Wednesday 23 January 2013

Some answer to your questions last night

Good morning my friends!

As you may of noticed, RTS is now being fully moderated for the comments.  I will no longer allow the Shills and Trolls to use this community as a platform for their negativity and fear monguring. I need to thank American Kabuki for helping me see that clearly. As I have always said, I value freedom of speech and will always allow those comments that disagree with an article or with my opinion - as long as they are reasonable and respectful and open to discussion.

.... the Shills and Trolls are not happy about this- I've already deleted 2 death threats and one comment where the "person" threatened to beat the shit out of me.   To you people: get a life.  I have ZERO fear of you or your ilk. (and I'm well trained my friend,  so pardon my 3D moment but you need to get a bigger stick).

You can still listen to the show from last night HERE  and my merry friend is working on the Transcription so that we can post that for our non-english speaking friends to run through google translate (we also have a wonderful group fully translating all of the RTS articles into German as well!).

There were a lot of questions posted last night and I've done my best to answer most of them- I'll C&P them here though to that they don't get buried under a mountain of other comments.

I also want to reiterate what very very soon everything will be made clear.  The UCC filings and the CVACs are working their way "through the system" as we speak.  They WILL be enforced.  This is what the Cabal (and all it's faces) don't understand- Boehner can make his snide comments that it can't be enforced.... but he's about to find out differently.  Sorry guy, you should of made a different choice, eh?  Half of the freaking out in Washington is because on some level of understanding these people KNOW what choice they made and what the consequences of their final choice will be.

As I have been saying in the RTS skype room:  Hold the light my friends!!!

Oh and one final thing- a couple of wonderful people are working on a new RTS site for us!!  Off of blogger and all the problems we've had with them and completely controlled by us!  Included will be a forum and a chat so that conversations can continue in a much easier fashion, lol. I can't wait to have it up and running !! :>D


I appreciate your honesty D and it was what I was stating here for some time. The recent BS info about everything from Rv, PP ect. is ALL cabal disinfo.
  1. Not disinfo- they truly were and are preparing to go through with this..... but yes, it's a cabal driven "changing of the guard" act that they are trying to use to placate the masses. they are still TRYING to put it through.

  • Changing of the guard as in the Neil Keenan suit? Which changing of which guard do you mean?
  • hi Jordan- changing of the guard as in which Cabal is in charge. Get rid of these guys over here- everyone cheer and shout, when in reality the new system is being controlled by another face of the Cabal over there.

    .... there is a War within the various factions of the Cabal for control- there always has been, hence the Texas Cabal fighting with the Rothchilds over who has power. Enter the next faction..... and they are in control of what's happening with the "new financial system"

  • darnet d.

    esp when you yourself reported that you knew of people who had received!!

    so now wtf?

    we deserve more info than just "oh well"..."I should have listened to my higher self."
    come on girlfriend!
    now what would make us believe the oppt now?....
    please tell us why we should believe in your intel now?

    I have been so feeling sooo let down.
    I'll get up.
    Just don't feel like it right now.

    1. Moi- several PPs HAVE been delivered. They've been delivering them a few at a time for over two months now as they test their system and the delivery etc.... the intel stands true. All of it. What has changed is the interpretation of WHO is behind NESARA and the RV etc......

    D, we need you to tell us more and share the information. This will help us focus our energies. We are slightly confused right now and don't know where to go from here. UCC is still over the top of my head at the moment and 21st seemingly turned out to be dud on the surface. What is going on ?

    Love and light to you. Hopefully very very soon, you can dish out more.

    1. I will be doing exactly that AJ. I'm hoping to do another recording tomorrow (let's see if I can actually get it to work this time, lol) and I will be putting out as much info as I can as soon as I have it. The People's Trust will also have more info for everyone very very soon.

    OK let me just say this...It supposedly* took what, 140 to 200,000 years for us to get to our current state? Right? And 'they' supposedly* began fixing these problems in the 1970's? Right? Now I could be wrong(probably am)so far and if so, please correct me. But how in the hell are these problems just going to go away on this day or that, it has to be a process. All healing takes time, that I do know for sure. And I feel the healing has begun. So pucker up buttercups its all going to be OK just remember to breathe and drink plenty of water.

    BE well and BE aware,

    * dates very depending on source.
    1. exceptionally well said my friend nathan!

    So the RV is not going to happen at all? If that is the case people are going to be utterly devastated in the worst ways. My heart aches for all of them.
    1. We wait and see.

      If the cabal- which ever face it's wearing- is in control of it, then you can guarantee that any money generated from the "RV" would very quickly disappear back into the coffers of the controllers.

      This is part of what I said last night: The people who REALLY control the Funds, will not allow them to be released if the Cabal is still in control. That money if FOR THE PEOPLE. and they will not allow it to be stolen by ANY faction of the Cabal.

    just go to the link and listen to it. It's not live now but the audio is there.

    More than 200 comments? near the bottom there will be a Load More somewhere around the reply box and click it and comments after 200 no matter what their timestamp, will be loaded in their appropriate reply locations.

    In other words, if the posts are greater than 200 and you post and don't see your reply, go to the bottom, click Load More and you'll see your replay and probably many more.

    D's Intel lied, or stringed D alone. Who knows what the intentions were. The scenario reminds me of the children's story The Grinch that Stole Christmas.

    The Grinch dressed up as Santa Claus and instead of leaving toys on Christmas Night, he stole every toy, every ornament, ever tree and even the milk and cookies left our for Santa.

    Christmas morning he listened from his perch and waited for the people of Who-ville to wake up and moan and groan and complain about everything that was taken away from them.

