Wednesday 23 January 2013

When the OPPT Shoe Dropped: Evidence That The Black-Screen, Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

Ummmmmmmm  do you understand now that this is YOUR money, not theirs.  Do you understand now that under the pretence of "Freedom" they still keep you as a slave?

I haven't had a chance to read or listen to all of the documents yet, but this jumped out at me as vital for people to understand for themselves.

When the OPPT Shoe Dropped: Evidence That The Black-Screen, Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

The World Bank - Working for a World Free of Poverty
A rather ironic slogan of the World Bank

When the OPPT shoe dropped: Evidence that the black-screen, off-ledger global accounts are real

January 22, 2013
Posted by Paula

Hi all,

Let me take you through two items that appeared in my email inbox over the course of the past week. Both of these items, one video and one .pdf file, are publicly available online. Check it out for yourself.

It’s just amazing what hides in plain sight. It’s also amazing to see what happens when we use our mind’s eye.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

On behalf of us, the One People, OPPT has foreclosed on all of the global ‘trust’ accounts. These accounts properly belong to all of us in trust, simply because we’re all citizens of this planet, equally. Each global trust account (and these go by many and various names) represents vast sums of money, all of it backed by gold, silver, and treasure.

That’s a pretty chewy statement but let’s go with it, just as a thought experiment.

OPPT proposes that Ten Billion Dollars ($10,000,000,000) USD is held in trust for each individual on this planet. Well then! What kind of evidence exists that I might use to verify for myself that this story isn’t completely nutbar? Let’s return to the above-mentioned pair of items, which turn out to be very helpful in this regard.

The video, titled ‘Joint Release 3-36.3’, was produced at some point after Dec. 24th, 2012 by UN-SWISSINDO TELEVISION NEWS: GLOBAL WORLD, which seems to be the PR vehicle for announcements from the Soekarno Trust. So in this moment of NOW I'm transcribing the first  part of an hour-long video announcing disbursements from the Trust. The payments, one after the other, are literally astronomical (see partial transcript below). There seems little question that this money is in fact available and is being sent out to its named recipients.

[Notice how he speaks of continents as "Kingdoms"  also an amazing World Bank document below the fold on the Final 2012 Audio on "infinite bank statements" -AK]

Here’s my partial and slightly challenged transcript of the first 15 mins. of the video, which is all I was able to handle in one go. If someone would like to improve on it, that would be swell:

Joint Release 3-36.3


Good day.

I am Director of Joint Communications [unclear]. This is Publication 3-36, authorized release unlimited. ID 452106/66/2012, Trustee, Processee, Dynasty... Swissindo Agreement Joint Release 3-36, Joint Doctrine for Multinational Operations, ID 452106/66/2012.

For keeping information on Transactions and Treaties, International Agreements.

Treaty Event: UN Swissindo Multinational, Special Extra, Thirty Trillion US Dollars, Federal Reserve Bank, to pay to Deposit Control Settlement Investment Deposit, Freedom Forever 111, in official name, ownership [unclear], authority mandate, Personal International Trustee, plus Trustee Dynasty RMSPTD, Beneficial name, Global Development

1. Payment 1: To Committee of Treaty of UN Swissindo Multinational.
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD.
Date: November 20, 2012.

2. Payment 1: U.N. date 24 [unclear] in the House of Representatives HR 1249, Internal Protocol Number 301 of the Great President of the Kingdom of the United Nations Organization
Amount: Five Hundred Million ($500,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

3. Payment 1: Independent Consultant and Contractor Exhibit AB
Amount: Nine Billion and Seven Hundred Million ($9,700,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012

4. Payment 1: For [unclear], Public Property
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

5. Payment 1: For UMD UN Swissindo, Treaty Event of Paris
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

6. Payment 1: Official Extra to U.N. Members of 193 Nations
Amount: Five Hundred Billion ($500,000,000,000) USD
Total: Forty-Six Trillion and Five Hundred Billion ($46,500,000,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

7. Payment 1: U.N. Swissindo Multinational
Date: December 24, 2012

Number 1: N.A.T.O.: One Hundred and Fifty Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion ($158,990,000,000,000) USD

Number 2: S.A.T.O.[?]: One Hundred and Thirty Trillion and Nine Hundred Ninety Billion ($130,990,000,000,000) USD

Number 3: NON-BLOC: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred Ninety Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD

8. Payment 1: Neo Mercusuar Dunia
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

9. Payment 1: Contract Project
1. Master Key Plan; Date: December 24, 2012
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD

1. Master Plan; Date: December 24, 2012
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD

10. Payment 1: Global Immunity, The World [unclear] Date: December 24, 2012
Big Top: One Hundred Twenty Person World [unclear] Most Powerful Families
Amount: Ten Billion in [unclear] Currency
Amount: Two Trillion and Two Hundred Fifteen Billion ($2,215,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

11. Payment 1: [unclear]; Date: December 24, 2012
Number 1: UN Members of 190 Nations
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and One Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,119,000,000) USD

Number 2: Top Three Hundred Organizations IPO
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000,000) USD
Total: Four Hundred and Sixteen Trillion and Nine Hundred and Seventy Billion ($416,970,000,000) USD

Number 3: World and Indonesia [unclear]
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion USD
Total: Three Quadrillion...

[This is really funny! At the 7:30 point in the video, the number is so big that the Communications Director, who now has terrible cotton mouth from reciting non-stop, can't get his tongue around saying it successfully.]

