Friday 4 January 2013

To hell with Crayons

I have a shit load of stuff that I want to tell you, and unfortunately barely any time- I'm seriously swamped right now. I've read the 56 comments on the recorded conversation that I posted earlier today, and I want you all to know that I hear you.  Loud. And. Clear.

D's time of being a good girl and sitting quietly in the corner colouring has just come to an end.

I'm done with the bullshit. I'm done with the controllers- including those that have been controlling me with intel.

"You can't repeat any of this, it's classified/Top Secret!!"

"This information can't get out because the bad guys will use it against us"

"No one can know this right now because if it becomes public knowledge it will delay the RV/PPs/ St Germaine Trust/World Global Settlements/new financial system from happening!"

I have spent hours upon hours a day working though intel, cross referencing and vetting every piece,  I have done everything I was told to do.  I have been quiet, even though I've been screaming in my head.

Not just I, but a whole lot of us.  We did what we've been told  to do- just shut up and sit quietly so that "they" can get the work done.  Well guess what?  It's January 2013.

You had your chance to do it your way, and obviously you didn't have the balls to get it done.  I hereby am giving you full notice that your time is up.  Now..... we do this thing OUR way.

Please repeat after me:

Fuck That Shit.

I've already told my main military contact that I'm not playing their game any more.  I've also told several of my other major contacts that I'm not going to shut up any more. Hell, one of them might just join me on RTS to spill the sordid details of what a freakin' mess they've made of all of this.

So it comes down to this:  You wanna know the truth?  You CAN handle the truth!

It's time the world KNOWs what the hell has been going on because I SWEAR I can't take another day of this hiding in dark corners bullshit.

Give me a day or two- I need to pull this together thoroughly, and I'll be cross referencing details with several people, because I want to make sure that you get the whole truth to the best of our abilities.

Oh and I'm putting together a team.  WE are putting together a team.  Wanna help out?

d.breakingthesilence on skype



    Theme song for the war room!

    huggs! LOVE!





    ..other than meditation, and setting good intentions. :):)

    1. I'm with you and I do want to help, but need instructions on skype. I can do it but are you on at certain times, or how can we tell you WE ARE WITH YOU !!!! Even if it's just Me, Myself and I>


    1. Hi hi Anon!!

      Thanks you for dropping in to

      THE RTS WORLD NOW HOUR, happy to be your host! :D

      Glad you chose to see us live rather than watch a bunch of paid profeshnul talking heads! Now the now...

      Promised announcements are here.....

      Information about Prosperity Programs is coming soon with practical step by step sort of things to do and
      FAQs, etc.. We only have about 5 people on our staff right now donating their time out of the goodness of
      Creator's heart. If you would like to pitch in and start helping the rest of the world out, just keep tuned in,
      rub a few elbows and ask around and we will be happy to have you! :D

      FLASH!! The rumor about needing to spread the news to over 7 billion people on Earth is a tad high this
      now. The actual data was ferreted out of the NEW MATH that IS, and is only about half of that number since
      half the world's population are children ( yes i am an old fart ). And its the children that need that news
      the most, according to our field reporters ( YOU ).

      Huggs! Forgive, and wipe away the tears with a smile.

      Sine Metu

  4. I can handle the truth! It's the BS that drives me crazy.

  5. Halle-fuckin-luyah!! It's about time. I'm done with the W.A.I.T.I.N.G.!!

    Thank you for this - you have restored my faith in the human race girlfriend. I am ON BOARD.

    God Bless,

    1. "Information about Prosperity Programs is coming ... soon"

      seems like time is played with some more

  6. Brian did a fantastic job asking questions and directing the conversation of the video you posted. Heather seemed to only answer in 5D language and seems not to understand that we 'the people' mostly only communicate in 3D and that it may take a very long time for we the people to awaken to the point of understanding what on earth she is talking about. The so called light workers that have a certain amount of remembrance form a minority of 'we the people' population at this point in time.

    1. Hi hi Anon!

      Yes it is true that Heather speaks in HARMONIUM rather than CoNfUsIoN. And you can help too! Use your wisdom of harmony and love to start spreading those feelings around.

      [2013-01-03 23:27:59] Sine Metu: IT IS ABOUT SURE
      [2013-01-03 23:28:05] Sine Metu: AND YES
      [2013-01-03 23:28:08] Sine Metu: AND CERTAIN
      [2013-01-03 23:28:15] Sine Metu: THAT DESTROYS THE MATRIX

      Hope this helps!

      Sine Metu

    2. Heather is almost incapable of speaking in the 3D.... that should tell you a LOT about her.

  7. HELL FUCKIN YEAH! I am SO in. Lets go kick ass and take names. I am so over the SHHHH no one can know. IT HAS BEEN PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED PEOPLE. IT IS TIME has been TIME since Christmas.

    1. " Information about Prosperity Programs is coming soon .... "

      guess what you get to keep doing

    2. Thank you but I'll pass on the insinuation. You have yourself a FABULOUS day!

  8. Still listening - Thank you for your service :-)

  9. Awesome interview with Heather wish you the best D.

  10. I'm ready. I've been ready! Tell me how I can assist!

    1. Hi hi Doc!!!

      Sleep well tonight. I am on my third day, but that is normal for me. We will have a server up soon that will be tracking progress of various peoples' cases. What that means is that you, yourself could have a page here showing what you did to demonstrate to the rest of the world that you are indeed Free of the Bonds of the former guys that were. The format will be NO COMMENTS, and it will be your private area to keep track of your way. And of course, its absolutely free. So if you want to get started on your first pages now, while i am still writing the code for the areas, that would be a good idea. Also, let your friends know too. I am hopeful to have the server up by at least tomorrow.

      Huggs! Have a great night, please!

      Sine Metu

  11. Yes I can handle the truth. I've heard everything that has been said by every single conspiracy website/blog/intel/etc. Aliens, archons, the cabal, mass arrests, prosperity funds, ascension, Dec. 21, Dec. 12, Drake, Wilcock, AK, KP, dimensions, love and light... my goodness I hear this constantly. Its time to hurry up and release the info NOW! If all of this is true and the cabal are defeated, then what are they afraid of? We need free energy, we need to help those in poverty and those who are still in war. Why is the media still in control by the cabal? Why are their chemtrails? What the hell is the truth?! So tired of this shit. Oh love and light! LOLZ

    1. Hi Hi Anon!

      I agree with your post 100% except for one single teeny weeny word. It was probably a typo, or maybe my eyes, but did you say....

      "...then what are they afraid of? We need..." ???

      perhaps you meant... "then what are WE afraid of? THEY need..."

      ehem ehem... think about it. :D


      Sine Metu

    2. Yes, that's was what I meant. I was very passionate when typing that and forgot to proof read. Yes, what are WE afraid of if the cabal are defeated? However we need proof that they are. We need an announcement on mainstream media, so that people can get the message and spread it far and wide. Not just here in the USA, but the entire world. To the largest cities of the planet, to the smallest villages in Africa, to tribes in the deepest parts of our rainforests. How can people know about this without an announcement that it even exists? If the cabal are defeated then why hasn't action been taken at full steam? Considering that we supposably passed a threshold on the 21st, why is it taking so long? Time for some action and for truth to be revealed!

    3. HI hi again Anon!

      Proof of the filing can be dug up in any of about a zillion billion various UCC Fast Food chains near you, or... maybe this one will do.... it's where Heather actually takes possession of the USA. WOW! Bet that lit up her pen a bit, huh! LOL

      You can thank our pretty staffer Muxi for digging that up for you, kk?

      Now, also, i can understand how you probably despise some mean old silly computer BEAST that HAS BEEN DEFEATED since it was stomping BY on all your rights your entire life, but.... how about this....

      That has THE ANNOUNCEMENT right there on the front page and that site has been up for quite a long time there. So here is the question for you to consider. SINCE WE KNOW NOW that all those meanie head guys used to be able to make you think the bad guys were coming IN YOUR HEAD and stuffs for just about any stupid rule they made up, then.... WHERE in GOD'S NAME IS the MIGHTY alphabet boys, and their tanks and guns and whatever you thought they had?

      YOU SEE WHAT IS PLAIN and simple now, YES!

      Also... thank you for endorsing us here. Since even though we only started hiring staff, but YES, WE ARE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA, and I can prove it to you, just for fun, kk?


      So now you have a choice to make, right. Do you want to continue to imagine that those propaganda talking heads are actually news? or do YOU WANT TO HELP US SPREAD THE NEWS TO THE WORLD? We would love to have you, think about it please. ONE MORE SOUL SAVED from those propaganda boys, or... guess we have to wait just a little bit longer until somebody else like you steps up to the plate, right? :D


      Sine Metu

    4. You'll have to excuse me, but what are all of you talking about???? Help how and with what?

  12. Good for you D we the people are all behind you so go-ahead make our Day
    the gloves are off

  13. Hi D. Thank you so much for being a part of this. The interview was awesome!! Please add me to your team; I would like to help.

    Robert Ong
    Hercules CA uSa

    1. Hi Robert- are you on skype? that is my main communication tool.


  15. count me in D , I AM ready and oh so tired of waiting

  16. Wow girl, why not tell it like it is!!!!!!! I can feel it in my gut, I would love to be a part of your team. Or part of a team giving back foreclosures. I sent you an email about this..Ginger

  17. I want to know.
    I handled the truth that ALL my children are autistic.
    If that didn't break me and it didn't, nothing will.

    The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? BRING IT!!

    Wandering Fire

    1. Wandering Fire, they wont be for much longer. This is a FACT! Until then {{{HUGS}}} you are a pillar of strength!

  18. Hell Ya! Fuck That Shit!!! Go D!

    1. I am with E & D !!!

      FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!

