Tuesday 1 January 2013

Some Interesting bits and pieces from here and there

Well my friends, I hate to admit it, but I'm too damn brain dead and tired to write a "real" article today.... or yesterday for that matter, lol.  Sorry- I promise I'll find my last brain cell tomorrow.. or maybe the day after.

I've had a pile of interesting articles sent my way though and thought I'd share some of them with you.  I've just spent over an hour trolling the various news sites to see what's happening in the world and basically this is it:

-fiscal cliff
-debt ceiling reached
-poor ol' Hillary's "blood clot"
-kim kardashian is pregnant
- oh, and the fiscal cliff

That's about it, all the news in the news. Oh and what the fashionable people wore in 2012.   

There, now you don't even have to waste your time looking.

On with the interesting links.

 These first two don't even surprise me, but pisses me off royally:

U.S. Government owns the patent on cannabis cures...

United States Patent
Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants 
Assignee:The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) 
Appl. No.:09/674,028
Filed:February 2, 2001

Seals: Killers of Osama Dying or Being Killed?

(... not that they actually "killed" Osama, unless they dug up his corpse and shot it a few times just to be sure.  But I digress)

Hillary Clinton hospitalized after doctors discover blood clot

Poor ol' Hillary.  I'm thinking that her anklet was too tight and popped that vein in her ass, I mean, head

Der Spiegel mistakenly published an obituary of George HW Bush

I've searched and can't find a screen shot of this, but damn it's funny.

Edited 01/01/12 8:11am est to add:

RTS reader Galactic Human did some digging and found this screen shot:
Thanx GH!

Israel's former foreign minister indicted on fraud charges,0,4069446.story


  1. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Replies
    1. Happy New Year D!
      Happy New Year everyone.

      Goodbye 2012! You were very very interesting and certainly exciting, and I am glad the tickets to see you were within my means. Perhaps its just your recent departure bending my memory cells a bit, but seriously, the only year that even comes close to having as much information packed into it was when i was like way back in 1964.

      ok so.. my first new years resolution is to wait long enough into the year to see if anything happened with a lot of peoples' agreements with each other just at the same time because the start of a year is an easy day to remember instead of some weird number like the 37th of February or something.

      In other words, i am going to wait and sit on my hands and eat crayons at least for the day and i will pretend its all official and sanctioned and stuffs because there is a bunch of old lore about holy days and things like that and a lot of people think that's a good enough reason to just have some fun instead of working.

      I think somebody someplace should invent a job for looking for excuses not to work because there are a lot of people spending an enormous amount of energy in that pursuit these days and if somebody finds a really good excuse not to work, then it would be worth a fortune, right?

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      tee hee!

    3. FLASH! From Bureau of Planet Xerox Internal Affairs Department of the Interior National League of Inconsequential Troll Defense Cabinet Ministers:

      72 65
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      ( PUBLIC NOTICE: This entry into the blog is written in the harmonious language of Xerox. It is intended as an exercise in linguistic insanity only. Please ignore this message with all dignity at your own behest. Readers are advised mild humor. Read only at your own risk. Eye-guard is not necessary. )

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      Insanity rules. Nanu Nanu.

    5. Pray Tell What do All These Numbers Mean, lol

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      PUBLIC NOTICE Fear nothing. Love all. Insanity rules. Nanu Nanu. Last transmission before boarding Mothership.

    8. For Earthling Known As Funkyjomedina Will Explain

      Insanity Rules. Nanu Nanu.

    9. Funkyjo - al those numbers? Maybe Sine Metu's bill for the NY bash he threw?

      Just kidding Sine Metu! lol!

      Sine Nomine

  3. ...So...are we still colouring, or...?

    May it indeed be a Happy New Year!


    1. I"m still colouring, and eating chocolate. and grinning my head off

    2. :-D Thanks.

      Mmmmmmmmm, chocolate, yessssssssssss

      I think I'll go break out my crayons; or maybe my watercolours


    3. Hi D. I'll assume your grin is not due to the sugar rush but rather to what you know but can't pass on :D
      While alot of discussion here seems to focus on federal reserve abolishion and fiscal cliff drama this does only directly effect 5% of the world's population.

      As you also live in a country which is in the commonwealth can you shed any light on what changes in control we will enjoy.

  4. Happy New Year!

    live oak

  5. Happy new year! May 2013 bring peace love and joy

  6. Happy New Year everybody! Charter with FED expired couple hours ago , I hope Treasury didn't renew with it.I'm eating Chocolate , drinking hot cocoa ,waiting for something good to be announced .