    The people of Who-ville knew it was just 'stuff'. Yes they'd like to have it, but together as a group they were all denied the same thing. They were denied the Christmas they had worked and planned for, but they had each other and the shared experience and Love.

    This site is like Who-ville. We know what was taken from us. All of us are denied what we have worked for and planned for and we are all having a shared experience and Love.

    The Grinch experienced that Love, and his heart grew larger. He returned the stolen things but he found that instead of being judged for what WAS done, he was accepted in the NOW for what he Does Now; returning items and needing forgiveness.

    I have nothing but Love for D. The people who have misled her have their own Karma and are revealed for who they have served.

    We are not 'just' here for the 'intel'. We are here for the collective experience.

    Love to all who respond.
    1. Oh my friend!!!! You are so wonderful!!! Yes, the Grinch! Do you know that Heather has been talking about the Grinch for days now?!? :>D I love Synchronicity!!!!

      the Grinch tried to steal the things that he thought Christmas was all about- he stole the physical aspects of it, the monetary/money based things: presents, decorations, food etc.... he thought that by stealing all these things that he could/would ruin "Christmas".... but when he stood back and watched, the people loved and sang in joy ANYWAY! and He realized that the "spirit of christmas" didnt' come from a store:

      "He puzzled and puzzed till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. Maybe Christmas, he thought... doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps... means a little bit more!"

      and then his heart grew three sizes that day.

      The Grinch is an excellent analogy for what we are going through right now :>) Thank you my friend!!!

    From what I heard on the show, it appears there will be no interim Government because that was called for under NESARA, which D now says was usurped and changed and it was changed in a way that would put us back in the same position (I guess she means back as slaves) in about 3 years. So essentially The One Peoples Trust stopped NESARA and all the other funds from being rolled out until the Dark are totally out of control. That would include the RV of the Iraqi Dinar, as well.
    I am trying to be happy that this is for the good of us all, but as a person who is going through foreclosure, I so wanted the debt forgiveness that NESARA would bring. I am also a Dinar holder and that would help me save my home. Now they are both on hold until the Dark are completely out of power........ All I can say is it looks like we will be struggling for a while longer.... Some people can afford to wait, but I am not one of them.
    1. But debt forgiveness under the control of the Cabal would not be true debt forgiveness. This is the point. Under their system of control, it would look all shiny and bright on the surface- like a beautifully wrapped present.... but when you opened it, the box inside would be empty. These people don't give out money without some plan to get it all back plus more.

      the OPPT UCC filings have stopped them dead in their tracks. They cannot go forward- because they know that their system has been completely foreclosed on. and now they don't have the money they needed to put their shiny new system forward. As I said, those that really have the control of the money in the various funds KNOW what these people were trying to pull, and they will NOT release that money to the cabal. That is for OUR benefit. because all that gold is OURS- the people of this planet.

      Right now washington and several other places are filled with very frustrated people- frustrated and freaked out. They are fucked. and they know it.

    I am really trying to understand what this is all about.
    Has the People's Trust actually stopped NESARA, the PPs, the return to our Republic form of Government and the new Financial System?
    If so, why?

    If this is all to be reduced down to: 'I am free' then why on the blog radio was that man talking about 'having things for people to do'? If I am free, I will decide what I will do; how I will think; who I will listen to...or not listen to. No one else gets to decide those things for me. (In fact, I AM free and this is already true for me. Thus the People's Trust cannot give me my freedom because it doesn't own it anymore than the Cabal does. I own my own freedom because it IS me.

    If I let someone else (the People's Trust?) tell me what to do, then I have engaged in re-implementing the very essence of the misery under which we now labor, have I not? What am I missing here?

    I wish that someone would put forth the purpose of the People's Trust in a couple of paragraphs at most. And it should begin with a single sentence that speaks the whole of it. Words are indeed important. Let us hear some that 'boil' this 'field of grapes' down to the 'wine'.

    Thank you.
    And most sincerely,
    Eira Hana
    1. my friend- The People's Trust is not telling anyone to do anything. They are telling us that we are free- free to DO and to BE. What each person chooses to DO and BE is their own choice and can only come from their hearts in true freedom.

      A simple statement: The corporate Governments and all their agencies have been foreclosed upon. they have no power and no ability to take that power back that they have lost. You are FREE BEINGS - free to BE and DO. Now it's up to us to decide who we BE and what we want to DO.

    Still listening to the radio blog.
    Please tell us succinctly, what is it that you want to go viral?

    What is it that we are 'OPPTing' in to?

    You keep talking about slogans, but nobody is telling us simply what this is about. this about: Everybody simply deciding to live like they are free? Because whatever we focus on we make stronger?

    If that is it, please, please, somebody say so.

    Thank you.

    1. "Everybody simply deciding to live like they are free? Because whatever we focus on we make stronger? "



    1. It may be a good time to get an Ear on Davos

    2. I may have missed it, but what is the latest with RTS and Drake getting together to move things forward with TOPPT, etc.? Anything?

      Also, this site may be moderated now, but people are taking to other sites to post that you are censoring comments that expose your past posts as being "contradictions and lies". Is this true? These accusations should be addressed immediately. Agree?

      1. Drake has stated that he will NOT talk about OPPT or about heather. period.

      2. Hi D, with this I have to say that I find that contradictory to what his (Drake) message is all about. You know I heard you say something very interesting on your interview prior to this blogtalk radio interview and that is that the problem lies in the "understanding" within the very groups supposedly working together to bring this all about and their lack of direction as they tend to see only a "single" side on their role and disregard the whole picture because they are "single" minded in their efforts. They just do what their part calls for according to their understanding of what their definition of "good" in this case.