    2. it's our time E.
      .... and you really need to get on skype you know, lol ;>)


  19. Biggest. Grins. EVER!
    Count me in.



  20. Hey D,
    As we say down here GOOD ON YA I too am sick of all the hurry up & wait bullshit
    I'm ready will'n & able to get down in the dirt with these OWO fuckers bring it on baby
    I don't know if Heather gets time to read this site but I for one would like to send her my eternal love & gratitude

    It s been time since CHRISTMAS??? GIDDYUP we"ve already lost another Week
    Happy new year to all you GOOD people

    1. Yeah sorry all I did'nt sign post 21;09
      I'm Phil

    2. aussie aussie aussie

  21. Awesome - D! ~ I am tired of the confidential carrots I am fed each week. Shame on me - I keep taking the carrots. Every day I pray that the world will awaken to Truth! I am ready and I support you 100%

    1. yes, carrots are yummy, but a diet of carrots gets damn boring and then you suddenly turn orange..... lol

  22. About fucking time! The hippie alien blogs and their feelgood messages that are regurgitated have exceeded passe. ..!.. the controlled opposition!!

    time for some action! Let me know what you need...


  23. AGREE NO MORE BS "wait" game. People need this now, no ifs ands or butts(and yes meant to spell it that way. Lives need to be saved now!! A

  24. Woo-hoo! I got a mix of chills and tears reading that and I agree with you 100%, D.
    Fuck. That. Shit! We are all ONE. We all stand with, and support you. We can handle the truth. We deserve the truth. We demand the truth. We've all been grinding our teeth waiting for Disclosure to happen, well fuck it! This is now OUR world and WE'RE responsible for creating it. This site will now be the Disclosure of TRUTH the world has been waiting for. Anything we can do to help, please let us know. Let's get this party started, bitches!! (oops, getting a little carried away in my excitement)

    Much LOVE & Gratitude,

    1. Hi hi Anon!

      Chills and tears??? WOOOT! It means you are probably a fucking angel or somthing, go figure. ( Did i just say that? or did i write it? LOL )

      Please join us in our Skype, if you would. We have room for sensitive fucking people like yourself. SERIOUSLY! Also.. please read this literally, after all, sooner or later everyone fucks something; either up, a partner, their own hand, or if they are lucky, an entire world dominating slave driver system, WOOOT! Right up the wazoo! go figure that! LOL


      Sine Metu

  25. I had a very similar conversation with my downstairs neighbor about 30 minutes before reading this. I was laughing and feeling exceptionally good that this was not going to be done by governments or corporations, but by individuals. The innate brilliance, creativity, ingenuity, and energy of our younger generation backed by the wisdom of the older. People. And soon.

    Then I read this while pausing the audio interview with Heather (darn that internet lag!), and at 51m in, confirmation of Neil Kenan's newest vid ( (confirmation for those who need it, for the rest, we can still trust our own intuitive discernment).

    1. Hi all, I can't believe that I have not found this site earlier. I have been reading and studying every other known site that puts out intel and am fed up with all the energy expended in simply reading about the horrors and deceit and murders and all of it, not to forget the aliens and everything else.
      I would like to know where to start here so that I may get up to speed with all of you. I have read something about these funds in the past, but not here. Can anyone help me by giving some direction for a starting place? I would. Out appreciate it. I have 27 little rescue dogs that I worry myself into grey hair about caring for. These little souls have all been mistreated, discarded, abandoned and all the other awful things that happen to these beautiful souls of love and light. After all these decades of working very hard, saving as much as humanly possible, going it hour the frills, helping every person I could help along the way........I have been furious about the prospect of losing everything I put aside and was hoping to have available to care for these beings. I don't know what will happen to them if something doesn't happen to allow humanity to exist in a just world that is not blighted and destroyed by the dark souls who have tried their best to dampen and destroy our light and hope. So many nights, as I sit here listening to all the doggie snores, my heart breaks at the thought of not being able to care for them, and for all the humans and other creatures who suffer so horribly due to the greed and abuse on our planet.
      I am grateful to have found this site.
      We're do I begin?
      A helping hand would be so deeply appreciated?
      Also, how can I eventually help others? Am willing to do whatever needs to be done, within my skill set. Sorry, not good at computer programming and that sort of thing......I am a bot older than some here. I grew up riding a bike, not using a computer. My skill set re. Net related stuff is a bit limited .

    2. Pardon my typos above. Did not proof it before posting.

    3. Mary Elizabeth: Croft - How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man

      Just doing a google search is enough to find the free eBook. It's the best exposition on contractual law that I've ever come across, which is the basis of the commercial/slavery system. Written in story form, it's a very easy read, and much of what's within is also within Heather's interview.

      Your own discretion is still paramount. The path back to your own freedom is your path alone. Nobody can walk it for you. However, we can walk that path together as we quickly move into a world of infinite abundance, food that's nutritionally rich and crap-poor (empty calories, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, etc), prestine air, water, and land. A world where our own creativity and ingeniuty are our greatest assets.

      One of the questions I feel we much look within for answers for is this:
      What are we passionate about? My current role in the previous slavery system was "Cell phone salesman". While I can easily use a cell and understand both my bill and how the plans work, there's little to no passion. As we shift from the exslavery system to the abundance system, we will need to find what we are passionate about, and that excitement and passion can carry us forward into the new era. For me, I'd love to delve deeper into understanding the work of Mr. Keshe (The Keshe Foundation, which will lead me to finally getting into space so I can see our beautiful Earth as she really is), and explore my artistic talents.

      Be the best and most brilliant BEING that you are, and that will give permission, even at an unconscious level, to others that doing so is alright!
      -loose quote from Neson Mendala and Marianne Williams.

  26. Hello everyone and thank you for all you do.

    My question is...How do we go about accessing the funds that are now rightfully and lawfully ours? Do we go into a bank and ask/demand access? As we now know from the conversation with Heather Tucci all is done. So could you please ask Heather ,point blank, how specifically do we access these funds? Could it be as simple as just asking for access?

    1. From my understanding these Privat placement Platforms (high yield instuments) can only be exercisered thr a MT 760 or MT 799 backed by collateral of AU or Silver!They then go thru a signatory process that is of Mandate or Bullion Officer, to Seller mandate Bullion officer of in which is a SKR! If PPPit is initiated thru a MT 760,799 Black screen (I delt w/ blue screens)Screen Bloc and Pay thru a pay master who (you hope is loyal) to pay all parties!Nameste;)

    2. Hi hi Anon 22:05!

      Well that sorta question gets asked a lot, and lets just say, I would feel pretty sad if i mentioned something that I WILL BE TOTALLY TRANSPARENT ABOUT IN MY OWN ACTIONS and somebody thought it was some advice i gave or something. But on the flip side of that, any taxes or mortgages that anyone tries to send me a bill for better understand these words real carefully: NO LOANS WERE MADE. And they can certainly take me to court to try and prove one, too.

      So best of luck figuring out what you want to do on your own there; you can sit on your hands, you can come by for tea, you can dance and shout from the rooftops ( like me ) or hmm.... just think about things... meditate or something, or... hmm... go figure. :D

      Sine Metu

  27. Count me in. how can I help? Frank Harris.

  28. Galactic frank in the service of Gaia and all her people. My heart is ready. Now...what to do.

    1. Hi hi Frank!

      Sorry posting late!


  29. Yeeee haawwwww!

    Ummm, Matt/Kalypso, I kinda am a hippie alien, lol, but I understand what you are getting at. ;-)

    Look. If we move on this stuff, and make it happen for ourselves, then enough is enough of secrecy. Our elephant feet have no more chains on them and we can move. But I suppose with knowledge comes responsibility. I'm not totally sure what I want to be responsible for, exactly; I have to know more first. I have my own path/tasks with accountability to the work I am doing, so no promises that I can serve the group. Nor am I shutting the door on it. If I get an internal push and go-ahead, then I am at your service. I'm open, is what I am saying. But it depends on if it is in alignment with what I am already called to do.

    Honestly, if there were stuff that were THAT important to be kept secret, then those people would not have told you about it, D. I mean think about it: a blogger. I'm not dissing you at all, I am rather supporting the idea that if things were THAT important and THAT secret, then those people with that intel would tell NO ONE. Right? I don't see very much logic to being under control in the way you describe here. That's not right.

    So I say pop the top on this, baby, and go with your gut on what you need to say and what you need not to say because you are ruled by Goddess not some Joes who think they own this shit.

    Go for it. Don't let controlling men jack you around on this stuff (are they men, mostly? I assumed so from what you wrote above & my energetic reading of it). And yeah, I have a little resentment about them/males, although there are men and young male children very, very dear to me and I do understand their struggles very much. Just tired of the Patriarchy is all. As are many men that I know. :-)

    You rock.

  30. OK, supposedly "the dark are defeated and we're SO close".
    -- Is that true or not?
    -- And whether or not it is true, what is holding things up,
    -- WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO MAKE PEOPLE's LIVES BETTER (specifically financially, new technologies etc. -- we're so busy, tired, stressed with just trying to keep our families and ourselves surviving -- going down for the third time, trying to hang on a little longer but TOTALLY USED UP, no more "SOON", the new word is "NOW" or at least definite times & details)
    -- and most importantly, WHAT DO WE DO TO MAKE HAPPEN WHATEVER NEEDS TO HAPPEN to facilitate all this? (and I don't mean violence)

    Because as long as we are penalized for not obeying the rules (financially - paying bills - paying taxes - foreclosures - kicked out for not paying rent - hungry because can't afford to buy food - cold because can't afford to pay heating bills etc. etc.) we are not free unless everyone bonds together with more might than the powers that be. There are (at least) two problems with that scenario: 1) To implement something like this implies mutiny-revolution "might makes right" violence. Not practical, not spiritual, and probably not effective, 2) Then it all becomes about convincing everyone to wake up and bond together. While more are waking up every day, to get the majority of the world's population awakened and organized and united together in a common plan.....well, it's not going to be (forgive the word) "soon", especially with mass media so massively controlled and people so worn out with survival problems that they can't even BEGIN to muster more energy.

    Supposedly the dark is defeated financially (I know I certainly am!) What is it going to take for peaceful prosperity for all?