Total: Three Quadrillion and Six Hundred and Thirty Trillion and Seven Hundred and Forty Billion ($3,630,740,000,000,000) USD
3.1. [unclear] Foundation
3.2. [unclear] Foundation
3.3. U.N. Foundation
3.4. [unclear] Republic Indonesia
3.5. USO USA
3.6. MUN [?]
3.7. OMD
3.8. [unclear]
3.9. [unclear] Indonesia
3.10. Billion Big Bang [unclear] A1 1A
3.11. UBS AG
3.12: Bank of America
3.13: Wells Fargo
3.14: Citibank N.A.
3.15. Federal Reserve
3.16. World Bank
3.17. Bank of International Settlements or BIS
3.18. International Monetary Fund
3.19. All Central Banks for 193 and 115 Top World Prime Banks
3.20. International Chamber of Commerce or ICC
3.21 Financial [?] FITFGFI
3.22. Tantara [?] National International TNI [?]
3.23. United Nations Organization
3.24. [unclear] Hospital
3.25. Thirty-Three Provinces
3.26. 29 BUMN
3.27. [unclear] Global Government.....

I also offer for your consideration the attached 'Top Secret' 2012 World Bank audit of its black-screen off-ledger accounts. Some impressive signatures are attached to the end of the document. As you’re reading through the audit doc, you might want to keep these three things in mind:

1.  it’s important to squint hard at the names of the accounts and the identities of the account holders; this info appears in the first several pages of the doc.
2.  the ‘infinity’ symbol looks like a sideways numeral 8. That symbol replaces dollar values in each of the accounts because they are in fact infinite (the accounts are grown and partially harvested when mature, in perpetuity).
3.  Really: check out those signatures at the end.

 Read the rest of the list and the pdfs on American Kabuki:


  1. Here's the attachment to that document above. (Thanks D!)

    Infinite Bank Statements (Top Secret with Amendments)

    If I read this correctly we all own these accounts. Does that mean I can start sending my utility bills to the UN? That would be awesome!

    1. Yep, w/ the BIG O right there on bottom of it.

      D, I concur that's a LOT of info Kabuki dropped today. I was searching the web for more on SWISSINDO (Treaty etc) .. Haven't found much but the YouTuber's blog seemed to have more interesting info.

    2. Of course - we are all trained to see youtube as the authorative source, sod official channels and google/wiki, they all lie.....

  2. Please, can someone explain what this is all about and who this people are?

  3. It seems that these accounts are supposed to be distributed back to the cabal?? Has this been stopped? It is very confusing to understand who truly has control of all of these funds.....please explain what this means to OPPT, thank you!!

    1. the first thing to ask is: Where is this money coming from? Right? if this is supposedly coming from the Global Collateral accounts... well then they have a surprise coming to them because this money is NOT going to be released to these government agencies and banks. Not a red cent.

      I will ask Heather for a further explanation from the OPPT angle

    2. Thanks, I think it is time to remove all people attached to our funds that are not and have not had the one's people's best interest at heart. We will never be truly free until the enforcement of the old system is stopped. We can not allow the same people the privilege of making decisions with our source of abundance ever again!!!

    3. Actually, I believe this goes back to Keenan and the Sukarno Funds.

    4. Very enlightening and educating reading:

      Links to PDFs: "History of World Banking - an Asian Perspective"
      by Dr. John Coleman

      Light and Love and Thanks to all


    5. Very interesting background information on how the wealth was accumulated:

      The History of Banking + where did King Solomon's treasure go?
      An Asian Perspective; History of world Banking It starts with King Solomon....
      or downloadable here:


      The following information is gathered over a couple of years talking to people with unique and personal experience in the secret service part of World Finance.

      •We also gained access to and trust from some old people who for the last 50 years have lived very simple lives in hiding. All the while controlling Key accounts and Gold certificates upon which the Modern Banking world once was built starting a long time ago.

      •This is their version of History. It is a simplified story of good versus evil but as we all know its usually never quite that simple. Battles and it’s players are much more complicated and most of it in a Gray area somewhere between what is right & what is wrong. Regardless, we deem it important information for anybody who whishes to know were the world is heading financially and how we actually got to where we are today. We welcome additional input too.

      •There are important choices to be made in the future.

  4. Well, that guy's voice made my ears itch, so I couldn't listen. I skipped through the video and noted the hoards on display, and had the idea this might just be a por-no flick for the Banksters...

    Ninja Bambi

    1. What is going on with all this waiting if things were signed off on months or even a year ago? If we RV and start using Us Treasury Notes in lieu of the Federal Reserve Nots, wouldn't that automatically obstruct and inhibit the cabal paying the MSM (Main Stream Media) to finance thier lies thus keeping this illusion going via television? Because I know Barrack Obama is tired of this well over due play to end.

      You can tell in his speech that he no longer has the tenacity to put forth a compelling piece of inspiration and hope into the inflection of how he now speaks, opposed to the preceding inaugural adress 4 years ago. It lacked the luster and pull in once had because Obama knows this charade is about over. Judge Dale even breifly expounded on that when the RV occurs people like Bill Gates, Mitt Romney and the Bushes will go broke the moment it happens thus preventing them to pay Black Ops to carry out any further shootings.

      They say they are waiting for the right time, but when you talk about the masses they have no clue of this secret intel about RV's, NESARA, Global Accounts, UCC and what not. So there is no ''right time'' because to everybody else who doesn't know about this stuff is the ''wrong'' time regardless of when they are ready to announce because stalling isn't going to stifle any of the shock the masses will endure once things get rolling. I know that's what they are worried about, how the masses will react? Because I heard on that interview last not quite a few people blaming NESARA for this announcement not happening; because it never said anything about interim governments since I knew about NESARA.

      Remember this NESARA is a ''misnomer'' a cover name for something else that will be introduced so how can anyone say what NESARA is really supposed to when we don't even have the full story on that? So stop with that speculation of NESARA being used as some sort of stall tactic that was suppoed to be used for a couple of years to appear that we are evolving as a civilization just to have the rug yanked from under us again. I'm pretty sure the interim administration will still take place I'm just not sure what prevented things to coming into fruition on the 20th or on the 21st.