    1. Yep it certainly did. and no, it wasn't renewed.

      Happiest new year ever!

    2. So do we take this for disinfo?

      Is the Federal Reserve Act going to expire?

      No. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913--which established the Federal Reserve as the central bank of the United States--has been amended or altered by the Congress numerous times over the years, but the act has never included an "expiration date" or repeal date. As stated in the law itself, the Federal Reserve Act can only be repealed, amended, or altered by the Congress.

    3. I just came across this:

      Submitted by rben on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 13:03. Permalink
      I think I found the answer on the 100 year FED charter question.
      Look at:
      Post #54 says the following:
      To put this discussion to rest.
      The original Federal Reserve Act of 1913 did indeed provide for expiration of the corporate "power" of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks to exist in 20 years from the banks' organization (not the adoption of the Act).
      Sec. 4 ... the said Federal reserve bank shall become a body corporate and as such ... shall have power: ... Second. To have succession for a period of twenty years from its organization unless it is sooner dissolved by an Act of Congress, or unless its franchise becomes forfeited by some violation of law. Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (P.L. 63-43, 38 STAT. 251, 12 USC 221).
      However, this 20-year corporate life was changed to perpetual in 1927 by Act of Feb. 25, 1927 (44 Stat. 1234) as follows:
      Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.
      This is codified in the United States Code, 12 U.S.C. § 341. See
      This is where it stands today. Each of the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks can only be dissolved by an act of Congress or "forfeiture of franchise for violation of law."
      So it looks like the FED got a 20 year charter on 23 dec. 1913 and on 25 feb. 1927, this was changed to perpetual..
      The URL of Cornell looks very original.
      So the charter is perpetual, or there must be some other change after 1927.
      Only an act of Congress can end the FED.

    4. The Fed is still going and thumbing their noses at the disinfo on this page.

  7. HI

    D... Wishing u a Very Happy Super Duper New 2013:-)))

    You Highness said :

    Der Spiegel mistakenly published an obituary of George HW Bush

    I've searched and can't find a screen shot of this, but damn it's funny.

    I guess the Screen Shot is given below



    1. Awesome my friend!!! I've edited the link into the article

      Thanx GH! light to you

  8. Happy,Happy New Year all! Great health, love and freedom!

  9. In a rare New Year's session at around 2 a.m. EST (0700 GMT), senators voted 89-8 to raise some taxes on the wealthy while making permanent low tax rates on the middle class that have been in place for a decade.
    Congress still had time to draw up legislation, approve it and backdate it to avoid the harsh fiscal measures.

    That above is confusing as 'who knows what'?
    I thought the Senate already had a plan and was waiting on the house to vote on it. Plus the changes the Senate voted on is 'some' tax increases on the rich...well what are they on?
    Backdating something seems so fraudulent like; but it makes sense to me to see things released by that system and it's dated a month earlier and I would wonder if this change has been out there that long, how come I never heard about it? Answer is probably it was backdated then released.
    They didn't spend this much time nor did any bickering when voting on that Pay-tree-ot act.
    The question. Why was all this attention given to a non-event? Why did they let the clock run out and then vote? Something was tripped that we are not aware of, or that vote would have happened before midnight. Why wasn't the House in session so that as soon as the Senate had a bill, the house was aware of it, knew what they were voting on and already had their votes queued and waiting to be recorded? Why does the House have until noon to convene and vote? What does this time between deadline, vote #1 and vote #2 have to do with anything? If the house meets at noon and doesn't vote until 2pm, is there some significance in the timing? Why would an article say the cliff was averted when it's supposedly written in that if Congress (meaning both houses) didn't vote on a measure certain things would happen? MSM has really botched this, unless they are reporting it as if it's a done deal when it really isn't and they know they don't have to report the truth.

    1. Ah we were watching the cliff and didn't see the debt limit get reached, plus they extended unemployment benefits to the tune of $30 billion and added that to the deficit. Now the question is why would the media get us to focus on one of two problems facing the US in the beginning of 2013. Could it be that if the limit was reached, no vote, and the Fed charter expired that..well...maybe...they would not renew the charter if they failed to hold up to the obligations they set for the 99-100 years they were in existence? Could it be that everytime we had a government surplus we played into the hands of the Fed Res and their charter would not have ended, and it was the presidents that took us from surplus to deficit that revealed the fraud for us? I was asleep when the US government had a budget surplus, regardless of the wars they had entered into, I remained asleep. I am glad I awoke, and there is no way the government will ever do anything that atrocious in my name.

      Happy New Year.

