Hawaii with Obama?

    Someone get boots on the ground or make a call to their intel contacts and find out, okay?

    1. "Air Force One" is a call sign.

    2. It's a call sign for an airplane that you and I and Boehner can't get on unless someone specific is on it.

      Come on. No one has to hand feed this info. We all have the ability to 'know' this, that's why I don't teach what I know because I sought it and found it, and as an equal the same door that opened for me opens for anyone.

      But thanks for your response.

      Is this better?

      Where is the 'call sign' Air Force One?

    3. Air Force One is a call sign...Air Force One may refer to: the Boeing VC-25, the current Boeing 747 based "Air Force One"

      So call sign and aeroplane is Air Force One.

    4. Thanks, so I'll try to fix this for the Creators in Universe that need this to be 'perfect' on the other side of 'imperfection' in a duality dimension.

      Where is the aeroplane with the call sign Air Force One?

      Is the aeroplane with the call sign of Air Force One in Washington, DC? Near boehner?

      Or is the aeroplane with the call sign of Air Force One in Hawaii with Barack Obama?

      I have seen a picture of a huge aeroplane that had words on the side that were the same as what the call sign is. Those words were Air Force One and since that is not the name of the aeroplane, it is a decoration that is the same as the call sign.

      Has anyone with boots on the ground intel known of the whereabouts of this marvelously huge aeroplane?

    5. I gave that intel out already. D will give back the aeroplane with the call sign of Air Force One when she is done with it and not before. Gee, you people are demanding!


    6. I TOTALLY AGREE, Kate!! WOW...

      Three double stacks of pancakes and 2000 boxes of scrambled eggs please.

      Oh forgot, put a teaspoon of sugar on the 14th pancake from the bottom
      and hold the catsup on 1/3rd of the eggs. THANKS YOU!!!

    7. Kate,
      the Creator in you is so clever, but you left out some information I was seeking.

      Who is at D's house?
      Obama or Boehner?

      I will consider the question answered and thanks for having the intel and 'knowing' where it is.

      Thanks in advance.

    8. Some people just can't get a hint. Soooo....

      16:29... if you really want to know about that, have you considered
      the following options?

      a) E-mail?
      b) Skype?

      Do you think its on topic here in this thread? Do you think it matters
      in regard to the 4 kids? OH!!! you failed to read the article too? WOW!
      Also, please refrain from using the "O" word on a clearly non-politically
      SNOOP AROUND, you know?

      Sine Metu goes back to the kitchen to make another stack.

    9. Sine Metu, if you are also Kate, then maybe you can respond as Sine Metu/Kate.

      Kate said the question was already answered.

      I don't need skype (join a group), e-mail (give info to get info), all I needed was a clear answer since Kate indicate it was clear.

      Since you are having a hard time reading while trying to show superiority which you have none with me (your equal), you missed the details of her post at a different time stamp.

      Kate 6 January 2013 15:23

      Sssshhh I saw Air Force One at D's place.....

      So the question remains to Kate who indicated here:

      Kate 6 January 2013 16:10

      I gave that intel out already. D will give back the aeroplane with the call sign of Air Force One when she is done with it and not before. Gee, you people are demanding!

      So for clarity's sake here is my response again.

      Anonymous 6 January 2013 16:29

      the Creator in you is so clever, but you left out some information I was seeking.

      Who is at D's house?
      Obama or Boehner?

      I will consider the question answered and thanks for having the intel and 'knowing' where it is.

      Thanks in advance.

    10. Seekers you must 'see' both sides of creation. Pay attention to how 'some' respond to valid questions. How 'teams' are formed. How distractions are made to sidetrack issues we are to take seriously, and how truth which can be hidden and suppressed and left unsaid, is being hidden, suppressed and left unsaid.

      If Kate really didn't know where the 'call sign' aeroplane was, then she could issue an opinion, but notice how her information comes off as fact.

      That's how it is on t.v, on radio, and on blogs. without penalty of perjury people can state anything as being true and leave you hanging.

      Now with what Kate revealed. I WILL NOT demand that D give an interview to Drake or to Brian at AK's site to explain why Air Force One call sign aeroplane was at that house.

      It's a waste of time!
      Also, D has no permission nor power to occupy Air Force One unless she is the President and so the inference is that the President whoever it is, is at the home where the aeroplane with the call sign of Air Force One is, and NO, the military and Secret Service does not let anyone borrow the plane and leave the President somewhere else where it cannot be accessed.

      This is these things passed off as true and One is attacked for wanting to know, yet it's not true. It's deception.

      Now if we called Kate a troll or disinfo agent that would not be nice, but what was posted was not the truth and the question asked was not a joke.

    11. ...true Anon 1911 and in agreement...
      and just to clarify slightly...Air Force One
      can be "any aircraft" that the president
      happens to be a passenger of at the time...

      Whether a chopper, plane, rocket or whatever...
      Now let's get back to D having a wonderful time...

  22. Sssshhh I saw Air Force One at D's place.....

    1. Lol, hi Kate how are you? - seriously though it's a good question. Anonymous 14.41 makes some good points. I did get a "who's been naughty or nice " vibe from his poofness aswell. Not clear who it was directed at though.

    2. Hi Peacefrog! Yes I read Poof and I don't know who he is telling off. Maybe light workers in general? Maybe D posting her info, which to be fair she has not revealed the identity of the people giving her intel. Maybe he is annoyed as AK wanted to post up the Poof video and is mulling it over despite Poof not wanting it back up?

    3. hi hi Froggy! MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!

      Hi hi Kate!

      uhm... just a quick note, but... i would like to paint a little
      peace sign in one of the windows of the plane, please. just one
      though because i only have short nubby crayons now. :/


      You can pick any colors your little heart desires too.

    4. Ah Sine Metu - I've missed you too my friend. Where have you been?

    5. I was attacked by a meanie head with booger sauce in his nose.

      Got sorta tied up flip flopping people into boxes so they didn't get bored.
      Was a very serious grown-up sorta thing that i think they forced me to participate in using magic cookies and worms.