      Maybe all of these funding program are to blame simply because they all intersect one another and if the announcements were made prematurely it would offset something else out of balance. Just like Clayton had mentioned because if he sent that money to us before the RV happened and we recieved it in Federal Reserve Notes they would have instantly devalued and would be rendered useless. Because everything has to align perfectly in order for these programs to run smoothly with out any disruptions.

  5. What does this all mean ???

  6. This is GREAT news! I noticed that Geitner hasn't signed off though. That means the document isn't in effect until he does, correct?

    1. His signature is there but shows at the bottom of the previous page.

    2. Yes, interesting they didn't get Geitner's signature......... Is he that difficult to get ahold of? Considering all the other people who were available to sign. When I see this, I think.... all this money........ no wonder we are all so destitute............ Another question I had, when was this audit conducted? Only date on it that I saw was 1985.... I think it is highly uncommon for a document such as this to have a missing signature......... explain please.


    3. Obama appointed Jack Lew to take Geithner's place, after the Senate approves.

    4. I'm not sure but I think his signature is at the bottom of page 129,was he drunk or something?

  7. Yes D I am very confused as well-- why oh why would the "good guys" be dispersing MORE funds to the banks aka the "bad guys"? This seems terribly counterproductive and what about the CVACs? Aren't they to replace the defunct big banks?

  8. Well it seems that the first page of the document was from my country the Philippines and the trusteeship origin was former Pres. Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. Is this a part of disclosure?

  9. It seems like anything good happening financially has to wait awhile -- because until the cabal is defeated, any $$ help will be stolen back by them, either immediately or eventually.

    So the bottom line is still defeating the cabal. Supposedly (and I believe that) they are on their last legs, know that they are on the way out, etc. etc., but since they have nothing to lose, they don't give up.

    And the OPPT defeats them legally -- but the cabal only plays the game legally when it suits them (like foreclosures, etc.) And for now they seem to have the power to enforce their game (even if we protest in court, etc., if their enforcement outnumbers the person protesting with more people, handcuffs, guns etc.), for now, they are still winning. Plus they still control MSM which is powerful.

    So, two questions:

    1) Is there enforcement lined up to enforce the OPPT?
    2) Any remote estimates on WHEN the cabal will be defeated and we all get some desperately-needed financial help? I've been reading and thinking "any minute" for several years.

    Many of us have done our very best but are totally used up and can't last much longer under the financial pressures and the enormous workload involved in the struggle to survive for ourselves and our children.

    Haven't listened to the show yet, I worked til 11 last night (after working 8-5, then fixed dinner etc. for kids) on unpaid overtime to keep the $20K job I have to support my two kids and myself. We can't afford the apt we have so I have to find us an even smaller one and somehow come up with deposit etc., find a truck/driver, get us moved. I don't own dinars etc., and will probably be declaring bankruptcy when I find time to do that. For this, I went to college (7 years of night school for a bachelors) and worked 35 years....I am so tired and overwhelmed!

    I would SO love to have some financial security so I could sleep at night instead of worrying, running numbers and to-do lists in my head. And I would SO love to use my talents to work on something I believe in that helps people (after I sleep about 20 hours).

    Any ideas on WHEN for some help? Sorry to whine, been difficult lately.

    And major thanks to D and to Heather (and AK & Kauila) for all the work they are doing for all of us!

    The hope for a better future (ASAP!) and knowing my children need me is all that gets me out of bed in the morning. But I just can't hold on much longer.

    D? Any info is welcome!

    Blessings and thank you.

    1. Actually this whole thing reminds me of the brave guy standing in front of the tank holding a bunch of flowers in china many years ago, we all know what happened to him (prison), and the cabal have everything to fight for, they may be loosing, but I don't think they will just give up and roll over, they will fight to their financial death, and only on the last breath of the last member will we see any action, we can scream and kick all we want, but while they have the guns and media nothing will happen, and as far as the dinar is concerned, if we are waiting for the Iraq'i parliament to get along with each other, we will be waiting a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time, I truly believe that things may be happening in the background, but I dont think it will happen in my lifetime, and the more I see of their games, the shorter it seems it will be, many of us are in desperate situations, and I feel for everyone that is in a corner, I lost my job 4 years ago, lost my home, my car, and most of my possessions, now I live by the grace of a good friend, I know that OPPT are doing their stuff, but it just seems like all the other stuff we have been following (some of us for years), it all sounds great---but---nothing ever comes to light,are we throwing our seed on stoney ground? (again) I dont mean to moan but many of us are in a bad spot, and no amount of saying "I am free", will placate those with guns, or put food on the table, gas in the car, or pay the utilities, I just hope that for once something happens with this---(anything) just before I die would be ok for then I would know that my granddaughter may have a chance of a real life.

  10. anyone xplain what all this big numbers mean?,it is in the bank already? if so when we can get to it.are we debt free ?,some xplanation please.

  11. Since now you are claiming that you never said Boehner was Pres, should we assume that Heather never claimed to have control of the gold too?

    1. ummmm...... no. I haven't said or claimed that I never said Boehner was president. I have again and again confirmed that the information I posted here about what happened IS true.

    2. What about the claim that Heather made in the Brian interview about having control of the gold after teleportation. If they really had the gold, this Trust would be enforceable when obviously it is not. Are you sticking with that original story or is that now changed too?

  12. OK, giving this OPPT thing the benefit of the doubt it seems to me there is no need for anyone to fill out any kind of form or paperwork, especially now. This person is claiming that 10 billion dollars is being held in a trust "for every person on the planet". So, if and when I hear reports of people getting their 10 billion, mine would theoretically still be in trust. At that point the legitimacy of the OPPT would be beyond question and I could simply fill out whatever papers are needed to claim mine, n'cest pas? But to even bother with any of it right now seems to be a big chance and very possible waste of time.