    2. re: Anonymous1 January 2013 02:26

      It's certainly not my money. You can look around here at my home if you like, you won't find any around. Sounds like somebody else is making money talking about money that they don't have, too. But no fear, its a law of nature that where there is a void, it will be filled. So if they can't find all the money at the bottom of the cliff, then they are probably just not looking in the right place. Its on the bottom. :)

    3. So id all these legislators,politicians etc and obama give up their new year celerations to turn up at the office and spend time deliberating over policy in real time,with a countdown,and the press were there all the way,

      What a lot of shite!

      Have a nice life folks,a whole life by the way.I dont go in for wishing folk only another year,its like extending a lease on something.

    4. yep baab- you said it: a whole lot of distraction

      " Look over here! something shiny over here!!!"

  10. Happy New Year Everyone!!! Onwards and upwards!!!

    Sine Nomine

  11. bts what can you say about this so-called disease Hillarie clinton t she tries to flee or there is something else

  12. she is dead

    1. that report was published by Sorcha Faal, and therefore 90% disinfo.

    2. ok and another 10 % ?

  13. Happy New Year to all the beautiful Beings of this BEAUTIFUL planet!

  14. I guess it is safe to say that there is still no RV or global reset. This waiting for something outside of ourselves to change our lives is so taxing. Something that we can't control and depend on 'good guys" to beat "bad guys" in this stupid game.

    Praying for the miracle to happen sometime in the next few days. Disappointment is taking a toll in all of us.

    1. Then stop waiting my friend and start living. Believe it is happening and hey presto!

      Sine Nomine

    2. In a planet that EVERYTHING cost money to do you can't possibly "live". When you have money problems even going for a drive to clear your head cost you money. Gas, food, and almost everything cost money.

      This money enslavement tool used by the dark side has worked very well. It has robbed people their birth given rights. The so called "good guys" that D often talks about really need to get this done this week. No more BS or excuses. Sadly, I feel that we will see more delays and excuses. I'm afraid that something is always going to happen to "delay" things.

      I'm tired of being patient, I want TANGIBLE results NOW!

    3. Happy New Year One and All! Well, first I'd like to start with some good news I have been reading here:

      India rolls out cash transfer scheme for poor.

      "India has rolled out an ambitious plan for a cash payout of subsidies to the poor in 20 districts, officials say.

      Finance Minister P Chidambaram said the scheme would benefit more than 200,000 people initially, and would cover the entire country by the end of 2013.

      Authorities say it will bring the country's poorest citizens "into the mainstream".

      It looks like things could be heading in the right direction! *Waves to Mr Cryptic*.

      As for the Fiscal cliff they change the rules as they go, voting after the deadline, all smoke screen and mirrors. I like this cartoon here:

      (Just scroll down a bit!)

      As for Hillary Clinton's blood I the only one who thinks of Bill Clinton when reading about her "blood clot"?

    4. From Anon 1 January 2013 07:58
      "In a planet that EVERYTHING cost money to do you can't possibly "live". "

      I get your point, but I must disagree.

      I have two words for you: Urine Therapy.

      For those who feel I'm being flippant, I can assure you I'm not.

      Oh, wait! I have another two words for you: Sun-Gazing.

      F*R*E*E G-O-L-D

      Golden Light Rays of Life - Golden Fountain Water of Life


      S in Europe on the [not-so-new] G-Old Stand-Ard

    5. Kate, re the BBC story

      'Analysts, however, say implementing the scheme may not be easy as only 222 million people in India have so far enrolled into a "biometric" identity scheme, most poor families do not have bank accounts and many villages do not have a bank.'

      Sounds like good news as long as this 'biometric' system does not involve chips of any kind.

    6. There would be no need for chips - you've already got one, they just resgister your dna code. This is the sort of idea I was expecting to see go the way of the dodo if we're truelly making are way out of dark control and towards freedom and light. It looks alot like the old world order wet-dream to me, one step down the road to transhumanism and an Atlantean nightmare, and they try it out on uneducated, poor and vunerable folks - how wonderful.

      Please excuse me for my negativity Kate but this is awful, soul - wrenching news. In an open and free society built on trust why would people need to be tagged and verified?

    7. I completely agree with you Peacefrog and in hindsight maybe I jumped the gun on this and in my rush to get the news out I didn't properly look at the bigger picture.

    8. Yes, Peacefrog.

      I'm feeling your vibe on this India 'biometric'-registration-in-exchange-for money-which-we-should-be-giving-to-you-anyway scam-duggery.