        I applaud you for that because I find that extremely plausible in this situation, for I can apply it in general to any given situation at any time. In my opinion, and it's my opinion only, a person's definition of "good" is going to be based on his personal understanding of what his "personal" feelings are toward politics, religion, belief, etc..and/or other views. .. Hence there lies the problem.

        I have ran into so many people of different cultures and their personal beliefs that I have to say that I don't see a speck of evil in anybody until they prove me wrong. I see everything with an open mind and I never judge based on religion, color, belief, etc. I live by the golden rule, but I don't believe the bible has the answer. I believe the answer lies within, but again that is just me. But living this way allows me to never miss the opportunity of seeing the day for what it is "a gift". This is why I see the "limitations" that lie within this such efforts bring about "prosperity" and "peace" in this world. IT's going to take quite some time.

        Maybe there are just not enough "open minded" individuals working toward this effort in order to bring this about. . How can they agree on any one single significant change, if they come from all religions, creeds, beliefs and political systems and views??? They can't. So I imagine this is part of the "hold up", as well as corruption within the very people that are trying to bring this about.

        Anyhow, I hear you and I hear your heart. You are trying to bring us what you can, and with me you will never be "judged". I have opinions but you are respected and your efforts appreciated!

      3. Thought I heard Drake say that you guys have been validated by his sources. He's starting to see it. Just takes different time for different people. Contact him if you can.

    3. Thank You D - you are protected <3

    4. A simple statement: The corporate Governments and all their agencies have been foreclosed upon. they have no power and no ability to take that power back that they have lost. You are FREE BEINGS - free to BE and DO. Now it's up to us to decide who we BE and what we want to DO.

      D if this is true I want to be a resident of Australia living on the ocean and working with dolphins. I do not want to pay my taxes, I do not want to pay my student loan or my rent. I want my water free of flouride and I want my food free of GMO. But for some reason I do not have the means to make a single one of these things I want to BE and DO happen. So please explain to me again how I am free to DO and BE what ever I want....

      1. as I said Brando- the information will be coming out very soon and will be very clear.

        if you want to BE in australia, what are you doing to make that a fact? If you want your water to be free of fluoride and food free of GMOs, what are you doing to make that a fact?

        I'm not pointing fingers my friend, this is a message to all of us: if you are Free then act FREE. I want to be in Hawaii right now on a warm beach (it's -24 degrees here today), but i'm not going to sit here and say "I want to be in Hawaii" and then sit back and wait for a transporter beam to teleport me there. To be FREE we first have to walk out of the prison into the sunlight. the UCC filings have made you free- and more explanations are coming. but focus on BEing free and DOing what free people do while we wait for more information.

      2. Brando, I experienced freedom about 15 years ago while living in a prison environment of family and career responsibilities. I serendipitously found a piece of paradise in which to relocate myself. I didn't know how it would happen, but set my Intention upon it (even carried a photo of it around with me) with the INTENTION that I was going to somehow find a way to get there. After a series of events and delays that put me through Hell, and thinking it was impossible to achieve, suddenly I was synchronistIcally approached by strangers and serendipitous circumstances that made it happen so fast... (I felt like I was in a whirlwind of events that made it all happen within a month's time). Everything just appeared to me without my asking.

        I am a firm believer of "INTENTION". Even though I had to take the first steps to make it happen, put my Intent on it and hang in there, it all came through just as I had envisioned it. Right down to getting the exact same property that I had focused on.... that photo taken 2 yrs earlier... the property had not been sold and had been waiting for me for 2 yrs..... Ever since then, I have been a "firm" believer that we manifest what we focus our Intention" on. Negative and Positive alike. It has worked both ways.... That is what I am trying to get across to people.... that if we all focus ONLY on positive Attention and "Intention" on what we want, we would not need a OPPT. It would just happen by the "Will Of The Collective People"... and all fall into place. Pessimism and Negative thoughts and comments are just going to work against us.... Because the Universe always gives us what we ask for. :)

      3. I hold good intentions and always believe in love and light byt my family is poor and I am unemployed so there isnt much I can DO to make anything happen that requires money, like going to Australia. And sure I could go to my local water plant and ask them to remove the flouride from my drinking water but would most likely be laughed at and asked to leave.

      4. As I see it, those UCC filings are something that can only be applied in the US. Legal system is completely different in this country as is the government system. And oh, if I want any piece of paper to be put into court or legally delivered, I would still need money to do that, it's not for free :) That' just how things work here.

      5. Brandon, ten years ago I moved from a very cold blustery winter in New York to sunny and warm Arizona. I visited Arizona in 1988 and fell in love with the state and what it represented to my heart. To make sure I truly wanted to BE in Arizona, I visited once again in 2000. It was. So I made plans and in January 2003 I moved permanently here and have not had a desire to return to NY or BE anywhere else. AZ is my home. Even my children followed me here. If your heart guides you, listen and follow. :) Nothing is instant.

      6. Brandon, have you ever been to Australia? Did you research where you want to live, the economy, cost of living there etc? Since you are unemployed at the moment, why not search online for a low airfare (I suggest during their Winter months which should be their low season) and make a trip there to make sure that is where you want to be. If so, start looking for a job while you are there. Or better yet, apply online for employment. I don't know what your education level or credentials are, but many Companies will pay for your airfare and/or lodgings if they are interested in interviewing you. Start the ball (energy) rolling Buddy.... it's not going to just walk up and kiss you.... :D

    5. Good for you for eliminating the trolls and negative bs...we get enough of that from MSM.. so you actions are appreciated and considered honorable.