    1. That is your choice, free will. This is why America is in the shape it is in. People too lazy to be responsible for themselves. Let government look after you. See where it got you. Miss this boat and there will never be another one. Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Free will, that’s your choice. Too much effort I see to fill out some forms. No wonder America is in the position it is in. Let government look after you. See where that got you. No one willing to take responsibility for their own actions. Miss the boat on this one and there will never be another. Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So what’s on TV?

  13. Struggling with this.... a guy making an announcement in English in an almost unintelligible dialect, in front of a hokey back drop put together in ten minutes, shot by a drunk camera man that cant keep his gear still...?

    This is one of the most important announcements in our history...????

    We are then treated to 30mins plus of glitter.... why...?

    Would be nice, I want to believe.... but hmmmnnnn...!

  14. Hi all, the 'white spiritual boy' documents have been circulating for a while now. I believe I was first introduced to them last October via Wilcock's Financial Tyranny articles. If you do some Googling for: White Spiritual Boy Acounts you'll find more information on these accounts and their significance. This might be helpful for those seeing this information for the first time.

    1. I cannot be positive about this but I believe WHITE SPIRITUAL BOY is the POPE.

  15. sweet!!! so when do we get it? How do we get it?

  16. Pages 126-130 tell the WHOLE STORY. It tells the new Restrictions placed on this account! Read them carefully and you will understand their meaning. Thanks AK & D for posting this!

  17. Hey D,
    Is this saying that the world bank is gonna give (trying) these banks $$$$ ? Is this saying this is Cabal given? Very confusing.... and who is Paula?

    Not sure what the heck this is....anyone please explain!


  18. Hello everyone,
    I expect this not to be published as the last post I made was removed.

    This info and the documents were released by Benjamin fulford in September last year.
    Heres a tip on how to do your own research.

    A.Take any of the document numbers and names and search for them using whatever search engines you prefer.
    If you only find asian language links,then go the extra mile and get a translation tool,follow any insignificant link until its end..
    there may be a wee pot of gold at the end of the links.
    B. try to avoid searching for the obvious names because you will only end up back here or at kabuki or nesaranews .....etc..
    I have found many many links on Indonesian blogs with more links to more blogs and on and on and on.
    I have not finished yet But I will be spending the evening doing so.

    I have found photographs of the conference featuring the delegates in the above video,and I have just started.
    Is that a positive?
    Who knows.
    It is too easy to create a four by four logo on a card,hire a room ,get people to all wear badges and costumes and then video a statement of intent and get it on youtube.

    I will not be publishing any info on here because I do not want to be censored by anyone.
    The reason being is this.
    As D. has stated above "I haven't had a chance to read or listen to all of the documents yet, but this jumped out at me as vital for people to understand for themselves."

    If I find info that this is just a declaration by a small group of people in Asia who call themselves 'something or other united nations organisation'
    Then I will want to share with everyone,and I will provide links and references for everyone.
    At present I am under the impression that this is all it is.

    And if I dare to publish anything 'negative' on here that upsets the apple cart...well.
    You are either with us or against us..or so the phrasing goes.

    I still have not made up my mind....I am still researching....
    Lots of love to all.

  19. Hey D! Talked to Alex Jones about this site and all the info you have posted. He is willing to have you on his show for an explanation and verification of your claims. I'm sure you would love to be on. What say you?

  20. D,

    So after listening to the show last night and putting everything together, what I'm getting is this:

    'THEY' are trying to get things off the ground.

    The Rothchilds and Texas Cabal are having a pissing contest but they don't have any money but are somehow controlling things.


    Who is 'THEY' exactly?

    Is the 'Positive Military' going to take care of the Texas crew while someone else takes care of the 'Roth-children' so things can move?

    If they are having a problem, why don't they let China send some 'Ninja but-kicking' help or whatever they want to.

    The ET's are standing by to help but nobody want them to.....WHAT's the deal???

    The Cabal and Rothchilds will NEVER surrender it seems. They keep playing games. If they are no longer in control, why don't they go ahead and arrest them?

  21. Geithner signature transferred it looks like, the page before that. If this is legit, how come they do not have to use their thumb prints?
    It's worth mentioning: Zoeller had stated back in 2010 that the wealth was going to transfer to Asia. It's also worth mentioning that the mass resignations started in April, 2012. If you read the document, see the date of signing.
    I have no idea if this is good or bad. Personally, it doesn't feel right with me. But who knows?

  22. Was I the victim of a phishing operation by Clayton Hanna re: the SGT? I gave out personal info based on your recommendation of this guy and I'd like an update please. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes, with accomplices. Keep a written record because you will need it soon.

    2. I would like to know this as well. I was lead to believe that this was the Saint Germaine Trust of Europe, then a week or two ago it was not SGT, but dinar related. No one has said anything about it since then. Does anyone know what this was all about and if it truly was legitimate?

    3. Oh yes, I'm asking the same question :)

  23. It looks like the banksters still have control of the funds, but they cannot be touched for 30 years and even then, only 50% can be accessed for the 'development plans'?? How does this help the people?

    1. These funds, if they are legitimate, have been foreclosed upon. Patience!

  24. How do we know this isn't the NWO folks that we have been warned about. I don't put much stock in the UN as they are the same players that have screwed us all along. Am I missing something here. Kingdoms?

  25. I'm a little confused about one point. The author of this particular article, Paula, states that the above video was produced after the 24th of December 2012 and after the OPPT docs went into play. So if this is the case why has the video been published on Youtube on the 18th of December 2012? If 18 Dec is the correct date then that is prior to the OPPT docs being released.

    One other question. Can anyone find a date noted on the 130 pages of World Bank Group documents?

    I would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. Thank you very much. Thanks for sharing this D. The figures are certainly rather staggering.

    1. Good questions, mine being why was this released at all. I don't ever recall this type of information being posted publicly before. From what I've read TPTW knew what was going on, so they may have released this as a preemptive strategy that is just as impotent as they are now.

