Tuesday 8 January 2013

Fair Tax? Research needed

A wonderful commenter slid this my way in my previous article.  I haven't had time to really look this over yet, so I'm going to ask you guys to give it a good look and tell me what you think.  Many of these points are distinctly NESARA based.


Woodall Introduces FairTax with Record Support

Jan 3, 2013 Issues: FairTax
(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA-07) introduced his signature legislation, H.R. 25, The FairTax, on Thursday, January 3, 2013—the first day of the 113th Congress—with a record number of original cosponsors in the House of Representatives.  The previous record number of original cosponsors was set by Woodall in 2011, and today the bill was reintroduced in the 113th Congress with even more original cosponsors, 53.
“The momentum is building for fundamental tax reform and it’s fueled by the American people,” said Woodall.  “We finished the 112th Congress with the highest number of combined cosponsors in the House and Senate that the FairTax has seen.  While I wish I could take credit for these gains, I cannot.  The credit goes to the tens of thousands of FairTax advocates across America who pursue, with tenacity and zeal, the FairTax’s advancement in their hometown and with their Congressman and Senators.  I’m grateful for their hard work and their commitment to America. They are changing minds and making a difference in Congress.”
H.R. 25, the FairTax, repeals the Sixteenth Amendment and replaces our current income tax system with a single, national consumption tax.  With the passage of the FairTax, American workers will receive their full paycheck before the federal government gets even a penny.
“The FairTax addresses so many of the challenges Americans face today.  By passing the FairTax, Congress can shield middle-class Americans from the burden of the payroll tax, the largest tax burden that most American families bear.  The FairTax would make it easier for businesses to grow and hire new workers by abolishing America’s corporate income tax, currently the highest in the world.  By passing the FairTax, Congress can also protect Social Security and Medicare for current and future retirees by switching to a more reliable revenue stream and increasing the number of Americans who contribute.  We can restore America as the primary destination of jobs and investment from around the world,” Woodall said.
“I am encouraged by the bipartisan, bicameral commitment to tackle fundamental tax reform this year on behalf of the American people.  Fundamental tax reform that makes our laws fairer, simpler, and more transparent would unleash America’s economic potential and allow the American people to focus on saving, investing, and succeeding rather than struggling to comply with the interminable tax changes and challenges of the federal government.  I join with the hundreds of thousands of patriots across the nation and a record number of House members in calling on Congress to consider the FairTax as part of our economic solution in 2013.”

H.R. 25 (109th): Fair Tax Act of 2005

109th Congress, 2005–2006. Text as of Jan 04, 2005 (Introduced).
Status & Summary | PDF | Source: GPO
HR 25 IH
1st Session
H. R. 25
To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

January 4, 2005

Mr. LINDER (for himself, Mr. DELAY, Mr. BRADY of Texas, Mr. CULBERSON, Mr. DEAL of Georgia, Mr. FLAKE, Mr. GUTKNECHT, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. KINGSTON, Mr. WESTMORELAND, and Mr. PRICE of Georgia) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means

To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.
    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) Short Title- This Act may be cited as the `Fair Tax Act of 2005'.
    (b) Table of Contents- The table of contents for this Act is as follows:
      Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
      Sec. 2. Congressional findings.


      Sec. 101. Income taxes repealed.
      Sec. 102. Payroll taxes repealed.
      Sec. 103. Estate and gift taxes repealed.
      Sec. 104. Conforming amendments; effective date.


      Sec. 201. Sales tax.
      Sec. 202. Conforming and technical amendments.


      Sec. 301. Phase-out of administration of repealed Federal taxes.
      Sec. 302. Administration of other Federal taxes.
      Sec. 303. Sales tax inclusive Social Security benefits indexation.


    (a) Findings Relating to Federal Income Tax- Congress finds the Federal income tax--
      (1) retards economic growth and has reduced the standard of living of the American public;
      (2) impedes the international competitiveness of United States industry;
      (3) reduces savings and investment in the United States by taxing income multiple times;
      (4) slows the capital formation necessary for real wages to steadily increase;
      (5) lowers productivity;
      (6) imposes unacceptable and unnecessary administrative and compliance costs on individual and business taxpayers;
      (7) is unfair and inequitable;
      (8) unnecessarily intrudes upon the privacy and civil rights of United States citizens;
      (9) hides the true cost of government by embedding taxes in the costs of everything Americans buy;
      (10) is not being complied with at satisfactory levels and therefore raises the tax burden on law abiding citizens; and
      (11) impedes upward social mobility.
    (b) Findings Relating to Federal Payroll Taxes- Congress finds further that the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes and self-employment taxes--
      (1) raise the cost of employment;
      (2) destroy jobs and cause unemployment; and
      (3) have a disproportionately adverse impact on lower income Americans.
    (c) Findings Relating to Federal Estate and Gift Taxes- Congress finds further that the Federal estate and gift taxes--
      (1) force family businesses and farms to be sold by the family to pay such taxes;
      (2) discourage capital formation and entrepreneurship;
      (3) foster the continued dominance of large enterprises over small family-owned companies and farms; and
      (4) impose unacceptably high tax planning costs on small businesses and farms.
    (d) Findings Relating to National Sales Tax- Congress finds further that a broad-based national sales tax on goods and services purchased for final consumption--
      (1) is similar in many respects to the sales and use taxes in place in 45 of the 50 States;
      (2) will promote savings and investment;
      (3) will promote fairness;
      (4) will promote economic growth;
      (5) will raise the standard of living;
      (6) will increase investment;
      (7) will enhance productivity and international competitiveness;
      (8) will reduce administrative burdens on the American taxpayer;
      (9) will improve upward social mobility; and
      (10) will respect the privacy interests and civil rights of taxpayers.
    (e) Findings Relating to Administration of National Sales Tax- Congress further finds that--
      (1) most of the practical experience administering sales taxes is found at the State governmental level;
      (2) it is desirable to harmonize Federal and State collection and enforcement efforts to the maximum extent possible;
      (3) it is sound tax administration policy to foster administration and collection of the Federal sales tax at the State level in return for a reasonable administration fee to the States; and
      (4) businesses that must collect and remit taxes should receive reasonable compensation for the cost of doing so.
    (f) Findings Relating to Repeal of Present Federal Tax System- Congress further finds that the 16th amendment to the United States Constitution should be repealed.



    Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to income taxes and self-employment taxes) is repealed.


    (a) In General- Subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to payroll taxes and withholding of income taxes) is repealed.
    (b) Funding of Social Security- For funding of the Social Security Trust Funds from general revenue, see section 201 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 401).



  1. This was also introduced in 2011 here

    We know how that one turned out. Time will tell how this one is treated by the rest of congress.

  2. Hi D, just a quick message to let you know I have just e-mailed you (the address on this blog). I have just this minute sent a message to David Icke to ask for his help. I hope you get it ok.

    1. this momentum is bringing tears of joy to my eyes !

    2. DAVID ICKE....YES!!!!!! Why didn't I think of that??? Great job!!! xoxo Christine

    3. David Icke is rumored to be a Freemason and working for you-know-who. He seems to be the British version of Alex Jones. Use discernment, just my two cents.

      Sine Nomine

    4. I know a lot about David Icke and who he involves himself with. He is THE REAL DEAL. Not a freemason and certainly despises the NWO. Christine

    5. Christine, I'm convinced of that too. I recently spent 2 and a half hours watching some YouTube Video apparently debunking David, but they achieved just the opposite. I am now more convinced of him than ever.

    6. Hi Christine, I'd be interested to know what you know about David Icke if you can point me in that direction I'd be grateful. Any links and such if you can spare the time. Thank you!

      Sine Nomine

  3. this sounds miraculous but I had heard the sales tax would be set at a whopping 23%, not 14% like NESARA. could be a bait and hook plan to tax us all to death. I'd look into the reps sponsoring this bill to see if they're legit

    1. to Anonymous 08:59
      I don't mind taking one step at a time. If I understand correctly, we would not pay any income tax anymore, only sales tax on whatever we buy. Let it be 'a whopping 23%' at first. That still is much less than we pay as income tax and sales tax together now!

    2. Think it exactly about that:

      from ninja Bambi:

      If with this new proposed system, you get to keep all of your 1000 dollars per month, you immediately get to choose what you will do with that 300 dollars you didn't used to get..."will I buy a pair of shoes, or save the money towards that new laptop I want?" If that laptop or those shoes cost a few dollars more because sales tax has increased to 23% ( I don't know what it is in US now), then it's all part of the budgeting you make to afford the item.

      If the shoes today cost 100 dollars, but soon will cost 123 dollars, that's still your choice to buy them, out of that 300 dollars you have, that you didn't have before.

      my answer:

      The shoes are even cheaper than $ 100, since the price dropped to 40% taxes are included:
      Income tax of the employees of the manufacturer
      Income tax by the manufacturer
      Ground Taxes
      And over the whole production chain to the consumer.
      In addition, the price of the shoes 40% Interest expense, because the means of production are financed by credit.
      So you can be happy when you are responsible for 5% of your income can receive a good or service.
      So much is stolen from us in truth.

    3. Here in UK we pay 20% consumer tax (VAT) as well as income tax!

      I do wonder if the information reported here is true and Obama has been replaced, would that be because of Nessara or could it be Bibi just doesn't like him?

    4. Sorry, but you pay more taxes:

      The bread-production costs consist of the cost of materials and
      personnel costs.
      In addition to the cost of the flour caused the baker not only more
      Material costs, but e.g. also room rent, heating the oven,
      Vehicle costs, most of which also various taxes
      What really matters to me but here, these are the labor costs of the baker.
      Wage cost of the baker include both the gross salary (including
      Payroll taxes + AN-social security contributions), also the
      Employer, professional association fees and various other costs,
      e.g. also the imputed entrepreneurial profit. (Recall that in
      Flour prices are the wage costs of the grain grower and the miller
      All these costs are part of the calculation, and it showed with together
      the profits of the baker, the price of bread.
      The profit of the baker but also includes the payable by him
      Income tax, as well as the income tax of the peasants and the
      Müller in their profits, which is part of the price of flour, and now part of the
      Bread price was included.
      In summary: All costs, all taxes and fees, which in thein the
      Production incurred by bread, are included in the price of bread. And who pays
      that? The client, also called consumers.
      And that shows that the stress state, which lies on the price of bread,
      not limited to the sales tax.
      What applies to the price of bread, also applies to the prices of all other goods. this in
      the prices contained in the government's share like different goods
      differ, on average, it is, according to Ministry of Finance, at 44%.