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    7. I noticed the US Senate is still on their first day. I see politicians clearly understand the concept of "NOW". ;-)

      Great idea to have a forum, blogs are not really built to support the volume of conversation you're getting here - and right "now" is a pretty good time to migrate to something more robust.

    8. It sounds like there was new info given last night about nesara, the rv's and so on. D, would you mind summarizing what was said for those who weren't listening last night?

    9. I have really been trying to figure out the OPPT thing and how to use it for my life but don't know how. Like do I need to file anything or papers with debt collectors in order to stop them from collecting? How would I tell my bank that they can no longer collect mortgage payments from me? Do I send them a copy of the UCC docs? Do I send my utility company or the IRS some kind of docs? Yes I can feel free, but how do I tell these debt collectors that they can't collect from me anymore without them foreclosing on me or shutting my utilities off or taking my car? How? The OPPT site doesn't explain this and I need answers please...TY

      1. that information is coming soon my friend. There are teams of people working on that right now!

    10. D so where does Ron Paul fit into all of this?

      1. THAT is a very good question. One that I've been trying to figure out and get information on, but so far I have nothing that is what I would consider to be even remotely vetted out.

      2. Check out the Ron Paul and Peter Thiel connection tis sad.

    11. so i know someone who is still getting letters from the irs to pay there debt they owe. if the irs is out of business, why is this person still getting letters? are they to choose not to respond to it or what, i don't get it.

      1. it's like a collection agency who keeps calling and then sells your debt to another agency: You may of paid off that debt, but that agency will keep trying to peddle that debt to other agencies to make money off of it. The IRS's cabal controllers know that the vast majority of the public fully believe that they OWE taxes/money- so they'll keep pulling in every last cent they can get before the curtain falls.

    12. D --

      If I'm going to live like I'm free, then I'm going to reject federal and state income tax filings (illegal), banking fees (illegal), mortgage interest charges (illegal), property taxes (illegal), credit card fees (illegal). I'm going to reject vehicle registration fees (illegal), animal licensing fees (illegal), driver's license fees (illegal). This all sounds right to me, however, the current system is constructed to come down hard on debt slaves who want to 'remove their shackles'. What moves should be make, as the One People, to destroy the current system that enslaves us so completely? Thanks for the opportunity to ask such questions.

      -- Bob

      1. there are teams of people working on documents right now to help with that.

    13. If I started living like I am free today, which I can't even tell you how badly I want to... I can be free alright. But I will also be cold and hungry and without transportation within a matter of days.. This is the disconnect.

    14. Now, really think about this, or feel your way through this, or whatever your chakra-chain-of-command prefers: What kind of life would you have to have, and what would your motives have to be, to go around to relatively small alternative sites to be the "Resident Debunker."

      Granted, there's some crap floating around that's "bunk," but enough of it in one place and I just leave. What kind of messiah complex do you have to have to stick around and belabour your point? And a "messiah complex" is by far-and-away the single most charitable motive that one can ascribe to these erstwhile debunktards.

      I've been on AK's site for a year. If AK remembers my participation, he would be accurate to describe me as one of the resident smart-asses. His method of displaying responses is more than constructive, and is the most helpful manner in which to keep the discourse within civil bounds.

      I've had a couple of my posts not make the cut at AK's. I like to push the envelope, what can I say. What's a King's Court without it's Jester? There's a time we deserve to be ignored as our timing or tone may be out of place and/or sync. If our ego's cannot handle that, we've some inner-work to do before we "improve" somebody else's public work! ;)

      When the "destroyers" find that they've been deprived of the audience they need to validate their existence and act as salve for their mommy/daddy issues, they slither away . . . not back under a rock, mind you, but to find an unprotected nest.

    15. Hello D -- Thank you for BE'ing on the show again. Heather's mom is a JEWEL too!!

      Could you make any suggestions as to filing taxes etc... I, and maybe others, would like to know if we should file or just stop. The only way that I know of to keep the Federal withholding down is to claim the most exemptions, but doing that can or 'used to' make one owe them in April..
      What is best at this time??

    16. I think what D means, 20:24, is that you can stop worrying about your foreclosure.

    17. Bob, check out: and

    18. I don't understand how we can be free if we still have to pay taxes, still need a job to pay for the rent we need to pay in order to have a place to live and money to purchase food since not all of us can grow all our own food. How is that freedom?

    19. hi D

      i am sure all parents are concerned how do their children become free could you clarify on this i think i maybe still viewing this from a fear based 3d perspective think of contract law can only be entered into at 18+ years of age also i am from England is this a global event

      and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart D and all at OPPT for all your service to freedom

      Love and Light

      OPPTimise your life : choose freedom

    20. Dear D,
      I have the highest respect for your work and I feel privileged to be a part of this great moment in history.For many years I have studied law and I know the filings are what they say they are.

      The BEAUTY of what Heather and the team had done is simply amazing and it will take us a long time to fully comprehend the implications of these filings and what they mean for the future of mankind.

      This body of work is simply amazing and I am humbled by it.

      I admire your participation in promoting the truth as well.For that reason I ask of you to reconsider your decision regarding removing some aggressive and inappropriate comments.

      They will whither away with the rest of the old paradigm when the time is right for that to occur.

      If the filings are what we think (know) they are, the voices of opposition will join the rest of us gladly.We are all about inclusion and unity,even if it means the voice of aggressive dissent sometimes. :)

      I know that it must be hard to be accused of lying and disinfo. I read all of your latest postings carefully. From what I can see is that it had been planned that the interim government would over in US.Release of NESARA would be a part of it.It turned out that this was another cabal trick to get their hands on the funds that don't belong to them.A lot of people got tricked by this ruse,thinking that it was the good guys who were finally in charge.