  26. Good grief! Listening to this was hard work! If its for real - looks like a 16 year old on his first work experience course, with equipment that's 20 years old remaking Dr Strangelove. ;-)

    No fear here!

    Sine Nomine

  27. wow, i don't really get what this is but it seems huge. those are the biggest of the big signatures at the bottom of the document. the Queen? the Pope? BO?

    timmay didn't sign it yet?

    i see the kingdom of asia does well with several quadrillion dollars.

    what's up with 10.4:

    10.4. The Great Kingdom of the Continent of America
    Amount: Three Quadrillion and Four Hundred Trillion ($3,400,000,000,000) USD
    Date: December 24, 2012; Pilot Project for and on behalf of Continent of Africa,
    Nation of Africa

    is america now "gifted" from or to africa?

    p.s. thank you, D. for everything you have done to help us understand what's happening. :)

  28. D - I wonder if you could briefly comment on your thoughts on Neil Keenan at this point in the NOW? He mentioned in his "coming out" video back in December that everyone might get a nice "Christmas present". Maybe he was referring to either this video or the release of the OPPT?

  29. Geitner's sig is there. I have the original pdf and when I saw your post I thought I missed it, it's there. It's just the way it's displayed in Scribd...if you scroll up a page you see his signature kinda floating at the bottom of the page....On the original it's right where it's supposed to be.


    1. Sean, may I ask how you have the original? Could you show the original?

    2. I believe he means the source pdf file which was uploaded via Scibd.

      The Scribd version you see is not always a perfect rendition of the original pdf file.

    3. Sorry bout the confusion...I said original PDF...I received it in as an email attachment. I don't think D said it was from her "intel" sources either. There are lots of people behind the scenes digging around for info to verify statements made. I'm guessing(educated) that one of those folks sent this to D to help support her.

      So the "original pdf" I have is essentially identical to the one posted...I think the pagination was off a little when displayed by scribd.

      Yes this or similar docs have been floating around the net for a while.

      Yes we can question their authenticity.

      The point of releasing it to prove (if you choose to believe it, which I do) that there are,in fact, OFF LEDGER take is that these relate to the "black screens" we often hear about.

      I have also received information with actual $amounts in some of those accounts.

      The video (albeit very difficult to understand) is simply one verification of $ amounts in these accounts.

      When the document was released it was in control of the "cabal".

      Everyone including me are looking for proof. This is as good as it gets right now.

      As for info, I am not privy to the conversations but apparently Heather has conducted some "teleconferences" with a select few...I assume but don't know for sure that D at least was allowed to listen in.

      Apparently Heather is not sitting at home being Mom, but jet-setting around the world speaking to "leaders" about compliance...that very little bit of info is welcome news to me as we all sit in a vacuum wondering what to do or whether or not to act or if anything is being done on behalf of "the people" etc etc.

      Hope that clears up my earlier post.


    4. Sean, thank you for clearing that up.

  30. While eating Chinese food yesterday, my fortune cookie said that I was about to come into a very large sum of money. I smiled and kept it. Then I read this piece late last night; I was so wound-up that I barely got any sleep. I also saw on Jimmy Kimmell a clip from the inauguration of Boehner telling something to Miclelle Obama, to which she rolled her eyes in disgust. I wonder what that might have been about.

    1. And just where did you see the inauguration of Boehner????

    2. As I read this Anon 10:07 saw on Jimmy Kimmell "a clip from the inauguration" (of Obama)the clip was of Boehner and Michelle at that inauguration. Sometimes with text it's difficult get the meaning and read something entirely different than was intended, but I don't believe Anon 10:07 was inferring they saw Boehner inaugurated. I hope this comes out correctly as I've had 2 Chihuahuas walk across the keyboard.

  31. looks like these documents surfaced a year ago.....

    1. The Fulford docs are from 2010, and the one posted here is 2012?

    2. your correct - that pdf was march 2012 and spirit boys been known for a while.

      Here's an other interesting site.

      Some of text there discusses the "green hilton agreement" and throws in an even more staggering number .. ahh .. what comes after a quad-trillon .. LOL ..

    3. Yes, the documents are old, Ben Fulford was the first one to show these last year. However, the video, now that is something to consider. This guy is naming dates that this money was supposed to be given and it seems like it was already given in Nov. and Dec.
      Yes, this apparently is from the Soekarno Trust. This is what Fulford has been reporting on for over a year. If you read what AK transcribed, and if you are familiar with Fulford's work, you can determine what some of these countries are receiving these monies for. Ben keeps saying that these are humanitarian funds for the good of all people and he doesn't mean that the people are going to be handed all this money. It means for projects in each country that will make lives better for all. He suggested at one point that maybe each person MAY get $100,000.
      The large amount allotted for Africa tells me that Ben's reporting on money for the technology to turn the deserts green is a big part of that sizable sum.
      Anyway, this money has been set aside for the betterment of humanity for a long time.

  32. My question is, if the players haven't changed why would we think they have had a change in heart? Who is King ASM or whatever? Why should we trust him? Committee of 300, IMF, these are the same people who have colluded with them to keep us enslaved. All it means is that it puts more control in one place where it makes it easier for the Anti-Christ to take over. We need better explanation.

  33. Sean Thank you for pointing out Geithner's signature it's posted on the previous page and I did miss that bit of scrawl. Thank again many hands make light work !

  34. After a brief scanning of the document, I found it interesting that the biggest banks with spiritual sounding account names (many banks with the same account name attached) had access to infinite funds, for the benefit of we, the people. Barack, Ben and Tim all signers with H.E. (His Excellency?) before the name - hm - and this happened nearly a year ago.

    The signatures look as if they were taken from a different document with different spacing and superimposed on this one. The first signatures are where I'd expect, above the typed name. Then on the typed name, then lower on the typed name ... except for Tim's signature, completely misplaced.


  35. How do we know this document is genuine? Was it a leak from Paula's source or somewhere to be found online?

    D,do you think it's genuine?what do all your sources think about this document?