    5. One more consideration, inflation is abolished and prices go back to pre-1960? Another point, when taxes on consumables go to 14 percent, consumers will choose wisely what they choose to pay, unnecessary expenditures will be more in line with only what we really need. Just sayin...

      One thing for sure, we choose!

  4. Off Topic - Federal Reserve

    I've been looking for some concrete info on the '100 year charter' of the Federal Reserve which as been mentioned in various articles in MSM and internet. It that was true.....there has been 'no' discussion in the MSM.

    I did find this information concerning the Federal Reserve having an 'original' charter of only 20 years. However, in 1927 that was amended by the Act of Feb. 25, 1927 (44 Stat. 1234) as follows:

    Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.

    Now, I had read on some other blogs that there were 'rumors' around the October/November timeframe that the Federal Reserve was going to be 'incorporated' within the US Treasury Department and that 'supposedly' information was being leaked that this transfer was for real.

    Now, if you align this information with the now disclosed documents from TOPPT and Heather's discussion with AK/KP/D/Brian....things become a bit clearer (for me anyways).

    Sorry for off topic...thought I would share this.....and don't forget the Internal revenue Act (and the Income Tax) came online sametime as FED in 1913.


    1. I forgot to highlight "...or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law."

      : - )

    2. Ok - one more Off Topic

      The current spin in the MSM about the 'Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin' really didn't make any sense to me. Why this? Why now?

      Well, again if we look at the TOPPT documents (earlier discussion's at Divine Cosmos and Financial Tyranny; Road to Roota Theory; and other alternative bloggers who promote a 'precious metals' backed currency) you begin to see a theme here? Could some or many or all of these discussions be in any way preparing the public consciousness for the upcoming changes?

      The clincher for me wasn't the blog stories but the latest MSM disclosure from rep. Jerrold Nadler on Jan. 2nd in regards to the 'debt ceiling' to create the Trillion Dollar Platinum coin.

      What is interesting to me is the Rep makes reference to the 'Federal Reserve' having the right to mint non-gold or silver coins. Hence the platinum idea. And I do know that the Constitution (or one of the Coinage Acts) specifically establishes the US Mint to 'coin' official gold and silver coins as the unit of money in the USA. So I suppose that Rep. Nadler is using the 'omission' from these Coinage Acts to 'give' the Federal Reserve the power to 'mint' platinum coins.....hahaha.


  5. Thank you D. I was in your boat sinking right along side you for about 3-4 days recently. Just feeling pretty much dead inside. The spark had gone and I was about to die with it. Just was feeling so drained and tired and not caring about anything. Some support from some of our wonderful family and your outburst of truth helped rekindle the flame of light and truth within me and it all came back in the blink of an eye.

    I think this article my be on the right path as to the negativity and emotions we are experiencing. And oddly enough it goes right along with Cobra's most recent release of intel.

    Either way I am over my dark spell and moving back into the light. Thank you all for your love and support. Now D.... I have never been a man of prayer but at this point in time I am praying to any benevolent beings that listen to or answer prayers that your recent unveiling of info is true and that it is going to be made public very shortly as this is it! Its the last straw we have been waiting for. I CALL UPON THE ENERGETIC POWER OF MANIFESTATION WITHIN ALL BEINGS OF LIGHT FROM THIS PLANET AND NOT FROM THIS PLANET BUT ARE HERE ASSISTING IT TO SET FORTH THE INTENT THAT THIS TRUTH BE PLACED INTO THE NEW ENERGETIC GRID OF LIGHT SURROUNDING THIS PLANET AND THAT IT MANIFEST FROM THIS GRID ONTO OUR BELOVED GAIA AND INTO OUR NEW PARADIGM. AND SO IT IS!

    1. Hey Brando - so glad you're feeling better! And I second what you said in your prayer/intention and would add simply that the Universe send love and assistance for all the ones working to free mankind and this planet.

      Sine Nomine

    2. Nice one, Brando!


      Ninja Bambi

    3. Great to see Brando back! :)

    4. dear brother brando...those past few days i have been praying in total silence for your well Being...and for all of's so good to see You back...renewed...withLove ~chinka~...Kiss!

  6. I believe, and it is my "gut intuition" sending up this message, is that they are ever so slowly (I know, I know we want quickly) introducing the very ideas of NESARA, bit by bit to the public to "break them in slowly". The very announcement is going to blow many people out of the water! This will kind of condition them, even if it is just moments before the final announcement.

    Hey, even if this was the first step on the path to the freedom, it's pretty damn good! The amount of taxes that comes out of my husbands hard, earned paycheck (physical labor) is disgusting! He just got a "raise" and he brings home LESS than before because he's in a new tax bracket!!!