      Now, with the fact that "they" (the corpo/cabal)are foreclosed upon,that plan became moot so there was no point going along with it.
      "They" are basically very confused.They never saw it coming.They lost on a technicality.And what an elegant technicality at that!

      I do not see where you lied about it as some claim. The situation is more than fluid,I presume, as well.
      But if it is at all possible, let everyone speak.Please give it another chance.

      This golden wave we have embarked upon is growing and the feeling it brings with it will eventually sweep everybody off their feet.

      Then we will all have the ride of our life!

      Love to all.


      1. I disagree that all the negative hateful comments should be allowed to continue et al. They do not help the cause, and in fact hurt it when I try to refer friends here to read the blog because they are seeing more ngative comments from the disinfo agents than positive, so in their minds this looks like a bunch of crap. The comments need to be monitored. I for one had to stop coming back to read the comments for a while because they were bringing my energy to new lows. This is not helping the cause, and in fact hurting it by delaying the awakening of The People to all that is possible. Just my 2 cents.

    21. TWO thumbs up for "NO more UNwanted guests in MY HOUSE"! :>))

      However, it would BE very nice to have more "names" instead of anonymous... anonymous....
      I hate reading, and leaving replies to - "ANON @ 11:11''.... etc.
      POSTING AS ANON must be the people who STILL are in 3D fear.


    22. Thank you D for all your hard work and patience.
      Much Love and Light


    23. David Wynn Miller, an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH for anyone interested in the REAL truth. WOW!!!!

      1. David Wynn Miller is a disinformation agent. Learn a bit about reading body language and it becomes very clear. Nothing he says can actually help you in a court case in any way. What can help you in a court case is asking questions! Arguing in court is dishonourable, but asking questions keeps you in honour. FOR EXAMPLE: You are going to court over a home foreclosure. DO NOT question the standing of the court, you must question the standing of the bank bringing a claim against you.

        "Excuse me Mr. Justice, I do not believe the accuser has any right to my money, as banks are just a medium to collect money for the creditor. Can you please produce the creditor so we can clear this mess up?"

        FYI what the banks do not tell you is that whoever signed the mortgage certificate IS THE CREDITOR. You are the creditor of your own loan. When you go into the bank and sign the mortgage you are acting in the capacity of the creditor. Then they send you home and a few days later call you up and tell you to come get your loaned money. At that point you are acting in the capacity of the debtor. You loan yourself the money, with your own signature!

      2. DWM says all left-handed people are geniuses and trustworthy. That is so flawed even a right-handed person could see through it LOL!

        How many Left-handed politicians can you name who have kept their pre-election promises to their voters? Bill Clinton is left handed - he sure made a trustworthy husband!

        Sine Nomine

    24. So with your comment here:

      "Breaking The Silence 22 January 2013 19:44
      Moi- several PPs HAVE been delivered. They've been delivering them a few at a time for over two months now as they test their system and the delivery etc.... the intel stands true. All of it. What has changed is the interpretation of WHO is behind NESARA and the RV etc....."

      you are saying that everything you have said about PP's, NESARA, RV, etc is true in the sense that PP's have been delivered to "test the system" and NESARA was "put into law" but since the cabal was behind all of it, it won't be happening anymore because of what the OPPT did?

      So moving forward we shouldn't expect anymore PP's going out and everything else and should focus on the OPPT and the upcoming CVAC stuff?

    25. D- I'm sorry if I too, am confused. I am FREE, FREE to DO and BE.... ok. In my heart, I feel free, but that but that being said, I still cannot DO anything without money, I still have to pay my bills in order to keep my house and my power on, how do we DO anything without playing along with the current system? Please identify examples of what we can be DOing and BEing in this current state. I want to understand specifically what exactly can we DO that does not require functioning under the current system. It confuses me to think that I can "file" documents, removing me from the system, but then, wouldn't I be pulled from the system, and be completely on my own for: fighting my own house fires, fighting off crime, not using my debit card to access my funds in the bank, leave my social security benefits behind, no unemployment, etc.... Because I am now FREE of the system? So then, my $$ are cut off, I am unable to buy food, do I beg on the street because I am FREE to do so? Do I wander to the woods to trap and kill animals to feed myself, because I am FREE? I don't completely understand what my FREEDOM is at this point, and how one survives in this FREEDOM while the "old system" is still operating strong!!! Please address this.


      1. Cat, that's exactly the questions that I am asking. How can you be truly FREE, if EVERYTHING in this world costs money? Of course, when all the funds that are owed to us come back to us, all of this will just be a chuckle in the wind. But right now, getting from point A to point B is stretching it beyond belief; in fact we don't even make it to point B anymore.

        How can we truly act FREE and BE, DO and act as if we are, if the system still is stacked against us?

        I know answers are forthcoming, but there are millions if not billions of us who just can't take this slavery anymore!

        Here's some more questions:

        Where is the "positive military" and why in the world haven't they stepped in and held these criminals at gunpoint to implement NESARA, just as they did when they got Bill Clinton to sign it into law in 2000?

        Where are our galactic allies and why haven't they stepped in to free us from this slavery prison of a planet? The Galactic Federation says that they are "here"....Ok, they lend us a hand. I welcome them with completely open arms and a huge amount of love!

        I say, release the funds to the people; even if it's a fraction of the BILLIONS that are owed us. It'll help us BE.....DO.....