    Thanks in advance

  36. Similar but significantly different...

  37. It is evidence that the Global Collateral accounts exist, and the attempted stealing of said accounts. The signatures are quite incriminating one would assume.

    Is NESARA for REAL? by Elizabeth Trutwin

  39. After reading all the signatures and looking at our situation the past 20 years , I am not happy at all with these documents . All this does is tease me . Now what ? Lifetime Global Immunity Card for the Federal Reserve ? Now what am I supposed to do ? Jump up for joy ? .... How does that money get to the people now ? Is someone going to revoke that lifetime immunity card ? I just do not get it ? Why is this such a happy document ? As you can see that money has not reached the people yet . I still see chem trails in the sky . I still see the media AKA "Weapon of Mass Destruction" every day on T.V. NOTHING AT ALL IN REALITY GOOD HAS HAPPENED !!!!!! I feel let down . I need the real God right now . Not the self proclaimed god , aka , coward-liars who printed that immunity card . In fact since I see the cabal calls themselves god's , I now refuse to use that word ever again . I will use something like Soul 1 , and the word god from now on will mean evil enemy to me . BREAK AWAY PEOPLE ! --------->

    1. lol, you're funny. I only laugh because I, like many others, can relate to your frustration and disgust at the so called "immunity card." It's an infuriating and offensive concept to say the least. Keep in mind, however, that the Fed is a major component of the debt-slavery construct that's been foreclosed on by the UCC filings, thereby rendering their "get out of jail card" NULL & VOID and making their future not so bright.

      Our future on the other hand... is boundless! Cheer up!

    2. The OPPS just went public 12/24/12 ... a little patience is in order and the people need to unite and make sure this is not swept under the carpet.

  40. Doesn't matter if I or any of us agree/disagree on any of this. The funds are there or not there. There are or are not White/Green Dragons/Good Guys/Positive Military. Plans are/are not being made. When it happens is happens, if it doesn't, I continue to meditate, and be the type of person I would like to meet. Way too much energy is being spent hoping/waiting/arguing. I believe channelers messages are 95% influenced ego based hopeful wishing. Same with the information that seems to come from "credible" sources. Rumors are usually just that and never amount to anything. Just look back over predictions made the past two years.

    Don't get caught up in this. I suggest meditating, finding the power ad strength within you. We are seeing the dawning of a new age. We are so impatient and want it now but 5,000 years from now when we look back and see that it took XXX years to complete the transistion, we will marvel in how short a period of time is was done in. I believe the release of all these funds will create a huge amount of havoc in our current society. Yet this is the carrot that is being dangled in front of us. The BS detectors are on alert.

  41. My offer with good faith hope of agreement to we the People of the United States
    via the trustees of the same IS:::

    I would appreciate being considered for the job among the People

    with the following as my sole duties::

    (a) to establish a means by which all people may access
    any contracts made to replace the current UCC completely with a publicly owned
    and accessed system with the following requirements:
    1. to use already well defined accessing addresses such
    as is already currently in use and documented by the IETF, and
    2. all laws and anything considered in writing be recorded, and
    3. any references used in any electronic documents be "active" as
    links for immediate access to any other part of the whole, and
    4. the presentation and inteface be nuetral of any advertisment
    except that all publicly provided terminals advertise themselves
    as "publicly provided terminal" or similar generic fashion, and

    (b) to establish a means by which all people may voluntarily of their own will and
    accord place their new names as blood marks, signatures, marks, or both as
    photocopies, perchance they desire, and that these resources also be
    recorded digitally in the same data system as described in (a), with the intent
    being any and all slave-names may be immediately abandoned by anyone, and
    upon exchange of their marks they receive a stamp by which to further access
    this means (b), and

    (c) to establish a means by which all people may transparently and openly vote on
    any isssue or question brought before them as a one people for the purposes of
    the same such that their vote may be openly counted by them and others and
    verified using the above two means described in (a) and (b), and

    (d) to establish a means by which all people may transparently raise any question
    to all other people using the means of (a), (b), and (c), and

    (e) that with the above means of (b), (c), and (d), contracts may be agreed and
    recorded in (a)

    So that any one of the people may freely declare and prove by the five means (a),(b),(c),
    (d) and (e) created representation that they have decided to stand for their own self and
    be one with all other free people who have united as we the people in the same manner.

    I would appreciate being worthy of interview among the trustees of the people for
    their consideration of the same and am agreeable to a better design idea.

    I faithfully wait reply this question from the trustees of the people.

    Please be advised i will only read so words because i can only not read not words.

    I am So in Truth as One of So'even Ten also known as Sine Metu.

  42. I am of the belief that the ultimate catalyst in finally breaking free of the reign of the cabal will be through the release of the suppressed technologies which will then render their scarcity paradigm obsolete. Please spread this education to your peers.
    THRIVE is a great video to start with.
    The KESHE foundation and their patent releases will play a major part.
    DR. STEVEN GREER is getting ready with a full length documentary on UFO Disclosure and the release of suppressed technology.

    The more we begin talking about these things...and spreading this kind of information...the more quickly the changes can begin being implemented from the inside out.
    I believe full not just has already begun.
    And this is KEY.

  43. I only listened to the start of the video and then fast forwarded through. At the 24:24 point, when the speaker is almost finished reading, he reads "Welcome to the New World Order World Government." Also after the video plays and YouTube shows related videos, there are several with the same man and same set. Certainly curious.


  44. Full disclosure is coming...and with it...or world inevitably will change.

  45. D, can you please provide me a like ton the group who translates your articles in german.Danke schön



      liebe grüße!