    6. Poof is done now, do you think AK will post the video?

  23. Call me dumb but what did Poof say/mean? I read it but don't get it.

    1. He said he was PO'd that she made this announcement but with his track record who the Hell cares?

    2. my inference is that People have swamped Poof asking whether certain things are true.
      It could be a comet coming to the planet, fiscal cliff being fake, People's Trust, or what was read here.

      Whatever it is, it's a waste of time for Poof to comment pro/con on someone else's intel. Poof does what Poof does and that's make a report on Sundays the best way Poof can about how things are progressing.

      Also it seems some may have either got the knock and violated the NDA and lost their rights or got the knock and EGO answered and they didn't give the info required for the package and contacted Poof for 'help' to get the knock again.

      Again, this is my imagination taking a few words on a page and expanding it into a novel.

      Poof could have said, in the beginning and I'm quoting the bible, or Poof could have said Once upon a time and I start writing a fairy tale.

      The end result is Poof does what Poof does and now people are asking Poof for info on things that aren't in line with what Poof does, so there is the good ole' bow out of this situation, I'm not getting involved in anything I didn't help create, most of the requests seem to be asking for info on someone else's work, so I'll just stop dealing with that and won't even respond.

      If you want to talk to Poof about what Poof knows without bringing in contaminate information from other sources and asking for clarity on it, the consultations are still available.

      That's my take, and you are not dumb, that's like saying the Creator is dumb. You just haven't sought this before so you haven't remembered. Seeking we start with a blank slate, it's just a lot of people put a lot of stuff on their blank slate and then can't tell the truth from the lies because they absorbed everything.

      The best way to know the truth is to start from truth within yourself.

      I have a policy among friends. I'll tell the truth even if it makes me look bad or appears embarrassing to know those TMI people?

      I'm like Estelle Getty on The Golden Girls. Don't ask unless your really want to know and without conditions on what I tell you; because you will hear the truth according to how I reveal it.

      Poof is still there, just not to consult with on what someone else puts out. Since people are drawn like flies to honey to this alternative intel, Poof may not do another report because it will have nothing to do with these things people chase so eagerly.

      If anything is delayed it could be for the people engaging in the activities that are distracting and not be delayed for the people who are not participating in the distraction.

      If your reject and offer, they don't have to come back and offer.
      If you accept an offer with a condition of NDA (non disclosure agreement), then you are bound to perform the obligations of the condition or you trip the penalty (which is part of the offer). if you don't read contracts, that's no one else's job to protect you from yourself or the things you do because you didn't know it was wrong to do because you didn't read a binding agreement.

      Much Love to All.

    3. per: " if you don't read contracts, that's no one else's job to protect you from yourself or the things you do because you didn't know it was wrong to do because you didn't read a binding agreement."

      This was extremely difficult but... are you trying to say....

      "You are responsible for your agreements" ?

      I did about 3 pages of math on the back and forth negative/positive logic you all use when you speak and i am pretty sure this is at least "close".

    4. No Sine Metu, I meant what I said and said what I meant, you can make a mathematical assumption of how you think you would have presented the information but you are not me, and you left out something critical...reading the contract.

      Sit on the sidelines sometimes, you haven't reached the 'all knowing stage yet'.

    5. I got a question - about the PPs - why should you have to sign for something you are entitled to? I mean - in the end - it is my money - your money - our money; how do you figure that someone makes you sign for something that is yours and not theirs. They have their share - you got yours. I don't understand. Add to that FREEDOM - I am FREE to do as I please, why should I not receive what is mines because someone else wants me to give up my freedom and willingly submit to the demands they are subjecting us to?
      In the end, I want the money to start a farm, but that money belongs to each one of us individually to do as we please.

    6. Your signature is just acknowledging that you received it.

    7. How can those distributing report and record that you received it otherwise - you can sign your name in all lower case letters or use your thumbprint in red ink symbolizing your blood.

  24. Wow D, I'm a single homeschooling mom of 2 little ones and I thought I was pretty super, I really do not know how you do it! Sending lots of love and light your way.

    1. Hi hi Lucie!

      Come join the fun on Skype!


    2. It's so silly cause a few weeks ago I tried to log into my Skype account that I hadn't been in in years, and I couldn't get the password right for the life of me! I finally created a new account and of course completely forgot what that account information was! So I wasn't all to excited to do the whole Skype thing! But when I saw your post I found the app and logged in without hesitation to my old account...using the same password I use for everything! Bizarre! Anyway, now what after I log in lol?

  25. Drake is just sore because D and company beat him to the punch:(
    Since they were the first ones to let the cat out of the bag, they have the floor FIRST.

    His attitude sounds like he's taking his ball home and doesn't want to play anymore.

    1. Drake is kinda right and wrong at the same time. The way he expresses himself seems to come out all wrong.

      There seems to be a lot of stuff about TOPPT that he does not know. But his opening position is to call the folks from TOPPT a fraud. But at the same time, he is right to question the validity of TOPPT, many here have similar questions too.

      Why can't he just be cool, until he has a chance to talk to Heather, and if the opportunity for joint dialogue never arises, then he should say that TOPPT is in the unknown basket from his personal perspective....

    2. Well said Anon 15:56.

    3. One more time... Drake has his own site, right?

      And for all any of you know, the poor guy got the short straw
      in the drawing for who would be the one that does the negative
      side of things. Do you really think the good guys don't know
      all the tactics about such things? Seriously. WAKE UP PLEASE.


    4. Thank you !!! Huggs back !

  26. I just read the article on Jean Haynes' site, about all of this recent stuff about TOPPT and the recent intel D has released about JB being the interim president.

    It makes for pretty sobering reading, and Jean does appear to make some very solid points.

    I so so want to believe that things have changed for the better, but it is really hard to do so. I think the argument that Jean makes that it is not possible for the congress members going before a court to sign an agreement, and that 77 were sent to the Hague, is EXTREMELY compelling.

    I feel confused and depressed, where is the light ?

    Love and good wishes to all

    1. hi hi Anon!

      The light is that little ray of hope in your heart.
      Here is a simple logical question for you. if things
      were really like all the dark-naughty people say....