        It was once stated that "Money is the root of all evil"......I have updated that statement: "LACK of MONEY is the root of all evil". Put the money back in the hands of the people and watch how fast they will rise together to fight this slavery!!! They will finally have the means to make something happen. Seriously.....When people don't need the money to SURVIVE anymore, they will use it to BETTER THE WORLD. I truly, wholeheartly agree with that.

        We are all magnificent beings; we are ALL GOD. We have the ability to control existence. But when our basic necessities of life are becoming out of our reach....we really need to think about all of that.

        LOVE is the answer to all. I am very grateful to D, AK, Heather & all the others who are getting this information out to the masses. And I am SUPER happy that she got rid of all the trolls & shills. They were creating quite a rift in our positive energy. There were more of them than of us.

        All I can say about them, and to them is "KARMA IS A BITCH"!

        Love to you all!

        xoxo Christine

      2. Yes, that is also something I would like to be addressed. Furthermore, I do not live in US, the system is different here when it comes to "filing the documents". Yes, I am holding my light. I've done that for a very long time. But I have to be brutally honest about one thing - people who are completely broke, people who are or soon will be living on the street and who have no food to eat. People who are in debts up to their throats so that it doesn't matter much that they do have a job because most of it is going to the banks. All those people have a very different perspective of things than people who have some security in form of money and who can be pretty relaxed when they sell the philosophy of "BEing and DOing". It's easy to do that on a full stomach. It's brave to do that on an empty one. I am one of those people who have to struggle. And I've struggled most of my life, I had so many horrible experiences for which I am thankful for, a fact that not many people can understand, because I do understand it just had to be that way. But honestly, I am sick of having to worry. But then again, I even managed to be above all that worrying. But here are some of the facts. I broke a tooth recently and I cannot afford to go to the dentist. I am waiting for my pay check to see whether I'll be able to afford just a simple procedure AFTER I pay all my bills and rent. It's winter and it's cold and gas bills are extremely high so I opted for not heating my flat as much. In barely 3 months time I will lose my current job since the company is being closed. I don't own a home, I rent. And I don't have any family to stand behind me and support me. I am on my own. And in this 3d world, if I don't work, I have no money to pay rent, bills and food and I'll be on the street. Unemployment rate in this country is extremely high, there are not many job offerings and the system is completely different than in US f.e. Since I had no money most of my life, I never finished University although it was my wish. And because of that I always had to put some extra effort to prove myself to others and show just how much I am capable to do - not because I don't believe in my own worth but because people who are employers do not believe in it if you don't have that piece of paper that says "Uni degree".
        I could go on and on about this. But that is not the point. I am not whining, I got used to it and I focus on other aspects of my life such as spiritual growth. And I am not not the only one in such position, there are people who have it worse and who barely have any "light" left to hold. So all that BEing and DOing is very different when you have to walk in those people's shoes. So yes, I do need some visible and concrete changes soon. Yes, I am sick and tired hearing all these stories and promises which never seem to come to fruition. And if you knew me in real life you'd know how difficult and strange thing it is for me to say such thing since I'm an eternal optimistic. Until few months ago my whole focus was on the spiritual aspect of things and I felt changes. And then I wanted to "see" other side of things, the side that dealt with RV, PP and all that. That is why I came here. And I admit it, I am still just a human and I got my hopes up which right now left me a bit frustrated. And I need some time to "transform" that feeling. :) So there, that was my 2 cents on things. I could talk about it much more and I'm aware some things are hard to be described in words.


      3. Oh, and I forgot. I do understand that there is a reason things have to "roll out" in the US first but seeing how long that takes makes me wonder just how much time will it take for the rest of the world..
        And as for other things I said...contrary to some comments I read here before, I am not sitting on my a** doing nothing and waiting for PP's to fall from the sky in my lap. I work very hard (while I still have my job) because I feel responsibility for the company in which I worked for the last 8 years. And maybe that is "3D" but I cannot ditch my obligations. But I still have time and energy to focus and "work" on 5D. I don't see myself as a victim, I don't feel sorry for myself and I don't need anyone else to feel sorry. The reason I wrote about my personal hardships is because there are many more people like me who are asking themselves the same questions. And the answers should be a little more than just "think pink" (To simplify) :)

    26. although I believe that D, Drake and some others are sincere. I think the people providing their intel are cabal. we are continually given hope. then in a week or 2 the rug gets pulled out from under us. and that only serves the cabal. until I see you real time results. such as common law courts and the arrest of cabal agents such as Hillary and Obama. and see it in the mainstream media. I refuse to let my emotions be played with any longer. god bless all those who work for truth

      1. I quit listening to Drake long ago. I just couldn't handle having to listen to his politics to get at the times he actually said something profoundly spiritual(which he is capable of doing with uncommon clarity. Boggles the mind). I'd just like to understand how those people with the intel choose the people their going to give info to. I'm rather new to RTS, so I just wonder what D has done in her life that warrants such trust from her contacts. Is there somewhere where I can get some background on who you are D? I'm just trying to check my sources for the information I get. I'm not trying to be a smart ass or anything D. I trust my intuition and my intuition hasn't given me any red flags so far. I just like to be discerning about what I read on the web.

        If I can offer a word of advice about this and other kinds of information being disseminated on the web, maintain a detached and dispassionate frame of mind. Consider it with what you can observe and confirm within your own life. And remember, this stuff is so far beyond what we can actually control that to lose sleep over it is a waste of spirit. "Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof." Someone really profound and wise once said that. As for me, I'm going to continue to, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and render unto God that which is God's." If any of this actually happens, so much the better. If it doesn't or is usurped somehow, well. . .