    How lucky are we to see this unfold right before our eyes???

    xoxo Christine

  7. this has been a thought i've returned to a lot lately...

    if 9/11 happened, and of course it did...then a sort of "reverse 9/11" must be possible as well. a world-changing event that casts endless ripples of positive change instead of negative.

    i am of the mind that the world's population can handle it...we handled 9/11 and we still are.

    just a thought


    1. Jellyfish....I absolutely LOVE that concept.

    2. Excellent thought and description of it, jellyfish! I never thought of that, although I am convinced that the first domino is toppling now, which should lead to such an effect.

      Besides, our friends in higher realms often mention that when this all starts (i.e. now!), the speed at which events happen will be astounding.

      This is definitely going to be the 'best show in town'ever!

    3. JF - I've often thought about this. Bad things happen and change the world in an instant. Yet there is always so much talk about good things which can only happen over a loooong period of time, that they can only unfold and cannot happen instantaneously. I think that's rubbish and pure propaganda. I'm with you -- positively beneficial events CAN happen and change the world instantly just like any other kind of event. We simply haven't experienced this very often on a large scale and certainly for a long time now.

  8. I know nothing of the tax system to comment on whether or not this proposal would be good for us or not, but on the surface who would not want to see an end to the IRS? And the idea of taxes instead being paid by people who buy STUFF seems very fair. If someone is hurting for money, then they should forgo extra purchases and conecntrate on the food and clothing and rent they need to pay instead. It all confronts materialism right where it lives: in people's psyches.

    So, yes, it does sound very hopeful, and hell, if this is a soft breaking-in of NESARA, as Christine has pointed out, all the better.

    1. It has to be better, simply because it puts free will choice back in the people's hands. The PEOPLE decide what they want to buy and pay the tax on, instead of the IRS yanking their hard earned money unwillingly from them.

      I think the only sector this will hurt is the tax accountants!

      The other alternative is the flat tax, let's say 15% across the board. Your tax return would look like this:

      Amount earned - $100
      Tax paid - 14
      Tax owed - $1

    2. No one wants to see something good happen for humanity more than I do, but let's be realistic. We are lead by people who hate us with a passion. They have placed themselves in a position to take control over ALL of our resources at the wimp of one person. While the same people are still in office and still running the show, do you still trust them to give you something that is good for you?? Like end the Fed Reserve and institute a sales tax? Can anyone not see that this could very well finish us off. I can already see that they would issue themselves and corporations exemptions while taxing us at 100% if they wanted too. Who's to say they will even put a cap on the percent they can raise it to. And even if they did, they are totally LAWLESS. Why would they keep their promise on this?? The problem is once they have control of something, they will stop at nothing to destroy us. Just say'n. What is their motive?? They didn't pass it before because some of them still have a heart and may feel guilt at selling us out. Anyway that is my opinion. Of my soap box now.

    3. You guys realize that this "fair tax" is also on food, medicine, etc., right? Seriously, get real about this. They are NOT going to exclude anything because of all the difficulties with collecting for some items and not others. They give states where this is currently in place (CA) and all the extra processing that that system requires. This is a tax on every item you want to purchase. Every single one.

      So, this "fair tax" totally sucks. I currently pay 0 taxes, thanks to being unemployed. No, I don't collect from any government agencies. No free money. There is no way those in my shoes will be better off with this potential new system. And thankfully, many Democrats also know this and absolutely will not let it pass. Ever. The only chance is NESARA, and this is NOT NESARA.

  9. I've been thinking that they will introduce similar reform to NESARA so that they don't have to mention NESARA. Acting as if it never existed would be easier then saying oh yeah this has been on the books but we didn't enact it. IMHO

    Love and Light
    Yvonne Phillips

    1. You may well be onto something there, Yvonne.

      They will be wanting to 'save face', no doubt.


      Ninja Bambi

    2. NESARA Law implementation involves a "gag order," which is placed on all legislators...they won't ever say it, they might repeal the name and call it something else but with all of the language included from the original law.

      there is so much happening that it's difficult to sift through the hay; however, this is what we have to "wiser than serpents!"

    3. I agree with that completely it has been in the back of my mind for a while since D came out with that information on how we are on Nesara law since Dec 5th. Exactly what I told my husband. They are going to "keep pretending" just until they can get away with it, as they try to make it look like things are changing for the best so that they don't have to exactly admit their crimes. I DON'T THINK THIS IS FAIR AT ALL, AND I HOPE IT DOESN'T PLAY OUT THAT WAY. I'm not a vengeful person but a crime is a crime and there should be some punishment for that crime. If we the people don't hold them accountable they will just get away with murder, theft, and you name it, just until we let them. And since not enough people will stand up, it seems like they will get away with it, even if Nesara takes place behind the scenes. We'll see what happens. Hoping they will be held accountable for us to see that day. This will "liberate" many souls indeed.

  10. I think with this many are missing the big picture....everyone seems to be focusing on how it will effect their pocket book...their income....this goes much further than abolishes the Federal Reserve's collection agency...puts collections right into federal government coffers.....literally severing one of the heads of the Federal Reserves "hydra"....