    2. Anybody got a gps tracking bug on any of the congress persons? The only way we schmoes know anything about their movements is through what the MSM broadcasts into our brains (if you have an indoctrination box in your house).

      Jean Haines has a one sided OPINION, and writes rambling, bat shit crazy stuff at times. I'm not bashing her, just saying there is a reason a lot of people stopped taking her seriously within the last year. I guarantee you she doesn't know any more about possibilities of Congressional movements any more than you or I do. She's die-hard Keenan and Drake worshipper and they can do no wrong in her eyes--red flag enough right there.

    3. Kind thanks Sine Metu, and Anon 16:51, you both make valid points, given that absolute certainty of knowledge totally elusive right now. I feel a little better, guess I was having a moment.

    4. Taken from AscensionWithEarth site:

      Not that difficult to "vet" Attorney Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf...just google her. She is a former (voluntarily resigned her license...see Washington State Bar Association for details) attorney. She apparently did have her house in foreclosure and you can see one of the pleadings in the case "DEFENDANTS' AMENDED RESPONSE TOPLAINTIFF'S COMPLAINT FOR UNLAWFUL DETAINER; TRIAL BY JURY DEMANDED" filed in Pierce County Superior Court and prepared on HER pleading paper. Here is a link to said document and you can see her legal writing style as well: She claimed in her "conversation" with Brian to have put her home into foreclosure for the purpose of pursuing the fraud; well certainly her home was in foreclosure. Additionally, several UCC filings by her can be found online. So in conclusion, I've known of her for a little over a week and have found a wealth of corroberating information about her. I have listened to Drake since last April and still know very little about him other than he has given a lot of dates that have come and gone. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf has definitely DONE stuff and has chosen to stay out of the public eye while getting that stuff accomplished. Can't say that for Drake.

    5. Focus within and create in order to create change for the above so below, as within so without. Hermetic Maxim

  27. Thinking back to the interview with Heather, something about her manner just did not sit right with me.

    A few times she used the phrase "rub some coin together", and it sounded kind of aloof and dismissive. The "vibe" I was getting did not seem to be one of compassion.

    Did anyone feel the same, or am I just going nuts !?!!

    1. I think your perception is correct. The whole talk raised more questions than were answered. That is if any were infact answered. I am on the fence with this. All I know really is that we as a people have been so severely decieved for the whole of our time so we need caution, but then will that caution hinder our progress? We need to maintain an element of openess and eventually the truth will prevail.

    2. Hi @DavidG,

      yes, good advice, the best we can do is remain open-minded.

    3. When you become adults, no one is supposed to tell you to do your homework.

      If you researched enough for yourself, defined every word you weren't familiar with, etc.

      you would be able to 'FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD', (which is gold by the way). Use your on God-given intuition and connect ALL the dots. You don't need anyone to do that either.

      Then don't forget to 'ASK, AND YE SHALL RECEIVE'. That pertains to info and anything else you need, not just STUFF. When you ASK, don't tell anyone else that you did so when the answer comes, you know that it was intended for YOU.

  28. "If anyone is Listening":

    Source. big Kahuna. That which is ALL. Abundance...everything...all.......YOU!

    come out of the shadows and admit you are...IT...the is YOU!! (the reader)

    O.K. "all the world is a stage" The U.C.C. is the stage and the ACTORS have relied upon you in the audience to love the thrills and spills and the smell of the grease paint. But it isn't "fun" anymore.

    Solution: "be the ball"

    1. Omg, I wrote so much yesterday and those were my two themes...ish. For one I literally wrote about a game that I played with a ball to use to develop my level of consciousness, as it was so obvious to me that my intentions and feelings were effecting my ability to control this ball. My other theme was abundance. Building on what I had said earlier about truly BElieving that I am not poor but actually abundant being the factor that creates my abundance, I went on to discover that the thing I love about The People's Trust info that's coming out is that it essentially claims that human life force is what's backing our money now. In reality I don't have money, and it's not practical for me to believe that I do...that's called pretending and I hear it's for 4 year-olds. However, I consider that this "paper" / electronic "money" is backed by Human Life, it is essentially a representation of that, then I feel completely abundant. If "money" stems from human life then sure, I have plenty of that. I AM that!

    2. And f everyone's yi...I have a curse against me regarding this site and I cannot post from my MacBook, but when using the iPad I can post using my name, however if I click on any other part of this window (to re-read the post I'm responding to or to edit my own post) all of a sudden it won't let me type anymore. I'm all about editing, flow first then edit. Here however, it's all flow so don't judge lol

    3. I like it Lucie, thanks for the reminder that 'I AM that!'
      Now I remember!

  29. With all due respect, St. Germain has Not said this is happening! NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED! Nor KOS so, until we all get it, Chop wood, carry water... Before & After, Tag! We are it!

  30. or get out of the audience and become the Actor.


  31. I don't know the best place to post this article but it heralds you as one of the women stepping forward and questions DRAKE and Universal Voice for banning talk on the TRUST. The 'freedom fighter' is censoring. If that doesn't say it all!!

    1. This "freedom fighter" has been censoring from DAY ONE!!


    2. They gave valid reasons for deleting the RTS posts as they were being overwhelmed with posts and e-mails. They don't sound like bullshitters to me.

  32. Just a overall comment, thinking about all these various trusts, the concept of PP's does not make sense to me.

    Surely just releasing cash, is very foolish. It would just cause that money to become devalued.

    And what is it with the NDA's !!! If this money is being distributed rightfully, why need a gag order. This is supposed to be money that rightfully belongs to those in need. Its not meant have strings attached like it was dirty mob-money.

    I hope that the scenario, that plays out will be one where large projects are launched, thus creating jobs and security for the people.

    Or in the case of 3rd world levels of poverty to attend to peoples needs by providing them what they need, until such time that they are back on their feet again.

    I just kinda feel that all this stuff is put out there, to keep those of us who are somewhat awake pre-occupied, and thus is a large piece of mis-direction.

    The truth should make sense, it should not lead to greater levels of confusion, and it should not be complex and obfuscated.

  33. there was a queue so I waited.
    Have a rest D.
    you must have found that emotionally draining.

    Watch out for all the celebs who will be knocking,and not only knocking the door.
    It will calm down until your next instalment.