        I can tell you this. Just before I had my heart attack on 11/11/12, I was in the process of filing chapter 13. I'm still going to file that bankruptcy. It's my way of BE-ing, it is important to honor my past, be it financial or spiritual. So, in that spirit, I will not return "evil for evil" when it comes to the financial tyranny and slavery system I participated in, whether knowingly or not. For my own conscience, I need to acknowledge my debt and seek to make restitution. This is my way of parting from the old system before embarking on and adding my essence to the new system that is already emerging. This is what my heart tells me to do, and to walk in 4D, we must understand the promptings of heart.

    27. Thanks for this article :-} THANKS for the coming changes for RTS !!!

      I would like to mention one helpful thing...any transcripts of all these videos and radio broadcasts would be SO helpful to those of us that are chained to dial-up service....EAMPLE: I just moved to the country a few months ago for some peace and nature, and have a very tight budget and can't afford satellite dial-up does not play radio broadcasts, you tube videos, and as I
      write that pdf file on AK's site is still loading 45 minutes later so I can see those signatures at the bottom LOL. Boy I miss my old DSL :-}.... { I feel very cut-off from things now }

      love and light,

    28. I'm trying to keep as much money as possible in my paycheck so I jsut changed my exemptions to 10. But now I'm wondering if I should fill out a new W-4 and state that I am exempt? The only info they ask for in that case is your name, SS#, marital status and address. I would be more than happy to attach a copy of the appropriate UCC document if necessary :-)

    29. All I have to add is that your entire Soul Family is behind you D, there is not a stick in existence large enough to get the job done. I am grateful they caught it all in time to stop the Cabal's wallets from expanding on the blood sweat and life work of the people of this planet. Now, looking at the video of the inauguration, you can see some of the veneer cracking on the faces of our elected officials. This makes me giddy with glee. I love them, I forgive them and will hold the space for them to join us as their eternal hearts beat right beside ours. It will all be over soon and it will all come out in the wash as they say. So, HOLD THE LIGHT family. WE are the Who's in Whoville and they can not steal our joy unless you allow them to. In the words of Bobby Mcfadden "Don't Worry, be happy" Love and to to you all

    30. I love everyone and everything

      Thank you all for being

    31. Thanks for all you do. I know that you believe in your heart that this is for real. But you have to understand that people have been getting the run around for years with this kind of stuff. I know that you think that this is different and you believe in Heather and the OPPT. However, the lack of clarity and straight answers does make a lot of us suspicious. I would also like to ask you why the OPPT choose you. Why did they not seek our someone like David Wilcock who has been working with various insiders and whistleblowers regarding financial tyranny. I seems that would the logical, yet David seems reluctant to touch this with a 10 ft pole. Can you comment on that?

      Furthermore, here is a question that I have not seen asked or answered by anyone. Is Heather Free? Are the other trustees free? I do not mean saying BEing DOing I mean have they canceled their mortgage and other debts? Do they have 10 billion in their bank account from these funds?

      In fact, that brings up a good questions. If the banks are the part of the problem then where is this money going to be deposited to? If someone were to stick 10 billion in my account tomorrow I would assume that every 3 letter agency on the planet would be knocking/kicking down my door to arrest me and my accounts would be frozen. I doubt proclaiming my freedom is going to do much good in that situation.

      Again, I know that you have been working hard to answer questions and get the word out. I just want to caution you that any advice that you give could have dire consequences on the innocent people that try to follow it. So before you provide any details I suggest that you make sure that you, Heather or other OPPT trustees try to execute this strategy first. Because if you have your facts or information incomplete it could cause some to lose their lives and their Freedom and I know that is not your intention.

      Best of luck my friend and I look forward to your response.

    32. D --

      If I may, I have another specific question on NESARA and these prosperity packages. Supposedly, one of the provisions of NESARA is that all adults are to receive $100,000 per month for 11 years. The 11 year timeframe is probably not too meaningful, especially if our current journey in 4D will teach us to manifest what we need. And that 4D journey is for another 2 years? Cobra has specifically blogged that this monthly $100,000 comes only once. Can you comment on what the prosperity package actually will be?

      Interestingly for me, the focus on this financial windfall is a little embarrassing. I've never been overly materialistic, but I didn't know any other effective way of manifesting the carefree life of my dreams. Getting the money expectations more firm in my mind will permit me to focus on that carefree life.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to address this confusion, which I assume many others also suffer from.


    33. Dear Ones,

      Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.


      And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward. Then the steward said within himself, What shall I do? for my lord taketh away from me the stewardship: I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamed. I am resolved what to do, that, when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses. So he called every one of his lord's debtors unto him, and said unto the first, How much owest thou unto my lord? And he said, An hundred measures of oil. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty. Then said he to another, And how much owest thou? And he said, An hundred measures of wheat. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and write fourscore. And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.

      He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own? No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.


      Just food for thought...


      1. I so agree with you Anon 14:34.

        Even if NESARA happens, and I hope it does, God knows I would bless having that much freedom. But I can't help but feel that much of this has created a spirit in many of avoiding debts that they willingly entered into. Even when it is with an evil slavery/debt system, if you knowingly enter into a contract, you are bound by honor to yourself to at least come to some sort of amicable resolution. Thank you for the gentle reminder about being faithful.

    34. D, A while back made the statement on here that Boehner is now Interim Pres., and Ron Paul is
      interim VP. You also stated that there are now only 72 members in Congress. Do you really believe these facts to be true ?