    (And a good first step on that would be getting funds out to the various "help" agencies for short-term/crisis aid, like Steve Beckow's Hope Chest group and other similar organizations.)

    Another important piece is even if the dark is defeated financially, they still mostly control mainstream media. What is it going to take to get some truth out in the media? Not just alternative, but MSM. In today's society, that is one of the biggest tools (especially as sheeple are so conditioned to "believe" the "news").

    1. (I'm not done yet! LOL!)

      And yes, people will be shocked at the truth, but if truth of past history & problems is paired with concrete plans/timing and implementation of solutions, people can handle it. Much easier to handle than the desperation of survival issues and fears and also the accompanying low self esteem and loss of hope.

      Planting seeds of information is all well and good, but that's just not enough.

      Again, what need to be done and how do we do it? Specifics.

      OK, it's a rant but the last two years have been brutal financially, working my ass off for almost no money, unable to do for my kids what they deserve (basics not video games -- we aren't even discussion massive debt or college/retirement costs), and hoping/praying/believing we're almost there only to see delays day after day, week after week, month after month, YEAR AFTER FREAKING YEAR!!!.......well I'm used up and really sick of it. In case you couldn't tell.

      It's 2013 for crying out loud!!! How long is this crap going to go on??? What is the hold-up? What needs to happen? How do we do it?

      And there's nothing I would love better than to work on the solution -- but doggone it, without some financial help for survival, I don't have any breathing room or energy to do it. I'm out of time and energy.

      We deserve better, let's do it!

      PS I'm an older parent, after many years of working smart, working hard, giving all I've got to give, I should be thinking about retirement, not about what hail mary play am I gonna pull out of my hat to pay the rent/electric/food this month. And hell, then there's always another month! And after 40 years of doing my best work, I'm not really inclined to wait around another 30 years planting seeds and trying to wake up sheeple one by one. We simply HAVE to be able to do create more effectively and more quickly than that!

    2. Hi hi Anon!

      Rant? hmmmm... This is only a little one. Would you like a position on our editorial staff that i just invented? Pay is free, but so is our news, but it sure beats sitting on your hands, and as long as you have the time, ( Sine looks at his watch ) ooops! The time is always NOW on my watch, maybe you could get in touch with us a little closer so i could look at yours?

      ( grins )

      Huggs! and yes i am LIVE and SERIOUS. Feel like getting in a few peoples' faces? LOL

      Sine Metu

    3. I totally agree. I'm ready to take positive action. We need some information on "how to"... so we can move together as one. Let's do this.

  31. Simmer down Grass hopper! Have not read threads above! Just your hypochondriac interlude!! Shims and shims cabols!! Do you know of GXO Ltd??? Me do..HEheh look up a name called... never mind I'll be suicided.? I have the mandate/intermediary of FR.!And no it's not BMP!

  32. Way to go D! My husband and I just listened to the 2.5 hour conversation and are so excited. We were involved earlier this year with the documentation for the Nation States project ala Drake. When TOPPT announcement came out on 12/26 we had the background to recognize what we were looking at. Because of the prior disappointments we held our breath waiting for this interview. We are so jazzed! We are making history in a way that is so big there are just no words to describe it. Thank you for your stand and for getting the truth out. We are new to your blog. So proud of you and all of us as we break through to freedom.

    1. remember : the Nation States project is NOT ala Drake. He only played a very small part and only on his state. the Nations State project is also another important aspect of all this and is the brain child of Teri Hinkle

  33. Hi D. In listening to the Heather conference call I felt it was very interesting and I'm glad we are free but I'm not really comfortable with the fact that she says there will be no announcement, etc.. Why, how will those people that held us slaves for years be held accountable? If we are waiting for us the people to do something about it all, we will be waiting around for a long time. And how will they no, if we have no proof to show anything has happened. Most of them are just getting by day by day, just wondering where their next meal will come from? I'm still confused. If mainstream media doesn't change a lot of people will be left in the dark.

    1. Hi, may I give a 528 note here!? It's all of us to make this stand! You wait and it's Germany all over! Don't be complacent, take initiative in you community! Grass roots marketing, hit your grocery store, and centers!Tag windshield ect! I'm with We are Change Colorado!Be as much, join your state Malitia!!( And Freaken Micros soft is killing me w/ pop ups tonight!)

    2. HI hi 23:28!

      I am POSITIVE I CAN TRUST the other 6 BILLION FREED PEOPLE on this planet during these "quiet" times to have a big group hug, you know? Think about it.

      WE ONE!

      So being a community organizer is very important now as you say. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR URLS if you have any that will help show others how to GROUP HUG THEIR OWN COMMUNITY from scratch, kk?


      Sine Metu

  34. We can all handle the truth!!! We have heard it all and it's now time for the truth, whatever that is. Even those who don't have a clue can handle the truth. They may do a little mourning but hey, we all have to grow up sometime, right?

  35. Let do the damn thing now!!!

  36. fuck yeah, THIS is what i'm talkin about!

    we are here
    we've been here all along
    we are ready

    to use a much hated phrase made popular by a murdering war criminal posing as a "leader", and turning its twisted intent on it's head so as to be a true blessing upon all humanity: LET'S ROLL

  37. Its Time to Shit Or Get Off The Pot. Too many sins have been covered up in the name of secrecy or sparing the public. The Public needs the truth "Straight Up No Chaser"!

    We can handle it


  38. I posted something very interesting yesterday in one of the other threads and I want to post it again for the so called "good guys" in case they are reading which I'm sure they will since this is about them.

    Hey good guys,

    We can't do shit right now, we have an invisible prison around us. They control everything, even our minds with the brainwashing and the secret technology they use against us. The only ones that can do anything right now are you the so called "good guys" in the battlefield. Hey "good guys" you should stop planning and start doing and take chances.

    Use the same "bad guys" methods and do it NOW. We all know they are using all of us as collateral.

    Guess what good guys?

    They will keep using those methods if you don't take chances. In warfare there is always loss of life. If we go down make sure they go down too. If there is really a higher power (galactic people, ascended masters or whatever) they will make sure to minimize the loss of innocent life.

    We can't keep waiting and waiting forever. We know (the ones awake) this mortal body is just a vehicle in order to experience this prison. If I go down in a bad guy strike that kills thousands or millions of innocent life or whatever.

    So be it!

    I rather go down in an attempt to liberate humanity than keep being a slave just because they keep threatening us by killing millions of innocent lives if the Reset, Nes@ra or R V are done. We are not living anymore guys, we are dying here.

    Do it! The waiting is over! If you don't have the balls to do it, then we are fucked.

    1. i heard you yesterday my friend and yes, they are listening

    2. Ma'am there are many guys watching and listening. I have never commented on your blog before though i have been a silent reader for a long time. I really want you to be safe. Am a kid from a corner of a developing nation india.

      Many people who were about to expose these petty small minded people who are called government are usually silenced.I will pray for your safety Akka(big sis in my language :) )

    3. agreed, grow some balls a make a fucking move already. Millions and millions have died in ritualistic killings on battlefields all over the globe fighting for what we know now as a perceived freedom. If more die fighting for our real freedom then so be it. At least these deaths will not be in vain.

      Grow a pair of balls and make a fucking move already. All this waiting makes us lethargic, lazy and MAD. im almost to the point that when shit finally does go down Im gonna pissed that it took you so long to get your act together and finally do what you promised and came here to do.

      After 12/21 you are on my/our time now.

      Man up, get your act together and make a MOVE!!!!

  39. I haven't posted here before but I am a regular reader. Thanks for what you've been doing here D., it's a big, dangerous, and dirty job and much appreciated. :-) The interview today was wonderful and just clarifies that we'll all need to get involved if we want to make the changes that need to be made. Time for the regular folks to roll up our sleeves and clean house. So, on that topic, what kind of help do you need? -Sara

  40. Funny! I listened to it and felt sad and deflated. I heared straight questions being asked. The same questions I had in mind myself. This lady, Heather with due respect to her couldnt offer any credible answers. Transparency, my foot. For those people jumping up and down all excited, about what?
    So fair play to you D, I agree... F*** THAT S***
    I hope KP,AK and others also stop peddling this non-sence.

    1. Yes it didn't do anything for me. I don't buy it. It was all talk and no substance. The only way way to liberate humanity is by telling millions of people the truth no matter how ugly it might get.

      MSM is the key here. They only believe the actors there spreading fear. They are conditioned since birth so it is only natural. I'm dumbfounded how the "bad guys" still control those outlets. The "good guys" are supposedly winning?

      Yeah right! Take those outlets away from them and if you can't, intercept those channels and tell the truth like a scene in the movie "they live".

      I know the matrix these monsters have built is incredible, but the "good guys" have had 20 years of planning and still they haven't achieved their objective?

      That makes you scratch your head.