    No Leaders !


    There is Wisdom in Each of Us.

    We Will unchain as soon as we unbrain from what we (formerly) knew

  35. The reason for the TOPPT document filings is NOT to make sure that selected peoples get a large check delivered to their front door. The reason is to STOP the corporate system that has secretly tried to enslave THE PEOPLE for centuries. Following certain non disclosure rules in the expectation of being treated well at a later date is foolish and also unnecessary. The final goal is to abolish the debt slavery system forever. Once that is accomplished, wonderful changes will happen all over the planet.

    1. Yes! Good perspective, who cares about huge wads of money. We just need a system of true value and real freedom.

  36. BTS,


    Make a NEW POST, "Questions answered here from Jan. 5th post".

    You stated you cannot get in to answer, but I noticed you DID answer the one about the silver truck last night there.

    Make your list of questions by going into management options to read them. I saw at least 20 questions that are unanswered last night. It is over 450 comments right now,
    so I am not even bothering to wade through it all since you said you cannot answer there. (I believe I posted 4-5 questions there last night)

    If you don't adress these questions properly, then the rumors and trolls will get out of control. I noted Drake already called you a fraud. That is just the beginning.

    I hope you take this suggestion to heart. It is the simplest way to solve this new problem you have.


    1. daryl,Drake's stuck on that yellow light for 8 months.

  37. I just want to see the whole System cleaned up. I'm not so concerned with prosperity packages etc. I believe that if funds and research are freed-up to create free energy, clean air, water, transportation, infrastructure and land, there will be plenty of jobs and prosperity for everyone.

    So I am going to relax and put that INTENTION forward as if it has already happened and Hope that our collective consciousness and the 100th Monkey effect will bring it into fruition.

    Who knows.... any one of us could be that 100th Monkey!....

    Just my two shillings... :)

  38. Hey Kidz!! It is easy to go over to wordpress and get a blog. You Are a Diadem, a diamond, a the Eye of the Creator!! You are a Special Wonderful Amazing Creation that all of us want/desire/need to hear from. Once you post here in wordpress, all I have to do it click on your name/icon/"assumed name"
    thang and it will lead me to your blog which will let me connect with the wonderful insights that is the TAPESTRY that we weave. (!)
    "My two Shillings"


    a penny for your thoughts

    your weight in gold

    Shine your light!!

    oh, by the way, click on "phoenixbird burnt" to see my thoughts

    1. I took a peek at your blog, thank you for creating and sharing!

  39. This is Cryptic. I have posted nothing until now.

    When I say that you are going around in circles, I mean that literally. Most of you don't seem to have the perspective to look down on what is really going on here.

    Let me make a comparison: do you know of those little ballerina dolls with magnets in the base, so that when you hold a magnet next to the doll, the doll spins and spins? That is because the magnet in the doll and the magnet being held in the hand are of two different poles. Hold two negative magnets and the doll spins even faster. But the same hand is holding both magnets.

    Let me introduce another term: coadjutational diversion. You are in what can be called a "spin cycle." You are the little ballerina spinning around and around.

    When I told you that the same hand feeds both the white rabbit and the black rabbit, did you see what that means? You are angry about the shooting of children at a school in Connecticut, so you spin around, wanting to hear something uplifting, only the other magnet spins you around again. And the same hand holds both magnets.

    D, think back to the beginning. Recall, who contacted whom? They have fed you everything, have they not? I know that they have. In fact, you yourself said that the "intel" can not be found anywhere else but from your sources. Now you posted here three days ago, threatening to go public with your intel, or at least the gist of it. Did the phone ever ring? No?

    I hope you are sitting down when you read this. If it doesn't make you a little dizzy, you are not fathoming what I'm trying to share with you.

    Do you believe that everything really could have come together so quickly and conveniently? The intel dots always lined up, did they not? The means to deliver the money just happened to be available already, or so you were told, were you not? Think: what was ever so different about the world the way they want it to be and the world the way you hope it will be? I think that you will find that there never was any real difference.

    Do you think you would have been allowed to make it this far, without being spun around?

    Why would they do this? You trusted them, did you not? You had confidence in them, no? Fidere, in the latin means, to trust or to be sure. You were sure, and you trusted, and you had that trust abused.

    Why would they do this? Think on it. They have written about their plans. They have written for over a hundred years about the world the way it needs to be for you to accept the agenda. Why have you only just now found out about the original 13th amendment? Why did this intel arrive just this year, when the Federal Reserve charter is ending? Have you never thought that perhaps they want you to know these things?

    There are people in this world who will lift you up only so that they may drop you down. This is done to abuse you, to cause pain and anger and confusion. I don't like that. That is why I am writing to you now. I have kept my mouth shut until now.

    You are spinning around and around.

    My advice, if you should so choose to take it, is to turn off your computer, get some sleep, spend time with your family, and think about things. From here on in, your sources will vanish. When you call them, only a little old lady in Florida will pick up the phone. People will begin to post strange things about you to discredit you.

    That's if your intel was real. On the other hand, if it was true to purpose, they will keep feeding you cheese. And you will be the fish to the fisher king.

    Spinning and spinning.

    It has happened many times.

    1. I don't get what you just posted. Magnets? Dolls? Puppetmaster maybe? go home d.? Pal/buddy/fellow earthling...don't you see YOU are the solution/problem? Look up to the Stars and then look down to your toes. YOU are the most wonderful thing in the eye of the Source/Creator/All that is.
      Who the freek cares if somebody/them/they are lurking/hiding/conspiring in the dark/light/legislature/fbi/cia/bbc/bb_king?
      "D." is a soul that will shine a light. You...must blend with that Light.
      "We" are watching. "We" are source driven towards success.
      Expect. hmmm... Expect. That's a good one. Expect a check. Expect a failure. Expect a goon. Expect something from MSM. Expect .
      You nor I have any freakin' idea of "what is next."
      But I have a into "what is next."
      Listen Closely Earthling: I have Ascended Masters!! I have Off Terrain Entities counseling ME! I have graphs and charts!! I have Presidents, Potentates, Commissars, Dictators and Prognosticators all "on line" "on the phone" e-mailing me...blogging me and this is the WORD!! (ready?)