      S in Europe

    9. Don't beat yourself up Kate or Peacefrog, it is BBC spin imo. At the moment every silver lining has to have a cloud until someone rewrites their script. :D

      Sine Nomine

    10. Yes Sine, the British Brainwashing Corperation. I hope I'm jumping the gun too, that's why I'm quite eager to hear address real nuts and bolts issues such as this. Also the NSA's new monstrosity in Utah, repealing of the NDAA, psychotronics, HAARP, Chemtrails, the DHS apparatus, CERN, space based weapons platforms, and well, the list is long.

      I suppose I should keep my suspicions on hold for a while longer, as I'm not into spreading fear but tiredness and impatience is getting the better of me today. Sorry about that.


    11. Thank you Sine Nomine for your kind words. It means a lot to me. :)

  15. Anon 08:52

    Ah, yes that was the only thing that concerns me but hopefully it won't come to that. :)

  16. RIP Philip Coppens of "Ancient Aliens"

    - Crow

  17. D,

    Anything from Heather yet?


  18. Anonymous,D just posted to say they spoke and that she'll write it up post haste- possibly after a chocolate interlude.

    1. ^Which reminds me^ ...S in europe

      TODAY I have mostly been eating curlywurly's and chocolate snowmen.

    2. Cool, I see it.


    3. lol Peacefrog, today I have mostly been eating a box of Milk Tray.

  19. Here is an interesting article by Drake. I have to agree with him. Too much secrecy and absolutely NO PROOF. We've all been had by these so-called info agents who claim to be working for the people and against the disinfo agents. ha! I have a feeling we will still be waiting for the RV and PPs in a month, and 2 months...and 2014!!

    >>>>No one in our group is promoting any of the so called ‘prosperity’ Things going around the Internet!<<<<
    -I do not know if they are even real… in addition, I see that my name has been added to this CRAP!
    >Wanta funds, Prosperity Packages, and 1776 look to me to be scams.
    >>>Unless I state clearly that I support something, It Ain’t So!!!<<<
    Then a Genius sez We are doing it too!…?
    Come on man…get real…and THINK !
    -There are as many ‘excuses’ as why these things are hidden as there are people who believe ‘anything’…?
    It is coming, but never arrives? Wonder why that is???
    >The Freedom Philosophy found in the 1776 ‘Document’ should tell everyone it ain’t real… All self declared? This shows a ‘self’ that can NOT be trusted.
    >>>SO… what do these trusts want from you? Their ‘cut’ or just everything they need to know who and where you are? OR BOTH???! Maybe a fee?
    -IF any of these are real, then there is NO reason for them to hide any of it or what they are doing…Unless…there be a problem in the wood pile, Hmmm?
    Who stands to lose?
    Who stands to win?
    Proof of a bank account containing the ‘mystery’ funds would be fine. Use official bank letterhead AND have the CEO of the bank sign it…offer an email address where everyone can ask about it too…OK?
    SHOW ME or forget about it…
    I am NOT involved in any of this.

    ~ Drake

    1. Drake has such terrible writing and grammar that it's tough to take him seriously

    2. Can you believe this absolute 180 degree turn by this Drake lunatic? Nobody has pushed the nesara scams more than he did with Neil Keenan. He forgets that you can still listen to his archived shows in which each week he proves himself a pathetic liar.

    3. Drake only quit pushing the Nesara scam after Stew Webb outed him as a disinfo agent. Webb challenged him to an on air debate but Drake won't go anywhere that he cannot control the flow of info and doesn't have a cheat sheet to read off of.

  20. Greetings All.

    And Happy New Year..............boy do we passionately hope to create One!

    My comment has to do with the post regarding the US government's supposed
    'patent' on the cannabis cure. And it got me to wondering:

    Yes, we know that MANY people imbibe and enjoy....seems harmless ( I do not partake but am surrounded). We know that our beloved government is nose deep in the importing and controlling of ALL drugs...hence big Pharma....all used to extract the $$ and minds of the people. Am just wondering, after reading this link, IF IN FACT the underground cabal was originally responsible for all of the links and personages claiming cures from cannabis???? and thus, here we go walking down the merry path.............

  21. All of this needs proof. If things are happening, the elites are continuing to suppress all proof of anything happening!

  22. I'll believe all this when I see it. I'm fed up with all the talking. Either the positive military, if they even exist, will step up to the plate or I see a huge and bloody civil war when they try and take our guns and THEY WILL. I don't see us winning anything so far...sorry folks. I live in reality. In the meantime I will continue to live my life, prepare, stockpile food and ammo and be self reliant as my parents taught me at a very young age and hope for the best and pray for freedom.
    I only believe in God and my husband and that's just how it is.
    My Unconditional Love and Blessings To All Of You,
    live oak


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