    2. I did listen to the interview and was left with more questions than answers. All of these wonderful things have been put in place to set us free and it is just supposed to be spread by word of mouth??? How far is that going to get when the people that are still asleep look at you like you have 3 heads if you bring up anything outside of what they have been conditioned to believe.
      These announcements have to come from people high up in authority for most people to accept it.
      If it is up to the awakened ones to spread the truth and do the convincing, it will take another 100 years to convince everyone on the planet that they are free.
      I certainly appreciate all that Heather has done and the chances that she has taken with her safety. It just seems a bit premature to come out with this if straight up answers can't be given as to what to do with all this info. It requires us to do more than just "Be".
      The key questions never got answered, although it was not from lack of trying on Brian's part.
      I have posted this question in a couple of blogspots in the past. If everyone has money, who is going to work? Why would the cashier making $7.00 and hour continue to work? How will we buy food? What truck driver is going to continue to deliver goods to stores for us to purchase? What good will all this money do if we have nothing to buy?
      Yes the technology is there for food replicators and probably any kind of replicator for anything we need, but how far is that away from being presented to the people? I know that Dr. Keshe does have healing machines and machines that can transport us to anywhere in the world in 10 minutes, but how long before all this can be implemented?
      A ton of disclosures will have to be made in order to roll all of this out. When does our Jetson world start? Seems to me, it will have to start before the money is rolled out, unless the military is going to be working the stores and driving the trucks that deliver the goods and working the fields that actually produce those goods to keep things going until every home can receive the replicators and free energy devices.
      Yes, I do believe that the gold could have been transported out in the blink of an eye like Heather said. Given the Keshe technology for transporting humans anywhere in the world in 10 minutes, I would think it could work on other objects, as well. I can't say for sure that it was with the help of our Galactic friends, but if we have the technology, then it could have been done either by humans or Galactics.
      I hope in the future interviews we can receive more clarification. If we are all now out from under the thumb of courts and government, why should we have to go through the court system at all and challenge them on issues? It seems to me that if we have to go through that and challenge the laws that they are pretending are still in place, then we are not free. So does that mean that only the people that have listened to this interview are free because they are the only ones that know about it? If people don't know enough to challenge the courts then they loose their property or go to jail depending on why they are there?
      Unless this information is declared publicly, what good will it do? ALL must know they are FREE, not just us select few.
      Thank you Heather for all your efforts, we know we all must do our part. But, how long can this charade continue on the part of the Government that is no longer legally seated? Can you please give us a clue as to when we will publicly see the house of cards crumble?
      I am sorry if I sound ungrateful. It is just that now the "cat is out of the bag", we long for more concrete information and answers. It's like FREEDOM is just at the end of our fingertips, but we just can't quite grasp it. How long before we can truly hold it in our hands? I know all are free who choose it in their minds, but that does not stop our homes from being foreclosed on. When does this STOP? That is basically what we want to know....... Thank you!

    3. Very nicely put. Echoed my sentiments exactly, including the 'sorry if I sound ungrateful' :)

    4. Wow, great post Anon. My sentiments as well! I thank Heather immensely for being so brave but i agree 100% that until mainstream media reports the truth, we are not going to see any immediate results! Doesn't mean i wont keep trying but we have got to have some help. Common folk even if family only think we are crazy!

  41. The good guys might need something that inspires them to act.

    Like in the movie Avengers when Nick Fury gave Captain America the Agent Coulson Cards filled with blood in order to push them to save humanity from Loki and his forces the so called "good guys" also need the push.

    The inspiration to finally say "the fuck with this let's do it God dammit"!!!

    Let pray and hope they find it and find it fast.

  42. we are FREEEEE! you just have to KNOW it! *i'm all giggly*

    1. Hi hi Anon!!


      Please contact us on our Skype room if it pleases you, your resume is shiny and glowing all around you. :D


      Sine Metu

  43. I am a Light Warrior and say Go for It! Now Is the time! Actions must be taken! Those that are Awake must lead these actions'

  44. WOW BTS....I didn't just pinch myself ...I almost ripped my forearm off....

    I always believed it would come to this....the people would have to make a stand...I stand with you BTS....with all of you...

    so it is let it be written....

    to quote Victor Hugo...."no army can stop an idea whose time has come" ....

    DL skype now.... :)


    Their wrinkly old hineys are hanging out in the breeze waiting to be kicked to the side line.

    Knowledge and communication is what they fear.... Not drones and armies.

    So. D.... Fill us up with knowledge and let's crank up communication.... The Internet is about to earn it's keep.

  46. Fuck that SHIT! We can handle the truth because the truth shall set us free!

    D, I support you and love you unconditionally! We need many Ds to be the leaders in every country to lead the grassroot moverment to liberate ourselves. D, have you thought about it? Your career as a political activist has set you on this path to be a leader in this mass awakening project.

    I'm sick and tired of all the intel flying around on the internet for so long that has a condescending tone that the mass can not know the truth now, it is too dangerous, blah, blah. Sometimes I have this irk feeling that those so called "insider", high-up source have a big ego attachment that makes them feel privy, special, priviledged above ordinary people. Yes, we deserve the truth and we CAN handle it! We are all equal creations from the Creator. Never underestimate the power of ourselves when we align our soul energy to the source of creation. Yes, let's do it and we can beat the crap!

    Namaste to all who support D and decides to be proactive!

  47. If we keep on the "SOON" wavelength then Laws of the Universe say we'll always get a "SOON" vibe back. So what we want will always be sometime soon and never happen. To hell with that!

    If we want a "NOW" then we have to act "NOW".

    Count me in!

    Sine Nomine

    1. Only as high as you can reach can you grow
      Only as far as you can seek can you go
      Only as deep as you look can you see
      Only as much as you dream can you be

      So I'm reaching, seeking, looking and dreaming!


      Sine Nomine

  48. @ Sine Metu,

    Are you still paying your bills? (i.e. gas, electric, telephone)

  49. Great D you are awesome. As soon as I saw the latest announcment about all govs being registered as corporations filed under UCC or international equivalent I sent a question to The Peoples Public Trust asking were to find the files for my country. Time to open this BS can!

    One can always ask one self. Why do people give you information if you are not supposed to do anything with it. The info is worthless unused!

  50. Hello!

    where can I find the "declaration of facts" that Heather talked about in the Brian, D & AK interview posted on AK's site?

    Anybody know?

    1. Not sure which you mean Anon 02:35 - try this one

      Sine Nomine

    2. I need a step-by-step / "how to" stop- paying- my- mortgage- and- not- get- thrown- in- jail "manual for dummies" and Heather mentioned this in the interview. She called it a "declaration of facts"

    3. Heather also mentions that we have no loans, we have no debts

      huh?? what will the bank say when I just stop paying my mtg. ??? they'll throw the signed (by me) loan (mtg) in front of my face.

      and I will not know what to answer. I need fundamental legalese to argue my case.
      That is what I am looking for.
      I don't need the lofty ideals and the talk of we need to UNITE blahblah
      What am I gonna do ? stand in front my town hall with a banner saying "believe, believe ...we are free" ....they're gonna look, think I'm crazy and just keep on walking!

      I will only be able to grasp the attention of my family , friends and neighbors
      and fellow country PEOPLE if I set an example, a real example.

      And that will be: stop paying on my mtg. AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

  51. what will change in the world if something the truth is announced
    what that's this will bring this team for 7billion people in the world


  53. The Times They Are A-Changing! Vatican City goes cash-only!

    Sine Nomine leaves the room skipping to "Zippety-Doo-Da"! :D :D :D ;-)

    1. And this

      Oldest Swiss bank Wegelin to close permanently. ;-)

      Sine Nomine

    2. THIS is a very important announcement my friend!!!!

      love D

    3. "The Swiss government has been trying for months to negotiate a deal with the US which would protect Switzerland's banking secrecy.

      The Wegelin case makes that look virtually impossible."

      That's one of the reasons why its important, imo ;-)

      Sine Nomine ~ still skipping :D

  54. Got up this morning sooo tired. I'm wide awake now!!! How can I help? My children are aware of what is going on. My daughters "friends" thinks she is nuts for not believing the whole Sandy Hook story. Hopefully they will all be awake soon too.

    Sandy(yes, that's my real name)

  55. who out there IS:
    - "living in the moment"
    and IS
    - "creating the world around you" as Brian says...

    ...and IS getting away with it!

    Please answer..... any body out there? Someone??

    1. Chill - yes I unplugged from the matrix a few years ago when fear was still palpable - on faith with no income and having been declared a freeman on the land by the 'province of b.c. corp' ~ fuck it - they profiled me for standing up...I amped up my lite and situated myself to function in the Now, I through caution (fear)to the elements...and centered myself in my truth and in the flow including if I needed to conjuring up a days work creatively...I eliminated the bills, I put my stuff in storage, I told canada revenue taxation to fuck off and I trusted that my needs would be met...I suffered, and I endured, I purged and I forgave, I cried and raged and then I let go and my desires began manifesting. I am now living in a situation that is aligned with my purpose which is lite-(loving intention thought and expression)warrioring...and all my needs are being met...I have been free in my mind and heart forever and became conscious of it in 2006, and that it was in danger, I reacted and fought for in in the trenches , at town meetings in the courts and in handcuffs until 2011 when I shifted...and I waited for my call - which I got and was recruited and moved from BC to Alberta where I am working on a Trust that has been in play for the past three years...the stipulation of which have been Served on to global Trustees at the highest level. Taoiseach of Ireland and UN, IMF etc...and provides All People with their abundance and without raping our Mother, Earth of gold or anything else...the Sunke Temple Trust - that's us btw WE are the 'temple beings' that the SUNKE TEMPLE TRUST has 'resurrected' us - like the 'ONE People's Trust' and reinstates our living essence back to Prime Creator and renders whatever has been inflicted on us null and void - but we are bringing forth the new and as one who has been living the 5D perspective for some time - this is what is frustrating some...Heather is perceiving and speaking 5D - the wayshowers are in 5D - we are creating the new by being in the energy as if its already happened and in our awareness it already has...and is picking up momentum...expanding as we focus on the lite and the love ! D - love your post today - you are a 'clanmother' at heart and clanmother's get shit done !! Here's to the return of Matriarchal, Tribal , Universal and Brehon Irish Law - Sunke Temple Trust

    2. I lost my home last year and I have been living free since then. I don't pay my bills anymore because of the system and it's unfairness but I live free. I don't care if I get letter after letter, they can take that shove it. Especially credit card debt, what a joke. They get you into this slave system, lend you a phony non existent amount of money and make interests off of you. Tired of all this BS myself as well.

      I live below my means now, and it feels better! Every day is a gift, whether you see it in a flower, or a neighbor or just about anything all, if you pay attention you will realize that you are the change within yourself. But even then we still need the assistance of people like Heather to help us make that change.

  56. I am in this this is it what a great time to be here , I live in Scotland so let me know what needs to be done here please . :) Lorraine

  57. As one who turned skeptic by July, I am glad to hear RTS talking like this. I hope Heather can give some better answers!
    I don't need a pile of money. I just want freedom and the free pursuit of happiness without parasitic Banksters sucking the life out of me!