      What you dream up in your pea brain (fears/pleasures/creativity) is exactly what will play out in FRONT of your EYES.

      Desire (powerful word) that it will be GRAND....and it will be grand.

      choose another outlook....and it will create.

      How Powerful do you want to be?

      Powerful Enough to feed your family, enjoy your Life, and have wonderful friends as neighbors?

      "Do or Do Not!! There is no 'try'"

      Nobody can fool you. There is "nobody" (outside of your imagination.)

      Turn off your t.V.

      Move to the country.

      eat a lot of peaches.

      have a lot of children.

      let them all find jesus/brahma/budda/krishna/ none of the above

      On Their Own

    2. I totally get it Cryptic.
      I see your message was not for the First Responder who wanted to discredit your message.

      What power some think they derive by their deeds.

      The Creator in Cryptic cannot be less that who The Creator is.

      What war some must have within them to have issues with self acceptance.

    3. Round
      Like a circle in a spiral
      Like a wheel within a wheel
      Never ending or beginning
      On an ever spinning reel
      Like a snowball down a mountain
      Or a carnival balloon
      Like a carousel that's turning
      Running rings around the moon

      Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
      Past the minutes of it's face
      And the world is like an apple
      Whirling silently in space
      Like the circles that you find
      In the windmills of your mind !

      Like a tunnel that you follow
      To a tunnel of it's own
      Down a hollow to a cavern
      Where the sun has never shone,
      Like a door that keeps revolving
      In a half forgotten dream,
      Or the ripples from a pebble
      Someone tosses in a stream

      Like a clock whose hands are sweeping ....

      Keys that jingle in your pocket
      Words that jangle in your head
      Why did summer go so quickly ?
      Was it something that you said ?
      Lovers walk along a shore
      And leave their footprints in the sand

      Is the sound of distant drumming
      Just the fingers of your hand ?
      Pictures hanging in a hallway
      And the fragment of this song
      Half remembered names and faces
      But to whom do they belong ?

      He: when you knew
      That it was over
      You were suddenly aware
      That the autumn leaves were turning
      To the color
      Of her hair

      She: when you knew
      That it was over
      In the autumn of goodbyes
      For a moment
      You could not recall the color
      Of his lies

      Like a circle in a spiral
      Like a wheel within a wheel
      Never ending or beginning
      On an ever spinning reel

      As the images unwind
      Like the circles
      That you find
      In the windmills of your mind

    4. You make me be Happy to be Alive!!

    5. Sir Cryptic...
      I cannot ignore a certain sense in the words you 'speak', and while I most certainly
      share my enthusiasm in this newest adventure...I remain to wisely walk the
      middle road.....and thus I am one who is not entirely discounting your words.
      I may at some point, hopefully so, but currently, they do serve to keep the energy straight and even.
      Thank you.

    6. Hey, Mr/s. smug prick. Mr. misleader. Mr. obfuscator. Mr underminer. Mr paid cabal (probably zionist) shill sitting in a shitty little apartment in some inner city craphole with others just like you, a few automatons who've sold their souls, their unalienable birthrights right along with everyone else's to sit and type the world into a living hell for whomever will read. Or maybe you're just some regular schmuck with some embarrassing physical...condition who's trying to be symbolically enlarge more than just his shriveled little ego.

      Either way, there is one important point that matters here. This is not all about D's or anyone's source of intel, I believe she would tell you the same. This is far far more than that. This is about a place in universal time at which this world and everyone upon it has arrived, an unstoppable tide that will wipe out and/or convey and repair the likes of you, the soiled underbelly of a time due to pass on and be forgotten, only the lessons learned to be preserved.

      It is clear, MR. CRYPTIC, that you are not here to encourage, support or help anyone here; nothing you say has any perspective but derision and destruction. Therefore I suggest that your message and your presence is not wanted nor warranted here, so you should fuck the hell off and find somewhere that you're welcome. I think everyone here has had enough.

    7. Thank you Cryptic...
      You are not the first to explain this information. A person I once knew stated the same things, years ago. They only let you know what they want you to.
      They have been working on this for a long time. They will do whatever it takes so the truth is never really out there.
      Confusion is the calling card. I guess we have had enough.
      It only makes sense, since dates continually pass, peoples hearts get broken and lives ruined. It's the Illuminati card deck. I guess we are under "weird groups."

      Give Cryptic a break, he is giving us real info, even if we don't want to hear it. There is no use killing the messenger. It's all in the cards...

    8. Cryptic, seems when you appear, some low vibratory entities appear. Interesting mirror images are shown. I see the things about you that triggers their fear/anger.

      A lot of low level energy was used to discredit your info and an attempt at control was there I sensed...they wanted you to do things like stop speaking, leave, f the h off, and some other stuff.

      Low vibrations. They are waiting on your post just to tell you those things, as if it mattered. Like you were going to read it and say....oh..this anonymous one said I was this and this, and I needed to do that, so I guess I better go do it.


      That's where we can say lack of knowledge is truly exposed or some other agenda is in play. What is it, I don't know.

      But certain players present their selves and 'we can see you'. We know who you are, and you don't affect us.

      You are the ones who have to Be Still.
      You are the ones who have to Be Quiet.
      I am in Control of me and what I do.
      You must obey Me when you step into my realm.
      You cannot intrude where You Do NOT belong.

      You know this.
      You know this.

      So, it's mere words, low vibration, and no force because the Creator will not be controlled by the Creator unless by agreement and that agreement is NOT HERE and NOT NOW.

      So YOU LEAVE!

      Cryptic, I know about parables.
      The Christ Conscience had an inner few that 'knew' and the rest were learning.
      Those that have ears let them hear.
      Those that have eyes let them see.


    9. Cryptic is right you guys. I know it isn't information that you want to hear. But it makes such perfect sense.
      The world they want: Control, green planet, peace (but the rule)
      What world do we want: Peace, love, and working together
      There is more, but I don't need to preach to the choir. It's all there, all over the place.