    1. Absolutely canauzzie. thats the most important part of this. Removing power form the biggest part of the cabal :-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. No such thing as a payroll tax.
    I dislike distortion in news articles, but the truth is there too, just a shame if you don't know, you don't know what you don't know.

    Take this comment:
    H.R. 25, the FairTax, repeals the Sixteenth Amendment and replaces our current income tax system with a single, national consumption tax.

    That's right, income tax is associated with the 16th amendment.

    Then we have this statement:
    By passing the FairTax, Congress can shield middle-class Americans from the burden of the payroll tax, the largest tax burden that most American families bear. The FairTax would make it easier for businesses to grow and hire new workers by abolishing America’s corporate income tax.

    There should NEVER had been a payroll tax as the 16th amendment didn't even allow for it...and there has always been an income tax that is to be paid by corporations, but they took our names, made them all caps and tried to force the payment out of our checks as income when it was was an even exchange.

    To call it payroll tax in one line but point to income tax on corporations is the distortion in their reporting.

    Those that know, would know businesses were always supposed to pay the income tax because once they sell the product at a profit, the profit is the income!

    The other thing that was distorting in the news reporting was trying to tell people they were 'required' to fill out a review form for that OCC settlement on the mortgages. About 300,000 people bit and sent in the form. The rest of the 4.4 million ignored that mess. Then when the deadline expired, they admitted the banks were supposed to go through the entire 4.4 million foreclosures and fix and offer settlement to those whose homes they stole, but the banks would be out of billions more if they went through all 4.4 million. Most I heard on one homeowner who filled out the form is they got a check for $850.

    That didn't cover my moving, and deposit for rent and utilities expenses. I paid more than that over the years for the home. So they get a free house and settle for less than pennies on the dollar.

    There is distortion in all communications, sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional. I think the media being controlled will control what is released, but on blogs, sometimes it's a misinterpretation and sometimes if you are revealing something you shouldn't, it's safer to surround the info with fake stuff so the 'guys who don't want it released' can't really come after you for telling it.

    That's why I read known disinfo sites.
    If they are sharing info with a core group that comprehends how they surround the truth with a lie, then I want to know what they know and see that truth within, too.

    You just can't take everything at face value, but some things can only be told as a sandwich...the meat is in the middle, the rest is all bread. You can do without the bread.

    Glad we have 'original' co sponsors...that's important. Those are guaranteed votes on the issue.

    1. Thank you for putting that all in such an understandable manner. Nice Job!

  12. Great concrete step to reducing the size and control of federal government! Not to mention creating an excellent point to segue into abolishing the federal reserve. so happy that unaware folks are being prepared for more startling actions. :)

  13. The Govt has a sneaky habit of slipping in legislation where you wouldn't think of looking eg Its an old story but something made me want to drop it in here. I'm no expert on legal stuff but what I'm saying is - will all the stuff we need to know be in just one place?

    Sine Nomine

  14. My question would be regarding all the money paid into Social Security and Medicare already, for those who have not received benefit. These programs, now known as "entitlement" as if that's a bad word, were sold as insurance programs, to be invested wisely to provide basic needs in retirement. I know this isn't how it was administered or perhaps intended but it seems to me the American people need to get a return on the claimed investment.

    What is the value of wisely invested annuity payments made for the past 20, 30 or 40 years? How do we factor in the change in value of money over that time? How do we make contributors whole?

    1. Good question. I'm 60 and have paid into it since i was 13 and working. I have been a slave to these damn banksters when most people my age wee still having a childhood. I looked into the Freemen stuff a few years back but felt i couldn't get out now after paying into FICA for so many long years.

    2. Check out the calculations for "present value." This will give you some indication of the value of your entitlement. However, with NESARA implementation (Please read the law), we don't have to worry about getting reimbursed for paying this fraud. Also, those taxes are paid to the CROWN of England...these funds are not kept in the USA. I also heard that most of the funds are invested offshore in Puerto Rico.

      Thus, it is always wise to use discernment and investigate for your own self satisfaction.

    3. Fedup about the Puerto Rico thing, I am Puerto Rican. People here are broke, poor, living off welfare or working for minimum wage. This island does not see the money, but these banks here are corrupt. Banco Popular is run by the Carrion family, it could be true. I don't know about most of the funds. I know there is a lot of drug money in this island, sometimes people that you know are involved in drug trafficking and they would be the last people you would expect to get involved with that. Who knows!

    4. This is my point exactly Anon 1/8/13@16:33- the funds are not there for the use of the people; the funds are harbored in a tax haven for tptw...thus, our taxes being paid into the coffer does nothing for us.

      I worked for Banco Popular for sometime, and I agree...the major hub is in NYC.

  15. The Fair Tax is yet another 'tax' - substituting one tax for another tax. Just because it's different then what we currently have doesn't mean that it's necessary, justified or good for the people. Taxation in any form is hard to get rid of, be cautious before you jump.

    1. You are correct. If they keep FICA which is a 15% tax right off the top for self employed and then add 23% consumption, we are screwed even worse.

    2. H.R. 25, the FairTax, repeals the Sixteenth Amendment and replaces our current income tax system with a single, national consumption tax. With the passage of the FairTax, American workers will receive their full paycheck before the federal government gets even a penny.