  58. GOD grant me:
    - the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    -the courage to change the things I can
    - the wisdom to know the difference

    1. I absolutely abhor that phrase. It is a phrase that the banksters gave you to shut you up and be content with being a dumbed down slave.

    2. 'FUCK THIS SHIT' is now having the COURAGE to CHANGE THE THINGS 'WE' CAN!!
      LET'S DO THIS!

  59. I give thanks that the millions which are mine by Divine Right now pour in and pile up in perfect Good under Grace!!

  60. Yeah FUCK THIS SHIT!!! It Is Time!!

  61. I came here today to wish all a fond farewell.
    It is obvious now that what Heather and friends are selling,and they are selling,
    Is the freeman movement mixed with winston shrout,common law,ucc,and aliens from orion!

    I have seen this kind of bull on the web for years.
    This is how this kind of parasite build their heirarchies.
    Find someone enthusiastic and encourage them to promote us.
    It creates an instant heirarchy.
    the reader/the promoter/the masters who hold the secret.

    I pointed out a couple of things to you,I would like to point them out again.

    The phrase,'Sit back shut up and colour'.
    1. to give or apply colour to (something)
    2. (tr) to give a convincing or plausible appearance to (something, esp to that which is spoken or recounted) to colour an alibi.

    I also noted another typical method used on you in order to feed your ego in order to keep you in place,

    That was here .... 'it has been pointed out to me that I have a role to play in this. Now I just have to figure out (or remember) what that role is.'
    Someone just gave you a badge,a hat and status.
    Its a classic trick,It works on almost every worker on the planet ,daily.

    So as I said I came to visit one last time ,but now this post has me intrigued.
    Have you sussed the game being played via yourself?
    Are you going to expose the secrets and the players?

    I will not be leaving for a couple of days,I would like to see this bold action.
    I encourage it.

    But if this is just more 'colouring', I wont be back.
    Lots of love to you all.

    1. baab,
      I second that!

    2. It's up to US to take that BOLD ACTION that YOU are going to sit and just "watch".

    3. Of course I am going to sit and watch.
      I already have my freedom,I figured out what I needed to survive on this wee planet,what I was willing to do and what I refuse to do.
      I spent a lot of time studying the freeman methods etc...
      But though everyone meant well and a few gave it a hundred per one was succeeding.
      Many attempts at a 'blueprint' for the masses failed because of lots of different reasons.
      So I decided to create my own reality and in the blink of an eye(well,a few years but you know what I mean)
      I find myself exactly where I wanted to be.
      I cannot show anyone else how to do this and its not a master plan for everybody but it worked for me.
      I am not selling secrets.

      Another thing,If D is about to expose some kind of scam that is one thing,but to then announce that there will be a new
      push get what the scam was offering different means,even though ......Its a scam and doesnt exist.......
      This is getting confusing .
      I also get the impression that everyone answering this post is in a different dimension,some replies dont appear to be addressing the post.....though there are a lot of folk ready to rise up and.........well....what is it they are rising up for.....nothing has been posted yet....and yet there has been a call for you see what I see.
      Again as always,Lots of love to all here.

    4. Do you realize you are in the 1%. And more power to you if you have figured something out. But don't ruin anybody else's party. It isn't yours to do that with.

    5. I dont think I am in the 1% - more like the .00000000000000001 %
      And my method of being free relies on anothers participation in the system.
      So I have what I wanted but I do pay an enormous emotional price instead.
      It is very hard to live in a world where the majority of people love to wear the hats and badges of implied reward and status,and you have none....Its a conversation killer.

      I am not intending to ruin anyones party,but I will take that on board when I am posting and try to be more considerate of others opinions....but here is the rub...if I see bullshit ,I will point it out.
      Is this not what D is about to do?

      I still wish for the planet to be all we ever dreamed of when we were children,when we did not know about all the invisible shackles.
      I get the impression that D is someone who drives forward and I wait patiently for the revealing of ALL she knows.
      She should not hold back,I would not withhold any information,this just creates a those who know vibe and again we have a wee heirarchy.
      love to all as always.

      Im off to source the transcript of Heathers interview in order to form an opinion on the 'removal' of some gold?
      I wont be long.

      McCroft--below-- I could not agree with you more.


  63. bab the gist of this is that's up to us the people to do the work. U can always argue but I prefer to take action!

  64. As intelligent and as astute as Heather may be.....she uses the term "anyways"

    What law school did she attend?

    1. Oh for God sake nit picking is a great way to create unity isn't it? *Eyes Rolling*

    2. Unity in what?
      give me some concrete answers please

    3. Groan...

      I am educated and know correct language from incorrect language. However, on a daily basis, when in relaxed mode, I use all kinds of incorrect/slang words.

      I wouldn't necessarily judge a person on that, but I would notice it, yes.

      I realise that it is NOT proof of ignorance, a poor education or anything else. It just is language in flow and communication in action.

      When I see a person who speaks well, who never makes a typo and never uses slang words do I assume they know more than I do, or they are better than I am, more honest than others? NO! Absolutely not!

      Her Maj and that toxic crowd of throne-warmers are great examples of the point I'm making here.

      If you want correct speech and perfect use of the language, go mix with that bunch of glorified pirates, and see where that gets you in life...assuming you could even get close enough to them for them to notice you.

      Ninja Bambi.

    4. hey ninj,

      do you have concrete answers for me?
      I'll overlook all of the language imperfections....
      just give me something that I can sink my pearly whites into

      do you still pay your bills?

    5. LOL - although I don't agree with the first description in the urban dictionary regarding one who uses the word 'anyways' - I appreciate your humour - thanks for the huge laugh - !!

    6. I don't have any bills to pay...but if I did, I would be looking at how to re-work that for sure and would no doubt cease, instantly, the payment of any loans or c/cards (but we don't have them anyway).

      My personal circumstances are such that my husband takes care of income/outgoing (and he's not yet into this stuff).

      I can offer you no concrete solutions from my personal experience with the bills/debt issues, though I read avidly what other people are doing regarding this issue - the freeman thing, as it's referred to.

      My core interest, which I've been studying and talking to people about for years now, is anti-big drug corps and the re-discovery and use of real, natural, medicines that actually offer us the chance of curing our ailments.

      Ninja Bambi.

    7. Ninja Bambi, I hear you, but it is hard to take you seriously when you don't have any logs in the fire "my husband takes care of incoming/outgoing...". Like others are saying, we need to hear about real experiences that were successful, and also, and as far as I am concerned, experiences of people who tried and failed. Why did they fail? I, personally, have sudden responsibility for a whole slew of bills that I will soon have to figure out whether to join the prisoners (tedious work which probably will not be enough to survive) to pay these bills, sell the assets, or walk away through bankruptcy. So, I'm holding my breath while I continue my life in this (what has become) a tedious 3D world.

    8. I'm not sure I have requested anybody to 'take me seriously'.

      However,I understand your position.

      I also understand that I've researched a lot of information across the net from those in the 'freedom' movement who claim to have 'remedies' for the ills you face. So, if you are already in the middle of your own research you will find these items and can determine for yourself how they apply to you/if you can apply them to you.

      It's frustrating, but a one-size-fits-all solution is not, to my momentary knowledge available in 'black & white' format, cut,copy,paste and go.

      We must inject a healthy dollop of self-service and responsibility for self-informing too.

      Ninja Bambi.

    9. As I mentioned to you above, Anon, my main focus of interest is Health and Medicine and in the total avoidance of those peddling the established protocols for 'treatments' instead of what nature offers us in the way of cures. In this arena I walk the walk, and have been doing so for many years now.

      I have a healthy interest, in all areas relating to individual freedom of choice, etc., so am quite 'at home' here, regarding the issues currently under discussion.

      Ninja Bambi.

  65. Hi Baab,

    I agree, it is essentially looking like the Freeman thing on steroids. I'm amazed to see your reaction to that and as I yet don't know why you have that reaction, I'm curious. From what little I know and have read across various sources, it [freeman methods] seems to be the only thing that is addressing or remedying the problems.

    What am I missing...?

    Ninja Bambi

    1. Hi Ninja Bambi
      I have been watching the freeman movement for a long time and in theory it all makes sense but no one has succeeded yet.
      If you can show me the success story..... the one that has been taken to the final stages and is not ongoing or waiting for recognition by some authority....please do so.
      If they had and were honorable,a blueprint would be created and all would be free.
      Problem is,unless the badges and hats who essentially stalk the people as an occupation are told to stop it by their bosses then nothing will change.

      The control of the human race is a very clever deception.
      The masses outnumber enlightened/lightworker/wayseer/conspiracy theorists/gurus and followers etcetera by about .....I cant even calculate the amount ,but give it some thought .
      world population;6,973,738,433
      average members on one of the top 'alternative' blogs 2000 or so
      Its easy to do the math.try even multiplying the 2000 figure by ten or twenty or a 100 ......
      I hope I dont come across as sarcastic or blunt,I have just invested a lot of time in the pursuit of a sense of freedom and have seen a lot of nonsense aimed at loving trusting people.
      Here is the real secret,until people begin to point at all the emperors and their new clothes on a constant basis.....

      I dont think I have answered your question by the way,so please feel free to ask me anything you wish.

    2. "If you can show me the success story..... the one that has been taken to the final stages and is not ongoing or waiting for recognition by some authority....please do so.
      If they had and were honorable,a blueprint would be created and all would be free." - Yes...I understand what you mean.

      The only one I know of, who seems to have reached the point/level you are referring to is an Net Presence/Radio Host, etc.,called Kate of Gaia. But, as I don't know her personally, I can't vouch for the details, but she does seem to have gone all the way with her own version of paperwork. I recommend you look in her direction to see if she's reached that point you would consider proof of success.

      She and others loosely grouped are doing versions of the freeman thing...and it's within that loop/group that I've been reading a lot of info.