    10. For the one who knows parables, here's another one for you: "Do not judge, and you will not be judged..... How can you say to your brother, `Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

      Low vibratory entities appeared in order to discredit? No, 3 posts appeared in order to discredit, 3 to agree, and 2 were ambiguous - almost perfect balance. Maybe someone only sees what they want to see.

      To cryptic: you're correct that any intel "out there" is allowed to be so, however why did you ask the question - " Why have you only just now found out about the original 13th amendment? Why did this intel arrive just this year, when the Federal Reserve charter is ending?" This information has been known about for many a long year.

    11. Cryptic is right from within the confines of a certain perspective and paradigm, but does not acknowledge that there are also extremely powerful forces of good at work on this planet as well, now more than at any other time in recent history. That is the fatal flaw in all of Cryptic's warnings. What he or she says above is true, but only if you are playing the games the illuminati play. Cryptic does not acknowledge the celestial realms, or the benevolent galactics. He posits the wickedly manipulative and ever-shifting schematics of the cabal as the most powerful strata of decision-making affecting our planetary reality. But those diabolical courses of action do not possess omnipotent control anymore. No longer. We were born to defeat and transcend their dark madness. Now. That's why we are here :)

    12. Cryptic here.

      One thing I find most interesting is that no one has thought to investigate whether or not there really is any federal reserve charter.

      See what you can find.

    13. No, I could never find it cryptic. The 13th ammendment - would you be so kind as to answer the question?

    14. Thank you Cryptic! You said what you wanted to say without lots of riddles or perhaps I'm getting better at understanding your style. *giggles*
      I wonder why your thoughts are intimidating (or so it seems) to some, perhaps they aren't secure in their own truth. IDK Also, I play fast and furious with grammer and punctuation! Exclamation point being one of my favorite!

    15. Peacefrog, I refer to the outing of the information, not to the existence of the information. Why is it that everyone found the proof they needed this year? The proof that everyone "found" in the schoolbook entitled The Young American? Before this there had been the work of the TONA committee (as in, Titles of Nobility Act committee) but never before had so many people discovered that school book. It is that empirical proof, that schools were teaching the original 13th amendment, that caused people suddenly to wake up just at this time. In other words everything has reached a very convenient critical mass.

    16. To cryptic.

      OK, point taken, I'm going to think on that. Someone ^further up^ proposed that your paradigm of understanding may not extend to the celestial realms. Does it? If you choose to answer, I'll read it in the morning as I need sleep. Goodnight cryptic. Goodnight all.


    17. We live like fish in the world. The eye of the adversary is lying in wait, like a fisherman, to catch us. He dangles many kinds of food before our eyes, he hopes to make us desire just a little of it trying to catch us with his hidden poison. Thus he tries to take from us hope of freedom. When the bait fails, another is attached and dangled. Those who have eyes to see pay attention to the pattern.

    18. The 13th amendment was found many years ago inseveral original documents in numerous state and city libraries. Two examples are in maine and new hampshire.

    19. I see patterns.
      cryptic singles out poster who replied to him. Dialogue continues addressed specifically to the poster who took the bait. Attempt insert of spanner in cog. Poster sees thru act being played out. Won't play again. More low energy posters appear using derogatory words and accusations between themselves alluding to ignorance of those who refuse to play, inferring uber-cleverness of themselves. Massive ego trip for the service to selfers. Cryptic posts again, not on current article but one or two back. Attempt insert of spanner in cog. Fewer takers. His minions appear to create dialogue. Few takers. Cryptic sees major article release, panic ensues. Must post on current to draw attention. Desperation in evidence. Attempt insert of spanner in cog. Minions create fake dialogue. Bait taken. Cryptic singles out poster and so on and so on.

    20. Very astute, Anon 7 Jan 2013 07:02! "Attempt insert of spanner in cog" -- sounds a bit like taking it up the... ;-) Okay, well, anyway, very good you for pointing out the pattern.

      pbpdcitmsj6 January 2013 21:47:
      "Cryptic is right from within the confines of a certain perspective and paradigm, but does not acknowledge that there are also extremely powerful forces of good at work on this planet as well, now more than at any other time in recent history. That is the fatal flaw in all of Cryptic's warnings. What he or she says above is true, but only if you are playing the games the illuminati play."

      EXACTLY. He is one of them. Smart! Good at what he does. He's no basement-dweller, but more like someone who sits in a law office -- still paid, still one of the hidden hand. But not dumb. So look at what he is saying that is partly true, but then untangle it from a perspective of love, light, and service to others. It soon becomes crystal clear where the dark edges are of what he writes. You can always find grains of truth because he posts just enough that is logical before making a slight twist to implant doubt and despair. It gets really obvious once you know for what and at what you are looking.

      But he is always correct that it pays to be skeptical. NOT paranoid, not fearful, not hopeless, not in service to self, but wise.

      Look kids: we are all going to have to be patient on this one. Go read Cameron Day's latest on this issue and realize that we're not just dealing with a human factor here, it's something bigger.

      We all need money, we all want change. It may be a while. It may be tomorrow. Meanwhile: did you eat today? Did you have a meal? Are you sleeping somewhere warm? Are you wearing weather-appropriate clothing?

      Do you have a computer, the electricity to run it, and the connectivity to comment here or read the post?

      If you can answer "yes," then Congratulations: you are better off than at least couple of *billion* people on this planet who are not so lucky. Stop worrying whether there is a check in the mail and realize that most people commenting and reading here are NOT going to die tomorrow from what troubles they have. And I ought to know: I have plenty, and I am still here, still loving, still persevering, and still get to eat at least once per day. I'm RICH already. Not to say that financial freedom would release me and others from some very complicated situations and allow me to pursue greater freedom and service to others. It would! But then what?

      Not being negative, just trying to say that we need to RISE ABOVE the pettiness that is people arguing about this stuff!

      What's really bothering me is the seemingly fundamental *greed* that is wound up in the issue of the PP's, the TOPPT, NESARA and whatever other acronym is out there. I wish that people could rise above the entire issue, realize that the Cabal is ON IT'S WAY OUT and to just stay hopeful that this all comes out in the wash sooner or later.