      Waking up involves discerning; and from this excerpt above those taxes will be replaced by a flat tax, not in conjunction with the current tax system. Most importantly, H.R. 25 coincides with NESARA Law.

  16. What really bugs me is that obama is still making decisions that affect us all so how is he not in charge? Appointing Hagel and Brennan who is responsible for the cowardly drone murders is happening as we speak. The mortgage stuff is fine but we need confirmation that the Bankster whores are removed from power.

  17. Article says it's bi-partisan, bi-cameral. It will be most interesting to watch this unfold! All I can say is WOW! If that's true, it further delegitimizes not only both parties but our entire political process. Compare the planks of both parties with this unprecedented action. It also forces every senator and representative to say something about it to the msm. I mean how can they say "no comment" or spin this one? Notice the simplicity of the language. Then think about the humongous Patriot Act (that piece of shit)

    Definitely a cred booster for Heather, et al. Thanks everybody!

  18. this guy has a lot to say about the Americna History of resturcturing under new monetary systems, and apparently we are right on schedule. Listening to the audio portion of it now.

    1. only 15 min into the audio and he explains the strawman/corporation thing excellently. He is easy to listen to also. Would love to have him on our side and will email him :-)

    2. Hi funkyjo!

      I think you found a really good site for information.

      I've been reading a lot of stuff, via many different sources, over the past few months (researching out of pure interest), and I can tell, from a short scan down the homepage at this link you gave (I paused to come a make this comment), this site is excellent resource.

      For anyone wanting to find out for themselves, gain insight and clarity on many of the issues surrounding the law, the legal, the way it affects us, why, when, how, etc., then this site would be as good a place as any to make a start.

      I do give opinions now and again, but essentially, I am operating at the level commonly known as HEARsay, because if it's not first hand knowledge, it's hearsay. And, as I say, I'm just somebody that's been doing what we all ought to be doing: a little bit of research.

      Have fun with this, everyone who's interested in learning more, it's never boring, that's for sure.


      Ninja Bambi

    3. Oops! Correction: It was not the HOME page I took a quick look at, it was the page your link took me to, which is the Killing the Strawman post.

      Ninja Bambi.

    4. Excellent information and history lesson in a short, easy to understand format. This recording is almost 3 years old now and much has transpired since then in this particular arena which may make a lot of the process unnecessary. I remember listening to the TOPPT interview with Heather recently and she specifically stated that there is no need for anymore UCC filings by individuals; that we can simply refer to those filings done by the TOPPT group. Now, if someone still wants to go through the paperwork process to become a Secured Party, then I supposed it couldn't hurt. However it can be a tedious and methodical process and can get spendy depending on how far you take it. (Bonds, recordings, filings, apostilles, Registered mail, etc.) I've gone through this process myself and while I do feel good about liening up my strawman, if what Heather is saying is true, then this may all be a moot point. Personally I'm looking forward to future interviews with the TOPPT group specifically the live examples on discharging mortgages, loans and other debts.

    5. Wow thanks, great site. If the announcements ever come out, I can show this to my attorney daughter who is "just pretending" right now. Also my "christian children" who are so brainwashed that it isn't funny. This site has excellent, excellent information.

  19. So I see this HR25 Fair tax deal was signed off by 53 republican congressman? No dems involved eh? Robbing pete to pay paul?

  20. The "Fair Tax" was first introduced in July 1999 by Cong. John Linder. He and Neal Boortz wrote a book about it in 2005 (ISBN # 0-06-087541-0). The Tea Party loves it.

  21. Factor in Hyperinflation and what will you have? Anything dollar base is going the way of the Model T. Further, this shifts money from the States to Federal. Not Good. I say throw the Bums out. Heather said there will be a point where we could decide if we really even wanted a government.

  22. I agree. I know we need some kind of government and maybe some kind of tax is ok, but it's going to be more of the same if there isn't a complete overhaul starting from point 0.

  23. Do we need tax though? The trillions the cabal have stolen over the years could be put into a pot and then used for public needs i.e. housing, medicine, transport, street lighting, road maintenance, etc, etc. Personally I would be happy to see the back of money but the world we live in right now requires it. Tax is not required. Especially if they can create money out of thin air! Here in the UK we are taxed to death, quite literally! Surely to be free is to be free of the old paradigm of tax and corporations.

  24. Nice article for us to read....number 6 is really good!

  25. 23% may not sound like a lot to people working, but for people on a fixed income, it's a lot!! I am on Social Security and that is not taxed. But I can make it. With that huge of a use tax, I will have to cut way back. Life would not be fun!


  26. Kate, I agree with you!!


  27. Maybe I'm just too tired...but I have no desire to dissect this legislation. It's coming from likely those "on the fence/catch and release" guys. You don't make someone sincerely interested in the good of the human race my threatening know " a man convinced against his will..." . Self interest is too ingrained in them. Unless it is direct copy and past from Nesara ...they will find a way to protect their self interest in some way. They just "cannot" yet think the right way.
    This is just still entertainment ... we need to wait for and expect the clean sweep scenario...other is a waste of focus and energy ( IMO of course ). It this intrigues you ... go for it ... but I can't get past the title :-)

  28. I, personally, do not trust anything the GOP does.

    1. Right on! I'm totally with you Anon 16:21! It's all BS. I'm not concerned, in the current world we live in, this will NEVER pass. It's not worth spending any energy on...