      And from that info, I can see that what Heather et al are doing is likely to be right and valuable. But, I've yet to fully read through/listen to all the gubbins, so I'll know more when I know more.

      Cheers, Baab. :)

      Ninja Bambi.

  66. Awesome go for it. Yes we need Truth.

    We also need some leadership and direction. So now that I am 'free'... how do I make my way out of the jail cell? Can I go down to the bank and take out a couple million to start my own business now? I mean how do we get access to any resources (money)?

    I'll be following your lead.

  67. Damn D~! I just got chills reading your post! haven't read any of the above comments yet so i am probably repeating what has already been stated. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! you are right - we CAN handle the truth- it may be messy- it might get ugly- but birth is. i've given birth to two kids and it was not a walk in the park. and this is a birth- the birth of our FREEDOM - this thing could drag out for as long as they want it to drag out. time is up. if you have intel and are willing to go public with this knowledge- i am sure you are going to put things in place that will protect you in any way you need to if there is any blowback. i cannot say who the majority of this intel is - but i would say most of it compromises men. it is time for the WOMEN of this world - the feminine energy to take hold now - to bring this planet back into to balance and to release her and her people from the suppression that MEN have had her under for eons.

    i have nothing against men- but take a good look at the track record - take a look at the joke and the jokers in the white house. their time is up. if you have the intel, D - and you mean it - so much thanks - so many blessings and light surround you.

    1. ha,okay lets try that one
      Can I suggest a few females

      Condoleeza Rice
      Margaret Thatcher
      The male versus female divide is the first trick. Dont fall for it Anon 4.

    2. Baab, I'm right with you on that point.

      There are quite a few females to add to your list of cold-blooded 'see you next tuesdays'!

      Many, many, many more...

      Ninja Bambi

    3. Agree baab!

      Women's Lib movement was funded by the Rothschilds so women would chose to work, pay more taxes into their coffers, children would be schooled earlier thus indoctrinated earlier by the same powers that were, a win-win situation for those working to the detriment of people and this planet of ours. The phrases like 'battle of the sexes' and any others that promote division make me cringe. We've had enough competition. More progress is made through co-operation.

      Sine Nomine

    4. I was going to say the same thing anon6:49. Why does the divide and conquer mentality always creep in whether it's race or sex, it is just too damn ugly!
      I cannot think of a single member of politics that is not a scumbag, male or female.

    5. Well dear sister you have the right idea but you are a little misinformed. It is the feminine energy of our world that needs to take the stage now, ans that energy is found within men and woman who are of the awakened group at this day. Some men in your world actually believe in the feminine energy, but all of us are One - so there is no need of any separation whatsoever at this stage of the game. Lets all become One now! In much unconditional love ---Daniel

    6. I totally agree with you. I came of age when women's lib hit the scene. I must say that while it was an orchestrated plan by the Rothschilds and was for their gain only, it has helped women in ways that were not part of their plan. It is unfortunate that often the children were the victims in this case, farmed out to others, with little quality time with those who could guide and teach them well........their parents.
      However, of we now can inform all the people of this sinister reality and can provide a guide for people of all ages to use to reflect upon. How they too were suckered and used, exploited to the greatest degree possible, they will be able to quickly understand and orient themselves to a new mindset.........hopefully. I can tell you that I was screaming furious to learn my generation, born in the 1950's were played and used as we came of age. I am eternally grateful though that we fought tooth and nail to stop t he war in Vietnam. We did that by getting the information out and by being visible. Of course in those days the FBI was also gathering names and creating files. People didn't simply disappear or "suicide"so easily then. THEY had to be more careful in how THEY targeted the average person. But, today, is a very different reality. You are toast in an instant, at their whim.
      I am so grateful for those of you who have continued this work of exposure, and have done so despite the threats and dangers you face.

    7. Yes, indeed, Daniel.

      I don't think any of us fail to realise the need for the Feminine energy to balance this mess and inject some heart and love into the systems/create new systems, but it's not fair to say, as was hinted at above by whoever it was, that men are the problem, per se.

      Women throughout history and very recently been just as evil and vile and soul-less in their actions, perhaps as the result of the over-bearing masculine energy on the planet in the last few thousand years, but in any event, not all women are good and not all men are bad.

      Ninja Bambi.

    8. Yep, and all the Rothschilds, Stalins, and Hitlers that ever existed had mothers. True story.

  68. This complete disclosure seems to be the next phase. Cobra did the same thing yesterday. He just leveled with people what we are up against. Why protect us? Do you really know that holding back intel is a benefit? If everything has been delayed this long, let's just take the risk of further delay by being transparent.

    1. When it comes time to become transparent we will do so - and it could be as early as tomorrow ( only we know - and for good reason.We love you all unconditionally and we know things you do not that will protect the lot of you. It is not that information will get lost that things are being done in secret as you cannot hide the fact that everyone is already free in your world.What takes time is to put new things in place without old eyes knowing what is being done behind the scenes. You are hearing such wonderful news these days simply because the secrecy is at its end, and there is no longer anything"they" can do to stop what is happening from indeed happening - any longer.All you people need to do to help this project is to continue waking up- as we are all one and there are certain folks who will be on the front line while others must remain home taking care of the children. Do you follow? the secrecy is at its end, and there is no longer anything "they" can do to stop what is happening from happening any longer. In unconditional love --Daniel -The oneness Society

  69. Who gives a rats ass what it's called? Just because the Banksters demonised the Freemen like they did everything else, is no reason to back out. Maybe the Freemen had something all along. Call it what you want but we all know that 1% of the population has been making 99% of us miserable. I say strip them of their ill gotten gains, put them in rowboats with a bag of sandwiches and send them Bon Voyage out to sea and let the Universe deal with them.

    1. Bull or Horse shit sandwiches?


      Ninja Bambi

    2. The sandwich idea is to let them feel what it is like to head off into the unknown with scraps that they can fight over while rowing for their miserable lives but I like the the idea of shit sandwiches for them.

  70. Would someone please help me with how to sign up so my name shows up here rather than having to use anon.

    1. Anon 06:00
      There's a box below the reply box which says 'Reply as' then there's a scroll down bar. Scroll down to the 'Name/url' insert your pseudo and Bob's your Uncle!

      See - I do know how to use it - I just exert my right as a Freeman not to use it!

      Sine Nomine - still skipping!

  71. Just Before Dawn4 January 2013 at 14:51

    Well D,I woke up this morning and while you didnt say it was all a bad dream regarding the orion conspiracy,lol,you did the next best thing to restoring my original belief in you-you used one of my favourite expressions,an expression I use daily especially when reading blogs/visiting some "Lightworker" sites..."fuck that shit" tells me you're one of us- "US" being those who truly want and are working for change but arent prepared to swallow any old tosh thrown up online masquerading as truth."US" being those who are allergic to bullshit and the flowery rhetoric which is about as useful as using a fork for eating soup(if I see the expression "dear ones" one more time i'm going to scream,LOUDLY)- "US" being those who dont want to buy the book,attend the retreat,pay for the "webinar" or consultation,"subscribe" to the truth or "contribute in love and light" to the new laptop that the angels and sirians/plaeidians(fill in whatever race here) somehow couldn't materialise for the channeler despite all their powers.
    2013-It should indeed be termed year zero -as in zero tolerance for BS-zero energy or time given to half baked non specific messages or intel-zero patience for the "secrets" withholders-theyve shown they cant run a bath let alone a world of secret long more do these whistleblowers/people feel the world should wait to share their information?..until another million children die of hunger?..until ten million die in a war?until we're all so paralysed from poverty that we're empty shells fossilised by inaction? In closing THANK YOU D for being open ,honest and working so hard-please dont put yourself in unnecessary danger and take steps to ensure your safety before removing your own shackles.:)....

    1. I could not have put it better myself. It is time for the secrecy to be over!!!! I am in gratitude to D. and all the dedicated people that have committed to finding the truth and helping to rid all peoples from slavery in the physical sense. I have been free inside but wanting all to be free. So, here's to blowing the lid off. Go D.


  72. I am reading alot of personal responsibility in your post, D, and it breaks my heart.

    This blog is just a conduit between our type and whoever it is supposedly working behind the scenes. Are those like you and AK being led by the invisible white hats? Well, to be sure! What else have any of us got but their updates. So, you guys have got to step back from vouching for these sources and simply relay in an objective manner whatever you feel is worth reporting. This nonsense can't last forever, nothing can.

  73. Obozo and his fellow whores lied to us again as the screws tighten. Nobody told him the slaves are free.

  74. You ask what all of you can do to help this project and we tell you that the bodies are available in hoards that will be available to do the foot work - and so the one things all of you can do at this point (as before) is to realize you are already free and sovereign already and must now begin living your lives as such, while taking no actions in your present life that will harm or cause loss to those you love and promised to take care of in life. Those who have not yet awakened would do better to do nothing but listen and seek your truth in life at this day. You will all come to know the truth when you see it.What many of you here do not yet know is that you are One body and soul and will soon come to remember that as each of you awakens - and you are all about to awaken in order - though you do not know that order. So what can you do? Be positive - be in "unconditional love" of you neighbors (accepting all as they are) and watch what the collective consciousness of Oneness can do.And those who physical wish to have a part in this will indeed have their part. With much unconditional love -Daniel - The Oneness Society

  75. Lets take these bastards down. What do you need me to do?
    -Noli nothis permittere te tierre. "Don't let the bastards wear you down."

  76. All you card carrying members of satan inc are the one's funding them, you want freedom but you aint gomnna give up the mark if your life depended on it..
    aint none of you gonna do anything, you know it and so do I ! Now get back to bootlicking "what you all do best" and don't forget to teach your children to be spinless cowards just like yourselves..

    1. Love and light to you friend. You might want to ponder this: what are you gonna do when your employers all head for the bunkers and leave you high and dry? Maybe you want to do something more worthwhile with your life on this beautiful planet Earth. Something where you don't have to work from your masters venomous scripts? Break the chains which bind you to the darkness and come join in the dance of unconditional love.