      Hang in there, guys. This is all reaching a head, and will soon be apparent as to what is what. Dig deeper, realize that no one can *ever* take what is TRULY important from you, and try to look at a bigger picture. Please.

      Be well, everyone.
      Calliope the Muse

  40. As far as the rub some coins comment. It did resonate with me because if you are following certain people and or groups, it is all about the kaching-ching-ching, and they like to talk about the bling-bling-bling their new-found billions will be bringing them.
    Maybe people don't realize what is sounds like when the focus is happiness coming from money. I could give a rat's ass about cash, but maybe that is because I have become so adept at living without it the last two decades. Would I like to not worry about money? Yes, but what I would like more is total and absolute honestly and disclosure.
    I'm so tired of hearing people bitch about Drake, The President, The Speaker, Hilary, etc.
    Focus on the solution.
    The rest will follow.

    Seriously my take on the rub coins comment was that some people seem to be focused on money, and that is NOT what creator is about.
    Without Prejudice

    1. Thank you. I agree with you on this. I think it would be wise for people to center themselves and try and keep their emotional reactions to all of this, in check. Stay grounded. Since when was it not alright for someone to disagree with you, or want answers to their questions... questions you may not share? These back and forth, angry gossiping, know-it-all attitudes are a big, obvious sign that we are not where we want to be. Not where I want to be, anyway.

      I understand why this has seemingly become "about the money", due to the pressure in our lives it creates, but I think we're missing the bigger picture. I also think we need to rely on ourselves a bit more than these people on the internet. Do I respect and appreciate them, thus far? Yes. But at the end of the day, pull the focus back unto yourself and that which you have and that which you desire.

      To me, what is more frustrating than "info" and "dis-info" is reading posts from "fellow humans" and seeing how they treat each other, behind the protection of the internet... how nasty and self righteous we can become. I think we're missing something, here. Possibly missing the point.

  41. I say release all information out now! Whatever info you have release it and spread it far and wide. No more green light BS and waiting. Its 2013! Wasn't this supposed to be done by the end of 2012? Woops! I guess not. It seems though, with D releasing this info out, has caused quite a reaction across the alternative blogosphere. So something seems to be happening. We just don't what it is!

  42. Hillary back from the "Hague" Returns to work tomorrow. The bucket of fish is starting to stink.

  43. When there are no "followers" there will no longer be need for "leaders."
    buy some silver today. I have 101 of the little suckers now.

  44. I like RTS. Only person who seems to be open about what she says. Doesn't mind admitting when she's frustrated, and tells us what she is allowed to but keeps her trust with her sources.

    Only person I've found so far that seems genuine without ego.

    I like to post about the blingers. I'm not about the money either. I have no wish to be filthy rich. I'm already rich (but I have no money). I just want the people I trust to run my country to be honest and honorable.

    If that were the case we wouldn't need prosperity packages or people funds. We would all be further on with our lives and enjoying life instead of checking in daily to see what kind of drama is unfolding today.

    You know?

  45. BY THE WAY... the (former) Fedskikoff RESERVE Charter does not EXPIRE until December 23 2013. It was put in to place on Dec. 23 1913. Or the other day of course. Question: If You made a deal with boss/landlord/banker in (former) federal reserve notes then by all means catch that falling knife. But if you make deals in the Future in YOU BASED currency of CREATION then would you not be further ahead?

    (not a christian) but I like this one: Jesus took up a COIN and asked "Who's likeness is upon this coin, this denarius?" "Why, Ceasar's of course?" Jesus then said: Lay up Your TREASURES in heaven (all around you if you would notice) "Render unto Ceaser that what is Ceaser's and Render unto God that which is God's. (Hint: CREATE) Create anew and damn the being that says you are not a part of the MAGNIFICENT CREATION

    1. Wait - did Heather say that it was to expire. Dec. 2012? A 100 yr charter would be 2013. What gives? This doesn't look good.
      D- please advise.

    2. Anon 21:48 I'm not D, but may be able to shed some light.

      My understanding is that the Federal Reserve has a perpetual charter. A perpetual charter was granted in 1927 by the McFadden Act which amended the earlier Federal Reserve Act including an amendment to Section 4 paragraph 4 part 2 which states "…shall have power -- To have succession after the approval of this Act until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law". I've sourced this from the website and its easy to look up.

      Heather stated in the additional comments to D’s ‘You Have a Right to Know’ article that the FED CHARTER WAS LAWFULLY AND LEGALLY CANCELLED OCTOBER 24, 2012. So it’s quite possible the Fed has been lawfully shut down in accordance with this clause in the Act - but not because the Fed’s charter expired.


  46. It pains me to see that ppl like Drake can have the AUDACITY to say who's the one with the "real" Intel..

    1. All of the information is wrong.
      We have been the dancing magnets while they all laugh...
      Sad, I don't even want to believe it. So much easier just to be asleep.

    2. "All the information is wrong."

      Says who?

      Wandering Fire

  47. Been doing some reading, now understand the private/public trust thing. (Thanks to those who pointed me to the strawman and videos about the trusts).

    Then read the announcement from TOPPT, so my vague understanding is that they put the legal foundation in place that takes things back to prime or the creator. Thus we need not be enslaved those previously created legal structures.

    So now we watch and see if this stuff, is enforceable in front of a crooked/bought judge :-)

    (I am making the assumption here, that Heather won her test case. Else, it would be kinda dumb wouldn't it?)

    I am totally new to all this legal stuff, so I am just stumbling around, trying to get the weakest level of understanding here. Still a bit of a roller coaster for me due to my lack of understanding. I work in IT&T so am totally ignorant to any legal stuff. And boy am I glad lawyers are not engineers, else they would have made some awful contraptions.

    Hopefully things will become clearer from hereon-in.

    Love to all

    1. A basic understanding is that legal refers to man made statutes, acts, by-laws and all what is considered 'legal fiction' including our legal name which is our fictional corporate status or strawman account created so that the government could contract and do business with us - secretly - whereas Lawful is derived from the Universal Divine Laws of nature that apply to the very essence of all life and to cause no harm therefore we are moving out of all things commercial and limited liability corporations such as " Heather Tucci-Jarraf LLC "

    2. Yes, anon 05:47, I agree with your outline there.

      LAWFUL = think Natural Law, Universal Law (things that just are truth and common sense, instinctive knowing will identify these laws).