    35. And one other thing. I did send you and e-mail with some info since you wrote about it and I thought I might do a little research since I was closer to the things you wrote about. And you never even replied or commented. :) And I wasn't "Anonymous", I used my real name. ;)

    36. nHi D, I’ve finished reading and viewing all the documents both here and at AK’s site. A very interesting afternoon! Particularly interesting in the video, the second half of which included nothing but the claimed assets of the UN Organization. Included in those assets was the golden mask of King Tut and two other even more ancient Greek gold masks from either the Minoans or the Mycenaean civilization (I can’t remember which, but from that I guess we are supposed to assume that the UN Organization New World Order kings have have stolen all the golden artifacts from what used to be the corporations of Greece and Egypt which, according to them, are now geographically included in the Kingdoms of Europe and Africa/America respectively.
      There were some really strange things about that video, but especially weird was the video which popped up on my “related video” screen when when the above video had completed: http: // It was supposed to be an announcement of action by the UN Organization ordered to be read out by King ASM or somebody.
      It was not filmed at UN headquarters in NYC from what I saw and curious about it was the fact that everybody shown in long shots was Indonesian. There were no long shots of the room of participants themselves, except for one partial shot in the foreground of a guy pulling out a cigarette. Behind the speaker who was in front of the same backdrop as the first video I viewed, sat several rows of Indonesian men. Everybody was dressed in Indonesia’s idea of what western businessmen dress is like (there were no women other than the woman who read out the material.) The material she read mentioned kingdoms and king ASM. It was supposed to be some sort of legalese, but the only reference I recognized was “CFR”, which stands for the US Code of Federal Regulations, the administrative code for the USA. Some of the dates of certain actions are 1985, etc. Throughout the reading of the material, one heard sounds of bored people in a large meeting curiously lacking coughs. It reminded me of those laugh tracks laid over US sitcoms.
      This video reminded me very much of the “easter eggs” left by the cabal at the 911 and Sandy Hook false flags - you know, those bits of incoherence in the event that leave people arguing for years and keep them distracted from looking at what is really happening. I have not looked at the remainder of the UN Organization videos on YT, but the video I’ve just reviewed certainly seems to be an elaborate hoax.
      So I would like D’s and Heather’s thoughts on this.

    37. D and Heather
      I've read this passage from the 1111 Disclosure about 40 times:

      The Public Trust does give Absolute Gratitude and Grace in Absolute Love and Peace to the BE'ings known as “Poof”, “American Kabuki”, “Kauilapele” and Brian for serving the highest good of The One in unconsciously revealing the point of origin of “the boots on the ground” attempting to implement these purported “INTERIM GOVERNMENTS”, slavery systems reorganized under CODE of canceled ENTITY and its CONSTITUTION, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA unlawfully and illegally purporting to be NESARA, NESARA LAW, with authority to release prosperity funds, inclusive of those in St. Germaine's Trust. Hence, the failure of official announcement of Boehner as the “INTERIM PRESIDENT”...The BE'ings known as Barrack Obama, St. Germaine and others, have known from the beginning what the Public Trust was and is DO'ing, and they had knowledge of the methods and means used by the Public Trust to secure, guard, preserve and protect The One....and on December 24, 2012, the Public Trust did officially notify them that the Public Trust was ready to initiate the public announcement process to “unlock” the hidden value and assisting The One to consciously know that they BE and to consciously choose by their free will how they want to DO.

      Now, after last nights blog talk radio, there seems to be some understanding that the cabal made up a phony NESARA scam in an attempt to regain control of NESARA and thereby steal back the funds?? Maybe, I don't know for sure. But does it seem like Heather is alluding to that here and that D was fed some misinformation about "interim government" to make us think NESARA was ready to roll when wasn't. If I read the OPPT document in light of a "purported interim government" and knowing the intel given to D, it makes more sense. Buy I can't really explain what I'm trying to say.

      Anybody??? Comments.

    38. D,
      I would like to add that there are people who are deaf who benefit from the written word. Thank you so much to those who do this work.

      I also had the same question that was posted above about using the OPPT paperwork to get debt collectors to cease and desist. I realize we are waiting for more info. Until then I will continue to not pay what I can't. LOL

      Twice Free at Last has put a petition up on the website and it has been taken down. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you very much

      thank you

    39. The White Knights knew long time ago!


      Thanks for everything and your tireless efforts to get the bottom of real intel. What I found interesting is that the White Knights knew a long time ago that Nesara, PPs and ultimately our RV were hijacked and ready to be used against us.

      Lots of light to you sweet heart!

      Excerpt from December 24, 2012 – White Hats Report #47.1

      “Clinton, Bush, Obama……….. and Biden, too
      Romney, Geithner and Greenspan….to name just a few;
      They cheated the people and the Government they subverted,
      We have all the proof that the funds were diverted;

    40. I myself say I am free and really feel it at times until bills and rent are due . If I don' t pay rent out of my little check, I have nowhere to live, if I don't pay my bills , everything gets shut off. I have a full time job and barely make $1000.00 a month. My landlord is a slumlord and won't fix anything . I have found " my house" and can not get it because I don' t make enough money. Getting help is a joke, especially in the state I live in. There are alot of people out there just like me .... this NESARA would help me and alot of others get our life back on track .... hope something happens soon !!!! Blessings to all !!!!

    41. Since some of the Intel was false, does that mean all of it is false? Is there an interim government that is ready to go into place but has not yet? Alex Jones had RPaul on his show early January and he was saying that he understood that Paul would be having some announcements soon. Could he have been referring to what we are waiting for? I was surprised because AJ has never talked about any of this on his shows but now I believe that he is privy to the info.


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