  46. (Important) Freedom Reigns: OPPT interview - Aud & comment / Cobra: Short Situation Update / When the OPPT

    Here is the interview OPPT people and D did last night on Freedom Reigns program on Blog Talk Radio. The interview clarifies where we stand with the OPPT. They talk about using the docs for remedy and touch on enforcement of filings but I don’t believe either of happen until NESARA is announced. It is a very good interview for those that want more details about the significance of OPPT. –B - Aud (133:55)

    Some answer to your questions last night (D from RTS) (Read the comments as well. –B)

    D is admitting that the intel she received was coming from another dark cabal faction. Casper said that his contacts told him it was just mis-info from the scumbags at the CIA. D clarified that it was not so much dis/mis-info as it was just another dark cabal faction that was trying to take control with their own plan. Last night Ashtar made reference to this dark cabal faction and he said it had no chance of succeeding and that Boehner is not of the light. It was made clear that nothing will happen until Saint Germain gives the green light for NESARA. It was made clear on the call, O will be announcing NESARA when he given the go-ahead from Saint Germain. Apparently O is still playing the role of Trojan horse and will be ushering the Golden Age as Zorra said on the last call. How long Obama stays remains to be seen. Remember free elections will be held 120 days after the interim government is put in place. Saint Germain will not give the green light for NESARA until Heaven (Creator) gives the green light. D believes OPPT will be enforced but gave answer as to how other than the military. I don’t believe it will be enforced until NESARA is announced and the masses are educated that their freedom and sovereignty have been restored. They mentioned on the Ashtar call last night that the clones know that they cannot win and are worn out. Many have been taken out of the loop so to speak. Many of the clones do not have much will to fight anymore. They know they are fighting a lost cause. Saint Germain said our freedom is here. According to Sheldan Nidle’s latest message, we are just waiting for the Green light from Heaven: "Your world is still caught in an in-between reality-state as Heaven prepares to signal the much-awaited green light."

    Don’t mess the Cobra links. –B
    Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:53 PM 0 comments

  47. D,

    Will there still be a broadcast tonight?

  48. One more thing D,

    Have you seen this?

    Obama has his own NEW website....hmmmmmm...maybe that's for his next move???

    Why would the President need his own website when he has the WHITE HOUSE website?????

    1. Hi BabyCakes,It was registered in 2004 and expires 2015, but seems to have become active now?

  49. What's happening here? Seems like all the active commentary, sharing and banter suddenly ground to a halt? Could the eery silence here be the result of the new policy of comment management?

    Ninja Bambi

    1. Ok, so having looked at the time of my question here, 15:34, and having noted above the time of the last comment before I posted my question, which was this one: john in bc23 January 2013 11:21, it is clear that the answer to the eery silence is, as I suspected, the new moderating process holding, and delaying the flow of comments. What a shame, because it's too disjointed now and the banter won't work with this delay...


      Ninja Bambi

    2. sorry ninja bambi- I'm going as fast as I can.....

    3. Yes it will Ninja Bambi - there's just a bit of a time delay my friend. Don't let a little thing like time put you off! ;-) As I inner-stand it (not using the other word since it means we are at different levels! ;-) ) its only temporary as D said she was getting a forum soon. :-)

      Sine Nomine

  50. Hi D, thanks for all you Do. I listened to your show last night and today, Ben swann of fox news may be a good way to get the word out. He has a section called reality check and even did an unbiased sandy hook reality check which was shocking. His reality check sections can be found on you tube.

  51. Well it seems that the money document was from my country the Philippines and the trusteeship origin was former Pres. Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. Is this a part of disclosure?

    1. yes, those papers are an important part of the paper trail

    2. Really? They look like a set-up to me, but I know nothing for sure. ;-) lol!

      Sine Nomine

  52. You are all listening with one ear.

    Be careful lest you give your power to the wrong god.


    1. Cryptic--
      Thank you for your information.

    2. Here is only Creator that Created all things and anything less in any form, thought, action, or deed was Created by One Creator of All and therefore under stands Creator as all Creation under stands that by which it was Created.

      You are listening with two ears. Do they agree with each other?

      I love you Cryptic and am still honored to be read by your presence as you have honored my advice to you to sign your name with honor.

      I am So in Truth as One of So'even Ten

  53. D-
    Just wondering if this information has been vetted? Sometimes, things are too good to be true.
    Just sayin--

  54. And, another one bites the dust...

  55. You are being led in the wrong direction, D. There are no factions as you think of them.

    There is an army of darkness just over the hill. You are in a vale of darkness. Put your ear to the ground. They are using you.


    1. Cryptic,are you talking about the Archons or some other invader?

    2. Cryptic, I have been thinking about what you are saying since before you began saying it, but I wanted to believe someone else knew differently. Now I feel I have wasted valuable time, and the way I see it this blog doesn't have more then 2 months left to run. I wonder if I posted my email here, would you correspond with me from time to time? Should you see this request, an answer either way would be much appreciated . Just post yes or no either here or under a future article. Thanks. Peace.

      P.S. - To the blog administrator; I would appreciate if you would post this reply without shelving it for 6 hours first or whatever length of time it is.

    3. It is rare that he replies, but I would say no he isn't talking about archons or invaders. Look to the earth and terra firma! lol! ;-)

      If you want to research archons, the Nag Hamadi library on-line has some interesting stuff imo.

      Sine Nomine

    4. Peacefrog my friend- it's not that I "shelve" replies for 6 hours first :>) it's that I only get a few times a day when I have the time to go through and read and moderate the comments- sometimes it's 12 hours before I can get there...... Sorry

    5. OK D, thanks - You gave the impression that you had someone doing that job for you so that's who I thought I was talking to. Thanks for what you are trying to do, you've helped to bring things out in the open, and I figure you're rolling for the right team. This is only my opinion now, and I know you don't agree with it.... but you've been given a loaded dice. Love and truth do not fear scrutiny. Be love, Be truth.