      LEGAL = think man-made, also see LEGALESE (a strange language that looks exactly like ENGLISH but doesn't mean the same at all). Legal and Statutory Codes are creations/tools used to control and trick and dupe and hoodwink the masses. Legal documentation is a collection of spells (spellings) written with double-meaning words (legalese 'wordcraft').
      These Legal Codes and Laws are a kind of FICTION that we unknowingly give/gave our consent to abide by and under. However, many have been uncovering these Legal Fiction Tricks and Exposing those who use them and the way this system works/worked and are sharing what they know with the rest of us.

      So, now we know all about the LEGAL TRICK-TION-ISTS (just made that up)!

      Yes. The [black] cat is well and truly out of that particular bag [of tricks] and has run across our paths and is now making it's way up that tree over there! that the TREE of LIFE or the TREE of KNOWLEDGE or the tree of EFF THAT SHIT?


      Ninja Bambi

  48. If the legal work put in by Heather and the other trustees of the TOPPT is fundamentally sound, then this really does need to be given some wider media coverage. Would RT or PressTV be interested ?

  49. Show of hands. Who thinks Winsyon Shrout should vet /validate the UCC documents?

    1. Absolutely if Winston Shrout could give a comprehensive overview right about now it would be helpful however we all need to BE and let what we have asked for to land.

  50. Yeah that sounds good to me, any audit by an independent expert is good.

    A while back i recall listening to an interview David Wilcock did with Winston. But I must admit i was kind of lost with all the legal jargon.

  51. Interview with Charles Miller from TOPPT.

    I found this helpful, since Charles puts the information into a better context i feel. I found it hard to follow Heather (perhaps she assumes that the audience is fully up to speed).

    Hope this is helpful to others too.

  52. This info needs to get out to a wider audience than just AK, RTS blogs etc.

    How about James Corbett from the Corbett Report. He has done segments for RT. Perhaps he could help get this info to RT or some other station that is a halfway house between the blogosphere, and the corporate MSM.

  53. I dont have a problem with what Heather has presented,What she has proposed is no stranger than the idea of kings queens princes and subjects.If you have a little understanding of admiralty law,the freeman movement(s) and the will see that she and her friends appear to have taken a direct route and taken away the need for each human being to fill out all the paperwork legal drivel and have announced their success.
    I dont have a problem with Cryptic, he is concerned,
    I dont have a problem with D,she is enthusiastic and driven by hope for herself her children and the rest of humanity.

    I do have a problem with people pointing at others who dont wear the same t-shirt as them ,Cryptic is usually pointing to holes in the road to avoid or be aware of.
    This whole thing is being ignored by the 'set in stone' oldschool of the alternative media.
    I would suggest that its because they are mostly conmen and women who have pulled this stunt on numerous occasions to boost their forums ......How many have pushed fully ,new info that will change the world?
    Wilcock...jumps on the bandwagons but never fully,always non-commital,unless its himself he is promoting
    Bill Ryan and the 'projects...brought us Charles,then panicked at being exposed by his new promotional tool,so he than pushed a member of his forum,Inelia benz as a fifth dimensional human being.....
    All of these hope filled hokum served only too boost their forums.And their pockets.

    There is no forum here it is a blog set up by a young woman(apparently) who has discovered her humanity/spirituality and as she wakes up to all the shite around her she is pointing at it.

    She may be used to spread hopium,it does happen.
    Cryptics message above comes from a good place.

    What I think needs to happen here is for Heather and her friends to step up fully to the plate with their simple 'UCC and the new Freedom FOR DUMMIES'
    Guidelines for the rest of us,and away we can all move forward.

    Heather and friends should stop letting someone else represent you,D is not your mouth.
    In this age of digital cameras and youtube etc...there is nothing to stop anyone revealing info as they wish.

    As always....

    1. I've said it before, and now I find the desire to say it again:

      Nice one, baab!


      Ninja Bambi.

  54. baab- how do you know Cryptic comes from a good place?

    1. I venture to suggest he doesn't. Just my opinion. ;-)

      Sine Nomine

    2. And I agree. Sine nomine and like you it is only my point of view. I would also like to add a thought which again is only my point of view. After reading these responses on the blogs creating all this back biting and poison arrows it is no wonder our galactic brothers and sisters cannot hang out here in our 3d mentality. The disinfo folks know who they are they and are master craftsmen at doing exactly what they have done for eons which is divide and conquer. Listen to all of us because they certainly are. If our goal is to raise our vibrational level a good place to start wouldb be to understand that we are all in this together and there is power and safety in numbers. We all know that one person does not have all of the info. It has been suggested for those on the front line to join up and work together. It might be tricky at first if some of them don't play well with others but this is not about ego and a power trip this is about being a unified body coming together to work for a solution for all of humanity. From my heart I thank every one who has given their energy to this cause. My gtatitude to you is great. We have a bunch of wonderful individuals that are doing their best to make this happen. What would it take to get these folks to join their energies in this effort? We are all on the same side. Much love to all of you

    3. I havent read anything from him that does not suggest careful advice.
      I,myself have veered in that direction also.


    Maybe something maybe nothing.

    Sine Nomine

  56. Ok this is going straight at Sine Metu as bluntly as I can put it. You seemed like a very nice person at first but after reading your comments on the past couple posts it is very apparent that you are greatly influenced by your ego and its desire to control. There is an entire group of D's followers posting stuff about Drake and such in this post, and since when have commenters on D's blog not been able to post off topic? If D really cared about this I am sure she would speak up. This is not your blog nor is it your place to tell people what they can and cannot post here so if you dont have something productive or nice to say then please just stfu and dont say shit. Sorry I know that wasnt nice or productive myself but like I said Im being blunt with you....

    1. I was wondering if D had asked him to moderate the blog/keep things in check?

      Sine Nomine

    2. To Be Moderate
      To Act In Moderation
      To Moderate

      Keep Things in Check
      Keep Control of things
      To Control


      Ninja Bambi


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