  29. Alternative media sites UK :-

    Also Regina Meredith Conscious Media Network, James Corbett, Paradigm Shift TV, Ian R Crane at

    All I can think of at the moment.

    Sine Nomine

  30. With Nesara the comsuption tax is only 14% and only on "new" items, such as a new car. A used car would not be taxed and this is to encourage recycling for the good of the planet.

  31. So, we switch to a VAT like they have in Europe.
    People who have some, little or practically nothing and cannot save or invest will spend be taxed on every expenditure. Moreover, the tax is added to every exchange in between their final purchase. If you are living close to the bone, your income tax credit goes away, and if you are living somewhere near the bone, your low (15%) tax rate goes away along with your basic deduction. Last time I looked, you are still paying state sales tax. So, the poor and middle class get crunched.
    The payroll tax goes directly into the SS trust fund. It is dedicated to the retirement of the rich and poor alike and is not a welfare program. While it is onerous every two weeks, there is no confusion what it is for. So, SS is not really an "entitlement" - you earned it. If the payroll tax is rescinded and SS goes away as we know it, then SS or any similar safety-net retirement program will have to come from the general fund and will be subject to budgetary discretion. How do you suppose this legislator from Georgia will treat what has now become a "welfare program" when the bi-annual budget comes up? This the last thing the plutocrats and their cronies can afford.
    As for the rich and the merely well off? They laugh all the way to the bank. Dividends, interest and capital gains are no longer taxed. Although propensity to consume is very high, and they would pay proportionally more taxes, much of their consumption is discretionary (unlike the hoi-polloi) so they can literally dictate their own taxes. Moreover, corporate taxes - as lame as they are these days - would go away. The best of all possible worlds for the blessed-of-the-blessed, the "job creators."

  32. Thank you D, for all you do, most recently for honoring your word.

    I am chagrined that so many on a site like this are so quick to seriously consider any legislation co-sponsored by 58 Republicans who refer to it as a Fair Tax, instead of being astonished once again by the depth of their chutzpah. Haven't we worked out that these guys are vegan until they sit down to eat?

    Although I am new to a lot of the material that is discussed here, at least I recognize the DC two-step. "Fair Tax", like "fiscal cliff", the "War on Terror", "Pro Life" and countless others are buzz words, which, repeated over and over, induce a trance in which the governed (aka the slaves) allow our masters to steal our words.

    It is no great insight that less economically well-off folks spend a greater per-cent of their income on purchases than folks with higher incomes. The percentage of income taxed grows progressively lower as the income gets higher. Thus Warren Buffet will continue to enjoy a lower tax rate than his secretary under any kind of "fair tax".

    Of course if this idea takes hold, ie, it is pushed by main street media, we can look forward to a bunch of arguments (not debates) over what purchases should be exempt: What about pet food? dance lessons? natural herbs? and on & on. On top of that what should the rate be? 14% 23%... How do people think the IRS code got so complicated?

    This "Fair Tax" is just another banquet for politicians, lobbyists, and the rest of the parasite class.

    Of course the selling point is the abolition of the IRS. Just about everybody could get behind that. But if people don't look behind the curtain concerning this sales pitch the pertinent questions will not get asked; for example,

    "If the goal is to end the IRS, then why not simply restore the money creation authority to the Treasury instead of leaving it in the hands of the private Federal Reserve?"

    (Kind of like the arrangement envisioned in that quaint old Constitution).

    It is pretty well established (since Benjamin Franklin, at least) that interest on the loans made by a public bank would be income to the government which, in turn, means there is no need for either an income tax or a sales tax to fund its operation.

    That is true even in the current circumstances. I would hope that when the promised reforms that we're anticipating come to pass there ought be precious little defense spending, a justice system that won't be a feeding trough for the Esquires, clean energy, an end to poverty. One wonders how big a government there's going to be. For what possible reason will it require a tax to fund its operation?

    When I first heard about 14% taxes in connection with Nesara, and more recently TOPPT, my BS meter went immediately into the red zone. Then it dawned on me that there was a recognition on the part of the Wise Ones that people have been so indoctrinated, many of them would worry about who's going to paint the white lines on the roads, and other government kind of stuff. Rather than trying to re-educate the fearful ones about what should be a short transition they created a "cover story" for how things will work after the Event. If we still need taxes after the crooks have been replaced, it sounds like old wine in new skins, rather than a meaningful change.

    Any way, that's my take, D.



    This is what we are up against...look at will blow your mind! If they confiscate our guns we will be back to letting these monsters murder whole communities...


  35. Even thought they will be giving everyone a probate based on the current HHS poverty level per household, and I would rather it be in a FairTax format, we are still paying money to the IRS. I agree, if they are going to do it this way, until stopped, necessities being taxed should not be; i.e., food, clothing, shelter, etc. Used items will not be taxed. Still, IRS taxing should dissappear.