    6. Some people think you have nothing better to do D! ;-) If they took a minute and thought about how long it takes to just read the articles, the comments posted at the time and then any replies it can be a couple hours just to do that for ONE article when there are over 100 posts. Multiply that by two or three and then some. We shouldn't be throwing a hissy-fit if our post doesn't appear in OUR time frame. It's D's blog and the lady of the blog calls the shots. We are just the guests. ;-) lol!

      'Patience is a virtue
      Get it if you can.
      Seldom found in woman
      And never in a man'

      lol! ;-)

      Sine Nomine

  56. Also, I wonder if Peter is robbing Paul?

    Thanks for all you're doing, D!

  57. Imagine this...

    The people are getting close to the truth. Regardless of the blatant disinfo we are learning to see through the haze. I expect that would be pretty scary for the controllers...


    A single, simple statement throws everything we have gathered so far as information becomes suspect. All the information is now suspect.

    What better way to toss a wrench into our works and derail/distract folks with little or no effort.

    We know we have been lied to, not necessarily by our sources directly, but lied to nonetheless...
    We know where the real power in this world comes from...
    We know that with loving community, anything is possible including food, shelter and purpose...

    What more do we need, really? Money? why? With a good community, one's needs would be met.

    Watch where your energy goes folks... It may seem necessary at the time, but if it produces more confusion and not more community, is it really worth it?


  58. Babycakes, I am wondering that too about the Presidents website. Why would he have that unless he is planning on being a civilian soon?

  59. I think the comments have died down because a lot of people feel kicked in the chest and defeated and they are giving up. I feel that way too but I am too pissed to just go into a corner & sulk.. I want to see action!!!!!!

  60. D - Just listened to the Lisa et al discussion on Jan 22nd and wish to thank you for being so straight up about the intel, I wanted believe in too!

    Have come to love this round table think tank of Lisa's and hope there will continue to be more. And I sent it out to all my family and friends, entitled, "Egg on Ginger's Ego (with love & yummy eggs benedict). But it will be my last one, as I feel I have been throwing them into the deep end without water wings. Can understand why your comments are now being monitored - sigh.

    Many blessings of now we play with solid gold energies in the parking lot of Target - lol - love KP's posts, Ginger

  61. Oldest Bank In The World Plunges In Latest Derivatives Fiasco

  62. Cryptic - Tell me more, if you don't think it will be misunderstood somehow.

    For me, the business of restoring the world to one of abundant Freedom isn't limited to 2 or 3 projects. Not to mention the learning curve. The ultimate goals of these clandestine projects remain a mystery still, not that I don't welcome the possibilities as always. I will likely have greater success by choosing simple goals, ongoing strategy and continued efforts without delay.

    The target is emerging through the fog. The legal system has become unlawful. Jury nullification. Grand juries. Unconstitutional laws. Incompetent and corrupt judges.

    When the dream of last year isn't coming true, the dream of this year is more timely anyway.

  63. What good are these quadrillions of dollars held in accounts around the world? They’re currently not in the money supply. If they were released into the world economy the result, since there is no corresponding production, would be hyper-inflation. The cost of a loaf of bread could go to $100 million.

    1. Finally. After reading quite a bit of this blog, this is the first comment by anyone that shows the most basic understanding of economics! Seriously, for some of you who are still "counting the days till you get your money..," you are placing your hope in the wrong source.

  64. Where's the (beef) Truth? For those of you who have clocked off a few years - you will remember the Wendy's commercial and the old lady 'where's the beef?' Well - exaclty - where is the beef of the truth? Some would say not here - there or anywhere. When in fact it is everywhere - it just depends on what truth you are talking about. Higher Truth. Source/Oneness. And yes - when you are broke - one foot shy of going down the drain - it is so important to connect with Source- the Oneness - connect with your Knowing, folks. Get out of victim mentality - which is where they have by hook, crook and design led us to. I mean no disrespect to anyone when I use that term - but that is the system they have set up so they can continue to promote fear and control - and if people continue to buy into that mindset - the system will continue to feed off that energy.

    Start listeing to yourself - with your heart - start disconnecting from this 3d thoughtform. The longer we continue to act out, believe, contribute, accept that there is no other way out of this - you are keeping yourself in the vicitm mode of transportation which is keeping you on the road of control/fear - exactly what they want you to do. But if you start to think clearly - and for yourself- do your internal research- clean some house- start tossing all those old crappy feelings and behaviours. Start to work on yourself - only way it is going to happen for everyone - is to do this. Raising your consciousness is up to you. No one can do it for you. This is one job that you have to fly solo on. How you do that is up to you. Hard work? Yep. Wipe the sleep from your eyes- clean the cobwebs of control/fear out of your field -

    Not meaning to lecture- and we have heard this all before. ho-hum ho -hum for lot of folks reading this. Life is not one size fits all. Dig deep if you have to, to find why your buttons are being pushed - then start to work on a solution. The word file is in the word life. So if you have some old files that are not working for your life anymore - throw that crap out!

    Blessing to all of you wonderful BEings.

  65. I'm lost here. Why are all these payments being made to the very people who enslaved us, to the banks, to the UN and the IMF, and to "Kingdoms"? (Note that Kingdoms doesn't mean the subjects but the rulers). Item 10 is a payment to "One Hundred Twenty Person World [unclear] Most Powerful Families"? And the PDF is written and issued by The Committee of 300?

    How is this, in any universe you can possibly imagine, going to benefit humanity?

    Have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick entirely, or is this yet another scam by the Illuminati?

    Can someone please (and the Darkness has destroyed the real meaning of this word) "enlighten" me?

  66. Money and things will not bring you happiness. Only Love brings true happiness. Love one another as I have loved you. Author - Jesus Christ

  67. I would be interested to know if anyone has asked about the logo design on the OPPT and had the question answered?

    If so point me in the direction so I can look it up - if not I'm asking it now.

    What was the thinking behind it?

    Who designed it?

    and what does the symbolism mean, please?

    Thank you in advance.

    Sine Nomine


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