      Sine Nomine

  77. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done! And yes, I agree...FUCK THAT SHIT!!! Enough with these freakin "gag orders". We are invested in the IQD & VND and I have had enough of that gag order BS. Tell it like it is! The more awareness there is, the less energy goes to them. Prosperity for all will create the world we are supposed to live in. Not this pathetic slavery institution that has been posing as Earth!

    Love, Love, Love is the answer. Spread it far and wide. "They" cannot exist in the presence of love. They will shrivel up and make it easier to eliminate them. Do it!

    Christine :)

  78. Baab: 'I also get the impression that everyone answering this post is in a different dimension,some replies dont appear to be addressing the post.....though there are a lot of folk ready to rise up and.........well....what is it they are rising up for.....nothing has been posted yet....and yet there has been a call for you see what I see'

    I find the 'different dimension' reference as fascinating because I too put my critical thinking cap on and think wtf with some of the comments on here.

    1. And as I post this it is still going on.
      My reference to different dimensions was cheeky,but also in reference to bots that post and hopefully the actual posters who are charging up and down their bedrooms/living rooms as they await the call.

      Yes I see it.

      It seems its very easy to rile people up.
      I get the impression that D means well,and probably a lot more than that.

      But hey I am not very busy for the next few days so I will be checking in and out and soaking up the atmos.

  79. Hi D, I love your moxy girl! We are all so very tired of the charade game and are ready for a beautiful new reality to unfold, at least, those of us who are aware. I think this is where most lightworkers, starseeds and awakened individuals begin to feel frustrated, is that the majority of people are still laughing at the charades and busy drawing the next sketch.

    While I am only one small facet of the bright diamond of creation, what I can do I will. For me that means reminding my fellow starseeds @ that it's time to move their butts into action because THIS is the moment we are meant to ACT. Whether it be via a petition, via informing their friends and neighbours despite the glazed over 'wtf are you on' looks, organizing ourselves to act to the fullest potentional for the benefit of us all.

    The time is NOW. I listened to the entire interview with Heather until about 4 am last night, (I'm hurting for it now, my body is still 3D and getting old, haha) and had the most amazing experience of feeling, YES, it's now, the time has come, I went outside to look at the stars and had the most beautiful lightship experience, which just strengthened my resolve that as a Lightwarrior I'm ready to blast "We're not gonna take it" and get on with it.

    Thank you so much for your contributions to unhinge the lock and set us all free and thank you to Heather for remembering who She is and her connection to Prime, to all and working tirelessly for all. Let's rock on and NOT take it one second further.

    Much love and blessings!

  80. What I want to know is who knows about The One Peoples Trust? Does Congress know? Which politician's know? Does anyone in the media know?

  81. Drake's post on Facebook today:

    There seems to be a great number of people who are looking for some sort of 'hand out'...
    This goes directly to the several so called 'trusts' that have suddenly exploded onto, through, and all over the internet.
    Those who have listened to our broadcasts know that I have stated that ALL of these are primarily BS.
    It is because few listen that the popularity of these 'I'm going to be rich' posts have become so popular.
    I have not explained how our base financial system works and its structure that people do NOT understand...and will now do so.
    >>Collateral is a thing that offers basic value that can be used to be borrowed against.
    -The Collateral Accounts are what is and has been used as a basis for ALL currencies world wide.
    -Bonds of these currencies are issued against collateral held in the accounts in the form of Certificates. These show as the currency of the country they are issued to.
    >The 1776 'Trust' seems to have garnered a lot of interest by those believing that it will give everyone some pie in the sky amount, $2 Billion, and they can live happily ever after.
    - I have listened to the interview supplied by Kauilapele to see what was stated.
    All those interested need to pay attention to what is said about 57 minutes into that interview.
    -It is openly stated that these people do NOT have access to The Collateral Accounts.
    Without that access, there can be no payout...-read that several times-
    The legal work is correct, just as correct as many freedom people have used trying to access their 'strawman' accounts.
    >Without collateral, no issuance of credit or currencies is made.
    -This 'fact' is the reason that no matter how strictly legal all these efforts are, they do NOT work.
    >>Until or if ever, any of these 'trusts' gain access to The Collateral Accounts, then and ONLY then will any of them be able to function or perform as stated.
    -I find it interesting that the State of Washington is involved. Even more interesting is the fact that those who want information are 'required' to register at a cost of $15!
    Even so, many are still following that 'free money' idea.
    NOTE > None of the funds within The Collateral Accounts is to go to ANY individual.
    Those holding/owning/husbanding/protecting these accounts will allow that.
    -The reason We The People have such problems as we do now is Because a very few individuals stole a portion of the original collateral. This is a matter of historical documentation. NO payments have 'ever' been made, thus, these loans and thefts are being required by the holders of these be repaid in full.
    -In the very near future the present system will no longer be able to function.
    No collateral, no funding.
    As of yesterday, The Fed is no longer buying Gold, and the 'rigged' markets are over reacting. Think LIBOR...
    I know this is a long post, but it is exactingly accurate no matter who tries to find fault.
    This is a factual presentation of the reality.
    I wonder who ends up getting that $15 so many are sending in?
    Don't you wonder at all the 'too good to be true'?
    I hope this clears things up a bit.
    Anyone who still has doubts about this post needs to do their homework.

    1. Is it me or does it seem to anyone else that if Drake doesn't agree with it, sign off on it or is involved in it somehow, any form of "reimbursement" to the people for what has been stolen from them is "bogus"? AND that anyone who disagrees with him "needs to do their homework" which seems to me to be code for "you're stupid if you don't side with me on this." Mr. "Green Light.. oh wait!" might have had some credibility early on but his repeated "IT'S COMING THIS WEEKEND!" pronouncements followed by stammered excuses when the promised action doesn't materialize has eroded that credibility down to nothing. I think he realizes that he's served his purpose (whatever it was) and he's been cut loose and is frantic to retain his following so he makes pronouncements about matters he has no part in and wishes he did.

      Wandering Fire

    2. Drake seems to want to be the one that saves the world single-handed. Occasionally he puts out good stuff but a lot of the time he misses the point. He's done his bit in waking a few up, but lock and load tactics is not for me. Just my two cents.

      sine nomine

    3. Right on with the analysis guys. I will ad that it appears that Drake would have us all grovel at the feet of the mighty Keenan, who would generously extend to us unworthy morons our meager ration of the collateral accounts just as soon as he's done wrenching them from the cabal-shortly before dispatching them, as only he can, being the one mere mortal with the courage, the moral fortitude, the appropriate ratio of piss-to vinegar-to irish whiskey, and the blood brother connection to Edy, uh Eddy? Sukmykarma or whatever his name is.
      I think Drake's ego expansion has grown with the months he's been broadcasting. I've heard him time and time again, try to answer questions of which he has limited or no knowledge. I think his heart is more or less in the right place, and he provides good information to wake up people who like to listen to him, but we know better ;o>

    4. And you would know Drake because you and Keenan never had access either. You could sure cut and paste pictures of gold though.

    5. He's stomping his feet and yelling again....

      [Drake Kent
      Sorry, BUT, the 1776 trust is a FRAUD! Along with all the others...
      It can NOT deliver.
      It does not have the 'Required' access to The Collateral Accounts.
      It is not me that is saying is the people holding the accounts that have told me this.
      NO I will NOT talk to these people, as they have NO standing.
      When was it that any level of our government has given anyone cash?
      The reality is simple, this can NOT be done.]

      Wandering Fire

  82. What good is replacing a group of evil overseers, who have ruled us through deception and deprivation for hundreds of years.... with more secret groups, with secret intel....all being kept quiet....for our own protection. Nonsense.

    Full Disclosure now. everyone. Those of us who are prepared for this will need to step up and embrace those who are not. This is the part that is really up to US. To care for one another...and see our brothers and sisters through this process.
    Love is the nature of reality.

    And it all needs to start with MSM.
    Until the MSM is no long under THEIR control...nothing changes. It will require all forms of mass media to be begin to expose the basics of the great deception. How about we start with 9/11. And then the full history of financial tyranny. Oh...and how about free energy and the truth about ET contact?

    Surely if there is all this money in the pot for the recovery of mankind...someone can start spending it by buying out the media! Heck....give them a better financial offer than their controllers...and they will gladly start singing our song.

  83. Hi D,
    I sent you a Skype request as I DO want to help out.
    By the way, you are completely correct about what you said. I am glad that you have decided to do it 'your way'. I was the one that questioned who you were in response to Lori's post. You responded yesterday.

    For all others here I am going to be continuing the process of lifting the lid off all this shit by going on RBN ( )TOMORROW 5th January 7pm central time (8pm EST). The topic will be the Church of Scientology. It will be VERY interesting. I used to belong to the Church and I will be revealing how they defraud people and how they also test the techniques of deception on their church members before letting that stuff loose on the world. Because there are very similar parallels. Anyway please tune in and pass the info on to all your friends.

  84. VERY pleased to see this post. yesterday was a pressuring day. I want to get out there and disclose as much as possible this very message helps me know there is support that others are just as impatient as I am with how many are unaware, If i can feel it in the sky;in the earth beneath my feet there has to be others out there sensing SOMETHING different this year. well how does a little girl like me get everyone to hear my words I have much wisdom to share I will help in any way possible although currently standing by until I am further guided by spirit how to approach the heard of cluelessness outside my house. I have a roof over my head, and GRATEFUL. ive fluttered out of school cant get a job lost my license from not attending classes. i can surely jump back to the matrix and move on with my life in that direction but i simply in my heart chose to be free from enslavement free from the constant standards im put under. I wish to do what i love and love only and taking the direction of love has left me broke and at a checkpoint. i have my faith in my creative family..the friends around me understand to a point, but do not hold it in their hearts as strongly as i, they are continuously disappointed expecting money expecting all these illusions to appear for them. i have my health and serenity so ill get by, and for surely with access to the internet (i can picture my ego giving the worst tantrums if i hadnt read these updates). All who are sick of waiting: well, im right there with you. but i advice dont give in too much or dont give up all around, stick with what your heart is telling you and mine is saying to patiently heal and raise vibration be a beam of light and any chance to share that light share with all the effort possible! for the love of god lets make this happen! keep calm collective and sure of yourselves that ur passions will come true! this is a long and not thought out message but i had to reply instantly to agree and send much light and protection to D. you are doing great work along with the positive team out there good luck all and have a beautiful day
    ground ourselves in the here and now (:
    so it is and shall be.

    smiles from the sunshine state

  85. Was it really supposed to be a high level secret that G.H.W. Bush was the primary force stopping the Marshalls from delivering the PP's. We've known that since Christopher Story broke the news way back in 2004. Google his archives and read all the gory details.