    If they are going to continue to rob me (us), I would think the rate should be lower like up to 15% max. and no taxing of food, med's, etc. The way it is going, they will actually be getting a lot more tax money almost instantly.

    Do a search and discover what goes with the money we pay the IRS. We pay more to the IRS than we do to support our states... not good... more like paying off thugs.

  36. It is so simple everyone if you just sit and think for a moment. Supposedly there is an interim Presedent in office right now. Let him keep the office for the 120 days and then elect Elders and not another government. Elect Elders for towns- cities- states- countries-- and the world. Have no borders as we should all be living as One big society and family now as we are indeed one people and soul in truth. Allow the Elders to serve as guides to the people but not allow them to rule or create laws of any kind. Take the wealth of the world combined and clean up the world while providing for the complete needs of all human beings on the plane. Then give every human being enough money to exist and survive very comfortably for the remainder of their lives while at the same time phasing out money completely and making every thing eventually free to everyone. There will no longer be the rich and the poor in our world. Machinery- artificial intelligence- and new technologies like replicators ( provides things of many difference shapes and sizes) - free energy devices- and many other wonderful technologies would cause it to be virtually unnecessary for anyone ever to again "have"to work. We would literally be living in a world where there would be no more need for people to be rich while others remain poor and enslaved to the rich in the meantime.No need to worry about people who get greedy as they will be taught many new principles and knowledge in life as we as a society and generation awaken to newer and higher things spiritually as well as physically and rationally.No more need for government- no more need for money- no more need for punishment- no more need for laws- and no more need for one man or group to ever again rule over or control another human being or group of human beings ever again. You heard me right- no more need for punishment. And I can explain how to those who are truly serious about fixing this world! Thank you for your time --Daniel ---


    Here is the link and the copy paste of the act/ I don't like the fact that the tax will be set at insane amount of 23% and they also Redesignates the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as the Internal Revenue Code of 2013. Meaning they are keeping the IRC and just renaming it to IRC 2013.

    Latest Title: Fair Tax Act of 2013
    Sponsor: Rep Woodall, Rob [GA-7] (introduced 1/3/2013) Cosponsors (53)
    Latest Major Action: 1/3/2013 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.
    Jump to: Summary, Major Actions, All Actions, Titles, Cosponsors, Committees, Related Bill Details, Amendments

    Fair Tax Act of 2013 - Repeals the income tax, employment tax, and estate and gift tax. Redesignates the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as the Internal Revenue Code of 2013.

    Imposes a national sales tax on the use or consumption in the United States of taxable property or services. Sets the sales tax rate at 23% in 2015, with adjustments to the rate in subsequent years. Allows exemptions from the tax for property or services purchased for business, export, or investment purposes, and for state government functions.

    Sets forth rules relating to: (1) the collection and remittance of the sales tax, and (2) credits and refunds. Allows a monthly sales tax rebate for families meeting certain size and income requirements.

    Grants states the primary authority for the collection of sales tax revenues and the remittance of such revenues to the Treasury. Sets forth administrative provisions relating to: (1) the filing of monthly reports and payments of tax; (2) accounting methods; (3) registration of sellers of goods and services responsible for reporting sales; (4) penalties for noncompliance; and (5) collections, appeals, and taxpayer rights.

    Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to allocate sales tax revenues among: (1) the general revenue, (2) the old-age and survivors insurance trust fund, (3) the disability insurance trust fund, (4) the hospital insurance trust fund, and (5) the federal supplementary medical insurance trust fund.

    Prohibits the funding of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after FY2017. Establishes in the Department of the Treasury: (1) an Excise Tax Bureau to administer excise taxes not administered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF); and (2) a Sales Tax Bureau to administer the national sales tax.

    Terminates the sales tax imposed by this Act if the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (authorizing an income tax) is not repealed within seven years after the enactment of this Act.


    Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

    TITLE(S): (italics indicate a title for a portion of a bill)

    Fair Tax Act of 2013

    To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.


  38. Fairtax is a goofy fraud, and I offer 50,000 dollars if you can prove otherwise. I was an early supporter of this con, it sounded so great. So I read the fine print and asked questions. It sounds great cause the lying bastards left out 80% of the revenue. It's not just a personal retail sales tax -- that's about 20% of it. Guess what, 80% of Fairtax these lying bastards hide in the fine print.

    SPecifically, all you have to do to get the 50K is show ANYTING -- ANYTHING in HR25 that proves it's a simple retail personal sales tax. That's the impression they give -- a simple personal retail tax. SHouldnt that be in the legislation SOMEWHERE? It's not there. Go look,

    But in the fine print are huge other taxes -- look hard, Look in the footnotes and definitions. President Bush Tax Advisory Panel had not trouble finding it -- you can see it too, just read it carefully. You have to read their definitions very carefully.

    Also, their "supporting documents" are important. In the legislation and supporting documents are explainations of their "tax base" Tax base is that which they tax. Yes, retail sales are "in the tax base". But so are massive other things -- so there are massive other taxes. REmember that, what's in the tax base, is what they tax.


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