  86. About fucking time.

    Bet you won't like what you find. IOW you've been lied to, repeatedly. All of this is bullshit.

    Nothing will happen.






    FUCK THIS SHIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Yeah, The good guys, if they even exist in something more than name alone need to MAN the FUCK up and make a move already.

      Do what you have promised and came here to already.

    2. Hmmm. OWS was hijacked and funded by the cabal. I wonder if there's anything else they could infiltrate?
      Yes, I wonder!??

    3. Well it would have to be someone clever, someone who spoke their language, someone with access to the inner circle, someone close, someone to take the fall. A front "person(s)".

  88. I am so glad to see I'm not the only one that needs to see tangible evidence NOW.

    This "soon" stuff and lectures on patience only go so far when there are people without the luxury of waiting for food and shelter that still require debt currency to obtain. I get the feeling many of the intelligent people I've heard discuss prosperity plans are genuine but something doesn't sit right with me.

    "Please repeat after me: Fuck That Shit."

    Fuck That Shit.

  89. The Lightwarrior faction is itchin' for action. I love my Lightholder friends who walk around in bliss and carefully choose only positive words and thoughts to ensure that's the only reality they create. Well... that's nice, but we ain't in 5D yet. We're still here dealing with 3D, where people are dealing with financial emergencies daily, regardless of how many positive thoughts they put out. I see it with my own two 3D eyes. What do I tell them, that the emergency room bill will just go away with positive thoughts? Ha. I wish. I've had enough. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more. Occupy Truth. Occupy Prosperity. Occupy Disclosure. Occupy Life. Occupy Fuck This Shit Right Now I Want To Live Not Just Barely Exist. Where do I sign up?

  90. First of all let me say that this is a very good message board and it really encourages me to see a lot of critical thinking people who have been following this whole "overthrow of the powers that were" and have the same types of questions that I have myself. Times are still turbulent and the corporate media propaganda machine is still churning at breakneck speed. Hearing this "conversation" with Brian and Heather really resonated with me and filled me with a good sense of these individuals. Both of them seem extremely genuine and heartcentered, and while I cannot verify the actual truth of what is going on, it gives me joy to know that there are many people feeling the same as myself that are not delving so hard into the negative side of the whole mess. Carry the torch my friends! We are so unbelievably blessed to be alive with each and every breath.

    Bless you all for I know that I love you.

  91. This is Cryptic. I have posted nothing on this thread until now.

    Like children, most of you are running too fast, and you will fall.

    You are singing the same tune as that of what you call "the cabal."

    To those of you who believe that you can manifest what you want by merely believing in it, recall what the Federal Reserve gave you in 1913: a currency that you had to believe in for it to be true.

    To those of you who believe that you can make your own reality, recall what a member of the Bush administration said about how the president makes reality and the news merely reports it.

    For those of you who believe in New Age Ascension, recall its similarity to the phrase New World Order. This is no accident.

    D, if you are growing frustrated, ask your "sources" about the name that I gave you on a previous thread. It may appear to be a small matter, but it is not.

    And listen to Baab. She appears to know a few things.

    1. Cryptic, old son. So D goes off with "the name" to her sources and you just happen to be waiting to see who starts asking the questions? I sense a TRAP !

      And Baab APPEARS to know a few things? Everyone APPEARS to know a few things, even you. No offence, Baab, just making a point.

      There's a pattern of behaviors here. You send in the potty-mouthed anons, then the illogical questions then after a while you surface. Anyway enough with the distraction.

      Sending LOVE to you.

      Sine Nomine

    2. none taken,
      I agree that all on here know lots of stuff .
      I agree with Cryptics points above they make sense to me.
      What I dont agree with is that there are any distractors on here trying to disrupt proceedings.
      This is a tiny audience for a blogspot in comparison to some I visit ,and If all it takes to
      disrupt the revolution are some comments on a blogspot then we are sunk.

      I dont see any proceedings yet.

      I want to see so much happening.
      The freeman movements in Canada and the uk took things so far and hit a brick wall,the brick wall
      is when the 'authorities' laugh at you.
      They even had a go at arresting a judge here in the uk for not recognisisng common
      law and the birth cert as the strawman......a year or two ago......they were again laughed at.

      Just because the paperwork is in does not mean the powers that be will recognise.
      Declarations of intent/facts etc have no power if the big guy with the wig tells his big guy with the truncheon
      to knock the shit out of you.

      It appears to me that Heather and some friends have come up with a novel way of using legal/lawful documents in order to
      get past the birth/berth cert issue and they are confident that they are thinking along the right lines.
      Instead of freeing one at a time they intend to free everyone at the one time.
      It is very admirable.
      But the Admiral will sink their ship.

    3. Baab, when I said 'distraction' it was in reference to a post someone made regarding the cryptic one, a few days ago. The poster, who is clairvoyant 'saw' what they (there are more than one!) were trying to do here and said they were trying to distract us among other things. Just adding this for clarity.

      Sine Nomine

  92. Great post. There has definitely been an attempt by some private groups to subvert the collateral accounts for their own ends.

    I have a suggestion:

    We could set up a public wiki, go through all the documents with a toothcomb, and highlight what's relavant, with summaries and notes for us laymen.

    I'm happy to do this myself but I don't want to duplicate anyone elses work. The wiki needs to be public, because *now is the time*. No more online cliques, drip feeds of intel, or secret study groups.

    Is anyone else in?

    Peace on Earth


  93. Something will happen

  94. Why cant I find the court case that remedied the mortgage debt assigned to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf?

    I did find this case but it is still unresolved. I went to search the state of Washington case database. Couldnt find a resolved case involving Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Jeremy Walker vs. Wells Fargo.

    We need the court case that worked to legally remedy the mortgage assigned to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. This case would would set the legal precedent to research and apply remedies to others with the unfortunate plight of a mortgage. I ask that Heather stand in transparency and post her court case and all associated court docs used to cure the debt.

  95. Anon 19:19. I don't recall her saying that such a case existed. Do you recall the time mark?
    If there is a case then I second your motion to compel.

  96. The transcript is on American Kabuki. The templates/documents/format to assist we the people will be available soon. Trust. Do. Be. Do. Be. Do. Be. Do. In love and peace. (and have a sense of humor, folks)

  97. Sorry, but doesn't this all sound too good to be true? For years activists and researchers have been predicting that the ruling class would begin coming out of the shadows when the world was on the verge of economic collapse, to offer the preplanned solution to the problem that they themselves created. If the shoe fits, wear it. Just sayin'... my two bits. Peace.

  98. trying to pull in time lines re the orders released from the one peoples trust and what has happened around that time with the MSM, would be good if we all could do some , I noted one connected with a date in china when they changed after a decade of rule , around oct/ nov anyone else ?? Oh and this rocks this is the truth love from Scotland, Lorraine

  99. Although I am not one for new year resolutions, I have made one this year. I might suggest that some of you (if not all of you) do the same. I have followed these sites for quite some time now and, like many of you, I am beginning to feel like I have been scammed. I am personally going to set the date of March 15th 2013 and at that point if nothing has transpired, will discontinue reading all of these sites and return to life like it was before. I guess in some of your minds, I will be returning to 3D. 4 or 5D have not presented anything other than hope and tho hope is a good thing, I need something more substantial. Might I be so bold as to recommend a "new years resolution" for the many of you who are getting tired of the wait? Don't get angry about the time you have wasted (or not), but set yourself a personal goal and stick to it.

    In Love and Light

  100. Geez anon 5:59 you and brando on his recent post on the other thread really take this way too seriously and allow yourselves to be trapped into focusing on the wrong things. When you are waiting for something what are you doing? You are giving your intention to some future wvent but you are not doing your part to help create it through intent because you expect the white knight to be the one to have all of the power when really you are the white knight. It's not hard, or magickal, or really even requires much thought or effort. Just know and accept that you are the white knight without doubt or burning bushes and make it so. When you were a child did you wver wish for something so bad that it was all you could think about? And did you get it for Christmas? If yes, well then there you go. Everyone wants insysnt gratification on their time schedule and whe it doesn't happen some pitch temper tantrums because we expect mommy or daddy to give us what we want and right now. There's a reason you are here and its not by a fluke if you decide to climb back into the arms of the matrix then it is your free will to do so. Hate to see you all give up and g coz there may be some truth about good things come to those who wait. As for Heather and her being 2013's "it" girl for prosperity, distraction, disinfo agent or pseudo saviour who cares. Take from this info and others that resonant with "you " and make those your tools in the now to help build the future "you" want. My mom says 2 things: "if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself" and "can't never did a damn thing ".
    Best wishes to you and others who feel let down, especially if you are the ones who have dissapointed yourselves. Safe journeys on which ever path you take and don't look back.

  101. Im going through the documents now and they are damn interesting. I can plough through the legalses and pick out important points. Its hard to get a sense of everything cos in total there are 200 odd pages.


  102. WoW D....

    All hell loose as D is in the HOUSE:-))) to spill the sordid details

    Awesome Lady... Am Eagrly waiting for the Amazing Intel Comming Out...

    This will be a true miracle. until then it is prepare for the worst hope for the best.



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